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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sitting on the fence

I asked what the Southampton Council thought of the P.C.T.'s proposed fluoridation scheme.This is the reply.

Elected Members have not expressed any opinion yet. The Scrutiny Panel voted in favour of the recommendations in the report, namely
1. To note Southampton City Primary Care Trust’s (PCT) proposals on water fluoridation policy and to welcome the fact that this will result in a public consultation exercise

2.To indicate that the Scrutiny Panel would wish to be provided with the opportunity to comment as part of any future consultation exercise lead by the Strategic Health Authority.

So no views will be expressed until such time as the Strategic Health Authority publishes a set of proposals for consultation.

I hope this helps.

Martin Day
Scrutiny Co-ordinator

Friday, April 29, 2005

Preserving Our Precious Fluids
Taking on the anti-fluoridators
Needs a reply Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 28, 2005

My Lettter to the Echo Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Power in the food system

The Food Ethics Council invites you to take part in one or more of a series of workshops we are holding on 25th May, 26th May and 5th July. The workshops are on the subject of 'Power in the food system: understanding trends and improving accountability'. The first workshop focuses on government, the second on business and the third on civil society.
We are fortunate to have been able to find excellent speakers for the three workshops, offering between them a wide range of perspectives on power and governance in food and agriculture. The line-up and other details about the workshops can be found below. You can view a full-colour flyer at
Food Ethics,
I really hope that you will be able to take part - please let us know if you can. I would be grateful if you could also forward this invitation to your colleagues.
Kind regards
Tom MacMillan

Another letter in the Echo Posted by Hello

Monday, April 25, 2005

Surrey and Sussex Strategic Health Authority

"Dear Mr Kemp,

Thank you for your enquiry.

I can confirm that the Surrey and Sussex Strategic Health Authority has not instructed any water companies to fluoridate the water supply in this area.
As you may be aware, the Water Act 2003 has required water companies to accede to requests from strategic health authorities to increase the concentration of fluoride in the water supply where the local population is in favour.

The Strategic Health Authority is currently awaiting guidance from the Department of Health on how consultation processes will be conducted. Once received the Strategic Health Authority will work closely with all the organisations involved to ensure wide ranging consultations take place, involving both proponents and opponents of fluoridation.

No fluoridation scheme will take place unless the population involved have indicated that they are in favour.

Yours sincerely

Ethan Wheatley
Surrey and Sussex Strategic Health Authority

Sunday, April 24, 2005

How it was presented to Southampton Council

Summary of Southampton Council Health Scrutiny Panel
Health Scrutiny

PCT report submitted
PCT Report

The Chief Medical Officer's views on water fluoridation

Some of you may not have seen this. Sir George Young who's web page it appears on still believes in fluoridation.

21 Oct 2003


Saturday, April 23, 2005

Letter in Yorkshire Post

Fluoride use is violation of human rights
From: Douglas Dale, honorary chairman, WaterWatch, Crawford Drive, Wakefield

Friday, April 22, 2005

Green Party say no to fluoridation 

Fw: Pathological Liars - DoH?

Over the past several months, NPWA has been contacted by numerous people regarding correspondence they have received from the DoH regarding the purity of the hexafluorosilicic acid used for drinking water fluoridation schemes in the UK.

Among the fraudulent claims made by DoH for the purity of the product were:

1. it went through a purification process,

2. a BS EN (British Standard - European Number) guaranteed the purity of the product, and

3. it's not toxic.

With regard to the first claim, NPWA has attempted to verify the existence of a "purification process". After extensive investigations, we can find no such equipment, or any patents (world-wide) for such equipment, which suggests that the DoH has fabricated that information. (In other words they simply made up another lie to placate you, or cast doubt on NPWA credibility).

As for the BS EN claim, one can obtain a BS EN for anything: they simply specify the criteria for analysing a particular product and the contaminants allowed in the product - it doesn't mean that the product is safe or has been safety tested. In fact,there is even a BS EN for sewage sludge (biosolids, humanure, etc.), for which the DoH can also claim the highest degree of purity' -

The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) boasts that the quality of UK sewage sludge is the best in all of Europe! However, we don't think anyone would want to use it as a nutritional supplement.

There is even a BS EN for children's playground swings and one for Environmental Management - in fact there is a BS EN for almost anything you can imagine.

