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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, October 31, 2015

OUR DAILY DOSE, a film by Jeremy Seifert

Should We Use Fluoride In Our Toothpaste? With Dr Ron Ehrlich

The dreaded white spot

Ron Kaminer, DDS
In a traditional restorative dental practice, patients frequently present with white spot lesions. White spots represent hypocalcification of the enamel and occur for a variety of reasons. While some people are born with white spot lesions, a more common occurrence of white spots is from poor oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment.
A plethora of minimally invasive treatments have been used over the years, most with mild success. Past treatments have included the use of stannous fluoride, bleaching of the entire tooth, and mechanical abrasion of the affected enamel followed by composite bonding. While placing a composite usually results in the best esthetic result, this technique typically requires removal of the affected enamel to prevent the lesion from showing through the composite.
More recently available treatments are dental therapeutic pastes that assist in remineralization. These pastes, such as MI Paste (GC America) and Remin Pro (Voco America), have a stabilized form of calcium and phosphate that can penetrate hypocalcified enamel and restore the diseased enamel to its original appearance. Remin Pro has a combination of nano-hydroxyapatite (nHAP) particles (calcium and phosphate), fluoride, and xylitol. nHAP has been shown in studies to be similar to enamel, making it an effective enamel repair and anticaries agent.1 Other studies have shown that while fluoride can make enamel harder, nHAP can deposit new minerals into the enamel.2 The pastes represent a major breakthrough in the treatment of white spots, as minimal tooth reduction-or none at all-is required to achieve an esthetic result.
Through experience, I have developed a defined protocol that leads to outstanding results. This protocol, if followed exactly, leads to predictable results time and time again..............

No clear mention that Fluoride causes these white spots! 

USA - Fluoride benefits questioned at forum

Drawing on local input, a new short film, and live Skype online exchanges from San Diego and Washington, D.C., members of the Cape Ann Fluoride Action Network made their case for Gloucester voters to try to pull the plug on the addition of fluoride to the city's water system when they go to the polls on Tuesday.
Tracey Ritchie, one of the forum organizers, noted from the outset that the event, held at Sawyer Free Library, was not to be "a debate," though the audience of just more than 30 included Gloucester Board of Health Chairman Dr. Richard Sagall and Rockport Board of Health member Dr. Russell Sandfield -- both supporters of continued community fluoridation.
Gloucester voters will be asked in a nonbinding ballot question Tuesday whether they want the city to continue adding fluoride to its water; voters in Rockport opted to stand by adding supplemental fluoride to that town's water last spring.
Many of Thursday night's comments and audience questions centered on potential harmful effects of the process. But Linda Wrinn, who works as a speech language pathologist at Gloucester's Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, noted that she and others believe the desire to add fluoride to drinking water should be a matter of choice.
"It's important to remember that we have the right to to choose our medical treatment," she said, citing fluoride and fluoridation as a medical treatment to improve dental health, especially in children.
"CAFAN is not opposed to the personal use of fluoride," she told the audience, which included interim Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken. "If a person chooses to use  fluoride, that's his or her choice.  But when we have it added to our drinking water, we cannot choose that medication. That choice is being taken away from us. This is a case of mass-medicating our citizens."
The discussion came eight days after a forum hosted by the Gloucester Board of Health that promoted a "yes" vote in support of the continued fluoridation of Gloucester's drinking water. At that event, Dr. Myron Allukian Jr., the City of Boston' dental health director for 34 years and now president of the Massachusetts Coalition for Oral Health, dismissed fluoride foes as akin to  “people who would argue the Earth is flat.”
While residents raised questions about fluoride's perceived contribution to diseases, there were no flat Earth conspiracy arguments raised Thursday. Speaking via a Skype link from Washington and San Diego, respectively, Dr. William Hirzy, a former risk assessment scientist with the federal Environmental Protection Agency, and Dr. David Kennedy of the Preventive Dental Health Association cited their own research and that of others regarding fluoridation's negative effects.
They questioned fluoride's benefits as did Wrinn, who cited World Health Organization statistics showing little difference between improved dental health in countries that use fluoride compared to those that don't.............

Friday, October 30, 2015

Health Ranger issues zeolite challenge: Drop your zeolites for 28 days and see if you feel BETTER

(NaturalNews) I want to thank all the readers who participated in the outpouring of support following my publishing of laboratory test results for zeolites.

