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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, March 31, 2012

UK - Campaigners lose water flouride battle despite a 'poison petition'

Campaigners lose water flouride battle despite a 'poison petition'
Friday, March 30, 2012
THE fluoridation of water in Tamworth has been approved by council chiefs despite a 1,000-name petition objecting against the "on-going poisoning" of the town's water supply.
Members of the full council this week unanimously voted to support the fluoridation of water, given the advantages to dental health.

The council was forced into reviewing the process and to examine the safety of fluoride during a special inquiry day.
A report said: "The inquiry day on February 20 provided a balanced and transparent opportunity for the arguments and evidence for and against water fluoridation in Tamworth to be discussed."
Views against fluoride included:
fluoride is a poison;
there is no known safe lower limit;
more research is needed on the effects of fluoride in different parts of the body;
there is no epidemic of bad teeth;
if fluoride is a medicine, we have the right to refuse being given it.
And the views for fluoridation included:
evidence indicates that fluoride reduces tooth decay;
there is no evidence of an 'epidemic' of fluorosis as a result of water fluoridation;
public health statistics show a number of benefits attributed to water fluoridation in Tamworth;
dental health in Tamworth is better than in other parts of the country.
Independent councillor Chris Cooke, who has campaigned against the issue, said: "This scrutiny has been an insult to the intelligence of Tamworth people.

"I feel it has been more of an attempt to hide the truth, than to investigate it.
"I am happy we have achieved what we set out to do. We have helped many more Tamworth people now to learn about this forced medication."
Cllr Ken Gant, chairman of the community and wellbeing scrutiny committee, said: "The committee was of the opinion that the matter of fluoridation should be scrutinised as thoroughly as was possible considering the time and resources available to us.
"I would like to thank all those who have helped us to form our recommendations.
"Thanks must also go to Cllr Chris Cooke who brought about, through his diligent efforts, this inquiry day, the first of its kind at Tamworth Borough Council."

by CllrChris
Friday, March 30 2012, 10:18PM
.“I'm grateful for "FluorideFree" Florida's comment. It shows that there is strong opposition around the world to fluoride (Hexafluorosalicic Acid in this country) in the water. 98% of Europe won't have it. Many countries have banned it completely. Switzerland banned it after trying it out in their capital and noting a marked increase in health problems amongst their people. But politicians and governments in these "fluoridated" areas try desperately to smear this widespread opposition as "just a few hotheads". In Southampton recently those "hotheads" were well in the majority of the residents, over 70% in a referendum despite a huge amount of official propaganda about how "safe and effective" it was. Incredibly Government and the authorities are riding roughshod over Southampton people's views. This fluoride rabbit hole goes down deep and back 65 years. People really should do their own research on this on the internet (before governments try to ban that too "for your own good" of course!).

But putting aside the fluoride issue itself. It was the way this Tamworth Scrutiny operated that I found so deeply disturbing. The Scrutiny had clearly made up their minds beforehand (reference the Scrutiny Chairman's letter to the Herald 7/7/11). They ran away from the information. They banned me or any Tamworth resident from speaking - a clear contravention of Tamworth's Constitution. They put up a couple of paid pro-fluoride government "experts". They specifically excluded references to many thousands of reports, reviews and studies from all over the world. They met in secret sessions - again apparently in contravention of Tamworth's own rules. They just looked at what they wanted to look at (ie - local dentist says "it's great for teeth") and that's it! They made life as awkward as possible for the Tamworth petitioners. The crass ignorance of the Chairman was laid bare for all to see. At the Full Council last week he embarrassingly demonstrated that he didn't even know the name of the fluoride chemical used. He seemed surprised that he was expected know! The most basic fact in the whole scrutiny! Words fail me!

I have seen a great deal in Tamworth politics over the years but I have never seen anything so bad as this!”

UK - Daily Echo letter - Fluoride: are we resigned to the inevitable?

Fluoride: are we resigned to the inevitable?
ON January 20 the Daily Echo printed a letter which I had written in protest against fluoride being added to our water supply. I believed that despite all the petitions and letters of protest printed in the Echo, we were flogging a dead horse, getting nowhere. It was then I believed that action would be better than words.
I called on the 72 per cent of anti-fluoride supporters to join me in sending a letter to Number 10 Downing Street saying no to fluoride in our water. I then sat back and couldn't help but smile, thinking that over 100,000 letters would soon be piling up hi Mr Cameron's hallway, believing that our Prime Minister would throw in the towel and call of the SHA thus saving the people of Hampshire, from fluoride poisoning. This however was not to be. David Cameron sent the ONLY two letters he obviously received, to the Department of Health, who replied eventually giving me a detailed report of the whole procedure, most of which is common knowledge, or available on the Internet.
The Department of Health suggested contacting the SHA or organising a petition of 100,000 signatures for a Commons debate. Information available: http:/epetitions.direct.gov.uk.
Are we now prepared to carry on the fight, or do we resign ourselves to the inevitable?

MR A WILLOTT, Southampton.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fluoride Scandal in ireland

A campaign run by Awaken Ireland,Presented by Martha Brassil and Aisling Fitzgibbon.If you want to help in the campaign contact: aisling.fitzgibbon23@yahoo.ie

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Governments poisoning our food and water with toxics, chemicals and other such substances

Very scary if half true.

Canada - Fluoride debate

Re: Fluoride debate: Advice for city council, Star editorial, March 19.
The report submitted by the Windsor Utilities Commission a few weeks ago clarified one critical issue that council cannot ignore. Can the WUC provide clinical evidence to show fluorosilicic acid (HFS) is safe?

The report refers to the National Sanitation Foundation's regulatory statute Standard 60, which establishes minimum requirements to ensure the safety of fluoride-delivery agents. Compliance demands a toxicology review of such agents.

However, WUC general manager, John Stuart, confirmed there are no toxicology studies of HFS that he is aware of. So the answer to the question is, no. There is no evidence that demonstrates HFS is safe.

It was also confirmed at the Feb. 29 fluoridation meeting that, contrary to public claims by the Medical Officer of Health, HFS is indeed a byproduct of phosphate fertilizer production. More importantly, HFS is classified as toxic waste and is illegal to dump anywhere in the environment - unless it is funnelled into tankers for sale as a fluoride-delivery agent. This simple act results in reclassification as a commercial product but it is still hazardous, still toxic, still persistent and still bio-accumulative, even when it's diluted.

Since nearly all of this water returns to the environment - where legislation prohibits dumping of HFS in the first place - the negative impact on our ecosystem is undeniable.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Systemic fluoride is essential for children?

Systemic fluoride is essential for children
Excellent article (“Tooth decay rises in preschool children,” March 19). Thank you for bringing light to a very important issue. The only thing I would like to add is the benefit of systemic fluoride (i.e. fluoride throughout your body, not just your teeth), which has been shown to reduce cavities 55 to 60 percent according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry........

