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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

USA - Asheboro Notifies Residents of Over-Fluoridation of Water

Asheboro Notifies Residents of Over-Fluoridation of Water
Staff Writer
4:53 PM EDT, June 29, 2010
ASHEBORO, N.C. - A malfunction in the fluoride distribution system of the city's water treatment plant Tuesday morning resulted in an over-release of the chemical into the city's water supply, according to a news release from the city.

Between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., approximately 60 gallons of fluoride were dispersed into the water system. That same quantity was supposed to be released over a 24-hour period.

According to the city, affected water lines and hydrants were flushed and the fluoride levels in the city's water system returned to the normal range by 4 p.m.

NZ - Task force to counter fluoridation discontent

Task force to counter fluoridation discontent
Wednesday, 30 June 2010, 9:53 am
Press Release: Fluoride Action Network
Ministry creates task force to counter fluoridation discontent

The Ministry of Health has decided to create a special taxpayer-funded task force to push for fluoridation in the wake of rising public opposition. The Ministry cited its recent loss in the Far North to local activists, and effective loss in Kapiti, as the reason for creating the task force.

Both campaigns involved health activist group Fluoride Action Network NZ (FANNZ). "The tender document shows the Ministry is really scared of our effectiveness as an organisation. We have become the national face and voice of rising public opposition to fluoridation. More and more people are understanding the fact that fluoride in any form is a serious health risk, and doesn't help teeth by swallowing it.” Says spokesperson Mary Byrne.
"Creating this task force shows just how obsessive and out of touch with the public, and current science, the Ministry really is. It is an arrogant affront to the New Zealand public" she adds.

Fluoridation is becoming increasing unpopular, if the recent household surveys in the Far North and Waipukurau are anything to go by. In both places the majority of respondents said they did not want fluoridation. In Waipukurau, this comes after 30 years of it. New Plymouth Council is to hold a special consultation next year on whether the public wants to continue with fluoridation or not. A referendum in Hastings was favoured by seven of the 15 councillors.

"Creating this task force is an absolutely disgraceful response to all the recent literature relating to the harmful effects of fluoridation, and the consequential opposition to it by ordinary New Zealanders. The Ministry should be funding an objective review of its policy. But instead it wants to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars monitoring the activities of people who are working to stop fluoridation for the benefit of all New Zealanders” says Ms Byrne.

The task force is to monitor FANNZ' website and 'public discussion and decision-making processes on water fluoridation in New Zealand'. "Then it must ‘build arguments' in support of fluoridation, in a seemingly tobacco industry-style public relations campaign - using public money to hoodwink the public over this scientifically discredited 1950s policy! " points out Ms Byrne.

NZ - Concern for babies sees reduction in fluoride

Concern for babies sees reduction in fluoride
JOLENE WILLIAMS | 30th June 2010
Levels of fluoride in Hastings tap water are to be reduced after a European Union health study found high levels of fluoridated water were risky for babies under 6 months old.
According to the European Union's Scientific Commission on Health and Environmental Risks, infants' milk formula should not be made with water that had a fluoride level over 0.8 milligrams per litre.

Hastings tap water had 0.9mg/l, a level set earlier this month.

The EU report also said children between 1 and 6 years old were at risk if they consumed more than half a litre of fluoridated water a day and used more than the recommended amount of fluoridated toothpaste.

Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule said the Hastings District Council was working to reduce fluoride levels in the district's water supply to 0.7mg/l following the EU report and advice from the Hawke's Bay District Health Board. Fluoridated water in other regions fell between the Ministry of Health's recommended levels of 0.7mg/l and 1.0mg/l.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) acting chief dental officer Tim McKay said the ministry was considering the commission's findings and will consider evidence available to a New Zealand context.

Mr McKay also said recent clinical advice on the use of fluorides in New Zealand confirmed there were no safety concerns using fluoridated tap water to make up infant formula.
Fluoride Action Network New Zealand (FANNZ) spokesperson Mary Byrne said overexposure of fluoride could lead to dental fluorosis (mottling), the first sign of other health problems.
Babies were most at risk because of the ratio of body weight to fluoride intake.
"If people are exposed as a baby, the damage done is irreversible. Their teeth will be damaged for life. And is it only their teeth? There's not enough research been done into the long-term effects."
The MOH stated small levels of fluoride strengthened the surface of teeth, which made them more resistant to tooth decay.
This is backed up by the European Union report which stated "fluoride, either naturally present or intentionally added to water, food and consumer products (toothpaste) is generally considered beneficial to prevent dental caries".

Ms Byrne said fluoride had no health benefits and FANNZ advocated it "created more health problems than it is alleged to fix".

Mr Yule said fluoridated water was always a controversial issue. But after advice from the District Health Board and the results of the European study, he was happy with the council's decision to continue its use.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tooth regeneration gel could make painful fillings history

Tooth regeneration gel could make painful fillings history
29 June 2010 07:48:22 by ANI
Washington, June 29 (ANI): A new gel that encourages growth of cells inside teeth that have cavities could replace the painful procedure of fillings.

The new gel or thin film could eliminate the need to fill painful cavities or drill deep into the root canal of an infected tooth. Instead of a drill, the gel against an infected tooth could heal teeth from within, reports Discovery News.

According to Nadia Benkirane-Jessel, a scientist at the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale and a co-author of a recent paper, the gel contains a peptide known as MSH, or melanocyte-stimulating hormone. The scientists applied the gel to cavity-filled mice teeth, and found them healed in a month’s time....

NZ - Oral health becomes election issue

Oral health becomes election issue
By GLENN CONWAY - The Press Last updated 10:26 29/06/2010
The controversial issue of flouridation has become a mayoral hot potato.
Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker claims his main rival, Jim Anderton, wants to take decisions over whether flouride should or should not be added to the city's water supplies, out of the hands of ratepayers and councillors.
But Anderton today fired back, saying the issue required a national debate.
He slammed Parker as "pathetic'' for trying to make it a mayoral issue.
The issue was not isolated to Canterbury but one that needed a national debate, Anderton said.
Anderton appeared on a recent episode of TVNZ 7's Backbenches show where he outlined his views on the country's oral health standards.

Sacramento Fluoride Controversy, CBS Channel 13 News

Monday, June 28, 2010

Letter from Professor Richard Johns.

Dear Mr Clegg,
In the cause of economy in the DoH, on ethical grounds and inadequate scientific justification, I feel very strongly that the Coalition government should not allow the Southampton fluoridation project to be "Ring Fenced". It should be abandoned.

Far too much money has been wasted already by a high handed SHA in promoting the fluoridation project in Southampton. Indeed a High Court case is still pending in relation to the conduct of the so called "consultation process" conducted by the SHA.

It is not a widely popular project and certainly the whole philosophy of fluoridation of the public water supply has been seriously questioned by the general public, a number of genuine scientists of high standing, academic dentists as well as those in General Dental Practice.

I understand that the Southampton fluoridation project is being promoted by the DoH as a test case for the widespread introduction of similar enterprises in the North West of the country. I do hope that you will be able to bury the whole sorry fluoridation project in England and not just in Southampton.

With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,
Emeritus Professor of Restorative Dentistry,
University of Sheffield.

UK - North Wales News Volcanic Ash on Snowdon... all the way from Iceland

North Wales News Volcanic Ash on Snowdon... all the way from Iceland
Jun 28 2010 by Eryl Crump, Daily Post
CCW volunteer Alex McGregor collects grass for sampling at the CCW monitoring station above Llyn Llydaw, opposite the summit of Snowdon
ASH still falling from the Icelandic volcano which caused flight chaos for thousands is being tested on Snowdonia.

Scientists are collecting samples of grass and rain at a monitoring station on Snowdon to study the environmental impact of the ash cloud.

Dylan Lloyd, Environmental Surveillance Officer for the Countryside Council of Wales (CCW), said: “Early indications are there have been no dramatic changes as a result of the volcano’s eruption. But the results from our samples, and those from other stations, are still being analysed by Defra and we await the final results.”

The Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland may no longer be emitting ash but the research being carried out is still valuable, CCW Environmental Change Network project officer Alex Turner said: “If another volcano erupts – its near neighbour is quite active – we would have valuable data from this research to enable us to accurately assess its impact.”

After collection the samples are sent to a laboratory in Newcastle.

“The grass will be dried and tested for fluoride. High concentrations of fluoride can affect livestock. Volcanic eruptions in the past are believed to have caused high mortality levels in Icelandic livestock................

UK - Avoid fluoride

Avoid fluoride
THE news that people with allergies are not receiving the attention they deserve because their conditions are not properly understood by the medical professionals, brought to mind a friend who was cured of her ME by an especially sensitive GP. As a parting shot when signing her off, he made the vital point that to prevent a relapse she should avoid, at all costs, exposure to artificially fluoridated water.

With the threat of more widespread fluoridation schemes countrywide, especially in our Wessex region, she is naturally a very worried lady. So too should be all the parents of young children because the American Dental Association, formerly an arch-promoter of the intervention, has now taken unbiased expert advice and reversed its original position.

It maintains that no child under the age of three should have any exposure at all to artificially fluoridated water.

Under the Evening Post's forum for public opinion, may we please have a comment each from our director of public health, Dr Hugh Annett, and the corporate affairs director of Bristol Water, Jeremy Williams?

