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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Bob Delany, MPP an embarrassment to Ontario
Bob Delaney is the Member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament who is trying to introduce mandatory fluoridation into Ontario. This is what he says about people opposed to fluoridation ( see: http://www.bobdelaney.com/fluoride/, also see his Facebook page):
"There is a vocal group of nutheads and fanatics that use junk science, myth, paranoia and downright misinformation to suggest that fluoride is harmful. They are dead wrong. Don’t believe their hysterical claims…"
Who is Bob talking about here?
Is he talking about Dr. Hardy Limeback one of Canada’s leading dental researchers and co-author of the landmark review by the National Research Council of the National Academies (NRC, 2006)?
Is he talking about the 15 scientists who appear on the 28-minute video Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation?
Is he talking about the three authors of The Case Against Fluoride (Chelsea Green, 2010): myself, Professor James Beck, MD PhD and Spedding Micklem, DPhil (Oxon)?

Where are the peer-reviewed and published studies to back up the following ridiculous claim by Bob?

"In every community in Canada that has discontinued the safe and effective treatment of municipal drinking water with fluoride, rates of cavities and tooth decay have shot up within two years. Calgary Alberta, Dorval Quebec and Windsor Ontario are such examples of stupidity trumping common sense and sound science."
See this video for additional background on Bob Delaney’s petition for mandatory fluoridation.
I suspect we are in for more of this ridiculous nonsense with the promoters of fluoridation willing to pour millions of dollars into propaganda and using politicians like Bob to push it onto his colleagues and an unsuspecting public, neither of which are being informed by the mainstream media.  This again underlines the importance of groups like Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation (COF-COF) and the Fluoride Action Network who are trying to do what the media are not doing: educate the public. But that takes money.

Paul Connett, PhD

Leading Toxicologist Slams Fluoride Defenders

tap water 3

from the Fluoride Action Network, December 18, 2014
 A new brain study from Harvard (Choi et al. 2015) has prompted Phillipe Grandjean, author of Only One Chance, (Oxford Universtiry Press, 2013) to challenge the spin being used by fluoridation promoters to downplay the studies that have found an association between exposure to fluoride and lowered IQ. This commentary (Mottled fluoride debate) appears on Grandjean’s website (Chemical Brain Drain) and is printed in full below. Grandjean explains that for the children tested,
“Their lifetime exposures to fluoride from drinking water covered the full range allowed in the US. Among the findings, children with fluoride-induced mottling of their teeth – even the mildest forms that appears as whitish specks on the enamel – showed lower performance on some neuropsychological tests. This observation runs contrary to popular wisdom that the enamel effects represent a cosmetic problem only and not a sign of toxicity. At least one of five American children has some degree of mottling of their teeth.”

Canada - Petition To Make Fluoridation Mandatory Has Surprising Amount Of Signatures

Just 10 signatures needed to launch mandatory proposal!

Friday, December 19, 2014

FluorideAlert news letter

When you consider that they have money to burn you can understand why fluoridation promoters believe that they can win this issue without the science to demonstrate that the practice is safe, effective or cost-effective. However, recent moves by fluoridation zealots suggest that they are risking everything to keep this foolish practice going. These gamblers are literally going for broke.
Their moves are meant to counter the recent string of local and national victories that have been achieved throughout the fluoridating world. The pro-fluoridation strategy: if you are losing locally (where citizens can educate themselves and their decision-makers) then go nationally, where you can take full advantage of the weight of your financial superiority and the influence of your Public Health authority that you can exercise at the highest levels of government and the media.

The danger of course in this pro-fluoridation strategy (from their perspective) is that it makes fluoridation into a national issue, allowing more and more open-minded and intelligent people to see this practice for the huge scam it is.  Also it will highlight the decline in the competence of Public Health personnel in fluoridating countries. We have given examples below from Ontario, NZ and the UK, but first here is an update on our Fundraiser.

3) In the UK, after the long and very successful battle to keep fluoridation out of Southampton, the newly formed agency Public Health England is stepping up efforts to fluoridate communities throughout England. The first battle is shaping up in Bedford, UK. Meanwhile, the pro-fluoridation forces have nobbled leaders of the Labor party who have pledged to support fluoridation if they win the next election. The leadership probably believes what the dental lobby tells them, namely that this will help children from low-income families. If only these “leaders” would get one of their aides to read the literature on fluoride’s ability to lower IQ, they might appreciate that the last children who need their IQ lowered are children from low-income families.