A BS EN has no bearing on the safety or purity of a product: it simply states the testing criteria. It has nothing to do with the safety of the product.

There are only two major commercial sources of fluorosilicic acid: hydrogen
fluoride production and phosphate fertilizer production. In both cases the fluorosilicic acid is a by-product of the main manufacturing process, captured in pollution scrubbers, and is of a technical grade (ie. not pharmaceutical or food grade, therefore containing impurities).


There are no producers of fluorosilicic acid who simply add sand (silica) to hydrofluoric acid (as stated by some fluoride promoters). If they did simply add sand to hydrofluoric acid, they would use a technical (contaminated) grade of hydrofluoric acid, and that would still be cost prohibitive for fluoridation.

BS EN 12175 for hexafluorosilicic acid allows:

As (arsenic) mg/kg H2SiF6 max. 400
Cd (cadmium) mg/kg H2SiF6 max. 40
Cr (chromium) mg/kg H2SiF6 max. 400
Hg (mercury) mg/kg H2SiF6 max. 10
Ni (nickel) mg/kg H2SiF6 max. 400
Pb (lead) mg/kg H2SiF6 max. 400
Sb (antimony) mg/kg H2SiF6 max. 80
Se (selenium) mg/kg H SiF max. 80

They don't test for radionuclides and other contaminants which are attendant to the process. If you don't look for something, you won't find it.

Regarding the toxicity of fluoride, we are repeatedly told that fluoride from any source breaks down in the body into 'the fluoride ion', which is how it becomes effective. The toxicity of 'the fluoride ion' has been well-documented by chemists and is not in question. The argument has been that, at very low exposures, the toxic effects are slight (or take a long time to show up) and are balanced by beneficial effects on teeth, but however slow or slight, it's still toxic. It isn't possible for 'the fluoride ion' to be toxic sometimes and not toxic at others.
If you read the following, you will see that this battle over how pure the product is has been going on for years - and the NPWA has uncovered the lies. See:
Watershed doc

The NPWA believes, from past experience, that DoH policy in dealing with questions about fluoridation is: make up a lie - any old lie will do.


The big push for drinking water fluoridation will begin after the election - we suggest that everyone start making waves, now.

Also, we strongly suggest that everyone sign up for the UK antifluoridation
forum at

Read the new NPWA Watershed at
NPWA Watershed

National Pure Water Association

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Two more letters in Echo Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bournemouth Echo Letter Posted by Hello

Letter from Michael Howard and Hampshire SHA

Michael Howard has asked me to thank you for your recent letter and to reply
on his behalf.

As you may be aware, the Water Bill, containing clause 58 which deals with fluoridation, has received Royal Assent and has now been enacted. Importantly, it gives the ultimate decision on whether to fluoridate water supplies to Strategic Health Authorities.
Regardless of one's views on this issue, it was important to make the decision on whether to fluoridate as open and as democratic as possible.Strategic Health Authorities are neither accountable nor democratically elected. . Conservative MP Bill Wiggin, the former Shadow Environment Minister, had proposed an amendment to the Bill to give this decision to local authorities as they are - elected- and better positioned to hold referendums on the issue. Unfortunately this decision was defeated narrowly by 243 votes to 200.

The Water Act 2003 states that the Health Authority must consult the local population before it makes its decision, but we are concerned that clause 58 does not clarify how this will happen. The Government states that there will be 'an objective means' of assessing local opinion but they have rejected the idea of using referendums and we will not know the full details until secondary legislation is brought forward. Questions that remain unanswered are what proportion of the public must agree before a decision is taken, how binding will the opinion of the public be on the health authority and what happens it they change their mind years later?

We also believe that the new regulations will encounter practical difficulties in guaranteeing that fluoridated water only goes to those areas where the Strategic Health Authority has asked for it. The boundaries of water companies and health authorities do not necessarily correspond and this could lead to difficulties in ensuring that customers in one authority are provided with fluoridated water whilst ensuring that other customers are not.

Yours sincerely,
Ian Philps

Office of Michael Howard

Hampshire and Isle of Wight
Strategic Health Authority

14 April 2005
Dr Anthony Dunstan Fox

Dear Dr Fox

I am now in the position to reply to your letter dated 6 April
The responsibility for considering the dental health of the local population, and whether this might be improved by water fluoridation, rests with the local Primary Care Trust (PCT). Southampton City PCT Board has decided to approve the principle of water fluoridation and to ask the Strategic Health Authority (SHA) to undertake cost and feasibility studies to see if a viable and cost-effective potential scheme can be identified.

