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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dentist sees damage from sugar

As a dentist, Dr. Eli Mayes said he’s seen the impact of drugs or lack of care on teeth. However, it pales in comparison to what he witnessed practicing dentistry in Alaska.
“I’ve seen meth mouth here,” Mayes said. “I haven’t seen anything compared to what I saw up there from just sugar.”
Born and raised in Union, Mayes, who owns Eli Mayes Dental, and his family moved to La Grande when he was in the eighth grade. His father, Jerry, and mother, Suzy, have been involved in area education for years. Suzy is the principal at Central Elementary School, and Jerry retired from his position as principal of Hines Middle School earlier this year..............
..............But besides the 24 hours of daylight in the summer, which wreaked havoc on Mayes’ schedule and sleep patterns, another aspect Mayes had to get used to was the sugar damage to teeth, especially in the village children.
While it’s common knowledge in the United States that soda is unhealthy, he said parents had no problem letting 2-year-olds drink it instead of water.
“We did a survey (of) the whole North Slope, (and) the average amount per day of pop drunk by each person was six (cans) a day,” Mayes said.
He said it was common to see people of all ages with black teeth or no teeth at all, having been eaten away to where there were just black nubs at the gumline.
“I had 2-year-olds with abscesses everywhere,” he said. “We had to strap (children) down, numb everything and take out all their teeth all the time. It was so common that parents would just drop them off — like no big deal, because that’s normal to have your child’s head strapped down, without general anesthesia, and have their teeth ripped out. That’s horrible.”
Mayes and the other dentists would travel to schools and brush children’s teeth, provide fluoride and apply sealants and do radio broadcasts touting dental hygiene. He said he did start to see a shift when children began telling their parents and grandparents that sugary drinks were bad for their teeth, but he knew it would take more generations for the practice to take hold.
Mayes was there for three years before he returned to Eastern Oregon to start a partnership with Dr. Patrick Nearing, Doctor of Dental Medicine, in 2010. The partnership came about because of a happenstance meeting two years prior with Nearing’s wife on the chairlift at Anthony Lakes while Mayes was visiting home from Alaska.
“Two years later (Nearing called and said), ‘Hey, Eli, I’m looking for an associate, and my wife told me you were a dentist from La Grande.’ I had looked at three or four dental practices in the Northwest, and I was either going to renew (in Alaska) or find a private practice,” Mayes said.

Call for fluoride to be added to water to tackle 'Victorian' conditions of children's teeth

How often do your children see a dentist?MP Graham Allen is calling on Nottingham City Council to consider adding fluoride to the city's water supply as part of efforts to improve the dental health of children.
The MP for Nottingham North wants the council, together with representatives from the city's dental profession and NHS England, to meet with him to discuss the issue.
Mr Allen said that the condition of children's teeth in his constituency is "Victorian and it is intolerable in a civilised society". He said: "It's time for the warm words from public authorities to stop and the action to start. "That action has to be regular dental checks for all children at primary school and fluoride in the water, which is naturally occurring in many places and is added in many cities throughout the UK with dramatic improvements in dental health.
"No child at the age of five should be put under anaesthetic to have surgery on their mouths as happens in many cases in Nottingham North."
Latest Public Health England figures, published in May, show that 25 per cent of all five year olds have tooth decay – a 20 per cent drop since 2008.  A cost benefit analysis, published by Public Health England in October, shows that £12.71 will be returned on every £1 spend on water fluoridation after five years. The figure rises to £21.98 for every £1 spent after 10 years. Mr Allen's call comes as Hull City Council is considering the possibility of implementing water fluoridation.
Jimmy Palahey, a dentist and chair of the Nottinghamshire Local Dental Committee, agrees with the plan and said the committee will discuss the issue at a meeting Monday, January 16. He said: "I think that the health benefits of fluoride within dentistry are pretty well documented.
"My own personal view is that it is a good idea. The health benefits are well known and have been well known for decades. "Currently in more deprived areas, I think it would be a helping hand to mothers and fathers who are making sure their child's oral health is to a high standard."
Councillor Alex Norris, portfolio holder for adults and health at Nottingham City Council, said he would welcome the opportunity to discuss the issue further. He said: "We already place an emphasis on the oral health of children in Nottingham through schemes like Brushing Buddies, which promotes the important of regular tooth-brushing. "However, we are always interested to explore other areas where we might be able to make a positive difference.
"There is strong evidence that fluoride in water can improve the dental health of children. Of course, we need to make sure that we have carried out an assessment of current needs in Nottingham and any action would be subject to public consultation."

Doug Cross, a scientist at UK Councils Against Fluoridation, said that fluoride is a medicine and that it should not be added to water. He said: "It is a medicine. If it's a medicine it has to be regulated. "The big development is in Australia where they are taking the matter before the federal court arguing that it is a medicine and as such it's illegal to put it in a water supply without consent." A spokesman for Severn Trent Water said it is for local councils to decide if fluoride is added to water supplies.