Dr. Lynda Tran, D.D.S. / Napa

There is almost no fluoride in mother's milk if it was essential for health wouldn't nature provide it?

UK Tamworth - Fluoride levels on council's agenda.

Fluoride levels on council's agenda.
Friday, March 23, 2012 Tamworth Herald
THE outcome of an all-day scrutiny into fluoride levels in Tamworth's water supply is to be discussed next week.
The Tamworth Borough Council meeting at Marmion House on Tuesday, March 27 will see the matter addressed, with a report of the Chair of the Community and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee.
Independent councillor Chris Cooke led the campaign for scrutiny into fluoride levels claiming "it's a poison and has no place in the human body, nor in our water," and the day of scrutiny was held on Monday, February 20.

Tuesday's meeting starts at 6pm.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

NZ - Fluoride risk

Fluoride risk
In reply to Garth George's rant about fluoride and those who oppose its introduction to our water supply (Times, March 17 ):
People are entitled to their opinions without being denigrated by those who are not up with modern research. Attack ideas, not those who hold them.
Supposed benefits of fluoridation have been convincingly disproved recently. The United States Centre for Disease Control has reported that dental fluorosis (discoloured teeth), the visible sign of fluoride overdose, now afflicts up to 48 per cent of school children and fluoride's purported benefits are topical but its risks are systemic, including bone diseases and cancer.
In a landmark case in 2005, the European Court of Justice ruled "fluoridated water must be treated as a medicine, and cannot be used to prepare foods".
While fluoride does occur naturally in most water systems, the silicofluorides used by fluoridating communities are waste products of phosphate fertiliser production and carry trace amounts of lead, arsenic, mercury and other toxins, according to NSF International, the governing body over water additives.
Many years ago, Tauranga residents voted fluoride out of the water supply for good reason. Congratulations to Tauranga City Council for its forward thinking in producing high-quality, non-fluoridated water. Long may this continue.

Alan Willoughby, Welcome Bay

Friday, March 23, 2012


This is a news package on the potentially harmful effects of the fluoridated tap water that runs in municipal water systems

India - This woebegone village is virtually on crutches

This woebegone village is virtually on crutches
Chikkaballapur, Mar 22, 2012, DHNS :
40 people at Yeralakkenahalli in Gudibande taluk are disabled
It is as though this entire village is crippled. Disability knows no barriers as every family at Yeralakkenahalli in Gudibande taluk has two or three disabled members.
While most of them are speech impaired, others have physical disabilities.
There are more than 40 disabled people in this tiny village, including school and college students. People here mostly blame the fluoridated water that they are forced to drink for their predicament. Worse, the disabilities are being passed on to the newborns from the parents.....

Ireland - Babies 'exposed to serious risks' from our water

Babies 'exposed to serious risks' from our water
By Niall O'Connor
Thursday March 22 2012
IRISH babies are facing a "health crisis" due to their exposure to fluoride in drinking water, it was claimed today.
His new report that examines the safety of our drinking water claims that infants are being exposed to "long term medical consequences" from water with fluoride in it.
Environmental scientist Declan Waugh today expressed "grave concern" for the health of Irish babies.
His report looks at the authorities' continued policy of adding fluoride to the country's drinking water.
Mr Waugh told the Herald today that Irish babies are facing a "health crisis".
"The situation surrounding the health risks of Irish babies is nothing short of alarming," he told the Herald.
It has been a long-standing Government policy to add the chemical fluoride to Ireland's drinking water.
However Junior Health Minister Roisin Shortall has asked an expert governmental group to examine this report.
Mr Waugh's report claims:
Bottle-fed babies and young males are exposed to "unnecessary health risks" which include increased neurological disorders, cardiovascular disease and reduced IQ
Teenage boys who drink fluoridated water incur a seven-fold greater risk of bone cancer
Patients with diabetes and Alzheimer's disease are also being exposed to serious effects of fluoride in their water
According to the report, 78pc of Irish people consume fluoridated water.
The report states: "Even more alarming is the fact that over the period of time that water fluoridation has been practised in the Republic of Ireland, approximately 75pc of individuals born in the country whom are alive today and under the age of 50 (which represents the largest population group in Ireland), and who were bottle-fed as infants, would have been exposed to even higher levels of fluoride in drinking water."

Speaking to the Herald today, Mr Waugh said a failure to remove fluoride completely from drinking water would represent "severe negligence".
"Any parent should be extremely concerned about the level of fluoride their babies are consuming," he claimed.
In a statement, Ms Shortall said the report was being examined but rejected calls to discontinue fluoridisation.
"The Irish Expert Body on Fluorides and Health advises that the balance of scientific evidence worldwide confirms that water fluoridation, at the optimal level, does not cause any ill effects and continues to be safe and effective in protecting oral health in all age groups.

"The report of the EU Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER), published in June 2011, has not made any findings of negative health or environmental effects concerning fluoridation of water. There are no plans to discontinue the policy of fluoridation of public water supplies, which continues to make an effective contribution to oral health in Ireland."

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Alex Jones Show - Fluoride: The Global Eugenics Program Behind Population Reduction!

Mentions why Goverments including the UK spend millions to force fluoride on people.

Ebru Today - Joyce Hillary on the New NJ Bill Mandating Fluoridation of Drinking Water

USA - Illinois honors communities for water fluoridation

Illinois honors communities for water fluoridation
4:10 AM, Mar. 22, 2012
llinois officials have announced that 432 communities have been recognized for maintaining state-mandated fluoride levels in their water systems last year.
The awards were presented Wednesday by the Illinois Department of Public Health and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.
Health experts say drinking fluoridated water from birth can reduce tooth decay by 40 to 65 percent.
Another 122 communities received honorable mentions for meeting state fluoride levels for 11 out of 12 months last year.
State officials say about 99 percent of people served by public water systems in Illinois drink fluoridated water. That's compared with the national average of about 72 percent.

65%? If it was only that clear a difference in State comparisons. What about Kentucky fluoridated and has the worst dental decay.

