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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, December 10, 2018

F.A.N. Newsletter

Before we get to our discussion below on December 10th and the Strongest Argument Against Fluoridation here is an update on our annual fundraiser.
In our ambitious – but very necessary quest – to raise $250,000 by midnight December 31, over the last three days (Dec 7, 8 and 9) we raised $3,405 from 25 donors. This included a doubling challenge pledge of $1000 and another pledge of $100 when we reached 100 donors. This brings our grand total to $70,684 from 110 supporters. Thank you everyone who has donated so far.
The good news is that, thanks to another generous challenge pledge, donations will be doubled again today up to a total of $1000.
Please watch this short Video appeal from Dr. Bill Hirzy, former EPA senior scientist and our representative in Washington, DC.

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Human Rights Day
Today, December 10, is Human Rights Day. It commemorates the day in 1948 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Fluoridation and Human Rights
For many people the strongest argument against fluoridation is that it is a violation of the individual’s right to informed consent to medical treatment, and that is a human right. No government (local, state or federal) should have the right to add chemicals to the drinking water designed to treat human beings as opposed to treating the water to make it safe or palatable to drink. Every doctor and dentist should know this but few seem to care. But on Humans Right day it is time to remind them.
For starters look at the language in the 2005 UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights. Here is some of that language and we have underlined the principles that highlight the violations of human rights inherent in water fluoridation:

Within the scope of this Declaration, in decisions or practices taken or carried out by those to whom it is addressed, the following principles are to be respected.

Article 3 – Human dignity and human rights

1. Human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms are to be fully respected.

2. The interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science or society.

Article 6 – Consent

1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.

2. Scientific research should only be carried out with the prior, free, express and informed consent of the person concerned. The information should be adequate, provided in a comprehensible form and should include modalities for withdrawal of consent. Consent may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without any disadvantage or prejudice. Exceptions to this principle should be made only in accordance with ethical and legal standards adopted by States, consistent with the principles and provisions set out in this Declaration, in particular in Article 27, and international human rights law.

3. In appropriate cases of research carried out on a group of persons or a community, additional agreement of the legal representatives of the group or community concerned may be sought. In no case should a collective community agreement or the consent of a community leader or other authority substitute for an individual’s informed consent.
Doubtless, promoters of fluoridation will point out that principles 2 and 3 pertain to “research” and they will argue that fluoridation is not research; that its benefits and efficacy were “proved” years ago. However, they can’t have it both ways, whenever a study shows a serious harm (like the U.S. government funded- Bashash et al, 2017 and 2018 studies) the promoters’ response is to call for more studies.
Calling for more studies is tantamount to admitting that their case has NOT been proved and that fluoridation is one of the world’s longest-running medical experiments. The earliest promoters of fluoridation understood this that is why they insisted that the fluoridation 1945 “trials” in Grand Rapids, MI and Newburgh, NY were “demonstrations” not “experiments.”
Sadly, the world is not run on ethical principles, but for one day a year – Dec 10 - perhaps we can pretend that it is. For the rest of the year – as far as fighting fluoridation is concerned it is a relief that the hard science is on our side. Our biggest problem – especially in 2019 - is trying to let the public and the media know that this is the case. We have to make the “invisible” visible to the public, and then in court.
Paul Connett, PhD,

Director, Fluoride Action Network,
Co-author of The Case Against Fluoride…(Chelsea Green, 2010)

Fluoride Free Australia

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Is a Federal inquiry needed? Contact your POLITICIANS.
"Deadly lead is found in public drinking fountains just weeks after warning over poison in household taps - and the worst culprit is next to a children's playground.
- Lead is corrupting water supplies in public drinking fountains in Australia.
- Many of the drinking fountains have been confirmed to contain traces of lead. 
- 4.5 per cent lead content is allowed in Australian plumbing fittings currently.
- In the US it is just 0.25 per cent and a 'guidance statement' has now been issued. 
- The government has told Australians to run taps for 30 seconds to flush out lead." 
Research this, https://www.researchgate.net/…/282439972_Plumbosolvency_exa…
Plumbosolvency, the dissolution of metallic Lead, which results in the contamination of drinking water and consequent damage to human health, is recognized as a major problem wherever Lead pipes, solder or brass fittings are present in the supply route. Plumbosolvency is exacerbated by Fluoridation of drinking water. The use of Phosphate in an attempt to reduce the dissolution rate leads to increased costs, waste of a scarce natural resource and environmental degradation. Immediate cessation of neurotoxic Fluoridation to reduce plumbosolvency makes more economic sense. Provision of communal water supplies from point of collection reverse osmosis filters can bring an immediate end to Lead exposure while sources of Lead contamination are gradually removed from the supply network, creating thousands of person years employment in a depressed economy.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Fluoride Free Windsor Ontario

