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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fluoride- Ending the healthcare hoax (2 of 2)

KUALA LUMPUR - Whatever you eat, that is what you are

Whatever you eat, that is what you are
Posted on May 31, 2011, Tuesday
KUALA LUMPUR: According to a World Health Organisation (WHO) study conducted between 2000 and 2008, developed countries, such as the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom, rank among the world’s top 10 nations with the highest number of obese people in their population.
On top of the list is American Samoa, with 94 per cent of its population classified as obese.

That is said to be due to the drastic changes in people’s eating habits.

The people in American Samoa are said to be no longer consuming traditional foods; instead, they have turned to processed foods from the United States and Europe....

UK - Doctors warn against giving energy drinks to children

Doctors warn against giving energy drinks to children claiming they contain 'toxic' levels of caffeineBy Daily Mail Reporter
Energy drinks like Red Bull have been highlighted in a new report on the potentially harmful impact energy drinks can have on children
Doctors say parents 'should never' give their children energy drinks warning they contain 'toxic' levels of caffeine.
A study, published in the journal Paediatrics, has found energy drinks contain up to 14 times more caffeine than other soft drinks taking them to a level considered 'toxic' for children.
It warned against both energy and sports drinks saying they contain extra calories which most children do not burn off and sugar which can cause tooth decay.
They called on parents to give their children water instead claiming it was best for the majority of youngsters doing routine physical activity.
Energy drinks contain stimulants including caffeine which is linked to diabetes, heart problems, behaviour problems and even early death.
Sports drinks contain carbohydrates, minerals and electrolytes and are designed to replace water and electrolyes lost through perspirsation.
The study criticised adverts encouraging young people to believe the energy drinks can help them reach peaks of physical performance.
The energy drink brands highlighted in the report include Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar.
Sports drinks named were All Sport, Gatorade and Powerade.
Dr Holly Benjamin, a lead author of the report and doctor at the Comer Children's Hospital which is part of the University of Chicago, told the Independent: 'Sports drinks contain extra calories that children don't need and could contribute to obesity and tooth decay.............

Monday, May 30, 2011

Deadly Fluoride Hoax on the Run Part 1 2

UK - Daily Echo and Daily Mail Letters

WHILE I agree with Bob Shergold that the fluoridation of our drinking water is against our human rights (Letters, May 24), I would suggest that any claim would be more likely of success if challenged on behalf of those in our society who possess such rights, ie criminals or illegal immigrants.
ALAN KEBBELL, Southampton.

The wrong source?
FLUORIDE in tap water is supposed to be aimed at the younger generation.
How much tap water do they really drink?
Most of them seem to drink bottle water or high energy drinks going by the amount you see littering our streets and if parents are worried about their children's teeth, they can get extra fluoride in other forms. Very angry and it stinks.
MR S DAVIDSON, Bitterne Park, Southampton.

Take court action to prevent lunacy
THE Great Fluoride Debate: Caution must be exercised says Carol Scarborough in her My View column. And so say all of us, wth the exception of the SHA brigade, of course, who are hell bent on their mission of inflicting unknown damage on the health of Hampshire citizens despite the biggest public protest in the country.
No doubt the SHA will ignore all the latest information provided in Carol Scarborough's detailed and very well researched report, Fluoride Is Dangerous'. The truth of the report is obvious for a normal person of average intelligence.
My thanks to Carol and all the leaders and supporters of the Anti-Fluoride Protesters and the Echo who I'm sure will carry on the battle for common sense and democracy.
May I suggest a court injunction be taken out against the SHA, preventing this devious deed taking place (i.e. poisoning our water supply), in the European Court of Human Rights. I support action to prevent this lunacy taking place.
A WILLOTT, Lordswood, Southampton.

Using city as guinea pigs
WITH regards to fluoride in our water, those to whom it was intended will not benefit? How many children drink water these days?
In the 1930s children would go on picnics with jam butties and a bottle of water, and although I don't think children have changed a lot, now they can afford sugary bottled drinks.
Young people don't drink tap water as much as we did.
Then there are people on life-saving drugs - and not just old people, but many young people
How will fluoride in the water affect them and their medicines?
Has SHA really gone into this or is it just bent on using a whole city as guinea pigs? Shame on them and those who support this.
It will be a very sad and slippery slope for democracy if this goes through.
Where are the human rights our generation fought for? And above all integrity?
J BAILEY, Shirley Warren, Southampton.

Additive causes tooth erosion
SO a judge has decided that the people of Totton and other areas will have fluoride added to our water - surely this infringes our human rights not to receive mass medication.
Although fluoride is supposed to protect our teeth, the irony is that there is a substance - a chemical -which is ever more widely added to processed food and soft drinks and which eats away at tooth enamel.
This chemical is described in
various ways, i.e. E330 or flavour enhancer, preservative, anti-oxidant, acidity regulator etc.
The substance I refer to is citric acid.
The one use to which citric acid can be put is to destroy limescale.

Daily Mail Letters - Fluoride fears
THE strategic health authority is set to impose fluoridation in my local water supply, despite 72 per cent of people being opposed to it.
The matter has been taken to court, but the judge, while appearing sympathetic, was handcuffed because the SHA had acted legally, if not morally. A further appeal might be made, but in the meantime I can't tell you how much anxiety this is causing.
This is, after all, a ten-year experiment to study the effects of fluoride. The long-term side-effects are known, so I wonder whether the driving force for this move is the need of industry to rid itself of its waste because it's illegal to dispose of it in the rivers or sea.
Once it's in our drinking/cooking/ bath water, where else will it end up? I'm 79, but still fear the prospect of drinking something that might react adversely to any medication I might take. Far more worrying are the ill effects on every other age group, including babies.
How can an unelected body insist that a private water company add hexafluorosilicic acid to our water?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

USA - Dr. Joann Ross Opposes Fluoridation

Saturday, May 28, 2011

USA - Austin City Council Special Called Meeting on Fluoridation

Constitution defenders storm Texas governor's office - Alex Jones

FAN Newsletter

We are excited to report two more fluoride victories in the United States. Last week, city councils in Mount Clemons, Michigan and Naples Village, New York voted to end the fluoridation of their drinking water.

Mt. Clemons' drinking water, which serves almost 17,000 residents, has been fluoridated since March 1951. On May 16th, the city council voted to end the practice (watch video of vote). Before voting against fluoridation, one commissioner summed up the feelings of the Town Council:

"... In looking into this... we realize that people have access to fluoride through toothpaste, mouthwash, and their dentist... the other issue is a cost issue... we will save over $40,000. I think everybody wins..."

On May 18th, the Trustees of the Village of Naples, NY (pop. 1,070) voted to end fluoridation. We have been told by residents of Naples Village that this vote was the result of two dedicated local residents doing their research and making a five minute long power point presentation before the Trustees at a regular monthly meeting held in April.

Both victories show what can be accomplished by a handful of local citizens who take the time to educate their local decision-makers about the dangers of fluoride....

UK - Daily Echo - It is your responsibility Southern Water

It is your responsibility Southern Water
I AM writing about the fluoride debate. I have phoned the water company that is Southern Water many times to say that they are responsible for keeping our water as pure as possible for it to be safe to drink.
If they allow this toxic fluoride to be added to our water supply then as far as many people are concerned they are not doing their job properly.
If this fluoride is supposed to be harmless like the SHA seem to think it is, then why has the water board made sure that they have an indemnity in place to protect themselves from any ill effects that this fluoride will have on us?
I think it just goes to prove doesn't it that when we have the water board shirking responsibility and having to have safety equipment put in place in case of overdose then how can this fluoride be safe?
The only way we can be safe is to leave our water alone. Southern Water keeps saying that if it doesn't do what it's told by the SHA it will probably lose its licence, but the SHA is supposed to be going next year anyway.
How can it take its licence away as who will supply us with water then?
Nobody can stop the water, it would be inhuman. So why is Southern Water so scared of refusing this toxic waste in the first place?
It annoys me when Southern Water keep on telling me to talk to the SHA about this as it says it has nothing to do with the water board, well Southern Water is completely wrong. It has everything to do with them.
We, the customer, pay Southern Water, the supplier, to do its job and that is to keep our water fit to drink.
We don't pay them to add a chemical to supposedly treat children's teeth. We, the customer, have made it quite clear that we don't want it, so as the SHA don't seem to be listening then Southern Water must.
They should stand with the people of Southampton and surrounding areas to say NO to the SHA.
Just remember Southern Water we are the paying customer, you are the supplier of water fit for us to drink and that doesn't include fluoride.
MRS KINCHINGTON, address supplied.

