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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, November 30, 2009

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Fluoride: Poison in our Water

Fluoride: Poison in our Water from Jay Syrene on Vimeo.

Good information after flashy introduction.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

USA - Dental care volunteers commended

"one local hospital estimates it spends $2 million a year because people have no money for dental care and come to the emergency room in pain from rotted teeth."

"One thousand eighty-seven people lined up in Lubbock to go to the dentist Nov. 13-14. ... the Texas Mission of Mercy of the Texas Dental Association brought dental care to those who cannot afford it. More than 300 people had to be turned away."

In Lubbock Texas with both naturally high and "optimally" fluoridated water:NYSCOF

Saturday, November 28, 2009

USA - Lenoir church helps take a bite out of tooth decay

Lenoir church helps take a bite out of tooth decay
"'There is a tremendous need,' Stilwell said. 'There are people who feel the pains daily from toothaches.'" Lenoir,
"Focused primarily on children, Stilwell said the church receives referrals from schools and the Caldwell County Health Department. During the recent stop, approximately 75 children were seen. In addition, 15 adults received services, though Stilwell noted the need far outpaced the number of slots available.

In fact, Stilwell said he already has scheduled appointments through next year and into 2011."

North Carolina is fluoridated: NYSCOF

UK - Daily Echo Letters

Well-researched fluoride arguments

BILL Edmunds is so right (Letters, November 24) when he says that even some people connected with Southampton PCT, exposed as they were to so much one-sided pro-fluoridation propaganda, have expressed their opposition to fluoridation.
I was until recently an employee of Southampton PCT. The pro-fluoridation policy was presented to us as incontrovertible fact.
We were fed the line that as fluoride occurred naturally anyway, all that was being proposed was a top-up.
I also heard the completely illogical assertion that adding chlorine is fine, so why not add artificial fluoride too? "Hmm", I thought. "So then why not add lots more chemicals like for example, bromide, in order to calm men down a bit, reduce the incidence of rape and limit the population?" That would be just as ridiculous.
As well as being expected to embrace the fluoridation message unquestioningly, we were asked to promote it, including writing as private individuals to the SHA during the consultation.
So, after a scientist friend told me that the science backing fluoridation was highly dubious, I decided to look into it for myself.
I was shocked at what I found. Just a top-up of the fluoride that's already there? Er, no. -It's actually hexafluorosilicic acid, an industrial waste product that it is illegal to dump in the sea, that they want to put into our drinking water.
And far from promulgating cranky pseudo-scientific rubbish, I found that anti-fluoridationists offered well-researched facts and cogent arguments.
Numerous peer-reviewed scientific and medical papers found fluoridation to be ineffective in reducing tooth decay, or possibly harmful to health or both. -Two thousand experts, worldwide, in the fields of medicine, pharmacology, toxicology and other relevant sciences counsel against fluoridation. Even scientists commissioned by the Government protest that their findings have been distorted to make fluoridation seem a lot safer than it is.
SUE ROBSON, Southampton

Fluoride concern
WATER fluoridation does not cause all fluoride poisoning cases but adds an ever increasing exposure of everyone from many sources. The one part per million (ppm) added to water does not mean that 1 ppm will be delivered to a house. In the USA when water pipes were corroded the cause was found to be up to 6.000 ppm of fluoride accumulated in sediment in pipe bends and valves. The laboratories doing the tests noted if some of this sediment was disturbed and delivered to a house it could injure anyone drinking it.
In the USA over 20,000 cases of fluoride poisoning cases are reported to poisons units every year due to fluoride poisoning from toothpaste alone which includes the odd death,
The A&E Unit at Dudley Hospital, Birmingham in a paper to the Emergency Medicine Journal in December 1993 noted that fluoride poisoning cases and causing systemic poisoning were being overlooked because the systemic effects were being overlooked and just the burns being treated.
The Israeli Medical Journal May 2008 notes poisoning from fluoride and details the systemic affects causing cardiac arrest and sudden deaths due to reduced calcium levels which are often overlooked with fluoride-penetrating the body from external exposures,
The French and most governments worldwide have stated they do fluoridate water supplies for ethical and medical considerations. The French Government also say that half of one ppm is the safe limit, half the level the UK Government say is safe. The countries with least tooth decay like Finland, Holland and others do not fluoridate their water supplies as fluoride does not help reduce tooth decay It does how ever help big industry dispose of highly toxic waste cheaply EDWARD PRIESTLEY, France.