Five years ago the Windsor Utilities Commission recommended that the city end water fluoridation. Water systems are charged with providing the safest drinking water possible. Council voted a five year moratorium and the time to review the decision has come. There are several new council members that didn’t hear from the public during our initial safe water campaign.

We need community members to write to their council to let them know you prefer your water free of fluoridation chemicals. Residents of Windsor, Lasalle and Tecumseh need to make their wishes known (these three municipalities share a water supply). If you live outside these communities but work or visit there, consider writing in as well.

** Please keep your comments brief and to the point. Include your name and address so they know you are a legitimate person.
Send your message to all of council and the clerk. Attend the meeting on December 17th at city hall and sign up as a delegate if you’re willing/able to.

Ask for your message to be included in correspondence to council.
Samples of what you could email to council:

- I’m glad the city stopped adding fluoridation chemicals to the drinking water.
- I do not consent to fluoridation chemicals being added to my drinking water.
- I have *insert relevant health condition* (hashimotos, thyroid disorder, kidney disease...) and need to avoid ingesting fluoride. Please keep it out of our drinking water.
- My child has dental fluorosis and does not require more fluoride in her diet.
- I get enough fluoride from my toothpaste and don’t want or need it in my drinking water.
- My infant is fed formula mixed with tap water and when fluoride is added to the public water supply, formula fed infants are given the greatest dose putting their brains at risk. Studies show fluoride is a neurotoxin.
- Council is not my doctor or dentist and shouldn’t be prescribing me tooth medicine in my water without knowing anything about my oral or physical health.
- Fluoride, if needed, should be administered and monitored by a dental professional.

Here are the council/clerk emails to contact. Please do so BEFORE noon on Friday December 14th.
Share this with your friends and family so we can get many messages to the decision makers. .......

Saturday, December 08, 2018

F.A.N. Newsletter

Since Thursday Dec 6, we have raised $2,802 from 14 donors (this includes a $1,000 doubling challenge) bringing us to a total of $70,081 from 99 supporters.  Thank you to all who have donated.  We need to keep this momentum up to reach our target of $250,000 from 1,250 donors by midnight Dec 31 to ensure we have the operating budget necessary to maintain our current progress in the fight to end fluoridation.

Before we highlight a collection of FAN resources created to help you protect the most important people in your life, we wanted to share an interesting article published in the UK Telegraph, by dentists.  It starts out telling how good fluoride (not fluoridation) is, and making fun of some anti-fluoridation arguments, but ends up more or less supporting most of the major and sensible anti-fluoridation arguments.  Please read and leave a comment at the bottom of the article.

How to make a tax-deductible donation to FAN:
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*Please note that some corporations match tax deductible donations made by their employees to some non-profits. We qualify for this. This is the information to provide your corporation finance people: FAN is a project of the American Environmental Health Studies Project, Inc, registered in Tennessee. 