Friday, May 27, 2011

USA - Opponents, Parents Ask Tough Questions About Fluoride

ATLANTA -- For more than 60 years, fluoride has been added to our drinking water to help prevent cavities. But recent studies suggest that some children are ingesting too much, and it's causing permanent stains on their teeth.
The government is now considering whether to lower the recommended limit on fluoride in the water, but some opponents say that's not enough. They claim fluoridation at any level just doesn't make sense.
Last spring, CBS Atlanta introduced you to Daniel Stockin, a health advocate for an organization called The Lillie Center.
"Ingesting fluorides is like driving a Mack truck through a rose garden," Stockin said.
For more than a year, The Lillie Center has been educating people in Metro Atlanta about the potential dangers of fluoride. Stockin isn't the only one who's worried.
Soon after our story aired last February, CBS Atlanta received an email from Suzanne Turner, a mother of two in Woodstock. It read, "Why in the world is this toxic substance in our water supply?!"
"It caught my attention, and I started doing some research over the Internet and I was surprised at what I found," Turner said.
Ingesting too much fluoride as a child can lead to dental fluorosis, which is characterized by permanent staining or pitting of the teeth.
"A lot of folks think it's just, 'Oh, I've got bad hygiene, I've got cavities,' and they have no idea that these stains and these pits are actually caused by the fluorides they've ingested," Stockin said.
The problem, said Stockin, is that fluoride is nearly impossible to avoid. "When we started to fluoridate 50 plus years ago, water was the only source for the fluoride."
Now, it's everywhere. "In many beverages; it's in food; it's in toothpaste; it's in many pharmaceuticals," Turner said.
And according to Stockin, dental fluorosis may be the least of our worries.
"If fluorides do this to teeth, which are the hardest surfaces in your body, what do we think that they're doing to our soft tissues," he asked.
Turner's research on fluoride unearthed some frightening results. "Osteocarcoma, possible neurological effects, lower IQ in children," were just some of the potential dangers she found online.
Some experts believe fluoride may also harm our kidneys, bones and thyroid glands.
But Dr. Richard A. Smith, spokesperson for the Georgia Dental Association, disagrees. "I've never seen any research that showed that there was significant changes in the body," he said.
He hasn't documented many cases of dental fluorosis, either. "I've been in practice for 36 years and I have never seen a major case of dental fluorosis," he said.
But recent CDC data suggests otherwise, stating two out of every five children have spots on their teeth from ingesting too much fluoride. That statistic now has the government rethinking how much should be added to our drinking water.
Still, Smith has no doubt that water fluoridation is a safe and effective way to prevent cavities, and he has more than 60 years of science on his side.
"The World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Dental Association ... I can go on and on with the organizations and the people who we trust and we know do very strict science, are telling us that fluoride is here to stay," Smith said.
But the Turners aren't taking any chances. They try to avoid fluoride by filtering their water and brushing with fluoride-free toothpaste.
"If my children are drinking it, my husband's drinking it, our animals are drinking it -- I'm going to err on the side of caution," she said.
And Stockin said he won't give up until fluoride is altogether removed from our drinking water.
"You've got people drinking an unmonitored, uncontrolled dosing of a substance that accumulates in your body over a lifetime -- common sense tells you that this doesn't really make an awful lot of sense," he said.
Meantime, the National Research Council has suggested that some groups be extra careful to limit fluoride intake, especially diabetics, kidney patients and seniors. And the American Dental Association has said parents should not mix baby formula with fluoridated water.

Black tea may have too much fluoride

By Dr. Jerry Gordon Calkins Media, Inc.
It is well known that fluoride helps prevent cavities. But like many things in life, you can have too much of a good thing. A recent article in Medical News Today (July 2010) has shown that black tea may contain fluoride in greater concentrations than previously thought. High concentrations of fluoride can lead to chalky white or brown discolorations, pitting of the teeth called dental fluorosis (in children) and skeletal fluorosis, which causes pain in the joints and can damage the bones....

USA - Two Clallam cities combining legal efforts on fluoride

Two Clallam cities combining legal efforts on fluoride
May 26th, 2011 - 5:48am
(Port Angeles) -- The two cities in Clallam County that fluoridate their water are joining legal forces in a fight to continue the process.
The cities of Port Angeles and Forks say they will combine legal efforts to address a new lawsuit seeking to stop the addition of fluoride to the water systems.
The two cities will also be joined by the Washington Dental Services Foundation. The non-profit organization has an interest in the lawsuit because the outcome could affect other fluoridation programs in Washington state.
Fluoridation opponents filed suit April 28, in Clallam County. Protect the Peninsula's Future and Clallam County Citizens for Safe Drinking Water say the addition of fluoride doesn't meet state criteria for drinking water. The suit claims the type of fluoride being used has not been officially approved by the state for that type of use. The group filed once before on a similar lawsuit that fluoride didn't meet federal requirements.
The cities and dental foundation will share in the cost of a single, combined defense of the latest suit. However, the commitment of each city is limited to $8,500.
Forks has been fluoridating its water since 1950's. Port Angeles began water fluoridation in 2006.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

More scientific evidence against water fluoridation

More scientific evidence against water fluoridation
Whether you are for or against artificial water fluoridation, last month’s Muskoka district council decision has been to continue adding fluoride to municipal water, despite overwhelming recent scientific evidence that fluoride’s active compound has detrimental impacts on the organs, bone tissue and glands.
The following is a list of comments/quotes on fluoridation:
“Parents should know that fluoride is an extremely active chemical when it gets into our body. It can interfere with the Pineal Gland. It can interfere with the Thyroid Gland ... intimately involved with brain development, mental development.” (Source: Dr. P. Connett, PhD, Environmental Chemist)
Parents should be aware that “infants who ingest high amounts of fluoride can be at risk of dental fluorosis ... and that infant foods and juices can contain very high levels of fluoride and this should be considered when determining total fluoride intake.” (JADA)
Parents that use fluoridated drinking water to reconstitute infant formula should be “cognizant of the potential risks (of) enamel fluorosis development.” (Statement from the American Dental Association, 2011)
“A real concern with children, especially newborn infants, is that the blood/brain barrier is not fully developed and children are getting an inappropriate dose of fluoride in the developing brain, as seen in the depression of IQ in fluoridated communities.” (Source: Dr. William Hirzy, vice-president, EPA Union)
“The level of fluoride in mother’s milk is so extremely low, .004 ppm, which is 250 times less than we put in the drinking water.” (Source: Dr. P. Connett, PhD, Environmental Chemist)
“Nature has devised a system for keeping fluoride away from the infant and we’re circumventing that ... and there are consequences.” (Dr. V. Howard, Fetal Patho-Toxicologist)
“Low-income families cannot afford to avoid fluoridated water and could be at higher risk for adverse effects from fluoride exposure.” (Dr. Thiessen, PhD, Risk Assessment Scientist)
“We have tripled our exposure to fluoride since fluoridation was conceived in the 1940s and research shows we’re getting 300 per cent or more of the American Dental Association’s recommended daily amount.” (Dr. Limeback, B.Sc., PhD, DDS, Head of Dentistry, University of Toronto)
“Water fluoridation is the dispensing of a drug. Who’s responsible? Who’s the doctor making sure we’re not getting too much?” (Dr. Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH)
“I think there is every reason to be concerned that today fluoride is one of the factors contributing to the epidemic of arthritis in this country. According to the CDC, 1 in 3 persons has some form of arthritis.” (Dr. Paul Connett, PhD, Environmental Chemist)

We are only among five per cent of the world population that fluoridates. Until recently, no studies had been carried out on fluoride’s long-term effects on human organ systems other than teeth. Over 2,000 top medical doctors, scientists, dentists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, fetal patho-toxicologists and environmental professionals are calling for an end to artificial water fluoridation worldwide.
Fourteen of these professionals, featuring a Nobel Laureate in Medicine, express their concerns in the online video “Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation” which premiered July 2, 2009. This is a must-see for anyone for or against artificial water fluoridation.
“Above all else, do no harm.” (Hippocrates)
Ruth Bednar
Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner

Pennsylvania American Water reduces fluoride level in drinking water

Pennsylvania American Water reduces fluoride level in drinking water
Datamonitor NewsWire
May 25, 2011
The change is based on recommendations issued January 7, 2011, by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). "After evaluating the latest research behind the agencies' recommendations, we contacted the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to request permission to reduce the fluoride level, and DEP granted our request," said Paul Zielinski, senior director of water quality and environmental compliance, Pennsylvania American Water. Zielinski said the target level for the Indiana system is now 0.7 milligrams of fluoride per liter (mg/L) of water, as recommended by HHS and EPA.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UK - House of Lords

Asked by Earl Baldwin of Bewdley

To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the Written Answer by Lord Darzi of Denham on 1 October 2007 (WA 132), what progress has been made towards the wider programme of research on the impact of fluoridation on children to which he referred; and whether this will take account of the findings of the 2006 report by the Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology of the United States National Research Council.[HL9240]

To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the Written Answer by Lord Darzi of Denham on 30 January 2008 (WA 124), what progress has been made towards the comprehensive examination of the risks, benefits and costs of existing water fluoridation programmes that was being considered; and whether the protocol for any such study or studies is freely available.[HL9241]

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health (Earl Howe): We share Lord Darzi's view that future research on the overall effects of fluoridation should be carried out in accordance with relevant recommendations in the report of A Systematic Review of Water Fluoridation published by the University of York in 2000. Central to the report's recommendation is that future research should compare the effects of fluoridation in an intervention area with a control area. This can best be achieved where a new area is to be fluoridated. South Central Strategic Health Authority has decided to fluoridate Southampton and part of south west Hampshire and we will consider, if the scheme goes ahead, whether it would be a suitable model for this research. We would need to ensure that the setting of the research criteria took account of research studies published since the York report, including the United States National Research Council report.

USA - City of Mount Clemens Removes Fluoride from Municipal Water Supply

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

India - After battling fluoride for 64 yrs, village gets pure drinking water at doorstep

After battling fluoride for 64 yrs, village gets pure drinking water at doorstep
BHANDARA: Waigaon, a village in Bhandara district, may be the only village in the country where drinking water is supplied through small containers carried by rickshaws twice a day. Every day, 10,000 litres of water is supplied in the village by the ZP rural water supply department.

Waigaon in Paoni tehsil is 50km from Bhandara and has a population of 525. For the last 64 years, residents of the village were drinking water with fluoride, which resulted in teeth decay among the villagers. Even children going to Anganwadi suffered from tooth decay. Most villagers also suffer from bone deformity. Sources say water in Waigaon contained 2mg fluoride per litre whereas the permissible limit is 1-1.5 mg per litre................

Alex Jones - Stop fluoride, Take action 23 5 11

A good idea.

Canada - Holistic approach to fluoride issue

Holistic approach to fluoride issue
Lately your journal has published letters on the subject of fluoridation, by which we mean adding fluoride to our city drinking water.
For amateurs in scientific and medical knowledge, such as myself and a few others, it is not at all certain that we know where and how to get dependable information in dealing with our health. It has been said that 'science is the cemetery of hypothesis.'
A funny thing: nine European countries have already banned it, like China and Japan, claiming that this toxic product does not bring any benefit to prevent tooth decay. Besides, fluoride can cause damage to our bones, our thyroid gland, our kidneys, our liver and our brain.
Also, fluoridation constitutes constant attacks on the good bacteria of our bodies that we can consider as our second immune system.
The inconvenience of science is that it has a limited scope of investigation. If you consider the limited relations between fluoride and the teeth, then fluoridation may be worthwhile. But those teeth are rooted in a whole body for which a holistic approach is much more appropriate.
Ever since the 17th century we have taken a mechanistic approach to our bodies, like they were machines. Suppose that good health is a combination of good food, good breathing, good posture, good exercise and good thinking, then adding a mineral to our water is a short-sighted perception of our whole being.
It used to be that the golden rule was to treat others as you would like to be treated; today it seems that whoever has the gold makes the rule. Who the heck wants to sell fluoride?

Arsene Richard,

UK - Daily Echo Letter

Fluoride a human rights breach?
THE Human Rights claim seems to be very effective in so many incidents these days, so it does seem to me that they could be applied in the interests of all anti-fluoridists, as the introduction of this chemical would amount to a gross breach of health regulations.
Under our Health Act, if anyone should refuse to take any form of medicine, their wishes are granted.
The introduction of this chemical is not even intended to
benefit the health of the majority of us but for a minority who have already exercised their human rights by choosing not to clean their teeth.
Apparently the strategic health authority will be abolished next year but the scheme is still likely to go ahead. Therefore, I think that should any such body take this on, they will be liable to prosecution for breach of our human rights.
BOB SHERGOLD, Southampton.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Food - The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 1 of 2

Canada - Ordinance to ban fluoride in Fairbanks water

Ordinance to ban fluoride in Fairbanks water to be introduced tonight
by Staff Report Fairbanks Daily News Miner
May 22, 2011 FAIRBANKS — An ordinance to prohibit the addition of fluoride to community water systems will be introduced today at the Fairbanks City Council.
The ordinance, sponsored by Fairbanks Mayor Jerry Cleworth, cites recommendations made by the Fairbanks Fluoride Task Force. After more than a year of study and public testimony, the group of local scientists and health care professionals said fluoride should no longer be added to the public water supply.
Eliminating the added fluoride should reduce the risk of fluorosis, a type of tooth discoloration, the group said.
The city began adding fluoride to the water in 1959, part of a national movement designed to fight tooth decay. Removing the added chemical could have a small effect upon dental health, but what that might be is unpredictable, the task force said.
The task force said removing fluoride would end ethical concerns raised by the addition of the chemical to local water.......

The group said its conclusion runs counter to the recommendations of the American Dental Association, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Alaska Department of Public Health.

UK - Daily Echo - Letters

Absurd situations in fluoridation plan
PURE water is one of the basic necessities of life.
In the 21st century it is profoundly undemocratic that an unelected and unaccountable body such as the Strategic Health Authority should be allowed to impose its will upon the local population by forcing them to consume fluoride in their drinking water. In this respect the SHA (which is itself due for abolition) is acting in the teeth of the decisions of elected local authorities and the great majority of local people, as expressed in the results of the SHA's own 'public consultation' exercise back in 2008.
While the greatest emphasis has been on the city of Southampton, we should not forget the outlying areas which would also be affected, based on the map published in the SHA's consultation document.
In my own home town of Totton, there would be the absurd situation whereby districts such as Hounsdown, Rushington and the town centre would receive fluoridated water, while other areas such as Eling village, Calmore and Testwood would escape entirely.
There remains the suspicion that the SHA has resolved to use local people as 'guinea pigs' in some mass scientific experiment in order that the long-term effects on health of the consumption of additional fluoride can be assessed.
If the aim is to improve dental health in our young people, surely the real answer lies in better education to encourage regular tooth-cleaning as well as persuading parents to ignore 'pester power' by not allowing their children to consume sugary sweets and drinks. MICHAEL SOUTHGATE, New Forest District Councillor representing Totton South.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Canada - Inuit Oral Health Survey Report 2008-2009

Inuit Oral Health Survey Report 2008-2009
"3.0 Review of Inuit oral health status in Canada
3.1 Early findings

Anthropologic studies show that pre-European contact, the Thule culture was largely, if not completely, caries free. Mayhall (Mayhall 1977) reports that an examination of 301 skulls from the 900-1650 AD, revealed just two dental cavities. Among the more modern studies of Inuit, Ritchie (Ritchie 1923) working with the Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-28 found no cavities among 34 skulls. Even up to the later contact period (1938), McEuen (McEuen 1938) found only 7 lesions among 6 individuals out of a population of 82 he examined in Pangnirtung.

More recent surveys (Nutrition Canada 1977) (Zammit 1994 ) (Leake 1992) (Health Canada 2000) show that the prevalence of the disease, at the end of the last century, was extremely high - over 93% of school-aged children had experienced dental decay. The epidemic of dental caries has been attributed to the introduction of more refined carbohydrates, especially sugar, into the traditional diet of the Inuit. The increase in the prevalence and severity of the disease had been sufficiently rapid that Mayhall (Mayhall 1975) was able to demonstrate a 66% increase in the severity over just a four-year period in two communities in the northern Keewatin District."