NZ - Judge Advises Circumventing Law on Fluoride

Justice David Collins has taken it upon himself to advise the NZ Ministry of Health's legal team on how best to circumvent the Judicial Review before him, regarding fluoridation in New Zealand. It appears the Judge is well aware that the appeal by New Health New Zealand would be bound to find that fluoridation chemicals should indeed be declared a medicine. To get around this inevitable ruling, the judge has advised the Ministry of Health to ask the government to make fluoridation chemicals exempt from the Medicines Act.........

10 Things You Need to Know About Your Thyroid

Thursday, December 18, 2014


A new brain study from Harvard (Choi et al. 2015) has prompted Phillipe Grandjean, author of Only One Chance, (Oxford Universtiry Press, 2013) to challenge the spin being used by fluoridation promoters to downplay the studies that have found an association between exposure to fluoride and lowered IQ. This commentary (Mottled fluoride debate) appears on Grandjean’s website (Chemical Brain Drain) and is printed in full below. Grandjean explains that for the children tested,
“Their lifetime exposures to fluoride from drinking water covered the full range allowed in the US. Among the findings, children with fluoride-induced mottling of their teeth – even the mildest forms that appears as whitish specks on the enamel – showed lower performance on some neuropsychological tests. This observation runs contrary to popular wisdom that the enamel effects represent a cosmetic problem only and not a sign of toxicity. At least one of five American children has some degree of mottling of their teeth.” (my emphasis, PC)
I would add that this comment further underlines the “mistake” being perpetrated by the officials at the EPA’s Office of Water who are incorrectly treating severe dental fluorosis as the most sensitive endpoint of fluoride’s toxicity in their risk assessment to determine a safe water goal (the MCLG) for fluoride. The end point of most concern should be lowered IQ.

Grandjean states, “Prevention of chemical brain drain should be considered at least as important as protection against caries.”

This very important commentary from Grandjean has more than justified the nearly 19 years effort by the Fluoride Action Network to draw the world’s attention to fluoride’s neurotoxicity (see www.FluorideAlert.org/issues/health/brain). Now that leading researchers in neuro-toxicology like Grandjean and Bellinger (another co-author of the most recent Choi paper) are articulating our long-held concerns perhaps more people will listen. But for people to listen they have to be told. The mass media is not telling them but we are. To continue this important educational effort (which has included paying to have many of the 42 IQ studies to be translated from Chinese) takes money.............

Are Cavities Hereditary?

Bill Ed

2 hours ago
Were you brought up in a fluoridated town and are you now living in one?

Marcus Guiliano
Until I was 9 yes. Not for the last 14 years. In between I'm not sure.

Will he see it? Will I get a reply?

From: bill
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2014 7:11 PM
Subject: Andy Burnham promise to the Dentistry
Rt Hon Edward Miliband MP
Leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition
I’ve just learned that MP Andy Burnham has vowed to make water fluoridation a priority if labour wins back power at next year’s general election, telling Dentistry: ‘We need to be bolder.’
Is he aware that he will lose many votes? It is not what people want, there are better ways to treat these children. In Southampton we have shown that there is solid opposition to enforced medication when people are aware of all the facts, not just the propaganda that the British Fluoridation Society churn out, an organization that Andy Burnham was at one time Vice chairman.
The NHS has already wasted £1,000,000 fighting and losing the battle to force fluoridation on us. See Echo headlines.

Israel has banned fluoridation completely isn’t about time we did in the UK?

USA - Letter: Who’s paying for the fluoride push?