Protecting Your Family from Fluoride
When fluoride was first added to water in the 1940s, in an experiment to prevent tooth decay, not a single dental product contained fluoride: no fluoride toothpastes, no fluoride mouth rinses, no fluoride varnishes, and no fluoride gels. In the past 60 years, as more communities began fluoridation and one fluoride product after another entered the market, exposure to fluoride increased considerably, particularly among children.
Exposure from other sources has increased as well, such as: infant formula, processed foods, soups, soda and beer made with fluoridated water, food grown with fluoride-containing pesticides and fumigated in warehouses with sulfuryl fluoride (buy organic!), iced tea, raisins, fruit juices, wine, mechanically deboned chicken, and some pharmaceuticals (e.g. cipro) and fluorinated anesthetics that metabolize to yield a free fluoride ion.  Taken together, the glut of fluoride sources in the modern diet and at the tap has created a toxic cocktail, one that has caused a dramatic increase in dental fluorosis (a tooth defect caused by excess fluoride intake) over the past 60 years. The problem with fluoride, therefore, is not that we are receiving too little, but that we are receiving too much.
The best way to avoid fluoride is to work with your friends and neighbors to get it out of your water - or keep it out of the water.  That requires organizing and education.  If you live in a fluoridated community, you can also encourage your local restaurants and coffee shops to use reverse osmosis filters to remove the fluoride. Tell them that you and your group will publicly thank them with a press release and encourage residents to frequent these thoughtful entrepreneurs in your community.  This strategy has been used by a number of campaigns in the U.S. and Ireland to gain attention and support.
FAN also offers educational resources to help you and loved ones reduce exposure from all sources.  Our goal is a world safe from fluoride, and understanding sources of exposure and how to protect yourself is an important step towards achieving it.
Please share these guides with your friends and family: 
Moms2B: Information for Pregnant Women
The Moms2B campaign was launched in April 2018 to advise pregnant women to avoid fluoride, particularly fluoridated water, because of the potential for harm to the brain of the fetus.
 FAN guides to help you reduce your exposure to fluoride
Fluoride Content in:
Other Sources of Exposure:
With your help we can continue to develop more free educational materials and guidebooks in this pursuit. If you find these resources helpful and would like to see more developed, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution--why not give it to FAN instead of Uncle Sam!
Thank you,

Stuart Cooper
Campaign Director

Fluoride Action Network

Fluoride Free Australia

Holistic Dentists treat the whole body and most holistic Dentists do not use fluoride.
Forced Water Fluoridation is delivering toxic fluoride to the whole body, as very little, if any, fluoride is added to the enamel of our teeth from fluoridated water.
To date, 29 Australian Dentists have joined the IAOMT, but many more in North America.
The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) is a global network of dentists, health professionals, and scientists who research the biocompatibility of dental products, including the risks of mercury fillings, fluoride, root canals, and jawbone osteonecrosis.
The IAOMT Home page https://iaomt.org/

Friday, December 07, 2018

Fluoride Literally Turns the Pineal Gland to Stone, Research Suggests

Fluoride Literally Turns the Pineal Gland to Stone, Research Suggests

Written By: Sayer Ji

The pineal gland has been known as the ‘seat of the soul’ for hundreds of years. Could fluoride, a ubiquitous vector of toxicity in the modern world, actually be calcifying this gland and literally turning it into stone?

Thursday, December 06, 2018

F.A.N Newsletter

In this bulletin we provide another 30 statements from the list of doctors, dentists, nurses, scientists, water treatment operators, and others who have signed the New Professionals' statement calling for an end to fluoridation worldwide. Some of these statements have been edited to avoid repetition. 
Yesterday, another $730 from 11 donors was added to our totals which now stand at $67,279 from 85 supporters.

Your Donation Will be Doubled Today

In order to encourage more people to donate one of our supporters who has fought fluoridation for over 30 years, has pledged to double the next $1,000 donated today.

How to make a tax-deductible donation to FAN:
  • Online at our secure server.
  • Or by Check, payable to the Fluoride Action Network. Send your check to:

    Fluoride Action Network
    c/o Connett
    104 Walnut Street
    Binghamton NY 13905
*Please note that some corporations match tax deductible donations made by their employees to some non-profits. We qualify for this. This is the information to provide your corporation finance people: FAN is a project of the American Environmental Health Studies Project, Inc, registered in Tennessee. 