Should this be the case, the SHA would then undertake public consultation, in which everyone living and working in the area covered by the potential scheme would have an opportunity to contribute. If a majority were in favour, the SHA would then ask the water company to proceed.
Although the final piece of the new legislation - Regulations Governing Consultation and indemnities came into effect on 1 April, the Department of Health intends to issue guidance, and we would await this before embarking on public nsultation.

Yours sincerely
Gareth Cruddace
Chief Executive

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Response to Gary's query.

In response to your query  currently no areas within Thames Valley with artificially fluoridated water and there are no plans for water fluoridation in Thames Valley as dental hygiene across the three counties is relatively high.  Any plan to fluoridate the water supply would require a full public consultation.  It is for PCTs to decide whether to request that SHAs take forward fluoridation schemes in the first instance and we have had no such requests.
Kind regards

Kevin McNamara
Press & Communications Officer
Thames Valley Strategic Health Authority

Three more letters but do they take notice of us? Posted by Hello

Monday, April 18, 2005

Dental crisis has its roots in unease over contracts

Long article on dentistry in Yorkshire Post

Four more letters in tonights Echo Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Worth doing?

As PCT's are the authority to start the ball rolling for fluoridation and knowing the New Forest Primary Care will most likely follow Southampton, I asked to know when they will discuss this under the freedom of information Act.It only gives the date for the next meeting of the board on the web page. Just received a reply saying as the information requested is not on the web page and is currently being reviewed "I shall write to you again within 20 days when I have further details." Perhaps we all ought to write to our local PCT's round the country. I've asked for the date and time for when the PCT discuss fluoridation.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Toothpaste cancer alert

By Mark Prigg Science Correspondent And Rebecca Lawrence, Evening Standard
15 April 2005

Dozens of toothpastes sold at supermarkets are at the centre of a cancer alert today.

Anti-bacterial cleaning products, including dishwashing liquid and handwash, are also affected.

Researchers have discovered that triclosan, a chemical in the products, can react with water to produce chloroform gas. If inhaled in large enough quantities, chloroform can cause depression, liver problems and, in some cases, cancer.


Cynthia sent this copy of letter printed in local paper

Fluoride stance leaves bitter taste in mouth.

Sir - Thirty or forty years ago it was thought that lead asbestos and mercury were all harmless enough but now we know differently. Fluoride, a pollutant that has caused more damage than all the other known and monitored pollutants combined, is still generally unrecognised for what it is because it has been a 'protected' pollutant since the 1940s Fraudulent science, buried science and spin makes fact stranger than fiction.
The three main political parties are all biased towards water fluoridation but can anyone honestly vote in a government that is intent on poisoning its population. At present only 11% of England is fluoridated. Bedford and Kempston are included. From April 2005 the whole of England could be fluoridated within three months. under cover of a general election.
There is to be consultation before the fluoride is added to the water supply of new areas but there is no consultation or review for people whose water supply has been fluoridated for 30 years. The consultation will be small and limited to say the least and carried out by those with a bias and vested interest in fluoridation. Therefore people need to make their objections known loudly and clearly if this attempt at fluoridation is to be reversed.
Those people in fluoridated areas already could object by joining with those of us who have stopped part of our water bill.
Cynthia Bagchi

Bedford's notice board draws interest. Posted by Hello

Friday, April 15, 2005

One more letter in the Echo from a NPWA member

Don't fluoridate
I was interested to read the Daily Echo's article about whether sodium fluoride should be added to the water supply.
I am totally against it. It is ethically wrong to mass medicate the population with this very poisonous substance and is a health hazard, causing many people serious health problems.
Most of Europe has now banned it. I am deeply concerned about this preposterous idea.
Mrs M Roles member of the NPWA

EU regulations from Liz Vaughan

-----Original Message-----

I would be grateful if you could advise whether the UK has yet ratified / is yet subject to the EU Codified Pharmaceutical Directive of 2001. If so does that include all sections? Thanks.

The UK will be subject to all sections of this Directive from October 30th of this year.

I hope this helps.

Simon Davey, Caseworker to Chris Davies MEP

Fluoride in food and more Web site

Sent by Wilma

Chance to have a go at health bosses?