Will they never stop trying to force fluoride on people who clearly don't want it? Having spent a £million in Southampton they are now trying Hull and Nottingham.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

578 An Alternative to Fluoride with Tetsuo Nakamoto :
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

How Fluorosis Is Crippling India And Needs Urgent Attention

gfxThe above graphic shows that Rajasthan is most affected by Fluorosis, followed by Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The data is sourced from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s answer to question 3296 in Lok Sabha, on April 1, 2014.

Fluoride, which usually enters the body through contaminated water is the chief reason behind Fluorosis and it accumulates on bones, replacing calcium. In earlier stages, there is an onset of pain. It then changes the bone structure dramatically making the movement of the joints difficult.
In extreme cases, once it gets fully entrenched on the bones, it can completely hinder the movement in the people affected by it. It impacts the physical appearance of a person’s hands, limbs and back – the three areas that are affected by it the most.

Trump’s ‘news’ source: Alien lizards, fluoride mind control and voter fraud

Radio host Alex Jones uses a megaphone to speak to crowds near Quicken Loans Arena, the venue for the 2016 Republican National Convention, in Cleveland in July. (Brian Blanco/European Pressphoto Agency)

By Dana Milbank Opinion writer November 28 at 4:12 PM
“Report: Three Million Votes in Presidential Election Cast by Illegal Aliens; Trump may have won popular vote.”

— Infowars,
website of leading conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Nov. 14

“In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

— Donald Trump, president-elect of the United States, Nov. 27

Alex Jones: The louder he yells, it seems the more people listen
Alex Jones was a powerful underground voice for the alternative conservative media, but he became a more mainstream figure in December 2015, when Donald Trump, then a Republican presidential candidate, spent 30 minutes on Jones's radio program, "Info Wars." (Erin Patrick O'Connor, Manuel Roig-Franzia/The Washington Post)
We learned last week that President-elect Trump has been turning away his intelligence briefers, leaving the tedious task of learning about national-security threats to his understudy, Vice President-elect Pence.

So where is Trump getting his information? Well, now we know. On Sunday, Trump tweeted out the wild allegations that “millions of people” voted illegally for his opponent. He also tweeted that there was “serious voter fraud” in three states that went for Hillary Clinton, “so why isn’t the media reporting on this?”

The media wasn’t reporting on this because it’s a load of hooey. But one “media” outlet has been “reporting” the groundless allegations, and it’s one that Trump relied on frequently during the campaign: Alex Jones’s Infowars, the radio and Internet home of the grassy-knoll crowd.

For two weeks before Trump made his allegations, Jones had been alleging this very thing, saying there was a “wall of fraud” and that at least “five states were stolen” by Clinton. Jones alleged that Trump “clearly won the popular vote,” asserting that in addition to 3 million illegal immigrants who voted, 4 million dead people voted.

Trump, with his mixture of the incendiary and the fanciful, invented the “Infowars campaign.” Now comes the Infowars presidency. Let’s see what else is being promoted by the outlet where the next leader of the free world gets his news:

“Pizzagate Is Real: Something Is Going On, But What?” Infowars reports, asserting that “high-level Washington D.C. predatory pedophiles” are communicating via “symbols” on the menu of Comet Ping Pong, a pizza place in Northwest Washington. “Notice the symbol of the ping-pong paddles and its clever resemblance to the FBI documents’ symbol for child love,” Infowars reports.

Right! And aliens from outer space have landed in Florida — news Infowars is also currently breaking. “Was Florida Fireball a UFO?” Infowars asks, noting, “A fireball shot through the Earth’s atmosphere at 11pm on Nov. 23” and citing “social media” for the UFO bit.

The well-informed consumers of Infowars also know that at the moment the “Whereabouts of Julian Assange Remain a Mystery” since the election and WikiLeaks wants people “to stop requesting proof of life.”

Infowars listeners and readers know, as well, that requested recounts in three states are an attempt by the Green Party “to push the 2016 election into the hands of Congress.” Somewhat contradictorily, this effort also means there’s a “Democrat Counter-Coup Against Trump in Progress.” Jones warns that this is “a real threat and [George] Soros is behind it,” part of a “soft civil war.”

Jones’s rants would be funny if the soon-to-be most powerful man in the world didn’t rely so heavily on them.

Trump, the New York Times reported, called Jones after the election to thank him for his support. Trump has been on the Jones show and praised the host’s “amazing reputation”; Trump adviser Roger Stone is an Infowars regular.

Trump has echoed Jones’s allegations that climate change is a myth, that President Obama wasn’t born in America, that Muslims in New Jersey celebrated on 9/11, that Antonin Scalia was murdered, that Clinton used drugs before a debate, that “globalists” (read: prominent Jews) are trying to take over America, that vaccines cause autism and that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the John F. Kennedy assassination. Jones, who says he advises Trump privately, boasts that Trump repeats his ideas “word for word.”