Part 2 - Statements From Professionals Opposed to Fluoridation
Declan Waugh, Ireland
As a scientist and risk management consultant, I have read the science and reviewed the evidence regarding water fluoridation and fluoride intoxication. As a published author who has also undertaken risk assessment of fluoride intake I am aware that you cannot control the dose of exposure when you contaminant the public water supply with this toxin. Evidence suggests that Fluoride works topically in reducing dental caries but ingesting fluoride is harmful to the body, the soft organs including the brain, liver, kidneys, heart, lungs and immune system. I do not consent to mandatory fluoridation both on scientific and ethical grounds. It is a flawed policy that needs to stop immediately. The science is clear, fluoride is a neurotoxin, a metabolic and enzymatic poison and it should not be ingested, particularly by pregnant women or infants or persons who are susceptible to its toxic effects such as individuals who are iodine deficient, chloride deficient, individuals with kidney disease or compromised immunity.
Michael May, BSc Eng, CEng
…Fluoridation of our water supply impacts the young and poor disproportionately more since the young often obtain it in higher concentrations than adults and the poor can`t afford the Reverse Osmosis filtration required to remove it.
Eve-Marie Arcand, DDS
My 18 years of experience as a dentist have showed me that eating habits and oral hygiene are the key factors to prevention of dental decay.  My examination of the literature regarding water fluoridation has convinced me that even though the intention behind this practice is good, the risks largely exceed the potential benefits (that appear to be much lower than expected initially)…  It is unsafe for many people; it can harm babies that are bottle fed and it can make it worse for individuals with impaired thyroid function.  Toxins are very abundant in our environment and we need to reduce them whenever it is possible, so adding a known toxin to water makes no sense. 
April Hurley, MD
I oppose dosing developing children with neurotoxins under the guise of "treating" them. I oppose damaging all body tissues to address dental damage which can be prevented by wiser, safer, and nutritional means. I oppose harming people to "protect" them…
Emily Matthews, RN
It works better applied directly to teeth. Anybody who wants it can have it applied at their visit to the dentist. It is medication without consent when put in drinking water…
Jeffrey Sutherland, Ph.D.
The latest research shows that even in amounts commonly found in doctored water it reduces the IQ of children significantly. As a research scientist with significant expertise in the effects of radiation exposure I know that small amounts of toxins such as mercury, fluoride, and even chlorine can significant increase negative health effects.
Heidi Ward- McGrath, BVSc
Fluoride has detrimental effects on the health of pets that are supplied with fluoridated water. Fluoride affects the functionality of their thyroid gland and subsequently hormonal status. Our renal patients are negatively affected by this addition. I am concerned about fluoride uptake into bone. There is scant pet animal research in this area, however I suspect similar levels of fluoride in dog and cat joints is contributing to pain, inflammation and disease. Many pet owners are unaware of the impact this unnecessary addition to their pets vital water supply is having on their pets overall health. It must end.
Carol Wells, RDH, Canada
…Every single ounce of artificially fluoridated water consumed, while drinking and eating foods that have been rinsed, washed or cooked …with hexafluorosilicic acid – a neurotoxin - no amount is safe.
Lashawn Bollenbach, RN
Fluoride is toxic and…has damaged my daughter’s teeth as diagnosed by our traditional dentist in Oklahoma. Studies show that it lowers IQ significantly, and it's criminal to continue this antiquated practice in modern America.
David McRae, Australia
Water fluoridation is poor medicine/public health in that it doses all citizens with a strong chemical substance regardless of need, sensitivity, medical conditions and other risk factors.
Tina Kimmel, Ph.D., MSW, MPH
Fluoridation chemicals (including unavoidable contaminants) are neurotoxic, in addition to dozens of other harms to the body. They pose the worst risks to fetuses and infants…Despite all this, fluoridation is being imposed on local water districts by unelected government officials.
Richard Taylor, M.A. Psychology, licensed psychologist
Fluoride accumulates in brain and bone and causes lowered IQ and ADHD like symptoms, and has been implicated in causing osteosarcoma in juvenile males. 
Michael Fadell, MD
It is a toxin!  I am a grandfather and am concerned for the health of my granddaughter! 
Obiora Embry, BS, Industrial Engineering, EIT
I have been against water fluoridation for over 20 years and am dismayed that even with the knowledge of how toxic it is to humans (the born and unborn) it is still used within most communities within the United States…