  • Re: Water changes coming
    The mayor’s decision to put fluoride in the water supply on Jan. 1 has not been democratically approved by the community of Sheridan and Sheridan County. Why haven’t city leaders considered the right to vote on this issue? The citizens of Sheridan County voted fluoride out of the water in 1953.
    New councilmen sympathetic to people who oppose fluoridation of the water will be sworn into office on Jan. 5, yet Mayor Heath could not wait.
    Not only will there be fluoride added to the water, but also close to ten other chemicals, including arsenic.
    The decision is not democratic, doesn’t represent the people, but rather plutocratic-government by the privileged.
    I would then ask:  Who is paying city leadership to push the fluoridation of water into law? We the people need a choice now in 2014.
    Ann Fuller
    Big Horn

    Nys Cof
    The Pew Foundation is paying the Children's Dental Health Project to push fluoridation on people. The American Dental Association is pouring $500,000 in a social media campaign as a PR stunt to convince legislators and their constituents that they need fluoridation when they don't. We don't don't know who's pushing the buttons of your legislators - but there's lots of money flowing into promoting, instigating (many times in secret) and preserving fluoridation. Boyne City, Michigan legislators were forced to reverse their decision to stop fluoridation after a well-funded campaign by fluoridationists overwhelmed the pocketbooks of those who opposed fluoridation.

    However, both Portland Oregon and Wichita Kansas were able to fight off the fluoridationists even though they were way outspent. In the end the truth will come out. Fluoridation is an outdated public health blunder that needs to be abandonec

    Politics and money, not science, keeps it afloat
    • Simeon Hein ·  Top Commenter · Hampshire College
      The argument that community water fluoridation is cost-effective and saves money in terms of dental costs has been refuted in this article by Ko and Thiessen in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, 2014. http://www.maneyonline.com/doi/pdfplus/10.1179/2049396714Y.0000000093
      • James Reeves ·  Top Commenter · Culver Military Academy
        Fluoridation is a WASTE of Tax Money

        All Civil Engineers and all water managers know that people drink only 1/2% of the water they use. The rest goes directly down the drain in toilets, showers, dishwashers, etc.
        So for each $1000 of fluoride added annually to drinking water, people drink $5 and $995 is wasted down the drain. Children would drink only $0.50 (fifty cents).

        That would be comparable to buying one gallon of milk, using six-and-one-half drops of it, and pouring the rest of the gallon in the sink.

      Fluoride in the Water Isn't Going to Hurt You

      You have to listen to this, fluoridation is wonderful according to him. You can't get enough even if children are getting fluorosis in unfluoridated towns.
      I find it disturbing that experts in the same field arrive at opposite conclusions. Although looking at the world with all its divisions I suppose I shouldn't be.

      I'm sure the 0.45 IQ points lower is wrong.

      NZ - Thames to vote on water fluoridation

      ANTI-FLUORIDE: Denise Davis, 
      Ruakura Sayer and Jane Beck want the council to stop adding fluoride to Thames' drinking water.
      The Thames-Coromandel District Council has voted for a binding referendum to be held next year to allow the Thames community to vote on the future of fluoride in the town's water.
      A fluoride consultation report presented by The Thames Community Board (TCB) dated November 10, recommended there be no consultation around fluoride in the 2015 long term plan (LTP).
      The council said it had received 173 letters since then urging it to to honour its commitment to consult on the matter of fluoridation.
      Councillor Murray McLean said he could not support an open motion.
      "Let the community have their say... I don't believe there is any other way," he said.
      Thames is the only town in the Coromandel Peninsula to have fluoride added to its water. It costs $2300 per year.
      A dozen anti-fluoride supporters attended yesterday's council meeting to talk about their disappointment about the use of fluoride.
      Dr Jane Beck said the TCB consultations over the 2013 holiday period caught her and others in the Fluoride Free Thames group unaware and they felt unprepared.
      "I can understand why any councillor would rather avoid consultation on fluoridation and wish to hand responsibility to the [Ministry of Health] but the fact remains that fluoridation is not mandated in New Zealand because current legislation prohibits that," she said.
      In May last year, mayor Glenn Leach used his casting vote and voted in favour of keeping fluoride in the water but agreed that a referendum does need to take place.
      He said he was personally against fluoride in the water but voted for it in support of the Thames Community Board.
      The fluoride debate will be up for review next year as part of the annual plan 2015.

      Wednesday, December 17, 2014

      Canada - Fluoride Officially A Thing Of The Past

      The question of fluoride in the city's water has been out to rest. Fluoride was introduced into the city's drinking water with a resolution of Council back in 1954. The pros and cons of fluoride in the water were recently debated and the former Council opted to have it as a referendum question on the ballot for the civic election. Residents voted nearly 54% to remove the fluoride. The final decision was not binding on Council,

      USA - Alex Jones: Fluoride And Vaccines Are Greater Threat Than Guns

      On his “Infowars” radio talk show this week, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones warned his listeners that the federal government plans to disarm gun owners and militarize the police in preparation for a war against right-wing activists. Jones explained that “the government wants all the guns” even though the “few right-wing nut bags” in American kill fewer people than bees.