As the Right Wing Watch website has documented, Jones has alleged that the U.S. government was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks (Jones posted an old video Monday in which Trump appeared to suggest that aircraft alone couldn’t have brought down the towers), the Oklahoma City bombings and mass shootings such as Sandy Hook. Jones has said that “chemtrails” from airplanes spread a “weaponized flu,” that juice boxes are part of a chemical-warfare operation to make children gay, that Justin Bieber is brainwashing children to create an American police state, that Obama murdered publisher Andrew Breitbart, that an “alien force not of this world” is targeting Trump, that intergalactic shape-shifting reptilian humanoids secretly control the world, and, of course, that water fluoridation is mass mind control.

Rest assured, fellow Americans: President Trump will deliver us from fluoride, juice boxes, outer-space reptiles and the 7 million dead people and foreigners who vote in our elections. Less clear is whether he’ll protect us from the real threats his intelligence briefers would tell him about — if he’d let them in.

Let's hope he does. I admit I listen to Alex Jones and dare I say it David Icke and agree with a lot of what they tell us. There is something or somebody manipulating the world with constant wars, the banking scams the drug industry. The globalisation and attack on Nation states as well as the planned migration. The debts of students finishing education apart from the dumbing down. Then there is the pressure to conform and censor our thinking from anything that could be labelled racist. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Anonymous Fluoride How It is Killing You Documentary

The Problem With Fluoride ...

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Risk Assessment of Fluoride Intake from Tea in the Republic of Ireland and its Implications for Public Health and Water Fluoridation.


The Republic of Ireland (RoI) is the only European Country with a mandatory national legislation requiring artificial fluoridation of drinking water and has the highest per capita consumption of black tea in the world. Tea is a hyperaccumulator of fluoride and chronic fluoride intake is associated with multiple negative health outcomes. In this study, fifty four brands of the commercially available black tea bag products were purchased and the fluoride level in tea infusions tested by an ion-selective electrode method. The fluoride content in all brands tested ranged from 1.6 to 6.1 mg/L, with a mean value of 3.3 mg/L. According to our risk assessment it is evident that the general population in the RoI is at a high risk of chronic fluoride exposure and associated adverse health effects based on established reference values. We conclude that the culture of habitual tea drinking in the RoI indicates that the total cumulative dietary fluoride intake in the general population could readily exceed the levels known to cause chronic fluoride intoxication. Evidence suggests that excessive fluoride intake may be contributing to a wide range of adverse health effects. Therefore from a public health perspective, it would seem prudent and sensible that risk reduction measures be implemented to reduce the total body burden of fluoride in the population.

Thyroid news - Hull's Proposed Public Consultation on Adding Fluoride to Drinking Water