"they do fluoridate" misprint by the Echo, should be "they do not fluoridate ."

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hijacked Environmentalism Conspiracy NWO Mafia Agenda & Shamestream Media Complicit ClimateGate

NZ - Northland health board sees benefit in fluoridation

Updated at 12:06pm on 27 November 2009
Northland District Health Board says a study of children's teeth shows some benefits from two years of fluoridation in the Far North.

The health board asking the Far North District Council to resume fluoridation in Kaitaia and Kaikohe, following its report on a two-year trial.

It says dental caries in high-risk five and six year olds in Kaitaia has decreased by 5% in the past two years, while in Dargaville, which is unfluoridated, caries increased by 15% in the same period.

Do we believe it though? After the biased consultation we had and the misinformation over the York report I just don't

UK - Bournemouth - Shock over condition of children’s teeth

Shock over condition of children’s teeth
9:30am Thursday 26th November 2009
By Joanna Codd »
LEVELS of tooth decay among older children in Bournemouth and Poole are worse than the national average, says a report.

Eleven-year-olds in Bournemouth have an average of 0.61 decayed, missing or filled permanent teeth, and Poole an average of 0.53 – both figures higher than the average for England as a whole and for the former Dorset and Somerset strategic health authority.
The report, to the NHS Bournemouth and Poole’s board meeting, says provisional figures indicate that decay levels for five-year-olds may be better than the national average.
But it adds that the most recent figures – as yet unverified – had shown that more than 26 per cent of local children had experienced tooth decay in the area, each having an average of 2.65 decayed teeth.

Among the adult population, around 37 per cent do not seek dental treatment, and are more likely to be affected by dental disease.

The report says those in deprived areas, the disabled and people in care are among those most likely to have poor oral health and access to services. It suggests that in the short-term, improvement could be achieved by using fluoride varnish and toothpaste, particularly in areas of high need.

While there would be “significant” numbers of toothless older people who would need denture care for many years, there would also be more middle-aged and elderly adults needing advanced restorative dental care.

The trust plans a number of measures to tackle inequalities, increase public awareness, and include oral health in general health improvement programmes.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

UK - Why add fluoride to the water supply?

Date: 25 November 2009
Pellon Lane
It always used to puzzle me: Why add fluoride to the water supply when, as recent letters to Your say from D Ward and P Owens point out, we can simply buy fluoride toothpaste?
Then I read a newspaper article by a member of the British Dental Association who explained that for fluoride to be effective in preventing tooth decay it had to be ingested because tooth enamel is not permeable.
He also explained that toothpaste manufacturers added fluoride as a marketing ploy. This does not mean that I'm in favour of fluoridation of the water supply, because I'm not qualified to know. I'm just passing the information on to Courier readers for them to make their own minds up.
I do agree with George Simpson's letter though, that too many emotive claims and the contradictory claims of Dennis Edmondson have been made and agree that we should wait for the Calderdale NHS factual report on fluoride next spring.

Colin Shaw


Rob Reynolds,25/11/2009 09:19:48
Which newspaper? Who wrote it? If this person is a dentist I will call for their immediate dismissal. Fluoride, if ingested, builds up in the body. This can result in a number of problems, mainly brittle bones in old age.

As for it being a "ploy" by toothpaste manufacturers...
they sincerely put it in toothpaste, believing the old research that it helps stop tooth decay. Then more modern research began to show it didn't. It even showed that it had an adverse impact on brain development of young children. The response of the manufacturers? Remove all research funding, sack the research scientists, bury the report and deny everything.

markwarne,halifax 25/11/2009 14:11:39
Why add fluoride to the water supply?

The answer is simple look to see who will make money out of disposing of this poisonous cr*p into the public water supply, this will tell you all you need to know.
It won't be you or me will it?
we will just pay for it and the ongoing consequences of doing it as usual.