Alternative View Network: G20 2010 Toronto - Interview with Vote Out Fluoride

Sunday, June 27, 2010

USA - Murtha: City may have fluoridated water within year

Murtha: City may have fluoridated water within year
By: Tia Lyons - - Published: 06/26/2010

Now that funding has been secured, El Dorado could have fluoridated drinking water within a year, according to the engineer for the city’s water utilities.

With $237,000 in grants in hand, engineer Lorraine Murtha said the El Dorado Water Utilities hopes to start the process of introducing fluoride into the city’s water system over the next several months, making good on a city ordinance that authorized the project five years ago.

FAN Bulletin 2018: Mercola-Connett Interview; and the US EPA


FAN Bulletin 2018: Mercola-Connett Interview; and the US EPA

June 26, 2010

• Fluoride Action Network
• Kathleen M. Thiessen PhD

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Medical Report Fluoride Blinded, Crippled Indian Children - Alex Jones Tv

UK - Daily Echo - Water quality not improved

Water quality not improved
J POPE (Daily Echo, June 18) draws attention to the fact that the proposed fluoridation of our water, which the Government admits does not improve its quality, is tampering with a supply, which for many years has been of a high standard. It is instructive to note the replies from bodies one would expect to be concerned about the scheme.
Southern Water displays indifference to the worries of the public, who have no alternative supply, despite repeatedly stating, "Our overriding intention is to provide our customers with.... Water of the highest quality". Please notice the word 'overriding'.
From the so-called Consumer Council for Water one gets not so much as an acknowledgement. Ofwat says it only deals with economic regulation, although haying to pay full price for an inferior product, is an economic factor of considerable importance. The Food Standards Agency can only investigate the purity of bottled water, and the Drinking Water Inspectorate is happy to leave matters with the Department of Health. The Health Protection Agency is unconcerned as long as the chemicals meet 'legal' requirements; and the Department of Health, when questioned about fluoride in baby feeds, categorically denies that a risk exists.
We are also surely entitled to think it unsatisfactory that the decision to fluoridate was wholly in the hands of an organisation generally in favour of it, and the 'vote' taken by a panel including several members who actively campaigned for it and who were never going to vote any other way.
G PAYNE, Woolston, Southampton.

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Paul Connett Discuss Fluoride (part 5 of 5)

Friday, June 25, 2010


FAN objects to mischaracterization of fluoridation opponents
June 25, 2010
Being such an extremely bad medical practice, it is not surprising that opposition to fluoridation comes from people all across the political spectrum. However, for over 60 years it has suited fluoridation proponents to characterize opposition as coming only from right wing extremists who thought that fluoridation was some communist conspiracy. This opposition was brillinatly satirized in Stanley Kubrick's movie "Dr. Strangelove." Portraying opponents as crackpots and conspiracy theorists has served the pro-fluoridation cause well because it distracts attention from the very weak science that they claim supports the safety and effectiveness of fluoridation.

As a result of a candidate winning the Republican primary in Nevada, some Democratic supporters have seen it advantageous to use this candidate's opposition to fluoridation as a way of ridiculing her. Whatever else this person believes, her opposition to fluoridation is not grounds for this kind of treatment. Instead, it reflects badly on those who are using it this way. It indicates that they have done little, if any, research on the matter and have simply taken the simplistic propaganda of fluoridation proponents at face value. In short, they have been duped. It is particularly sad from my own personal perspective that one of the commentators who has joined in this ill-founded abuse has been Rachel Maddow. Hitherto, I have respected this hard hitting and outspoken commentator from the left. But her comments on this matter do not do her credit and makes it doubly difficult to watch the commercials for her program in which she proclaims her fairness. What she is doing here is not fair to the candidate in question, and is not fair to opponents of fluoridation in general and the sooner that she makes a public apology on this matter the better. Moreover, because it betrays a serious lack of research into this issue it undermines the confidence one has in the professionalism of her research staff.

I have written to Rachel Maddow twice on this matter and have received no reply. Others have as well. This week FAN put out a media release on this matter.

Paul Connett

Political Mischaracterization of Fluoridation Opposition Dismays Scientists

CANTON, N.Y., June 22 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Scientists representing the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) strongly object to recent mischaracterizations of fluoridation opponents by political pundits Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and others in conjunction with Senator Harry Reid's Nevada re-election campaign.

"Fluoridation opposition is science-based and growing," says Paul Connett, PhD, FAN Executive Director, who has co-authored the upcoming book, "The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics that Keep it There." Co-authors are James Beck, MD, PhD, professor emeritus of medical physics at the University of Alberta in Calgary; and Spedding Micklem, DPhil, professor emeritus at Edinburgh University.

"We have spent many years investigating water fluoridation and the toxicity of fluoride and we are dismayed that commentators are willing to repeat, without verification, pro-fluoridation statements that disparage scientists and citizens who oppose the practice," says Connett.

"FAN's website http://www.FluorideAlert.org has a wealth of scientific information indicating that water fluoridation is neither safe nor effective," says Connett. "In fact, mounting evidence shows that it is harmful to large segments of the population and has helped to create an epidemic of dental fluorosis in children." On April 12, 2010, Time magazine listed fluoride as one of the "Top Ten Common Household Toxins" and described fluoride as both "neurotoxic and potentially tumorigenic if swallowed."

"The majority of countries do not fluoridate or have ended the practice, including 98% of Western Europe, and yet, according to WHO statistics, their tooth decay rates are no different than those in fluoridated countries," Connett states.

The FAN website has an online DVD of 15 scientists explaining why fluoridation is a risky and inappropriate medical practice. These scientists include one Nobel Prize winner, three members of a National Research Council committee that published a groundbreaking report on fluoride's toxicity in 2006, and two former EPA scientists.

According to Nobel laureate Arvid Carlsson, fluoridation is an "obsolete" practice that "is against all principles of modern pharmacology." FAN's site also has a listing of over 2800 scientists and professionals who are calling for an end to fluoridation worldwide.

The Centers for Disease Control and the American Dental Association now concede that fluoride's predominant action on the tooth is topical, not systemic, as it works on the outside of the tooth, not from inside the body. Both groups admit that using fluoridated water to prepare infant formula elevates the risk of dental fluorosis and they advise using very low or non-fluoridated water to lessen the risk. Pediatricians rarely inform parents of this advice.

"Topical treatments like fluoridated toothpaste are readily available. It makes no sense to expose the whole body to this toxic substance or force it on people who do not want it," says Connett.

According to Connett and other scientists, "Fluoridation is reckless as there is clear science indicating that fluoride has the potential to damage human bones, kidneys, thyroid and to lower children's IQs."

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Paul Connett Discuss Fluoride (part 1 of 5)

This is the first video - just came available.

Fluoride – the next tobacco?

Fluoride – the next tobacco?
Friday, 25 June 2010, 9:46 am
Press Release: Fluoride Action Network
Fluoride – the next tobacco?
What do cigarettes and fluoridation have in common? Much more than meets the eye according to Fluoride Action Network NZ (FANNZ), the non-profit health-focussed community organisation campaigning against fluoridation.
Dr Jeffrey Wigand, the tobacco industry whistle-blower made famous in the movie “The Insider” details the tactics used by Big Tobacco to push their cause and profits.
These include destroying careers, lying about alleged safety, commissioning bogus ‘research’ to ‘prove’ their claims, and a huge PR campaign, orchestrated by the father of public relations, Edward Bernays - all in the pursuit of profit.
Similarly, fluoridation began because big corporations were being sued for damage from fluoride waste, facing hugely expensive disposal problems as well as law suits. They had their own “insider”, Oscar Ewing, appointed to the US Government, to implement fluoridation as a ‘containment’ strategy. A 1983 US EPA memo called water fluoridation "an ideal environmental solution to a long-standing problem."
They also used Bernays for their PR strategy. His advice: get doctors and dentists to believe in and promote fluoridation. People will believe them no matter how ill-informed.
A 1991 US Senate investigation documented that government scientists had been coerced to change their findings and portray fluoride more favourably

They also destroy the careers of those who expose fluoridation as ineffective and a health hazard. In NZ, Dr John Colquhoun, formally head of the Government’s fluoridation implementation committee, was forced into early retirement when he blew the whistle

In the USA, any doctor or dentist who opposes fluoridation runs the risk of losing their license to practice medicine or dentistry.

EPA scientist Dr William Marcus was fired on trumped up charges, and later reinstated following a wrongful dismissal case.

Dr Phyllis Mullinex had her career and laboratory destroyed when her research showed fluoride was neurotoxic, causing ADD/ADHD in new-born laboratory rats. She successfully sued the Dental School for wrongful dismissal.

On the legal front “it is predicted that lawsuits over fluoridation will make the tobacco lawsuits look like child’s play’ “ confirms Mark Atkin from FANNZ Lawsuits are already in early stages of preparation in the USA and Australia. “With tobacco, people had a choice to smoke or not, and juries had little sympathy for claimants. But fluoride is put in your water without your consent, and promoted as safe by Governments (in the English-speaking world)” points out.