As I wrote yesterday, off-the-shelf zeolites are composed of remarkably high concentrations of lead (10, 20, 40 or even 60 ppm) and strikingly higher concentrations of aluminum (24,000 to 30,000+ ppm in the samples we tested). It's important to note that the real numbers are actually far higher because nitric acid digestion does not completely dissolve zeolites, meaning these test result numbers were on the LOW side.

Many readers found it astounding that nobody ever told them about the lead and aluminum content of zeolites. Apparently, there's a near cult-like following behind zeolites, and many people have been persuaded to consume zeolites on a daily basis as if they were superfoods or nutritive supplements. The typical story behind zeolites is that they should be consumed as a "daily detox" to keep removing toxic elements from your body. Which toxic elements? Metals like lead and aluminum, ironically, the very same elements found in zeolites themselves.

Some people selling zeolites, meanwhile, have never leveled with their own customers about what zeolites are really made of. Natural News readers were shocked to learn that zeolites contain lead and aluminum in not just "trace" quantities, but strikingly high concentrations compared to nearly all other dietary supplements. (I personally can't recall any dietary supplement that even comes close to the lead concentration of zeolites.)............

Don't anything about this but it maybe useful information to anyone taking zeolites.

The Indian village fighting fluoride poisoning with vitamins and clean water

Nur Jahan Begum has skeletal fluorosis. Her forearms are bent just above the wrists, meaning that she cannot feed herself.
For years the people of Tapatjuri, a remote village in northeast India, thought evil spirits were tormenting them. It was the only way they could explain why hundreds of people in their community were crippled, with bones bent so badly out of shape that many could not wash, eat, or leave their houses without help.......
Indian schoolgirl with dental fluorosis

‘No one tested the water’

While fluoride-contaminated water occurs naturally, human error is behind many cases worldwide today. During the 1980s the UN led a global campaign to dig wells in developing countries.The campaign helped to drastically reduce cases of diseases like dysentery, which is caused by bacteria in surface water. However, neither governments nor the UN agencies involved made sure that the water below ground was free from chemical contaminants, said Chris Neurath, research director at the American Environmental Health Studies Project , an awareness group that focuses on the effects of fluoride.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

In the coming weeks, the attempt by pro-fluoridationists in Bedford to reintroduce fluoride will be hotting up with a presentation by Public Health England to Bedford Council's Health Scrutiny Committee.  Those opposed to fluoridation have not been invited to attend which is  disturbing.  This situation is being remonstrated against by the local anti-fluoridation group, Fluoride Free Bedford.
Fluoridation ceased in Bedford in 2009 because the fluoridation dosing equipment had gone past its use-by date.  For two years, Bedford residents continued to believe that they were fluoridated when they weren't.  This situation was discovered when a sample of Bedford tap water was analysed in 2011.  That year, the Mayor of Bedford promised that he would stop fluoridation altogether.  However, this was not in his gift since all local authorities which currently fluoridate us have to present a case to the Secretary of State for Health justifying cessation. In effect, this means that Public Health England has the final say in the matter because the Sec. of State has delegated responsibility to that Agency. It is vitally important that Bedford does not become refluoridated.  The law states that fluoridation can resume if it stops because of technical reasons and that the population does not have to be consulted.  However, Bedford Council is at least being reasonable. So, I'm writing to all people on my mailing list to ask you to sign the Bedford petition.  It doesn't matter if you don't live in Bedford, by the way.  Here is the link:  www.fluoridefreebedford.org.  Click on the red icon in order to proceed to the next page in order to sign the petition.  Please do your best and if you can get others to sign via your social media that would be fantastic.
With best wishes
Joy Warren, BSc. (Hons) Env. Sci; Cert. Nutrition & Health
Co-ordinator, West Midlands Against Fluoridation and For Pure Clean Water

South Staffs Water


Fluoride occurs naturally in water. It's useful for babies and children who have growing teeth and helps reduce tooth decay and cavities.
All of our supplies contain either natural fluoride or an enhanced fluoride concentration at the regulatory value of 1.0mg/l.
The enhanced levels of fluoride are added to our water at the request of Public Health England in accordance with the Water (Fluoridation) Act 1985, and following extensive consultation with local health authorities and our customers.
The concentration of fluoride in the water is independently audited every month by Public Health England.
Further information can be found by contacting enquiries@phe.gov.uk

Public Health England - how reassuring! Useful for babies!

Chlorine in Tap Water - Watch How Fast It Absorbs into Your Skin

Protect Your Child From Toxic Fluoride -IAOMT Biological Dentist Perspective Part

Protect Your Child From Toxic Fluoride -IAOMT Biological Dentist Perspective Part 1

The Brain Damaging Effects Of Dental Fluoride Fluoride, that “it’s good for you” stuff you get at your “regular” dentist, has now been implicated in brain damage sufficient to lower IQ scores. With increasing levels of fluoride exposure, regardless of the source, we now recognize it’s affecting brain development, causing problems reflected in dropping IQ scores. You are exposed to fluoride in almost all dental offices through: fluoride …

Australia - Rous Water delegate denied fluoride information

Anti fluoride protesters outside Rous Water last month.  (Picture Robert Hearne)A Rous Water delegate has been refused access to information about Richmond Valley Council’s fluoridation program after being accused of bringing the council into disrepute.

Cr Vanessa Ekins told Echonetdaily recently that RVC had been forced to suspend its fluoridation program more than ten times.

She then received a letter from RVC general manager John Walker saying that she had brought the council into disrepute with her claims, and Cr Ekins clarified that the fluoridation of water in Richmond Valley was suspended just twice in the past two years.

Prior to that however, that council was forced to suspend fluoridation on ten or more occasions between 2009 and 2011 according to information from a Freedom of Information request.

‘The GM of Richmond Valley said they had suspended fluoride only twice in the past two years but combined with the other figures it shows that they have requested suspensions in the last five years on over a dozen occasions,’ she said.

‘That shows we are dealing with unreliable technology,’ she said...................

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

USA - Snowmass water official resigns over fluoride vote

A Snowmass water board member who has fought to stop fluoridation of the district’s public water resigned Monday in response to a pro-fluoride vote taken last week.
After close to eight years of service, David Dawson submitted a letter of resignation Monday, citing discomfort retaining his seat in light of the board’s decision to resume fluoridation in the Snowmass Water and Sanitation District.
“I am sad to say that as much as I was connected to and fondly affiliated with the Snowmass District Water Board, I must disassociate myself in protest and in my discomfort — and hope that they can establish a positive outcome in the pursuit of the goals and projects which will affect our community for years to come,” Dawson wrote in his letter.
Dawson was one of three board members who voted to stop fluoridation in July and maintained his position in the vote Oct. 21, as did his colleague Willard Humphrey. Board member Michael Shore changed his position after 64 percent of respondents to a mail-in survey said they supported adding fluoride to the district’s water.
“I see a difference between the way the board members saw the issue and the way they voted,” Dawson said.
Board President Joe Farrell declined to comment on Dawson’s resignation, only saying the board would have to discuss it and that he didn’t know what the process for filling Dawson’s seat would be. Dawson’s term would have ended in the spring.
The water board voted 3-2 Oct. 21 to resume adding fluoride at the federally recommended level, reversing a decision it made in July to discontinue the practice. District employees began adding fluoride to the public water system again that day.

Regina Imburgia Speaks to Dallas City Council (October 15, 2015)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Our Daily Dose is stunning and reveals that we now have more science than we did in 1950.-- We now know more.-- We now understand more of the complexities and nuances of the human body. ---- It is time to end fluoridation. Share the film widely. Get this film to the media and investigative reporters ------ www.OurDailyDoseFilm.com

Severn Trent Chief Executive Liv Garfield explains company's campaign to protect Birmingham's water supply for next 100 years

Olivia 'Liv' Garfield, CEO of Severn Trent Water.
Image taken at Austin Court, Cambridge St, BirminghamSevern Trent plan to build a second water pipe to back up century old Elan Valley Aqueduct - in partnership with Severn Trent......

Will there still be fluoride in the water?

Fluoride isn’t a choice for us, it’s a choice by the local council. We don’t choose the way fluoride is set. Each local council decides whether they wish fluoride to be placed in or not, it all depends on what they want.

Olivia 'Liv' Garfield, CEO of Severn Trent Water. Image taken at Austin Court, Cambridge St, Birmingham


Sink with running waterWhat if I told you that your drinking water, and everything made from it – drinks to soups – was poisoned? What if I then told you that this poison was being presented as a health-giving intervention, presumed to be in your best interest? You might wonder how such a reality could have ever taken hold.
Fluoride is out of an era when
“…valium was prescribed to housewives, feet were x rayed for shoe size, cigarettes were harmless, and nuclear testing was exciting to watch. We knew less and understood the world differently.”
Despite superficial claims to aid in tooth decay prevention, internal documents reveal that fluoride was a fertilizer industry byproduct that found a home in municipal water “treatment”. Not dissimilar to the crediting of vaccination with decline in infectious disease, decline in tooth decay until 2010, has been attributed to fluoridation of the water supply, however, has been mirrored in countries with unfluoridated water. What it does result in, however, is dental fluorosis, a tell-tail sign of toxicity.
With public policy lagging behind emerging science by decades, safe fluoride ingestion amounts have decreased by 40% since 1962 (from 1.6ppb to 0.7) with no apologies for former claims of safety over those 40 years. Concerningly, longitudinal data implicates fluoride’s effects on brain function as measured by IQ. Perhaps this is an unintended consequence? Perhaps it has served as a fringe benefit to keep the populace subdued in this way? Graham Hancock might agree.
Then there is the emergence of data implicating fluoride, a halogen, in endocrine disrupting effects on thyroid which is undoubtedly related to the 23 million Americans on Synthroid, and data from the BMJ demonstrating that fluoridated water doubles the risk of hypothyroidism.
It’s time we look at the fact that we are being dosed with a chemical, in an unmonitored and unstudied way, without our consent.
We used to think that the dose made the poison. Now we understand that the picture of risk is far more nuanced, and better encompassed by concepts like the “cocktail effect“. This chemical isn’t prescribed based on weight, nor has any safe level truly been established by anything other than administrative handwaving. Today, babies fed formula made with tap water can ingest up to 100% greater doses than is deemed “acceptable”. Fluoride also crosses the placenta and is dosed to your growing fetus as part of a soup of environmental toxicants. Haven’t our babies and children been subjected to enough population-level experimentation?
While it is likely that policy will be forced to submit to the growing wave of science implicating fluoride as a brain and body poison without a known biochemical profile in any given individual’s physiology, what to do in the meantime?

Iowa Fluoride Study Gets NIDCR Grant

Iowa Fluoride Study Gets NIDCR GrantThe National Institute of Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) has given a 2-year, $2.3 mllion grant to Dr. Steven Levy of the department of preventative and community dentistry at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry to work on the Iowa Fluoride Study.
Launched in 1991 and funded by the NIDCR, the Iowa Fluoride Study recruited a cohort of nearly 1,900 women with newborns to research longitudinally the complex exposures and intakes of fluoride from water, foods, beverages, and cavity prevention products, along with their relationships to dental caries and other oral health conditions.
The study conducted dental examinations at ages 5, 9, 13, and 17 to assess dental caries prevalence and incidence, in addition to risk factors such as fluorosis. The new funding will support the next wave of dental caries exams of the 580 subjects who are still participating at age 23 in addition to continued work on the Iowa Bone Development Study.
In 1998, the NIDCR launched the Iowa Bone Development Study to better understand normal childhood bone development and relationships with fluoride and other dietary intakes and physical activity, anthropometric, and genetic factors. It assessed subjects at ages 5, 8-9, 11, 13, 15, 17, and 19.
The bone assessments in the next stage of the stu;dy will include dual energy x-ray absorptiometry of the hip, lumbar spine, and whole body peripheral quantitative computed tomography of the radius and tibia; and multi-detector computed tomography of the tibia.
The study, “Fluoride, Dietary and Other Factors Related to Young Adult Bone Measures and Dental Caries,” will include other faculty members from the College of Dentistry as well as from the university’s colleges of public health, liberal arts and sciences, and engineering.

Will include dual energy x-ray absorptiometry of the hip, lumbar spine, and whole body. Not a good thing radiating the body for more research on fluoride. Just turn off the tap as Paul says. 

USA - letter - Misinformation, intimidation

Chuck Gregory’s Oct. 21 letter is a good example of the political tactics or MO used by fluoridationists the past 70 years against those who have opposed adding fluorosilicic acid to drinking water. Intimidation and name calling and outright firing of scientists in the Centers for Disease Control have been the norm, and we will see such bullying again as more people sign the Rutland City ballot initiative to bring the fluoridation issue to a democratic vote by the people.
One other MO used is misinformation conveyed on fluorosilicic acid, as also evidenced in Gregory’s letter. Comparing fluoride to oxygen is an attempt to divert the issue rather than have to talk about the real science, not the stuff put together by the industry and promoted by the dentists so the fertilizer companies can continue to sell their product to the people.
This past year, the Cochrane Group, internationally recognized as using the highest standards in evidence-based health care, reviewed the science supporting fluoridation and reported 97 percent of it was limited due to the observational nature of the study designs with a high risk of bias within the studies.
Cochrane said the applicability of the evidence to current lifestyles was unclear because the majority of the studies were conducted before fluoride toothpastes and other preventive measures were widely used in many communities around the world.
That is what “the expert scientific council” said about fluoride science that Dr. Bookwalter was referring to in his Rutland Herald op-ed article on Sunday, Oct. 25. Fear tactics as an MO were also being used by Dr. Bookwalter when he referred to the contagious diseases of small pox and Ebola when talking about fluoride.
Gregory suggesting the dental health of Brattleboro’s children be studied by Rutland begs the question on why our own Vermont Public Health Department, which favors fluoridation, has not ever asked for nor commissioned such a study of Vermont communities with and without fluorosilicic acid added to drinking water. As fluoride is a known endocrine disruptor, what are the rates of thyroid disease in a population like Bennington, which never added fluorosilicic acid, compared to a similar population that is still drinking this hazardous waste product? What are the rates of dental fluorosis in kids bottle fed infant formula made with tap water because their parents were never told not to mix the formula with the tap water as there was a risk of fluorosis? That is why best practice in health care today is called informed consent.
Rutland City

Monday, October 26, 2015

Not English but look to see how fluoride affects the whole body not just teeth!

Murray Rothbard on Fluoridation

Murray Rothbard on Fluoridation

by Murray Rothbard
Yes, I confess: I’m a veteran anti-fluoridationist, thereby – not for the first time – risking placing myself in the camp of “right-wing kooks and fanatics.” It has always been a bit of mystery to me why left-environmentalists, who shriek in horror at a bit of Alar on apples, who cry “cancer” even more absurdly than the boy cried “Wolf,” who hate every chemical additive known to man, still cast their benign approval upon fluoride, a highly toxic and probably carcinogenic substance. And not only let fluoride emissions off the hook, but endorse uncritically the massive and continuing dumping of fluoride into the nation’s water supply.
First: the generalized case for and against fluoridation of water. The case for is almost incredibly thin, boiling down to the alleged fact of substantial reductions in dental cavities in kids aged 5 to 9. Period. There are no claimed benefits for anyone older than nine! For this the entire adult population of a fluoridated area must be subjected to mass medication!
The case against, even apart from the specific evils of fluoride, is powerful and overwhelming.
(1) Compulsory mass medication is medically evil, as well as socialistic. It is starkly clear that one key to any medication is control of the dose; different people, at different stages of risk, need individual dosages tailored to their needs. And yet with water compulsorily fluoridated, the dose applies to everyone, and is necessarily proportionate to the amount of water one drinks.
What is the medical justification for a guy who drinks ten glasses of water a day receiving ten times the fluorine dose of a guy who drinks only one glass? The whole process is monstrous as well as idiotic.
(2) Adults, in fact children over nine, get no benefits from their compulsory medication, yet they imbibe fluorides proportionately to their water intake.
(3) Studies have shown that while kids 5 to 9 may have their cavities reduced by fluoridation, said kids ages 9 to 12 have more cavities, so that after 12 the cavity benefits disappear. So that, at best, the question boils down to: are we to subject ourselves to the possible dangers of fluoridation solely to save dentists the irritation of dealing with squirming kids aged 5 to 9?
(4) Any parents who want to give their kids the dubious benefits of fluoridation can do so individually: by giving their kids fluoride pills, with doses regulated instead of haphazardly proportionate to the kids’ thirst; and/or, as we all know, they can brush their teeth with fluoride-added toothpaste. How about freedom of individual choice?
(5) Let us not omit the long-suffering taxpayer, who has to pay for the hundreds of thousands of tons of fluorides poured into the nation’s socialized water supply every year. The days of private water companies, once flourishing in the U.S., are long gone, although the market, in recent years, has popped up in the form of increasingly popular private bottled water even though far more expensive than socialized free water.
Nothing loony or kooky about any of these arguments, is there? So much for the general case pro and con fluoridation. When we get to the specific ills of fluoridation, the case against becomes even more overpowering, as well as grisly.....................

One interesting footnote to this story is that whereas fluorine in naturally fluoridated water comes in the form of calcium fluoride, the substance dumped into every locality is instead sodium fluoride. The Establishment defense that “fluoride is fluoride” becomes unconvincing when we consider two points: (a) calcium is notoriously good for bones and teeth, so the anti-cavity effect in naturally fluoridated water might well be due to the calcium and not the fluorine; and (b) sodium fluoride happens to be the major by-product of the manufacture of aluminum.
Which brings us to Oscar R. Ewing. Ewing arrived in Washington in 1946, shortly after the initial PHS push began, arriving there as long-time counsel, now chief counsel, for ALCOA, making what was then an astronomical legal fee of $750,000 a year (something like $7,000,000 a year in present dollars). A year later, Ewing took charge of the Federal Security Agency, which included the PHS, and waged the successful national drive for water fluoridation. After a few years, having succeeded in his campaign, Ewing stepped down from public service, and returned to private life, including his chief counselship of the Aluminum Corporation of America.

Welcome to the campaign to have Western Australia's drinking water Fluoride Free

Imagine a place where the state mass medicates the population with a scientifically proven toxin that itself is a freely acknowledged waste product of heavy industry. This mass medication takes place irrespective of citizens health needs, is arbitrary in its administration, and is enforced without any democratic consensus or independent scrutiny. In addition this mass medication costs taxpayers tens of millions of dollars a year, and yet 99.9% of its output never hits its intended target.
Welcome to Western Australia in 2015. After 49 years of unquestioning acquiescence to to this illogical dogma it is time for WA's citizens to take back ownership of our most precious resource - our water supply.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fillings could ROT your TEETH

Fillings could ROT your TEETH: Shock new research means dentists MUST rethink treatment

An X-Ray of a mouth with fillingsAN URGENT review of dental techniques was called for last night after new research showed fillings can do more harm than good.
Experts say the best way to prevent fillings altogether is to brush your teeth properly twice a day and avoid sugary snacks and fizzy or soft drinks..........
Simen Kopperud, of the Nordic Institute of Dental Materials in Oslo, Norway, who led the study, said: “The most important message is that if restoration takes place in one place the problem of decay is not solved. 
“It is highly possible that the intervention by the dentist causes a problem in adjacent teeth. Fillings are not an ideal solution but at the moment it’s the best solution we have.” 
The study found six out of 10 teeth which were next to a filling had also decayed after five years. 
Almost 30 per cent of these needed filling
Last week David Cameron said no to imposing a sugar tax against the wishes of celebrity chef Jamie and many dentists. 
The British Dental Association has called for a debate and is running an online petition seeking support. 
Professor Walmsley said: “A tax on sugary drinks and food is a no-brainer in tackling tooth decay at source. 
“It’s a scandal that one in eight three-year-olds currently experiences tooth decay.”

DON'T be putting TOXIC Chemicals in Your Mouth or On your Body ....
For Every ACTION there is an Opposite and Equal REACTION !!!!
Health Benefits or Health Consequences !! .... IT'S YOUR CHOICE !!!

USA - Panelists present opposing fluoride views in Port Angeles forum ahead of advisory survey

Fluoridation proponents Drs. Bri Butler, left, and Todd Irwin, right, chat with fluoridation opponent Dr. Bill Osmunson on Thursday after a two-hour forum at Port Angeles City Hall. — Paul Gottlieb/Peninsula Daily New.

Click here to zoom...
PORT ANGELES — It was study vs. study last week at a forum where opposing panelists presented familiar arguments and copious information in preparation for a Nov. 6 advisory survey on city water fluoridation.

More than 100 onlookers overflowed City Council chambers Thursday to hear panelists alternately express confidence and criticism of fluoridating water that's used for drinking and bathing by 10,000 city customers, including 1,500 east of Port Angeles in the Clallam County Public Utility District.

Mayor Dan Di Guilio joined his council colleagues to watch the proceedings in seats normally designated for city staff.

Council members are preparing to decide whether fluoridation should continue beyond May 18, when the city's 10-year obligation to fluoridate water expires. “A lot of that information has been provided to us over the last several months,” Di Guilio said Friday, recalling that pro- and anti-fluoridation speakers make regular appearances for City Council public comment sessions. “I thought both sides provided a lot of information that I thought was very interesting.”
Public comment
Di Guilio said the forum, which will be followed by a public comment session at 6 p.m. this Thursday at the same location, “will weigh heavily in my decision, that's for sure.”
The following week, on Nov. 6, surveys with postage-paid return envelopes will be mailed to city water users.
Completed surveys must be delivered to City Hall at 321 E. Fifth St. or postmarked by Nov. 27.
The public-comment meeting Thursday will be preceded by an anti-fluoridation rally at 1 p.m. at The Gateway transit center at Front and Lincoln streets.

While Di Guilio said much of the information he heard Thursday was familiar, he added that the assertion that fluoridation could cause brain damage was new.
“The pro-fluoride folks countered very well,” Di Guilio added.“If I had to grade [the forum], I'd call it a draw.”........

Canada - Protesters rally against water fluoridation

Brampton Guardian
BRAMPTON— Protesters gathered outside Region of Peel headquarters in Brampton Saturday afternoon to rally against water fluoridation.
The group waved placards and banners against the Region of Peel’s continued practice of adding fluoride to the water supply.
Although fluoride is designed to improve standards of oral health and tackle tooth decay, protesters claim the substance carries health risks.
The group is calling for the water fluoridation scheme to be scrapped, claiming exposure to too much fluoride actually cause, rather than prevent, health problems.
“The people of Peel Region are being poisoned and those of us who are aware of the situation are not happy about it,” said event organizer Christine Massey in an e-mail. “If enough people object (Peel council) will be forced to end this harmful practice.”
Peel has added fluoride to municipal water for decades and a group of concerned residents has been trying hard to influence council’s hand on the practice of using hydrofluoroscilicic acid to fluoridate water.
Dentists and public health experts support fluoridation.
But residents want government and health officials to give them “real proof” that fluoridation is not dangerous to public.
They argue people should have a choice on whether their taps provide fluoridated or non-fluoridated water.
Protesters set up their “family friendly” event in front of regional headquarters, 10 Peel Centre, Dr., at around 2 p.m.
They planned to march up and down the sidewalk and handed out information pamphlets to pedestrians.
Peel Medical Officer of Health David Mowat said the region and regional council examined this issue “at great length” in 2011 and heard arguments on both sides. After that examination, regional councillors voted unanimously to continue fluoridation, he noted.
“Our water supply complies with all federal and provincial guidelines and standards,” Mowat said. “It’s safe.”
Fluoridation is a proven, effective way of reducing dental decay, he added. The region has reviewed massive amounts of scientific information and there is a long list of scientific, professional and government agencies that agree with the practice, Mowat said.
There is no “credible” data to indicate there is a health risk, he insisted.
- with files from Roger Belgrave

Saturday, October 24, 2015

USA - Letter: Dentists no experts on fluoride

To the editor:
As a chemical broker for 50 years, and owning my own chemical company for the last 35 years, I’ve had regular contact with material safety data sheets (MSDS). An MSDS for sodium fluoride reads like this:
“Danger! Chronic inhalation and ingestion may cause chronic fluoride poisoning (fluorosis) characterized by weakness, anemia, brittle bones and stiff joints. Effects may be delayed. Chronic exposure to fluoride may cause systemic toxicity. Skeletal effects may include bone brittleness, joint stiffness, teeth discoloration, tendon calcification and osteosclerosis. Animal studies have reported the development of tumors.”
Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself. You can google MSDS for sodium fluoride on the Internet to find out what chemical companies are saying about their own products used for fluoridation.
We get slow, steady doses of this chemical over many years through water fluoridation, so it may take a while to catch up with us. But remember, sodium fluoride is a cumulative toxin, and builds up in your system over time. It’s a neurotoxin more lethal than lead and slightly less lethal than arsenic. It’s not something we should be adding to our water supply.
If you ask your dentist about it, they won’t tell you about the dangers. But then, for more than 150 years the ADA supported and promoted amalgam fillings, calling them “silver” fillings, although they contain less silver than mercury, also a deadly toxin. Now more than 50 percent of dentists are switching over to composite fillings, by popular demand. But it was the public who had to lead the dentists, not the other way around.
Eventually dentists may catch up with reality on fluoride as well. But until they do, remember they’re hardly in the vanguard of product safety.
Since I obviously have no financial interest in reducing fluoride sales, my main concern is for the long-term health and safety of children, the elderly, and everyone else. No matter what your dentist or your government says, fluoride is a dangerous toxin that builds up in the body over time. This isn’t a scare tactic, it’s the truth.