Saturday, May 21, 2011

USA - people flood hospitals to take care of dental pain

CHAMPAIGN - Every year thousands of people flood hospitals to take care of dental pain."At first I went to the emergency room because I had a, my jaw swell up because I had an infection," explained Gilbert Tarleton who lives in Champaign.
Tarleton is on Medicaid, and while there are dental programs to help children, it's tough for adults.
"It's like pulling teeth to try and find someone to get it to pull (teeth)," said Tarleton.
The root of the problem stems from expensive dental care. Smile Healthy, which is a nonprofit that provides dental services to the undeserved, said between 8 to 9 people a day show up to the emergency room with oral health issues.

"Dental care it's tough to get access if you're uninsured and low income dental care is pretty expensive," said Nancy Greenwalt, executive director of Smile Healthy.
Even though people are going to the hospital for treatment, there's not much doctors can do. They will only give antibiotics and medicine for pain and to bring down the swelling. Doctors can't do oral operations.
"They sent me to parkland to get my teeth cleaned and X-rays to pull the teeth but they don't pull it," said Tarleton. .............

Illinois where fluoridation is state mandated: NYSCOF

Massive Shoutfest Over Ronald McDonald

UK - Daily Echo - In my view

Caution must be exercised
IN its 1994 monograph on fluoride and dental health, the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded "dental and public health administrators should be aware of the total fluoride exposure of the population before introducing any additional programme for prevention." The WHO guidelines state clearly it is essential to consider the intake of water by the population and the intake of fluorides from other sources. Given the extreme variability in individual fluoride intakes, and tolerance levels, establishing a margin of safety would, obviously, require careful evaluation of every individual in the target population; a task which would, no doubt, prove too onerous for a Strategic Health Authority (SHA) intent on fluoridating come what may. There can, surely, be no more compelling argument than this to demonstrate the sheer folly of mass medication via the public water supply.
Fluorides are ubiquitous in our environment, in dental products, foods, canned drinks, household products, pesticides and even the air we breathe. So any such study would, undoubtedly, reveal a population already perilously overdosed on fluoride. With this concern in mind, in 1980 the West German Society For Water And Gas experts considered it impossible to deliver a controlled dose of fluoride to each house through the public water supplies.
Basel in Switzerland, the last place in Europe to fluoridate, finally ended the practice in 2003 after 40 years, alarmed at the unacceptably high levels of dental fluorosis and higher rates of tooth decay compared with unfluoridated communities.
The experience in Basel has been mirrored in a paper submitted to Health Canada in 2009 by Dr Kathleen Thiesen of The Center For Risk Analysis.
The data collected by lida and Kumar on 16,000 children in 1986-7 shows no dental health benefits from ingested fluoride, with fluorosis detectable at 0.3 parts per million, and a corresponding dose related increase in rates of fluorosis.
As if further proof were needed, the only two trials in the world to run for 50 years both show no benefit from fluoridation. In New Zealand, unfluoridated Napier today, as it did in 1954, has less tooth decay than fluoridated Hastings. Similarly, in the US, unfluoridated Kingston has less tooth decay than fluoridated Newburgh. The SHA now faces an ignominious demise by ignoring the valuable lessons to be. learned from the wisdom and experience gained by international communities, by implementing their agenda with disregard to the precautionary principle urged by the World Health Organisation.

Friday, May 20, 2011

UK - Houses of Parliament

Dr Julian Lewis: To ask the Secretary of State for Health (1) what his policy is on the provision by his Department of funding for fluoridation to strategic health authorities where consultations show local communities not to be in favour of fluoridation; [56567]

(2) on what date funding by his Department for fluoridation in pursuance of the announcement of February 2008 ceased to be available; and what plans he has for the availability of funds for fluoridation in 2011-12. [56568]

Anne Milton: The central allocation for funding the capital costs of fluoridation schemes, announced by the previous Government in February 2008, covered the period 1 April 2008 to 31 March 2011. It is now for strategic health authorities and the primary care trusts that would be affected to agree how expenditure on fluoridation can be provided for from the overall allocations they receive for capital and revenue expenditure.

Fluoride: Southampton
Dr Julian Lewis: To ask the Secretary of State for Health whether his Department made funding for fluoridation available to South Central Strategic Health Authority for use in Southampton and parts of Totton in the period from April 2008 to March 2011.

Anne Milton: In November 2006, the Department allocated £35,000 to South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) to commission consultants to conduct a feasibility study of fluoridating Southampton. The study found that, in addition to 160,000 residents of Southampton, the water distribution system also served approximately 35,000 people living in parts of Eastleigh, Totton and Netley in south-west Hampshire. The SHA has funded subsequent expenditure on the proposed fluoridation scheme from its own resources.

Dental Diseases Rampant in Pets

Submitted by Satish Karat on Thu, 05/19/2011 - 15:19 Health
It has been reported that around 70% of cats and dogs above the age of three, have varieties of dental disease, and if your pets have a bad breath, it is possible that they may be affected.
Also sharing the bed or the couch with pets is said to be detrimental to their health. This is not good for the owners.
Though dental diseases are painful, pets are very skilled when it comes to hiding it from their owners and they may lead to kidney and heart valve infections.
Some tooth diseases build up to be severe, such as gingivitis, which escalates to a huge number of tartar, tooth decay or serious mouth infection.
In order to prevent dental disease, it is advised that you feed your pet using an appropriate diet, encouraging regular chewing, brushing and using other oral products to help clean the teeth and regular visits to the vet for checkups.
Clean teeth are said to boost a happy quality of life in pets, although the owners do not take them to the dentist, owing to fear of extractions performed on pets. Anesthesia is also used for painful extractions.

No mention of fluoride yet it is the first remedy that is proposed for us. I suppose it is too much sugar in their food that is the real reason same as children's diet.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Canada - Moncton to review fluoride policy

Moncton to review fluoride policy
CBC News Posted: May 18, 2011 2:19 PM AT
The days of fluoride in the tap water in Moncton may be numbered.
Moncton city councillors will hold public hearings in June to review the policy of putting the cavity-fighting compound in their municipal water system.
Coun. Kathryn Barnes said this idea has generated a lot of debate in the city.
"You know, we have received many emails, calls, letters with regards to fluoridation in our water supply," she said.
Those who like it say it's done wonders for reducing the number of cavities in children. Those who oppose it say it's dangerous and an invasion of private rights.
Barnes said she wants to hear from as many people in Moncton as possible.
"This is to give everyone an opportunity to put forward their concerns," she said.
Coun. Pierre Boudreau has already decided fluoride is dangerous. "It's a highly toxic waste by-product of the potash company and I'll leave it at that for now," he said.
City councillors in Calgary and Waterloo, Ont., have decided to remove fluoride from their municipal water supply.
But the Cape Breton Regional Municipality has decided to keep fluoride in the water.

Dr. Griffin Cole on LoneStar Politics Part 2.m4v

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

USA - FAN Bulletin

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently proposed to downgrade it's division of Oral Health from a "division" to a "branch". If the Oral Health Division becomes a branch, oral health issues may not remain as high a priority within the CDC, and the large of amount of time and money wasted on the promotion of fluoridation may be drastically reduced.
The House Appropriations subcommittee on Health will be deciding whether to approve this proposal, and we need your help convincing the sub-committee and your Congressman that the Oral Health Division should be downgraded. Much of the Oral Health Division's work is focused on the promotion of fluoridation and is duplicative of what the American Dental Association already does. Tax dollars ought to fund agencies that are dedicated to the protection of public health, and not the protection of ineffective and harmful programs like fluoridation.

Please click here to write your member of Congress and urge your them to downgrade the Oral Health Division.
Thank you,
Stuart Cooper
Campaign Manager
Fluoride Action Network

Dr. Paul Connett In-Studio: Calgary City Fluoridation Ending! - Alex Jones Tv 2/2

UK - House of Lords

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health (Earl Howe): The National Fluoride Information Centre was hosted by Manchester University Dental School. With the cessation of funding, the school may archive the website or take it over. Either way we will ask that the amendment is made beforehand.

Asked by Earl Baldwin of Bewdley

To ask Her Majesty's Government why they have ceased to fund the National Fluoride Information Centre.[HL9033]

Earl Howe: We have sought to reduce central funding to a minimum in order that priorities on use of the limited funds available to the National Health Service may be determined locally. Information on the effects of fluorides continues to be available from university dental schools, professional bodies in dentistry and other relevant research and healthcare support organisations.

Earl Baldwin of Bewdley (Crossbench)

To ask Her Majesty's Government why they have ceased to fund the National Fluoride Information Centre.
Earl Howe (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Quality), Health; Conservative)

We have sought to reduce central funding to a minimum in order that priorities on use of the limited funds available to the National Health Service may be determined locally. Information on the effects of fluorides continues to be available from university dental schools, professional bodies in dentistry and other relevant research and healthcare support organisations.