“The world should be grateful to whistleblowers like Dr Wigand and others. It is a pity it seems to take 50 years for these deceptions to finally be acted on, just like asbestos and lead in petrol. Fluoride’s 50 years is just about up” says Mr Atkin

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Paul Connett Discuss Fluoride (part 4 of 5)

UK - Lymington Times - MP demands government fulfil its fluoride promise

MP demands government fulfil its fluoride promise
THE government has been urged by New Forest Conservative MP Julian Lewis to fulfil its promise to block fluoridation if a majority of the public oppose it.
As reported in the 'A&T', despite a pre-election statement that residents' approval was "vital", a senior Tory told Dr Lewis in the House of Commons this month that the coalition had "no plans" to toughen consultation rules for how the chemical can be introduced.
The proposals from Southampton City Primary care Trust are to combat child tooth decay and will affect 190,000 people, including 8,000 in Totton. They were approved by South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) last year.
Dr Lewis said: "Although I was
disappointed with the response of Sir George Young, the Leader of the House of Commons, it is Andrew Lansley who has responsibility for this matter and I will continue to press hard to ensure that fluoridation is not imposed on a community which rejects it.
"The pledge given by a health spokesman in opposition must be honoured now that the Conservatives are in government."
Fluoride opponents fear dangerous side effects, resent "forced medication" and want a referendum. During consultation 72% of 10,000 respondents were against — although a Mori poll for the SHA showed only 38% opposed against 32% in support.
Fluoridation is also being fought
by councils for Totton and Eling, New Forest and Hampshire, and a judicial re\iew secured by objectors is due next year for which the SHA has put aside £400,000.
Tory health secretary Andrew Lansley sent a letter to Dr Lewis after Sir George's comments in the Commons, but did not make any promises.
He wrote: "Although, as you know, I have expressed concerns about this consultation, I think it would be best to allow the judicial review to take place, and then to decide how to proceed in the light of the court's judgement.
"The proposed fluoridation will not be allowed to proceed in any case, until after the judicial review has been heard."

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Canada - Split decision

Split decision
The opposing sides of the water fluoridation question debated the science of fluoride last Thursday but no one delivered a knockout blow.
Instead the panelists' divergent interpretations of the science that exists left their respective messages muddled, suggesting no one quite pulled off a convincing victory. Perhaps the only real losers were those in the audience and watching the debate on Rogers TV still trying to figure which way to vote for the upcoming fluoride referendum on Oct. 25.
Dr. Ira Kershin, past president of the Ontario Dental Association, and president elect Dr. Harry Hoediono, a Waterloo dentist who has practiced dentistry in Kitchener for more than 20 years, promised to deliver facts and dispel some of the myths forwarded by anti-fluoridationists.
They said the latest research confirms the benefits of water fluoridation in reducing dental carries is especially effective in populations that might not normally practice good oral hygiene, especially the socioeconomically disadvantaged, children and seniors.
"With toothpaste, especially with young children, you have to wonder how much ends up in their mouth, how much ends up on the floor are they swallowing?" said Kershin. "We're not getting an exact amount.
"With water you know exactly what you're getting. It's simply the delivery system that is different."
They said they have the source science to prove that water fluoridation is safe and effective producing a thick red binder from Health Canada that was supposed to contain the latest evidence.
"This debate gives the illusion of scientific controversy even though the vast majority of health professionals and scientists support water fluoridation," said Hoediono.
"We have the science and during this debate we can negate every fact they give you to give you the truth."
But they made some confusing points about whether fluoride is a nutrient or a mineral, and weren't as clear about how fluoride works through the rest of the body on it way to remineralizing tooth enamel.
Paul Connett, who has a doctorate in chemistry and heads the Fluoride Action Network in the U. S., and Peter van Caulart, who trains water operators in Ontario, represented the anti-fluoridationist side of the argument.
They lent a little more gravitas to those opposed to water fluoridation with their expertise about the fundamental chemistry of hydrofluorosilic acid and some of the concerns surrounding its ingestion in the body.
They argued that the latest research says fluoride is most effective when it is applied topically than it does systemically when people receive it through their water.
"The idea that swallowing something that will purportedly have benefit in some part of the body but no other effects in other parts of the body is preposterous," said Van Caulart.
Connett made a strong point about dosing and the reality that there was no way to control for how much fluoride they ingest as anyone could drink as much fluoridated water as they want.
But that strong point was a bit lost when he brought up the fact that mother's milk has much lower levels of fluoride that found in the water.
"A bottle-fed child could get 200 times more fluoride than being breastfed," said Connett.
He suggested it's not as necessary an element as the Ontario Dental Association's representatives were suggesting. "How did nature screw up on this?" said Connett.
But Hoediono pointed out that's true of a bunch of other elements, including vitamin D, that could be based on diet or other factors.
The audience of more than 60 people in attendance was equally split on what points were important and what points just quibbling about the difference in interpretation.

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Paul Connett Discuss Fluoride (part 3 of 5)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

UK - Daily Echo

Keep up the good work with anti-fluoride campaign
I HAVE just moved from Devon where there is great anti-fluoride campaign. I am truly keen that we do NOT put it in our water. I never use toothpaste with it in. I know through much reading the harm on the body, but any dentist I have spoken to will disagree. They are so conditioned, but look on the Web and you will find dentists who are conscious and know it is very harmful. I say stop eating sugar and packaged foods, no smoking and clean teeth regularly, clean up the body inside and our teeth will be fine.
Keep up the good work please. I am talking to people all the time, most are "asleep" sadly
LORNA GLYN-JONES, address supplied

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Paul Connett Discuss Fluoride (part 2 of 5)

Who can I sue for damage from Fluoridated Drinking water? -Law Line Call in show Pensacola FL

USA - Free clinic draws hundreds of patients

Free clinic draws hundreds of patients
Economic downturn fuels greater need
Posted: 06/21/2010
PIKEVILLE, Ky. - Lacking medical insurance, Garth E. Robinson endured the pain of broken and decayed teeth for a decade until he showed up at a free clinic in eastern Kentucky that drew hundreds of patients.
Robinson had all his upper teeth pulled Saturday at the clinic offered by the Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps, a nonprofit group based in Knoxville, Tenn. He was among about 750 medical, dental and vision patients to be seen Saturday morning at the weekend clinic, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported.
Robinson, of Prestonsburg, works as a night watchman at a coal mine, and his wife works for an attorney. They have two children.
"It takes all we can do just to get by," wrote Robinson, who could only nod and write out answers to questions.

Since Pike County's first Remote Area Medical clinic was held in 2008, the size of the endeavor has more than doubled. That's partly due to an economic downturn that reached a low point in the past two years, said Dr. Bill Collins, a Pikeville dentist and Kentucky's RAM chapter leader.

Kentucky is 99.8% fluoridated:NYSCOF

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Coffee and Tea good for the heart

Published: June 21, 2010
Op-Ed Contributor
Coffee and Tea good for the heart
A 13-year-long study in the Netherlands has concluded that drinking several cups of tea or coffee a day actually protects against heart disease.
The study, which involved 40,000 people, revealed that those who drank more than six cups of tea a day, cut their risk of heart disease by a third. Consuming between two to four cups of coffee a day also reduced the risk
However, exceeding this level seemed to cancel out some of the benefits.
For some years doctors have suggested that tea and coffee produced negative benefits for all drinkers (although this is still true it seems in some cases) and once again we are left wondering what else they have got wrong.

Even though we are still being told that Fluoride is good for our teeth, there is growing evidence that the opposite is true. Sodium Fluoride has been used as a rat poison for nearly 40 years!

Mercury (the mercury-based preservative thimerosol), another poison, has been used in vaccines to apparently reduce the risks of bacterial contamination, but many question the need for such an ingredient.

In many cases, especially some vaccines, the contents are very questionable, but drug company profits usually take priority over the potential risks to the consumer.

Even a limited amount of chocolate has been declared of benefit to our health, and red wine can help you to live longer (because of one of the ingredients found in the skin of the red grape).

Perhaps we should ignore some of the advice we are given and eat and drink whatever we like? Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC- 43 BC) was quoted as saying "Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide", which sounds like good advice to me!

Monday, June 21, 2010

UK - Daily Echo letter

Adding fluoride is money down the drain
I AGREE with Dr Sarah Goode (Echo letters) that it's misleading of dental official John Seal to compare fluoride toxicity with that of water etc.
Yes, drinking massive amounts of water quickly can kill, and oxygen overdoses blinded babies in the 1950s when they were given too much in incubators. But that is very different to a substance being intrinsically poisonous in itself, as fluoride is.
I also agree with John Spottiswoode's letter 'Stop this waste of money', in which he writes of the cost of fluoridation.
Less than one per cent of tap water is used for drinking, as most of it is used by industry, for car washing, cleaning, toilet flushing and having baths. So 99 per cent of the fluoride added is literally money down the drain!
Hardly a logical way to administer it!
A WILLS, address supplied.

Australia - Foods that are rotting our teeth study

Foods that are rotting our teeth study
by StreetCorner Staff
The consumer information group CHOICE looks at the good, the bad and the downright ugly It's well known that lollies and fizzy drinks cause tooth decay, but CHOICE has warned so called healthy snacks such as some muesli bars and fruit drinks are also rotting our children's teeth.
A survey has found a number of sugar-free energy and sports drinks can also damage teeth because of their high acid content. Working with the Australian Dental Association's Victorian Branch, CHOICE compared the sugar content and acidity of 85 processed foods and drinks and categorised them as high, moderate or low risk. "While it's no surprise the usual suspects such as fizzy drinks and lollies are in the high risk category, unfortunately a number of products that are promoted as healthy snacks for kids' lunchboxes are also high risk and can contribute to tooth decay and erosion," says CHOICE spokesman Brad Schmitt.