George Eichholzer, BASc, P. Eng
There are far better ways to help teeth without poisoning the water supply.
Reverend Jonathan Singleton, MA, MDiv
It's not healthy.... It's not a vitamin.... It's not needed in the human body.... It's IMMORAL! 
Kevin O'Donnell
I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 53, and have avoided drinking tap water for the past several years, drinking only bottled water formulated by reverse osmosis.
Gary Fortinsky, DDS, HOM
…if the benefits of fluoride are supposedly topical, then why is it in our water?
George Fairfax, MD
There is much evidence of adverse effects that is occurring in humans.
Alan Feuer, MPME
…It only serves to financially benefit the sellers of fluoride.
Mary Sanda, RN, BSN, CCRC
I believe it is extraordinarily irresponsible to add fluoride to public water supplies.  Even if you agree that fluoride is beneficial topically to the teeth, it is not meant to be absorbed by all of the cells in our bodies, especially brain cells…From the tiniest of newborn babies to the largest adults, all of us are exposed to the same concentration of fluoride in the water.  I am a nurse and there is absolutely no such thing as prescribing a drug in the same concentration for everyone universally.  One does not need to be in the medical field to understand how wrong it is to add any substance to our water supply to treat people, not knowing how different people could be affected. 
Hugh Davoren, RD, PGDipSci, PGDipDiet
From a human nutrition perspective, Fluoride is not required for any purpose. It is not a nutrient. Sure, when applied topically Fluoride does seem to have a positive effect in delaying the onset of decay. In NZ the average dietary intake of Fluoride is at least 2 mg daily via the food supply alone (not including fluoridated water), a lot more if you're a tea drinker. There is simply no need to have it added to our water supply any longer.
Richard Mills, MD
Fluoride is a toxic inorganic ion that plays no part in normal human biochemistry.
Christopher Christianson (Utilities Operations Supervisor, grade IV Wastewater, T3 Treatment, D3 Distribution)
It is unnecessary to add this chemical to the water supply. It does not treat water, and what benefit it may have is administered ineffectively at uncontrolled dosage in the wrong method. Most fluoridated drinking water does not even enter a human's mouth--possibly 99%. It's flushed down the toilet, watered onto a lawn, washed onto a car, or flows down the drain with the dishwater and the laundry water. Thus, it becomes an environmental waste, as wastewater treatment plants do not remove fluoride.
Fluoride is a toxin with effects at ppm, we don't need it, you can't control the dose people get.
John Holden, DOM
As a natural medicine physician, I have known for years that the fluoride added to drinking water has toxic effects on the body, and environment. Fluoride stores up in the body over time, and displaces necessary nutrients like calcium and iodine, disrupting bone, glandular, and brain function, and has been shown to contribute to cardiovascular disease and low IQ…
 According to Dr. Charles Gordon Heyd, Past President of the American Medical Association (AMA):"I am appalled at the prospect of using water as a vehicle for drugs. Fluoride is a corrosive poison that will produce serious effects on a long-range basis. Any attempt to use water this way is deplorable."
It is human nature to resist change to ideas that have been believed for a long time, regardless of their validity. The scientific evidence against fluoridation of drinking water is overwhelming.
Dominic Berry, Ph.D.
First of all, it is an obvious and flagrant violation of medical ethics because it constitutes medication without consent.  Second, I am a professional research scientist, have spent quite some time going through the literature on the subject, and am absolutely shocked by the dishonesty of the people promoting the practice.
Stephen Taylor, DNP
We should have clean drinking water and water treatment plants should provide this, not attempt to be our pharmacy.
Kristie Lavelle, OTR/L, CHT
The health risks from fluoridation to the brain, bones, thyroid, and kidneys far outweigh any benefits to teeth. It is unethical to force exposure to fluoridation chemicals on entire populations without consent.
Debbie Rhyner, RN
Internal ingestion of fluoride is unnecessary for dental cavity prevention & can be harmful to the human body … Any substance or drug that is utilized as a preventative or curative treatment plan, should always be individualized to each person.  Adding fluoride to the public water supply isn't individualized dosing, but it is a careless 'one size fits all' approach.  It doesn't take into account the weight, age, gender or health status of each person or the quantity of water that each person drinks per day.  Therefore, it should NOT be added to the public water supply!  Topical application of fluoride is an appropriate treatment choice that can be offered to patients on an as needed basis for dental cavity prevention.   

