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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Vitamins are fortified with fluoride - Are they?

Explore vitamin options By JODIE LYNN
Question: My 2-year-old nephew almost choked to death on a new vitamin because they are "gummy" and hard to chew. My sister says it's important for a child his age to have a vitamin once a day, especially since he is such a picky eater. Is it really necessary for a 2-year-old to take a daily vitamin? Couldn't he just get what he needs from his meals — even if he is a picky eater? What can they do to get him to not be so picky?
Since the "picky eater" in all likelihood doesn't have a wide assortment of food, a multivitamin every day is necessary. Not only will it help to replace essential vitamins that may be missing from his diet, they are often fortified with fluoride, which has been proven to help reduce cavities. Food can be made more appealing to the child as well. Both of my children were "dippers." They would eat almost anything as long as a dipping sauce was provided. I would also use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into cute or cool shapes.
— Cathy Eng registered dental hygienist Wappingers Falls

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Thyroid Dysfunction and the Obesity Epidemic

Thyroid Dysfunction and the Obesity Epidemic
Summarized by Robert W. Griffith, MD July 28, 2006
Dr Marc Hyman, who is a leader in the emerging field of Functional Medicine, has written a persuasive article on the causative link between thyroid gland dysfunction and overweight, which we reproduce here. Robert Griffith, Editor

But exactly how does your environment affect your thyroid?
We now have substantial research to demonstrate that environmental chemicals have a direct impact on the thyroid gland. It's clear that PCBs and other industrial petrochemical toxins can lower thyroid function, as well as other pollutants such as chlorine, fluoride, and bromide.

Australia - Ballina Shire’s water supply will stay unfluoridated.

Ballina backflip on fluoridation28.07.2006
BALLINA Shire’s water supply will stay unfluoridated.
At yesterday’s meeting, six councillors voted in favour of the rescission motion to overturn council’s last vote endorsing fluoridation, with only three voting against the motion.

Cr Silver said he favoured the right of children to have good dental health over the right of people not to ingest fluoride if they didn’t want to; thus didn’t support the motion

That is a scary statement hope they remember at the next election.

Friday, July 28, 2006

2% impure Chief Medical Officer admits

I'm sure you all know but a reminder of what they would put into our water - it isn't very pure.

The UK's Water (Fluoridation) Act 1985, since incorporated into the 1991 Water Industry Act, allows hexafluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) and disodium hexafluorosilicate (Na2SiF6) to be used to increase the fluoride content of water. The published Code of Practice on Technical Aspects of Fluoridation of Water Supplies (Department of the Environment, 1987) gives specifications for these substances and states that 'the product. ..must not contain any mineral or organic substances capable of impairing the health of those drinking water correctly treated with the product'. For H2SiF6, limits are given for a number of possible impurities, including for iron, heavy metals, sulphate, phosphate, and chloride. The specification for Na2SiF6 powder requires a minimum of 98% m/m of the pure chemical, and gives maximum limits for impurities, including heavy metals (as lead) and iron. No other substances are allowed to be used in the fluoridation process, other than an anti-caking agent (the identity of which must be disclosed) in the case of Na2SiF6. Synthetic detergents are not permitted.

USA - We know, it is sugar not lack of fluoride

Recent immigrants make up another significant segment of the dental caseload at both the Community Health Center and Vermont Dental Care. Dr. Risko says he treats many Somali Bantus, often with the assistance of an interpreter of Mai Mai -- one of the 10 languages spoken by staff members or translators whom CHC can call upon. "The Somalis are very appreciative and also very stoic," Risko says. "We're all babies by comparison. Dentistry is nothing compared to what they've been through." Interestingly, the Somalis generally require less remedial care than do native-born Americans, Risko adds. "They don't have diets high in sugar, so their decay rate isn't as high as a typical American's."

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Australia - they don't drink water.

It isn't just the acid-sugar mix in drinks that poses a dental danger; soft drinks are being drunk instead of tap water and milk, Lewis says, potentially compromising children's intake of protective nutrients such as calcium and fluoride.
This change in children's exposure to risk and protective factors may account for some of the recent rise in dental caries observed in children, says Professor John Spencer, director of the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health at the University of Adelaide.
Since the mid-1990s, when children had the best levels of oral health, to 2000 there has been a 20 per cent increase in deciduous "baby" teeth with decay among primary school children, according to Australia's Child Dental Health Survey. Spencer says the survey, which collects data from about 80,000 children who attend school dental clinics Australia-wide, also shows an increase in decay in children's permanent teeth.