"These products aren't only full of sugar, they also have high acidity levels which can directly damage the enamel surface of teeth." Examples include Kellog's Nutri-Grain bars, Uncle Tobys Apricot Muesli bars, Golden Circle Orange Juice and fizzy drinks such as Pepsi and market leader Coca-Cola (which pack more than 10 teaspoons of sugar in a 375mL can).

Making the high acid category are two caffeine-loaded sugar-free energy drinks Red Bull and V Energy and several sports drinks including Powerade (no sugar) and Staminade Lemon Lime Fusion. Such products may be free of sugar but all have a higher acid reserve than most other fizzy drinks. "Tooth decay is on the rise and dentists rightly blame our increasing consumption of sugary snacks and drinks, including fruit juices and fruit drinks," says Schmitt.

"But there are many other foods and drinks that are potentially harmful for our teeth, so the advice is consider high-risk foods and drinks as a once-a-week treat and regularly brush and floss your teeth. "And if you really want to avoid a visit to the dentist, try drinking milk or water instead of Coke or Pepsi."

Fluoridated Sydney

NZ - New call for infant formula fluoride warning

New call for infant formula fluoride warning
Monday, 21 June 2010, 12:17 pm
Press Release: Fluoride Action Network
EU report prompts new call for infant formula fluoride warning

Bottle fed babies’ health is at risk if their formula is made up with fluoridated water, according to the latest report of the European Union’s Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks.

As a result, Fluoride Action Network New Zealand (FANNZ) is calling on all councils around the country to issue a warning to parents and caregivers not to use fluoridated tap water for making up infant formula.
The Hutt City Council decided to issue information about this health risk in 2007, following the announcement by the US Public Health Service and the American Dental Association in late 2006, and an approach by FANNZ. The move was strenuously opposed by the Hutt Valley DHB and the Ministry of Health.

“Those Councilors who voted to inform the public, and the Councilors in the Far North who chose not to have fluoridation, can hold their heads high now their action has been vindicated” says Mark Atkin of FANNZ.

The US warning was that fluoridated water above 0.7 mg/L posed a risk. In New Zealand the Ministry of Health recommends water to be fluoridated to 0.85 mg/L, but because water engineers are not able to maintain an exact level throughout the whole day, they work within a range of 0.7 to 1 mg/L. The EU warning identified that above 0.8 mg/L “moderate” dental fluorosis was likely.

“’Moderate’ dental fluorosis is a sign of major fluoride toxicity; not just ‘a cosmetic’ problem as fluoride promoters misleadingly say” explains Mr Atkin. “Given this, and applying the standard minimum safety margin of 10, the maximum allowable level of fluoride in water used for infants should be less than 0.1 mg/L. This is the natural level of fluoride in most NZ water supplies, before fluoride chemicals are added. The overwhelming weight of scientific evidence is clear – it is time to stop putting this toxic chemical in the water” he says.

"The Ministry of Health, and the NZ Dental Association, seem to be alone in the world in still thinking that risking babies’ health by giving them fluoridated tap water is okay” concludes Mr Atkin.


By Michael LeMieux
June 21, 2010
....................• EPA – Headed by Linda P. Jackson with the mission of “The mission of EPA is to protect human health and to safeguard the natural environment -- air, water and land -- upon which life depends.” Okay, this sounds kind of health-ish; and I think they could provide a bit of input to ensure healthy standards -- like allowing the introduction of known poisons into the water systems – like fluoride. Have you looked at what fluoride is? It is a compound of fluorine – fluorine is “a nonmetallic univalent halogen element that is normally a pale yellowish flammable irritating toxic gas.” Yummy, could I have some more please.....

Wales - Health News

Health News
Too many fizzy drinks linked to heart problems and tooth decay
Jun 21 2010 by Our Correspondent, Western Mail
DRINKING just two fewer cans of fizzy pop a day can help protect the teeth and cut the risk of heart disease, it emerged today.
A survey by the British Dental Health Foundation found a worrying number of adults are regularly guzzling large quantities of fizzy drinks and acidic foods as part of their everyday diet.
But for from being just a cause of dental decay, drinking too many fizzy drinks could also increase the risk of stroke and heart disease.
And experts have warned isotonic drinks can be particularly bad for the teeth.
The British Dental Health Foundation research found one in seven people have a fizzy drink most days and more than one in four of those aged 18-30 drink one regularly.
Men are more likely to be drinking cans of pop than women and those over the age of 60 were the least likely to indulge in sweet refreshments.
Regular consumption of sugary or acidic foods and drinks can cause long-term damage to the teeth.
Fizzy drinks are particularly bad as they also have high acidity levels.
The acid erodes the enamel that acts as a protective layer on a tooth, leaving teeth both sensitive and unsightly.
Some also have a high sugar content which can lead to problems such as tooth decay – sugar reacts with bacteria in the plaque on teeth, producing harmful acids.

Silent Epidemic

Maryland is 94% fluoridated:NYSCOF

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Town hall meeting with Dr. Paul Connet about water fluoridation part 3.wmv

Saturday, June 19, 2010

EU - Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks

The most notable from a read of the abstract are:
Systemic exposure to fluoride in drinking water is associated with an increased risk of dental and bone fluorosis in a dose-response manner without a detectable threshold. Limited evidence from epidemiological studies points towards adverse health effects following systemic fluoride consumption, e.g., carcinogenicity, developmental neurotoxicity and reproductive toxicity, but using a weight of evidence approach these observations cannot be substantiated.

I.e. there is evidence of harm but not sufficient to be substantiated. I.e. on the precautionary approach this has to be sorted out before fluoridating anywhere. It could be said that extra fluoride at any dose adds to the risk of dental/bone fluorosis plus other adverse health affects not yet fully proven.
And also:

The tolerable upper intake level (UL), as established by EFSA, was only exceeded in the worst case scenario for adults and children > 15 years old at a daily consumption of 2800 ml drinking water and the level of fluoride > 3 mg/L, and for children (6-15 years) when consuming more than 1.5 L. For younger children (1-6 yrs) the UL was exceeded when consuming more than 1 L water at 0.8 mg fluoride/L assuming the worst case scenario. For infants up to 6 month receiving infant formula, the safe level as established by UK (DoH) was only exceeded if the water fluoride level was higher than 0.8 mg/L.

I.e. at 1ppm (equivalent to 1 mg/l) babies and children under 6 could well exceed the tolerable upper intake level, even taking the DH’s own definition of a safe level. Also the margin of safety is low for adults.
Also :

Scientific evidence for the protective effect of topical fluoride application is strong, while the respective data for systemic application via drinking water is less convincing.

I.e. the evidence is weak for benefits from systemic application via drinking water.


NZ - Fluoride levels 'too high' for bottle-fed babies

Fluoride levels 'too high' for bottle-fed babies
By DIANE JOYCE - The Dominion Post Last updated 05:00 19/06/2010SharePrint Text Size Relevant offers
Fluoride levels in some New Zealand districts are too high for bottle-fed babies, according to figures from the European Commission.

Infants' milk formula should not be mixed with water fluoridated at a level higher than 0.8 milligrams per litre of water, the commission's scientific committee on health and environmental risks said.

Its report said over-exposure to fluoride could lead to mottled teeth. However, claims that it could also lead to diseases such as cancer "cannot be substantiated".

Fluoride levels in the drinking water of six lower North Island councils ranged from 0.7 and 1.0 mg/l – the guidelines recommended by the Health Ministry.

New Zealand's drinking water standards allow a maximum of 1.5 mg/l.

Not only babies were at risk of tooth damage, the commission found. Its "pre-consultation opinion" said drinking more than half a litre of fluoridated water a day and swallowing too much fluoride toothpaste could harm children up to age six.

Yesterday, Fluoride Action Network's Mark Atkin said anti-fluoride campaigners were partly vindicated by the report, which was published on Wednesday.

"But any level of [introduced] fluoride at this age is too much. Babies at six months drink a lot of liquid for their body weight, and they're getting 100 to 250 times the naturally occurring [fluoride]. We hope the Ministry of Health will now stop denying the importance of this warning."

Ministry acting chief dental officer Tim Mackay was confident "baby formula made from fluoridated water is safe for consumption" by New Zealand infants. The ministry did not consider it necessary to change the levels.

Hastings District Council is the latest local body to decide to continue with a fluoride programme to prevent tooth decay. It decided on Thursday, by seven votes to six, not to hold a public referendum on the matter.

It would continue to dose the city's water supply with fluoride but would look at lowering the current 0.9mg/l level to 0.7 in the wake of the European Commission report.

The Truth about Fluoride once again.

Australian soldiers lose battle of the bulge

Australian soldiers lose battle of the bulge
Published: 4:35PM Friday June 18, 2010
Source: NZPA
Australian soldiers are apparently waging a losing battle, the battle against the bulge and tooth decay that is.
A damning government report today estimated one in three Australian soldiers could not be sent into conflict because of poor or uncertain fitness, bad teeth or a lack of recent weapons training.
The report compiled by the Auditor General's office revealed more than 13,000 soldiers were not battle ready. Only about 18,900 soldiers, or 53% of troops, were ready to deploy at short notice.
About 7300 had either failed the basic fitness test, the most challenging element of which is a 2.4 km run, or had not done the test in the past six months.
More than 1500 soldiers were classed medically unfit and about 2140 had such poor dental health they could not be deployed..........