Bottled Water May Boost Kids' Tooth Decay, Dentists Say

Bottled Water May Boost Kids' Tooth Decay, Dentists Say
When the dentist had to fill six cavities in her 4-year-old son’s baby teeth, Amy Wilson was shocked.
When the dentist had to fill six cavities in her 4-year-old son’s baby teeth, Amy Wilson was shocked.The New York City mother of three scanned her family’s habits, trying to figure how Seamus, now 7, could have developed such tooth decay so early.
“We said, 'No, no, no, they don’t have candy or gum or soda regularly,'” recalled Wilson, 42, an actress, author and blogger. For a while, she was stumped.
But then, at a party, a dentist friend posed a surprising question: Did Wilson’s children drink bottled water?
“I had a dentist tell me to make sure to give my kids tap water and not bottled because the latter isn’t fluoridated, and he’s seeing kids with more cavities,” said Wilson, who posted on the popular blog, Type A Parent.
It turns out that many dentists and government health officials suspect that the practice of skipping tap water in favor of bottled water may be contributing to rising rates of tooth decay in young children.
“You should brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, see the dentist twice a year for fluoride treatment and get fluoride in your drinking water,” said Jonathan D. Shenkin, spokesman on pediatric dentistry for the American Dental Association. “If you’re not getting it in your drinking water, that takes out a component of the effectiveness of that triad.”
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, too, warns that “bottled water may not have a sufficient amount of fluoride, which is important for preventing tooth decay and promoting oral health.”
No question, many kids do drink bottled water. One recent study in the Archives of Pediatrics found that about 45 percent of parents give their kids only or primarily bottled water, while another in the journal Pediatric Dentistry found that nearly 70 percent of parents gave bottled water either alone or with tap water.
More than 65 percent of parents using bottled water did not know what levels of fluoride it contained, that study showed.
At the same time, tooth decay appears to affect a huge swath of the nation’s young children. About 42 percent of children ages 2 to 11 in the U.S. had cavities in their baby teeth, according to a 2007 prevalence study, the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The study tracked rising decay from 1988 to 1994 and then from 1999 to 2004, when it was up overall about 2 percent. The data showed that decay affected not only more than half of children at the lowest income levels, but also nearly a third of kids in higher-income families.

That supports additional research by Bruce Dye, a dental epidemiology officer with the National Center for Health Statistics, which actually found that boys in higher income families had the greatest prevalence of decay. Whether that's because it's harder to get those boys to brush, or because parents in higher-income families are more likely to provide more beverages, such as juice, sports drinks -- and bottled water -- isn't clear.
“I look at that as choices being made,” Dye said. “Gatorade or bottled water could be part of that.”
To be clear, there are no studies to date that document a clear tie between bottled water and tooth decay. And the International Bottled Water Association, an industry trade group, notes that at least 20 of its roughly 125 bottlers do offer fluoridated bottled water -- and that water is a healthier option than other beverages.
“In fact, bottled water does not contain ingredients that cause cavities, such as sugar,” the IBWA said in a statement responding to a recent New York Times story about a rise in dental surgeries among tots.
But Shenkin and other dental experts say it’s actually not clear whether there’s a link between bottled water and tooth decay, mostly because the issue hasn’t been studied because of a lack of funding for oral health research....

Sugar and acid drinks more likely the cause.

Daily Mail letter - Cereal Killers

Cereal Killers
WHEN I was 20, 6ft tall and weighing lOst 71b, I got hooked on sugary cereals. I ate them for every breakfast and supper for 45 years.
I loved them — I didn't realise how dangerous they were to my health. We weren't told anything in those days about the health risk of sugar. After 45 years, I had ballooned to 16st lOlb and have an incredible 250 fillings in my teeth. I developed diabetes which resulted in three heart attacks and a triple bypass and was registered blind. I lost my chauffeuring and funeral business because I couldn't cope.
My wife, to whom I had been married for 45 years, divorced me as soon as I told her that our standard of living would, collapse. Sugar is like a beautiful woman, a great danger to your bank balance.
Luckily for me I found a kind lady to look after me when I was evicted from my home.
Sugar is as lethal a killer as alcohol and cigarettes. When my doctor informed me of the costs to my health, I immediately switched to Shredded Wheat, which has nothing added, and over five years my
weight has dropped to its original lOst 71b. Since I abandoned sugary cereals, I haven't had a single filling in my teeth in ten years. Nothing else changed to reduce my weight.
Sugar should be taxed like alcohol and cigarettes to reduce the health risk. Denmark has already done this.

250 fillings?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

USA - Step to aid oral health

Step to aid oral health
The Courier-Journal
Al Smith
Step to aid oral health
With nearly a fourth of Kentucky’s 1 million children living in poverty and suffering some of the worst oral health in America, the state Board of Dentistry has voted to develop regulations to permit hygienists to treat children in a public health setting, perhaps stemming a near-epidemic of tooth decay in the very young....

In Kentucky, where fluoridation is state-mandated:NYSCOF

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flouride water a risk for kids

Monday March 19 2012

Children are at risk of dental fluorosis when they drink water fluoridated at levels used as an aid to prevent tooth decay.

Mild dental fluorosis is usually characterised by the appearance of small white areas in the enamel but in a severe form the teeth appear stained and pitted.

A European watchdog says if a child drinks more than one litre of water containing 0.8 milligrams of fluoride per litre and they use a normal amount of regular, fluoridated toothpaste they can be at risk of the condition.

Southampton Green Party MEP on fluoridation

Monday, March 19, 2012

USA - New Hampshire House Passes Infant Warning Bill

New Hampshire House Passes Infant Warning Bill
03/19/2012 03:23:00 admin
Dear Readers,
We have exciting news! This week the largest state legislature in the U.S. passed a bill mandating infant fluoride warnings on all water bills in fluoridated communities.
On Thursday, March 15th, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 253-23 in favor of HB-1416 following a 13-2 recommendation from the House Resources, Recreation, and Development committee. While there was a lot of opposition to the bill in committee, there was no debate on the House floor because of the insurmountable 13-2 committee...

Shouldn't they do the same in the West Midlands or better still stop putting the fluorosilicic acid in the water.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gems of Wisdom from Big Shot Dentist Mark Peppard 2-21-12

Uploaded by FluorideFreeAustin on 17 Mar 2012

There's fluoride in everything! My oral cancer referrals get F treatment nightly and swallow some of it! Who cares if you die of fluoride or squamous cell carcinoma? Half of all F swallowed is NOT retained - it's evacuated!

