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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Avoiding the toxins around us - Dr. Blaylock talks with Suzanne Somers

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Unprecedented Fluoride Discussion On Irish Mainstream T.V.

Forced Medicine - The Philosophy Behind Fluoridation

UK - Good summary in the Echo of the Great Debate

CONTROVERSIAL: But the health body that wanted to put fluoride in our drinking water is on its way out.
Will fluoridation be dead in the water after shake-up?
Daily Echo
IT was the most controversial decision South Central Strategic Hearth Authority ever made.
But the organisation that unanimously voted to add fluoride to the tap water of thousands of Hampshire homes has not lasted long enough to see it become reality.
As of Monday, it will no longer exist. But although fluoridation has still not arrived in and around Southampton more than four years after it was given the go-ahead, the axing of the body that approved ft as part of the NHS shake-up does not mean the scheme is dead in the water.
The SHA has faced lengthy delays in implementing the policy it has always insisted is the best way to improve poor children's dental health in Southampton.
A High Court legal challenge saw fluoridation put on hold for 18 months, and agreeing details with Southern Water has also taken much longer than originally expected.
The SHA said it expects fluoridation to be up and running in parts of Southampton, EastJeigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams in 2014.
Because permission has been granted - despite the councils who now inherit responsibility for starting or ending public health measures like fluoride opposing the scheme - it is classed as "existing" and work on it will continue after the SHA is gone. Responsibility for overseeing the project's running will fall to the new body Public Health England (PHE).
Anti-fluoride campaigners hope the new organisation will have no appetite for pushing through an unpopular expensive scheme against the wishes of local authorities it will have to work with on other measures.
Although local authorities are being given the power to scrap fluoridation, Southampton City Council leader Richard Williams said it couldn't afford the public consultation needed before making such a decision.
But he also believes PHE is unlikely to make fluoridation a priority, although he promised the authority would look at how to act if it does try to implement it He said: "Just because an agreement is there, they won't want to do ft because it's not a popular scheme, so therefore is it something a new body is going to want to do and put people's backs up?"
So the fallout from the SHA's most divisive decision seems likely to rumble on long after it is gone. If, or when, Hampshire people will begin drinking fluoridated tap water remains anyone's guess.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Search Engine International: Water Fluoridation Deception, Governmental T


After considering the evidence, Daniel M. Merfeld, Ph.D. Professor of Otology and Laryngology at Harvard Medical School states that fluoridation is ineffective...
The Hot Press Newsdesk, 28 Mar 2013

A leading U.S. medical academic has come out strongly against fluoridation of drinking water. Daniel M. Merfeld, Ph.D. Professor of Otology and Laryngology at Harvard Medical School, is the latest influential medical professional to openly oppose fluoridation. Over the past four issues of the magazine, Hot Press has been investigating Ireland's policy of mandatory fluoridation. Professor Merfeld in effect endorses the views expressed in Hot Press by critics of fluoridation, including the scientist Declan Waugh. "Most European countries do not fluoridate their water, because such mass medication is considered ineffective and unethical," he states.
Having looked at all the evidence in great detail, Professor Merfeld confirms the view of fluoridation as "mass medication" and outlines why he opposes mandatory fluoridation.
"There are," he says, "three indisputable facts with regards to fluoridation:
1) "Fluoridation provides an uncontrolled fluoride dose.
2) "Fluoridation began before research showed that fluoride’s benefits were due to topical application not ingestion.
3) "Fluoridation began before all its side effects were known. When water is fluoridated, the dose is uncontrolled as the amount ingested varies with water intake. Can you imagine your health care professional telling you to just put your prescription drugs in your water, ingest the drugged water when you are thirsty, and go ahead and share your drugged water with others? Of course not! In fact, most European countries do not fluoridate their water, because such mass medication is considered ineffective and unethical."
In his detailed analysis, Dr. Merfeld states that fluoridating water appears neither necessary nor effective.............

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Search Engine International: Water Fluoridation Deception, Governmental T

USA - The Sierra Club and three other environmental groups announced they are opposing a ballot measure

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Sierra Club and three other environmental groups announced Wednesday they are opposing a ballot measure to add fluoride to Portland's drinking water.
The groups contend that adding fluoride to water would harm people and aquatic life, and outweigh any benefits to dental health.
"Sierra Club opposes fluoridation because it would degrade some of the purest drinking water in the world," said Antonia Giedwoyn, a spokeswoman for the local chapter of the Sierra Club, the nation's largest environmental organization. "Kids are already bombarded with multiple toxins from plastics, pesticides and air pollution."
The Portland City Council last year unanimously approved a plan to add fluoride. Until the vote, Portland was the largest city in the U.S. yet to approve water fluoridation to combat tooth decay. Opponents, however, quickly gathered more than 30,000 signatures to force a referendum that's set for May 21.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It was an American initiative

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Canada - Water fluoridation ends in Windsor

Wayne White, production supervisor, turns off the flow of fluoride into the drinking water in the control room at the A.H. Weeks Water Treatment Plant, Monday, March 25th, 2013.  (DAX MELMER/The Windsor Star)Wayne White, production supervisor, turns off the flow of fluoride into the drinking water in the control room at the A.H. Weeks Water Treatment Plant, Monday, March 25th, 2013. (DAX MELMER/The Windsor Star)
With a couple of computer clicks in the control room of the A.H. Weeks Water Treatment Plant in East Windsor, more than 50 years of adding fluoride to the city’s water supply to fight cavities ended Monday afternoon.

“Out of Service” blinked in red on a digital screen as Wayne White, production supervisor with the Enwin water division, stopped the flow of hydrofluorosilicic acid into the water system.

Uk - Daily Echo

Read the letter Southern Water, how can you see fit to show a young mother with her baby and continue to obey the defunct Strategic health's orders to put a poison in our water. Don't you know that there is almost no fluoride in a mother's breast milk even if the mother drinks the fluoridated water? Many mothers make up a baby's food with water what about these people how do they keep fluoride out - that is if they even know this.

Monday, March 25, 2013

UK - Daily Echo letter

Latest News - The Resident -- Who are the dirtiest lobbyists?

The last comment is telling. It may be in the USA but the same thing happens here.

Wales Fluoridation is key to improving nation's dental health, says expert

Fluoridation is key to improving nation's dental health, says expert
By Peter Law, WalesOnline
41% of children in Wales have four teeth decayed, filled or extracted by the age of five
The Welsh Government’s failure to fluoridate water supplies brings into question its commitment to improving the dental health of the nation, according to the chairman of its advisory body.
The Welsh Dental Committee, which advises the Welsh Government on oral health matters, was one of a number of leading health organisations and experts whose call for water fluoridation was ignored.
The National Oral Health Plan for Wales, published by the Welsh Government last Monday, states that 41% of children in Wales have four teeth decayed, filled or extracted by the age of five.
The plan sets out how oral health will be improved and inequalities reduced over the next five years, but reiterates the Welsh Government’s long-held policy not to add fluoride to water supplies.