Australia - A nation in decay

Australians are visiting dentists more often - two-thirds of us now see a dentist regularly, up from 50 per cent a decade ago - yet, according to the Australian Council of Social Service, the oral health of middle-aged Australians is among the worst in the developed world, with tooth decay on the rise.

Very long article but no mention of fluoride?

USA - Both Sides of the Water Fluoridation Issue Heard

She also described Fluorine as a “reactive compound” and explained, “There are many industrial uses for Fluorine. Because of its corrosive nature, it is used in glass etching, pesticides, and rat poision.”
According to Fontanna's presentation, healthy kidneys only secrete about half the fluoride injested, and the rest is absorbed in body tissue.

Hormones in recycled water

Scientific Director of the Queensland Fertitily Group, Keith Harrison, has urged decision makers to consider this danger. He says there’s evidence that links infertility in Britain to their systems of recycling water. Mr Harrison says, “People who supply our water are very good at removing infectious agents from it and making it pretty safe to drink, but it’s far more difficult to remove chemicals. And there are a number of chemicals, such as detergents, wetting agents, and plasticisers, which act like the female hormone oestrogen in the body. Not to mention oestrogens that come from the human urine that’s going into recycled water. And it’s thought that the hormone itself and these chemicals that act like the hormone could have deleterious effect on developing males in utero.”

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Raising Kids With Healthy Teeth

'Raising Kids With Healthy Teeth...' is a compilation of articles written by Dr. Robert Nara, whose own children were raised with disease-free teeth and gums. According to Tom Cornwell, OraMedia site publisher, "In taking his message of prevention and healing to the public, Dr. Nara ruffled more than a few feathers in the Michigan dental community many years ago. Because of his refusal to back down with his message of prevention and the truth behind dental diseases, they went after his license - and successfully shut him down for over a year."

Must be good advice if they tried to take away his license.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

South Jordan, Utah (PRWEB) July 25, 2006 -- As heat waves continue to grip the nation, people are advised to drink extra water and avoid dehydration.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has advised anyone with a compromised immune system to consult their physician before drinking tap water. Healthy Divas, an organization dedicated to educating people about autoimmune diseases, has taken this warning one step further by advising individuals with autoimmune disease to avoid tap water altogether. According to Heidi Whitaker, co-founder of Healthy Divas, “Our clients complain of increasing autoimmune symptoms, as temperatures rise. These include heart palpitations, numbness, relentless fatigue, and pain. The first thing we ask is if they have increased their consumption of fluoridated tap water, as these symptoms are often indicative of fluoride toxicity.”Healthy Divas is not alone in their findings. Dr. George L. Waldbott, using double-blind tests, was able to determine that fluoridated water causes muscular weakness, chronic fatigue, headaches, skin rashes, joint pain, and tingling in the extremities. According to the Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products handbook, “fluoride is more poisonous than lead and just slightly less poisonous than arsenic.” The Physicians Desk Reference reads, "In hypersensitive individuals, fluorides occasionally cause skin eruptions such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, or urticaria. Gastric distress, headache, and weakness have also been reported."With vast evidence showing that fluoride is connected to numerous health issues, why is it still added to our drinking water? “Fluoridation of municipal tap water is voluntary at the state or community level,” states Kathy Browning, co-founder of Healthy Divas. “We can’t comprehend why they still add fluoride. Since the 1950’s, research has proven time and again that it is unsafe. We do know that when our clients eliminate fluoride, many of their symptoms are alleviated.”