Thank you, 
Paul Connett, Ph.D.

Hypothyroidism: The Most Commonly Undiagnosed Condition

Many Americans suffer from the #1 most commonly overlooked and undiagnosed condition because our blood says we’re normal! The thyroid hormone is the sparkplug that helps us feel happy and healthy.

On this week’s podcast, Dr. Hotze discusses the many symptoms of Hypothyroidism and how fluoride causes the thyroid hormone to be inactive in our cells.

Find out about the common symptoms of Hypothyroidism and how easy it is to get back to feeling yourself again!!

Watch now and subscribe to our podcasts at www.HotzePodcast.com.

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If you have any of the signs and symptoms mentioned on this podcast, take out free symptom checker test at https://www.hotzehwc.com/symptom-checker/

Letters: 'Studies show biggest fall in tooth decay is in non-fluoridated Scandinavia'

Studies show that the biggest fall in tooth decay is in non-fluoridated Scandinavia.
Medication should be prescribed individually according to a person’s weight and general health – not given to whole communities with no control over dosage received.
The chemical used in water fluoridation is fluorosilicic acid – toxic waste from the chimney scrubbers of phosphate fertiliser factories.
This is contaminated with arsenic, mercury and lead etc. It isn’t pharmaceutical grade – unlike that used in toothpaste.
Leading paediatrician, Philip J Landrigan, and Professor Philippe Grandjean at Harvard School of Public Health, reported in The Lancet medical journal that after looking at 27 studies, they’ve classified fluoride as a “developmental neurotoxin” (nerve poison) which can harm children’s IQ.
Scotland has greatly cut tooth decay with its “ChildSmile” scheme where young children clean their teeth properly each day in school. Simple, effective, safe and cheap. Fluoridation is old technology, as only just over one per cent of tap water is drunk – most water is used for washing, toilet flushing and by industry – so most of that fluoride chemical is public money down the drain.
Ann Wills, Middlesex

A common sense guide to fluoride, the great dental conspiracy magnet

..................So why do so many people object to fluoride being added to their water?

The major overarching objection is ethical: water fluoridation is, after all, a rare instance of government-orchestrated mass medication, in which citizens aren’t asked for their consent or able to opt out (except by drinking bottled water). Fluoride is effectively being added to drinking water as a medicine, and has been legally recognised in the UK as such. Imagine the public outcry that would follow if the government started unilaterally adding other medicines (such as statins, for instance) to our drinking water.

Beyond this ethical dilemma and the aesthetic issue of fluorosis (teeth mottling), there are a number of other reasonable medical objections to water fluoridation. These include: that the doses of fluoride individuals receive cannot be controlled, and go to everyone using the water supply, regardless of their age or state of health; that fluoride accumulates in the body over time, especially in the bones and the pineal gland in the brain (which regulates the release of some hormones, including melatonin); that fluoride can affect the functioning of the thyroid gland; there is also some academic research to suggest that fluoride may damage the brain and lower IQ levels; fluoride has also been linked to occurrences of bone damage, arthritis and cancer.

(If you would like to find out more about these and other objections to fluoride, Dr Paul Connett has compiled a comprehensive though unashamedly crusading 50 reasons to oppose fluoridation.)

Most of the scientific studies and academic research investigating the wider effects of fluoride on humans are complex and their conclusions remain the subject of ongoing debate. Very few experts would claim that water fluoridation is a major public health risk but it is easy to see how legitimate research into fluoride’s potential side effects, when combined with the fact that water fluoridation schemes are typically imposed top-down by governments, has sown the seeds of the wilder conspiracy theories about fluoride found online.

So why is only 10pc of the UK drinking fluoridated water? What about the rest of us?
There is a simple, one-word answer to explain why water fluoridation has not become a universal practice in the developed world: toothpaste. Fluoride was first added to toothpaste in 1914 but it was only in 1955 that the first commercial fluoride toothpaste (Crest) became available. Most toothpaste now contains fluoride, and its widespread use is the main reason for the significant decline of tooth decay in the developed world over recent decades. We now recognise that the protection that fluoride provides teeth is best achieved by lifelong topical applications – i.e. brushing your teeth – while also limiting the risk of toxicological side effects, such as dental fluorosis.