Get your teeth into healthier issues.
Health bosses are holding a series of events covering health matters ranging from healthy eating and giving up smoking to  looking after your teeth.
The sessions held by Eastleigh and Test Valley primary Care Trust (PCT) will give hints and tips on living a healthier life.
Patients can ask questions and find out what the PCT is doing to improve health services in the area. Events will be held in Hamble Community Sports College, Satchell lane, Hamble on Wednesday, April 20th from 4pm, Wells Place Centre, Wells Place, Eastleigh on Thursday April 21.
In last nights Echo.

Lymington Times Editor Remarks

Fluoride compounds are unlikely to be added to supplies coming from the Bournemouth & West Hants Water Company. It serves three separate health authorities, none of which has indicated any thoughts about requiring additions of fluoride, and all would have to agree for technical reasons.
The Government has promised to underwrite alt claims for ill effects of fluoride against companies, apart from those due to negligence. Ed

From Ann

1 in 4 asthma patients may be taking regular doses of strong steroids unnecessarily. 1.3 UK asthmatics with mild asthma may be better off ignoring current medical advice on taking anti-inflammatory preventative medication each day, says a report by Prof. Homer Boushey of California Uni & published in New England Journal of Medicine.
Scientists in 18 countries are tracking down & destroying 1000s of vials of a lethal virus which could start a pandemic. Virus H2N2, which caused 4m deaths in 1957, was mistakenly sent to over 3,700 labs by a leading US medical institute in Illinois several months ago.
A safe non-invasive high resolution scanner which can pinpoint particular tissues & differentiates between benign & malignant cells has been built at Uni of Southern California. The High Resolution Ultrasonic Transmission Tomography (HUTT) is more accurate than MMR & mammogram X-rays. (It gives off no nuclear radiation) It's not expected to be commercially available for 3 years.
D. Mail 14.4.05 "KELLOGGS CUTS THE SALT IN CORNFLAKES" by 25% but experts say this isn't enough, as a bowlful still contains more salt than a packet of crisps.
BUAV won permission at the High Court yesterday to challenge the legality of animal experiments at Cambs. Uni. Secret documents disclosed that laws intended to protect lab animals (from suffering) were not being properly enforced, said Justice Stanley Burton.
GM rice was sold illegally on internet to Chinese farmers & has been sold for human consumption & may have been imported undetected into UK, even though it could cause allergic reactions.
83-year old widow Muriel Roe was told to find a new doctor when a Norwich practice she joined as a 4-year old was overwhelmed by too many new patients. Since 1926 she has only called out the doctor once.
A 91 year old blind patient with dementia was left lying on a floor mattress for 3 days at Norfolk & Norwich Hospital because his bed was no longer available for him.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Latest poll results in the Southampton Echo


Should Southampton’s Primary Care Trust add fluoride to the city’s water supplies?
Response Votes

Yes 19%
No 76%
Don’t know 5%

Thank you for your vote!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Would you please write a comment if you like this idea of a daily information update - or not. Hopefully if others make a contribution it should be a good source of information. Google run the service so should be reliable.

Irish epidemic


Fluorosis at 'epidemic' levels - dentists
[Posted: Wed 13/04/2005]
By Deborah Condon
A group of over 100 dentists has severely criticised Health Minister Mary
Harney for failing to deal with 'the near epidemic levels of dental
fluorosis' among Irish children.

Consultation timetable

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Strategic Health Authority
Tel (Switchboard): Direct Fax: Direct Dial:
023 8072 5400 023 8072 5405 023 8072 5404
www.hiow.nhs.uk gareth .cruddace@hiowha.nhs.uk
7 April 2005
Dr Julian Lewis, MP
3 The Parade Southampton Road Cadnam
Hampshire S040 2NG
Dear Dr Lewis
Fluoridation: Process of Consulting the Public
I can now reply to your letter dated 30 March regarding the public consultation on water fluoridation. The responsibility for considering the dental health of the local population, and whether this might be improved by water fluoridation, rests
with the local Primary Care Trust. If the PCT then approves the principle of water fluoridation and wishes to pursue the possibility of a scheme for its population, it would first ask the Strategic Health Authority to undertake cost and feasibility studies to see if a viable and cost-effective potential scheme could be identified.
Should this be the case, the SHA would then undertake a public consultation, in which everyone living and working in the area covered by the potential scheme would have an opportunity to contribute. If a majority was in favour, the SHA would then ask the water company to proceed. Although the final piece of the new legislation - Regulations Governing Consultation and Indemnities came into effect on 1 April, the Department of Health intends to issue guidance, and we would await this before embarking on public consultations.
Yours sincerely

Gareth Cruddace
Chief Executive

Irish Court Case

State to be sued over tooth damage caused by tap water
13/04/2005 - 07:47:46

The parents of a child whose teeth were allegedly damaged by fluoride in tap water are reportedly set to seek compensation from the State in the High Court.

Reports this morning said a group of dentists opposed to the fluoridation of water was claiming that levels of fluoride damage in the Republic were three times higher than in the North.

The reports provided no details of the upcoming High Court case, but said the dentists were claiming that the fluoridation of some water supplies was illegal and that the Government had failed to implement an official recommendation three years ago to reduce fluoride levels in tap water.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Fluoridation leaflets

For people wanting to fight fluoridation, may I suggest getting some of the "SAY NO TO WATER FLUORIDATION" leaflets. These are bright yellow with bold black printing & are very eye-catching & easy to read. Once anyone has read one they'd be unlikely to be in favour of fluoridation! Why not enclose one when you send a cheque to a charity or write a letter. Leave one in a station waiting room, give one to friends or leaflet-drop local houses, hand one to election candidates when they call.
They're produced by Peter & Judith Crampton of National Pure Water Association. They're not expensive, costing around £5 for 100 but cheaper for higher quantities. Details from: judithcrampton@onetel.com They also supply A3 eye-catching posters, & yellow cards to send to your Water Co. stating your opposition to fluoridation.

Mudgee Australia

Call for a referendum

Tuesday, 12 April 2005

Who should decide whether or not Mudgee and Gulgong put fluoride in the town water - council's administrator, or the next incoming voted councillors?

Monday, April 11, 2005

Good Health Naturally

Dear Friend of Good Health;

Last Wednesday was a truly fantastic day for health freedom!

The senior advisor to the European Court of Justice (ECJ), Advocate General Geelhoed, claimed that the EU Food Supplements Directive - which I've been bringing you regular updates on in your daily e-alerts - is invalid under EU law.

This is excellent news, at it means that the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) now looks set to win its landmark legal challenge against the contentious Food Supplements Directive, which effectively proposed to ban 75% of vitamin and mineral forms.

While the fight isn't over yet, this is a major step in the right direction

It should be stressed that the Advocate General's pronouncement is not a ruling. That will come from the ECJ judges, later in the year - probably around June 2005. But typically, in the vast majority of cases, the Court Judgment follows the recommendations of the Advocate General.

If the Advocate General's recommendations are adopted, in effect, the ban on vitamin and mineral forms not included on the EU's 'Positive list,' due to come into effect on 1 August 2005, will be declared illegal. In essence, the positive list of allowable nutrient forms will be deemed to be too narrow, too restrictive, and based on flawed science.

This would avoid the totally irrational situations that the Food Supplements Directive would otherwise create. For example, synthetically produced selenium would have been allowed on the positive list, while the natural source found in Brazil nuts would not; synthetic forms of Vitamin E (often used in 'adverse' vitamin studies reported in the media) would be allowed, but the natural, most beneficial food forms would not.

Commenting on this latest development David C. Hinde, Solicitor and ANH Legal Director, said: "This is a very significant Opinion in a landmark case. What we want to see in the EU is the Food Supplements Directive doing the job for which it was created, which is to provide a "safe harbour" for food supplements so that they are not classified as drugs, and to promote their availability across the EU. Advocate General Geelhoed is the most senior Advocate General at the ECJ and his considered reasoning vindicates ANH's legal analysis and position. We are very optimistic that the Court will adopt his recommendations."

He added. "The ANH is now going to be working on getting a proper procedure in place for the Food Supplements Directive and in addition, the next challenges will be on legislation proposing to reduce dosages to ineffective levels, and to restrict other nutrient forms such as amino acids, enzymes and plant nutrients. Traditional herbal remedies are also under threat. In its work, the Alliance for Natural Health will continue its thorough, professional approach based, as always, on 'good science, good law."

So the chances of consumers being able to continue using the nutritional supplements they believe are beneficial to their health are now greatly increased. There has been uproar about the proposed EU ban, and maybe, against the odds, the consumer is going to come out on top in what is a remarkable modern day case of David and Goliath.

Obviously I'll continue to bring you updates on this important matter in your daily email alerts. In the meantime, a big thank you to all of you who have joined us to campaign against the EU Food Supplement Directive!

With healthiest and Kindest Regard

Robert Redfern


Urgent Action - Vote

From Ann

Doctors will be told to check patients' diets before prescribing
powerful drugs. Medical drugs "are already toxic by their very nature"
& could become more toxic when interacting with other prescribed
drugs. Some patients are on as many as 10 drugs. Drugs can also
interact with foods.
Warfarin can react with green vegetables. Its efficacy is reduced by
ice cream & avocados etc. People prescribed Statins should not drink
grapefruit juice. Antibiotics' efficacy is reduced by milk & dairy
products. People on Lithium should not vary their salt intake. As
many as 200 medical drugs may be affected by food. The Food Standards
Agency & Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency met to discuss this.
A daily supplement of 20mg of zinc 5 x a week can boost classroom
performance, memory recall, reactions & increased attention spans,
compared with children receiving 10mg or less. The change was seen
after 10-12 weeks. Zinc is essential for normal growth, wound healing
& immune system. Many of today's diets are low in zinc. Soils are
depleted of zinc because of chemial fertilisers. The US research was
led by Dr. Jamed Penfold from Grand Forks Human Nutrition Centre in N.
Dakota. 111 girls & 98 boys were doubled-blind tested. He says the
Recommended Daily Amount of zinc of only 10mg may need to be revised.
4 children aged 3 or under have died at Gt. Ormond Street Children's
Hospital after being diagnosed with MRSA. They are among 20 babies &
toddlers found to have the superbug at this hospital. 357 children
aged 3 & under were infected with MRSA in the last 5 years at Gt.
Ormond Street.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

ANH Support needed

From Alliance for Natural Health. They need help for their stand at a forthcoming Health Exhibition in Kensington, London. Right next to Olympia tube station.This would be during the day. Ann--
Dear All - sorry for the late notice but I have just returned from a pleasant week in Tenerife made all the better for the AG's opinion which went in our favour. At present we are negotiating for space at the above show and just like in Brighton we are looking for volunteers to man our stand. Could I ask you to let me know if you are able to come on either day or both dates, together with approximate times. At present I will have to ask you to be on standby until I can absolutely confirm we have a space. Please email me on info@alliance-natural-health.orgThanks as always and kind regards and please pass this on to anyone else you know in the London area who may have some spare time - but please stress 'standby mode' for the moment.Isobel Bradley It's at Grand Hall Olympia, London, England 17 - 18 April 2005. Dr Gillian McKeith, an ANH supporter, will be heading up the 2005 seminar schedule.


It would pay to look up the your Primary Care Trusts meetings and find out if fluoridation is to be discussed. In Southampton the PCT met on the 31 stMarch and although not an unanimous vote agreed to ask the Hampshire andIsle of Wight SHA to look into the feasibility of fluoridation. My MP JulianLewis has asked for the SHA consultation plans (letter acknowledged) So our consultation has started or will as soon as the SHA give notice of the PCTdecision in the local paper. The Echo is also asking readers to write in andso far have been more than fair in reporting the issue.Many PCT's are on line - they initiate the procedure in carrying outfluoridation.I've now emailed (no answer yet) to the local 7000 Moslem community askingfor their views with reference to the NPWA article on Islamic ideals onwater.Again they have a web page with a contact email - worth pursuing.

I wonder if they will discuss fluoridation?

General and public enquiries:Hampshire and Isle of Wight Strategic Health AuthorityOakley RoadSouthampton SO16 4GXTelephone:023 8072 5400Facsimile:023 8072 5457Email:enquiries@hiowha.nhs.uk
Home > In Public
SHA Board MeetingThe Board Meetings of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Strategic Health Authority generally take place at 2pm on the second Tuesday of each month. The venue for these meetings is usually the Main Conference Room, Strategic Health Authority HQ, Oakley Road, Southampton (directions). Members of the press and public are welcome to attend and are invited to stay for refreshments and talk to Board members when part one finishes at around 5pm.
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Tuesday 12 April 2005