Monday, July 24, 2006

USA Letter

RAT PIOSON IN YOUR DRINKING WATER: Despite warnings that Fluoride is a deadly poison, "authorities" all over the country have been putting it in your drinking water, claiming it was "one of the 20th century's top ten advancements in public health." But the fact remains, it's POISON! "Despite fluoride's obvious benefits as a cavity fighter, it is, nevertheless, a poison. In fact, before its discovery as a decay-fighting superhero, it was mainly used as a RAT AND INSECT POISON!" [Emphasis mine. -RT] Would you drink that water if they dumped tons of human waste (poop) in it? I wouldn't want to, no matter what they claim it could do. I wouldn't want to drink poop-flavored water. Would you? Many of you are drinking POISON-flavored water that can turn your teeth black. And this is not just a "bunch of crazies" talking. The National Research Council (NRC) has recommended the levels of Fluoride in water should be lowered because the levels being ingested today from all sources is way too much. " 'Fluoride should be abandoned,' Hardy Limeback, PhD, DDS, and head of preventative dentistry at the University of Toronto, told Prevention. Limeback also was a member of the NRC panel. He added that fluoride 'could turn out to be one of the top ten mistakes of the 21st century.' Scientists know that too much fluoride stains and discolors teeth, a condition called dental fluorosis. But some disturbing studies, while not offering conclusive proof, have linked fluoride to serious adverse health effects including bone cancer and osteoporosis. Several Chinese studies found links between high fluoride levels and lower IQs. Dr. Russell Blaylock, a respected neurosurgeon and editor of the Blaylock Wellness Report (published by NewsMax,), warns that fluoride may be linked to neurological impairment, brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, male impotence and infertility, sleep impairment, retardation in children, and numerous cancers." Who do YOU believe? Do you want to turn YOUR teeth over to "junk science" and rat poison? Read this report. It could be very important to your dental health, maybe even your life. Just click the link below. You say this is only in a "right-wing" publication? Maybe that's because they're the only ones with the guts to print it.(News Max, 7/18/06) [Posted 7/23/06]

EPA accepting comments on pesticide residues in food

by repost Saturday Jul 22nd, 2006 10:33 PM
I'm glad they don't have flouride in the title because at this point a lot of people just turn off to anything where people are saying that flouride is unhealthy because they associate that with a lot of other nutty stuff. If 7000 EPA employees are calling for limitations, you have to wonder.

ALERT: EPA ACCEPTING COMMENTS ON PESTICIDE RESIDUES IN FOOD A coalition of health and environmental groups have filed a petition with the EPA, indicating the agency has violated federal laws for establishing allowable levels of fluoride pesticide residues in foods. The petition comes on the heels of over 7,000 EPA employees calling for stronger limitations of fluoride in food and water, as well as a recent report from the National Academy of Sciences indicating the average American diet has unsafe levels of fluoride. Specifically, the petitioners (including Fluoride Action Network, Beyond Pesticides and Environmental Working Group) are asking the EPA to prohibit the use of sulfuryl fluoride in food production. Elevated levels of fluoride are associated with bone fractures, thyroid function losses, IQ deficits, bone cancer, and Alzheimer's disease. The EPA has posted a public comment period on the issue ending August 4, 2006. Learn more and take action here: http:http://www.organicconsumers.org/rd/fluoride.htm

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Better off or wiser?

POOR kids are more than twice as likely to have unhealthy teeth as those from richer parts of Scotland. About two out of three youngsters from deprived areas have signs of decay. This compares with 30 per cent in better-off places.
The figures were revealed in the National Dental Inspections Programme 2005 which examined more than 10,000 Scots primary seven pupils. Dr Andrew Lamb, the British Dental Association's director for Scotland, said: "It's down to people eating the wrong type of foods."
He called for fluoride to be added to drinking water.

I don't think it is being better off that gives better teeth it is being more intelligent and better educated. If wisdom comes too late for yourself it makes sure your children have good teeth. Adults with rotten teeth and their children go on to get dental decay are stupid.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dr John Beal: No doubt about the need for water fluoridation.

Poor dental health sparks call for fluoridation of water
Maggie StrattonFLUORIDATION of Yorkshire's water is at the top of the health agenda after a Government warning yesterday about the shocking levels of tooth decay among the region's children.