The dentists are the ones using scare tactics, claiming that children will get more cavities if fluoridation stops. Cessation studies prove that this claim has no basis in reality.
There’s a presentation at the Sawyer Free Library in the Friends Room on Thursday, Oct. 29, from 6 to 7:30 p.m., for those who want more information about fluoridation.
I hope that Gloucester voters will make the wise and healthy choice in November, and not allow themselves to be misled by dentists whose thinking is, once again, obsolete and behind the times.
Terry H. Collins

This drew out our favourite commentator Dr Slott. Proves it must be threatening to the pro fluoride lobby.

Friday, October 23, 2015


Australia - Rous Water admits fluoride dangers for bottle-fed babies

The effects of dental fluorosis. (picture no fluoride.com) Rous Water will ‘strengthen’ links to the NSW Health Department website that contains warnings about giving bottle-fed babies fluoridated water.
But the water authority will not issue warnings directly because it doesn’t have the ‘expertise’ to deal with queries.
Rous Water delegate Vanessa Ekins, a staunch opponent of fluoridation, attempted this week to get the water authority to issue warnings to parents that bottle-fed babies should not receive water that is being dosed with fluoride at the rate Rous Water is adding to the water supply.
‘There was a lot of support for being upfront about the impacts on children and babies but they didn’t want to put the information out themselves because staff said they have no area of expertise,’ she told Echonetdaily.
The NSW Health Department warning says that bottle fed babies could be subject to dental fluorosis, and therefore ‘making up infant formulae with water that has a low fluoride content is consequently not recommended by the NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council).............

New York City Babies Are Fluoride-Overdosed, Hidden Study Shows

NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A recently uncovered document reveals that New York City infants are fluoride overdosed and risk fluoride-damaged teeth, especially when infant formula is mixed with NYC's fluoride-laced public water supplies, reports the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF).
To avoid moderate dental fluorosis (fluoride-damaged teeth) the Institute of Medicine (1997) recommends 6-month-olds and younger consume only 0.01 milligrams fluoride daily.
However, a freedom-of-information obtained 1988 report "A Study of Fluoride Intake in New York State Residents," by Featherstone reveals that NYC 6-month-olds consume unsafe levels (0.4 milligrams daily from food and beverages). Nationally, fluorosis afflicts 41% of adolescents and is rising in prevalence and severity. (CDC 2010)
The American Dental Association describes moderate dental fluorosis as "All tooth surfaces affected; marked wear on biting surfaces; brown stain may be present." (2005 Fluoridation Facts)
Featherstone writes, "…tea and grape juice are high in fluoride." (Some MD's prescribe weak tea for babies' tummy aches) and "Foods cooked with fluoridated water, such as rice and mashed potatoes, are high in fluoride." While fluoride ingestion causes dental fluorosis, Featherstone says only topical application benefits teeth.
All infant formula contains fluoride at levels higher than recommended for 6-month-olds. (Journal of the American Dental Association)
Hidden fluoride in baby foods can also mar babies' teeth, also, according to General Dentistry and Infant juices, too.
Also not publicized is evidence that fluorosis is more prevalent and severe in African Americans and known since 1962.
"Fluoride, neither a nutrient nor essential for healthy teeth, is a prescription drug with side effects. NYC government officials continue to overdose babies by mandating fluoridation," says attorney Paul Beeber, NYSCOF President.
NYC residents can help the newly-formed NYC Coalition Against Artificial Fluoridation which is working to stop fluoridation in NYC. (Contact nyc.caaf@gmail.com).
"Insist that NYC Mayor DiBlasio and the City Council stop forcing unnecessary, money-wasting, potentially health-robbing fluoride chemicals into your bodies via the water supplies," says Beeber.
Another ignored 1990 study by the NYS DoH reported that fluoride can be harmful to kidney patients, diabetics and those with fluoride hypersensitivity even at "optimal" levels.
"There is no scientifically valid reason to continue fluoridation," says Beeber. "It must end."
Watch a new Fluoridation documentary "Our Daily Dose."
Contact: Paul Beeber, JD  516-433-8882 nyscof@aol.com