RFH,25/11/2009 16:29:37
Just because you disagree with ONE claim by ONE person, doesn’t mean the whole argument is wrong. And, yes, some claims may be emotive; that doesn’t make them untrue or less valid.
You say you're not qualified to know, but you are qualified to decide whether or not you want to consume water that’s contaminated with an industrial waste chemical, especially when there is NO data to back up its claims yet there is ample data available to both refute the claims and provide evidence of the damage it does to humans and animals.
And whatever ‘facts’ the NHS, or anyone else for that matter, come up with, no one has a right to force medication on us in any form. As I've said many times before – fluoride is readily available in other forms, there is no justifiable reason to put it in our drinking water.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A bit of Aussie humour

Australia - Halt to Balranald fluoride

Halt to Balranald fluoride

"Some people have come here particularly because there isn't fluoride in the water"
BALRANALD Shire Council will halt the fluoridation of the town's water until community concerns are addressed.
The council agreed last week to hold off installing fluoride dosing equipment until New South Wales Health returns to Balranald for a community meeting.
It will also invite a "suitably qualified person" to the meeting to provide an opposing argument.
The move follows a community poll which showed 370 of the people surveyed were against fluoridating Balranald's water supplies, and only 44 supported it.
While council management has previously dismissed the poll as inaccurate, Councillor Steve O'Hailoran moved a motion at the council meeting last week to halt fluoridation. "People need to be properly informed," he said. "We don't know the implications (of fluoridation). "Some people have come here (to Balranald) particularly because there isn't fluoride in the water." One example of this is found in Don and Lynda Cooke, who moved from Riddells Creek, near Sunbury, to Balranald in January. Before purchasing land in the town, the couple enquired with locals to find out if Balranald's water was fluoridated. "It was another plus that it wasn't fluoridated," Mrs Cooke said. "I thought it was really great."
But shortly after beginning construction on their new home, Mrs Cooke said she received the poll about fluoride — in which she selected 'no'. "I was terribly disappointed," she said. "If they're going to do that we'll get tank water." Mrs Cooke said she had always been against fluoridating drinking water for both health and democracy reasons. "Why is it we're being forced to do something?" Mrs Cooke said.
"It should be your own choice," she said.
But a spokesperson for NSW Health's Greater Western Area Health Service said Balranald had a "high risk population" vulnerable to tooth decay. The spokesperson said it was recommended that all communities with a population over 1000 had their water fluoridated. "Water fluoridation is safe and effective in reducing tooth decay," the spokesperson said. "It benefits all members of the community irrespective of whether their personal circumstances or commitment to oral hygiene." The spokesperson said NSW Health was prepared to return to Balranald as requested. "Dr Shanti Siv-aneswarin, principal advisor at the Centre for Oral Health Strategy NSW, advises that NSW Health would be prepared to return to Balranald or to assist in other ways to inform the community about water fluoridation," the spokesperson said.

Holidays in Australia

Bad sound track but gets better worth watching but people love to go to the USA and that is fluoridated.

USA - Unstable Element

Unstable Element
Are Austin's water fluoridation policies dangerous?
It depends who you ask.
The reduced form of the highly reactive chemical element fluorine – better known as fluoride – is commonly added to municipal tap water, in order to strengthen our teeth. When we eat sugars and refined carbs, bacteria lurking in our mouths use them to form acids. Eventually the acids can grow strong enough to eat through tooth enamel in a process known as demineralization, which eventually creates cavities. Fluoride promotes remineralization – while that can't plug cavities, it can stop or slow their growth, help build a new coat of enamel, and kill the acid-creating bacteria. That's the theory behind Austin's use of fluoride since the Seventies, re-endorsed this month by an official city report as providing "a public benefit." The federal Centers for Disease Control has recognized water fluoridation as one of "Ten Great Public Health Achievements" of the 20th century, along with other noble causes like vaccinations, infectious disease control, and recognizing the dangers of tobacco.

Or so they'd have you believe............................................ Very long article.

UK - Rastrick councillor Craig Whittaker: ‘Fears we will get fluoride by default’