Children's dental health across the region is so bad that Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson yesterday said "serious consideration" must be given to adding fluoride to drinking water.Children in West Yorkshire have the worst levels of tooth decay, and in South Yorkshire the fourth worst in the country. The Yorkshire region as a whole has the second highest level of rotten, missing or filled teeth in England. Dentists and doctors across Yorkshire have already set down in writing their belief that fluoride is needed to improve dental health in the young.Water companies must fluoridate supplies if strategic health authorities ask them to but the public must also be in support and primary care trusts must hold public consultation on fluoridation.Regional dental officer Dr John Beal said: "A number of primary care trusts have been revisiting their oral health strategies and water fluoridation is for many a theme for improving dental health." Many feared the effect of new NHS dental contracts introduced in April would be to encourage dentists to take only private patients. Dr Beal said it was too early to say whether numbers of children visiting dentists have declined in recent months.But he said preventing decay through improving nutrition and oral hygiene was the priority and he has no doubt about the need for water fluoridation.According to the Chief Medical Health Officer's report, tooth decay is concentrated in deprived areas of Yorkshire.Pure Water campaigners claim there are harmful side effects to fluoridation of drinking supplies and in February 2005 Sheffield's city leaders overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to add fluoride to its tap water.

Ciry leaders overwhelmingly reject fluoridation but this man knows best.

Friday, July 21, 2006

New Zealand Green Party object to fluoridation

The Green Party says it is appalled the Far North District Council is to fluoridate public water supplies on the basis of a Colmar Brunton poll.The council has accepted an offer by the Ministry of Health to fluoridate public water supplies in Kaitaia and Kaikohe, after a Colmar Brunton poll showed majority support for the move.The council is claiming a public mandate to fluoridate after a phone survey of 600 people.Sue Kedgley, the Green's Health spokeperson, says there is a growing body of evidence overseas that fluoridation is neither safe nor effective.She says the Ministry of Health seems hell bent on fluoridation, yet takes no action on the causes of decay, like soft drink machines in schools. Ms Kedgley says any move to medicate a public water supply should only come after informed debate, and a full referendum, not an opinion poll conducted by phone.However, health authorities have welcomed the decision.The head of dental services for Northland Health, Dr Neil Croucher, says the council and residents should be congratulated for making a good choice.He says the Ministry of Health will track the oral health of Far North children over the two years of the fluoridation trial.© NewsRoom 2006

He would! Encourage them to eat the right foods, don't poison them

POOR kids are more than twice as likely to have unhealthy teeth as those from richer parts of Scotland. About two out of three youngsters from deprived areas have signs of decay. This compares with 30 per cent in better-off places.
The figures were revealed in the National Dental Inspections Programme 2005 which examined more than 10,000 Scots primary seven pupils. Dr Andrew Lamb, the British Dental Association's director for Scotland, said: "It's down to people eating the wrong type of foods."
He called for fluoride to be added to drinking water

Withington MP John Leech said that, after weighing-up both sides of the argument, he is throwing his weight behind fluoridation.

Ian Rhodes, spokesman for NHS North West – formerly the Greater Manchester Strategic Health Authority – said: "There’s been a lot of support for fluoridation for many years in the North West because if you look at comparable areas, like Sandwell in Birmingham which already has fluoridation, there’s five-times less tooth decay in children because they have had fluoridated water for many years.

"There are no proven health risks."

What about unproven? They never look, except to send out a letter to consultants that says have you seen anything untoward attributable to fluoride - very scientific.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Still 1 in 5 have dental decay and how many thyroid problems, bone fractures and malignancies.