In Australia which is more than 75% fluoridated:NYSCOF

Friday, June 18, 2010

UK - Daily Echo - Agreement threat

Agreement threat
THROUGHOUT my life living in Southampton, I have used, and still use a water supply of the purest quality, historically supplied by various suppliers; the latest being Southern Water.
I consider that after 66 years of life, a time honoured agreement has become established between myself and the water companies, to supply a quality of water that fulfils my expectations, and as a result forms what is nowadays referred to as a Service Level Agreement (SLA), where I happily pay for a quality of supply that conforms to the status quo.
Should my water supplier consider me altering this time honoured standard, as a direct result of pressure from a third party, to add chemicals to my water supply so as to remedy any perceivable dietary or other health concerns within minority groups -without the water supplier seeking my permission to do so - then I would regard this as absurd, and consider the Time Honoured Service Level Agreement broken -by my supplier.
We only have one delivery network, and one supplier. Southern Water, must be made aware that any chemical changes to the water supplied to 200,000 of us, their local customers, will lead to refusals to accept changes within the established agreement. J W E POPE, Woodmill, Southampton.

UK - Judicial review on fluoride due this autumn

Judicial review on fluoride due this autumn
17th Jun 2010
fluroidation, judicial review, Southampton, South Central SHA
The judicial review of fluoridation of water supplies in Southampton is expected to be heard in the autumn.
That's according to health minister, Simon Burns, who was replying to a question in the House of Commons this week.
Conservative MP Dr Julian Lewis asked 'whether it remains his [the health minister's] policy that fluoridation of the water supply in Totton and Southampton should not take place without the consent of a majority of the local population.'
Simon Burns responded, saying that it is 'essential that any consultation gives people a real opportunity to make their views known and that those views are taken into account before a final decision is made.'
He added: ‘The decision by South Central SHA to approve the fluoridation of water supplies to the Southampton area is the subject of a judicial review, which is likely to be heard in the autumn and so due to the legal challenge, the department is unable to comment.'
Health bosses in Southampton agreed the plans for the city's water in February last year, despite 72% of 10,000 respondents in a public consultation opposing the move.
The judicial review was set in place after a resident launched a private legal challenge June 2009.
Resident Geraldine Milner is behind the legal challenge. She is opposed to the proposals because of uncertainties regarding long-term health risks associated with fluoridation, as well as concerns with regard to the possible adverse environmental effects.
She also considers that more targeted and less intrusive measures should be used to deal with problems of tooth decay in the Southampton area.
The legal challenge argues that the SHA failed to have regard to the Government's policy that mass fluoridation of drinking water should only go ahead in any particular area if a majority of the local people are in favour of it.

Freedom Files with James Burns (6/17/2010): Sodium Fluoride

UK - Lymington Times - Tories accused of fluoridation U turn

Tories accused of fluoridation U turn
THE government has been accused of breaking its promise to make it impossible to add fluoride to New Forest water supplies without a majority of residents in favour.
Some 8,000 people in Totton could be affected by NHS plans for Southampton and before the election, the Conservatives said public consent was "vital" before fluoride was added to the water.
But a senior Tory has now revealed the coalition has "no plans" to alter the law governing the way the chemical is introduced.
John Spottiswood, chairman of Hampshire Against Fluoride, said it was "very disappointing", adding: "We're not happy with it especially as both the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives said this should no

The news comes as the leader of Hampshire County Council, Coun. Ken Thornber, sent a letter to Tory health secretary Andrew Lansley urging him to step in and cancel the plans.
He wrote: "In this instance the views of our population and locally elected representatives have been comprehensively ignored, incurring significant avoidable expenditure and public anger."
Fluoridation will affect 190,000 people and includes Totton because of the layout of the pipes. It was proposed by Southampton City Primary Care Trust to combat child tooth decay and approved by South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) last year.
But it is opposed by local councils and New Forest East MP Julian Lewis, and is being fought in the high court with a judicial review due next year. Opponents fear dangerous side effects, resent "forced medication" and want a referendum.
They submitted a 15,000-name petition against the plan and during consultation 72% of 10,000 respondents were against — although a Mori telephone poll for the SHA showed only 38% opposed against 32% in support.
Totton councillor David Harrison said: "I believe most local people will feel very let down by this announcement. During the general election campaign, much political capital was made by condemning the Labour party for allowing the strategic health authority to impose this on our community.
"Now, when in power, with the opportunity to stop it happening, it's a different story. Small wonder politicians are held in deep mistrust. People will be justified in thinking they have been cheated."
The new government's position was extracted by Dr Lewis in the House of Commons when he questioned the Leader of the House, Sir George Young — the MP for North West Hampshire.
Sir George noted "the strong local feelings and the unhappiness among some people" but said the government was not planning to do anything "in the short term to change the legislative framework in which the decisions are made".
But last year the Tories' then shadow health minister Mike Penning told Dr Lewis: "Communities should have to give their approval for any proposal before it is permitted to go ahead, and that fluoridation should not be enforced against the will of the population."
When the 'A&T1 asked the Department of Health for clarification, a spokeswoman pointed to a Commons statement by health minister Simon Burns who said people's views should be "taken into account", but he could not comment before the judicial review.
The SHA has put aside £400,000 to fight the court case which has been brought by Southampton resident Geraldine Milner.
Her lawyers argue fluoridation should not have been approved because it was at odds with pronouncements from members of the last government that such schemes should only be allowed if most of the local population were in favour.
The claim that the SHA did not properly consider the opponents' case was thrown out but an appeal against that decision will be heard in November. Fluoridation plans have been put on hold until the legal arguments are resolved.
However, by the time the judicial review goes ahead, the SHA may no longer exist as the new government looks set to axe expensive quangos and replace them with an NHS commissioning board.

USA - Should Waterloo continue to fluoridate?

Should Waterloo continue to fluoridate?
Updated Fri. Jun. 18 2010 12:13 AM ET The first of three debates on water fluoridation began Thursday night.

Those in favour of the activity say it's needed to prevent dental decay. They also argue that the amount being used is safe.

Meanwhile, opponents say they don't want the government to force fluoride on them and question what it's doing to their bodies.

Waterloo residents will vote on whether the city should continue to fluoridate the water on the next municipal ballot.

Watch video on web site

Thursday, June 17, 2010


SUMMARY: For the first time, fluoride toxicity in donkeys is described: dental
fluorosis with irregular wearing and excessive abrasions of the teeth, intermittent
lameness, hoof deformities, tendon hardening, colic, diarrhoea, retention of urine,
repeated abortions, and sterility. New evidence is reported showing that fluoride
affects basic intracellular mechanisms such as the Golgi apparatus, dental and
skeletal structures, and systemic functions including fertility, carbohydrate
metabolism, and renal function. Those who advocate the addition of fluoride to water
supplies need to recognize the occurrence of these toxic effects from fluoride.............


SL Choubisaa
Udaipur, India
SUMMARY: Chronic fluoride (F) intoxication in the form of osteo-dental fluorosis was
observed in 23 domestic equus animals, 9 to 23 years old, including 14 horses
(Equus caballus), and 9 donkeys (E. asinus) living in F endemic areas of Dungarpur
district, Rajasthan, India..................................

Fluoride 43(1)81–84 January-March 2010

Letter to the editor
Fluoride 43(1)81–84
January-March 2010
Comment on editorial report: Medline again rejects Fluoride
Moolenburgh 81 81
The recent decision by the National Library of Medicine to continue its
exclusion of Fluoride from its online Medline-PubMed database of published
biomedical research1 should be seen in a broader historical perspective than just a
difference of opinion.
In 1952, Dutch health authorities, following the lead of the United States, began
fluoridating the public water supply in the city of Tiel with Culemborg as the
control city. At the time, the dental condition of the Dutch population was
atrocious, and the American plan seemed to offer hope that the problem could be
substantially solved by the simple procedure of adding fluoride salts in the right
concentration to drinking water supplies.2,3
During that period, the idea of water fluoridation was also well suited to
mainstream medical thinking. Ever since Louis Pasteur (1822–1895) discovered
microorganisms as the cause of infectious diseases, a revolution in medical
practice had taken place, and an all-out effort began to find substances that could
eradicate the little villains. The first to achieve this great breakthrough was Paul
Ehrlich (1854–1915), who discovered a chemotherapeutic remedy, salvarsan,
against syphilis. During WW II the antibiotic penicillin, isolated in 1928 by
Alexander Fleming (1881–1955), was massively used on the battlefields and saved
tens of thousands of lives. The chemotherapeutic and antibiotic triumphs seemed
unstoppable. When I began my medical studies at Leyden University after the war
in 1945, the liberating allied armies had brought penicillin with them, and I
personally witnessed the surge of euphoria about this type of remedy. It was
thought we could eventually create an almost sickness-free world, with only old
age as something that, for the moment, could not be avoided. Belief in magic pills
that would eventually solve all health problems became paramount in medical

UK - Autumn 2010: House of Commons reviews public response to water fluoridation

Autumn 2010: House of Commons reviews public response to water fluoridation
The topic of water fluoridation was raised in the House of Commons on 3 June 2010 by Mr Knight, MP East Yorkshire, and Anne Milton, MP for Guildford, precedes further discussion by Simon Burns, Health Minister, responsible for NHS Connecting for Health in Autumn (September to November in the UK).