Rastrick councillor Craig Whittaker: ‘Fears we will get fluoride by default’
Nov 24 2009 by Joanne Douglas, Huddersfield Daily Examiner
‘IT’S fundamentally wrong that fluoride could be added to Calderdale’s water supply by default’, a councillor says.
With NHS Kirklees and the Bradford health trust both considering adding fluoride to local water, councillors in Calderdale, which is sandwiched in between the two authorities, say their water supply could be affected too.
Rastrick councillor Craig Whittaker said the residents of the area launched their biggest campaign in the 1970s, when more than 20,000 people signed a petition against fluoride.
In 2003 Calderdale councillors reiterated their opposition.
But now they are set to debate the issue again as the Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority looks at the position in Kirklees and Bradford.
Clr Whittaker said: “The majority of people I speak to are without question against it.
“Calderdale has a history of being opposed to fluoride.
“But because of the Kirklees and Bradford position, we need to consider how we will be affected by it.
“We want to make sure that we have our say so, in turn, we want to know what people think.”
Clr Whittaker has asked Calderdale Council to vote on a fluoridation motion and make their stance clear.
But even then, he said the ultimate decision lies with the Strategic Health Authority.
“There was one local authority down south where 70% of the people opposed fluoridation but they went ahead with it anyway
“But despite that, we want to do everything we can to make sure we make our views known.”
Fluoride was put into some water supplies in parts of Huddersfield up until 1988.
There are arguments for and against the issue – some claim it would improve dental health but others argue it is mass medication.
An online petition formed by Clr Whittaker says the benefits are based on unsound medical science, that fluoride is harmful to the environment and defies all common medical ethics.

NHS Kirklees has stressed that no decision will be made until a public consultation has been carried out. Yesterday NHS Kirklees said a feasibility study is being carried out and the results are not due until early next year.
Currently, there is no fluoride within Yorkshire’s water.
The issue will be debated by Calderdale Council on December 2.
“It is fundamentally wrong that a request by ŠNHS Bradford and Airedale and ŠNHS Kirklees could result in areas in Calderdale having artificial fluoride in their water almost by default,” he added.

“Therefore, not only does this motion enable the council to reaffirm its previous position, it also instructs officers to undertake own public consultation to ascertain the views of residents.”

You can add your name to the online petition at SayNOtofluoridation.com

USA - Filling a gap in dental care: Hundreds rise early for free, one-day dental clinic

By Dana Clark Felty
Evalyn Chambless has called 27 dentists around Metter looking for one willing to work within her fixed income.

"I've got nine teeth left in my head, and I've got to get them pulled," Chambless said. "My teeth are rotting. I've got to get them out."......................

"Oral health facts - Children

-- 25 percent of all children ages 2-5 have had decay.
-- 50 percent of all children ages 12-19 have had decay.
-- 66 percent of children ages 12-19 from low-income families have had decay.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention"

NYSCOF: After 60+ years of water fluoridation reaching 70% on public waters supplies, virtually 100% via food and beverages, and after 50+ years of fluoridated toothpaste and 40+ years of dentist-applied fluoride treatments along with fluoridated dental floss, mouth rinses, gum, pills, drops, varnish, foam, gels, cements, filling material and more, tooth decay in America is a growing disgrace and embarrassment because fluoride does not reduce tooth decay but does make huge amounts of money for US corporations. The millions of dollars spent on fluoridation scheming, planning, meetings, research, legislator palm-greasing could be better used to feed our hungry children so their teeth don't decay in the first place

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UK - Daily Echo letter

Wake up and look at the facts surrounding fluoride
IS AK Roberts (Letters, November 21) aware that (assuming AK is a man) his insignificant drop of fluoride can cause mottling of the teeth that dentists charge thousands of pounds to cover with veneers?
Would he like his children to suffer that because some other families do not teach their young to clean their teeth or eat sensibly? He mentions chlorine but that is there to treat the water. It too has its dangers, it's known to cause colon cancer but if you are aware of that and there is colon cancer in your family you can either buy a simple filter, let the water stand or boil it.
Fluoride is very different, is he aware that tonnes of Hexafluorosilicic acid contaminated with two per cent of toxic metals and trace amounts of radioactive isotopes are used to fluoridate water.
To correct some of his misinformation: Hartlepool Water supplies the highest fluoride level in the UK and
that is only 1.04 ppm so where the 25 ppm water is drunk without harm only AK Roberts knows. In countries with fluoride contaminated water, villagers suffer terrible crippling effects. Just do a Google search. The calcium fluoride in Southern Water is only .11 ppm not the .60 ppm he was told.
The figures are published on the Drinking Water Inspectorate's website. As for the Echo not publishing pro fluoridation letters perhaps they don't get many. Even some of the people connected with the PCT exposed to one sided propaganda have expressed their support for us. My advice to AK Roberts is to wake up and look at the facts.
BILL EDMUNDS, Hampshire Against Fluoridation, Cadnam.