He argued that fluoride should be added to drinking water in the most deprived communities. In Birmingham, where fluoridation was adopted, only around one in five 11-year-olds have tooth decay.The Scottish study found children in primary seven have on average 2.73 teeth which are decayed, missing or filled and 47% showed signs of obvious decay in their permanent (or second) teeth.Overall, the proportion of primary seven children in 2005 with no obvious decay is 53%. The Scottish Executive has set a target of 60% for 2010 and six of the 14 health boards surveyed have reached or exceeded the target.Dr Lamb said: "We do know one of the simplest and most efficient and cost-effective ways of improving oral health in children would be to put fluoride in the water."The BDA's policy is to support water fluoridation, which is targeted at communities which are most in need of it, but following consultation with the community."Mr Lamb said: "It is well known that there is a shortage of dentists in Scotland and many are unable to access dental care because of it."The association has long called for a tripling of investment in dentistry."The BDA's calls for a new campaign were echoed by Christine Grahame MSP, SNP social justice spokeswoman.She said: "The figures indicate a clear gap between rich and poor when it comes to oral health and we require a dedicated campaign not only in terms of more preventative information but backed up with real resources."One of the authors of the report, Martyn Merrett, chairman of the Scottish Dental Epidemiological Co-ordinating Committee, said: "[The report] shows that a large amount of dental disease is concentrated in a small number of children and we need to concentrate our efforts to help improve their dental health."Lewis Macdonald, Deputy Health Minister, said the figures were "encouraging". He pointed to the executive's free toothpaste and toothbrushes for children under 12 months and free fruit and water for primary one and two children and said: "We believe that these measures will mean that a child born in Scotland today will have a brighter future for oral health than any previous generation."
Children living in deprived communities of Scotland are twice as likely to suffer from tooth decay as those in wealthier areas, according to a study.National research found that 64% of children in the most deprived areas of Scotland had had decay in permanent teeth by primary seven age.That compares with only 30% of children in the wealthiest parts of Scotland, according to the National Dental Inspection Programme 2005.The first comprehensive study of the primary seven age group examined 10,794 children across Scotland, excluding the Western Isles, during the school year 2004 to 2005.The findings prompted the British Dental Association to call for a campaign to target greater resources and information at poorer communities.Dr Andrew Lamb, British Dental Association director for Scotland, said: "I think what is required is an education programme to encourage those parents who are currently not seeking dental advice for their children to seek dental advice."He argued that fluoride should be added to drinking water in the most deprived communities. In Birmingham, where fluoridation was adopted, only around one in five 11-year-olds have tooth decay.The Scottish study found children in primary seven have on average 2.73 teeth which are decayed, missing or filled and 47% showed signs of obvious decay in their permanent (or second) teeth.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Paul Connett a tireless opponent of fluoridation continues to fight - he deserves a medal

Mayor Frank Coccho said the council will invite prominent fluoridation opponent Paul Connett, a professor at St. Lawrence University, to present the case against fluoridation at a workshop.Board of Health member Denis Sweeney said Canton, N.Y., in 2003 discontinued fluoridation primarily as a result of Connett's efforts.Following the workshop with Connett, Coccho said, the council will schedule a public hearing on the fluoridation issue, which the city has debated since at least 1978. He estimated that if the council approves fluoridation, it will be two years before it is implemented.

USA - Inadequate - In the UK there is no system set up to warn us.

Inadequate warnings
Wednesday, July 19, 2006
I agree with Charles E. Smith's letter, "Inadequate notice" (June 30). Despite the automated phone system supposedly put in force after the fluoride fiasco, most received the warning by TV, and information from the United Water Company.
Two on our street received a phone call, one of which was unintelligible; they thought it might have been about the "boil water advisory."

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Australia- On top of which Olive is allergic to fluoride and chlorine

Elderly couple face eviction

Clifton Springs couple Edward and Olive Pilcher have been caught in an alleged home loan scam.
Tuesday, July 18Lauren Pike

AN elderly Clifton Springs couple have until September to sell their home or face eviction.
Edward and Olive Pilcher are the victims of an alleged home loan scam and are at the mercy of money lenders who are wanting to repossess their home.

Advice given to teens in Jamaica

Eight glasses of water a day aid with excretion by helping to remove waste from your body through urine.
. It is useful in the prevention of constipation.
. Because treated water has fluoride in it, this may prevent tooth decay since the substance is an ingredient in toothpaste.

8 glasses a day - surely their fluoride intake will be over the top?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Portsmouth PCT meeting debate - do they ask for study?

