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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

North Carolina is 85% fluoridated (NYSCOF)

The North Carolina Dental Society recently released a shocking document that contends there are 600,000 underserved children in the state, most in rural areas.
North Carolina ranks 47th in the nation in the ratio of dentists to population. The need for dentistry for some eastern N.C. children has reached crisis proportions.
Twenty-three percent of kindergarten children have untreated tooth decay; thirty-three per cent of kids ages 2-9 have untreated decay.

USA letter

Government's say-so not OK
On June 3, 1993, New Jersey assemblyman John V. Kelly made a statement before the state assembly, parts of which are herein quoted: "Websters Dictionary defines sodium fluoride as a colorless crystalline, water soluble, poisonous solid, used chiefly in the fluoridation of water, as an insecticide and as a rodenticide. The New Jersey health department released a study last November showing areas with fluoridated water supplies in New Jersey had four times more osteoscaroma, a rear form of bone cancer, than areas non-fluoridated."
I see where fluoridation is an issue in Battlefield. Possibly the above statement is just speculation. Do you have children? If so, do you care to speculate? Google "fluoride" for lots of other fun facts.

Just because the government says so doesn't make it right.
Paul Phariss, Camdenton

Monday, February 27, 2006

Decision time for Hants PCT's

Letter (dated 24 February 2006) from Richard Samuel, Director of Patient Outcomes and Performance on behalf of Blackwater Valley and Hart and North Hampshire PCTs.

Thank you for your letter dated 1 February 2006. I apologise for the delay in responding. A decision was taken that it is not necessary for all PCTs to take this to their Boards but it would go to Portsmouth City Teaching PCT Board in March, in the same way it did to Southampton. This was agreed with all PCT Chief Executives, Public Health Network and the Strategic Health Authority (SHA).

A public consultation could only take place after specific cost and feasibility studies had been undertaken and a definite potential plan or plans developed accordingly, on which to consult. The cost and feasibility study aspect is only initiated when a PCT Board considers fluoridation and decides to ask the SHA to undertake cost and feasibility studies.

The stage of public consultation would be the time for you to put your views acress, if you lived or worked in the area that was holding the consultation.

I hope this information helps.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

96 percent of Mexicans suffer from dental conditions or gum disease.

Soft drinks alone are devastating, and Mexico is one of the top-consuming nations in the world. Some soft drinks deliver the equivalent of eight or nine teaspoons of sugar, a leading cause of tooth decay.
Children have always loved sweets, of course, but bags of chips and candy are no longer special treats for them. They´re all-day staple fare. Some schools ban sweets and junk foods, but most don´t. Many, in fact, make them available right there on campus.
And many parents don´t realize that processed flour products like white bread and crackers eat away at teeth just like sugar. Whole grains would be a healthier alternative, but they are largely unavailable throughout the country - with one exception. "If people would just snack on unsweetened popcorn instead of cookies and crackers and candy, they´d have fewer problems," Dr. Mancera says.
The silver lining in all this is that no individual or their family needs to suffer the fate of the rest of the population. No matter what others do or do not do - and no matter what the government broadcasts or doesn´t broadcast - anybody is free to brush his or her teeth three times a day, see a dentist twice a year, and cut down on sweets and refined flour products.
Your teeth and gums belong to you, and only you have the final say on how healthy they´ll be.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

USA "sevenfold increase in osteosarcoma in the boys"

Fluoridation Faceoff: Some feel tap-water additive link to rare cancer By Anthony DeMatteo
“There’s really no problem. You just have to be careful, because if you spill it, it will eat through your skin. It’s the same stuff they use for etching glass.”Melvin Register wasn’t talking about acid he uses to clean his pool or drain cleaner to loosen gunk from his pipes. He was talking about hydrofluorosilic acid, better known as fluoride, which is added to Palatka’s drinking water.

(Long report)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Seattle USA Already Fluoridated but still have decay

Children's Oral Disease Can and Should be Prevented

By Tracy E. Garland Feb 21 2006
February is Children's Dental Health Month, a good time to pause and assess our children's oral health. The statistics are startling. --Oral disease is almost entirely preventable, but has been on the rise in Washington for the last decade. --Rates of decay for toddlers in our state are substantially higher than for the country as a whole. One-year-olds here are five times as likely and two-year-olds twice as likely to have oral disease. --Oral disease is the most common chronic childhood disease, five times more common than asthma --Nationwide 65 percent of adolescents age 16 to 19 have had tooth decay or fillings in permanent teeth, and more than 51 million hours of school time are lost each year due to dental-related issues. The Surgeon General has called oral disease a silent epidemic. It's an epidemic that we must end if we truly care about the future of our children. As we embark on statewide efforts to improve early childhood learning, we also need to make certain each child is healthy so they can learn. Oral health is a great marker for tracking our commitment to children's health and to their educational success.
Click title for fill report.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

USA: Stick to science on water fluoridation

Critics cite an unpublished thesis by a Harvard doctoral student that suggests water fluoridation contributes to a higher rate of a rare bone cancer in young males. The Harvard School of Dental Medicine is looking into the validity of that study, but credible health organizations discount the link and instead argue for more fluoridation worldwide.
Amazing how credible health organizations know before the Harvard report that the link to cancer can be discounted.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

USA - Video includes NYSC spokesman

Should your drinking water be required to have fluoride in it? It's an issue that's actually been debated for quite some time, but is now gaining some steam after a California study shows one out of four children in that state have tooth decay. Albany is one of just a few communities in the Capital Region that don't have fluoride in its drinking water. Seventy percent of communities in New York add fluoride to the water, and dentists say that's a good thing. Dentists in favor say that areas that have fluoridation have a lower rate of dental decay. The New York State Coalition opposed to fluoridation says that children get enough fluoride in everyday products like soda, fruit juices, tea, infant formula, bottled water, and salt. The coalition argues that over consumption of fluoride can lead to a condition called Dental Fluorisis. Symptoms include white spots on the enamel, discoloration, or decay. There is apparently no clear winner on the issue. Dr. Gabreil McGarry suggests that while fluoride has positive effects it is important to focus on overall dental health. This includes taking children to the dentist for regular cleanings and making sure they brush regularly.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

NZ: Should be left to dentists to decide threat!

Free dental care under threat
Feb 21, 2006
Hamilton dentists are threatening to withdraw from providing free dental care to people under 18 if the city votes to stop fluoridating its water.
The city council has voted to hold a binding referendum on the issue in May.
The Dental Association has been one of the strongest advocates for the continued use of fluoride and Steven Pawley from the association's Waikato branch says the issue is complex and should be left to the professionals. He says dentists will be extremely unhappy if fluoride goes.
Pawley says referenda traditionally tend to attract only people who have strong views on a subject, which will favour an anti-fluoride vote. Hamilton Mayor Michael Redman has criticised the government for its lack of leadership in the fluoridation debate.
He says while central government promotes fluoride as an essential health tool, it passes the buck to local councils to decide what is always a controversial issue.
Redman says he hopes the health authorities conduct a good campaign promoting fluoride. He hopes they don't make what he calls threats, such as spending less on health care to make up for more dental care if fluoride is taken out of the water.
An anti-fluoridation group in Hamilton says it is concerned health authorities will bombard residents with taxpayer funded pro-fluoride information in the run up to the referendum.
Carren McConnell from the Fluoride Action Network says the campaign will only be fair if it is conducted on a level playing field.
McConnell says it is a milestone for the community to finally be able to have a say on what happens to its water.

Monday, February 20, 2006

USA: too much fluoride

Harmful Fluoride Levels Found in Instant Iced Tea
Tuesday, January 25, 2005
By Jennifer Warner

Instant iced tea mixes may contain potentially harmful levels of fluoride according to a new study.
Researchers found some commercial iced tea mixes contain up to 6.5 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride, which is well above the 4 ppm maximum allowed by the EPA in drinking water and 2.4 ppm permitted by the FDA in bottled water and beverages.
The results indicate constantly quenching your thirst with instant iced teas may increase your risk of a rare, but potentially dangerous bone disorder caused by getting too much fluoride in your system.
Also gives details of other ways we take in fluoride.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

NZ: Completely independant question to the uninformed.

Hamilton survey find majority in favour of keeping fluoride
Posted at 9:22am on 19 Feb 2006
A Waikato public health official says a survey that shows most Hamilton residents want to keep fluoride in the water supply should put an end to the issue.
Hamilton City Council will decide on Monday if it will put the fluoridation issue to a referendum.
A phone survey of about 1,200 residents found 63% want fluoride and only 20% oppose it.
Medical Officer of Health, Dr Felicity Dumble, says that shows a public vote is not needed.
She says the survey was very large, random and completely independent.
But Caren McConnell from the Fluoridation Action Network says the public does not yet know enough about fluoridation to answer questions about it.
Ms McConnell says the public should decide the issue in a referendum.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

USA offer free lawyer

Lawyers now willing to make a claim for cancer linked to fluoride.

Friday, February 17, 2006

USA: Citizens not informed of danger.

Although a "do not consume" advisory was provided through area broadcast news media, warnings were not repeated frequently enough for most residents to have been informed. Moreover, the advisories were scattershot and inconsistent. Many people were not watching televisions or listening to radios that Saturday afternoon. Some who lived nearby the treatment plant were notified by firefighters; others learned from friends or family members as the day wore on.
Many residents were dismayed they had not been more quickly and effectively notified that their drinking water might have been dangerous and that independent information about the contaminant was so difficult to find. Coffeehouse owner Sue Pera struggled to get news about whether the water used in her coffee and other products was safe.

Australia: To form a unified campaign

State-wide approach expected to help anti-fluoridation pushFriday, 17 February 2006. 10:50 (Friday, 17 February 2006. 07:50 (AWST)
Western Victorian groups opposing fluoridation of their water supplies say a state-wide campaign will give them a stronger voice.
Anti-fluoridation groups are meeting in Melbourne this weekend to form a unified campaign against the State Government's plans to fluoridate regional water supplies.

Fluoridealert video from Fox news

Very interesting development. Fox news interview Prof about cover up of student's thesis that boys in fluoridated areas more prone to cancer of the bones.

(Need broadband or a long wait to download.)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

From Doug Cross

Andover Advertiser letter

Andover letter

Dr Fox's letter

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

No to fluoride

Miltonians stand strong against fluoride: Furik
Melanie Hennessey
Feb 14, 2006 Wards 2 and 4 Councillor Ron Furik has delivered a loud and clear message to the Region -- Miltonians don't want their well-based water supply fluoridated.

Good for them but at the end after saying Milton has the worst dental decay it goes on:
"On a more positive note, the survey showed that the prevalence of dental fluorosis, or patchy white flecks on the tooth's surface caused by excessive fluoride intake, was lower in Milton than the other municipalities"

Proves they are getting too much fluoride without fluoridation.

Press Release

NYSCOF: California Cavity-Epidemic Study Reveals Fluoridation is IneffectiveTuesday February 14, 4:36 pm ET
NEW YORK, Feb. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Fluoridated California communities have huge cavity rates and large dentist-neglected populations, according to a recent California study,(1) reports the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF).

Although dentistry promises steep cavity reductions with fluoride-laced water supplies, that's not happening in California which is in the midst of a cavity epidemic.(2)
For example: fluoridated Long Beach children have more cavities (75%)(3) than California state (71%) despite a state-wide fluoridation rate one-fourth that of Long Beach.
Los Angeles County is 44% fluoridated,(4) yet 75% have tooth decay.(5) Santa Clara County, where several cities fluoridate,(6) has a 72% cavity rate.(7) Humboldt County is 35% fluoridated(8) yet may have a higher cavity rate than California as a whole.(9) Despite five fluoridated districts,(6) Alameda County had double the statewide number of students needing urgent dental care.(10)
In contrast, NON-fluoridated Nassau County, New York, has a 50% cavity rate.(11)
Nationally 50% of six- to 8-year-olds have cavities.(12) Fluoride is delivered to 2/3 of Americans via public water supplies and virtually 100% via the food supply.
The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) predicted that California preschoolers' poor nutrition, soda drinking and poor dental care would lead to more tooth decay.(13)
"Cavity rates correlate with poor diet and lack of dental care -- two symptoms of poverty -- not fluoride intake," says Paul Beeber, President NYSCOF. "Fluoridation proponents are unjustifiably using the California study to promote fluoridation, when, in fact, it proves fluoridation's ineffectiveness," says Beeber.
Calcium, magnesium, vitamins A, C, D and other nutrients are required to build and maintain healthy teeth. Many California preschoolers lack these nutrients because they do not consume recommended amounts of fruit, vegetables and milk while drinking too much soda.(13)
With free and accessible dental care, military personnel's dental health exceeds their civilian counterparts, reports the U.S. Surgeon General.(14)
Forty-percent of California's uninsured schoolchildren have untreated decay.(1) Few California dentists accept Medicaid patients.(15) Yet, dental groups oppose allowing trained dental therapists to mitigate the oral health epidemic.(16a, b)
Many fluoridated communities experience cavity crises in the U.S.(17) Children need dentists, not fluoridation.(18)
"With soda such an obvious and preventable cause of tooth decay, we question why the American Association of Pediatric Dentists accepted a $1 million grant from Coca-Cola,"(19) says Beeber.
References: http://groups.google.com/group/Fluoridation-News-Releases
Contact: Paul Beeber, 516-433-8882, nyscof@aol.com

Australia: Meeting snubbed

Fluoridation supporters snub meetingWednesday, 15 February 2006. 14:44 (AEDT)
Politicians and dentists in favour of the fluoridation of Wodonga's water supply did not turn up to a public debate on the issue last night. The Victorian Government is adding the chemical to Wodonga and Wangaratta's water supply this year. Organisers invited key stakeholders to talk on both sides of the debate. Fluoride Education Awareness Team member Marilyn Edgar says some people who were invited did not even RSVP. "We got one from [Premier] Steve Bracks and North-East Water said they couldn't attend and [MP] Sophie Panopoulos had to go to a meeting in Canberra," she said. "As for the rest of them, they didn't bother, Bronwyn Pike [the] Minister for Health and Robert Hall from DHS [the Department of Human Services] ... they didn't even respond."
About 50 people attended the meeting.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I wonder why? (Australia)

Meeting yet to find fluoride supporters
Tuesday, 14 February 2006. 15:10 (AEDT)Tuesday,
Tonight's public fluoridation debate in Wodonga cannot find anyone to speak in favour of the chemical.
Fluoridation Education Awareness Team member Marilyn Edgar says she has yet to receive an RSVP from the Department of Human Services or local dentists.
She has speakers who oppose fluoride's introduction into the local water supply, but Ms Edgar says it is important both sides of the debate are heard.
"I think it is a duty for both sides to be heard. If I refuse for people to hear the fluoride side, then I would be no better than the ones pushing this on us at the moment. People have to have both sides," she said.
The Wodonga meeting will be held at the Birallee Neighbourhood House in Emerald Avenue at 7:30pm AEDT.

Shame the rest of the UK can't do the same.

Teeth scheme due to be rolled out

Under fives were given a regular tooth-brushing regimeA pilot project to promote dental health among nursery children is to be rolled out across Glasgow.
The scheme involves replacing sugary snacks with milk and fruit and a regular tooth-brushing regime. After just two years, the number of under fives in the pilot area with no cavities has risen from 10% to 30%. Glasgow has one of the worst dental health records in Western Europe. The health board said the results were akin to introducing fluoride to the water.
NHS Greater Glasgow was in favour of putting fluoride in the water in an effort to reduce tooth decay. However, public opposition to fluoridation led it to establish a number of pilot schemes in the most deprived areas.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Ignorance is bliss.

Had a letter from an Echo reader wishing success in our battle to stop fluoridation and telling of his experience in using a toothpaste recommended by his dentist containing a huge amount of fluoride. He developed IBS and after reading about another correspondent who found it was the toothpaste that caused it he also stopped and he too was cured of symptoms. His doctor professed no knowledge of the connection between fluoride and IBS. I’ve now sent him some printouts of the connection. Are doctors too busy to research?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stop fluoride, says NZ academic

Stop fluoride, says academic 11 February 2006
By GEOFF TAYLORNew Zealand health authorities have locked themselves into a position and are ignoring the scientific evidence about the dangers of fluoride, according to a Waikato University academic. Ted Ninnes, who co-ordinates the university's social sciences programme, said at least 800 peer reviewed published scientific studies now existed showing links between fluoride and health problems. Yet fluoridation of water was now an integral part of the Health Ministry's policy and named in its publications as one of its 13 health strategies.
Some Health Ministry and Waikato District Health Board employees had the role of promoting fluoride included in their employment contracts.
"It makes it very hard for them to look at any evidence which is critical of fluoride," he said.
Dr Ninnes said his research had led him to support a referendum on the issue which Hamilton City Council is to debate on February 20.
He wanted to to see fluoridation stopped as a precautionary measure.
"Water fluoridation should be stopped until such time as it has been proven that it is ethically justified, proven safe and is effective in improving oral health."
But Waikato Medical Officer of Health Felicity Dumble rejected his assertions, saying authorities were simply committed to maintaining the health of the population.
She said the Health Ministry weighed up all the evidence available. "We are always looking out for something new.
"Obviously the Ministry of Health and Waikato District Health Board would alter our stance if there was anything to suggest fluoride was unsafe or didn't work," she said.
Dr Ninnes, who delivered a paper on fluoride at a national sociology conference last year, said corrupted science was responsible for many studies supporting fluoride.
Dr Ninnes said the history of fluoridation in the US had seen science become "the handmaiden of industrial giants" such as the Sugar Research Foundation of America and Superphosphate companies which produced fluoride as a toxic byproduct.
Scientists who came up with contrary findings were often discredited and only one side of the fluoride story had been presented to the public.
Dr Dumble said there were no other influences involved in the Health Ministry's decision-making on fluoride.
"It's purely a health decision." "I have to live with myself. Also I live in Hamilton and I don't want my children to be drinking fluoridated water if its going to harm them."
Dr Ninnes likened the fluoride debate to that around dioxin, which he said for years was backed by health authorities until the evidence was too powerful to ignore.
"Governments in New Zealand and the United States refused to accept scientific evidence of the toxicity of dioxin to humans for 30 years, even though the scientific evidence of its toxicity was overwhelming.
"You seem to have to wait until its overwhelming before they do anything."

But it is already fluoridated!

Dental disease sinks teeth into kids
By Kevin Butler, Staff writer
LONG BEACH — More than half of Long Beach kindergartners and three-quarters of third-graders have experienced tooth decay, according to a survey being released today of students in the Long Beach Unified School District.
The Long Beach Smile Survey found that 28 percent of those cases are untreated, and that 13 percent of kindergartners and 5 percent of third-grade children have never been to a dentist.

Friday, February 10, 2006

USA: Supreme Court override locals

Supreme Court turns down Watsonville's appeal to keep fluoride out of its waterBy Donna JonesSentinel Staff Writer
WATSONVILLE — A state dental group will likely offer the city money as early as next week to fluoridate the local water supply.
For the past three years, the city has waged a legal fight against state officials to uphold a voter-approved measure that essentially banned the controversial public health effort.
But the city lost its battle Wednesday against a state law that mandates fluoridation under certain circumstances when the state Supreme Court declined to hear the city's final appeal.
"The council felt it was important because of the public vote that every legal means should be exhausted," City Manager Carlos Palacios said. "Now that the courts have made the decision, we'll have to follow it."
Previously, the Santa Cruz County Superior Court and the 6th District Court of Appeals said state fluoride law trumps local ordinance. The appeals court ruling set a precedent that opens the door for fluoridation in communities statewide.
Santa Cruz also is among several California communities where voters have turned down fluoridation.
Jon Roth, president of the California Dental Association Foundation, said the organization has been holding onto nearly $1 million earmarked for fluoridating city water while the case worked its way through the courts, and officials overseeing the fund will meet next week to discuss releasing the money.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Monument to fluoridation!

Sculpture tribute to fluoridation on local dentists' agenda
Thursday, February 09, 2006
By Chris KnapeThe Grand Rapids Press

GRAND RAPIDS -- Grand Rapids' riverfront monument to fluoridation was showing decay and a few cavities since its dedication 11 years ago.
Local dentists are taking advantage of its recent extraction because of construction of Alticor's JW Marriott hotel. They plan to replace it with a new, more-ambitious $350,000 sculpture

New Zealand 'Upstart' Waikato dentist against fluoride

No upstart, he has good sense. (Extract)
"No disease has been linked to fluoride deficiency. Humans can have perfectly good teeth without fluoride. I've yet to see any evidence that it actually works."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Southampton Echo print my letter

Right to reply

(The reply is worth reading with letters at bottom disagreeing.)

Dear Dr. Sue,My pediatrician advises that I give my children fluoride, since we have well water. My dentist says that taking fluoride by mouth doesn't do a thing. Who's right? And what possible risks are there of giving fluoride to my children?

NZ - They get a referendum.

Waikato fluoride referendum called for 08 February 2006
By GEOFF TAYLORFluoride opponents have called for a referendum on the issue as the Waikato District Health Board begins a mass letter-drop to persuade people to support fluoridation.
Hamilton City Council has commissioned a phone survey of residents starting tomorrow before it considers at a meeting next month whether to continue putting fluoride in water. Anxious to continue the practice which has gone on in Hamilton since 1966, the health board has paid nearly $5800 so 48,000 leaflets can be delivered before the survey starts.
It is the latest in the board's campaign to persuade the public of the value of fluoridation. Last week the board warned of the dangers of thousands of extra cavities in children's teeth and the extra cost to the community.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More Fluoridated Water Needed, Officials Say

Extract: The study also cited barriers to dental care as part of the problem, including lack of dental insurance and parental education. Its findings echoed a 2000 U.S. surgeon general's report, which described oral disease as a "silent epidemic" throughout the United States.

("throughout the USA" when most of it is fluoridated?)


Meeting to oppose drinking water fluoridationTuesday, 7 February 2006. 15:14 (AEDT)Tuesday, 7 February 2006. 14:14 (ACST)Tuesday, 7 February 2006. 14:14 (AEST)Tuesday, 7 February 2006. 15:14 (ACDT)Tuesday, 7 February 2006. 12:14 (AWST)
Central Victorians are being urged to join a campaign to keep their towns free of fluoride.
There will be a meeting in Melbourne later this month for groups opposing fluoridation from across the state.
Bendigo and Kyneton have fluoride in their water supplies, but it is yet to be introduced in Castlemaine and Maryborough.
The organiser of the Melbourne meeting, Norm Ryan, says there is mounting evidence fluoride is harmful and unnecessary. "I believe there is a paper sitting in the Department of Health in Melbourne showing that 30 per cent of children over the age of 12 have now got fluorosis of their teeth as a result of fluoride being in Melbourne water and why ... has Switzerland stopped taking it? Because they found it's of no benefit to teeth whatsoever," he said.
The Department of Human Services says adding controlled amounts of fluoride to water supplies is an important and effective oral health measure.
Victoria's chief health officer, Dr Robert Hall, says in places where fluoride has been introduced, there has been a 40 per cent reduction in tooth decay.
He says fluoride is used in many European countries. "Many countries are still using fluoride in the water, but there is also fluoride in other methods. Switzerland is sometimes an areas that's quoted for instance, and they now add fluoride to salt as an alternative way of ensuring that everybody has fluoride," he said.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

NZ - threat.

Health board's fluoride threat 03 February 2006
By BRUCE HOLLOWAYWaikato District Health Board might have to consider cutting health services to meet ballooning costs of dental treatment if fluoride is removed from Hamilton's water supply, says chairman Michael Ludbrook.
But anti-fluoride campaigners question the credibility of the evidence Mr Ludbrook is basing his statements on, as the debate hots up ahead of Hamilton City Council next month deciding whether fluoride should continue to be added to the water supply.
Mr Lubrook said "numerous studies" had shown that when communities stopped fluoridation there was an increase in dental decay and a large increase in the number of people needing treatment in hospital under general anaesthetic.

Even in the Arab States rising dental decay

Dental decay on the rise among kids in UAEBy a staff reporter 3 February 2006
ABU DHABI — As many as 83 per cent of school going children, aged five, in the UAE, are suffering from dental decay; and of them, 52 per cent have caries in four or more teeth, a health survey has revealed.

(Must be diet but no doubt the answer will be fluoridation)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Fluoride, horses killed

In 2005, fluoridation of water was discontinued in Pagosa Springs after the water board was presented with convincing evidence that it had caused the deaths of several local horses. Horses were becoming sick and crippled with chronic colics, laminitis, arthritis, cancer, thyroid malfunction, neurological problems, lung dysfunction, reproductive problems, osteoporosis, and the list goes on and on. Cathy and Wayne Justus, who raise show quality horses, were particularly distressed. This had been going on for two decades, and five of these horses had died.
Some 15 years ago, Cathy had suspected fluoride as the cause and sought professional verification. It was not until she made contact with Dr. Lennart Krook, DVM, Ph.D, professor of pathology at Cornell University and world authority on fluoride poisoning in animals, that she got answers. He found that all five horses had died from chronic fluoride poisoning from fluoridated water. The living horses had CFP. His paper, "Artificial Water Fluoridation Causes Fluoride Poisoning in Horses," will be published in "The Quarterly Journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research" in early 2006.
This spring, Clean Water Advocates will be hosting Cathy Justus as she addresses groups interested in her horse story of fluoride poisoning. For more information or to have her address your group, contact CWA at www.fortcollinscwa.org.
Virginia Brown RN,Fort Collins

NYSCOF: Dentists Are Fluoride Misinformed

NEW YORK, Feb. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Bottled water does NOT contribute totooth decay despite dentists scientifically unverifiable cautions disseminatedthrough the media.


USA: Letter: Face ugly facts about fluoride

Because it causes cancer and Alzheimer's among other things, some time ago I protested the California law which requires rat poison (sodium fluoride) in our drinking water. John M. Freter said I had knots in my knickers and pooh-poohed the whole thing.He may be interested to know that over 7,000 EPA employees in a letter to Congress, asked the government to put an end to adding fluoride to drinking water. They also want the “who's who” among the EPA to officially recognize that fluoride can cause cancer - and to set the drinking water standard for fluoride at zero.Also, recently, a professor from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine was accused of suppressing a report from his own department that linked fluoridation to elevated risk of a fatal bone cancer in young boys. The bone cancer is called osteosarcoma. It is vicious and leads to at least a leg amputation and even death.And that is not all. Fluoridation not only causes cancer but, according to reliable sources, also Alzheimer's, immune system alteration, muskolo-skeletal harm, genetic damage and thyroid dysfunction.The unconscionable law mandating rat poison in our drinking water was the brain child of Senator Jackie Speier. Maybe now she will see the light and act to repeal it. Ironically, Speier has a young son who, if she if following her own advice and feeding him fluoride, is in serious risk of osteosarcoma. What goes 'round, comes 'round.V. Fred Rayser
Yucca Valley

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mom and Pop Whitman have concerns about fluoride


People have more access to information today on the internet and are increasingly voting against fluoridation. For my part, I think it should be discontinued as almost every toothpaste supplies the fluoride. The towns and cities could save money - and what about the elderly who are on medication?