      “Listen, the government wants all the guns, it’s illegitimate, and it says we’re bad having them,” he said. “We have a few right-wing nut bags who are gonna shoot stuff up? Yeah. They’re less dangerous than honeybees, they kill two hundred-something a year. Right-wingers kill a couple dozen. I don’t want to kill all of the honeybees because they kill people sometimes.”

      He then pointed his finger at what he considered to be the true evils plaguing American society: “What’s dangerous is the pharmaceuticals, what’s dangerous is the vaccines, what’s dangerous is the high fructose corn syrup, what’s dangerous is the fluoride. That’s killing millions of people a year, it’s worse than tobacco.”

      Tuesday, December 16, 2014

      Water fluoridation vow from Labour

      Labour has vowed to make water fluoridation a priority if it wins back power at next year’s general election, telling Dentistry: ‘We need to be bolder.’

      Water FluoridationIn an exclusive interview with Dentistry magazine, the party’s health spokesman pledged to try to persuade local health chiefs to finally ‘grasp the nettle’ on the controversy.

      Andy Burnham said: ‘It’s one of the simplest and easiest ways to improve the health of children, as well as improving their self-confidence and self-esteem.

      ‘There is clearly no public health argument against it, not a shred of evidence that it damages health.
      ‘If there was, there would be campaigns about it in the West Midlands.
      ‘We need to be bolder on public health – and, to my mind, that includes water fluoridation.’
      The comments come after the only proposed water fluoridation scheme anywhere in England – in south Hampshire – collapsed after fierce local opposition.

      Public Health England (PHE) pulled the plug despite its firm belief in the benefits of water fluoridation, because of the lack of support from Southampton City Council.

      The scheme was proposed as long ago as 2009 – to add fluoride to tap water for about 200,000 people in the city and wider south Hampshire – but was never implemented.
      The decision was seen as crushing hopes of extending water fluoridation because – with the axing of strategic health authorities – decisions now rest with local councils, directly answerable to suspicious voters.

      But Mr Burnham said he did not share that pessimism, arguing other areas with worse problems of rotting children’s teeth were more likely to act than Southampton.
      He identified Greater Manchester as the most likely, pointing out north west hospitals carry out seven times more tooth extractions on children, under general anaesthetic, than in the fluoridated West Midlands.

      Mr Burnham said: ‘I believe they had a strong case in Southampton, but the geography of that area made it difficult.
      ‘There aren’t the same health problems in Hampshire.
      ‘I hope Greater Manchester will now pick up the cudgels.
      ‘And we may find it’s more likely now, because councils have more experience of bringing forward an argument and winning it.
      ‘I don’t see the change as a negative step, because the health service didn’t go for it.
      ‘And Greater Manchester can use the West Midlands as a comparator.’
      Mr Burnham said he had ‘always been a believer’ in water fluoridation, having led the 2003 campaign to change the law to take decisions out of the hands of the privatised water companies.
      He said he would not put direct pressure on councils – which had responsibility for public health – but he would encourage them to ‘grasp the nettle’.
      There was a ‘small civil liberties argument’, but, Mr Burnham added: ‘For me, that is offset massively by the benefits for children.
      ‘If kids have very bad teeth, it damages their confidence.
      ‘They can feel self-conscious – and some just don’t have the same support from parents, when it comes to brushing teeth.’

      It was Andy Burnham that started the whole fluoridation fiasco, losing £1,000,000 wasn't enough for him. 
      As he was a member of the British Fluoridation Society I suppose he has to promote it.

      Canada BC - Fluoridation in the City of Prince George will end

      Fluoridation in the City of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada begun through an October 4, 1954 City resolution …will end December 31, 2014, 60 years after it began!
      The first ever fluoridation non-binding opinion poll / referendum in Prince George was held November 15, 2014 and it has tonight been unanimously accepted by the new Mayor and full Council as binding, fairly expressing the will of informed people.
      The unanimous decision to end fluoridation comes with the dismantling and removal of all fluoridation equipment and hazardous waste storage tanks.