Fluoridated water supplies in developing countries where people do not have access to fluoride toothpaste can still play a positive role in tooth care. But a government’s ultimate goal should be improving access to affordable fluoride toothpaste, as this is where topically applied fluoride is at its most effective.

(For more information about brushing, including practical tips, read our guide to the best way to brush your teeth.)

How can I take care of my teeth without exposing them to fluoride?
The most recent major national dental health survey (conducted in 2009) found that 94 per cent of adults in the UK used fluoride toothpaste – which leaves six per cent, or around four million people, whose teeth aren’t being exposed to fluoride on a regular basis.

If you are reluctant or resistant to the idea of using fluoride, there are other steps you can take that will also have a positive impact on your dental health. These include: going for regular check-ups with your dentist and hygienist; adapting your diet, especially to reduce your intake of extrinsic sugars (i.e. those that aren’t derived from fresh fruit or vegetables); and using dental health products that contain Xylitol, a natural sugar-free sweetener that reduces the build-up of plaque on the surfaces of teeth. (Xylitol can be used in toothpastes but is most beneficial when taken in regular doses throughout the day in the form of sugar-free chewing gums or mints.)

However, none of this is to downplay the importance and effectiveness of regular brushing. We can only hope that this article has persuaded you of the benefits of using a toothpaste containing fluoride – without us dentists having to slip something into your drinking water.

Dr. Mike Heffernan and Dr. Toby Edwards-Lunn are practising dentists with more than 50 years’ combined experience. They are also the inventors of Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints, a sugar-free mint that cleans and restores teeth and is endorsed by Toothfriendly International

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

F.A.N. Newsletter

To date approximately 200 professionals have signed the New Professionals' Statement calling for an end to fluoridation worldwide. Many of these provided short personal statements as to why they oppose fluoridation. Below, we print 18 of these statements. In future bulletins we will provide more.
In addition, we are very happy to share this videotaped testimonial from Mike Ewall, JD, the highly respected director of the Energy Justice Network. Paul and Ellen have worked with Mike for over 30 years fighting both incineration and fluoridation. For many years Mike has successfully kept mandatory fluoridation out of the state of Pennsylvania. 
Meanwhile, here is an update on our fundraiser. Yesterday, in the mail we received two very large donations, totaling $6,000. As result our totals leapt forward to the following totals: $66,549 from 74 supporters
Today we hope to keep this exciting momentum going with both large and small donations.  The number of donors is very important to us--regardless of amount--because foundations use this as a guide to what support our efforts attract.  To this end one of our wonderful long term supporters has offered these incentives to increase the number of supporters. He will donate the following amounts when we reach these number of donors:

$100 when we reach 100 donors;
$200 when we reach 200 donors,
$300 when we reach 300 donors,
$400 when we 400 donors, and so on up $1000 when we reach 1000 donors. 

How to make a tax-deductible donation to FAN:
  • Online at our secure server.
  • Or by Check, payable to the Fluoride Action Network. Send your check to:

    Fluoride Action Network
    c/o Connett
    104 Walnut Street
    Binghamton NY 13905
*Please note that some corporations match tax deductible donations made by their employees to some non-profits. We qualify for this. This is the information to provide your corporation finance people: FAN is a project of the American Environmental Health Studies Project, Inc, registered in Tennessee. 