Responses to the draft plan’s public consultation shows more than a dozen of the 61 respondents – including health boards and dental organisations – called for fluoridation.
Karl Bishop, chairman of the Welsh Dental Committee, wrote: “The failure to plan to fluoridate water supplies on account of ‘the fact there are small groups of people opposed to it’ is abdicating responsibility for a cost effective way of reducing dental caries which is extremely disappointing and questions the WG (Welsh Government) commitment to improving the dental health of the nation.”
Gill Richardson, director of public health at Aneurin Bevan Health Board, which covers Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Newport and Torfaen, said: “Denying children fluoridated water denies them an intervention as effective as immunisation”.
She said fluoridation would in time mean savings in resource as the Welsh Government’s Designed to Smile programme, which has involved more than 78,000 children since 2009, would no longer be necessary.
Morgannwg Local Dental Committee, which represents dentists in Bridgend, Neath Port Talbot and Swansea, said water fluoridation – which it described as “the single proven most effective measure to reduce tooth decay in children, particularly vulnerable children – had “only been paid lip service”.

It said the Welsh Government should follow the lead of the Department of Health which is consulting on water fluoridation in England, adding: “If the Welsh Government is serious about promoting good dental health then it has to address the difficult decision making in relation to water fluoridation.”

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board deputy chief executive Paul Hollard wrote: “Water fluoridation is too conveniently and quickly brushed aside within the plan.

Water fluoridation reduces the inequalities in dental health associated with material and social deprivation and is the most cost-effective preventive strategy for reducing dental caries to all residents of a community.”

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, Hywel Dda Community Health Council and Cwm Taf Health Board also all wrote about the benefits of fluoridation and called for the policy to be reviewed.

British Medical Association (BMA) Cymru Wales said proposals in the plan were “extremely unlikely to be enough to meet the minister’s main objective – unless fluoridation of water supplies is introduced in parts of Wales, after meaningful public consultation”.

It said a survey in 2008 showed children in some of the most deprived areas of the West Midlands, where 3.7 million people receive fluoridated water, enjoy some of the best oral health in the UK.

Fluoridation was introduced on Anglesey in 1964, where the levels of tooth decay amongst children was half that of those on mainland Gwynedd, the BMA added, but oral health has declined since it was halted in 1992.

“Our view is that unless fluoridation of water supplies is introduced the dramatic improvements achieved in the West Midlands, the Republic of Ireland and achieved in the past in Gwynedd will not be replicated in Wales,” the BMA response states.

A Welsh Government spokesman said: “There are no current plans to fluoridate water supplies in Wales, but we will keep the matter under review.”

Opposition parties backed the stance, with the Welsh Liberal Democrats saying: “There is no such thing as absolute certainty when it comes to health safety – but in normal circumstances patients can weigh up the pros and cons of receiving potentially risky treatment and choose whether to undertake it. Mass fluoridation of water would leave people with no choice, and we believe that it should not be imposed by central government.”

A spokesman for the Welsh Conservatives added: “We are opposed to compulsory fluoridation as the potential detrimental effects outweigh the benefits to oral health. Instead, the Welsh Government should take steps to improve access for children and adults to regular NHS dental checks, which could significantly improve oral health.”

One very informed comment - click title to go to article to read.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Marching band against fluoride on World Water Day in San Francisco

Saturday, March 23, 2013

USA - Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland' & The Portland Fluoride Saga

UK - Echo letters

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sugar, not fat, exposed as deadly villain in obesity epidemic

Sugar, not fat, exposed as deadly villain in obesity epidemic
It's addictive and toxic, like a drug, and we need to wean ourselves off it, says US doctor
sugar obesity
Dr Robert Lustig's book Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth About Sugar has caused a backlash from the food industry, which, he says, wants to 'paint me as this zealot'. Photograph: Alamy
Sugar – given to children by adults, lacing our breakfast cereals and a major part of our fizzy drinks – is the real villain in the obesity epidemic, and not fat as people used to think, according to a leading US doctor who is taking on governments and the food industry..........

It is not a case of eradicating sugar from the diet, just getting it down to levels that are not toxic, he says. The American Heart Association in 2009 published a statement, of which Lustig was a co-author, saying Americans consumed 22 teaspoons of it a day. That needs to come down to six for women and nine for men....

Forced Medicine: The Philosophy Behind Fluoridation

USA - Anti fluoride group

Anti-fluoride group picks up big check, nearly catches up with competition: Portland City Hall roundup

Ryan Kost, The Oregonian By Ryan Kost, The Oregonian 
on March 21, 2013 at 12:16 PM, updated March 21, 2013 at 4:20 PM

fluoridereferendum.JPGClean Water Portland organizers submitted 43,236 signatures to the city Oct. 11 to block the city's decision to add fluoride to drinking water. Voter will decide whether to move forward in May. 
The campaign lobbying Portlanders to reject a May ballot proposal to fluoridate the city's water just got a $10,000 boost from a local developer.
Up until the recent donation, Clean Water Portland, which is fighting against fluoridation, had been running behind the pro-fluoride camp, Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland, in the money race.
But the extra $10,000, a gift from Daniel Deutsch, who Willamette Week points out is the developer of the Left Bank 

Echo letter

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fluoride in water, make you stupid, do you understand? Interview with Pa

Australia - Do you want fluoride in your water?

Do you want fluoride in your water?

11 March 2013 , 9:31 PM by Lachlan Mackintosh
Do you want fluoride in your water?
 It's a question local governments across the state are asking, so far nine Queensland councils have voted to remove fluoride, and now the Gold Coast, Redland, Whitsundays and Moreton Bay Regional Councils are now considering their options.
Tonight you'll hear from two people dedicated to opposite sides of this argument.
Dr Michael Foley is a dentist and the past president of the Australian Dental Association Qld, he says fluoridated water is a vital public health initiative.
Merilyn Haines is from Queenslanders for Safe Water, she says fluoride is a poison and should be taken out of the Queensland water supply.

Click title to go to article to listen to radio.