Hull's Proposed Public Consultation on Adding Fluoride to Drinking Water
During 2017, we believe that Hull City Council will go out to a 3-month public consultation regarding its proposal to add fluoride to your drinking water supply as a Public Health measure to prevent dental decay in tiny children.  It is vital that you, your friends, relatives and neighbours take part in, and oppose this proposal because the fluoride in your tap water would be anti-thyroid.  In particular,  the fluoridating acid (hexafluorosilicic acid) contains a compound (hydrofluoric acid) which, when absorbed whilst taking a hot bath, damages the thyroid and produces a low thyroid condition. 
There is very little research on this and we have to go back almost a Century to pre-war Austria where a young physician called Viktor Gorlitzer von Mundy experimented on himself and then on patients who had hyperthyroidism (thyrotoxicosis as it was called then).  The results of his treatment was that he had an almost 100% success rate in dampening down their thyroid glands.  Unfortunately, in the early days, he continued the treatment for a tad too long with the result that a few of his patients developed hypothyroidism.
What was the treatment?  Gorlitzer carefully measured the volume of hot water at a certain temperature to fill a bath and very carefully measured the amount of hydrofluoric acid to be used before adding it to the hot water.  The patient was then asked to stay in the bath for a carefully defined length of time.  The hydrofluoric acid (which doesn't dissociate in water) was absorbed through the skin and reduced the over-activity of the thyroid gland.
The treatment fell out of favour in the 1960s when more standardised drugs came on the market making it easier for the physician to tailor the dose and concentration for individual patients.
Whereas most compounds dissociate in water, hydrofluoric acid is one of the exceptions to the rule.  We know that this is so because hexafluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) is a fuming acid which contains 20% fluoride, 28 contaminants, silica, factory floor water and 2% hydrofluoric acid (HF).  Because the fluoridating acid is fuming, that implies that the HF gasses off to form Hydrogen Fluoride gas - also HF.  HF is a classified poison under UK Law but it would be difficult to accuse your local government of poisoning you because you would have to prove intent to poison.
Fluoridated tap water contains HF as a non-dissociated acid so taking habitual hot baths will damage the thyroid gland.  As time passes, more and more women would experience symptoms indicating that their thyroid glands have been compromised.   A recent piece of research from Kent University found that there was 30% more women over the age of 40 with hypothyroidism if they lived in a fluoridated area compared with a non-fluoridated area.  The statistics for the West Midlands were worse: almost double the number of cases of hypothyroidism in the West Midlands compared to non-fluoridated Greater Manchester.  The difference can be explained by the soft water drunk by people to the west of Birmingham. Their low calcium tap water implies that the fluoride in their tap water is more likely to bioaccumulate in their bodies.  Calcium (and magnesium) are antidotes to fluoride.
Prior to the consultation it would be important for you to become knowledgeable about the harm caused by fluoride and you will be expected to quote sources to back up your opposition.  It will not be enough tosimply state that you are against the proposal.
Once we know for certain the date on which the Consultation will be opened for comment, I will write again in order to give you the arguments against fluoridation and the relevant references.  I cannot write the letters for you since that would look stage-managed.  I will also upload this information to my website: www.wmaf.org.uk
In the meantime, can I suggest that learning about the issue before the consultation starts would be time wisely spent.  There is much that can be done now to prevent this issue getting as far as Public Consultation and I strongly advise that you contact or visit your City Councillors to tell them about your opposition. If enough letters are written this might (just might) give Cllr Colin Inglis and his Health and Well-Being Board pause for thought.  If any of you are Cllr Colin Inglis's Constituents, I advise sending him a letter by recorded delivery.  There are three Councillors in each ward. Even if they do not belong to a political party with which you sympathise, they are there to help you and must be approached now in order to let them know that there is no public support for this quirky ill-health Public Health measure.
In 1970, Hull was faced with a fluoridation proposal.  At the time, it went no further than initial exploration.  The proposal failed because it was perceived that there was no public support for the measure.  This could happen again.  In 2002-4, the East Riding County Council considered fluoridation but after investigation, decided to pursue other more targetted dental health programmes.  Because we have better ways in which to communicate, these days, it's easier to voice disapproval.  In fact, it's vital that you do so because pro-fluoridation individuals who are also medical and dental professionals will try to persuade your Councillors that there is public support.  These professionals ought not to be regarded as being members of the 'public' but it would be difficult to deny them having their say.
It's not just those individuals with low thyroid who are likely to be in peril but the unborn child whose intelligence will be reduced due to the fluoride crossing the placenta and entering the fetal brain.   Fluoride is an endcrine disrupter, it alters the composition of bones and teeth and causes very many different health conditions depending on an individual's susceptabilities.
We urge you not to take this lying down.  Resistance is do-able and win-able and already, there people in Hull and the East Riding gathering forces to prevent the adulteration of your water supply.  We hope that you will consider joining them.
Joy Warren, BSc. (Hons) Env. Sci; Cert. Nutrition & Health
Co-ordinator, West Midlands Against Fluoridation and For Pure Clean Water
Co-ordinator, UK Alliance Opposed to Water Fluoridation
Refs:  Gorlitzer von Mundy, V.  "Ein neuer Weg zur Behandlung der Thyreotoxikose mit Fluorwasserstoffsäure" Med Klin 21:&17-719 (1932).
Peckham, S., D. Lowery and S. Spencer (2015).  “Are fluoride levels in drinking water associated with hypothyroidism prevalence in England?  A large observational study of GP practice data and fluoride levels in drinking water.”  J. Epedemiol Community Health 2015; 0: 1-6

Saturday, November 26, 2016

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Canada - York professor leads study that could help answer fluoride safety questions

Christine TillA $300,000 grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH) will allow York University to lead the largest study to date that investigates whether early life exposure to low level fluoride affects the developing brain.
Previous studies led by Till and former PhD student, Ashley Malin, indicate that fluoride in tap water is associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adolescents. Findings were determined using information collected by the National Survey of Children’s Health as well as the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the U.S.Faculty of Health Professor Christine Till, principal investigator of the study, will use the funding to determine if prenatal and childhood exposure to fluoride impacts learning abilities and behavioural problems in young Canadian children.
This two-year study, however, will access data from a Canadian pregnancy cohort, Maternal Infant Research on Environmental Contaminants (MIREC), to determine whether or not there is a link.
The research team consists of scientists from complementary fields spanning environmental health (Professor Lanphear, Simon Fraser University; Professor Muckle, Universite Laval), dentistry (Dr. Martinez-Mier, Indiana University), toxicology (Professor Ayotte, University of Montreal), and environmental epidemiology (Professor Hornung, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital).
“Our study employs a prospective design that includes biomarkers of exposure to fluoride, detailed assessment of potential confounders, a comparison group, and the use of sensitive cognitive and behavioural measures that have been collected in one of the world’s most comprehensively characterized national pregnancy cohorts (MIREC),” said Till.
Fluoride concentrations will be measured using urine samples obtained in each trimester from a sample of 1,960 pregnant women living in 10 large Canadian cities – half of which add fluoride to municipal water.
The children born to these women have been followed since infancy and underwent cognitive testing between the ages of 3 and 4 years.
The study will also examine whether neuro-developmental outcomes differ among children who ingested infant formula using fluoridated versus non-fluoridated water. It will also examine whether serial urinary fluoride concentrations in pregnant women are higher in women who live in communities that fluoridate their municipal drinking water.
“We are doing this research because it addresses a topic of great public health relevance for both Canada and the United States where community water fluoridation is a widespread practice. Scientific advisory boards, including the National Toxicology Program, conclude that there is insufficient laboratory evidence to support or refute the likelihood of fluoride neurotoxicology.  We need high quality data to address this gap in knowledge,” said Till.
“Results of the study will have the potential to strengthen environmental health risk assessments related to water fluoridation and inform policy decisions about the safety of vulnerable populations, including young children and pregnant women, consuming fluoridated water.”
She describes the research as a “win-win” situation, where both potential outcomes will provide valuable information in the hotly contested fluoride issue.