      City democracy took a very large, significant, hard won step forward in British Columbia this evening!  For Canada and the rest of the World....one person and one City at a time.
      As a province, British Columbia is now close to 98.8% FLUORIDE FREE, by choice and science!


      Scientist Declan Waugh

      Canada BC - Fluoride Officially A Thing Of The Past

      Fluoride Officially A Thing Of The Past

      fluorideAs per the results of a referendum, fluoride in the drinking water will be a thing of the past. Council voted in favour of its removal, although not all agreed with the concept. The question of fluoride in the drinking water was a referendum question added to the ballot during the civic election on December 1st. Nearly 54% of voters opted to have fluoride removed. However, because of a legislative quirk, the results of the of tat referendum would not be binding on Council. Each Councillor agreed, it would be foolhardy to vote against the wishes of the electorate. The equipment will be removed completely from its current location.

      USA - Dental health doesn't require fluoride: Letters to the Editor

      Oregon has dental health issues to be resolved ("The dentist will [and should] see you now," Dec. 7 editorial).

      fluoride.JPGScotland recently got amazing dental health results with their 'Childsmile' program. In less than 10 years, dental costs were cut in half, and seventy percent of kids had no tooth decay.
      'Childsmile' enrolls new babies at the age of three months. Parents are provided nutritional education, brushing instructions, and connected with a dentist. Dental exams start at age one year. Later, the children are provided varnish treatments if recommended by their dentist. This is all it took for such great results.
      Scotland accomplished this profound improvement without water fluoridation. So it's no problem that Portland voters took that option off the table. Scotland achieved far better tooth decay reduction with 'Childsmile' than even the most exaggerated claims made for water fluoridation.
      Let's take a lead from Scotland. 'Childsmile' will work in Oregon.
      Roger Burt
      Northeast Portland

      Monday, December 15, 2014

      Sunday, December 14, 2014

      USA - Community Water Fluoridation in Summit County

      I hope somebody challenges this man's simple uncompromising backing of fluoridation.

      Saturday, December 13, 2014


      BREAKING NEWS The New Zealand government has announced that they are asking for public submissions on a pending application to exempt fluoride (HFA and SSF) from the New Zealand Medicine’s Act, with a closing date of 9th January 2015.
      We need urgent help before the 9th of January.
      We need everyone to put in an URGENT submission saying why fluoride should NOT be granted a legal exemption.
      We have pre-written forms (Go to article), so it’s quick and easy, if you are pressed for time. But we also want as many original, personal and professional submissions as possible, if you can manage one at this busy time of year.
      They can either be emailed or posted (see details below).
      A final decision on the proposed amendment is likely to be taken in late January or early February 2015 following consideration by the Minister and Cabinet. If approved, the new regulation is likely to come into force in February or March 2015.
      This has come about as a result of a Judicial Review against the Ministry of Health in November 2014. (See here for the full judgement)
      The most shocking thing is that in his judgement the judge advised the Ministry of Health’s legal team to apply for this exemption for fluoride in water supplies. Exempting fluoride in water supplies would be unprecedented. As yet, no exemptions have been issued for ingested substances, so if this exemption is granted, fluoride would be the first. This could close the door to planned future legal challenges on fluoridation in New Zealand.
      We would appreciate your help very much, and would be grateful if you could please forward this request to any other medical, science or legal professional you know who might be able to make a submission or forward it on to their own networks.
      It can also be printed out and duplicated for public distribution in any way you see fit.
      Many thanks,
      Mary Byrne
      National Coordinator & Media Spokesperson
      Fluoride Free New Zealand

      Fluoride in Our Drinking Water: Risks & Solutions

      Friday, December 12, 2014

      Halt Fluoride! Dallas City Hall December 10, 2014


      FROM THE EDITOR: Citizens United ... against fluoride

      Thursday, December 11, 2014
      Over the past two weeks, I have received calls, emails and letters from many of you who adamantly oppose the mandated fluoridation of water in the Carroll-Boone Water District, and subsequently, Eureka Springs.
      I am new to the issue and at first was unsure about why exactly a whole community that tends to disagree on most things could unite to fight against fluoridation of its water. But, after researching, I have concluded that mandatory fluoridation of water in CBWD, Eureka Springs, Arkansas and anywhere in the U.S. is not only a bad idea, it violates our personal liberty.
      We are not being given a choice about potentially harmful additives that go into a vital resource necessary to sustain life because our government has deemed that adding fluoride to our water supply benefits the greater good. Never mind that countless scientific studies show that using fluoride toothpaste without adding fluoride to the water supply seems to be enough to help prevent cavities. If the government is so concerned about the public's dental health, why not provide low-to-no-cost preventative programs?.........................