Cost of fluoridation study would be £25,000 and that a new meeting date had been set for Thursday 24 August, 9.30 am to 12 noon at Portsmouth City Teaching
Primary Care Trust
St James’ Hospital
Locksway Road
Hampshire PO4 8LD

Australia - tempers get frayed

Fluoride war gets nasty17.07.2006
BRENDAN White can’t say for sure that the woman who urinated on the doorstep of his Lismore dental surgery was protesting against .
But after having his house rocked, his garbage bins upended and his wife subjected to an abusive phone call all in the space of a fortnight, he has his suspicions.
Dr White’s claims come amid growing unease at the intensity of the debate over fluoride, with claims from both sides that some people are taking things too far.
As Lismore City Council last week again voted on the fluoride issue, Councillor Peter Graham revealed his wife had been abused by an anonymous caller for his support of fluoride, and Councillor David Tomlinson said he had been upset when another anti-flouride campaigner called him a criminal.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

India needs dental health leadership - says Prof Bedi

The global campaign aims to promote proper use of fluoride toothpaste together with awareness campaign on proper dietary habits "to ensure that children born in 2026 do not have any tooth caries."

"By September 2005, we finished recruitment of 1,000 young dentists from India, raising their number to five percent of the dental workforce in the NHS. Now we have increased the provision for intake of 25 percent more dental students for training," he said

Professor Raman Bedi is now busy in India - more fluoride for them?
Why didn't they train 1000 of our own people insteaad of taking away needed dentists from India?

Florida dental health still a concern even though fluoridated? Surely not.

Hernando Today - Online Edition:
Brooksville, Florida, is fluoridated:

"Dental service was a key area of concern identified by both community leaders and focus group participants."
posted by nyscof

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Australia - Money wanted to fight fluoride

Money wanted to fight fluoride
NORTH East anti-fluoride campaigners have asked for community support to finance a series of water tests to back their campaign against the fluoridation of local water supplies.Norm Ryan, from the Wangaratta anti-fluoride group, said it would cost $3320 to complete two tests of local supplies, before and after fluoridation.
“The tests will be done at the tap and will test for lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, fluoride and a long list of other things,” he said.“I think it could open up a can of worms.“We will do the test before fluoridation because we want to see exactly what is in supplies.” Mr Ryan said the anti-fluoride group had written to Queen Elizabeth II and Governor-General Michael Jeffery to argue the Victorian Government had no constitution and should be compelled to consult Victorians on the fluoridation issue. “One of our members is also preparing copies of documents regarding fluoride to distribute to doctors, midwives and the Opposition,” he said.

Mr Ryan said anyone interested in donating to the campaign to allow the testing to occur should contact him on (03) 5722 1206.

Israel Suspends Mandatory Fluoridation Policy

Fluoride Action Network
Friday 14 July 2006
Israel Suspends Mandatory Fluoridation Policy
Parliament Calls for Thorough Review of Medical, Ethical, & Environmental Concerns

No URL except Fluoride Action Network

Friday, July 14, 2006

Video report well worth seeing


Thursday, July 13, 2006

For and against

Letters of the Week: Fluoride pros and cons – July 11, 2006

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bit biased - in our favour though..

Fluoride-free & fresh taste
For decades, we've been told by personal hygiene companies that fluoride in our toothpaste gives us cavity-free mouths.
But, ironically, recent studies by U.S. government health advisory boards link fluoride with the development of fluorosis, or tooth decay.
Fluoride is found, among other places, in drinking water, processed food, air pollution and toothpaste.
Companies like Germany's oldest dental product manufacturer, Silca, are targeting the growing niche of health-conscious consumers.
They've developed Silca Herbal Toothpaste, 100 mL (Price: $4), a 100% fluoride-free toothpaste to address customers' growing concern over low-level exposure to fluoride.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Posted by nyscof

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Ohio's dental care crisis:

Ohio is 90.6% fluoridated:

"Access to dental care is the number one unmet health care need in Ohio, and in much of the country."


THE public should answer the controversial question of whether or not our water should have fluoride added to it, Lismore deputy mayor John Chant will argue tonight.
Cr Chant yesterday said he regretted having helped vote down the referendum call, at the council’s June 13 meeting, for fluoridation to be put to the public, and for trying to have the decision passed back to NSW Health.

At the end it asks
What do you think?

