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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, December 31, 2009


December 31, 2009
An AMAZING day on the fluoridation front
The FAN team has been quite busy trying to keep up with all the wonderfully generous donations and the kind words of support that many of you have sent in. The last 24 hours has been incredibly encouraging - it has quite lifted our spirits and given us fresh hope that we will see an end to the miserable practice of forcing people to take medicine through their water supply.

To understand our excitement over yesterday's response we need to put this fundraising exercise into context. We started on Dec 4 and by Dec 30 morning we had raised $26,276 from 157 donors. This included some large donations from some of our long time benefactors. At that point with only two days to go before the deadline of midnight December 31 (up to this point donations can be deducted from the tax returns for 2009) we decided that getting to $50,000 (what we need to keep going in 2010) would be impossible, so we dropped our goal to $35,000. Then Ellen had a great idea, she said, "Why don't we send this appeal to everyone we have ever been in contact with on fluoridation?" Up to this point we had only sent this appeal to the people who receive the FAN bulletins and the professionals who signed the Professionals' Statement. Well we did...and we have had the most exciting 24 hours for many months.

Since 9 am yesterday morning we received donations from another 191 people (that is more than we had received between Dec 4 - Dec 30). That took us to a total of 346 donors, which is well over our goal of 300, which triggered a donation of $1500 from one of our angels (thank you M). Our total also passed $35,000 which triggered another $1000 from another angel (thank you N). So as I write our current total is $36,569. In addition, we have another $2000 promised in the mail. So all of sudden, something which looked impossible 24 hours ago suddenly looks a lot more feasible. If we had another day like yesterday we could reach $49,000 - and why $49,000 and not $50,000? Because another angel has pledged to kick in the last $1000 if we get that close.

So over to you. Can we raise $10,000 today?

But it isn't just the money - as important as that is to finance our battle -it is the wonderful support you sent us. Just when we were feeling a little lonely - you told us we are not alone. There are many, many people out there who feel this injustice as strongly as we do - who want us all to win. You have reminded us that there is huge family of people out there, of all ages, of all political persuasions - some who we will never meet - who are determined to fight this uphill battle for truth and scientific integrity until we prevail. For some this might be our last battle (we remember some of the past fluoridation fighters who have passed away) for other young people it might be your first.

But whether you are young or old, the key thing to remember is that as difficult as this may appear to be we will get there, and we will get there with our integrity intact. There are no short cuts. There are no magic bullets. There will be no deals made behind closed doors. This practice should never have started and it must be halted as swiftly as possible. This is what the ethics say. This is what the science says. We will eventually reach the tipping point when enough people recognize this and it will overwhelm the powerful interests that have duped so many decision makers, professionals and journalists for so long. Your dollars and your energy will speed that day.

Please keep the donations and emails of support flooding in. Remember a donation of $10 or more before midnight tonight will earn you a DVD (Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation) -ignore what it says when you make a donation online (it says $100 is needed to secure this DVD - that is last year's message when the DVD was hot off the press). Donation details below.

Here are the donation details again:

• By Credit Card via our secure online server at https://secure.groundspring.org/dn/index.php?aid=5061

• By check, payable to Fluoride Action Network. Send to Paul Connett, 82 Judson Street, Canton NY 13617

• The least painful option is a recurring monthly donation at https://secure.groundspring.org/dn/index.php?aid=5061

We will let you how we are doing around 8 pm tonight.

Paul Connett
Director, Fluoride Action Network

Science corrupted?

UK - I back anti-lobby because fluoride must be a choice

I back anti-lobby because fluoride must be a choice
Date: 30 December 2009
Grasmere Drive
Once again we have an unfair attack on a Your say contributor.
I support the lobby that is against adding fluoride to our water – not for any medical or dental reasons but for the simple reason of personal choice.
If the powers that be want to make it compulsory for mass fluoride medication then why isn't it added to food, fizzy drinks, alcohol, bottled water, or in a tea-bag so that people can choose to buy these?
The simple answer is that fluoride cannot be added to these items because it is a poison and banned as a food additive in virtually every country.
If there is a proven reason why it should be compulsory issued then why isn't it issued via a doctor or a dentist as part of a compulsory programme which is witnessed by a medical or dentistry professional?
The very people who want, or care about, fluorine to protect teeth are probably the people who least need it and the people who do need it are not interested in tooth care, otherwise they would buy toothpaste instead of beer, cigs or pop.
After all a cheap tube of toothpaste is only around 20p – this is their choice.

Jon Ingle

Frankacne,Lancashire 30/12/2009 11:10:51
Sad to say that fluoride is already availble in a wide variety of foods and drinks. including fizzy drinks and bottled water. If you shop at LIDL in Scotland you can even buy fluoridated salt. Why you may ask? well, because the Scottish chief mental, oops, I mean Dental Officer was so outraged that the Scottish parliament had wisely thown out water fluoridation that he now wishes to introduce the poisonous muck to Scotland via the back door (see how democratic the pro fluoride people are ?) Leaning on LIDL, he managed to "persuade" them of its miraculous powers to damage teeth and young kids and LIDL knowing no better agreed to sell ChanteSel fluoridated salt. Now salt provides two health dangers for the price of one. Even fluoride is availble as a BOGOF. Friends of the Earth are already discussing this with LILY and are lobbying the Scottish assembly who no doubt will not appreciate being tricked and ignored. Fluoride, natural or otherwise is still availble for those who wish it by drinking Guinness, made from the wonderful waters of the River Liffy in Dublin, recetly poisoned by having had Dublins tap water fluoridated by a Government which apparently lives in the dark when it comes water pollution. Tea of course also contains "natural" fluoride so if you like tea, but not fluoride, drink it weak with milk to negate some of its effects.

UK - Daily Echo - Campaigners say adding chemical is 'illegal'

HAMPSHIRE: Campaigners say adding chemical is 'illegal'
Medicine claim in fluoride fight
• By Jon Reeve__________
jon. reeve @ dailyecho. co. uk
CAMPAIGNERS have lodged a new bid to have fluoride banned from Hampshire's tap water because it is not licensed as a medicine.
Calls have been made for the body responsible for regulating health products to be censured for allegedly breaking the law by not testing the chemicals involved for safety.
Hampshire MEP Caroline Lucas and New Forest East MP Julian Lewis have both written to the parliamentary and health service ombudsman demanding an investigation.
If they succeed, it could mean fluoridation has to be halted across the country while the chemicals involved are thoroughly tested.
The move comes after the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) rejected calls from campaign group Hampshire Against Fluoridation (HAF) to
examine whether fluoride needs to be treated in the same way as other medicines.
It believes drinking water is covered by different legislation and is not within its remit.
But the politicians have now urged the ombudsman to step in and order the body to ban fluoridation.
European law says any substance "presented as having properties for treating or preventing disease" must be viewed as a medicinal product.
In February, South Central Strategic Health Authority backed plans to add fluoride to the water supplies of nearly 200,000 people living in parts of Southampton, Eastleigh,Totton, Netley and Rownhams.
Speaking ahead of the 2008 public consultation, the city's director of public health,
Andrew Mortimore said he was backing fluoride because it would cut tooth decay.
HAF chairman John Spottiswoode says because health bosses argued fluoridation is needed to improve dental health, they have admitted it is being used as a medicine.
Mr Spottiswoode says it is immoral and illegal to medicate anyone without consent.
He said: "We want the MHRA to obey EU and UK legislation, enforce testing to medicinal standards, plus licensing, of water fluoridation chemicals. Until that is done all fluoridation in the UK should cease."
An MHRA spokeswoman said the organisation was confident of its decision.
"The MHRA considers that neither the fluoride added to drinking water nor the resulting fluoridated water is a medicinal product," she said.
"Claims made for non-medicinal products fall outside the MHRA's jurisdiction."

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Canada - No fluoride

No fluoride
Thunder Bay’s municipal drinking water received a great deal of attention this year.
Residents began to pay closer attention as a Thunder Bay District Health Unit campaign to put fluoride in the drinking water gained momentum. While numerous health officials championed the idea, putting fluoride into the city’s drinking water couldn’t escape controversy and becomes tbnewswatch.com’s eighth top news story of 2009.

City council ended the fluoride debate in July with a 6-5 vote against a resolution to study the fluoridation of Thunder Bay’s water. Had council not voted against the resolution, the issue could have went back to citizens in the form of a plebiscite.

"We can educate people on nutrition, proper oral care … those are the steps that I’m prepared to take first," Coun. Trevor Giertuga said just before he and his fellow councillors voted. "I personally don’t want (fluoride) in my water."

"My issue is the 2-million pounds of (fluoride) being washed through our system with only one per cent being consumed by the public," said Mayor Lynn Peterson. "The rest being flushed into the Great Lakes."

Councillors who voted against studying the fluoridation of the drinking water believed they were on the side of public perception.
But during that night in council chambers, it became clear that the politicians were not on the side of the health officials attending the meeting.
"I sit here dumbfounded that you don’t listen to the experts that you hire," Dr. Frank Stechey, Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario president, told council. "Your public health officials are telling you this (fluoridating water) is the way to go."
Council concluded that marathon meeting at 2:40 a.m., but the debate about the fluoridation of drinking water continued long after that.

Australia - Fluoridated water now the norm

Ashleigh Vella, of West Mackay, grabs a bottle of water yesterday to cool down without the added fluoride that is now part of Mackay’s drinking water.
Tony Martin
Fluoridated water now the norm
Fallon Hudson 30th December 2009
WHETHER you have converted to bottled water or now use a filter – there is no denying fluoride is here to stay.
Tomorrow will mark two weeks since the tap was turned on and fluoride flowed through Mackay’s water supply for the first time.
Fluoride was one of the most contentious issues discussed by the people of Mackay this year before it was given the green light.
Many letters to the editor and a constant stream of SMS complaints showed some people were against adding it to our water supply.
But it seems when you ask the average local on the street about fluoride, many have accepted it is now part of our life.
Mackay Regional Council Water and Waste Services acting director David Brooker said the addition of fluoride to Mackay’s water was a simple and easy process.
Households in Mackay are now receiving fluoridated water.
Mr Brooker said 0.7 parts of fluoride were being added to one million parts of water and that was within the range of the equivalent of one drop in a bathtub of water.
“For the past two weeks we have gone without any trouble.
“In fact, it has been a trouble-free process and all of our online equipment is all working well.”
Many residents yesterday said they believed the taste of Mackay water had changed – some convinced the water now left a metallic aftertaste.
Mr Brooker, however, disputed that opinion stating fluoride was tasteless and colourless.
“It shouldn’t taste any different,” he said.
In early December the Daily Mercury reported that the World Health Organisation was one of numerous international health institutions to endorse the practice of adding fluoride to drinking water to improve dental health.
The introduction of fluoride is part of a $24 million upgrade to the Nebo Road water treatment plant that will increase water capacity from 55 megalitres to 75 megalitres.

It is not possible to be healthy eating sea salt Says Dentist and Researcher Dr Hal Huggins DDS

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The American Dental Association wants more of your money. The ADA paid for an advertisement in newspapers distributed to Congress asking Congress to reimburse dentists with even more money than they do now in order for dentists to agree to treat low-income people. The ADA continues to promote fluoridation as a panacea for tooth decay because it doesn't hurt dentists' bottom line because it doesn't work

NYSCOF: The ADA shows a large group of people waiting to have teeth extracted at a "mission of mercy" set up in Viriginia which is over 90% fluoridated along with 70% of the country and virtually 100% of the food supply.

Monday, December 28, 2009

USA - Minnesota trains dental 'therapists' in bid to improve access to care

"Jodi Hager sees close up what limited care means: children from poor families with decay in every tooth and adults weary from driving two hours to a place that will take their state insurance."

Dentists are anti-dental therapists.

Dental therapists are being trained side-by-side with dentists to increase access to affordable dental care despite the lobbying efforts of organized dentistry against this excellent remedy. Dentists prefer to treat the water of low-income Minnesotans; not their teeth. And they don't want anyone else doing so either.

In Minnesota, where fluoridation is state-mandated: NYSCOF

Sunday, December 27, 2009


FAN Bulletin 2010: Plans for the New Year
December 26, 2009
Our fundraising effort to raise $50,000 to support our 2010 campaign efforts to end fluoridation has picked up some momentum over the last few days.
As of Dec 23 we had received $15,966 from 115 donors
As of Dec 24 we had received $16,416 from 124 donors
As of Dec 26 we had received $19,076 from 139 donors
To help continue this momentum two angels have stepped in with two separate challenges. One is challenging us to raise another $1000 by Dec 28 midnight, and that will be matched $ for $. The other will donate $1500 if we can get 300 donors by December 31 midnight.
Are we asking too much?
Think what we are up against - according to Beth Sussman (National Journal, Sept 2, 2009) the ADA's total revenue for 2007 was $111 million.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics the ADA gave $1,947,490 to members of the US Congress in 2008, with slightly more to Democrats.

The ADA has about 157,000 members and is capable of reaching every town in the country with their propaganda. The CDC has 30 employees in the Oral Health Division for which their main goal is to increase the number of US communities fluoridated, including mandatory statewide wherever they see the opportunity. Likewise every state has a dental director dedicated to promoting and defending this practice. Similar situations pertain in the main fluoridating countries. Internationally there is an international dental lobby spearheaded by the World Dental Federation (FDI) which is funded largely by industrial interests, as well as the World Health Organization, which has been captured by the dental lobby on this issue.

Fluoridation promoters will not be happy until they have fluoridated every town in every country in the world (according to them access to fluoride is a basic human right!).

We only have one weapon against all this - the truth. But even the truth only works if we can get people to read and acknowledge it. In that respect we have some tools - FAN's webpage - the Professionals' Statement - the Professionals' DVD and our other videos.

Here are other things we are planning for 2010 (more details to follow over the next few days):

1) We want to hire a full-time campaign organizer.
2) We will be organizing The 4th Citizens Conference on Fluoride at St. Lawrence University from July 23-27: SAVE THE DATE!
3) We hope to produce another key video.
4) We will be supporting a lawsuit in Washington State at the request of Dr. Bill Osmunson.
5) We will be pursuing answers from the US EPA pesticide division - in court if necessary - on their outrageous health risk assessment on the fluoride residues left by Dow AgroSciences' use of sulfuryl fluoride as a fumigant on food in warehouses and processing plants (and recently proposed for soil).
But we need to have the budget to do these things.
FAN began in 2000 with the odds strongly against us. It has come a long way, and if we can continue, we can win. But only with your help. This is a people's campaign.
A huge thank you to the 139 people who have already contributed the $19,000 to FAN's 2010 budget. Your contributions have been enormously generous and we are extremely grateful, but 139 is only a small total out of the thousands who have received this appeal.

Please validate our efforts with a small financial contribution. This is one way you can tell us we are not wasting our time.

Paul Connett

Toothpaste- safe to use or not?

Toothpaste- safe to use or not?
Barbara Stanley
Potentially toxic ingredients from toothpaste and mouthwash could be absorbed into the body. Concerning fluoride, the FDA warning reads: "Warning, keep out of reach of children under the age of 6. If more than used for normal brushing is swallowed, contact your poison control center immediately."

Toothpaste is flavored to entice children to brush. It may also be enticing them to swallow it. Even a small amount of fluoride can cause serious health risks. Death could result if a two year-old child swallows 42% of a tube of fluoride toothpaste.

Triclosan is used in toothpaste and mouthwash, as well as dish-washing soap, hand soap, and deodorants. In August of 2009, the Canadian Medical Association requested Canada Health to ban triclosan use in personal care products due to development of bacterial resistance. Since triclosan is an antibiotic/antimicrobial agent, the CDC reports frequent use could lead to growth of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a detergent used in almost all toothpaste. It dries out the protective mucus lining in the mouth, leading to an increase in canker sores. Some tooth abrasion may be caused by the abrasives added to toothpaste.

Artificial sweeteners such as saccharin is used in many toothpaste. It is still uncertain if artificial sweeteners are safe.

Botanical ingredients included in toothpaste and mouthwash may contain herbs that should not be taken by pregnant women and children. Go to nim.gov/medlineplus to check which herbs are safe to use according to your particular health concerns.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Requirements for Healthy Tooth Development

Requirements for Healthy Tooth Development
The mother plays a significant role in the development of her baby’s teeth. Having a healthy diet and proper nutrition helps ensure that the baby receives the minerals and nutrients it needs to develop healthy teeth.
Women who suffer from severe nutrient deficiencies during their pregnancy increase the likelihood that their baby will be born with dental malformations or that they will be more susceptible to tooth decay as they mature, according to information posted by the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.
Healthy tooth development and maintenance requires a variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C and D and fluoride, calcium and phosphorous.
Read the full article titled “ Beverly Hills, CA Orthodontics Specialist Discusses Tooth Development during Pregnancy”.

Fluoride for babies?

Thursday, December 24, 2009


FAN Bulletin 2009: Chilling winds from Ontario
December 24, 2009
In the last bulletin I mentioned that there were rumblings of efforts to make fluoridation mandatory in Ontario, Canada. I received a request for some documentation for these rumblings. What I got back from one of our Canadian contacts was chilling, she writes:

A joint committee of the Ontario Dental Assoc., the Ont. Public Health Assoc. and the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario was formed about two years ago with the stated purpose of getting the Ontario government to set up and fund a Fluoridation Office with sole control over all information that the public can receive about fluoridation. The RCDSO and ODA presidents past and current have publicly asked Premier McGuinty to make mandatory water fluoridation his legacy to Ontario. The RCDSO has a policy forcing dentists to support fluoridation publicly and Dr. Stechey is on video telling Thunder Bay councilors that the RCDSO would take action against any dentist who didn't adhere to this policy.

Some of these public speeches are on video clips on Waterloo Watch. Written resolutions to support the formation of an Ontario Fluoridation Office and a policy of mandatory fluoridation are in minutes of AGMs and committees of these associations.

In addition, the Bioethics advisor to the Ont. Public Health Association, Dr. Angus Dawson, has recommended political strategy of removing our democratic right to vote for an end to fluoridation, and laws to block "lobbying" by those he calls "objectors" to fluoridation so that elected officials can only be approached by pro-fluoridation experts, and only pro-fluoridation candidates are nominated (i.e. a qualification for running for office), and elected officials may not receive anti-fluoridation literature or deputations from the public once elected.

It is hard to believe that this is coming from officials in the largest province in Canada, so respected on many other fronts for its respect of human rights, democratic processes and human decency in general. Someone please tell me this is not happening.

Our fighting fund for 2010

Thanks to the nine of you who sent in donations since yesterday's bulletin. So far we have received $450 towards our mini-goal to match a $1000 challenge by Dec 26 midnight. If we reach this total then we get another $1000 from our angel. Another $550 to go. And another $33,584 to reach our ambitious - but critically important- goal of $50,000 by Dec 31. All US donations are tax-deductible - so why not give the money to FAN instead of Uncle Sam?

Here's how to donate:

• By Credit Card via our secure online server at https://secure.groundspring.org/dn/index.php?aid=5061

• By check, payable to Fluoride Action Network. Send to Paul Connett, 82 Judson Street, Canton NY 13617

• The least painful option and available to those who want to get one of the gifts below: make a recurring monthly donation at https://secure.groundspring.org/dn/index.php?aid=5061 -- this is the option that Ellen and I use.

A happy Christmas, or any other holiday you are celebrating, to you and your family.


UK Daily Echo - Effects of fluoride on our marine environment

Effects of fluoride on our marine environment
THE Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change attracted much attention with politicians falling over themselves to show off their green credentials.
What has this to do with the local fluoride controversy? Well, quite a lot actually There is a green angle to this debate that has been mostly overlooked by those keen to add this chemical to the region's water supply.
Hexafluorosilicic acid is a by-product of the phosphate fertiliser industry and as such, is not allowed to be disposed of in the sea or river waters. However, when designated for use as a medicinal product, it can be added to drinking water despite not being eligible for a medicinal licence. The SHA did not carry out an assessment of the environmental impact of fluoridation.
Why has there been no independent environmental assessment of the impact of fluoridation on our unique marine environment? Recently concern has been raised about the impact of fluoride on the local oyster population as there is evidence that fluoride accumulates in these shellfish and may impact negatively on the Solent Oyster Fishery. If fluoridation goes ahead, there are many who will simply refuse to drink tap water and opt for bottled water instead.
Whatever way you look at it - water fluoridation WILL have a detrimental effect on the environment. If our government, politicians and policy makers are genuinely concerned for the environment, the wider impact of decisions such as water fluoridation need to be properly evaluated.
Unfortunately, it seems this has not been the case and the long-term consequences for the environment of this policy remain unknown.
ANNA PECKHAM, (address supplied).

Di Buckland asks Australians to wake up and reject Fluoride

Australia - Top Cairns dentist defends fluoride

Top Cairns dentist defends fluoride
Daniel Bateman
Thursday, December 24, 2009
THE Far North's top dentist says the only controversy over fluoride is that it has not been introduced into the region's water supply earlier.
Cairns’ water supply will be permanently fluoridated by December 31 after Cairns Regional Council began the chemical this week.
In response, water filter retailers have reported stock sell-outs as Far Northern residents rush to purchase water filters as Christmas presents before water supplies are permanently fluoridated.
Queensland Health Cairns district director of oral health Robyn Boase said the effect dental decay had on children was far more of a concern than the effect of fluoride on the human body.
"Fluoride has come up trumps in preventing dental decay and not causing any side effects," Dr Boase said.
"It helps stabilise the mineral content of bones and teeth.
"I think people forget that dental decay is extremely toxic.
"We have a condition called early childhood caries. It’s the most frequent cause of hospitalisation in children up to age 4.
"People don’t get hospitalised from drinking fluoridated water. They get hospitalised from dental decay."
Dr Boase, who has been living in Cairns for 20 years after living in South Australia, said the Far North’s rate of dental decay was "significantly higher" than other states.
Water fluoridation is endorsed by the World Health Organisation, the Australian Dental Association, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the Royal College of Physicians and the British Dental Association.
Anti-fluoridation campaigners are lobbying the State Government to terminate its enforced water fluoridation program on the grounds it is undemocratic.
Dr Boase said the economic impact of dental decay on Queensland outweighed any argument for a referendum on the issue.

People are hospitalised from the harmful effects of fluoride. Fluoride causes Hashimoto's disease, a common form of hypothyroidism which can lead to heart problems. Fluoride is a poison which splits, distorts and damages enzymes, resulting in the failure of immune proteins to recognize body proteins causing autoimmune diseases. Thyroid antibodies produced causes Thyroiditis resulting Hashimoto's Disease, affecting millions of people. Musculo Skeletal damage results further from the enzyme toxic effect causing Rheumatoid illness, osteoporosis, deformation of bones and bone cancer. This toxic effects extends to enamel of the teeth, causing pitting and brown stains known as dental fluorosis.All we want is to have freedom of choice as some people do not wish to ingest fluoride.

Posted by: Lesley McMillan of Melbourne 2:18pm today

If fluoride was such a massive problem, why doesn't the rest of the country complain about their water supply? Is this just another case of Queenslanders' being scared of the unknown,like daylight savings. Same reason why Beattie was kept in power for so long when he was clearly hopeless and Anna is no better. Sometimes change is good.

Posted by: AliG of Cairns 11:22am today

Yet again another Dental expert stating that fluoride is good for teeth. Obviously no one is paying attention to the public comments. The pro-experts are debating this argument purely on this basis and ignoring the publics wishes and worries. Fluoride may be good for teeth - But it is the DELIVERY METHOD we are complaining against. As others have commented before me, stop this mass medication of the world - the majority of the world is NOT comprised of teeth. IF there is ever a strong panel of expert doctors, marine biologists, ecologists that can unanimous say that medication of our water supply is good for ALL critters, creatures and plants in the environment, then is the time to use this mass medication method.There are other delivery methods available to reach the wider public, heck it is being done with our bread and barely raised a whisper of comments. I find it highly suspicious that the pro-fluoride experts are arguing from one such narrow angle and ignoring the repeated arguments requesting a wider broader view. To reiterate it is the DELIVERY METHOD being used that is the problem.

Posted by: of Cairns 9:37am today

I grew up in Sydney which was fluoridated and had plenty of fillings and even fluorosis. I know this was caused from fluoride so it just goes to show some people do have adverse effects from fluoride.

Posted by: Julie of Cairns 9:15am today

It's despicable fluoride hasn't been in our water supply for decades. Cairns City Council has a lot to answer for there.

Posted by: Jock of Cairns 8:31am today

I grew up in the ACT which had fluoride in the water. I had my first filling when I was 36 years old. Could the fluoride have been an influence in me having such good teeth? I suspect it was.

Posted by: Molly of cairns 7:12am today

And yet the American Dental Association does not support this. For something that only benifits toddlers, forced medication on the rest of us. Will the LNP remove this if they get voted in?

Posted by: Shane of Up North 6:33am today

Eustace Mullins with Frank Whalen 9/9

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reply to Witz on Fluoride

Eustace Mullins with Frank Whalen 8/9

Australia - Fluoride fears spark Cairns filter rush

On tap: Alan Creasey from Enviromart Australia says people not wanting to drink fluoride are buying record numbers of water filters. Picture: CHRIS HYDE

Fluoride fears spark Cairns filter rush
Daniel Bateman
Wednesday, December 23, 2009
CAIRNS residents are giving each other water filters as Christmas presents in a rush before the Far North's water supply is permanently fluoridated.
Shopkeepers say they have been rushed off their feet with sales of filters to residents concerned about the effects fluoridated water may have upon their health.
An average ceramic water filter has been selling for about $345, while reverse osmosis systems retail for about $800, and distilling units about $390.
Owner of Cairns business Enviromart Australia, Di Creasey, said 95 per cent of her water filter stock was being sold before it hit the shelves.
"We’ve been selling pallet loads of stock every two-three days for the past three weeks," Ms Creasey said.
"People have been coming in and buying them to give away as Christmas presents."
Fluoride will be permanently added to the Far North’s water supply by December 31.
Cairns Regional Council started pumping fluoride into the Tunnel Hill Water Treatment Plant, near Copperlode Dam, on Monday night.
Ms Creasey said many of her customers felt the State Government’s mandate to fluoridate the Far North’s water was undemocratic.
"During the last state election, Anna Bligh really avoided the subject of fluoride," she said.
"When she was voted back in, she thanked Queensland for giving her the go ahead for putting fluoride in the water supply."

NZ - Far North Fluoridation Report Critiqued

Far North Fluoridation Report Critiqued
Wednesday, 23 December, 2009 - 16:01 "Scientifically unsound and academically dishonest" is how a peer review describes the Northland District Health Board's report on the Far North fluoridation trial of 2007-2009. The review was sent today to the Far North District Council by Fluoride Action Network NZ Inc; New Zealand's experts in the science against fluoridation. A copy is available on FANNZ website www.fannz.org.nz.

The equipment failure throughout the entire study means any benefits must have come from other causes, such as the range of dental health programmes conducted at the same time, the review says.

The review recommends, amongst other things, that the FNDC classify the NDHB's report "as an 'opinion piece', to be afforded no probative value until the raw data is released to the FNDC and FANNZ for independent peer-review."

"The NDHB refuses to allow independent peer review of its data, even though its claimed 'obligation of confidence' to participants ended when the report was published" says Mark Atkin (BSc), author of the review.

All data was assigned a code number to ensure anonymity of participants. In signing the consent forms participants' parents agreed that this was adequate protection of confidentiality. "So what is the problem?" asks Mr Atkin.

The FNDC will next discuss fluoridation, and proposals for a public referendum, at its February meeting.

"Given the weight that the previous Council decided would be given to this report, we felt it important that councillors have an independent peer review of it. The review has been checked by a medical doctor and dentist, so this is not just a lay person's opinion" stresses Mr Atkin.

USA - Treating a Community’s Health Needs That Reform May Not Fix

Treating a Community’s Health Needs That Reform May Not Fix
Published: December 3, 2009
"Dr. Souri juggles work here with a suburban practice and routinely sees 2- and 3-year-olds with as many as 20 cavities. On a day I visited, he dealt with a boy, 6, who needed four fillings because he drank too much soda, and a girl, 7, who had 10 cavities."
Fluoridation is state mandated in Illiniois: NYSCOF

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eustace Mullins with Frank Whalen 7/9

Toothpaste Warning

Toothpaste Warning
Date: 21 December 2009
Hollin Drive
I reply to John Crabtree's letter ("Water, not toothpaste!" December 11, 2009) questioning my accuracy in stating "do not swallow fluoride" whether it is in toothpaste or in our public drinking water.

Permeable teeth or not, John, fluoride applied topically (direct) onto the tooth is the only scientifically evidenced prophylactic use of the fluorine compound in dental caries prevention. This is a dental fact, and the reason dentists offer to coat children's teeth in the stuff.

That is, it needs to be applied directly onto the teeth, tooth by tooth. Recently there is growing dental doubt in the effectiveness of this treatment, as apparently witnessed by Colin Shaw in his previous letter.

Fluoride in toothpaste brushed onto the teeth may help harden them against decay, but fluoride in drinking water can only work on the teeth as it is swished around ones mouth as one cleans ones teeth prior to spitting out the toothpaste! Fluoride in drinking water is thus ineffective.

However, it has its dangers. As I explained in my previous letter, 'all experts on fluorides (including those who support the pro-fluoride lobby) know perfectly well that, if fluoride doses are on the high side, teeth and bones will be damaged by dental and skeletal fluorosis (fluoride poisoning)'.

Ingesting (swallowing) fluoride compounds has a proven detrimental effect on one's bones, the thyroid, the enzyme system and, as recently reported, children's IQ. As dose increases it can cause a variety of medical reactions including, muscle weakness, lethargy, obesity and the weakening, deformation and progressively calcium poor and brittle bones. At high dosage, such as swallowed toothpaste, it can kill. So fluoride is unsafe.

Additionally, the body can only at best get rid of 50 per cent of the fluorine we ingest, and so overtime it continues to build up in our bodies. As we age this leads to increasingly harmful health effects, as listed above.

Fluorosis (progressive mottling of teeth as is seen more frequently in fluoridated areas, especially in children) is a symptom within the population and a warning of this kind of slow but steady poisoning of the general population from ingesting too much fluoride.

So, with fluoride in the public drinking water supplies (fluoridation), there is no control of the dose individual people receive. There is no reference to an individual's body size, potential pregnancy, age or any underlying health condition. No doctor would prescribe an unproven drug at an unknown dosage to a patient they had not met!

Don't get sucked into, or swallow, the pro-fluoridation propaganda, which is based on outdated and weak corporate science of the 1940s and 50s. It is the same old fashioned and biased science that said asbestos, coal-dust, DDT, smoking and lead in paint and petrol were all safe. As I am sure you are aware, they have all been shown to be deadly dangerous and harmful.

Trust you have now "got it" John, and I hope all readers of this paper too – don't ever swallow the stuff!
Jonathan Eyre

Fluoride makes drugs stronger

Fluoride makes drugs stronger
Published Date:
21 December 2009
By Dulverton Road
Carole Coles's letter posed a very intelligent question "How will fluoride mix with my medication?" on December 14.

It is probable that no reliable studies have been done on this. Scientists have usually tested chemicals singly to find out their effects, but it is known that chemicals are much more powerful when mixed with other chemicals.
This is known as the synergistic (working together) effect.
For this reason fluoride is added to many medical drugs to make the active ingredients work more powerfully.
Drugs such as tranquillisers often contain fluoride, as do many anaesthetics. The difficulty is in preventing people receiving too much fluoride today, as fluoride is also in industrial pollution and some pesticides and in perfluorochemicals in stain retardants in carpets & upholstery.
These can have cancer-causing properties and may cause reproductive damage. The "cocktail effect" of chemicals is often not taken into account and more attention needs to be paid to this.

Ann Wills

Monday, December 21, 2009

Eustace Mullins with Frank Whalen 6/9

Australia - Fluoride referendum ruled out

Fluoride referendum ruled out
Posted 9 hours 43 minutes ago
Victoria's chief health officer has ruled out the possibility of a referendum on the introduction of fluoride into the Mildura region's water supply.
Mildura Rural City Council had been asked to find out from the State Government if a referendum is possible.
Dr John Carney says it is State Government policy and part of the National Oral Health Program to introduce fluoride which is safe and effective.
"Well we haven't conducted a referenda on the issue of fluoride in any other parts of regional Victoria, so I really don't see the need for it in the Mildura area," he said.
"Certainly with the introduction of many other public health programs, we don't conduct referenda on these."

Australia - Fluoride delayed

Fluoride delayed
21st December 2009
FLUORIDE won’t flow into Toowoomba’s bulk water supply until the end of March.
Toowoomba Regional Council Deputy Mayor Paul Antonio said the initial January deadline was not going to be met because council had been "held-up with a number of things totally beyond our control".
"We have gone to a lot of trouble to make sure we’ve got it dead right," Cr Antonio said.
"Our management people have been in constant discussion with the State Government."
Cr Antonio said the TRC was open to a $120,000 fine if it could not introduce fluoride to the Toowoomba supply by March 31.
"But I would suggest that the government would be pretty bloody-minded to implement that fine.
"We’re pretty comfortable with the fact that we’ve done the best for the people of Toowoomba."
The Australian Dental Association Queensland issued a statement yesterday attempting to quell Queensland residents’ concerns about the introduction of fluoride.
"It is not a new concept and it is not untested.

"Fluoridation immediately acts to strengthen the outer surface of teeth in people of all ages," the statement said.

UK - Daily Echo - Impact that has not been assessed

Impact that has not been assessed
By Anna Peckham
THE Copenhagen summit on climate change is attracting much attention with politicians falling over themselves to show off their green credentials. What has this to do with the local fluoride controversy? Well, quite a lot actually. There is a green angle to this debate that has been mostly overlooked by those keen to add this chemical to the region's drinking water.
Hexafluorosilicic acid is a byproduct of the phosphate fertiliser industry and as such, is not allowed to be disposed of in the sea or river waters. However, when designated for use as a medicinal product, it can be added to drinking water, despite not being eligible for a medicinal licence. Shockingly, the SNA did not carry out an assessment of the environmental impact of fluoridation. This is despite the Southampton area's unique environmental position with the Solent and surrounding waters described as some of the most scientifically interesting waters in the country. The Marine and Coastal Access Act which has just come into force is concerned with the well-being of the sea bed and protection of the natural environment". So why has there been no independent environmental assessment of the impact of fluoridation on this unique marine environment?
Recently concern has been raised about the impact of fluoride on the local oyster population as there is evidence that fluoride accumulates in these shellfish and may impact negatively on the Solent Oyster Fishery.
If fluoridation goes ahead, there are many who will simply refuse to drink tap water and opt for bottled water instead. This is bad news for the environment, resulting in more plastic waste and an increase in the carbon load involved in the manufacture and transport of bottled water. The only other option is to remove fluoride from tap water by installing an expensive reverse osmosis filter but these systems use a substantial amount more water and energy to operate. Whichever way you look at it water fluoridation WILL have a detrimental effect on the environment.
If politicians and policy makers are genuinely concerned for the environment, the wider impact of decisions such as water fluoridation need to be properly evaluated. Unfortunately, it seems this has not been the case and the long term consequences for the environment of this policy remain unknown.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to get a one world governement? Dumb down future generations with fluoride.

Eustace Mullins with Frank Whalen 5/9

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Australia - March against fluoridation

March against fluoridation
Posted on December 19, 2009, 1:01pm
People opposed to the fluouridation of Mount Gambier’s water supply will protest with a march and rally on Saturday, January 16.
The Choice Mount Gambier group has distributed flyers to households this week, inviting supporters to join the demonstration.
Construction work on the Blue Lake fluoridation plant began earlier this month with excavations to prepare for the construction of a 60 square metre stone building above the pumping station to house the plant.
Major works are scheduled to start later this month, with completion towards the middle of 2010.
The anti-fluoride flyer delivered to households claims that new studies “question the wisdom of dosing municipal and potable water supplies with fluoride”.
“When one begins to understand the powers behind the push for water fluoridation the dichotomy of water fluoridation can be better understood,” the flyer states.
“Choice Mount Gambier encourages every citizen to investigate the matter for themselves.”
The group asks: “What if it were two to four tonnes of lead or arsenic being metered into our Blue Lake water supply?”
The march against fluoridation will being at 11am on January 16 in Vansittart Park, proceeding down Commercial Street to the Cave Gardens for a rally.

USA - Kids with cavities lack access to dental care

Kids with cavities lack access to dental care
"About 60 percent of the children screened have cavities but do not have access to dental care in their underserved communities, say the clinic's officers."

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is fluoridated:NYSCOF

Friday, December 18, 2009

Caroline Lucas, Green MEP, has sent in in support of the MHRA complaint to the Ombudsman

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Dec 09 Final

Eustace Mullins with Frank Whalen 4/9

Dentistry IQ - Fluoridation

Anti-fluoridationist is a term I first heard in 2007 during an online discussion of water fluoridation. In my opinion, it is an ugly label for those concerned about public drinking water. It should also be noted that most of those opposed to water fluoridation are not seeking total elimination of the element. Topical fluoride and its benefits are seldom argued by these individuals. Instead of spending so much time invalidating their beliefs, health-care providers should open our ears and listen to the concern: then present evidence in a non-confrontational manner to support our own stand on the issue. If the patient's concern is based on spiritual or religious teachings, respect it and move on. With CPP-ACP technology readily available, we have other options to present for caries prevention.
Those opposed to water fluoridation do have some solid research to support their position. Coplin, Patch, Masters and Bachman published a study in the September 2007 issue of Neurotoxicology showing that children living in communities with silicofluoride-treated water experience elevated levels of blood lead at a rate nearly double to those living in non-fluoridated communities. Another reference in Clinical Oral Investigations supports the use of topical fluoride stating, “?the caries reduction directly attributable to water fluoridation have declined in the last decades as the use of topical fluoride had become more widespread?” This review was published in the September 2007 journal.
One interesting study was done by Maguire, et al, from the School of Dental Sciences in Newcastle, England. They measured fluoride intake and urinary excretion of fluoride and thus determined retention in children six to seven years old. They tested children living in fluoridated as well as low fluoride areas. The results showed no difference in retention among the groups and concluded that fluoride toothpaste ingestion contributes significantly to total fluoride intake. The author even includes an email address, a.maguire@ncl.ac.uk, leaving the possibility of questioning the study open to everyone.
While there are undeniably more published works pointing to the benefits of water fluoridation than the dangers of such a practice, all studies deserve attention and scrutiny. Just like lead-based paint and asbestos, some health concerns are not investigated or known until long after a practice is in place and accepted.

Australia - Man Quits Job Because City Wouldn´t Take Fluoride Out Of The Water Supply

Man Quits Job Because City Wouldn´t Take Fluoride Out Of The Water Supply
Graham Demeny has worked at the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant for 15 years, making sure that the water was safe to drink. Demeny was one of five people in charge of adding the chemicals that cleaned up the water supply in Rockhampton, Australia.

“Until now all processes adopted have made the water either clean or safe to consume," he said. But the city then wanted to add fluoride, and he says that the chemical "questionably compromises the safety aspect" of the city's water supply.

He first asked for a transfer to another department, but the city told him either add fluoride or get out. So he quit in protest, but this was not enough to stop the city from adding it today to the supplies of Rockhampton, The Caves and Gracemere.

Australia - Parts delay sinks fluoride rollout

Parts delay sinks fluoride rollout
18th December 2009
A MISSING part has caused an F-Day failure that has left some people smiling – at least temporarily.

About 50 people gathered outside City Hall this morning to protest the expected introduction of fluoride into the water supply at Rockhampton, The Caves and Gracemere.

However, despite not flagging any concerns yesterday and with Fitzroy River Water’s website still saying the organisation was ready to meet the Queensland Government’s requirement to add fluoride to the water supply, council this morning advised that the delivery of a piece of low-level equipment had been delayed.

Council has until the end of the year to introduce fluoride.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New FluorideFreeAustin.com Website Launched To Fight Toxic Water Supply

Eustace Mullins with Frank Whalen 3/9

UK - In Parliament

Earl Baldwin of Bewdley (Crossbench)

To ask Her Majesty's Government what is their response to the statistics for dental health among 5-year-olds published in October this year showing a further decline in carious teeth in the area of the Southampton City Primary Care Trust from 1.99 dmft in 2003-04 to 1.76 dmft in 2005-06 and most recently to 1.13 dmft in 2007-08, in the light of the decision in February this year by South Central Strategic Health Authority to fluoridate water supplies in Southampton and some neighbouring areas.
Hansard source (Citation: HC Deb, 16 December 2009, c239W)Email me when Baroness Thornton speaksMost recent apperancesNumerologyFull profile ...
Baroness Thornton (Baronesses in Waiting, HM Household; Labour)

Oral health is improving but unacceptable inequalities remain. Direct comparisons should not be made between the results of this survey and previous surveys. This was the first survey of children's dental health where parents of children were required to give positive consent to the examination of their children. Experience shows that non-respondents to requests for consent are more likely to be from deprived areas, where there is a tendency for children to have higher levels of dental decay. I understand that the number of general anaesthetic required for tooth extractions in Southampton remains unacceptably high with recent figures from 2006 to 2009 showing that approximately 500 children every year need to have decayed teeth removed. We continue to support South Central Strategic Health Authority's decision to fluoridate a large part of Southampton and parts of south-west Hampshire.

Comment from Lee
"Experience shows that non-respondents to requests for consent are more likely to be from deprived areas"

As Baroness Thornton has such an interest in the way in which data are collected, perhaps she could explain why the DMFT figures for (non-fluoridated) Southampton are now better than those for (fluoridated) central Birmingham - is she saying that central Birmingham is less "deprived" than Southampton?

Comment from John
The reply omits to mention that tooth extraction is nearly always to do with things like ‘bottle caries’ caused by putting sweet things onto baby pacifiers and resulting in really bad decay. This is absolutely zero to do with water fluoridation. How far will they go in the misinformation stakes?

Australia - Fluoride now in Mackay water

Fluoride now in Mackay water
Melissa Grant | 17th December 2009
WHEN you pour yourself a glass straight from the tap today you may very well be quenching your thirst with fluoridated water.
Whether you like it or not, fluoride will start flowing into Mackay’s water supply this morning.
Those living closest to the Nebo Road water treatment plant will get the first drops of fluoridated water and it won’t be long before it’ streaming right through to the Northern Beaches.
Mackay Regional Council acting director of water and waste services David Brooker said the fluoride would be “flicked on” in the morning but it would be some time before it came out of all Mackay taps.
“It may take many days for the fluoride to be all through the system,” he said.
Mr Brooker said the introduction of fluoride to the water supply would begin at the lower end of the dosage rate to ensure everything ran smoothly.
The treatment plant is required to add between 0.6 and 0.9 parts of fluoride per million parts of water – the equivalent to one drop in a bathtub full of water.
A flow meter, required for dosage purposes, has been inserted into a pipe at the treatment plant. There are mixed feelings in the community about the move, with some concerned about potential side effects.
Mackay resident Kat Wallace, who enjoyed a glass of fluoride-free water yesterday, said she wasn’t fussed.
“I don’t think that they would be adding it to the water if it wasn’t safe and I need to stay hydrated,” she said.
However, North Mackay resident Bob Hollis wasn’t convinced.
“Once it gets in the water you (personally) can’t control it,” he said.
“All in all I think it’s a very sad day.”
However, the Mackay Regional Council had little choice in the matter. It was required to introduce fluoride into the water supply by December 31 to comply with State Government legislation.
If the council had refused, the government had the power to begin fluoridation at ratepayers’ expense.
The Nebo Road water treatment plant services about 30,000 connections across Mackay.
And it won’t be long before Sarina and Mirani residents will also be sipping fluoridated water, with their treatment plants to be fluoridated by the end of next year.

Posted by sparrowdancer from USA (United States of America)
17 December 2009 3:56 p.m. Keep track of the "elected officials" who did this to your water supply, and check to see if they had unexplained monetary gains, including stock options from an unusual company named "Mosaic." If you cannot find a link to personal gains, just watch your communities for new trends in thyroid malfunction. Fluorides cause thyroid malfunction, and this can clearly now be seen in the US. Then sue the hell out of the so-called "public officials" who forced you to have this in your water. This is the only way the world will get rid of this situation. Sue the people who are enforcing it.

USA - HAMILTON COUNTY: Spill contaminates groundwater at PCS

HAMILTON COUNTY: Spill contaminates groundwater at PCS
84 million gallons of processed water enter sinkhole
By Stephenie Livingston, Reporter
An estimated 84 million gallons of contaminated processed water from PCS's Swift Creek plant was released into groundwater through a sinkhole discovered last Thursday between 3-4 p.m., according to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and PCS spokesman Mike Williams.

As of Tuesday, site inspections and ongoing collection of monitoring data has shown that PCS production wells are containing the contaminated water on site. It appears there was no contamination of the aquifer offsite or nearby drinking wells, according to a DEP press release.

"Our first concern is the protection of public health and safety," said DEP Secretary Michael W. Sole in a press release. "Once we were notified of the sinkhole our first priority was to work with PCS and the appropriate agencies to determine that the groundwater contamination has not moved off the PCS property. We will continue to work with the company over the coming weeks to ensure proper containment and remediation of the area."

The sinkhole was discovered in a phosphogypsum stack at the plant. Phosphogypsum is a byproduct of processing phosphate ore. In addition to radioactivity, phosphogypsum contains arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium, fluoride, zinc, antimony, acid water and copper, according to the Web site of the Environmental Protection Agency (www.epa.gov/rpdweb00/neshaps/subpartr/about.html). Williams noted the gypsum produced by PCS is cleared by the EPA and is approved for sale as an agricultural product.

Water used in phosphate processing drained into the sinkhole, said Williams. PCS employees discovered the sinkhole in the third cell of the phosphogypsum stack after noticing one of five processed water ponds, which are located on top of the stack, swirling, according to Williams.

"PCS is committed to being a good steward to the environment," said Williams. "The company will do whatever it takes to remediate the sinkhole damage."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Toothpaste in US carries warningPremium

Toothpaste in US carries warningPremium
Date: 15 December 2009
Les Granges
A little more information in addition to the excellent letter on December 3 from Ann Wills on fluoride.

Ann is quite right – the fluoride in toothpaste is not the same as the toxic fluoride industrial waste added to tap water.

However the pharmaceutical grade fluoride in toothpaste is also toxic and over 20,000people, mainly children, report to poisons units in the USA every year with fluoride poisoning from toothpaste alone.
A few 100 of these cases require some medical care and there was a death in 2002.

Toothpaste in the USA now carries a warning about the dangers of swallowing it as children sometimes do. I also found a report that the US now only allows an amount of fluoride in one tube, which is considered below that of a lethal dose if the whole tube is swallowed. The problem is some people are more susceptible to the effects.

A poisons unit in the Dudley Hospital, Birmingham, points out that fluoride poisoning cases are being overlooked in the UK as most cases report with some sores or burns and the systemic effects, which invariably follows sores and burns, are overlooked. Calcium and magnesium are used to treat fluoride poisoning as these are essential for life and are destroyed in fluoride poisoning cases.

Edward Priestley

Fellow, European Medical Association

Australia - Filters in demand to stop fluoride

Dowdens Pumping sales manager David Dowden with the reverse osmosis system that can assist in the filtration of fluoride from tap water.
Filters in demand to stop fluoride
Melissa Grant 16th December 2009
YOU attach it underneath the tap and when you sip your glass of water you can rest assured that the contents are virtually fluoride-free.
However, the contraption – a reverse osmosis filter system – doesn’t come cheap at $650.
But it is a price some Mackay residents are willing to pay as they prepare for ‘F-day’, which will officially arrive tomorrow.
Sales of the nifty filtration system at Dowdens Pumping in Mackay have picked up over the past month as people prepare for the introduction of fluoride to our water supply.
And sales manager David Dowden said it wasn’t a bad option for those who weren’t big on the F-word.
“It takes soluble items out of the water,” he said.
“It will do up to 95 per cent (of fluoride) and there are other cartridges that will do it at 75 per cent.”
The filtration system can produce up to 190 litres of drinking water a day.
Mr Dowden said six of the systems had been sold in the last month but he expected more to fly out the door when fluoride was introduced tomorrow.
“Definitely, the demand has increased,” he said.
“The adding of fluoride to the water has created a lot of interest.”
North Mackay resident Bob Hollis said he invested in a reverse osmosis filtration system because he was concerned about how much fluoride he could end up consuming.
“How do we know what dosage is going in? How are we going to check?” he asked. “The idea of putting a class seven poison in our water and calling it a health initiative is just crazy.”
The World Health Organisation is one of numerous international health institutions to endorse the practice of adding fluoride to drinking water to improve dental health.
The Nebo Road water treatment plant is required to add between 0.6 and 0.9 parts of fluoride per million parts of water – the equivalent of one drop in a tub of bathwater.
The introduction of fluoride is part of a $24 million upgrade to the plant that will increase water capacity from 55 mega litres to 75 mega litres.

Comment Posted by LMcMillan from Hampton North, Victoria
16 December 2009 2:57 p.m.

$650 well spent in my opinion. This will reduce your and your family's risk of developing thyroid disorders such as Hashimoto's disease, bone fractures, arthritis, cancer, infertility problems, dental fluorosis and weight related problems. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease 2 years ago and having avoided fluoridated water and products containing fluoride, my thyroid hormone levels are still normal and I 'm not taking any medication to achieve this. I am also no longer overweight because my metabolism is back to normal. No wonder our athletes can't compete against the Europeans. See www.fluoridefree.net for my story.

USA - Debate in Denham Springs over adding fluoride to water

Debate in Denham Springs over adding fluoride to water
Posted: Dec 15, 2009 11:51 PM
Updated: Dec 16, 2009 12:53 AM
By Tyana Williams
DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - Last summer, Governor Bobby Jindal signed a law ordering public water systems to start adding fluoride to their water. Denham Springs was just about to go ahead with the fluoridation, but one councilman says he wants more info.
For years its been a controversial conversation - whether to add fluoride or not. But a dentist in Denham Springs says it's the most effective way to protect your pearly whites.
The water that falls from his tap is clean, clear and refreshing. Grade-A water, according to councilman John Wascom. "We provide good, safe, clean drinking water. We go down 2,300 feet below surface. We treat our water with chlorine and phosphates, so that it is pure clean water," says Wascom. He and the other Denham Springs council members are deciding whether or not to flavor their water with fluoride.
But Wascom says he needs more information because his research led him to negative news about fluoridation. "I'm appalled at using water as a vehicle for drugs. Fluoride is a corrosive poison," he reads from one of his findings.
In 2008, Act 761 was passed in the legislature's regular session. It states public water systems must operate and maintain levels of fluoride in the drinking water "for the purpose of protecting the dental health of this state."
Preventing cavities has been a priority for dentists since the early 1970's. Doctor Joseph Yale says treating the water with fluoride is likely to leave him with fewer cavities to fill. He says the best way to do that, is to deliver the dose through the drinking water.
"There's other areas of the country that have much lower rate of cavities as a whole, as far as the decay rate of children. In large part that is due to us not having a therapeutic amount of fluoride in our water," Yale says.
He says there was a time when there was too much fluoride in the water, but they've since discovered a safe therapeutic range. That range he says is seven parts per million. He says right now there is less than three parts per million in the water. According to Yale, the process is long overdue.
But for Wascom, he's somewhat skeptical. "Why are we doing this? Why are we mandated to do this?"
Water systems will not have to comply with the law if the state cannot find a source to fund the fluoridation program. Some systems will be allowed to opt out, but only if 15% of the voters sign a petition.

Eustace Mullins with Frank Whalen 2/9

Tuesday, December 15, 2009



Eustace Mullins with Frank Whalen 1/9

Monday, December 14, 2009

UK - How will fluoride mix with my medication?

How will fluoride mix with my medication?
Date: 14 December 2009
Mixenden Road
Can anyone tell me what the effects are of addition of fluoride to my water and how it will interact with the prescription medication I have to take every day to stay alive?
I have lived in an area where it was added and spent many years feeling worse that I do now.
I came back north because there was no fluoride in the water to poison me further, or to interfere with my medication.
Carole Coles

Rob Reynolds,14/12/2009 10:39:06
Refer your comments to Labour's Health Secretary. Remember, Labour changed the legislation making it easier to add fluoride to our water. But don't hold your breath for a reply!Report

Frankacne,Lancashire 14/12/2009 12:30:15
Sadly (DOCTOR)? Andy Burnham is unlikely to know anything about anything as this is one of the qualities required now in New Labours Cabinet positions. His predecessor (DOCTOR)? Alan Johnson is similarly medically illiterate as are many of those who advocate this poison. As its never been tested properly one must suppose that no-one actually knows. Buy bottled water without fluoride or shell out on a reverse osmosis filter system and be very careful not to vote for this illiterate shower at the next election and question on wannabee politicians local or national before you even think of voting for them.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why does the United States fluoridate water - Stuff they don't want you to know

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Australia - Fluoride flows freely on Friday

Fluoride flows freely on Friday
Adrian Taylor | 12th December 2009
FRIDAY is F Day – the day when the first fluoridated water will flow through Rockhampton’s taps.
And, for some anti-fluoride campaigners, a day to be feared.
Cr Glenda Mather, who protested long and hard against the introduction of fluoride since the idea was first mooted, vowed yesterday to keep the pressure on state politicians.
“I don’t think this is over by a long way,” she said.
“The last poll suggested 80% of Queenslanders were against it.”
Cr Mather said she would campaign to hold Anna Bligh and her government to account at the next election.
“There are lots of people who are absolutely distraught about this issue and I think Friday will knock another nail in the coffin of this government.
“Anna Bligh has not listened to the people. She ignores the wishes of the people who put her in power and I will work to make sure people don’t forget what she’s done.”
She said there were hundreds of people in the region with chemical sensitivity who were horrified and frightened about what was going to happen to them from Friday when the chemical will be added to the water supply in Rockhampton, Gracemere and The Caves.
Residents at the Capricorn Coast will be drinking fluoridated water before the end of the year.
“People are angry and asking why we are wasting $30 million on a mass medication program that will cause harm to so many. The state is poor, broke and selling off its assets, yet is pouring all this money away.”
Cr Mather has paid for full-page advertisements in local newspapers to get her argument across that fluoridation is a violation of individual human rights. She believes the addition of fluoride will lead to dental fluorosis in children, where the enamel becomes weak and pitted.
Fitzroy River Water confirmed yesterday that it was on schedule to install equipment to meet the State Government’s deadline of next Friday for Rockhampton, The Caves and Gracemere, despite a four-week delay in delivery of the system.

Australia - Far North counts down to fluoride

Far North counts down to fluoride
Daniel Bateman
Tuesday, December 8, 2009
MARGARET Phillips has good reason to not want her water fluoridated - she believes she is allergic to it.
The Bayview Heights resident yesterday joined about 50 people outside Cairns MP Desley Boyle’s office protesting against forced fluoridation of Cairns’ water supply.
Tell us what you think. Do you agree with the addition of fluoride to Far North Queensland's water supply? Post a comment or vote in our poll.
Cairns’ potable water supply will be fluoridated by December 31 while water supplies to areas with more than 1000 people will be fluoridated by December 31, 2010.
Cairns Regional Council initially resisted the move but was overturned by the State Government which requires all councils to fluoridate their water.
Cairns council opted to use sodium silicofluoride in its water treatment plants, with commissioning of fluoridation equipment starting yesterday.
Mrs Phillips, 58, claimed whenever she drank fluoridated water, she suffered from debilitating asthma.
Mrs Phillips said with Cairns’ water to be fluoridated, her only options were to move or install an expensive rainwater tank or a reverse osmosis water system for her home.
"We went to New Zealand three weeks ago," Mrs Phillips said.
"The first week, I drank bottled water then we went way down the South Island, and we had two cups of coffee made with tap water.
"I had two weeks of not being able to function at all. It hit within six hours.
"I was drinking bottled water the whole way and I thought this house had tank water, when it happened to be fluoridated tap water."
The Australian Dental Association dismisses any link between fluoride and asthma.
The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology also claims there is no evidence of allergy or intolerance to fluorides as used in the fluoridation of community water supplies.
Far North Queensland chairman of Queenslanders for Safe Water, Air and Food, Bill Kilvert, said there was a lack of evidence proving fluoride strengthened teeth.
"In Queensland, they say we’re a long way behind the rest of the country (in cutting tooth decay). We’re not," Mr Kilvert said.
"We’re only behind New South Wales and Victoria by about 1 to 2 per cent, but (the Queensland Government) says 40 per cent. "
Cairns MP Desley Boyle, who was in Brisbane yesterday, acknowledged the protesters, claiming their feelings were as strong as those within the community who wanted fluoridated water.
"I know the difference in the dental health of NSW children compared to Queensland children.
"I lived up here for ages and I don’t see and believe there is any evidence of damage to the people of Mareeba or Townsville who have long had fluoride in their water supplies."
She said the State Government was proceeding with fluoridation of water supplies because it believed it reflected the majority view.

UK - Confusion over fluoride

Confusion over fluoride
Date: 11 December 2009
Haworth Old Road
Hebden Bridge
The fluoride debate rumbles on with loads of confusing scientific facts that makes it impossible to decide whether it does harm or good. There is an eagerness to introduce the stuff into our water supplies, but for what reason?
They tell us it will
ADVERTISEMENTprotect our teeth from rotting.
If this is the case, then it is a pretty poor way of achieving that objective because not everybody drinks water and certainly not if it tastes like antiseptic mouthwash.
For some older people it probably doesn't matter because perhaps they have already lost their teeth. The young tend not to drink too much tap water or tea, preferring sugary drinks that, yes, rot their teeth!
The lady in the Courier recently suggested people should get their dose of fluoride from their toothpaste, which is fine, but for those who do not wish to have fluoride laden toothpaste it can be a problem finding some with out these days.
One reason why so many bottles of spring water are sold today is because of the inferior quality of tap water that has been contaminated by fluoride. The population should be able to decide for themselves whether they and their children should consume this unnatural substance, or not.
And at the moment that fundamental right is at the point of being denied across the land and it is totally unacceptable.
If the authorities were to offer bottled water for sale that contained fluoride, rather than add it to all of the water supply, then just think how much money they would save on the chemical. The rivers and oceans of the world would be less likely to become polluted and the (yet unknown) risk to nature reduc-ed, not just because there would be less of the stuff in the wastewater in general but because no one would buy it in the first place.
I wonder if the water companies see fluoride as a deterrent to reduce the consumption of water to ease their problems in maintaining demand – it is a thought!
The answer does not lie in pumping fluoride into our systems at will but in better dental education and care with access to free treatment (to those less well off), once another fundamental right that has now been denied us through caring Government policy.
Steven W Beasley

Friday, December 11, 2009

UK - Echo - Shake-up running of NHS service

Shake-up running of NHS service
By David Harrison
Councillor and leader of the New Forest Liberal Democrats
I AM an employee of the National Health Service and a member of the health overview and scrutiny committee of Hampshire County Council. In both roles, I am concerned with the manner in which health services are delivered to local people.
The performance record of different parts of the NHS is a bit mixed, to say the least.
Currently, the South Central Strategic Health Authority has got itself in a real bind, spending large sums of our money on a public consultation on adding fluoride to tap water and now set to spend more money on a legal battle, trying to justify doing the complete opposite of what people want.
The South Central Ambulance Service is coming under intensive criticism following disappointing results in trying to meet targets and some very well-publicised occasions when people haven't been transported swiftly to hospital as they should have been.
The maternity unit at Ashurst in the New Forest has opened but only after it cost vastly more than originally planned. In another part of Hampshire a maternity ward has been closed due to staff shortages. There hasn't been a minor injury unit in Hythe for some years now, due to alleged problems recruiting staff.
No doubt people will remember the problems associated with attempts to close local community hospitals, like The Fenwick, at Lyndhurst. Even now, facilities for people suffering a crisis in their mental health are under threat with attempts by Hampshire Partnership Foundation Trust to reduce costs.
I have nothing but admiration for almost everyone who works for the NHS. For the most part, they are not highly paid and very few qualify for bonus payments or second-home allowances. However, I think a radical shake-up of the way the NHS is run is needed. I favour making locally elected health boards responsible for running things. The Government could save millions of pounds by abolishing the various quangos that have quite clearly failed to deliver what people want.
It might mean making some councillors full-time members but that is a fair trade off and if you don't think they are doing a very good job, at least you can get rid of them at election time.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

UK - Echo letters

Playing statistics game
THE current Hampshire magazine provides some interesting dentistry statistics in relation to the fluoridation argument. Apparently 67 per cent of Hampshire residents had been unhappy with NHS dental provision, dropping to 55 per cent a year later. From 2008 to 2011a £15m investment will be made in dental services, providing so far an extra 80,000 new dental places for Hampshire with a further 17 dental practices still to open. So has the state of Hampshire's teeth been due to lack of fluoride or lack of dentists, and should fluoridation be introduced, against the wishes of public and all councils except one (which shares a councillor with the PCT, trying to introduce fluoridation)? Will it then be claimed that any improvement is due to fluoridation rather than improved dental provision? The statistics game has been a well used one in the official fluoride campaign. Watch out for this one!
MISSMJ REICHLIN, Upper Enham, Andover.