Overdose Leads to Skeletal Fluorosis

Too Much Tea: Overdose Leads to Skeletal Fluorosis, Rare Bone Disease
A Detroit woman’s 17-year-long extreme tea overdose caused her to lose all her teeth and experience debilitating bone pain.
Tea overdose- you can definitely have too much of a good thing. After drinking an extremely concentrated pitcher of tea made from over 100 tea bags every day for 17 years, a 47-year-old Detroit woman developed a rare bone disease called skeletal fluorosis.
Tea contains trace amounts of fluoride, a mineral that is added to toothpastes and water supplies because small amounts help prevent tooth decay. Consuming too much fluoride, however, can lead to skeletal fluorosis, a bone condition that causes joint stiffness, bone pain, and brittle teeth.
The woman from Detroit went to see Dr. Sudhaker D. Rao, a bone and endocrinology specialist at the Henry Ford Hospital, after experiencing bone pain for five years in her lower back, arms, legs, and hips. In addition, all her teeth had been extracted because they became so brittle.
X-rays showed calcifications throughout the patient's arm ligaments and abnormally dense bones along her spine. The doctors who referred the patient to Rao initially suspected that she had cancer, but since Rao had seen skeletal fluorosis cases in his native India, "I was able to recognize it immediately," he told Livescience.....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why is everyone getting cancer? Dr Rodrigo Rodriguez and Lindsey william

Ireland 2016 The European Rising Part 5 The Media


Research Links Sugary Soft Drinks With 180,000 Deaths Worldwide

Date:20 March 2013

Type:Nutrition & Health News
Source:Food Ingredients First
Sector:General Company & Ingredient Information
20 Mar 2013 --- Sugar-sweetened sodas, sports drinks and fruit drinks may be associated with about 180,000 deaths around the world each year, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology and Prevention/Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism 2013 Scientific Sessions.
Sugar-sweetened beverages are consumed throughout the world, and contribute to excess body weight, which increases the risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some cancers. Using data collected as part of the 2010 Global Burden of Diseases Study, the researchers linked intake of sugar- sweetened beverages to 133,000 diabetes deaths, 44,000 deaths from cardiovascular diseases and 6,000 cancer deaths. Seventy-eight percent of these deaths due to over-consuming sugary drinks were in low and middle-income countries, rather than high-income countries.
“In the U.S., our research shows that about 25,000 deaths in 2010 were linked to drinking sugar-sweetened beverages,” said Gitanjali M. Singh, Ph.D., co-author of the study and a postdoctoral research fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Mass. ....

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

USA - Expose the Fluoride Deception and A Deputy Sheriff May Show You The D

UK - Echo - Daily Echo - Councils 'will be able to turn off fluoride'

4:00am Tuesday 19th March 2013 in News
COUNCILS will be able to turn off fluoride from Hampshire’s water supplies if people don’t want it, new Government guidelines say.

Councillors could scrap the controversial scheme within months once the health authority pushing it is axed, if Department of Health (DoH) proposals are rubber-stamped.
It would mean councillors will be able to vote to axe the project if residents say they are against it, once Strategic Health Authorities are scrapped at the end of this month.
Although the Hampshire fluoridation scheme won’t be in place until next year at the earliest, a new body, Public Health England, could carry on the work to get it up and running.
It is not yet known whether the organisation will actively work to get fluoride put in the water. But even if it does, councillors can vote to say they want the scheme scrapped.

The draft regulations say public opinion is as important a consideration as scientific arguments and ethical concerns when councillors are considering which way to vote.
Councils will be expected to consult people but there is no requirement to hold a public referendum.
The proposals remove the controversial clause that saw South Central SHA ignore negative responses to its plans to put fluoride in the water in parts of Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams.

Despite 72 per cent of people who responded to the SHA’s consultation saying they didn’t want fluoridation, health bosses unanimously approved the scheme in 2009 because they said they were convinced it would bring health benefits. Government rules at the time said decision-makers had to assess the strength and scientific basis of arguments put forward.
But four years on, that restriction has been removed.
New Forest East MP Dr Julian Lewis, who has campaigned against fluoridation in Hampshire, believes the new rules are an improvement, but don’t go far enough.
He said: “It’s a superficial step in the right direction, but it falls short of any guarantee that public opinion would not be overridden.”
However fears have been raised that Hampshire residents could be forced to drink fluoridated water for 20 years under the new guidelines.

If any attempt to stop fluoridation fails, council must wait two decades before trying again.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Queensland Community In Australia Bans Fluoride From Drinking Water

Another Queensland Community In Australia Bans Fluoride From Drinking Water

doxic fluorideThe Australian state  of Queensland recently cut their 14 million dollar budget allocated for water fluoridation which has already prompted the city of Cairns to end their water fluoridation practices. The Queensland government also ended a policy that required large communities to fluoridate their water.
Come the middle of March 2013, Cairns’ 150,000 plus area residents will no longer be exposed to fluoride chemicals in the water. This will be the seventh community in Queensland to end water fluoridation so far in 2013. Murgon, Wondai, Kingaroy, Nanango, Blackbutt, and South Burnett have all ended their water fluoridation programs since January.
Given the recent exposure of how bad fluoride is for us, do you think the ones who have been putting it in our water supply for decades did not know? Do you think all of this research and information is new to them? It’s not, the entities responsible for global water fluoridation have always been well aware of it’s dangers. The problem is that the research and information is used to educate medical practitioners is completely false, they have literally been brainwashed when it comes to fluoride. All it requires is us to wake up, ask questions and accept portions of our reality that are sometimes hard to face, but in order to change them we must face them. Chief medical authorities of Australia, as well as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) say that it is indeed an involuntary form of “medication”. I’d like to point out that fluoride should never be considered medication, they use the term “involuntary medication” to agree with the general consensus that it shouldn’t be in our water, while calling it medication to uphold it’s reputation. I am sure they do not want it taken out of toothpaste, although it should be. We should not be putting sodium fluoride, sodium silicofluoride and  hydrofluorosilicic acid into our bodies!
In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death and causes it faster than any other chemical – Dr Dean Burk, Ph. D. 34 Years at the national cancer institute

USA - Corruption - EPA Allows Poisonous, Polluting Drilling

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Canada - The Asinine Beginning Of Canadian Water Fluoridation

Scotland - 65% rise in NHS dental nurses in five years

A surge in NHS dental nurses and technicians was praised by the SNP. Picture: PA

A surge in NHS dental nurses and technicians was praised by the SNP. Picture: PA
THE number of NHS dental nurses in Scotland has increased by 65 per cent over a five-year period, according to new figures.
• Significant rise in number of NHS dental nurses and dental technicians recorded
• SNP MSP Bob Doris praises increase in provision of dental health across Scotland
Official statistics also revealed there was a 171 per cent rise in the number of dental technicians from September 2007, compared to the same month in 2012.
SNP MSP Bob Doris welcomed the figures which he said proved the party is committed to improving the health of people living in Scotland.
“There are now far more dental nurses and technicians than under the previous Labour administration - and we all know how bad the dentistry situation was then,” he said.
“We now have the situation where areas which had large waiting lists for NHS dental treatment under Labour now are in a position where those waiting lists are now either extremely small or in some cases have been cleared.
“This adds to figures out last year that showed record numbers of primary one children have no obvious signs of decay and, for the first time, all 14 NHS Boards exceeded the target - that 60 per cent should have no obvious signs of decay.....
Why can't the rest of the UK do the same instead of wasting millions on forcing fluoridation on us?