      Dr. David holds a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic), MS in Nutrition/Biology, BS in Preventative and Applied Therapeutic Clinical Nutrition, BA in Biology, as well as Certificates in Clinical Nutrition, Bio-Nutrition, and Acupuncture. Dr. David is licensed to practice in the states of Missouri and Kansas.

      Thursday, December 11, 2014

      Flu Shot Scam? Studies Show THIS is Just as Effective!

      If true a placebo as good as a flu shot without the risk?

      The wrong white crystals: not salt but sugar as aetiological in hypertension and cardiometabolic disease

      Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of premature mortality in the developed world, and hypertension is its most important risk factor. Controlling hypertension is a major focus of public health initiatives, and dietary approaches have historically focused on sodium. While the potential benefits of sodium-reduction strategies are debatable, one fact about which there is little debate is that the predominant sources of sodium in the diet are industrially processed foods.
      Processed foods also happen to be generally high in added sugars, the consumption of which might be more strongly and directly associated with hypertension and cardiometabolic risk. Evidence from epidemiological studies and experimental trials in animals and humans suggests that added sugars, particularly fructose, may increase blood pressure and blood pressure variability, increase heart rate and myocardial oxygen demand, and contribute to inflammation, insulin resistance and broader metabolic dysfunction. Thus, while there is no argument that recommendations to reduce consumption of processed foods are highly appropriate and advisable, the arguments in this review are that the benefits of such recommendations might have less to do with sodium—minimally related to blood pressure and perhaps even inversely related to cardiovascular risk—and more to do with highly-refined carbohydrates. It is time for guideline committees to shift focus away from salt and focus greater attention to the likely more-consequential food additive: sugar.

      A reduction in the intake of added sugars, particularly fructose, and specifically in the quantities and context of industrially-manufactured consumables, would help not only curb hypertension rates, but might also help address broader problems related to cardiometabolic disease.


      There are no plans to introduce fluoride into the public water supply on the Island.

      The Department of Health and Social Care has dismissed the idea despite the belief by some it could help to improve poor dental health.

      Onchan MHK Zac Hall is one of those who wants to see the Island follow Public Health England's move to add it to water:
      However Minister Howard Quayle says at the moment it isn't high on his agenda although he does admit more work needs to be done:

      The same government that says flu shots are safe and fluoride is good for you also says horrific torture methods support "freedom and human dignity"

      more: http://www.naturalnews.com/047943_government_torture_flu_shots_medical_experiments.html##ixzz3LZpC5bIt

      Wednesday, December 10, 2014


      No plans to fluoridate water says Health Minister

      Published online at 09/12/2014 20:30:00
      Health Minister Howard Quayle says his department has no plans to fluoridate the Island's water supply.
      During this morning's Tynwald questions, he was pressed on the issue by Onchan MHK Zac Hall who described it was a way of harmlessly cutting dental health problems.
      But Mr Quayle said his department consulted the public in 2008 - and received a resounding "no".
      He added there are no plans to introduce fluoride into drinking water in the near future:

      Near future? Until it is discredited world wide it will always be a threat.

      Please join us* on Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 4:00 Eastern/1:00 Pacific to learn about this new platform for initiatives and programs designed to reduce babies’ and their mothers’ exposures to neurotoxic chemicals in the first 1000 days of development, beginning at conception.

      You can reserve a spot for this one-hour webinar by emailing Jennifer Bakkom-Gatzke at jenb@bluegreenalliance.org.

      Tuesday, December 09, 2014

      Well said.