The BDA reports that the review of fluoridated water supplies in Southampton is to take place in autumn. The dentist industry keeps a watchful eye on such upcoming judicial reviews that may mark changes in workforce policy or procedures for patient care.

Mr Knight asked the desk of State for Health, Andrew Lansley, about the advice the Department of Health issues to water authorities considering to fluoridate water supplies in the UK.

Similarly, Anne Milton quoted Section 58 of the Water Act 2003 that empowered Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) to form bongs with water suppliers to add fluoride to water following public discussions. Currently, according to the Department of Health, no Strategic Health Authorities are consulting the public about water fluoridation.

The Chief Dental Officer is responsible for providing guidance on water fluoridation to the Strategic Health Authorities. The last letter written by the Department of Health to SHAs, PCTs, Directors of Public Health, and Consultants in Dental Public Health appears to be in 2008. The letters are made available to the public on the Department of Health website.

Canada - Group urges community to stop fluoridating its drinking water

Group urges community to stop fluoridating its drinking water
Wednesday, June 16, 2010
LAKE COWICHAN, BRITISH COLUMBIA — The Health Action Network Society (HANS), a charitable group that focuses on natural health, has called for the community of Lake Cowichan to stop adding fluoride to its drinking water, according to CowichanNewsLeader.com.
Lake Cowichan is the only community on Vancouver Island that still fluoridates its water and its residents make up some of the only 3.7 percent of British Columbians with access to fluoridated water, the article stated.
HANS aims to eliminate the fluoridation of public water supplies throughout British Columbia.
According to the World Health Organization, low concentrations of fluoride can have beneficial effects on teeth, but excessive exposure to fluoride in drinking water can have detrimental health effects, the story reported.
“Why are municipalities medicating people? They’re making these arbitrary decisions based on information of the past,” said HANS President Jane Shaak.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Canada - Organization questioning use of fluoride in town of Lake Cowichan’s drinking water

Organization questioning use of fluoride in town of Lake Cowichan’s drinking water
By Tyler Clarke - Cowichan News Leader Pictorial
Published: June 15, 2010 10:00 AM
Updated: June 15, 2010 2:56 PM
Lake Cowichan’s drinking water may not be as healthy as the public thinks, Burnaby-based Health Action Network Society president Jane Shaak argues.

The fluoridation of the water, she said, must end.

“I’m sure a lot of people in Lake Cowichan don’t know they’re the only community on the island that has (fluoridated water),” she said.

Not only is Lake Cowichan the only place on Vancouver Island still adding fluoride to its drinking water, its citizens make up some of the only 3.7 per cent of British Columbians with access to fluoridated water......................

The Health Action Network Society has a goal of reducing that number to zero.

Kids and cavity prevention

Kids and cavity prevention
Jun 15, 2010
By V. Kim Kutsch, DMD, founder and CEO of CariFree
© Dreamstime.com
The growing incidence of tooth decay in young children has become a national concern as the number of those children affected by dental caries continues to increase. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, dental caries — the oral biofilm dysfunction that causes cavities — is the No. 1 leading disease that affects children in the United States. Dental caries is so prevalent that it actually occurs five times more frequently than asthma, the second most common childhood disease in America. Unfortunately, many families are uneducated and unfamiliar with dental caries and its causes. They are unaware that cavities are actually caused by a preventable and treatable bacterial disease. As a result, many young children suffer from chronic pain and embarrassment associated with tooth decay.

Several factors contribute to the onset of dental caries in children, the primary aspect being transmission of the disease. Through common acts of nurturing and childrearing, the mother or primary caregiver transfers the cariogenic bacteria to the infant. Originally thought to be one or two pathogenic bacteria, biofilm research now has identified numerous bacteria that play a role in causing dental caries. These bacteria have the common characteristic of thriving in acidic conditions. The vertical transmission of these acid-loving bacteria occurs from mother to child within the first few weeks of life, before the primary teeth have even erupted. In fact, the caries infection has been detected in children as young as 3 months old. Additionally, among other known risk factors, diet plays a major role in dental caries in children. Breastfeeding and bottle nursing can contribute to the disease process when breast milk or sugary or acidic liquids are given to the child on a frequent or at-will basis................................

Long article worth reading.

UK - Still want to drink tap water? This is shocking!!!

What is this gadget he's using?

UK - Daily Echo - Slow poisoning for babies?

Slow poisoning for babies?
WE all know that fluoride is a poison - every dictionary states this fact. We also know that boiling water that contains fluoride increases the fluoride content - ie the poison is increased.
Babies who are not breast fed and young toddlers have bottled milk which is made of powdered baby food plus boiled water. These babies have four to five bottles each day, seven days a week, week after week, month after month - bottles all made with increased fluoride.
I am no expert but surely this must be a form of slow poisoning! How can any parent want to feed their beautiful baby with bottles knowing the fluoride content is increased. Forget their teeth in this instance - what does it do to their little brains?
I would like to know if any of these 'experts' who support fluoride have, truthfully, personally fed their own babies, from birth, daily with bottles made with added fluoride - and if then* children are alert and perfectly well mentally on reaching school age.
How can any expert calculate how much is dangerous to different families?
Water was put on this earth for all people as a necessity for life. It was not just given to a chosen few to dictate to others. Still, as those experts who insist fluoride will be added are so sure of their facts I assume this means they will accept responsibility for any future health problems in the community!
By writing this letter I have no intention of scaremongering - but what I have written I believe to be fact - and to voice my opinion as after fluoridisation is added would be too late.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ireland - Gormley’s Fluoride Hypocrisy: “Fluoridated Water Causes Cancer in Children!” But You’re Going to Pay for it Anyway!

Sovereign Independent
June 14, 2010
In the video below, John Gormley, 3 years prior to becoming the Minister of the Environment clearly stated on RTE’s ‘Primetime’ program that fluoridated water was dangerous for babies and indeed elaborated on this by informing the public, quite rightly, that it caused bone cancer in children. He now expects us to pay, through the use of water meters, for the very same fluoridated toxic water which he openly admits is detrimental to human health.

Despite the clear evidence that this is indeed the case and the statement by Gormley back in 2003 that there was no need for fluoride in the public water supply, it is still there poisoning our children and adults alike. Fluoride is better known as a rat and insect poison and is still used as such to this day

USA - Mt. Pleasant will reduce fluoride levels in water

NEW: Mt. Pleasant will reduce fluoride levels in water
Published: Monday, June 14, 2010
Sun Online Editor
Mt. Pleasant city commissioners voted 4-2 Monday to reduce the amount of fluoride added to city water.
Commissioners also voted to appoint Planning Commissioner Nancy English to fill a vacancy on the city commission.
The fluoride vote came in response to a recommendation from a task force that concluded that “artificial fluoridation of the city’s water system represents an unnecessary risk to at least of the subgroups within our population,” according to the task force’s report.

“It is unnecessary because topical fluoride protection is readily available at relatively low cost through fluoridated toothpaste,” the report continued. “It is also available through oral rinses, which are relatively inexpensive, and through treatment at dental offices.”

The move came despite objections from the Michigan Dental Association and the Michigan Department of Community Health, which calls adding low levels of fluoride to public water supplies a “safe, cost-effective public health measure,” according to Susan Dewey, the Department of Community Health’s fluoridation coordinator.

The five-member task force was established in 2008, and concluded that adding fluoride to city water did relatively little to fight tooth decay, posed some health risks and raised legal and ethical questions.

In 1997, voters supported adding fluoride. In 2004, fluoride was removed after a campaign labeled as misleading by opponents. Voters put it back in 2005.

Task force chairwoman Kathy Ling, also a city commissioner, said reducing the amount of fluoride added to water was permitted by the wording of the 2005 ballot issue, which permitted review and changing the level of fluoride, she said.
“The task force has no intention of ignoring the will of the people in the 2005 election,” she said. “This is a temporary recommendation.”
She said task force members looked closely at two events that took place after 2005: an American Dental Association recommendation that baby formula not be mixed with fluoridated water, as well as a report from the National Research Council for the Environmental Protection Agency that raised questions about health risks to children, diabetics, people with poor kidney function, or people such as athletes who drink a lot of water.

Both reports were issued in 2006.

“That seemed to be a strong red flag,” Ling said.
“I didn’t see data that supported that having fluoride didn’t cause harm,” said task force member Sharyl Majorski.
“Fluoride is a dangerous drug,” said task force member Jeanne Pfeiffer, a registered nurse. “It’s put in there to drug the people. The best way to get fluoride is to put it topically on your teeth.”
Carol Hanba, a dental hygienist and oral health coordinator for the Mid-Michigan District Health Department, said removing fluoride would harm people, especially children, who are exposed to high levels of sweets and little other opportunity to get fluoride to fight decaying teeth. .
“They’re still going to get Gatorade in their bottles,” Hanba said. “This is a lifeline to counteract that.”
Task force member Larry Collins said he did not support reducing the amount of fluoride. The former city manager said the city should take no action unless or until the EPA took action.
Mayor Jim Holton and commissioners Sharon Tilmann, David McGuire and Ling voted in favor of the reduction; Vice Mayor Bruce Kilmer and Commissioner Jon Joslin voted no.
City Manager Kathie Grinzinger said the reduction would take place fairly quickly, but the exact details and the exact level to which it would be reduced still has to be decided.
About 0.4 parts per million of fluoride occurs natural in Mt. Pleasant water; enough sodium fluoride has been added to raise the level to 0.7 ppm.