USA - Fluoride Fumigated Food

Fluoride Fumigated Food
Posted by Golda Starr in Fluoride Blog, Pesticide, Policy
Sulfuryl fluoride is a pesticide used to fumigate food warehouses. Kills bugs and rodents dead.
Toxic? Oh heck yeah!!

Dr. Paul Connett In-Studio: Calgary City Fluoridation Ending! - Alex Jones Tv 1/2

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dental Fluorosis - smile!

Calgary Council Votes to Remove Fluoride from Tap Water

Calgary Council Votes to Remove Fluoride from... by NewsLook

NEW Research Explains 61% of Multiple Sclerosis Cases

NEW Research Explains 61% of Multiple Sclerosis Cases
Posted By Dr. Mercola | May 17 2011
New research shows that low levels of sunlight, coupled with glandular fever, could increase your risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS). This could be one reason that MS tends to be more common away from the equator.
The study suggested that low levels of sunlight could affect how your body responds to infection. Vitamin D deficiency could be another possible link.
BBC News reports:
"The researchers found that by just analyzing sunlight, they could explain 61 percent of the variation in the number of MS cases across England. However when they combined the effect of sunlight and glandular fever, 72 percent of the variation in MS cases could be explained."
Remember, when the American Cancer Society, or dermatologists, tell you that you should be avoiding the sun at all costs, they are dead wrong.

Monday, May 16, 2011

UK - Deadly vCJD may have a link to tooth decay

Deadly vCJD may have a link to tooth decay
by Madeleine Brindley, Western Mail
May 16 2011
A GROUP of Welsh experts believe cases of the human form of mad cow disease could be linked to simple tooth decay.
They have put forward an hypothesis, which suggests tooth decay may be the way in which people became infected with the incurable disease as a result of eating contaminated meat during the 1980s.
Dr Roland Salmon, one of the Public Health Wales professionals involved in developing the idea, said the hypothesis also helps to explain why there have been relatively few cases of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD)...

“One particularly interesting thing is that the area with the lowest numbers of filled teeth and the lowest incidence of vCJD is the West Midlands, which is also the region with the highest levels of water fluoridation.”

I thought unfluoridated Kent had the lowest dental decay and have they considered it might be because the West Midlands has many immigrants on a different diet?

UK - Daily Echo - In my view

Fluoridation is against the flow
By Anna Peckham
IT seems perverse that the Strategic Health Authority (SNA) is still determined to push ahead with plans to fluoridate the region's water despite the fact that the SHA itself will be abolished next year.
With big changes proposed for the way health services are organised and this government's emphasis on localism, it is illogical that a hugely unpopular decision I taken in 2009 by an unelected soon-to-be-scrapped quango can be allowed to proceed.
From next year, public health decisions will be transferred to local councils.
The Department of Health says that it "wishes to consider how, in any future local consultations on proposals for new fluoridation schemes, fuller account can be taken of the views of the people that would be affected". This is a blatant admission of the failure of the Southampton consultation.
So why is the Department of Health still supporting the SHA and instructing it to push ahead regardless? Clearly, it thinks that transferring power to local councils will make this process more "democratically accountable" in other regions.
As Justice Holman emphasised at the recent court hearing, the original legislation is drawn up in such a way as to empower health authorities to do what they want without scrutiny. All that is required is for the board of directors to say they have given "due regard" to local opinion, without actually doing so. The scheme can proceed - even if 99.9 per cent of local people are opposed.
It also transpires that the Department of Health sees this area as the perfect place to conduct a long-term research study into the effects of fluoridation on children.
Now is the time to ask your councillor what their view is on I this issue. If, like some of those I I have spoken to, they tell you it is "not a council issue", inform them 1 that they are wrong. From next year, it will be a council issue and we need to know what our councillors' views are. So ask your councillors how they would vote in a future debate -would they keep this chemical out of your drinking water?
Southampton City Council needs to follow the example of other councils in Hampshire and take action to reject fluoridation.
Now is the time to tell the SHA that, if the scheme is implemented, the council will reverse the decision when it assumes responsibility for public health next year. The council could simply stop dosing the water with hexafluorosilicic acid, refuse to purchase this toxic waste-product and mothball the expensive equipment that the SHA is squandering public money on.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Loveland City Council Meeting Apr 19 2011 Part 3 of 3

NZ - Dental Experts Suggest Parenting to Avert Risk of Tooth

Dental Experts Suggest Parenting to Avert Risk of Tooth Decay in Children
Submitted by Neeraj Shahane on Sat, 05/14/2011 - 11:34 HealthTNM
Preventive dental care has always been a mooting point for dental experts across the world. With the rising cases of dental decay in young children, call for fluoridation of water has been kicked off in medical fraternity.

The situation of dental decay has become so grim that children aged 0 to 14 were hospitalized, as per NMDHB's 2010 and 2008 Health Needs Assessment reports. Citing grave concern over the spiralling rate of dental surgeries, senior hospital dentist Roby Beaglehole, consultant to the British Department of Health, and political adviser to the Government, is of the view that spurt in junk food items, laden with sugar content beyond the safe limit, is one of the potential cause of the crippling dental health in most of the European countries.Contrary to the common recommendation to increase fluoride intake to cater to tooth decay, the NMDHB's oral health steering group Chairman, Ed Kiddle, is of the view that though fluoridation is one of the best way to address the issue, more steps should be taken to eradicate the persistent concern.

Though the controversy to revise existing standard of fluoridation continues, dental experts are of the view that rational parenting is a must to track the percolating concern of children's oral health care.

Why not treat the cause or are the food producers too powerful?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dr. Dean Burk - Fluoride causes cancer

He died in 1988 so his message powerful at the time still wasn't enough.

Canada - The case for fluoridation is overwhelmingly supported by science

The case for fluoridation is overwhelmingly supported by science
Published Friday May 13th, 2011
By Dr. Donald Joyce And Dr. Larry Peacocke
Dental Society Presidents
This is in response to the letter "Concerned about fluoride," published in the Times & Transcript May 2. Our intention is to add to the public debate as desired by the author.

Tooth decay is an infectious disease and the number one chronic disease in children and adolescents in Canada. It is four to five times more common than asthma and the second most expensive disease category in Canada. Untreated tooth decay can lead to infection, pain and abscesses. It can affect school performance and a child's sense of self-worth.

Current studies of our population demonstrate that community water fluoridation reduces the incidence of tooth decay by 18 to 40 per cent. Research also indicates oral health and general health are strongly linked. Fluoridation improves a population's dental health and, as a consequence, its general health.

One of water fluoridation's biggest advantages is that it benefits all residents of a community throughout their lifetime............

Comments disagreeing with the above.
This is great, two dentists who specialize in dentistry to tell us there is nothing wrong with ingesting hydrofluorosilicic acid (fluoride) through our drinking water. Dentists are not experts on fluoride, only when it is used topically. Since the use of fluoride being discussed here is ingested through drinking water, wouldn't an expert on this subject be someone like a Neurologist or a Physician. And how come these dentists never once say anything about where the fluoride is actually coming from. The substance used for fluoridationg our drinking water is hydrofluorosilicic acid and is collected from smoke stack emissions of phosphate fertilizer manufactoring. It is an industrial toxic waste and is considered highly toxic by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and is classified as hazardous waste. The fluoride we ingest is not naturally occuring or even the pharmaceutical grade, how can anyone argue these facts? 41Thumbs Up6Thumbs DownFlag as InappropriatePlease select a reason
James Doohan, Moncton on 13/05/11 06:54:35 AM ADT
Nice to read an article printed in the Times and Transcript regarding this controversial subject. While very informative on the benefits of water fluoridation, I feel that this response to the letter "Concerned about fluoride" is only trying to put a tightly fit lid on the matter when the concern is both valid and honorable. The benefits are well known about fluoride as these points have been made time and time again by some in the dental industry. The author compares the rate of cavities in fluoridated to non-fluoridated communities in countries such as the United States, Ireland and Australia. When in fact just last year Staticts Canada compared both rates in our own country and found no significant difference http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health/ontario-fluoride-may-make-minor-difference/article1535873/ 41Thumbs Up1Thumbs DownFlag as InappropriatePlease select a reason
Mr. X, Moncton on 13/05/11 07:52:06 AM ADT
Dr. Donald Joyce And Dr. Larry Peacocke:

Thanks for the information. Please allow me to raise a few points of concern.