USA - Tyrone Council to remove fluoride

Tyrone Council to remove fluoride
Residents will no longer have chemical in water
March 17, 2013
By Kelly Cernetich
TYRONE - Tyrone Borough residents will no longer have fluoride in their water, beginning later this spring.
Council voted 6-2 in a meeting last week to direct the Water Department to begin removing hydrofluorosilicic acid and its associated chemicals.
Concerns about fluoride have been raised recently, including from Water Department Superintendent Ardean Latchford, who said he'd been approached by several borough officials and concerned residents regarding fluoride.
Councilman Mark Kosoglow said he'd watched a documentary revealing fluoride to be a poison and wanted to see it removed from the water supply.
Mayor William Fink also said he'd spoken to some area professionals, including a funeral home director, and learned about the dangers of fluoride....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

NO Fluoride -Rap Song- (Speak Your Truth)

Early years resources focus on healthy eating for toddlers

Health and Nutrition

Early years resources focus on healthy eating for toddlers

Seeta Bhardwa, 15 March 2013, 11:21am
The Infant and Toddler forum is going back to basics with healthy eating resources in response to the rise in childhood obesity.
The Infant and Toddler Forum is offering simple tips for healthy eating
The Infant and Toddler Forum is offering simple tips for healthy eating
The aim is to instil healthier attitudes in children for life-long health through a practical-based programme of everyday tips on which foods to offer and which behaviours to encourage as early on as possible. There will be a series of factsheets released through the course of the year breaking down the dietary requirements of young children into the nutrients required. They will also highlight the benefits of active play.  
More than 90 per cent of the excess weight in nine-year-old girls and over 70 percent in nine-year-old boys are gained before the child gets to school age, showing that there must be more information about healthy eating in the early years.

Dental decay is also a major concern with more than 30 per cent of children in the UK suffering from dental decay by they time they are five years old. In addition vitamin D deficiency is on the increase with the resurgence of rickets in the toddler age group and the number of children developing diabetes has rocketed in recent years, making it the fastest growing childhood disease.
However, the Demos 'For Starters' report, published last year, highlighted that 73 per cent of mothers reported they had never been advised to give a vitamin supplement to their baby or toddler, despite it being an official Government recommendation that babies aged six months plus should have vitamin drops with vitamins A, C and D.
Dr Atul Singhal, professor of the Paediatric Nutrition at the UCL institute of Child Health and Chair of the ITF, said, ‘We are clearly in a position of needing to balance the risks or excess and the risks of deficiency. We know what happens to children in their earliest years is key to health outcomes in adult life. We also know that making lifestyle changes can be a challenge. Unhealthy behaviours develop over the course of time, so replacing unhealthy behaviours with healthy ones requires time. The Forum is encouraging a step wise approach to nutrition this year placing the emphasis on simple, practical advice so that families can take small steps towards better health that impossible not to achieve.’
Judy More, paediatric dietician and ITF member, said, ‘Many parents are anxious and confused about healthy eating for toddlers we want to encourage all families to take that first step. Providing practical advice, guidance and education is paramount in helping families to get on the right tracks. Our programme this year will cover key topics such as healthy meals, snack and drink options, active play and developmental milestones for food and feeding. The Forum’s annual study day will offer health and childcare professionals the opportunity to explore how they can help and motivate families to make changes.’
The study day, which will be held on 31 October, will focus on nutritional guidance broken down into simple steps such as highlighting the key nutrients required for healthy growth. Practitioners can work with families to encourage children to get into cooking and to introduce them to a wide range of foods as early on as possible to discourage picky eating.

Friday, March 15, 2013

"I started filtering my water, underwent a de-tox programme and came off all medications. My energy levels had collapsed, but they started coming back up, and my whole system started to regenerate. After seven months, I was completely better."
The Hot Press Newsdesk, 13 Mar 2013
When Aisling FitzGibbon was alerted to the toxic nature of fluoride, she removed it from her drinking water – with remarkable results in terms of improved health. Now she is taking a case against Ireland's mandatory fluoridation.
"I was going to the doctors, and I was being treated with anti-depressants, but I wasn't getting better," she recalls. "In fact I was getting worse, to the point where my whole life-quality had diminished. That's why I had to seek another solution. I wouldn't have known about fluoride toxicity unless I'd been forced into finding out about it."
"Fluoride interferes with thyroid function," states FitzGibbon. "I've met people that didn't have any thyroid problems until they moved to Ireland and started drinking the water here."
Now FitzGibbon is calling on the people to get behind the campaign to stop the mandatory fluoridation of our drinking water.
"Germany stopped fluoridation decades ago on ethical grounds, because it's unethical to mass-medicate an entire population. For our case to be successful, we need people to back it, not necessarily with money, but with their presence," urges FitzGibbon.
Read the full shocking and thought provoking FRONTLINES interview with Aisling FitzGibbon, as we continue with part three of THE FLUORIDE SCANDAL in the new issue of Hot Press, out tomorrow, March 14. Order this issue
Part two of THE FLUORIDE SCANDAL: Why are we taking unnecessary risks? can now be read online here.

USA - Hampton considering taking fluoride out of tap water


What's in your water? That's what the mayor in Hampton thinks residents should consider -- and whether it's worth what he believes to be the possible risks of adding fluoride to the drinking water.

When asked if he drinks the city's water, Hampton Mayor Shawn Dietz was blunt.

"Actually, I don't," Dietz said....

Thursday, March 14, 2013

USA - Danger In The Drinking Water

No not fluoride.

Australia - Debate Continues

Debate Continues on Introduction of Fluoridated Water Supply in Western Australia
Submitted by Annabel Tautou on Wed, 03/13/2013 - 05:14
A public warning has been raised by a resident of Perth and spokesperson James Fairbairn on the name of `A Fluoride Free Western Australia' campaign explaining that there is a probability of fluoridisation of the water supply and is also calls it `a violation of our individual right to informed consent'.

A plan was released in 2008 to fluoridate the water supply of Margaret River in a press release in the year 2008 by the chairman of Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Advisory Committee Richard Lugg who suggested that the proposal will prove beneficiary for public as evidence on national as well as international level depicts that drinking fluoridated water helps significantly in reduction in problems with dental decay.

On the other hand, Fairbairn was quoted as saying, "More than 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers link fluoride to health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid disruption, and impaired child brain development, dental and skeletal fluorosis".

Shire of Carnarvon fought the decision of fluoridation in 2012 with health minister and became successful as the ministry agreed for not introducing it after receiving 800 objection letters for the proposal.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Foundation warns against excessive use of mouthwash

Foundation warns against excessive use of mouthwash
By Alison Hsiao / Staff reporter

Mouthwash with chemical content that exceeds the allowable limit might do the user more harm than good, the Consumers’ Foundation said yesterday.
Mouth rinses are commonly used to get rid of germs and prevent bad breath.
However, there are concerns about the safety of some products, because there are currently no standards regulating their contents, the foundation said.
Using the standards set for toothpaste, the foundation inspected 15 mouthwashes bought in supermarkets and cosmetic shops and found that six had a pH lower than 5 and one contained enough chlorhexidine gluconate to be labeled as over-the-counter medication.
An oral environment with a pH lower than 5 can easily lead to cavities caused by the overgrowth of acidic bacteria, and the inspection the average pH value of all tested products was about 7, the agency said.
The concentration of three different chemical substances — triclosan, fluoride and chlorhexidine — in mouthwashes was also tested.
Triclosan is commonly found in antibacterial hygiene products, but can cause tumors or hormonal imbalance if used excessively.
Health authorities have set the limit for the concentration of triclosan in toothpastes. at 0.03 percent
The foundation did not find any mouthwashes exceeding this limit.
Fluoride, which is widely used to prevent cavities, can cause damage to teeth and bones if used in large doses. The national standard (for toothpaste) is 1,500 parts per million and all items were found to be within these limits as well, the foundation said.
However, one brand of mouthwash tested had a chlorhexidine gluconate concentration higher than is allowed in a general commercial product.
The foundation warned consumers against using mouthwash for periodontitis prevention, as most mouthwashes on sale contain little or no antibacterial substances.
In addition, swallowing mouthwash with fluoride can be extremely harmful to a person’s health, especially children’s, it said.

Australia - Ignoring health concerns

Ignoring health concerns
By Linda Frakes, Kendall March 13, 2013,
Regarding fluoride, it does not seem to matter which political party governs NSW.
As Daphne Johnston pointed out, the Labor Government may well have initially demanded that our Council fluoridate our water; but when the Coalition formed Government, they did nothing to redress this undemocratic decision (given that we had previously voted against it) - even though Lesley Williams and Andrew Stoner spouted lots of pretty words about another referendum.

The State Health Department seems to have the ultimate power.

My question is: As there are a growing number of scientific experts expounding the long term dangers of fluoridated water, why are Health Departments determined to saturate all Council water supplies with fluoride - effectively removing control areas from any future scientific studies into related adverse health problems?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

UK - Secret of no fluoride

Secret of no fluoride
Written bySTEVE LOWE
THE fact that fluoride has not been added to the borough water supply for the last three years has been kept secret.
An inquiry to Anglian Water states that the last addition of fluoride to the water supply was in September 2009.
The reason given was that work was being carried out at the Bedford Water Treatment Works site.
The fluoridation of water is highly 
controversial, with vigorous fans and opponents.
Both are annoyed that no-one was told it was not happening any more. Many dentists believe it is essential to slow tooth decay, especially in children.Detractors say though that it does no good and is highly toxic.
One opponent of fluoride in the water system, Cynthia Bagchi, from Bedford, said: “I should be pleased our water is no longer being contaminated with fluoride. But I am extremely annoyed that you are telling me it has not been there for more than three years. I would have thought it was the duty of those in power to keep us informed of such important matters. Will they be adding it again once the maintenance work is 
A conference on ‘The facts about fluoridation’ is to be held in Bedford this June.
When we contacted Anglian Water it said it was not its decision and we needed to talk to the regional health authority. This authority will disappear in April and be replaced by a local Health and Wellbeing Board.
An NHS Midlands and East Spokesman said:“The fluoridation plant that serves Bedford is currently undergoing refurbishment as part of a planned upgrade programme.
“It is not a requirement to make a public announcement that fluoridation would temporarily cease in the town when refurbishments take place as they occur routinely as part of regular maintenance of plants. Meanwhile, we continue to prioritise areas of poor oral health for water fluoridation such as parts of East Bedfordshire.”

UK - Daily Echo letter

Monday, March 11, 2013

Makes you feel that way as they hold us in contempt.

The Dangers Of Fluoride To Children And How To Remove It

Sugar addiction: The risk of having more than just a 'sweet tooth'

Sugar addiction: The risk of having more than just a 'sweet tooth'
Doctors give Ahram Online tips for Egyptians to fight their sugar addiction in order to avoid lethargy, mood swings, heart problems and premature ageing

"People come to us complaining of weight gain and lethargy and the first thing we probe into is their sugar intake, which, unfortunately, in our societies, is way above the recommended maximum."
Premature signs of ageing marching across the face, tooth decay, uncontrolled cravings for other foods and substances, problems with eyesight, heart diseases, mood swings and weight gain are the other alarming irritants that Dr El Katem lists as results of sugar addiction.
"That is why we stress that out of all the indulgent foods, curbing your appetite towards sugar will have a most profound effect on many aspects of your health and appearance," she says.......

Why is a fortune spent on fluoridation when the real culprit for dental decay is sugar - too powerful a lobby to tackle perhaps?

Fluorosis cripples 4000 villagers in Nagaon

Fluorosis cripples 4000 villagers in Nagaon
GUWAHATI, March 10 – Fluoride contamination of the drinking water supplied by the Public Health Engineering (PHE) Department through hand pumps has crippled around 4,000 people in Tapatjuri, Dikharumukh and Nijparakhowa villages of Haladhiati area under Akashi Ganga Gaon Panchayat in Nagaon district, alleged a Kampur-based environment group Environment Conservation Centre.
The environment group has further alleged that the PHE Department had found fluoride contamination of the groundwater of these villages between 9 (parts per million) ppm and 15 ppm about 13 years back. But despite such findings, the Department has been supplying untreated groundwater to the residents of these villages through its water supply schemes, secretary of the environment group Dharani Saikia alleged.

The Pollution Control Board, Assam (PCBA) found fluoride contamination of the groundwater of these water supply schemes through a scanning done in February last. The PCBA scanning also revealed that even the plants and vegetables grown in these villages have absorbed excess fluoride.