Monday, June 14, 2010

USA - Illinois State Dental Society Foundation Mission of Mercy treats hundreds

Illinois State Dental Society Foundation Mission of Mercy treats hundreds in need
[June 12, 2010] BLOOMINGTON -- The Illinois State Dental Society Foundation kicked off its first Mission of Mercy, or "MOM," event at the Interstate Center in Bloomington on Friday.

"When the doors opened at 6 a.m., there were 350 people in line waiting and hoping that they would be able to receive the dental care that they need," said Dr. Brad Barnes, co-chair of the Illinois Mission of Mercy.

Dental problems were prioritized, with the most critical being treated.
"(Friday) we provided care to 975 children and adults. The types of care delivered were fillings, extractions and cleanings," explained Dr. Mark Humenik, also a co-chair.

The Interstate Center was converted into a large dental clinic. It had over 90 dental operatories set up to provide services; 36 chairs dedicated to doing basic dental procedures such as fillings, with 16 of those staffed by oral surgeons doing extractions; 18 chairs dedicated to cleanings; and eight pediatric operatories providing care for young children..............

Illinois State is fluoridated:NYSCOF


FAN Bulletin 2017: Fluoride Conference for Activists.
June 13, 2010
This year's conference Organizing to Win: What works? What doesn't?, unlike our previous three Citizens' Conferences on Fluoride, is structured to help activists learn what has worked in other communities and to strengthen networking, organizational skills, and creativity among activists. This conference, and future ones, will be partially funded from The Carol Patton Fluoride Memorial Fund.

In order to attract active fluoridation fighters to attend we have decided to waive the registration fee of $50 for all those who can assure us that they have worked in some way or another in this fight over the last year. We will also do what we can to cover some of the travel and/or accommodation expenses of the key activists who are prepared to give a short presentation to the conference on their work.

Here are the online links for the conference - they are also on the homepage:

About: http://fluoridealert.org/conference.2010.html

Costs: http://fluoridealert.org/conference.2010.costs.html

Agenda: http://fluoridealert.org/conference.2010.agenda.html

Canada - Screening for Infants Begun by Ottawa, ON Dentist

Screening for Infants Begun by Ottawa, ON Dentist
2010-06-14 03:50:30 (GMT) (WiredPRNews.com - Health & Fitness, Medical News, Press Releases)
Ottawa, ON – Dr. Pamela Li, an Ottawa dentist and Invisalign provider braces and general dental care, has started a new protocol recommended by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA). The Association advises dentists to see babies by age one rather than waiting until age two or three for their first dental visit. Because cavities are still common in early childhood, Dr. Li employs the CAMBRA risk assessment method to screen each child.
“At CHEO, our children’s hospital, the wait for a dental appointment in an O.R. is more than a year,” says Dr. Li, an Ottawa veneers provider. “However, dental decay is still very common among children despite water fluoridation.”

USA - "putting public at risk"

Updated: 12:05 AM Jun 14, 2010
Apparent water dept. insider claims work habits "putting public at risk"
An explosive new email from an apparent water department insider says things are so bad the public could be at risk.

Scary email sent revealing serious breach of safety - video on web page

UK - Daily Echo - Research proved that fluoride damages teeth

Research proved that fluoride damages teeth
MESSRS Beal (Echo Letters May 11 and 28) and John Charlton (June 1) are doing their utmost to draw attention away from the Rock and Sabieha dental fluorosis study of five Birmingham Primary Schools in 1995 (published in 1997 in the British Dental Journal). Their tactics try to defuse this dental fluorosis study by adopting flanking tactics. Let me make it absolutely clear: fluoride
damages teeth. This was proven by the Rock and Sabieha study. Although the study dealt with swallowed fluoridated toothpaste and concluded that 34 per cent of the children sampled had dental fluorosis, this disfiguring condition must have been worsened by the children, when babies, drinking baby formula and soft drinks made from fluoridated tap water, by eating baby food some brands of which contain fluoridated deboned meat and by skin absorption of fluoride when bathing or swimming. If more fluoride is injected into the water via fluoridation schemes (and, by default, via manufactured food and drink), soon, we'll all be overdosing on fluoride. The legal maximum is l.5mg fluoride/litre of water but with contaminated foodstuffs and drink, the legal maximum will either be equalled or overtaken.
Those believing in civil liberties are up against people who use their Public Health 'qualifications' and their CBE's and OBE's as psychological persuaders.
JOY WARREN, BSc (Hons) Environmental Science Co-ordinator, West Midlands Against Fluoridation.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

USA - Action Alert: Stop Water Fluoridation in Sacramento

Action Alert: Stop Water Fluoridation in Sacramento
by Dan Bacher
Saturday Jun 12th, 2010 2:49 PM
Below is an urgent action alert about the campaign to stop water fluoridation in Sacramento. Please attend the City Council meeting on June 22 at 5:45 p.m. and send letters to the Mayor and the City Council urging them to eliminate fluoride from the city water supply once and for all. Below that is a fact sheet about fluoridation.
Help Stop Water Fluoridation in Sacramento!

Water fluoridation has been one of the most controversial issues in America in the last century. While purported advantages to dental health are questionable, there is overwhelming evidence of overall health risks. The harmful effects of water fluoridation have been linked to cancer, kidney damage, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis.

With Sacramento’s current fiscal challenges, along with other cost-cutting recommendations, the City is considering the elimination of its water fluoridation program. Not only does Sacramento spend nearly $1,000,000 a year to fluoridate the water, but, as less than 1% of the fluoridated water reaches the target population, this expenditure is not environmentally sustainable nor cost effective. 99% of the fluoridated water is used for washing clothes and cars, watering landscapes, showers, toilets and drains into local rivers, streams and sewers.

Attend the Sacramento City Council meeting on June 22nd, 5:45 p.m. to support Recommendation #45 to stop water fluoridation in Sacramento.

Now is the time to eliminate fluoride from Sacramento’s drinking water once and for all !!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Uk - Daily Echo - Abolish these outrageous fluoride laws

In my view
By Jenny Godshall
of Upper Clatford
Abolish these outrageous fluoride laws
FLUORIDE pushers like Tim Retout replace overwhelming peer reviewed evidence against fluoridation, with crude propaganda. But the science is stacked too heavily against them.
In a written answer to Parliament, Baroness Hayman stated: "We (the Government) accept that dental f luorosis is a manifestation of systemic toxicity." - Hansard, 20 Apr 1999: WA 158.
The severity of fluorosis and related diseases, depends on one's physical constitution.
It spans the entire spectrum from mild to potentially fatal. Much like smoking. This is a risk Mr Retoirt is prepared to take.
However, he has no right to force that risk on everyone else. Using children to front a scheme that has no health, social, ethical or financial benefits, is despicable, These people wilfully ignore the findings of the York Review, recognised as being the most balanced and scientifically honest
assessment of fluoridation. Its conclusions were a bombshell. Fluoridation was not proved safe. Its contentious
benefits had to be weighed against potentially very serious harms.
The claim of equalising dental health between rich and poor also failed. The policy was skwmed - a staggering blow to the fluoride lobby. There was an immediate cover-up. But in art unprecedented move, the review's chairman, Professor Sheldon, publicly denounced the shocking propaganda that followed.
The peddlers of fluoridation must be judged against this background. A scheme this preposterous defies logic until we realise that dental health is just a cover story. Hexafluorosilicic Acid (used in fluoridation) is industrial toxic waste, banned from sea, rivers and landfill sites. However, by political connivance, it can be dumped in public water supplies, despite being contaminated with up to two per cent of heavy metals and carcinogens.
Fluoride pushers demand the unconstitutional and despotic takeover of the public water supply as a conduit for enforced mass medication with this toxin. It's shameful that they would rather spend millions on this travesty than put the money where it's most needed - on more NHS dentists, frontline services and life-saving drugs,
The corrupt fluoride laws must be abolished.

USA - City to get grants for fluoridation

City to get grants for fluoridation
By: Tia Lyons - - Published: 06/11/2010
The city of El Dorado will be presented with grants that will cover start-up costs to fluoridate the city’s water system, members of the El Dorado City Council were told on Thursday.

Mayor Mike Dumas said Dr. Lynn Douglas Mouden, director of the Office of Oral Health for the Arkansas Department of Health, will present grants of $237,000 – a federal grant of $137,000 and a $100,000 grant from the Delta Dental Association – at the council’s next regular meeting on June 24.

The money will be used to fluoridate the city’s water system, per an ordinance that was...

Fluorides unsafe

Fluorides unsafe
Fluorides are cumulative toxins. The fact that fluorides accumulate in the body is the reason that U.S. law requires the Surgeon General to set a Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for fluoride content in public water supplies as determined by the EPA.

This requirement is specifically for the purpose of avoiding a condition known as Crippling Skeletal Fluorosis (CSF), a disease that progresses through three stages. The MCL, designed to prevent only the third and crippling stage of this disease, is set at 4ppm or 4mg per liter.