Phone 6624 3266, SMS 0428 264 948 or email opinions@northern- star.com.au

Monday, July 10, 2006

Can't beat tea (using unfluoridated and filtered water)

Jul 10 2006
Madeleine Brindley, Western Mail
Our love of fizzy drinks and the idea that fruit juice is a healthy alternative is causing an increase in cases of dental erosion. Health Wales columnist and hygienist Alison Lowe explains exactly how we can all defend ourselves against such acid attacks

3 ppm and it did this

Despite Palmyra's prosperity, "skeletal remains uncovered from the underground tombs of Palmyra have been found to retain an arthropathy of the joints, especially in the knee joint, bone fracture, marked bone lipping, spur formation, and eburnation (smoothed bone cavities)," reports the team led by Kiyohide Saito of the Archaeological Institute of Kashihara in the current Journal of Archaeological Science.

Fluoride in small concentrations is thought to deter microbes that cause tooth decay, the reason why about 66% of public water supplies in the United States are now fluoridated, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But the Palmyrans' symptoms, along with discolored teeth, point to "fluorosis," a skeletal and enamel-damaging syndrome caused by ingesting too much fluoride over a long time, the researchers note. Looking at two large tombs for example, 25 of 33 individuals (76%) had discolored teeth in one, and 45 out of 65 (69%) had discolored teeth in the other.

Palmyrans drank, and still drink, water from wells tapped from ground water by long tunnels called "qanats" (an excellent Scrabble word). The area's geology and water table has been stable for about 7000 years, meaning water conditions now aren't greatly different from those during Roman times. In a bid to estimate the fluoride burden suffered by the town's ancient inhabitants, the researchers analyzed the water from these wells. Fluoride levels were as high as three parts per million in the water, a level that a National Academy of Sciences report in March warned could lead to fluorosis.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Lennart P Krook,a Cathy Justusb
Ithaca, NY and Pagosa Springs, CO, USA
SUMMARY: On a farm in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, Quarter horses consuming
artificially fluoridated water (up to 1.3 ppm F) for extended periods of time developed
classical symptoms of chronic fluoride intoxication including dental fluorosis,
crooked legs, hyperostosis and enostosis, hoof deformities, and microscopic
evidence of reduced bone resorption. These symptoms began to appear about two
years after fluoridation started in 1985 and gradually became more severe.

Could it be?

On Wednesday May 3, 2006, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published an amazing article. It was the report of a study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) which shows that despite the American government spending twice as much as the British government on the health of each citizen, Americans were far sicker than their English counterparts. How could that happen?

This dismal report shows that Americans had higher rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, lung disease and cancer. Health experts have long known the U.S. population is less healthy than that of other industrialized nations, according to several important measurements, including life expectancy. The U.S. ranks behind about two dozen other countries, according to the statistics of the World Health Organization. How could that happen? What has gone wrong?

USA - It never stops.

An initiative related to fluoride in the drinking water will also be on the city’s November ballot, labeled with the unwieldy moniker, “Initiative to Regulate Additives to Drinking Water in the City of Arcata, Such as Fluoride, By Establishing Two New Regulatory Standards for Additives Intended for Purposes Other Than to Make Drinking Water Potable.”

Pretentious terminology!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Side affects?

GM spray could keep dentist at bay
A SINGLE dental treatment that involves spraying genetically-modified bacteria into a patient's mouth could cut the risk of cavities by up to 90 per cent, according to new research. The spray, which could be on the market in as little as three years and should last a lifetime, contains bacteria similar to that found naturally in the mouth - with one crucial difference.

We lost Jane Jones

THE man who led Glasgow's controversial bid to add fluoride to drinking water has died. Dr Bob McKechnie died suddenly just over a week ago while on holiday at Lake Annecy in France. Family, friends and former colleagues gathered at Paisley Abbey yesterday to pay their respects to a leading figure in the health of the west of Scotland for decades. Today Glasgow dentist Kieran Fallon, who worked alongside Dr McKechnie in the British Dental Association, paid tribute.
"You could not meet a nicer gentleman," he said. "Bob always showed respect to his staff and it was a great pleasure to work for him and with him.
"He was a giant of dentistry in the west of Scotland and he was well known throughout the UK and internationally due to his work on fluoride."
The ex-chief administrative dental officer for Greater Glasgow Health Board returned to the city as a consultant when plans were proposed to add fluoride to Strathclyde's drinking water in the early 90s.
He mounted a strong campaign in favour of the move to protect children's teeth but failed to win the backing of the public.
Strathclyde Regional Council voted against the move in 1993 and health boards have since been reluctant to raise the issue.
Dr McKechnie led Greater Glasgow's dental team from 1974 until his retirement in 1991.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Australia - No apathy here.