Parents need to be responsible for kids' teeth

Parents need to be responsible for kids' teeth
Parents have been advised to minimise the risks of their children suffering dental problems in the future by restricting the amount of sugary foods and drinks they let them consume.
Professor Damien Walmsley, scientific adviser to the British Dental Association, said that products which are high in sugar should be limited to meals times to minimise the risk of tooth decay.
"It's also important that children are taken to visit a dentist regularly and encouraged to brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste," said Professor Walmsley.
His comments came after reports in the national press claimed that children who drink fruit juice as part of their five fruit and vegetables a day are damaging their teeth.
The importance of good dental care was recently emphasised by Dr Maurice Johannes' comments that many older adults were turning to cosmetic dentistry to reverse the effects of years of neglect.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Medical Officer of Health Admits In Absence of Fluoridation Safety Studies, Take Precaution

Canada - Don't fluoridate drinking water

Don't fluoridate drinking water
By Donna Mayne, The Windsor Star March 16, 2012 Re: WUC urges moratorium on fluoridation, by Beatrice Fantoni, March 1.
Consuming and bathing in water artificially fluoridated with hydrofluorosilicic acid - a classified, persistent, bioaccumulative toxin - goes beyond ridiculous. But thanks to a majority of members of the Windsor Utilities Commission, especially city councillors Drew Dilkens and Bill Marra, logic trumped the status quo.
Thank you for recommending Windsor City Council review its artificial water fluoridation (AWF) policy.
Coun. Ed Sleiman dissented, saying he is not a doctor and therefore relies on advice provided by AWF proponent and Medical Officer of Health Dr. Allen Heimann. Perhaps Coun. Sleiman is listening to the wrong doctor.
What doctor prescribes without first assessing a patient, let alone failing to get his patient's consent? That, unfortunately, is the endgame of artificial water fluoridation.
We are being forced to ingest a substance intended for topical use.
Meanwhile a dozen doctors with the United States National Research Council spent more than three years reviewing adverse health effects associated with fluoride in drinking water and published a 508-page report in 2006.
More recently, the American Dental Association and the Center for Disease Control, have both issued advisories for parents not to administer fluoridated water to infants or use it to mix formula.
And just last year, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency ruled that health benefits claimed by a manufacturer of artificially fluoridated water for infants (nursery water) are illegal.
Against this backdrop, the fluoride level of Windsor's raw water currently is 0.15 ppm. This exceeds the 0.12 ppm level set out in the federal Species at Risk Act.
Clearly, WUC's average AWF level of 0.65 ppm is adversely affecting our area's richest natural resource.
WUC's own report states the National Sanitation Foundation's regulatory statute "Standard 60," to which it adheres, establishes minimum requirements to ensure fluoride-delivery agents are safe. And compliance demands "a toxicology review" of such agents.
The problem? There are no toxicological studies of hydrofluorosilicic acid. So, in addition to growing evidence that AWF causes harm, the WUC's AWF protocols do not comply with critical regulations.


Friday, March 16, 2012

USA - Primary care providers often first defense against dental decay

Primary care providers often first defense against dental decay
Julee Waldrop, DNP, PNP, FNPMarch 15, 2012
Dental repairs performed under general anesthesia have always been an option for children that are unable to cooperate with dental procedures for physical or mental health reasons. But a recent New York Times article pointed out that these costly procedures are becoming more common, as the number of fillings, root canals, crowns and extractions that children undergo increases.

Studies show that 41% of children aged 2 to 11 years have cavities in their primary teeth, and 42% of those aged 6 to 19 years have cavities in their permanent teeth. Although children of lower socioeconomic status are affected more, this is a problem for all children. It is now becoming unreasonable to expect children to cooperate with the amount of dental work they require, and also very expensive, with costs ranging anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000.

So why are so many more children suffering from rampant dental decay when most homes have water supplies treated with fluoride? There are two main reasons......

Because it doesn't work. So why bathe in it, cook with it and drink it?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Illuminate with Fluoride

Water Fluoridation Debate

Canada - Tecumseh wants end to fluoridation

Tecumseh wants end to fluoridation
By Monica Wolfson, The Windsor Star March 15, 2012 4:05 AM
Councillors voted 3-2 this week to recommend the City of Windsor cease putting fluoride in drinking water.
Tecumseh buys its water from Windsor, as does LaSalle, through the Windsor Utilities Commission. Coun. Joe Bachetti said he supported the idea of fluoride-free water for liability reasons.
"As of January 2013 individual councillors may be held liable in terms of the liability of fluoride in the water," he said. "The fact that the province is allowing that to happen, we need to do the tough research and decisions to whether it needs to be in the water."....

UK - Camelford water poisoning: Authority 'gambled with lives'

Camelford water poisoning: Authority 'gambled with lives'
The water authority responsible for the UK's worst mass water poisoning was "gambling with as many as 20,000 lives", a coroner has said.
Coroner Michael Rose made his comments at the inquest of Carole Cross.
The 59-year-old lived in Camelford, Cornwall, when aluminium sulphate was added to the wrong treatment tank, polluting the drinking water in 1988.
Mr Rose said while the incident may have contributed to her death, he could not conclusively say it caused it.
'Excessive aluminium'
He called for more research into the effects of aluminium on public health, but told the people of Camelford there was "no need to fear" they might become victims of the poisoning.
"I have little doubt the overwhelming number of residents in July 1988 ingested little or no aluminium," the coroner said.
When Mrs Cross died in 2004, very high levels of aluminium were found in her brain.
Recording a narrative verdict, the West Somerset coroner said she had been exposed to "an excessive amount" of aluminium in the contaminated water.
While there was a "very real possibility" the ingestion of aluminium contributed to her death, he said there was "only a slight possibility" it caused her death.
Speaking before the coroner's ruling, Mrs Cross's husband Doug said that at first he thought they had avoided the contaminated water
Camelford's drinking water was poisoned on 6 July 1988, when a relief delivery driver mistakenly tipped 20 tonnes of aluminium sulphate into the wrong tank at Lowermoor treatment works and the chemical - used to treat cloudy water - went straight into the town's mains supply.
Despite being inundated with nearly 1,000 complaints, the then South West Water Authority (SWWA) insisted the water was safe to drink and advised customers to disguise the "foul" taste by mixing it with orange juice to make it more palatable.
Mr Rose said John Stephens, the relief driver, should not be "vilified" for his mistake.
But he criticised the water authority for not informing the public about the poisoning for 16 days - a delay he described as "unacceptable".
One reason for the delay may have been the "mistaken belief" that action had been taken to flush the excessive aluminium from the system.....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fluoride Danger - Ridding Your City of It

Been on before but worth seeing again.

Tooth decay “epidemic” in Canada

Tooth decay “epidemic” in Canada could be linked to too much fruit juice: studyCarmen Chai, Global News : Tuesday, March 13, 2012 3:00 PM
Read it on Global News: Global BC | Tooth decay “epidemic” in Canada could be linked to too much fruit juice: study TORONTO – While Canadian pediatric dentists wage a war against tooth decay in kids’ teeth, British officials are pointing a finger at sugary fruit juices as the culprit.
On Monday, the Royal College of Surgeons in the United Kingdom warned parents that feeding children large amounts of juice, in an attempt to make kids eat more fruits, is damaging teeth.
The effects could even be long-lasting – in the U.K., half of five-year-olds already had signs of wear to their tooth enamel.
The situation isn’t any better in Canada, according to Toronto-based pediatric dentist, Dr. Elliott Schwartz, who has worked on kids’ teeth since 1977.
“There are so many kids that need dental treatment – and they’re young kids about 2 ½ to three years old with just rotten teeth. It’s skyrocketing. It’s an epidemic in North America,” he told Global News......

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

USA - OP-ED: Opposes Fluoridation Bill

OP-ED: Opposes Fluoridation Bill
On March 15, the legislators in the NJ Senate and Assembly are scheduled to vote in Trenton on a bill (S959/A1811) to mandate the fluoridation of all public community water supplies. The proposed mandate would force 8.6 million NJ residents (about 3/4 of the state) to ingest fluorosilicic acid, a pollution waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry, in their water. NJ citizens are strongly encouraged to learn more about this critical issue and contact their local assemblypersons and senators to voice their opposition.

According to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), a health freedom advocacy group, the New Jersey legislature has been working towards enacting these new fluoridation laws without telling the public or seeking appropriate public input. Outcry from those who oppose the legislation—including the NJ League of Municipalities, the NJ Sierra Club, the NJ Business and Industry Association, the citizens' group No Fluoride New Jersey, and a number of local water companies/utilities, is being ignored.

"Since fluoride's benefits are topical, it makes no sense to swallow fluoride and makes even less sense to put fluoride into drinking water when fluoridated toothpaste is available to everyone," said Paul Connett, PhD, executive director of FAN and co-author of the book The Case Against Fluoride. "Not only does this unfunded mandate completely strip away all local control of fluoridation, but requires local taxpayers to fund the estimated $5 billion start-up costs and the annual $1 billion cost to maintain the practice."......
Is fluoride effective? According to the largest U.S. study of fluoridation and tooth decay involving U.S. Public Health Service dental records of over 39,000 schoolchildren, 5-17, from 84 areas in the U.S., results confirmed the number of decayed, missing, and filled teeth per child was virtually the same in fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas.

Daily Echo - HAMPSHIRE: Councils set to be able to scrap moves to add chemical to water

HAMPSHIRE: Councils set to be able to scrap moves to add chemical to water
MPs debate new council powers over fluoridation
Tom Moseley
CONTROVERSY: Tap water in Southampton is to be fluoridated.
A SHAKE-UP of the way that fluoride can be added to tap water is expected to be passed in Parliament today.
Councils will have the power to scrap fluoridation programmes under the controversial Health and Social Care Bill, which will be debated in the House of Lords.
As well as headline measures that will hand more power to GPs and increase competition, the Bill will also allow councils to make decisions on any new fluoridation schemes.
Strategic Health Authorities, the bodies previously in charge of the decision, will be axed.
With Southampton City Council having voted last year to oppose the move, it is likely the proposals for Hampshire would have been thrown out if the Government's reforms had been place at the time......
"The SHA remains confident with its decision to support the local NHS in Southampton with their plans to increase the fluoride level in local water supplies."
Edited as per wish of the Echo not to infringe copyright.

dailyecho.co uk

Monday, March 12, 2012

MOM MOMENTS: Just another breezy trip to the dentist

MOM MOMENTS: Just another breezy trip to the dentist
By Jane Ammeson Times Correspondent

Recently, my youngest had a dentist appointment. It wasn't unusual for him to be going there and it's a place he actually really enjoys going. He's been going since he was 3 — twice a year for a cleaning, fluoride treatment, complimentary toothbrush and a goody from the treasure chest. He hasn't learned to fear the dentist like some adults who have had a number of bad dentist experiences, like root canals and extractions. All he knew was flavored fluoride and a little scraping of the teeth. What's so bad about that?

But this last visit wasn't for a routine cleaning. He was there for his first filling. Actually, for his first fillings. Yes, plural. Two. I was nervous going in. I knew what was coming. He didn't......

If fluoride was so wonderful how come he has to havce 2 fillings and another one to be done later. There is something wrong with what we give kids, too much sugar and acid drinks.

UK - Daily Echo - Time to drop this unwanted project

Time to drop this unwanted project
THREE years ago, in the face of widespread local opposition, the South Central Strategic Health Authority voted to impose water fluoridation upon the area. Three years on and the scheme is still not implemented and local opposition is now greater than it was in 2008/9. In fact, three years on we find:
1. Levels of dental decay are now at an historic low in Southampton.
2. Southern Water has not completed an operational feasibility study so we do not even know whether the
scheme will be possible, what areas it might cover or how much it will cost.
3. There is now universal democratic opposition to the scheme by all local councils and MPs.
4. Within fluoridated countries, more and more are
choosing to end the practice due to health concerns - some 3 million fewer people now receive fluoridated water in North America since 2009.
5. Further research confirms that in fluoridated areas infants receive excessive doses of fluoride above recommended daily limits.
6. More studies have been published questioning the efficacy and safety of fluoridation.
7. Dental fluorosis has reached epidemic proportions in fluoridated areas in the USA with over 50 per cent of adolescents having fluorosed teeth.
8. There is increasing evidence that targeted community-based schemes are effective.
9. The SHA will be abolished in 2013 and powers on fluoridation passed to Southampton City Council and Hampshire County Council -both of whom oppose the scheme.
Isn't it time that the SHA stopped wasting NHS money on this scheme? Having spent well over half-a-million pounds trying to put it in place, all they have succeeded in doing is creating greater opposition. It is about time they recognised that water fluoridation is unnecessary, unwanted, ineffective and unethical. Fluoridation plans must be scrapped and resources invested instead in targeting community-based initiatives which have been proven to be effective.
STEPHEN PECKHAM, Chairman, Hampshire Against Fluoridation.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

USA - Fluoride down the drain

Mailbag: Fluoride down the drain
Did anybody ever think about fluoridating water being the most inefficient means of preventive dentistry?
Almost everyone drinking the water is over- or underdosing. They say a person needs eight glasses of water a day. (That assumes they don’t drink milk, soda, fruit or vegetable juice or eat moist food like spaghetti.) Eight glasses of water is about half a gallon a day per person.

When you flush a toilet you use a week’s dosage of fluoride. A shower uses three to four weeks, and a bath six or seven weeks’ worth.

I won’t guess how much for laundry or dish washing. And don’t forget we water our lawns with it in summer and the city parks department buys it for watering the many acres of parks we have.

Most of it goes into things that don’t even have teeth. I am not a chemist and don’t know how cumulative it is in the ground, but over the years there must have been some change in the chemical make-up of soil and plants watered with fluoride.

Forty years ago I bought a water distiller and still use it to avoid chlorine and fluoride. And I asked at my favorite restaurant if they were giving me city water and I was told they have an efficient filter on their water. It may be (and should be) required by state health inspectors.

Think of it like this. Fluoride is available in prescription doses in pills. The city buys you one of these pills every day and you take it and have great teeth. But for each pill they buy an undetermined number of the same pills (hundreds at least and some days thousands) which they dump on the ground or flush down the sewer every single day.

Ward Mackey, Albany (March 4)

UK - Tamworth - Water fight not going away

Water fight not going away .Friday, March 09, 2012 Tamworth Herald
I WAS one of a dozen or more concerned local residents at Tamworth council's Fluoridation Scrutiny (February 20).
No decision was made at this meeting, but judging by past comments of councillors it would have been difficult to imagine a more likely stacked deck.

One fact new to me was that the industrial waste chemical, hexofluorosalicic acid, is put into our water at a rate of 5.36 parts per million in order to make up the one part per million fluoride.
We can only guess what those other 4.36 parts per million of whatever are doing to us.
Already admitted is that two per cent of the mixture is arsenic, lead and other heavy and even radioactive metal wastes.
The enquiry was well led by informed experts against fluoridation.The pro-fluoride experts stuck mainly to dental 'benefits' and some seemingly highly selective comparative statistics.Tooth benefits were argued.But the harm poisons do to the rest of the body were dismissed as having no 'acceptable' evidence.Debate was restricted to the York Review, therefore there was very little about the illegality of putting this industrial waste in our drinking water.
Or the morality. Or about people's informed consent. Or about the ecological damage.
Tamworth has a right to clear pure water.It came out that fluoride now contaminates a great deal of our food and lives, which did not happen 60 years ago.
Yet the one part per million they decided on then is still the same today – even though today we get fluoride via toothpastes, mouthwash, concentrated into cooked foods etc, adding at least another five parts fluoride per million.
But with water we have no choice. We cannot avoid it.
I assisted Cllr Chris Cooke with his petition.
It's a shame on Tamworth Council that this committee refused to let him speak. My own survey at that time revealed that 92 per cent of people asked did not want this fluoride added to our water.
I would myself be prepared to refuse to pay a proportion of my water bill and stand up in court and argue the case.The water company did not come to this Scrutiny and instead just put forward a prepared statement. It appears they did not want to be questioned.
This issue is not going to go away.Eventually, I'm convinced fluoride will be seen the same as DDT, lead in petrol and thalidomide.
Fluoridation of people's drinking water will be banned. Some countries have already done this.
It may be that when the new Localism Bill gets passed that would be the time to force a local referendum?
Ken Forest, address supplied.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The FDA is Killing You. - YouTube.flv

Mentions fluoride at the end.

Daily Echo letter

Friday, March 09, 2012

UK - Echo letter

I thought the water was filtered much more than our tap water. They must manage in the West Midlands.

Daniel Vitalis - Dangers of Tap Water Fluoride Chlorine ( Drink Natural Spring Water )

Ignore the Nazi claims as they were never proven but interesting information.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Sir Iain Chalmers

International Symposium on Systematic Reviews in Laboratory Animal Science
Discussion and concluding remarks
Sir Iain Chalmers
James Lind Library, UK

Is Fluoride Beneficial? - Video

Health Videos - Is Fluoride Beneficial?

USA - Local Dentists See Cavity Increase In Pre-School Aged Children

Local Dentists See Cavity Increase In Pre-School Aged Children
March 7, 2012 5:15 AM
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Local dentists are noticing an increase in pre-school age children coming into their office for a check-up with numerous cavities.

Dr. Josh Bresler who’s practice is called “Cavity Busters” says the problem is a significant one.

“We have, over the past few years, seen probably 50 to 60 children every week in that pre-school age who need to be put under general anesthesia to have all 20 teeth repaired.”


“One issue is that children are not coming to the dentist early enough. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend that children be seen by a dentist by their first birthday. The old recommendations were that children were to be seen by age three. By three it’s too late.”
When asked if children drinking bottled water as opposed to the floridated tap water most municipalities offer is a factor, Bresler says it’s not but the juice boxes, fruit snacks and flavored waters they consume are.

Comment from NYSCOF
It’s sad we’ve allowed organized dentistry to convince us that all poor kids need is more
fluoride. 80% of dentists refuse Medicaid patients. 130 Million Americans don’t
have dental insurance. Many of those with insurance can’t afford dentistry’s
high out-of-pocket costs.

Meanwhile, after 67 years of water fluoridation, more dental schools are opening, more dental professionals have been created and dentists’ offices had higher profit margins than any other industry , according to Sageworks, a firm that tracks private-company financial performance

This country needs to employ Dental Therapists. But organized dentistry is so politically powerful that legislators are afraid to tick them off and cause them to lose their lucrative monopoly by allowing Dental Therapists to work in the US as they have for decades in other first world
countries – very successfully.

Also, the mistaken thought that fluoride could prevent tooth decay has made loads of money for the dental products’ industry but have overdosed our children. The CDC says almost half of adolescents have dental fluorosis (discolored teeth) from ingesting too much fluoride. Yet, tooth decay is rampant

Absent from discussion is that children are deficient in vit D and calcium – two nutrients required for healthy teeth. But no big industry is lobbying about them or can profit from them. Fluoride is neither a nutrient nor essential for healthy teeth. It is a drug not necessary for tooth formation or decay prevention..

Also most juices have a fluoride content, either from the water supply used to make it or from fluoride containing pesticide residues. No American is or ever was fluoride deficient. However, millions are dentist-deficient.There is no science to support the notion that drinking fluoride-free water leads to more tooth decay.

Rotten diets make rotten teeth and no amount of fluoride can change that.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

No Safety Studies Exist for Fluoride in Drinking Water - WUC meeting Feb 29 2012

Water Fluoridation Expert Says Further Study Needed

Water Fluoridation Expert Says Further Study Needed
Dr. John Doull talks with KSRO's David Wesley Page about fluoridating drinking water. The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors is currently examining the option of adding fluoride to much of Sonoma County’s drinking water.

Dr. John Doull is the Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology and Toxicology in the Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics at the University of Kansas Medical School, and chaired the 2006 Committee on Fluoride in Drinking Water.

Sound clip on web page.
RichardH posted 15 hours ago
My City has been fluoridating its water for over 45 years. I've been flossing, brushing, rinsing with fluoridated products and eating mostly nutritious foods. So why have all my teeth fallen out. Thousands have the same problem but don't realize that the fluoride has damaged their teeth to that condition too.

The state of Kentucky has 100% fluoridation and yet has the 5th highest toothless rate in the U.S. at 23.7% due to cavities. Here are the top 4:
• 92% fluoridated West Virginia 37.8%
• 94% fluoridated Tennessee 31.5%
• 80% fluoridated Missouri 26.2%
• 83% fluoridated Alabama 26.0%
Hawaii, only 8% fluoridated, has the lowest rate at 9.6% tooth loss from cavities.

Newburgh NY has one of the worst cavity rates in the country, fluoridated since the mid 40's in a fluoridation trial, but Kingston NY never fluoridated, has significantly much less cavities than its fluoridation trial twin city.

These are facts that prove that fluoridation is NOT the answer touted to work to prevent tooth decay. If fluoride chemicals work at all, they may work by applying them on the teeth, but even that is now being questioned.

Fluoride chemicals create an acid condition. Dentists believe that bacteria in the mouth cause acid which cause tooth decay. How does putting a chemical that creates an acid in the saliva not cause tooth decay too? You can't have it both ways, dental experts! Plus, fluoride chemicals will kill both good and bad bacteria, that means the ones that you need for digestion that starts in the mouth with your saliva will get killed too. It's a proven biological fact. It destroys digestive enzymes and others too, and the list goes on and on.

Systemic use of fluoride chemicals to prevent tooth decay is a myth that has yet to be proven even after over 60 years of use in North America. Requests for proof that using hydrofluorosilicic acid (or one of its many synonyms – but H2SiF6 clearly defines it chemically) for fluoridation have fallen on deaf ears. No such proof is forthcoming.

Endorsements and wasted time and money on biased government studies are not proof that it works: they just reinforce the false BELIEF in a failed health initiative that really had nothing to do with health in the first place.

Irish Medical Times - Youngest are at risk of dental fluorosis

Youngest are at risk of dental fluorosis
March 7, 2012 By Lloyd Mudiwa
By Lloyd Mudiwa. Young children are at greatest risk of exceeding fluoride limits, according to the results of a new assessment by the European Commission Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER).
It is easy for children to exceed fluoride intake, which causes dental fluorosis, when they drink water fluoridated at levels used as an aid to prevent tooth decay, according to the opinion, seen by Irish Medical Times.
“The very youngest are at greatest risk of exceeding fluoride limits,” read the opinion. “The estimated tolerable limit for children under 1 to 6 years old is 1.5 milligrams per day, which should produce less than 5 per cent of moderate dental fluorosis.
“This is exceeded if they drink more than one litre of water containing 0.8 milligrams of fluoride per litre of water and they use a normal amount of regular, fluoridated toothpaste. If they drink 1.5 litres of water, they go over the limit, even without the toothpaste,” read the opinion.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

UK - Camelford water poisoning: Expert calls for brain scans

BBC Video
Camelford water poisoning: Expert calls for brain scans
5 March 2012 Last updated at 20:06 Help A leading neuro-pathologist has suggested people who lived in a Cornish town during a water poisoning incident should have their brains scanned to see if they have been affected.

Professor James Nicoll attended the inquest of a woman who lived in Camelford where aluminium sulphate was added to the water supply in 1988.

Carole Cross had aluminium levels in her brain which were "beyond belief", an inquest into her death in Taunton has heard.

UK - Daily Echo letter

Monday, March 05, 2012

Camelford water poisoning: Carole Cross inquest resumes

The inquest into the death of a woman linked to a mass water poisoning incident in Cornwall more than 20 years ago is due to resume.
Carole Cross lived in Camelford when 20 tonnes of aluminium sulphate was accidentally added to the water supply.
She died in 2004 at the age of 59 from a rare form of Alzheimer's. A post-mortem examination found she had high levels of aluminium in her brain.
The inquest is being held by the West Somerset Coroner in Taunton.
Health problems
About 20,000 customers were affected when a relief lorry driver mistakenly added 20 tonnes of aluminium sulphate to drinking water at the Lowermoor treatment works in July 1988.
In 2010, Mrs Cross's inquest was told that on the night of the incident the then South West Water Authority (SWWA) was inundated with hundreds of complaints about dirty, foul-tasting water.
But the authority insisted the water was safe to drink and no warnings were issued to the public for at least two weeks.
Local residents reported a range of health problems, including stomach cramps, rashes, diarrhoea, mouth ulcers, aching joints and some even said their hair had turned green from copper residues.
Mrs Cross lived on the outskirts of the town and later moved to Dulverton in Devon. She died at Taunton's Musgrove Park Hospital in 2004.
She suffered from cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) - also known as congophilic angiopathy - and her husband Dr Doug Cross has, for many years, believed the high levels of aluminium she was exposed to in Camelford contributed to her death.
The last hearing of her inquest was held in November 2010.
Following testimony from scientists, the coroner agreed to the water authority's request to adjourn the inquest.

USA - Myerstown Water Authority first to stop fluoridation

Myerstown Water Authority first to stop fluoridation
By STEVE SNYDER Lebanon Daily News
The Lebanon Daily News (Pennsylvania)
March 4, 2012
Just over 67 years ago, Grand Rapids, Mich., became the first city in the world to adjust the fluoride in its water supply.
Scientists had determined that fluoride could be used to reduce tooth decay, and many communities followed Grand Rapids' lead, including the borough of Myerstown. Although he wasn't sure of the exact date, Chris Strause, operations manager for the Myerstown Water Authority, said Thursday that a local women's club paid for a pump to add hydrofluorosilicic acid, the technical name for fluoride, to the authority's water supply.
Today, more than 195 million people in the United States are served by public water that contains enough fluoride to protect teeth, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.
Myerstown water customers are no longer among them.
Effective Jan. 31, Myerstown Water Authority stopped adding fluoride, after receiving a permit from the state Department of Environmental Protection to do so.
"I think we are the first people in the state of Pennsylvania allowed to discontinue it," Strause said.
Lisa Kasianowitz, South-central Community Relations Coordinator for DEP, wrote in an email Thursday that DEP "is not aware of any other authorities or municipalities that have stopped adding fluoride in the South-central region."
Expense was not a reason for the move. Strause said the cost of fluoridation was between $3,000 and $4,000 a year, not counting any pump maintenance or electrical costs. The savings generated from the change "will not be enough to drop rates," Strauss said.
Dan Flanagan, chairman of the five-member authority board, said, "The decision was based on the ADA (American Dental Association) now recommending that fluoride should be administered topically instead of being ingested."
Lydia Hall, media relations manager for the ADA, disputed Flanagan's statement.
"No, the ADA continues to advocate the value of community water fluoridation as well as fluoride supplements and topical administration when recommended by a dentist," Hall wrote in an email.
Flanagan also cited "hazardous conditions for employees" of the system, noting that "(hydrofluorosilicic) acid is very corrosive."
Flanagan said residents who want fluoride can continue to use it, either by buying toothpaste or drinking water that contains the mineral.
All customers of the Myerstown system and local doctors were notified by mail of the proposed removal of fluoride, which the authority board approved late last year.
"One doctor wrote back with a concern," Strause said, but no others did. Only one other customer was "upset."

"More folks were happy to have it out of the water system," Strause said...........