Consumption of the contaminated water supplied by the PHE Department has crippled 20 children below three years of age, 120 children in the age group of 3 to 7 years and over 500 children in the age group of 7 to 15 years. Many elderly persons have also bent down. In all, around 4,000 people belonging to 540 families are crippled under the impact of the excess fluoride they are made to consume by the Department.

Several of the residents of these villages have got their hands or legs bent. Several others are made dependent on crutches, while the youths of 25 years of age are now so burdened by this poison that any one will treat them for the 70 year-old persons. The overall atmosphere in these villages is such that a stranger would find the people there to be aliens from some other planets, Saikia said....

9 to 15 ppm maybe a lot more than what is now put in for fluoridation but 4 ppm is the maximum allowed in the USA and they believe that it causes no harm?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Get it Out!" (Fluoride Protest Song)

Anti-fluoridation clarification sought

Anti-fluoridation clarification sought
By Debbie Porteous on Sun, 10 Mar 2013
News: Dunedin
A United States campaigner against fluoridation has been invited to make a submission to the New Zealand Dental Journal for peer review.

Emeritus Prof Paul Connett, a chemistry professor who taught at St Lawrence University in New York for 23 years, and wrote, with two other retired professors, a book called The Case Against Fluoride, made a presentation to Dunedin city councillors during this week's council public forum.
Prof Connett, who said he did not subscribe to government-controlled mass medication or other conspiracy theories and based his position on science, presented arguments, facts and figures to back up his position that fluoride does not work if you swallow it, that topical application is much more effective and that 46 studies had shown it reduced IQ levels.

It was the third time Prof Connett, also the director of the Fluoride Action Network, had made a presentation along the same lines to the council.

He argued using the public water supply to administer medication was clumsy, and that with better education, the topical application of fluoride would be a far better method and get around the ethical dilemma of people being able to choose whether to take fluoride. As previously, he questioned why scientists, health bureaucrats and practitioners would never debate with him face to face to defend their policies, suggesting they were afraid to speak out against accepted policies for fear of losing their jobs or credibility for other health measures.

Public health physician Dr Marion Poore and dental public health specialist Dr Tim McKay appeared next at the public forum.Dr McKay, who questioned Prof Connett's qualifications before being forced to apologise by Cr Fliss Butcher, said fluoride had been used safely and effectively for 50 years without any evidence of it harming people and there was no debate to have.''We're chasing unicorns here.'' Water fluoridation was supported by major health organisations from the Royal Society of New Zealand to the World Health Organisation as the best and most effective way to treat people, particularly those most at risk.

''We believe WHO on so many other things; why not this one?''A 2009 oral health survey in New Zealand showed the oral health of people in areas with fluoridated supplies was better in areas with non-fluoridated supplies and Dunedin's own multidisciplinary study had not found any link between fluoridation and adverse effects..

Dr McKay brought with him an invitation to Prof Connett from Prof Murray Thomson, professor of dental epidemiology and public health at the University of Otago and editor of the New Zealand Dental Journal, to submit to the journal for peer review an original piece of literature in support of his position.

Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull said it was unfortunate councils had to make decisions about issues like this, when they were not epidemiological experts and were bound to follow the advice of authorities with such knowledge.

The councillors decided to review the situation after the peer review of Prof Connett's submission was received.

Stop the rot! Why thousands of British children are having their teeth taken out in hospital

Stop the rot! Why thousands of British children are having their teeth taken out in hospital
Dental experts and senior practitioners are calling on the Government to tackle the alarming level of tooth-loss among the very young
Tooth decay in children is caused by a range of factors including diet and a failure to brush properly. However, one of the major issues is the popularity of fizzy drinks and sugary, acidic fruit juices.

Dr Harley said that tooth wear is a common consequence of drinking acidic beverages, and has become a particular problem with many parents giving their children fruit juices as part of their five-a-day intake: "We still have a population who don't drink water as the natural thing that they pick up when they're thirsty.

"There are an awful lot of children still consuming squashes, diluted juices or pure juice in some shape or form such that they're continuing to do damage to their teeth."
Before her daughter's dental treatment Julie, 39, from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, said Imogen often ate sweets and she preferred the soft drink Fanta to milk or water. She was also allowed to brush her own teeth or her grandmother would sometimes clean them. But after her extractions Imogen no longer brushes her teeth herself and only eats sweets as a treat, as well as cutting out the sugary fizzy drinks.

Barry Cockcroft, the Chief Dental Officer for England, said: "Children in England generally have very good oral health and around 70 per cent are completely free of decay. However we know that decay rates are higher in deprived areas and that's why we are focusing on a more preventative approach to dental care."

Top tips for a big smile

Here are five tips for looking after your children's teeth from Kathryn Harley, dean of the faculty of dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons

* Parents should brush their children's teeth twice a day; children are not able to brush on their own, until they have the manual dexterity to write their name, or at age seven.

* Children should start going to the dentist from 18 months.

* Children should only be given fizzy drinks and juice as a treat at the weekends.

* Stick to milk and water during the week.

* Restrict sweets to mealtimes only.

Why give them any then they won't expect any?

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Michael Warnken's Comments on Suisun Adding Fluoride to its Drinking Wa

That's telling them.

Fluoride is Poison | Brainwash Update

Friday, March 08, 2013

USA - Senate approves water-content bill

Senate approves water-content bill
By Antone Clark
Standard-Examiner correspondent
Thu, 03/07/2013
What's in their fluoride, Davis commissioners want to know
SALT LAKE CITY — Davis County-driven legislation forcing suppliers to provide documentation of the products used to fluoridate county water systems is headed to the governor’s desk.
The Senate voted 23-2 on Thursday to approve HB 72, sponsored by Rep. Roger Barrus, R-Centerville.
Dubbed the Safe Water Disclosure Act, the legislation was run at the request of Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings after he was unable to get all of the documentation from a chemical supplier to provide a paper trail showing it meets federal guidelines.

Middlemen in the delivery process claim they meet the guidelines but have not provided that documentation, Barrus said.

Even though it was not labeled as a fluoride bill, not everyone was convinced.
“I see this as a way of shutting down a fluoridation system by lawsuit. I may be wrong, but having dealt with anti-fluoridation people for 40 years, they leave no track unturned,” said Sen. Peter Knudson, R-Brigham City.