Not a lot of money to do all that research. If it does confirm the harm done it will make no difference like studies on the thyroid which found a link. are ignored.

Australian poster

Friday, November 25, 2016

House of Commons

Alan Johnson Labour, Kingston upon Hull 

Photo of Alan JohnsonAs I have said, only a minority of health inequality issues involve the Department of Health, but I want to highlight one that quite certainly does. The biggest cause of the hospitalisation of children between the ages of five and 14 is dental caries: 33,124 children went into hospital to be anaesthetised and have their teeth extracted in the past year. Incidentally, that is 11,000 more than for the second biggest cause of the hospitalisation of children, which is abdominal and pelvic pain. Believe it or not, it was the 12th highest cause of hospitalisation of tiny children below the age of four.

This is a health equality issue. Almost all the children who went into hospital were from deprived communities, including 700 from the city I represent. There is a safe and proven way dramatically to reduce tooth decay in children, and it also has a beneficial effect on adults. It involves ensuring the fluoridation of water up to the optimum level of 1 part per million. The cost of fluoridation is small. For every £1 spent there is a return to the taxpayer of £12 after five years and of £22 after 10 years. The evidence—from the west midlands and the north-east, and from countries across the world—has now existed for many years. A five-year-old child in Hull has 87.4% more tooth extractions than one living in fluoridated Walsall. The whole medical profession, the dental profession, the British Medical Association and the Department of Health have recognised that for many years.

In Hull, we intend to fluoridate our water as part of a concerted policy to tackle this element of health inequality. We need the Department of Health to show moral leadership by encouraging local authorities in deprived areas to pursue fluoridation, and supporting them when they do. The Health Secretary retains ultimate responsibility for public health, including ill-health prevention. This is one issue on which he can begin the process of reducing hospital admissions by encouraging preventive action and, in terms of health inequalities, giving poor kids prosperous kids’ teeth.

Noam Chomsky - When Elites Fail, and What We Should Do About It, Oct. 2, 2009

Nothing to do with fluoride. Have you ever listened to Noam Chomsky? It is really enlightening to know what the elites think of us and how we are manipulated. Do we really believe after listening to him that they have our best interests at heart?

Now MORE experts claim statins are a waste of time

Doctors say the theory on which statins are based - that lowering ‘bad’ cholesterol cuts heart disease – is ‘fundamentally flawed’ and there is no evidence that this is correct for over 60sThey say studies show cutting bad cholesterol fails to slash heart risk  
Millions of patients are being misled about the pros and cons of statins, experts claimed last night.
Accusing the medical establishment of perpetuating a ‘great cholesterol con’, they questioned whether statin pills are as effective as claimed.
The group of doctors, from Britain, the US, France and Ireland, said the very theory on which statins are based – that lowering ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol cuts heart disease – is ‘fundamentally flawed’........

Pete Evans has gained a million-strong 'tribe,' but is his advice irresponsible?

Story image for fluoride from The Sydney Morning HeraldTV chef and paleo diet champion Pete Evans eschews dairy and grains - but also sunscreen and fluoride - and his unusual advice goes out to 1.5 million Facebook followers.


End Fluoridation Singapore

Canada - Fluoride foes protest after staff tell Peel that water treatment is safe

Water Fluoride ProtestBy Roger Belgrave
Peel’s Medical Officer of Health told a committee reviewing the use of fluoride in the region’s drinking water that there is no “quality” or “relevant” research to suggest the longtime practice poses a health risk when Health Canada standards are followed.

Dr. Eileen de Villa spoke to the region’s Community Water Fluoridation Committee Nov. 24 to present staff findings from a review of studies on the effectiveness and safety of community water fluoridation.
De Villa brought two thick binders filled with studies to the meeting — illustrating the vast library of research material produced worldwide on the health effects of fluoride in drinking water.
She noted the volumes of available data vary in quality and relevance to the situation in Peel, where fluoride is added to municipal water under strict government guidelines and at low levels.
De Villa attempted to respond to a number of concerns raised during this process initiated earlier this year to produce a recommendation to council on whether the region should continue water fluoridation.
Concerns about the region’s fluoridated water causing fluorosis are not supported by evidence that show rates of moderate to severe cases are “so low that they cannot even be reported,” she said....