Around 150 people attended a public anti-fluoride meeting at the Lismore Workers Club last Thursday, while a meeting in Ballina last night (Wednesday) attracted about 100.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

All about the thyroid

Stop drinking fluoridated water or using products that contain fluoride. Fluoride depresses thyroid activity. If you want to go a more Eastern route, stimulate the liver by drinking a glass of water with a fresh-squeezed lemon’s juice every morning. Since the thyroid is part of the liver system, activating the liver will enliven the thyroid.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

House of Lords reply

Acknowledgement of my letter to Baroness Gardener of Parkes pointing out I made a mistake in the date and that the contents had been noted.


Monday, July 03, 2006


Fluoridation opponents cite global research
Monday, 3 July 2006. 14:05 (AEDT)Monday, 3 July 2006. 13:05 (ACST)Monday, 3 July 2006. 13:05 (AEST)Monday, 3 July 2006. 14:05 (ACDT)Monday, 3 July 2006. 11:05 (AWST)
The Gippsland group opposing water fluoridation is accusing local authorities of ignoring international research. Gippsland Water will add fluoride to Morwell's water this month, and to other water supplies across Gippsland by the end of September. Medical services are welcoming the move, saying it will improve dental health. But Shane Elson from the Gippsland Safe Water Alliance says they ignore credible international reports outlining the dangers of fluoride.

"The top scientists from around the world, from the UK and the USA in particular, looking at those scientific studies, we find that many questions are being raised - the problem we have is that the authorities seem to be ignoring or dismissing this latest science," he said.

NSW Australia - Fluoride opponents vow to maintain fight

Fluoride opponents vow to maintain fight
Monday, 3 July 2006. 14:12 (AEDT)Monday, 3 July 2006. 13:12 (ACST)Monday, 3 July 2006. 13:12 (AEST)Monday, 3 July 2006. 14:12 (ACDT)Monday, 3 July 2006. 11:12 (AWST)
The political fallout from the fluoride issue is continuing in Lismore.

Former mayor John Crowther says those who voted in favour of adding fluoride to the water supply may pay a high price at the next council election. Mr Crowther says those opposed to the plan are not ready to give up, despite the council's decision.
He says the community should have been surveyed about the issue. "They should have been consulted, they're not going to give up at this stage and I think it might have some effect on the people that are elected in the next council, but that's a good way away," he said. "But I think myself that they should have at least went along with Ros Irwin's suggestion that they should have had a referendum [on] it."

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Scotland - Bottled water gives the brush-off to tooth decay

Indeed the findings may weaken calls for fluoride to be added to Scotland's water supplies as they suggest that tap water is already helping to protect the public's dental health without the additive. Although dentists claim adding fluoride to water is the best way of improving the nation's dental health record, the move has met opposition due to health fears and the concept of "mass medication". Chadwick said: "While you would not expect water to cause erosion of teeth, it is surprising that it should actually reduce erosion. "Although our study looked at fizzy mineral water, there is no reason why the same effect would not be seen in still mineral water. "In relation to tap water, I would certainly advocate that in order to prevent erosion people simply drink more tap water throughout the day rather than potentially erosive drinks."

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Shame this can't be double checked to prove if figures are massaged or not.

Dental stats revive fluoride debate
Last Updated: Friday, June 30, 2006 | 8:16 AM ET
CBC News
New figures from the dental community are reviving the fluoride debate in the Montreal area.

The CLSC or local clinic in Dorval says the number of cavities in kindergarten children there has doubled in the past three years.
The tooth decay has become more common since 2003, when the West Island community stopped putting fluoride in its water

USA - Fluoride has been tied to bone cancer, lower IQs, and osteoporosis. So why is it still being added to your water?

Lea Anne Burke might be considered a heretic, then. "I'm always suspicious when people tell me, 'You have to do this.' Tell me why and show me some good science. With my children's health at stake, you have to give me some really good reasons." Burke has plenty of company: In 2005, cities in nine states--California, Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, and Washington--voted to reject, abandon, or prohibit water fluoridation.

Long article sent by New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc.