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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Australia - Water fluoridation fight gears up in Kununurra ahead of WA election

Liberal candidate for the Kimberley, Warren Greatorex standing in front of a flowering bushCandidates for the far north WA seat of Kimberley are supporting opponents to the introduction of fluoride to Kununurra's drinking water ahead of next year's state election, putting them at odds with party policies and mainstream medical research.

Kununurra's drinking water is due to be fluoridated next year, and Health Minister John Day, a former dentist, is a passionate advocate of water fluoridation.

But Liberal candidate Warren Greatorex and Labor MP Josie Farrer both say the community should be allowed to decide whether fluoride is added to the town's water supply.

Mr Greatorex said water fluoridation was detrimental to public health. "I have educated myself on this, there is a bit of science behind it, but from what I can gather it tends to hinder it more than benefit it," he said. "But it comes back to the choice of the people." He said he would fight for the right of Kununurra voters to reject plans for water fluoridation.......


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