1)Instead of pharmaceutical grade fluoride, the Moncton water is fluoridated with hydrofluorosilicic acid, an industrial toxic waste scrubbed from industry pollution smoke stacks. Is this the substance you are referring to in your article, and has this acid been tested for safety in humans (should we be ingesting it?).

2)Would you recommend infants use fluoridated water when mixing their foods and formula? Would you recommend children under six ingest fluoride in any way, shape or form? If so, why? Health Canada doesnt recommend it:


There seems to be a disconnect if you read the above statement from Health Canada. We are getting the message to not swallow or ingest fluoride by any means, but go ahead and swallow it in the water supply.

40Thumbs Up3Thumbs DownFlag as InappropriatePlease select a reason
Merlin 2011, Moncton on 13/05/11 07:55:16 AM ADT
Why I am now officially opposed to adding fluoride to drinking water

Dr. Hardy Limeback, BSc, PhD, DDS
Associate Professor and Head, Preventive Dentistry
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, M5G-1G6

Since April of 1999, I have publicly decried the addition of fluoride, especially hydrofluosilicic acid, to drinking water for the purpose of preventing tooth decay. The following summarize my reasons.

Please read: http://fluoridealert.org/limeback 38Thumbs Up4Thumbs DownFlag as InappropriatePlease select a reason
Merlin 2011, Moncton on 13/05/11 08:12:15 AM ADT
The WHO also admits cavities decreased worldwide REGARDLESS of where fluoridated water exists. Our city fluoridated, Kitchener does not. Studies show only a 2% difference in cavities, statistically irrelevant.
Statistics only go so far. People in different areas have different habits, different diets, different health outcomes. NO science study ends with "definitively".
Interesting to note also that this drug is ingested and yet apparantly ONLY has radical effects on teeth-nothing else. Suuure. Just because you can't prove a causitive link, doesn't mean one doesn't exist.
Healthwise, the fluoride used is often an industrial waste product, and studies are related to consumption of 1 litre per day. What if you drink more?
Sciencewise, "at high risk of developing caries" is NOT the same as "got fewer cavities" If not, then why not?
This is a drug in our water. It may make sense to fluoridate SCHOOL drinking water, not EVERYBODY'S.

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Chopra (Part 1 of 5)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Australia - Talking Green: Perth Fluoride Free

UK - Protesters hold Coventry public meeting over fluoride in water

Protesters hold Coventry public meeting over fluoride in water
By Mary Griffin
May 11 2011
PROTESTERS are mounting a fight against adding fluoride to the water supply.
A public meeting has been called tonight in Coventry to debate the issue after a petition with nearly 300 signatures was handed to the city council.
Joy Warren, a member of Coventry Friends of the Earth, is spearheading the campaign and wants to fight the current practice of deliberately adding fluoride to the tap water supply across the West Midlands.
She has set up the website West Midlands Against Fluoridation, calling fluoridation a “compulsory mass medication”.
She said: “The public doesn’t know about this. It’s an invisible issue.
“If they tried to get fluoride into the water supply now there would be huge uproar from everybody, as is the case currently in Southampton.
“But if you were born after 1968 you probably don’t realise you’re being fluoridated.
“This is the only compulsory medicine in the whole world, apart from those given to people in mental health institutions governed by the Mental Health Act.”
She added: “Fluoride doesn’t prevent decay in teeth, it delays it by delaying the growth of teeth.
“It affects individuals differently depending on susceptibilities.”
The West Midlands Against Fluoridation campaign reckons there are health and environmental hazards, and also claims it’s putting an unnecessary burden on taxpayers.
According to the campaign’s website, the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority spent more than £4 million on fluoridation between 2009 and 2010, nearly double the £2,228,000 spent the year before.
And, aside from health and environmental issues, campaigners claim it’s a waste of cash as less than five per cent of tap water passes the lips – with most of it being used for showers and washing machines.
A statement from Severn Trent reads: “Fluoride is naturally present in all water supplies at varying levels. However, fluoride is added into the water supply by Severn Trent Water in some areas at the request of the relevant health officials to protect teeth from decay.”
The water supplier says fluoride is usually added as a powder or a diluted solution to bring the fluoride content up to one part per million and control systems make sure it doesn’t exceed the maximum concentration permitted by European standards.
Tonight’s meeting, starting at 8pm at St Oswald’s Church Hall, Jardine Crescent in Tile Hill, will hear from former city GP Dr Diane Philips, who claims she was made ill by the fluoride in the drinking water when she first moved to Coventry.

UK - Daily Echo Letters

Not the answer
I READ A C Davidson's letter 'Keep tap water pure' (Daily Echo, April 22) and I agree that buying bottled water would not be a good answer if Southampton's tap water is fluoridated.
Bottled water would be expensive as you would need to buy large quantities of it. This is because to avoid fluoride you would need to cook vegetables and everything else with bottled water j too. You cannot boil fluoride away as the fluoride just becomes stronger and more concentrated as the steam evaporates off. Bottled water also produces masses of Plastic waste which is not good for the environment. A C Davidson also mentions that we may receive fluoride from bath water. There was a study by George Glasser, published in The Ecologist; saying that people absorb fluoride through their skin when they bath or shower in fluoridated water. This is not as strange as it sounds as medication is often applied on the skin by skin patches.
I agree with your 'In my View' writer Carol Scarborough (Letters April 26), that health authorities should have a duty to honour the Hippocratic Oath of "First do no harm".
A WILLS, Ruislip. Middx.

• SOUTHERN Water's plan to add fluoride to our water supply is an expensive option and not a properly thought out plan. Fluoride added to our drinking water is not the answer to stopping dental decay. Most proprietary brands of toothpaste and mouthwashes contain sufficient fluoride to combat dental decay and adding fluoride to our water supply is totally unnecessary.
The answer is to educate and promote better oral hygiene by regular brushing of teeth with fluoride infused toothpaste and a suitable mouth wash and not to drink tooth decaying fizzy drinks.
Southern Water should concentrate their efforts on supplying clean safe drinking water to every household and not adding fluoride to camouflage what is already poor quality water as at present. My water filter jug shows self evidence of contaminated water taken from our water supply!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Giving a kid Toothpaste is child abuse

I wouldn't advise anyone to do what he says.

Health Restoration

Health Restoration
2011-05-11 / Health
20 Ways to Live Better
Carolyn Guilford, CNC
.....Drink Filtered Water: Municipal water has chlorine, fluoride and many other chemicals that are damaging to the immune systems and to the body’s systems. Then think about how water gets to your faucet: Concrete, lead, and plastic pipes.....

I wish it was that easy to get fluoride out of the water so fight to keep it from being put in. Worth reading a lot of good sense on health restoration

Alberta Council has announced that it will withdraw its 20-year-old fluoridation law

On Monday, the Alberta Council has announced that it will withdraw its 20-year-old fluoridation law. The formal announcement on the discontinuation of fluoridation will be made within two weeks.

The decision has been taken, after a lengthy debate between the authorities, local people and dentists. Fluoridation costs about $750,000 a year to the authorities and will soon require $6-million to upgrade the system at its treatment plants, if the procedure continues.

The dentists of the region claims that discontinuation of water supply will give rise to oral health problems, especially tooth decay among kids. People of the low-income group, who cannot afford the treatment, will be most affected by the ruling.

Dr. Euan Swan, Manager of Dental Systems for the Canadian Dental Association, wrote in an e-mail that the cost of individual professional fluoride applications to individuals at high risk of dental caries is greater than the cost of community water fluoridation.

In response to the appeal made by the dentists to continue the fluoridation of water supply, the US and Calgary officials said that recent scientific evidences have shown that a high intake of fluoride can place people at risk of bone abnormalities and fractures.

UK - Leeds exhibition to host history of sugar

As part of the £180,000 three-year exhibition, Dr McCleery is running workshops looking at the bones of people who lived in the past, including some from Medieval times, in particular jaw bones, which show tooth decay.

Dr McCleery said: “Sugar is not necessarily bad for you, there’s a reason we like the taste of it, it gives us energy. For babies, it’s one of the first things they taste, because mother’s milk is sweet. There’s even an argument which says sugar fuelled the Industrial Revolution.

“One thing which is certain, however, is it does increase tooth decay and by studying old bones we can plot the introduction of sugar and correlate that with cavities precisely.”........