N Ireland -

Can we brush up the dental health of children under 5?
Tuesday, 24 November 2009
A trial aimed at reducing tooth decay in under fives in Northern Ireland — where £60m a year is spent to treat patients with tooth decay — has been launched.
The province has the worst oral health in the UK — a five-year-old from Northern Ireland has on average 2.5 teeth affected by decay, while a five-year-old in England has on average 1.5 teeth affected by decay.
The problem is so bad that last year 26,500 teeth were extracted from children who underwent a general anaesthetic in hospital for dental extraction.
According to experts in the Oral Health Strategy for Northern Ireland, poor oral health here is a result of a variety of factors, including the fact the province is the most deprived part of the UK, people here do not clean their teeth as often as people in countries with better dental health, and the public water supplies are not fluoridated.
People in Northern Ireland also spend the largest amount on sugary foods and drinks in the UK, the document states.
The study, the first trial of its kind in Europe, will see 2,400 children across Northern Ireland visit their dentist every six months for three years where a fluoride varnish will be applied to their teeth.
They will also be given fluoride toothpaste to use at home.
Each child will be monitored over three years to check if they develop dental caries, more commonly known as cavities or tooth decay.
Launching the trial yesterday, Health Minister Michael McGimpsey said: “This trial will investigate a new approach to preventing tooth decay at an early age by applying fluoride varnish to teeth as well as using fluoride toothpaste.
“It is vitally important that we look at new approaches to tackling tooth decay as, unfortunately, young people in Northern Ireland have the worst oral health in the British Isles and indeed some of the worst oral health in western Europe.”
The trial, which will cost a total of £1.7m, works on the premise that fluoride is effective at preventing tooth decay but will explore how it should be given to children. It is expected to begin in the new year but it will be at least four years before the results are known.
At this stage health chiefs will look at how best to deliver any fluoride supplement programme to children.
Mr McGimpsey added: “We know of course that reducing our consumption of sugary foods and drink is extremely effective in preventing dental decay but experience has shown us that, although patients understand this message, they tend not to change their diet sufficiently to make a difference to their oral health.
“The use of fluoride through this trial offers us the best opportunity to make a significant impact in improving our oral health.
“Investing in preventive care now will provide dividends for the next generation.
“I very much look forward to the results of this trial and wish the team every success.”
Seamus Killough, chair of British Dental Association (BDA) in Northern Ireland, said: “Inequalities in health continue to be prevalent in Northern Ireland. The BDA is committed to promoting initiatives and actions that tackle these inequalities.
“This trial, supported as it is by the BDA, will certainly help in tackling these inequalities,” he added.
Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/health/can-we-brush-up-the-dental-health-of-children-under-5-14572552.html#ixzz0XlTOYGY4

UK - Daily Echo

Monday, November 23, 2009

UK - Daily Echo - Oystermen express fears over fluoride effluent

Oystermen express fears over fluoride effluent
CLAIMS the oyster fishing industry in the Solent could be threatened by controversial plans to add fluoride to tap water in and around Southampton will be considered by councillors today
Southampton's historic Court Leet wants Tory council leaders to examine the likely affects on shellfish of pumping tonnes of fluoride effluent into Southampton Water.
There are fears it could hit the livelihoods of local fisherman and studies have shown fluoride can stunt growth and
increase death rates. Between 60 and 80 boats are licensed to fish for oysters in the Solent. There are oyster beds off Calshot Spit, Stanswood Bay, Hamble River and Chilling near Hill Head.
Oysterman Stephen Matthews, whose plea was backed by the Court Leet, said: "It is incumbent upon the city council to take steps to determine the possible effects upon the shellfish environment which may occur due to the presence of fluoride and to take steps to halt the fluoridation
programme until the appropriate bodies have been consulted and a proper environmental assessment has been carried out." Environment chiefs at Southampton City Council have told councillors they have no power to protect marine life from harm caused by any effluent discharge into the Solent. And the Environment Agency said the fluoride dose level would be within environmental quality standards.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

USA - Hundreds line up for free dental care

Hundreds line up for free dental care
Flint News and Saginaw News - abc12.com:

"There are thousands of people in our area who can't afford dental care. So, for the second year in a row, a group of dentists is offering free checkups, extractions and other dental procedures."