USA - Homeless epidemic, Rand Paul’s epic filibuster, fluoride exposed

Homeless epidemic, Rand Paul’s epic filibuster, fluoride exposed
March 08, 2013 05:10

Abby Martin calls out FOX News for propagating themselves as the alternative to the ‘mainstream media’, highlighting statistics that show how FOX News viewers are less informed than those that watch no news at all. Abby then talks to Neil J. Donovan, executive director for the National Coalition for the Homeless, about the ongoing epidemic of homeless families and veterans on the streets. Political activist and co-founder of Code Pink, Medea Benjamin, talks about Rand Paul’s epic filibuster against Jon Brennan’s nomination as director of the CIA, and the impact of US done policies moving forward. Finally a look at the 50-year-long practice of water fluoridation in America, outlining adverse health effects and breaking the myth that it helps prevent tooth decay.

Watch the fluoride segment of this video. Begins at 22:24

Thursday, March 07, 2013

"When are we going to have a real debate on Fluoridation?" City of Ralei

That last comment shows that those in power have no empathy.

Fluoride Victim Andrew Prioleab issues Cease and Desist to the City of Rale

Inventor and Scientist Speak Out Against Poisonous Fluoride

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

VERY Basic Understanding of Water Fluoridation Treatment Process

Not a fair demonstration as we know it is diluted to 1ppm but the fact sheet of contaminants is right.

John Cuthrell to Chapel Hill: "I've studied this and Fluoride has no benefit wha

Dr. James Beck Talks To "Winnipeg Alternative Media" About Fluoride

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Dr. Lee Hieb is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in spinal surgery. She is past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, a free market medical organization

author-imageRead more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/03/fluoride-1-more-deadly-government-experiment/#Tod9DF6OTZsVQsp6.99
A few weeks ago I wrote an article on bioweapons and particularly my fears about smallpox. For me, a terrorist release of smallpox is the most terrifying prospect that should keep every legislator, scientist and attentive citizen awake at night.

But, interestingly, in the comments after the article, the back and forth devolved into a discussion of fluoride in our water. Fluoride? Really?

When I’m talking about an egg-full of virus with the potential of killing 60 percent of the world’s population … well, the answer is yes, fluoride. As it turns out, the readers were paying attention more than I or any member of organized (read: regimented) medicine about the dangers of fluoridation.

Fluorides are naturally occurring compounds that can seep into the water supply from certain rock formations, notably granite deposits. Before man-made inorganic fluorides were introduced into our water supply, researchers measured water around the world for various compounds and decided that just the right level of fluoride was helpful in preventing dental cavities. Too little fluoride: cavities. Too much fluoride: fluorosis, or mottling and discoloration of teeth, and abnormalities in overall bone formation. It seemed that the optimum amount was about 1 ppm (part per-million). Dentists, especially the American Dental Association, hailed this discovery as a great boon to childrens’ teeth everywhere and recommended cities adopt policies of fluoridating water to the correct level.

My father, Martin Deakins, M.D., Ph.D., D.D.S., was an early pioneer in dental research on the chemistry of teeth enamel and wrote numerous papers on the benefits of fluoride. He and his partner developed the first fluoride toothpaste – called ChildDent – but unfortunately lost the race to the patent, so I am continuing to work for a living. Ah, well. He was instrumental in getting my little Iowa town to begin fluoridation of the water. So it is with great irony that I, an orthopaedic surgeon, am in the position 60 years later of trying to get that decision reversed.

For years, there have been concerns raised whether or not fluoride supplementation increases cancer. No one can sort out the conflicting literature on the subject – certainly not I. But multiple agencies including the International Agency for Research on Cancer (of the World Health Organization), the U.S. Public Health Service and the British National Health Service basically conclude that the risk is unknown, asserting that some studies raise concern.

Interestingly, in a systemic review in 2000, the NHS commented, “Given the level of interest surrounding the issue of public water fluoridation, it is surprising to find that little high quality research has been undertaken.”

It is, of course, impossible to prove a negative with ultimate certainty. But the above statement suggests that the lack of safety data is troubling to some.

In 2006, a partial report released from a Harvard study showed that osteosarcoma was slightly more prevalent in boys exposed to fluoridated water, but not girls. The numbers barely reached statistical significance but take on more verisimilitude given that the same, sex-linked disparity was noted in animal studies – i.e. more male rats than female rats got osteosarcoma with fluoride exposure.

Confounding many of these epidemiological studies is the fact that artificially added inorganic fluoride is much more damaging to living tissue (not to mention corrosive to pipes) than organic, naturally occurring fluorides. And when measuring only the absolute levels of the fluoride anion, studies wind up comparing apples to oranges.

It is my experience and belief that, in the history of science and medicine, one very good study, one smart guy who looks at things in a logical way, is more apt to be right than a ton of studies that have to be mathematically analyzed for significance. Perhaps the most outspoken of the qualified opponents to fluoridation is Dr. Dean Burke, Ph.D, a co-founder of the National Cancer Institute and its head of the cytochemistry division for many years. Instead of measuring fluoride levels around the country, and instead of looking at one particular type of cancer, he and some colleagues examined overall cancer rates in cities after fluoridation.

It is worth quoting him at length: “We took the ten largest cities that had been fluoridated and compared with the ten largest cities that had not been fluoridated. The fluoridation didn’t start until 1952 to 1956 and has been continued ever since in the fluoridated group. Between 1940 and 1952 these two groups were identical, could not be distinguished on this curve. but from 1952 on, the curves have been continually widening to the point that there’s now a difference of approximately 35,000 a year. There’s no question about the data or our particular arrangement of it. The data is from government sources, which any high school student can look up and confirm. Nearly all of the fluoridation-linked cancer deaths are found to begin at the age of about 45 and then steadily increase with age. This situation is sharply different from the increased cancer deaths resulting from cigarette smoking, asbestos or hormones given to expectant mothers where a lag of 15 to 30 years is common. Increased death rates due to fluoridated water commence within a few years after initiation of fluoridation with marked continued increase thereafter.”

It is also true that when fluoridation began, there were few other sources of fluoride, but today we have fluoride dental rinses (at home at school and professionally), we use fluoride toothpaste, eat processed foods and drink exotic teas and wines with naturally occurring fluorides.

Dr. Albert Burgstahler, of the University of Kansas estimates the average adult daily intake today at 2-3 mg a day, at or above the “safe dose” of 1.5 to 2mg a day. An oral dose of 3 mg a day, as reported in the Canadian Medical Association Journal 50 years ago by Dr. William Costain, created ill effects in every test subject – effects ranging from bladder irritation to mental disturbance.

Too often in medicine we accept treatments that clearly benefit one body system at the expense of another. Due to specialization, we are ignorant of the problems that a targeted treatment may have caused somewhere else in the body.

Given the dramatic effects of fluoride in reducing cavities, the American Dental Association still pushes fluoridation unqualifiedly. But as far back as the 1940s the AMA had its doubts.