Sunday, March 04, 2012

In New Jersey, a Battle Over a Fluoridation Bill, and the Facts

In New Jersey, a Battle Over a Fluoridation Bill, and the Facts
Published: March 2, 2012
...............Many opponents say their information has come online, from national groups like the Fluoride Action Network and Citizens for Safe Drinking Water, which argue that fluoridation would cost $5 billion statewide. On their Web sites, the groups argue that fluoridation would lead to fluorosis, a rare staining of the teeth. They say fluoride has many adverse health effects, including bone cancer, and no proven benefit...

Rare? And they quote "the Facts"

USA - Poison in the water

As both a research epidemiologist and dentist, I have studied fluoride's dental and systemic effects for more than 10 years. I used to live and practice in Basalt years ago. I take exception to Dr. David Swersky's recent letter titled “The facts support fluoride in water” (Feb. 29, The Aspen Times).

General dentists without academic research training are attempting to sway public sentiment in support of fluoridation by making statements such as Swersky's, without citing the overwhelming epidemiological evidence in the past several years refuting these claims. I will address each of Swersky's “claims” and suggest to the reader an excellent online source for peer-reviewed studies regarding fluoride toxicity at fluoridealert.org, founded by Dr. Paul Connett, professor emeritus of chemistry at St. Lawrence University...........
Dr. John Percival

Canada - Fluoride concerns voiced

Fluoride concerns voiced
Frank Matys, fmatys@simcoe.com
March 2, 2012
ORILLIA - Orillia's anti-fluoridation movement has garnered the support of a veteran of the dental profession. Tammy Gouweloos, a registered dental hygienist for the past 30 years, says the higher rate of decayed teeth in Orillia's children "has nothing to do with whether or not we have fluoride in our water." Gouweloos is urging council not to fluoridate the city's drinking water, as recommended by the public health unit. "Dental decay is a disease that is completely preventable without public water fluoridation," Gouweloos told a crowd of about 100 who turned out for the first of two public meetings on the controversial proposal.

High sugar consumption and acidic foods and drinks are driving tooth decay, she said. "Nutritional education is the key to prevention," Gouweloos, a past-president of the Ontario Dental Hygienists Association added. Others arrived at the three-hour meeting with placards warning of the dangers they say are associated with water fluoridation. "Fluoride causes brain damage," read one. Health unit officials, however, reiterated the claim that fluoridation is a safe and effective measure to combat tooth decay. Children in St. Thomas, a similar-sized community with fluoride, have an average of 1. 4 cavities versus the 2.5 cavities reported in Orillia children, they said. Medical officer of health Dr. Charles Gardner described water fluoridation as "a collective solution" to tooth decay, and likened it to the addition of vitamin D to milk. Health Canada's Dr. Peter Cooney agreed, adding that a bevy of studies by respected authorities, including the World Health Organization, support the cause. "If you look at these groups and associations and the science that went into these (studies) I would suggest that there is no doubt at all," he said. Pediatric dentist Dr. Keith Morley accompanied his presentation with graphic images showing the mouth of a child suffering severe dental disease. "One of the most effective ways to get fluoride, topically, to children is through fluoridated water," he said......,.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

USA - Mandatory fluoridation is not right for New Jersey

Dental experts explain why mandatory fluoridation in New Jersey is unlikely to save money because treating dental fluorosis will cost as much or more than any theoretical cost savings from reduced tooth decay. There are also other potential risks from fluoride exposure. Ralph Nader explains why the people should have a say in what's in their water supply, and making it a purely administrative decision takes that away. But that is the point of this legislation, to force unwilling communities to add fluoride to theirt tap water when most of the world has rejected the idea.

Friday, March 02, 2012

It has taken Irish campaigner Robert Pocock four years to have his petition against the imposition of fluoridation by the Irish and British Governments heard by an independent Committee of the EC. Today's the day for Robert's 'day in court' - it has no power to stop fluoridation, but can order a legal analysis of its violation of EC medicinal and HR law.

Canada - WUC urges moratorium on fluoridation

WUC urges moratorium on fluoridation
By Beatrice Fantoni, The Windsor Star March 1, 2012
The Windsor Utilities Commission voted in favour of recommending that the city stop water fluoridation for five years and redirect any money saved into oral hygiene and nutrition education.
"This (fluoridation policy) has been in place for 59 years. It deserves a review - a thorough review," said Coun. Bill Marra, who stepped down from chairing the meeting in order to second Coun. Drew Dilkens' motion at the WUC meeting Wednesday night.
"I'm prepared to have this debate at a full council meeting," Marra said. "Clearly we're not in a position to make a full decision. Council is."

Four of the five commission members present voted in favour of the recommendation, with Coun. Ed Sleiman voting against the motion.

Residents, local dentists as well as Medical Officer of Health Dr. Alan Heimann made five-minute presentations to the WUC after which commission members posed questions.

After the vote, Dilkens, Marra and Heimann all said that many more questions were raised at the meeting than there were answers, so much more debate and research is needed.
"There is a lot of conflicting information that we need to work through," Heimann said. "It's going to be my job ... to assist in the provision of this information."
Dilkens said that much like learning that hand washing prevents colds, preventing tooth decay is ultimately a matter of personal hygiene that can be taught to children by their parents. It might not require fluoridating the water, especially when there is research to show that the industrial grade hydrofluorosilic acid used in tap water is derived from phosphate fertilizers rather than a natural source, he said.
Local dentists as well as Heimann told the commission that fluoridation remains an effective, equitable and economical way of preventing tooth decay.
On the other side of the debate a local nurse and members of the group Fluoride Free Windsor cited research showing fluoridated water has been linked to medical conditions such as thyroid problems and kidney stones. As well, there are no protections for wildlife exposed to fluoridated water.

Kim De Yong of Fluoride Free Windsor said she was pleased that the commission upheld its mandate to provide safe water. She said the group will work to provide the commission with the peer reviewed evidence which shows ingesting fluoride is not safe.

UK - Daily Echo letter

The only good thing will be the removal of the detested autocratic we know best SHA quango.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

If you aren't already with fluoride toothpaste, fluoride mouthwash, dental fluoride varnish, Guinness (brewed in Ireland, Pure Orangejuice from USA.

USA - ASHEBORO, N.C. –The water supply in Asheboro is once again safe to use

ASHEBORO, N.C. –The water supply in Asheboro is once again safe to use and to drink. There was reason for concern on Monday after a system malfunction dumped a large dose of fluoride into the water supply.

Mimi Cooper, Randolph County Public Health, was called to work on the plant on Monday but says that there was most like never a reason for concern.

"For most people, there was probably no exposure at all," said Cooper. "You have to have been in your home during that period of time and had some water to drink or had ingested it in some way."....

60 gallons of fluoride pumped into the water supply in one go.