Fluorosis according to the BFS and a dentist who asks patient does those white spots bother you.

In perspective
One of many enamel defects 
Dental fluorosis appears as markings on the enamel surface of teeth.  It is one of 90 or so 'enamel defects' that may affect teeth, and is caused when children ingest excessive amounts of fluoride from all available source while their teeth - primary and permanent - are developing in the gums. 

Mostly pearly white flecks visible only to experts under good lighting
In most cases, dental fluorosis appears as barely visible pearly white flecks on the surface of the tooth and is undetectable except by an expert.  In other words, most people whose teeth are affected by fluorosis are unlikely to notice it.  Nor are they likely to notice the majority of cases of fluorosis in other people.

Above is how the British Fluoridation Society describe fluorosis as white flecks. The video below shows a dentist drawing a young woman's attention to the same white spots as something negative. This video was on the British Dental web page.

I find it incredible that there is a society for fluoride. Is there one for lead or arsenic I doubt it?
I could understand if the sugar industry funded it.

Treating white spots on front teeth quickly, gently and esthetically? Caries infiltration with Icon makes that possible. This video shows how the English dentist Dr. Richard Field helped his patient Sahar to get her brilliant, confident smile back.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Protect Yourself from the Lobotomy Fluoride Flu Shots MSG Aspartame Chemtrails E

Bit extreme but who knows he may be right.

Fluoride Poison On Tap - Full Documentary

In case you may not have seen this before.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Aerosol flu vaccine with live virus to be sprayed on all Americans? It's already 'approved for deployment' in Australia

download (3)‘Sure, you’ve heard of nasal vaccines, like for Polio, but have you heard of the needle-free vaccine that’s sprayed down on you from the sky? Remember the mass aerial spraying over Miami during the great Zika hoax recently?

If you’re worried about chemtrails and the mosquito truck spraying poison all over your neighborhood and your kids out playing in the yard, get ready for the most insane, involuntary, unauthorized, unconstitutional, unethical, unsafe, untested and immoral form of forced medication ever unleashed on a nation. And you thought fluoridated water was bad.
Although FluMist, the first nasal spray flu vaccine, was utterly rejected as “ineffective” by pediatricians as well as CDC advisors for the upcoming flu season, and even though the last round of flu shots was admitted by the CDC to be a complete failure (even though they said to get it anyway), have no fear, because evil Western medicine hasn’t given up yet on completely incapacitating the entire population’s immune system with chemicals!’
Read more: Aerosol flu vaccine with live virus to be sprayed on all Americans? It’s already ‘approved for deployment’ in Australia

Fluoridation Fails New Zealand

The latest New Zealand study looking at dental health and the NZ School Dental data both show that for the vast majority of children there is no difference in decay rates between fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas Non-water fluoridated Scottish kids now have better teeth than water-fluoridated Kiwi kids.

Australia - Is Mackay's oral health and fluoride debate over?

Mackay Regional Council has rejected funding an oral health education program is schools despite removing fluoride from the region's water supply earlier this month.
Mackay Regional Council has rejected funding an oral health education program is schools despite removing fluoride from the region's water supply earlier this month.
THE final debate on fluoride and dental heath in Mackay may have taken place, with a council-funded oral health education program for schools rejected by the Mackay Regional Council.
Implementation of an oral health education program was proposed at the council's Infrastructure and Services Standing Committee meeting as a result of fluoride being taken out of Mackay's water supply.
"Mackay Oral Health has been approached by several parents' groups and child health nurses to enquire what Queensland Health will be providing to compensate for the water fluoridation that has been ceased,” a report before the committee said.
"Mackay Oral Health feedback is that there is an inability to provide any additional services to what they are already providing and it will require additional resources.”.......

Australia - Cairns Regional Council votes to push fluoride issue to Premier

  • Director of Oral Health for the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service Dr. Malcolm Donaldson believes adding fluoride to Cairns' drinking water will prevent tooth decay. PICTURE: BRENDAN RADKE
CAIRNS Regional has called on the Queensland Government to find an alternative solution to the ongoing water fluoridation debate. Council today made clear its position on water fluoridation, citing “divided public opinion” and the role of the State Government in oral health as the key factors in choosing not to add fluoride to Cairns water supplies.

“Through the Our Cairns surveys, we have now heard from nearly 6800 people in our community on this issue,” Mayor Bob Manning said in a statement. “The survey clearly shows that the community remains split on putting fluoride back into the water supply. With 48 per cent for and 38 per cent against, there is no overwhelming community support either for or against. “Our Cairns also, for the first time, told us why people are opposed. The overwhelming majority of those who oppose fluoride truly believe that ingesting it will harm their physical health in some way.

“When you read the comments, you come to realise the depth of their convictions on this issue and there is no doubt they will not shift in their position.