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fluoride Nation

Canadian Medical Journal CMAJ

May 9, 2011
Battle renewed over value of fluoridation
With the scientific pendulum appearing to slowly swing away from the value of fluoridating tap water, the United States Department of Health and Human Services has indicated that it will lower the recommended level of fluoride to be added to drinking water.

The partial retreat comes on the heels of city of Calgary, Alberta’s decision to discontinue fluoridation of its drinking water in a bid to save $750 000 per year in direct fluoride costs and a projected $6 million equipment upgrade at its treatment plants.

Although fluoridation proponents argue that such moves invite tooth decay, particularly among low-income groups who can’t afford dental care, US and Calgary officials counter that recent scientific evidence suggests that a high intake of fluoride can place people at risk of bone abnormalities and fractures.

The Department of Health and Human Services is proposing to lower fluoride concentrations in drinking water to 0.7 mg/L from 0.7–1.2 mg/L, the first time that the department has retreated from standards established in 1962. The lower level “provides the best balance of protection from dental caries (cavities) while limiting the risk of dental fluorosis,” the department stated in a release (www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2011-01-13/pdf/2011-637.pdf). About 73% of American communities fluoridate their water.

The new American level is in keeping with that of Canada and reflects a balance between fluoridating water to reduce cavities, while protecting against toxic effects, David Thomas, media relations officer for Health Canada, writes in an email.

Calgary recently became the latest of several major Canadian cities to have opted against fluoridation. Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver, British Columbia decided against it in the 1970s, while Quebec City voted against it in 2007 and residents of Waterloo, Ontario, narrowly voted to discontinue fluoridation in a 2010 referendum....

Fluoride Fears: One Family's Fight

(Short advert in front)

Canada - Fluoride to disappear from Calgary's water soon

Fluoride to disappear from Calgary's water soon
_QR77 Newsroom
City council has taken its final step in getting rid of fluoride from Calgary's drinking water. They voted 10-4 in favor of third and final reading to repeal the "Water Fluoridation Bylaw". Mayor Naheed Nenshi voted against the motion, as did Gord Lowe, Richard Pootmans and Gael Macleod. The city will now go to the province to finish the process, which could take as little as a couple of weeks.

Monday, May 09, 2011

The Fluoride Deception exposes the truth about water fluoridation and the phosphate mining industry

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Walter Graham on Fluoride Part 2 of 2.flv

`Lancet' neglects neglected diseases of India

``Fluorosis is a chronic disabling disease caused by drinking of heavily fluoride-contaminated water. This problem has risen to an alarming level in India, affecting at least 18 states,'' according to Dr Bawaskar's letter. He points out that the burden of thyroid disease in India in the post-iodisation phase is about 42 million.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

UK - Daily Echo - All ages against fluoride

All ages against fluoride
I KNOW this is one of many letters you will have received regarding the forced fluoridation in our water. I am totally against this as are my 22-year-old daughter and 85-year-old mother.
It was actually my mother who has asked me to write - she' has all her own teeth, few fillings and has brushed them twice a day as do most people. She's eaten sweets etc, but always looked after her teeth.
The children to whom the fluoride is aimed at probably don't always brush their teeth - having not being taught correct dental hygiene, and probably don't even drink water let alone tap water! So a pointless exercise to be forced upon us and with so much objection from the people of Southampton.
What will happen when this takes place and we don't want to drink, cook etc in the water poisoned by fluoride? Buying bottled water is not an option.
L O'Toole, Southampton.

Walter Graham on Fluoride Part 1 of 2

USA - Water Alert Lifted In Mount Airy

Water Alert Lifted In Mount Airy
High Level Of Fluoride Detected Friday
MOUNT AIRY, N.C. -- Residents west of Highway 52 in Mount Airy were told on Friday not to drink the water from the area after tests revealed an increased level of fluoride.
As of 7:15 p.m., John Shelton, of Surry County EMS, said levels have returned to normal and the water is safe to drink.
City Manager Barbara Jones said a malfunctioning fluoride pump at the city water plant malfunctioned overnight, causing the elevated levels.
Short-term exposure to fluoride wasn't associated with long-term health effects, officials said.
Fluoride is found in many household products, including toothpaste, vitamins and drinking water.

America's Oral Health Crisis

America's Oral Health Crisis: Closing the Gap - EIN News - News Media Monitoring
*After 66 years of fluoridation reaching more Americans than ever, a new report says dental disease is still "a public health crisis that has persisted more than a decade after the U.S. Surgeon General called for aggressively reversing the 'silent epidemic' of America's oral health disparity."

"Lower-income African Americans, Hispanics and American Indians tend to suffer oral health disparities and lower access to dental care and prevention compared to white Americans."


Friday, May 06, 2011

Fluoride Crimes - Loveland City Council Meeting Apr 5, 2011 Part 2

Australia - Opposition to fluoridated water in Yanchep

Opposition to fluoridated water in Yanchep
Residents met in Yanchep, north of Perth, last night to oppose a move to fluoridate the area's drinking water supply.
Yanchep and Two Rocks residents do not receive fluoridated water at present but they will when they are connected to the city's main water supply grid.
Medical experts say fluoridation significantly reduces the incidence of dental decay.
Anti-flouride groups claim ingesting too much fluoride can contribute to health problems, such as reduced bone density.
James Fairbairn from the group Perth Fluoride Free says Yanchep residents are far from convinced about the health benefits of fluoride and want to be given a choice.
"None of them gave the authority to be medicated themselves, they are greatly concerned about the effect it's going to have on their children and on themselves as well," he said.
Mr Fairbairn says Perth should join the Canadian city of Calgary which removed fluoride from its water this year.
"I think we should be learning from Calgary that people power does work, that politicians do listen to the people and when people say they don't want to be medicated, the politicians will listen," he said.

Ireland - What is the truth about our drinking water?

What is the truth about our drinking water?
Mayo Advertiser, May 06, 2011.
A free event will take place in Castlebar on Wednesday May 11, with water fluoridation expert Walter Graham.
Reality Ireland in association of The National Health Freedom Ireland (a not for profit organisation) is hosting the event. The aim of the talk is to campaign for safer drinking water and for an end to the fluoridation of water systems.
Mr Graham, a native of Canada who resides in Ireland, has successfully campaigned to have fluoride removed from the water supply in Northern Ireland.
This free talk will highlight what the group believe are the dangers of water fluoridation in Ireland. This is part of a nationwide campaign aimed at forcing the government to stop this practice.
The event will take place in the Welcome Inn Hotel, Castlebar from 8pm to 11pm. All are welcome

UK - Lymington Times - Fresh petition launched to stop fluoride scheme

Fresh petition launched to stop fluoride scheme
ANTI-FLUORIDE campaigners are gathering names for a fresh petition against the controversial chemical being added to their drinking water.
The NHS scheme will affect 190,000 people in the Southampton area, including 8,000 in Totton. Objectors have branded it "forced medication" and claimed unhealthy side-effects.
It was approved by the South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) last year as a way of reducing child tooth decay, but was opposed by New Forest and Hampshire councils.
The new petition is being compiled to persuade Southampton City Council to formally reverse its vote in 2008 to support the scheme, although it later backed a referendum.
The petition for outlying areas said: "We live outside the city but will be affected by this decision. We also ask that when it assumes responsibility for public health, the council will not implement a fluoridation scheme."
The SHA is due to be disbanded in March 2012 under the government's NHS reforms and local authorities given responsibility for fluoride
The Hampshire Against Fluoride campaign hopes that if implementation is delayed beyond then, its petition will help force the city council to shut down the scheme. The deadline for signatures is June 17th.
It said; "Adding fluoride to the water supply is unethical because it constitutes mass medication without consent. The council has not taken into consideration the most up-to-date evidence of the impact of water fluoridation."
On Wednesday 427 people had signed the online petition www.southampton.gov.uk/modf gov/mgepetitiondisplay.aspx?ID=
Last year opponents gathered 15,000-name petition against fluoride and during consultation 7: of responses objected, although Mori poll for the SHA showed only 38%against.
Totton and Eling Town Council trying to delay the scheme with legal bid to redefine fluoride officia as a medicine. A hearing is also d on June 16th in the Court of Appeal against the High Court's ruling that the original consultation was fair.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

UK - Parliament

Dr Julian Lewis: To ask the Secretary of State for Health whether it is his policy that future decisions about the fluoridation of water supplies shall be taken by elected local authorities following the abolition of strategic health authorities. [52429]

Anne Milton: Yes. We propose that local authorities should conduct consultations and ascertain public opinion on proposals for new fluoridation schemes, while contracts for existing (and any new) schemes will become the responsibility of the Secretary of State.