In Michigan where 91% of the water is fluoridated:NYSCOF

Go to Video

Saturday, November 21, 2009

UK - Daily Echo letter

Calm down! All this fury over a tiny drop
CALM down! I can't believe the Echo's latest banner coverage of the fluoride 'debate.
All this fury lasting months over a teaspoonful of fluoride in every five tonnes of water.
We've had chlorine products in the water for many decades to prevent disease - how about optimising the fluoride level to reduce dental disease? Many authorities carry this out safely after expert analysis. Do they do this just to annoy anti-fluoride zealots? Some areas have natural levels 25 times that proposed for Southampton with no problems.
Also, let's drop this mass medication slur; medicine is taken to cure illness. As for a debate, lauded by the Echo, I would assume this involves a balanced discussion of two opposing views. The Echo doesn't publish many supporting fluoride (I only remember two). Despite this, the only random survey gave a 32 for, 38 against result, which is hardly a basis for rioting in the streets. Of the letters against, the most bizarre must be one querying if wild birds will be harmed by drinking fluoridated water. In Romsey, we won't benefit from fluoridation, but I'm told we're already at
0.6ppm so there's little to be gained.

If AK Roberts has been following the great fluoride debate he seems ill informed.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Nicotine's effect on fluoride.wmv

A smoker's view.

NZ - Waipukurau decision on fluoride in water.

Waipukurau decision on fluoride in water.
Posted by Robert Davids
Friday, 20 November 2009
The Central Hawkes Bay District Council has decided to continue adding fluoride to Waipukurau's drinking water despite wide-spread public disapproval.

The council proposed to stop fluoridation when the Waipukurau water treatment plant is replaced.

A local survey of around 700 people showed more than half wanted to stop fluoridation.

Mayor Trish Giddens says strong support of fluoridation was shown by the Ministry of Health, doctors and dentists who informed there are detrimental effects on people once fluoride in water is stopped

UK - GCSE quiz backfires on Balls as he makes 'schoolboy error' trying to outwit Tory shadow

GCSE quiz backfires on Balls as he makes 'schoolboy error' trying to outwit Tory shadow
By Laura Clark
Last updated at 8:37 AM on 20th November 2009
It was Ed Balls' attempt at revenge for a series of attacks on exam standards.
In the Commons yesterday, the Children's Secretary tried to fox his Tory shadow with GCSE science and maths questions.
But Mr Balls may be regretting not doing more homework after reading a 'schoolboy' error into one of the questions.

Goading Tory education spokesman Michael Gove, he asked: 'Explain how a fluoride atom can change into a fluoride ion. You're well known as an erudite and intelligent man. What's the answer?'
But scientists said the formulation 'fluoride atom' was wrong, and the GCSE paper from which the question was drawn states 'fluorine atom'.

Dr Richard Pike, chief executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry, said there was 'no such thing' as fluoride on its own, explaining: 'There is hydrogen fluoride, for example, but you wouldn't say a fluoride atom.

'You would use fluoride when it's in a compound or when referring to ions. A fluorine atom can become a fluoride ion.'

If Mr Balls' question is asked correctly, the answer is 'By gaining an electron'.

Mr Gove eventually answered correctly, but repeated Mr Balls' error.
Accusing Mr Gove of trying to 'run down' the achievements of youngsters, Mr Balls asked him: 'First question - name the type of enzyme that digests stains containing fats. Sounds quite difficult to me, do you have an answer?'
He then went on to challenge Mr Gove with a question from a maths exam, asking: 'Work out three and three quarters minus one and two fifths.' The answers are 'lipase' and '2.35'.
The clashes came as a report by the new exams watchdog lent weight to Mr Gove's attacks, finding that the OCR and Edexcel exam boards are still too lenient in grading GCSE science.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1229438/GCSE-quiz-backfires-Balls-makes-schoolboy-error-tried-outwit-Tory-shadow.html#ixzz0XO8vRRQG