“It is also clear that fluoride is a State issue and if you believe that children in this state have poorer oral health than others, surely it’s time for Queensland Health to take responsibility for this issue as it does for other public health matters. “But even if the State Government took back the responsibility of fluoride, it would be faced with the same issue we have been – that being gaining the express consent of a significant majority of the community.

“That being the case, it is clear that Queensland Health needs to identify other ways that fluoride could be delivered to those most in need of improved oral health care outcomes.”

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Teens have enough fizzy drinks a year to fill a bath

Cancer Research UK said teenagers were taking in three times the recommended sugar limit of 30g a day from food and drinks, with their main source of sugar coming from drinks
Research finds average 11 to 18-year-old consumes 234 cans a year. Cancer Research UK said teenagers drink over 77 litres of sugary liquid. Even younger children are also drinking vast amounts of sugary drinks.Teenagers taking in three times the recommended sugar limit of 30g a day.
The Government announced plans to introduce a sugar tax on some drinks
Teenagers consume the equivalent of a bathtub of sugary drinks every year, according to research published today.
Cancer Research UK found that the average child aged between 11 and 18 consumes four and a half cans of sugary drinks a week, or 234 cans a year.
This is the equivalent of more than 77 litres of sugary liquid – and just eight cans short of filling a small bathtub. An adult taking a bath uses an average of about 80 litres of water.
Worryingly, even younger children are also drinking vast amounts of sugar-packed drinks. The research, based on National Diet and Nutrition Survey data, found four to ten-year-olds drank the equivalent of almost half a bathtub annually. They consume just over two cans a week, or nearly 111 cans a year.
And even toddlers aged between 18 months and three years old are drinking 1.3 cans of sugary drinks a week, or just under 70 a year.
Cancer Research UK said teenagers were taking in three times the recommended sugar limit of 30g a day from food and drinks, with their main source of sugar coming from drinks. Children under five should have no more than 19g of sugar per day, but many consume twice that.
Excessive sugar consumption leads to childhood obesity, which can cause a host of health problems including heart disease and diabetes.
In March, the Government announced plans to introduce a sugar tax on some drinks but has come under fire for ‘watering down’ its child obesity strategy.......

Do you believe the sugar industry might have a strong influence on how the NHS tackle the medical problems associated with sugar?

Johnny Johnson self appointed president of his American Fluoridation Society and Steven Slott the "information director" and dentist from North Carolina who's job it is to troll the internet harassing anyone that disputes the toxicity of fluoride in our water.

Here laurel and hardy scientifically demonstrate the way fluoride works. Failing to mention that most of it is drunk and goes into the body, for which both dentists have no clue what happens then.

We mustn't laugh

Protest sets city icon to wobbling: Fluoride

Australia - Water fluoridation fight gears up in Kununurra ahead of WA election

Liberal candidate for the Kimberley, Warren Greatorex standing in front of a flowering bushCandidates for the far north WA seat of Kimberley are supporting opponents to the introduction of fluoride to Kununurra's drinking water ahead of next year's state election, putting them at odds with party policies and mainstream medical research.

Kununurra's drinking water is due to be fluoridated next year, and Health Minister John Day, a former dentist, is a passionate advocate of water fluoridation.

But Liberal candidate Warren Greatorex and Labor MP Josie Farrer both say the community should be allowed to decide whether fluoride is added to the town's water supply.

Mr Greatorex said water fluoridation was detrimental to public health. "I have educated myself on this, there is a bit of science behind it, but from what I can gather it tends to hinder it more than benefit it," he said. "But it comes back to the choice of the people." He said he would fight for the right of Kununurra voters to reject plans for water fluoridation.......

NZ An Opportunity to Stop Fluoridation Nationwide Tuesday, 22 November 2016, 11:53 am Press Release: Fluoride Free New Zealand