Dr Julian Lewis: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what research his Department has (a) commissioned and (b) evaluated on the outcome of fluoridation exercises in countries where health authorities (i) continue to and (ii) have ceased administration of fluoride to water supplies; and if he will make a statement. [52432]

Anne Milton: A Systematic Review of Water Fluoridation, which was commissioned by the Department from the university of York in 1999 and published in 2000, showed that, on the best available evidence, fluoridation increased the proportion of children without tooth decay by 15% and that children in fluoridated areas had, on average, 2.25 fewer teeth affected by decay than children in non-fluoridated areas.

Evidence from epidemiological surveys of child dental health, which are carried out at regular intervals, confirms that these benefits continue. An example of the effects of cessation is provided by a study of Anglesey(1) where fluoridation commenced in 1955, became intermittent from 1987 and ceased in 1991. In 1987-88, the last year of optimal fluoridation, the mean number of decayed, missing and filled teeth (dmft) of five-year-old children was 0.80. By 1993 average dmft had increased to 2.01 with a dmft of 1.81 among those who had experienced fluoridation during approximately 35 % of their lives and one of 2.28 for those who had experienced fluoridation for less than 10% of their lives.

(1) Fluoridation in Anglesey 1993: a clinical study of dental caries in five-year-old children who had experienced sub-optimal fluoridation F. D. Thomas/J. Y. Kassab and B. M. Jones British Dental Journal 178, 55-59 (1995)

Fluoride: Southampton
Dr Julian Lewis: To ask the Secretary of State for Health with reference to the proceedings of the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee of Hampshire county council of 14 March 2011, what reports he has received on the plans of South Central Strategic Health Authority to proceed with fluoridation of drinking water supplies in and near Southampton; and if he will call in these plans for review. [52431]

Anne Milton: We understand that on 31 March, South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) asked Southern Water to proceed with the fluoridation of drinking water in Southampton and part of South West Hampshire following the outcome of the judicial review, which upheld the SHA's decision. The relevant legislation provides for these decisions to be taken locally.

Mike Weatherley: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what guidance his Department issues to strategic health authorities on the factors to take into account in determining whether to use fluoride in the local water supply. [53621]

Anne Milton: The Chief Dental Officer's letter ‘Fluoridation of Drinking Water’, issued in February 2008 under Gateway reference 9361, refers. A copy has already been placed in the Library and is available at:


The Health and Social Care Bill proposes that responsibility for consultations on proposals for fluoridation schemes should transfer to local authorities, in which case we will issue revised guidance on the conduct of consultations and taking account of public opinion.

USA - Drinking water will be compromised

Drinking water will be compromised
Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Kathryn Lucariello
EUREKA SPRINGS -- There is not much citizens who don't want fluoride in their drinking water can do now that Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe has signed Act 197 into law, mandating fluoride for all water systems that serve 5,000 or more customers.
But at the Carroll-Boone Water District meeting April 21, Berryville resident Lisa Price-Backs asked the water board to use "a common sense approach to fluoride."
Price-Backs, who is an L.P.N., said she was at the meeting as a concerned citizen and not representing any group, although she is associated with the Clean Water Association of Carroll County and with Secure Arkansas.
She asked whether it would be possible to have a "moratorium" on fluoride.
"We need transparency and need to know what country of origin the fluoride is coming from and what is in the fluoride," she told the board during public comment.
Another attendee at the meeting said, "We understand the employees are against fluoride."
"We can't get into who's against it or not," said James Yates, board chairman. "Right now, there's a law."
The attendee asked whether the water district could decide not to use fluoride.
"We'd probably lose our jobs and there might be ramifications," Yates replied. "It's the law, we just don't have a choice."
At last count, the Carroll-Boone Water District served around 26,000 people, said office manager Jim Allison.
"It hasn't been updated, so we probably serve 29,000 to 30,000 since the census," he said.
All 12 water operator employees at Carroll-Boone are against fluoride, he has said in the past, and have gone to Little Rock to testify against its use.
On two occasions in the past, the issue came up at Carroll-Boone among the four founding member cities, who each have an equal vote on such issues. Harrison, Green Forest and Berryville councils all voted to add fluoride, but Eureka Springs passed the decision on to its voters, who rejected it both times, killing the action for the water district.
Brad Hammond, one of the water district's consulting engineers with McGoodwin, Williams & Yates, said they will look into how to comply with the law.

Why Do Cities Still Use Fluoride?

Why Do Cities Still Use Fluoride?
We all know it's important to drink water. It makes up a lot of our body composition.
But when you grab for that glass, do you really know what you're getting?
It had Lamar asking, 'why do cities still use fluoride?'
"Our city voted in 1982 to put fluoride in water for dental health," says Roddy Rogers, manager of waste treatment supply at City Utilities. "We do it to comply with that ordinance and to enhance dental health. The Department of Health and Human Services reviews it every seven years. They're looking at fluoride right now."
They're even backing off the amount of fluoride they put in the water because there are other sources where you can get it, like brushing your teeth.
"Roughly calculated, if you drank a gallon of water every day for 20 years, you might get a thimble of fluoride," says Rogers. "We put it in at a part per million. The level that we put it in, it enhances dental health. There's no danger. There's a maximum of 4ppm. We put it at 1ppm. There's no danger. The CDC says it's one of 10 greatest health achievements of last century."

If it is so insignificant how come it has such an affect on teeth and that includes fluorosis?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary

UK - Daily Echo - Chemical mix is already in water

Chemical mix is already in water
I'm no chemist but, it would appear all the detritus from the medication prescribed for us is, after use, flushed down into the sewage systems and remains in the drinking water even after treatment by the water
companies, which makes one wonder as to any chemical reaction between the fluoride and the chemicals already present?
One reads of fish and other species in the waterways turning into hermaphrodites due apparently to these chemicals in the water, e.g. "birth pill", growth hormones, penicillin, probably even traces of class 'A' drugs, so there must be further concern when adding yet another chemical into the mix.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ask EWG: What can I do about fluoride in my water?

Australia - Fluoride case could have flow-on effects

Fluoride case could have flow-on effects
Posted May 3, 2011 09:31:00
A Lismore man says he's won a David-and-Goliath battle with Rous Water.
Al Oshlack says the Land and Environment Court has ruled that the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act must be applied if fluoride is being added to a water supply.
He says it's a landmark decision that will form the basis of a subsequent case on the 21st of June.
"This will be the first time that I know of in Australia that a case has ever been held," Mr Oshlack said.
"Over the 55 years we've had fluoridation in NSW there's never been one court case and nor has there been any scientific analysis in human health and the impact on the environment caused by fluoride," he said.
The chairman of Rous Water says a decision by the Land and Environment Court this week could see the debate about fluoride resolved once and for all.
Richard Staples says the decision exposed a conflict between the Fluoridation Act and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.
Cr Staples says that could lead to a wide-ranging legal debate.
"I think it's possible because if the environment is interpreted in its widest sense it would include human health and welfare as well," he said.
"So perhaps the whole issue of fluoride could be tested legally instead of just the mountains of information we're seeing on both sides which is never resolved," Cr Staples said.
Meanwhile, the Rous general manager says the authority was acting under the directions of the Health Department when it started work on the dosing systems needed to add fluoride to the water supply.
Kyme Lavelle says the advice will now be tested in court.
"That was the first stage, but the case now has to be heard on its merits," he said.
"(It) can question now the impact of fluoride on the environment which obviously the Department of Health will have to respond to, and its experts," Mr Lavelle said.

Shame we haven't got a Land and Environment Court here.

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Dr. Russell L. Blaylock Interview — Fluoride's Deadly Secret (Part 5 of 5)

24,000 Medicaid enrollees made dental related visits to Emergency Rooms

Saturday, April 30, 2011
Wisconsin Medicaid enrollees’ recurrent use of emergency departments and physicians’ offices for treatment of nontraumatic dental conditions
Wisconsin is 90% fluoridated. Yet 24,000 Medicaid enrollees made dental related visits to Emergency Rooms and Physician offices, with 6.5 percent estimated to be frequent users of such care. People aged 19 to 42 years were more likely to be frequent users. Most dentists refuse Medicaid patients and are costing the US healthcare system hundreds of millions of dollars to fix the extensive tooth decay that could have been prevented with a cheap filling.