Statements From Professionals Opposed to Fluoridation
Dr. Robert C Dickson, MD, CCFP, FCFP, BPE
Artificial water fluoridation is unethical, unsafe, ineffective and not necessary for any body function. It is outdated, harmful and regressive. There are so many better ways to improve the oral and overall health of infants, young children, the disadvantaged, the chronically ill, the elderly and people of color.
Robban Sica, MD
Among the many health-damaging effects of Fluoride, is its  harmful effect on the thyroid. It is no surprise Hashimoto's thyroiditis and hypothyroidism is at epidemic levels, which dramatically impacts a person's quality of life and ability to function effectively.
Neil Carman, Ph.D.
Fluoride is one of the most toxic chemicals added to the water and is an industrial hazardous waste from the phosphate fertilizer industry and other industrial sectors.
Philip Robertson, ND
In clinical practice, in fluoridated Geelong,  Australia, it is most unusual not to see patients with fluoride toxicity symptoms every week. 
Dorothy Lambert, Ph.D.
I oppose fluoridation in the water as it is bad for people's thyroid and also has other medical issues.
David Banks, DDS
Fluoridation is mass medication with a known neurotoxin.
Miriam Westerman
I have fought against water fluoridation in Israel and beyond since 2002. It has been clear for many, many years that in the handful of fluoridated countries that fluoride is a “protected pollutant.”  I signed the original 2007 Professional's Statement. At the time I worked in the Medical Laboratory for diagnostic tests and research, Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. I have since retired but I continue to fight for sanity in the battle against this outdated and risky practice.  
Gerald Steel, MS, PE, Esq.
Fluoridated water is an illegal unsafe drug that is harming people who ingest it.
Mageswari Sangaralingam, MEM
Malaysia is still adding fluoride to its public drinking water system. The fluoride level recommended by the Ministry of Health Malaysia is 0.5 – 0.9 mg/L.  Some states in Malaysia had stopped artificial fluoridation of drinking water in the wake of higher cases of dental fluorosis amongst the population.  We want an end to fluoridation of our drinking water considering its neurotoxicity and other health impacts.
Daniel Eyink, MD
Fluoridation is medical treatment of the population without considering the individual's health needs nor their rights of choice. I strongly object to its use.
RS Carlson DDS
Community Water Fluoridation is forced medication--See Recent Decision Of New Zealand Supreme Court…It is an obsolete approach as a solution to dental caries which is a nutritional issue as many health issues are.
J Collins Meek, Ph.D.
As a neurological learning specialist, I have known for many years that fluoridated drinking water reduces learning capabilities in children, some much worse than others. It is highly inappropriate for authorities to dose the drinking water with material that is toxic for most, if not all, children.
Herminio Delgado, PG (Professional Geologist), CEG (Certified Engineering Geologist)
Fluoride is harmful and people should have the option of choosing whether they are exposed to this toxin.
William Potter, PhD Biochemistry
Potential neuro-developmental toxin. Inappropriate use of water system to deliver topical drug.
Arjun Khandare, Ph.D.
Fluoride is a slow poison, causes dental, skeletal and non-skeletal fluorosis. It affects almost all the organs in the body. Most serious is its damage to the brain. There is strong evidence that it lowers IQ in children.
James Reeves, Ph.D.
Even if fluoride helped children's' teeth (unlikely), ADULTS should not be forced to consume it in every glass of water, every day of life, thus being exposed to many serious health issues.
Carol Vander Stoep, RDH, BSDH
I write books about oral/systemic medicine and it is unbelievable to me that we still think fluoridation is a great idea due to all the unforeseen consequences of adding fluoride as a "medication" to water. Even a popular biology lecturer came to Austin and lectured hygienists here of her turn around on the issue after she nearly died from hypothyroidism and took a closer look.
John Mueller, BSc (Geoph. Engr.) P.E. (Civil, Control Systems)

As Senior Engineer in Water and Sewer Dept of municipal public works utility, I first began studying fluoridation when tasked with preparing the technical specifications for fluorosilicic acid (FSA) for the utility's purchasing contract for fluoridation chemicals. I then learned that arsenic invariably occurs as a contaminant in measured concentrations in virtually all tanker truck shipments of FSA to the municipality's two drinking water treatment plants. The two plants serve about a half-million people, and began fluoridation in 1953. Deliberately adding a chemical contaminated with arsenic, which has an EPA assigned Maximum Contaminant Level Goal of zero, is a violation of the spirit and intent of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Indeed, it makes a mockery of the SDWA on the basis that the added arsenic, a known carcinogen, is diluted to a concentration below the enforceable Maximum Contaminant Level, thereby passing regulatory compliance requirements. Meanwhile, in our city, Dental fluorosis, seen as patchy paper-white patchy enamel defects on front teeth, is commonplace among young and old alike in lifetime residents.  

Thank you,
Paul Connett, Ph.D.