      Water Fluoridation: The “Healthy” Practice That Has Deceived the World

      By Paul Connett, PhD, Director of the Fluoride Action Network
      Only a handful of countries – largely English speaking (Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA) — continue the outdated and discredited practice of water fluoridation, but in each of these citadels, more and more communities are finding out the truth.
      Since 2010, over 165 communities worldwide have either ended fluoridation or rejected new proposals (e.g. Portland, Oregon). In 2012, Queensland lifted mandatory fluoridation. In August 2014, Israel banned fluoridation completely.
      In Sept 2014, a major law firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of Peel (Ontario) citizens claiming that fluoridation is illegal under a Supreme Court ruling from the 1950s, and on Oct 7, 2014 Dublin City Council joined many other Irish councils calling on the Irish government to end mandatory fluoridation.
      This has been followed by similar votes from Cork and Kerry. The response of rabid promoters to these events is highly revealing.
      They continue to wheel out “prestigious authorities” to endorse the practice, even while it is becoming more and more obvious – and more and more embarrassing - that these “authorities” have no science to back their exaggerated claims of benefits or their denials of potential dangers.
      Indeed, these endorsements are sounding more and more like the empty phrases of the “Hollow Men” struggling in a “dry cellar” in T.S. Elliot’s famous poem of the same name. ....

      Monday, December 08, 2014

      Shock Proof: Fluoride Is Poison – Photo Proof From China

      Fluoride-pushing doctors and dentists who try to contaminate your water supply with fluoride are promoting their deadly agenda with a clever lie… a lie you will see obediently repeated in every fluoride push. Here’s how it sounds:

      Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in the water. Our city’s water is unfortunate enough to have a low level, so we are simply adjusting the fluoride in the water to its optimum levels to improve public health.
      This lie is repeated almost verbatim, across every city that seeks to poison its citizens with fluoride. Why is it a lie? Here are the five false deceptions found embedded in the statement:
      Deception #1) The fluoride ADDED to the water is not “naturally occurring fluoride.” It’s a chemical byproduct often purchased from chemical plants in China (see below).
      Deception #2) The false idea that ingesting fluoride is somehow good for your teeth. At best, fluoride is a topical treatment which should be swished around your mouth and then spat out. And that’s only if it’s truly natural (mineral) fluoride, not the fluosilicic acid toxins being pushed as fluoride.
      Deception #3) What cities call “fluoride” is actually a toxic cocktail of over 100 deadly industrial chemicals and heavy metals, many of which are purchased in bulk from China, where industrial processing plants are trying to get rid of their excess toxic waste by labeling it “sodium fluoride.”
      Deception #4) There is no such thing as a “low” level of fluoride or an “optimum” level of fluoride in drinking water. Pure drinking water should contain NO fluoride whatsoever.
      Deception #5) Fluoride is “safe” for human consumption. Oh really? Then why is sodium fluoride labeled by its industrial manufacturers with stern safety warnings about causing severe harm to humans?

      Sunday, December 07, 2014

      Clean Water for Life Foundation ( Australian Fluoride Action)

      Celebrity chef Pete Evans reveals his family doesn't drink tap water.

      Now fluoride is off the menu! Celebrity chef Pete Evans reveals his family doesn't drink tap water... but doctors say his views are from the 'Stone Age'
      Celebrity chef Pete Evans backs fluoride-free water campaign
      My Kitchen Rules chef has been accused as having 'Stone Age' views
      Medical professionals say fluoride protects from tooth decay
      Australian Dental Association supports water fluoridation
      Pete Evans has been accused of expressing views that date back to the 'Stone Age' after the celebrity chef threw his weight behind a campaign on fluoride-free water.
      Not a stranger to controversy, the My Kitchen Rules judge has come under fire yet again for what some have perceived as extreme dietary views after revealing that his family steers clear of consuming Australian tap water.
      Evans' remarks have enraged medical professionals who have described his standpoint as misinformed and a potentially dangerous lifestyle choice.
      Evans proudly adorns a 'Fluoride Free WA' t-shirt on Facebook to promote the Perth-based lobby group's cause.
      'Alkalised water (maybe I just should've just said filtered water?) - we have a portable mineral pot ($500) water filter which rids tap water from potential carcinogens (chorine, chemicals, bacteria etc),' he said in a post on his Facebook page.
      'I realise there's plenty of controversy around alkalised water, but I would rather choose this option over drinking tap water or bottled water, as it works out cheaper in the long run, and is environmentally friendly.'............