It was assumed that people retain half of this amount (2mg), and therefore 4mg per liter is considered “safe.” However, a daily dose of 2-8 mg is known to cause the third crippling stage of CSF.

It is total fluoride intake from all sources which must be considered for any adverse health effect evaluation, including intake by ingestion, inhalation and absorption through the skin.

In 1971, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated: “In the assessment of the safety of a water supply with respect to the fluoride concentration, the total daily fluoride intake by the individual must be considered.”

Friday, June 11, 2010

UK - Parliament

Dr Julian Lewis (New Forest East) (Con): May we have a reaffirmation by health Ministers of the statement made in opposition that fluoridation would not be imposed on Southampton and Totton without the approval of the majority of the people concerned, given that South Central strategic health authority has put aside £400,000 to fight a court case, despite opposition to fluoridation from 72% of the community?
Sir George Young: The coalition Government have no plans at this stage to change the legislation under which the health authority is proceeding with its plans to add fluoride to the water in Southampton and the surrounding district. My constituency verges on that district, and I am aware of the strong local feelings and the unhappiness among some people about the consultation exercise that was undertaken before the decision was made to go ahead. However, I would mislead my hon. Friend if I said that we were planning to do anything in the short term to change the legislative framework in which the decisions are made.

Net water conferance_clip9.mp4

Fluoride, Fluoridation and Prozac!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


FAN Bulletin 2016: Organizing to win and more tools with which to do it.
June 9, 2010
The Carol Patton Fluoride Fighting Memorial Fund
Carol Patton having spent over 30 years of her life fighting fluoridation continues to fight the battle from the heavens. In her will she left money to the Fluoride Action Network to do just that. FAN's Board of Directors has decided to use these funds in three ways:

• FAN to hire a full time campaign director. We will soon distribute the job description, which will go to you first.

• Provide annual small grants for projects that will help educate people on the fluoride issue in your communities. We will soon send details for submitting proposals.

• Provide some funding to allow key activists and speakers to attend the FAN conferences. The next conference will be held July 23-27 on the campus of the St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY. The focus will be Organizing to Win. What works? What doesn't? The next bulletin will give all the details.

I have co-authored a new book with James Beck, MD, PhD and Spedding Micklem, DPhil, entitled:

The Case Against Fluoride.
How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water
and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There.

Chelsea Green is the publisher and this is their online description:

When the U.S. Public Health Service endorsed water fluoridation in 1950, there was little evidence of its safety. Now, six decades later and after most countries have rejected the practice, many cities and towns across the United States continue to fluoridate their water supply and the Center for Disease Control and the American Dental Association continue to endorse it, despite increasing evidence that it is not only unnecessary, but potentially hazardous to human health.

In this timely and important book, Dr. Paul Connett takes a new look at the science behind water fluoridation and argues that just because the medical establishment endorses a public health measure, that doesn't mean it's safe. In the case of water fluoridation, the chemicals used to fluoridate the water that more than 180 million people drink each day are not pharmaceutical grade, but rather a hazardous waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry; these are illegal to dump it into rivers and lakes or release it into the atmosphere. And water fluoridation is a prime example of one of the worst medical practices possible-forced medication with no control over the dose or who gets it. Perhaps most shocking of all, it is not subject to any federal regulation.

At once painstakingly-documented and also highly-readable, The Case Against Fluoride brings new research to light, including links between fluoride and harm to the brain, bones, and kidneys, and argues that while there is possible value in topical applications like brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, the evidence that swallowing fluoride reduces tooth decay is surprisingly weak. The Case Against Fluoride doesn't question the good intentions of dentists who support fluoridation, but rather explores the poor science, bizarre tactics, biased reviews, and puzzling motivations of a relatively small number of influential people who continue to push this practice on a largely ill-informed public.

About the Authors

Paul Connett - you know me.

James Beck is Professor Emeritus of Medical Biophysics at the University of Calgary and holds doctorates in medicine from Washington University School of Medicine and biophysics from the University of California, Berkeley. He lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

H. Spedding Micklem is Professor Emeritus in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. He holds a D.Phil from the University of Oxford. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Enzymes, the Thyroid Gland and Fluoride.mpg

NZ - Fluoride debate flares up

Fluoride debate flares up
LAWRENCE GULLERY | 10th June 2010
Hastings could head to a referendum to decide whether it should continue dosing its district water supply with fluoride.
The possibility of a referendum was prompted after differing opinions at the Hastings District Council's annual plan hearing, over the health benefits and impacts of continuing to mix the chemical into our water.
The last referendum over the fluoride debate in Hastings was held in 1990 when just over 50 per cent of people voted to keep using the chemical.
The latest challenge also comes as Hastings looks at building a new fluoride plant, primarily to up the dose of the chemical heading into Flaxmere's water supply, which is currently below the level recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Submitters at the hearing, homeopath Angela Hair and nutritionist Ben Warren, asked the council to stop putting fluoride into our water, citing a lack of research showing the chemical was beneficial.

Earlier in the hearing, however, the council heard from Dr Nicholas Jones from the Hawke's Bay District Health Board who said the DHB supported the council's continued using fluoride.

Mr Warren argued the DHB was only looking at the issue from "the health of teeth" where as the council should consider the "overall health effect of fluoride".

He submitted fluoride could have knock-on effects contributing to breast cancer and diabetes and asked the DHB analyse all major disease types on areas which had fluoride and those which did not.............

Councillor Kevin Watkins wanted to wait until a European report on the health impacts of fluoride was released later this year.

"I believe there are some real doubts that have been raised and I think we need to wait until the major study in Europe is completed, which will address those questions and doubts.

"I have respect for health accords but the question mark arrives when you see in 1996 in the US, a number of [health] groups stopped endorsing fluoride," he said.

The council is under pressure to make a decision on a referendum because it has been offered $250,000 from the Government to build the new fluoride plant but must take up the offer immediately. The council decided it would not make a decision on a referendum until its meeting on June 24, by which time it would have more information on the European report and from the DHB, in terms of why it supported the continued use of fluoride..........

UK - Daily Echo - Folly of fluoride

Folly of fluoride
ONLY human beings would go to all the expense and detriment to others and put fluoride in our water to clear their conscience for their 'little darlings' not cleaning their teeth after allowing them harmful food and drinks.
We could take a leaf out of nature's book. Wild birds & creatures bring their young up sensibly on food good for them, the exception being when they are tricked into taking poisons indiscriminately and in most cases unnecessarily put down by humans!

UK - Daily Echo - Dear Andrew stop the fluoride

Dear Andrew stop the fluoride
By Jon Reeve
HAMPSHIRE'S top politician is urging the new health secretary to step in to stop fluoride being added to the water supply of almost 200,000 homes. It is the latest salvo in the battle by campaigners to stop a scheme, which health bosses say will Improve children's teeth in Southampton.
County Council leader, Cllr Ken Thornber wants Tory Andrew Lansley to force South Central Strategic Health Authority to scrap its plans.
He says the cost of fluoridation -including £400,000 set aside by the unelected NHS quango to fight a High Court legal challenge of its decision - is "nonsense" at a time when the public sector is feeling budget cuts.
In a letter to the health secretary Cllr Thornber said: "In addition to the lack of accountability demonstrated by the SHA there is a further issue about the use of public funding at a time when we are all facing significant financial challenges.
"The cost of taking this proposal forward has significantly exceeded the initial estimates of the consultation exercise, and a further £400,000 has been set aside to fight the judicial review.
"Despite repeated requests... the SHA has not been able to confirm the final costs of implementing this programme."
During the public consultation, 10,000 people gave their views on the plans to add fluoride to tap water delivered to two-thirds of Southampton, as well as parts of Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and APPEAL: :Cllr Ken Thornber has written to Andrew Lansley, left.
Of those from the affected area, 72 per cent of those who responded opposed the scheme, but the SHA's 12 board members unanimously voted to approve it because they said they were convinced by arguments of the health benefits.
That has led to calls, backed by this newspaper, for residents to be given a referendum on the plans, with the public being given the final say on whether they should go ahead.
In January, Mr Lansley joined those expressing concerns about the decision when he told the Daily Echo that the SHA's public consultation was "not real".
Cllr Thornber said he hopes that scepticism means the health secretary will step in to the row now he's in office.
He said: "I think he would be loathe for a further consultation be carried out given the economic climate.
"He could and should say that he's not convinced of the medical and dental arguments, that he believes that this money could be better spent elsewhere and in the circumstances believes that the whole programme should be shelved."
Since the decision, made in February last year, campaigners have taken a 15,000-name petition to Downing Street calling on former Prime Minister Gordon Brown to make the authority change its mind. And Southampton resident Geraldine Milner has lodged a request for a judicial review against the decision, arguing ministers assured Parliament when passing legislation around fluoridation that schemes could only go ahead where there is local support. That case is unlikely to take place before the end of this year, with an initial hearing taking place in November, appealing against a judge's decision to refuse to look at whether the SHA ignored evidence against fluoridation.
He described the authority's process as "unimpeachable".
The SHA has repeatedly insisted it met or exceeded all that was required of it by the legislation. The delays in the legal mean it is fairly unlikely fluoridation could be in place before the summer of 2012, by which time the new coalition is
to have all will have been scrapped.