Drinking water will be fit only for washing
TIME is creeping on for residents in parts of Southampton and Totton. When so-called drinking water in the taps contains added fluoride, it will be fit only for washing clothes or giving the car a good rub down.
Of course, there will be supplies of drinking water - at a cost - promoted by many commercial companies. Will residents be willing to pay for what up to now has been regarded as one of the necessities of life? Of course you
could take a Sunday drive to nearby towns and stock up with pure drinking water.
Tablets containing fluoride could be offered free of charge through local chemists and doctors' surgeries to those who are prepared to take the risk. Members of the Strategic Health Authority do not make themselves available to meet the general public, and their 'consultation' was minimal.

Americans are stupid

Could it be the fluoride :o)

I'm sure they edited out the sensible replies.

USA - Fun With Fluoride, Continued

Tanks of fluoride at Ullrich Water Treatment Plant
Photo by John Anderson

Opponents of water fluoridation got a boost last week when the city's Environ­ment­al Board, along split lines, voted to recommend the city take yet another look at its fluoridation policies. And aside from grudgingly reaffirming the board's interest in the fluoride question, the motion also signaled the disappointment – even anger – some board members felt with the City Council for putting them again in the crossfire of the fluoridation fight.

In August, prodded by the same citizens who regularly speak against the additive before council, the board called for an independent examination of the Austin Water Utility's fluoridation practices, with input coming from – but not limited to – the utility, the Watershed Protection Department, and the Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department. No council action was initiated, but a city staff report was compiled, overseen by Assistant City Manager Rudy Garza and drawing on the above groups but with no independent or scientific review. When the pro-fluoridation report was released last month, opponents decried it as a whitewash, and the Environ­mental Board – which didn't learn about the report until after the fact – was vexed to have been left out of the loop.

At its Dec. 2 meeting, the board received a briefing on the report, inspiring several citizens – all anti-fluoride – to address the board, with manners ranging from intelligent questioning to, frankly, uninformed and ideologically bound rudeness. Neil Carman, a scientist with the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club, spoke at length; his testimony included a 26-point list of "omissions of science" in the city report. Carman touched on, among several other matters, the Environmental Protection Agency classification of Austin's fluoridating component – hydrofluorosilicic acid – as a hazardous waste, the American Dental Associa­tion's warning against giving fluoride to infants, and a dearth of critical, peer-reviewed scientific literature in the city's report. He concluded that the report contains "scientific gaps, omissions, errors, and missing evidence and would likely not earn a passing grade in undergraduate biology." Former Alamo Heights City Council Member Bill Kiel also spoke of how his city stopped fluoridation. However, other speakers lacked Carman's knowledge – or tact. One asked to use his allotted time to question Health and Human Services Department Med­ic­al Director Philip Huang, which devolved into a badgering set of attempts to verbally corner him, finally provoking an intervention from the chair. Another speaker justified her fluoride fears with that hoary, Reaganesque joke: "I'm from the federal government, and I'm here to help."

Once the speakers finished, board member Phil Moncada moved that the board issue another recommendation, asking the city to address the numerous issues Carman raised and calling for an independent scientific inquiry. In opposition to the motion, board member Jon Beall said that some of the speakers' concerns, like fluoridation's links to bone cancers, "are a bit misleading" and that he wouldn't be supporting the motion. Mary Ann Neely also demurred, suggesting the issue be addressed on a federal level (though fluoridation decisions fall to individual cities).

Ultimately, the motion passed 4-3 (Beall, Neely, and Bob Anderson voting no), with member Rodney Ahart speaking for the majority in saying its vote wasn't one against fluoride per se but as a call to "actually get us the information we need ... and then let us make a more informed decision." Just before the vote, Chair Mary Gay Maxwell expressed her dissatisfaction with the disconnected process. "This could have been avoided," she said. "We did not have to have it come to this level of escalation at this point, and it didn't have to come back to our board, had our board request even been responded to in any way, shape, or form." Registering her "extreme displeasure," she concluded, "This makes me very disturbed; it's very hard to be the chair of a board that's been put in this position."

A few days later, Maxwell said she's hopeful that by giving citizen concerns further scientific scrutiny, the acrimony surrounding the debate can be lessened. "I was trained as a psychologist, and one of the things I understand is if people are heard more clearly and responded to with some understanding and respect, their positions don't always stay so polarized." Possibly so, but with fluoride's detractors seeing it as such an evil, it's hard to see how anything short of completely removing it from the water will satisfy them.

UK - Letter - I beg to differ over fluoride claim

I beg to differ over fluoride claim
Date: 09 December 2009
Dulverton Road
AK Roberts's letter of November 25 said that as we have chlorine in water, why worry about the fluoride chemical being added? There is an important difference. Chlorine is added to kill bacteria to make water safe to drink – whereas fluoride is added to bring about changes in the human body.

This sets a dangerous precedent in giving the power to mass medicate healthy people. Also, chlorine evaporates off if you boil the water or leave it to stand in a jug. But you cannot boil away fluoride from water. If you boil fluoridated water the fluoride just becomes more concentrated.

The amount of fluoride added artificially to tap water is around 10 times higher than that which sometimes occurs naturally in some UK water. This is one reason why more harmful effects are caused by artificial fluoridation schemes.

However, in certain places such as the Punjab and Hyderabad in India, which have a high natural fluoride content there are photos of badly crippled people with deformed limbs from natural fluoride overdose.

A Wills

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

UK - Daily Echo - letter

Taxes will pay for fluoride
M DARNELL (Letters, December 5) asks about the fluorosilicic acid used in the controversial treatment of water. The answer is, yes the supplier does get paid by us the taxpayer. The fluorosilicic acid used In the UK and Ireland is believed to be imported from phosphate fertiliser operations in Europe who themselves do not practise fluoridation.
Fluorine gas was historically vented out of phosphate fertiliser chimneys causing harm to people and animals. Nowadays it is trapped in water, forming an acid solution contaminated with two per cent of heavy metals that are toxic at a billionth part. This the chief medical officer considers is fit enough for us to drink when diluted to one part per million.
The British Fluoride Society which received over a £1,000,000 from the taxpayer to promote fluoridation calls this a "co-product".
Secretary of State for Health Alan Johnson announced in 2008 that the Department of Health would, over the next three years, make £42 million available to Strategic Health Authorities In England and Wales for new fluoridation schemes. This is now on hold due to the opposition from Southampton.


USA - FAMU Board of Trustees Unanimously Vote to Submit Request to the Florida Board of Governors for a College of Dental Medicine

Tuesday, December 08, 2009
Florida is already 78% fluoridated* but tooth decay is rampant because only 10% of Florida dentists will treat Medicaid patients. What's the dentists' solution - more fluoridation - which is their way of diverting attention away from the real problem. Many Florida legislators are falling for this false sense of security by adding unnecessary and harmful fluoride chemicals into the water supplies satisfying politically powerful organized dentistry but doing nothing for their constituents.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Austin Citizens Battle Water Fluoridation - Part 2 of 2 (Toxic Waste)

Introduction to Dillo DirtTM

"Dillo DirtTM" is a compost made by the City of Austin since 1989. If you know Austin, you will not be surprised to learn that it was the first program of it's kind in the state and one of the oldest in the nation. All yard trimmings collected curbside across the City as well as some of our treated sewage sludge are combined and composted to create Dillo DirtTM. The heat generated in composting (130 to 170 degrees fahrenheit) is sufficient to virtually eliminate human and plant pathogens. After active composting for over a month, our compost is "cured" for several months, then screened to produce finished Dillo DirtTM.