In October 1944, a JAMA editorial discussing known and unknown risks of fluoridation concluded, “We cannot afford the risk of producing such serious systemic disturbances in applying what is at present a doubtful procedure intended to prevent development of dental disfigurements.”

Ultimately, this is not a question of science, but of freedom. Most municipalities control the water supply totally for its population – you can’t sink your own well. So if the city politicos decide to add something, be it fluoride or anything else, most people cannot choose to avoid exposure. The poor are more apt to be harmed by this because they often cannot afford bottled water or a reverse osmosis system (which does eliminate fluorides in the water).

Again, Dr. Burke was eloquent when he stated on Canadian radio, “There have been almost as many excess deaths associated with fluoridation as the sum total of all American military deaths since the founding of the USA in 1776. Now that’s an awful burden for the pro-fluoridationists to bear if they can come to see that they have been responsible for this.”

Although I think he is probably right, whether Dr. Burke’s number is totally accurate is beside the point. The moral responsibility is the same. Given the sometimes murky and fleeting nature of “truth” in science, the decision to take fluoride for dentition, or not to take fluoride should be left to the individual. Oral fluoride tablets are available, so putting it in the water is not the only option. We should work to remove it from our public water supply and to avoid going down this road again when the next bright idea comes along.

Sorry, Dad.

Doctors get misleading drug data from companies

Doctors get misleading drug data from companies
MARK REEVESDOCTORING THE FACTS: Pharmaceutical corporations wilfully mislead doctors to prescribe some medications which don't work and may cause harm.
Be sure to question your doctor about the drugs he or she is prescribing, advises Mark Reeves.
If you've ever been prescribed medications by your doctor, you'd like to think they were specifically chosen because they're the best and right thing for you.
The rather alarming reality is there's a chance that both you and your doctor may have been hoodwinked. Let me explain.
I am not a conspiracy theorist, although I can't help feeling there's something a bit "off" with the physics of 9/11 - and, despite the best efforts of several friends who know a lot more about economics than I do, I still don't accept that I can buy New Zealand wine, butter and bacon cheaper in London than I can in Nelson.

Neither am I a conspiracy denier, although I do think anti-vaccination and anti-fluoride campaigners are crazy people.

Thanks for that doc

Monday, March 04, 2013

Canada - Fluoride Free Lethbridge Video Night - Feb 06, 2013

Very knowledgeable speaker on fluoride and filters.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Ireland - Does the medication in our mains do more harm than good?

Does the medication in our mains do more harm than good?

All clear ... Laura's depression vanished after she installed a water filter
Published: 8 hrs ago

ALMOST half a century after fluoride was first added to our water supply, one alarming concern is being increasingly voiced: Is it poisoning us?
Our Government insists the practice is a safe, effective way of guarding the population against dental decay.
But Ireland is now the only EU nation with a mandatory policy of adding fluoride to our water.
And countless countries have either halted or banned fluoridation in the face of growing scientific evidence that it does more harm than good.
Environmental scientist Declan Waugh goes as far as to label the Irish policy, put in place in 1964, “a silent catastrophe”.
It is a belief born out of painful personal experience.
He explained: “Three years ago I was diagnosed with chronic tendonitis in both shoulders, caused by calcification of ligaments. “I was asked to go in for surgery but I didn’t go because I wouldn’t have been able to hold our child. During the course of my research I found out that a clinical sign of fluoride is calcification of ligaments. “I stopped drinking tap water and using fluoridated toothpaste and reduced my tea consumption.
“I’d had chronic symptoms for almost six years and they totally disappeared within one month.”
Last year, Declan compiled a report based on 1,217 fluoridation studies from 250 of the world’s top medical and scientific journals — and the results were shocking.
The National Academy of Sciences in America, for instance, found links with thyroid disorders, diabetes, cancer, neurological illnesses, gastro-intestinal diseases, skeletal and muscular-skeletal pain and low IQ.
And known side-effects of the additive would appear to explain Ireland’s worryingly high rates of neurological and cardiovascular illness, diabetes and bone disorders, and even Alzheimers and autism.
Declan also compared incidences of 26 diseases in the Republic with the non-fluoridated North and found that, in each case, they were far higher here. He said: “There is no doubt in my mind that the levels of sickness in Ireland are related to our water fluoridation.
“Some of the brightest, most scientifically competent individuals have come out and said the practice is unsafe.
“Over 3,500 medical doctors and professors from around the world have signed a petition to get this practice stopped in the few countries where it continues.”
Despite the growing body of evidence, though, there are no plans to ban fluoridation in Ireland.
In its most recent position statement, the Irish Expert Body on Fluoride and Health insisted that the practice is safe.
However, campaigners here insist that the Government has to accept that it is medicating the population with a substance that has never been tested for safety. Declan pointed out: “It comes down to the precautionary principle.
“If a risk cannot be proven to not exist, then you should not continue with a policy.
“At this stage it’s not even a risk.
“We know for definite, based on the health statistics in Ireland, that fluoridation has a negative impact on health.”
Case study
AISLING Fitzgibbon credits her fluoride-free diet for curing the severe depression that dogged her for four years.
The 26-year-old, who is planning legal action against the State for violation of bodily integrity, revealed: “In 2010 I’d never heard of anything to do with fluoride.
“I was very sick with depression and the anti-depressants I was being treated with weren’t working.
“I went to a nutritional therapist in the UK who pointed out that our water is fluoridated and that this can have a detrimental effect on the thyroid gland — depression can manifest from thyroid dysfunction.
“We got a reverse osmosis filter fitted at home, which clears the fluoride from drinking water.
“I came off all medication and quit using fluoride toothpaste and within seven months I felt great.”
Delighted with her new quality of life, Aisling set up the Girl Against Fluoride campaign and has roped in the likes of Independent TD Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan to urge a Government rethink on mandatory fluoridation. She revealed: “So far, about 11 local councils have voted to remove fluoride from the water system but they can’t actually do anything about it because it’s written into law. It’s crazy this is still the case.
“Ireland and Singapore are the only two countries in the world with a policy of mandatory fluoridation.
“I know that when it was introduced in 1963 it was seen as best practice, but the effects of fluoride over time have now become obvious.”
The Tralee, Co Kerry woman is determined to raise awareness of the issue, admitting: “So many people are still unaware of what’s in the water. They don’t know what fluoride is and what it can potentially do.
“I know it’s uncomfortable to think that our Government allows a potentially harmful practice — but that is the case.
“The rest of Europe has come to the conclusion that water should not be fluoridated, so why is it taking our Government so long?”