An Opportunity to Stop Fluoridation Nationwide

New Fluoride Legislation: An Opportunity to Stop Fluoridation Nationwide
Fluoride Free New Zealand (FFNZ) will present evidence to the Health Select Committee when the issue is discussed in the coming months. They maintain that the evidence shows that fluoridation is outdated, unsafe and ineffective and that excellent public dental health programmes in non-fluoridated countries around the world are hugely successful. FFNZ will argue that New Zealand should follow these international modern examples and that the Health Select Committee members should come to the issue with an open mind.
This legislation would force local councils to spend 1 billion dollars over the next 20 years, in addition to the costs already incurred every year by councils who currently fluoridate. FFNZ says this is unacceptable, particularly at a time where we desperately need money for other vitally important things.
“We think it is time the Government got up to speed with fluoridation,” says Mary Byrne, media spokesperson for FFNZ. “They are currently relying on a report which uses data from an out-dated survey. The latest New Zealand studylooking at dental health and the NZ School Dental data both show that for the vast majority of children there is no difference in decay rates between fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas.
The move to shift responsibility for fluoridation to the District Health Boards is being criticised as a ploy to remove choice from local communities. DHBs are contractually obligated to carry out Ministry of Health policy, so critics see this as a move towards Central Government control and mandatory fluoridation “by the back door”. Only two other countries, Ireland and Singapore, have nationwide mandatory fluoridation. Only 4% of the world still fluoridates their water.
Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne says, "Decisions would be based on the assessment of health-related evidence and local needs." Ms Byrne responded by saying, “DHBs do not possess any health-related evidence other than dental decay rates. Overseas research is providing an increasing amount of evidence that there is serious harm to the body from swallowing fluoride, particularly over the long term and for people particularly sensitive".
Ms Byrne says, “There are dozens of problems with fluoridation, but two reasons at the top of the list are that we now know fluoride is an endocrine disruptor, damaging thyroid function; we also now know that fluoride is neurotoxic (affects the brain). Studies are now being conducted by the prestigious US Government National Toxicology Program to determine at what dosage damage occurs. Adding it to the drinking water is reckless in the extreme.”
Only 23 councils out of 67 in NZ currently still have fluoridation; a number have stopped since 2011. It remains to be seen how the DHBs will instruct the councils that do not want fluoridation - to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to start it - and if members of those communities will have any real input in the decision-making.
According to Fluoride Free NZ, international programmes in non-fluoridated countries like the CHILDSMILE programme in Scotland are what NZ should adopt. Scottish kids now have better teeth than Kiwi kids. CHILDSMILE includes supervised tooth-brushing in schools, dental check-ups for all children by a dental health professional at least every six months, as well as brushing and sugar education for children and parents. The programme has reduced decay rates, cut general anaesthetic dental surgeries in half, saved millions of pounds and is lauded as a huge success. Wales, Japan, Denmark and other countries have similar programmes

One Part Per Million

To Fluoridate or not to Fluoridate? That is the question…

As you may know, Hull City Council is considering launching a public consultation on water fluoridation. At 543 we support this initiative and would like to encourage residents of Hull and East Riding to visit the ‘One Part Per Million’ website onepartpermillionhull.co.uk and find out more about why water fluoridation is so important to our dental health.
Here’s a brief overview:
  • Hull has a very poor dental health record – the worst decay rates in the area and much higher than the average for England. 37.8% of 5-year-olds in Hull have experienced tooth decay, compared with just 27.9% across England.
  • Fluoride occurs naturally in water. Fluoridation simply involves raising the naturally-occurring fluoride levels to one part per million (1ppm), a level at which it provides optimum dental protection.
  • Water fluoridation reduces decayed, missing and filled teeth in children by an average of 40%.
  • Fluoridation benefits everyone – particularly the old and the young.
  • Those in deprived areas, with the greatest decay rates, benefit most, so dental health inequality is reduced.
  • Contrary to the claims of anti-fluoride campaigners, there are no known adverse health effects at the low levels proposed (1ppm).
  • Fluoridation has the full support of not only dental professionals including the British Dental Association, but medical professionals as well, with endorsements from the British Medical Association, the UK Faculty of Public Health and the World Health Organisation.
  • 25 countries around the world fluoridate their water, with around 390 million people benefiting from intentionally-fluoridated water.
In the USA they've reduced their ppm to 0.7ppm because 1ppm was causing fluorosis but getting rid of the white spots is a good money earner for dentists.

Where do they get 40% the York review never found that kind of benefit.
Calcium fluoride - you know calcium good for teeth - it isn't calcium fluoride they put in the water it is a form of acid.
Look up FAN web page one of the best for learning the truth. https://fluoridealert.org/

A quote from a former fluoride advocate: Dr. Hardy Limeback, D.D.S., head of the Department of Preventive Dentistry for the University of Toronto and president of the Canadian Association for Dental Research:
Dentists have absolutely no training in toxicity. Your well intentioned dentist is simply following 50 years of misinformation on fluoride's safety and efficacy from public health and the dental association. Me too, unfortunately, we were wrong. For the past 15 years I had refused to study the toxicology information that was readily available to anyone. Poisoning our children was the furthest thing from my mind.

Monday, November 21, 2016

NZ - The tooth hurts: an interview with a non-scary dentist about looking after your kids’ teeth

Why do people believe that fluoride is evil?
Sam Smith, dentist extraordinaireIt was a plotline in the movie Doctor Strangelove that people latched onto! There have been no studies, literally zero, that show any major health issues with toothpaste or water when fluoridated to appropriate levels. I think the people who believe that think they’ve uncovered some sort of secret global conspiracy, much like the other idiots who are against vaccines and other proven science. They are fools who should be sent to Mars to stop scaring other people............

(To say there are zero studies showing any major health issues is wilful I suppose he dismisses fluorosis as little white enhancing spots. )
 A statement made by Dr. Marcia Angell, the former editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, perhaps the most prestigious medical journal in the world—a journal that routinely vets and prints thousands of medical studies:
“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgement of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” —Marcia Angell, MD, The New York Review of Books, January 15, 2009