Thursday, November 19, 2009

UK -Daily Echo - Disappointing comments

Disappointing comments
I WAS disappointed at Andrew Mortimore's comments about the recently published survey figures relating to the health of children's teeth and the proposed fluoridation of tap water (Daily Echo, October 29).
That is the third occasion in which he has tried to brush aside the results of a survey, the other two being the Echo phone poll, and the other being the self completion survey as part of the consultation.
In fact when near the time of the phone survey, a survey organised by the primary care trust produced a result indicating that if anything people were in favour of fluoridation.
At the time I wondered how the survey could have been worded to produce such a result.
1 raised my concerns that following the previous results, any survey could be manipulated to produce a result in favour of fluoridation.
My concerns were raised again when the PCT supplied their reply postcards with first class postage paid. However despite this, and the way the consultation was conducted 72 per cent of those who replied to the survey voted against fluoridation. However this kind of result should surely indicate to those in favour that there is still a lot of work to be done to convince people that fluoridation is a good thing, yet the talk from the Strategic Health Authority is that they have gone above their obligations. I would therefore dispute whether Dr Mapstone's original reassurance has proved justified.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Australia - Casey alarm at toddlers’ teeth

Casey alarm at toddlers’ teeth
News18 Nov 09 @ 02:15am by Dimity Barber
Dentist Desmond Yiu says he is finding a surprisingly high number of cavities in children's teeth. JANE OLLERENSHAW.
LESS than 11 per cent of Casey children have seen a dentist by their third birthday.
Child Dental Health Surveys have identified a worrying rise in decayed, missing or filled teeth in the area’s four-year-olds since 1998.
Now Casey-Cardinia dentists are urging parents to take toddlers’ dental health more seriously, warning decay in baby teeth can lead to problems later on.
Fountain Gate Dental Care surgeon Desmond Yiu said he had recently filled cavities in children as young as three.
“I’m finding a lot more tooth decay in children than I would expect, particularly given how readily available fluoride is in water and toothpaste,” Dr Yiu said.
“There is definitely an attitude out there that because they are just “baby teeth” there’s no need to worry. But that is a very distressing attitude. Parents need to understand that decay in a child’s first set of teeth can lead to problems in their permanent ones.”

Dr Yiu said poor diet was the cause of the concerning trend.

“There has been a cultural change towards high sugar drinks that are very damaging to teeth,” he said.

Dr Yiu said parents should book their children in for their first dental appointment at 12-24 months of age.

NZ - CHB Council considering adding flouride to Waipukurau water

CHB Council considering adding flouride to Waipukurau water
Posted by Robert Davids
Wednesday, 18 November 2009
The Central Hawkes Bay District Council will continue to hear submissions tomorrow over the issue of adding fluoride into Waipukurau's drinking water.
The council began hearing around 15 verbal submissions on the plan at a special meeting on Monday, and will continue with the meeting tomorrow.
The council is raising the issue again, as the fluoride dosing system at the Waipukurau water treatment plant needs replacing.
Mayor Trish Giddens says there was no consultation with the public when fluoridation began in 1979, as it was seen as an important health issue at the time.
Ms Giddens says with more awareness now, the council wants people to have their own say.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fluoride Ad - The best video clips are here

Expert cites importance of toxic-free environment

Expert cites importance of toxic-free environment
Written by Jonathan Mayuga / Correspondent
Monday, 16 November 2009 21:06
A VISITING US expert on Monday underscored the importance of applying the “precautionary principle” (PP) to ensure a toxic-free and life-sustaining environment to protect people and the environment from harm.

Paul Connett, a specialist on environmental chemistry and toxicology who has gone to 52 countries promoting zero waste and chemical safety, told participants to a seminar on toxicology at the Occupational Safety and Health Center in Quezon City that precautionary measures should be taken whenever an activity raises threats of harm to the environment or human health “even if some cause-and-effect relationships are not fully established scientifically.”

Connett is promoting the Wingspread Statement on the Precautionary Principle that was drafted and finalized at a conference from January 23 to 25, 1998, at the Wingspread Conference Center, Racine, Wisconsin, by 32 authors, mostly academicians, scientists and public-interest activists.

Since 1983, Connett taught chemistry at Saint Lawrence University in Canton, New York, where he specialized in environmental chemistry and toxicology.  He retired from teaching in May 2006.

The statement listed four central components of the Precautionary Principle:

· Taking preventive action in the face of uncertainty;

· Shifting burdens onto proponents of potentially harmful activities;

· Exploring a wide range of alternatives to possibly harmful actions; and

· Increasing public participation in decision-making.

“The PP posits the notion that when there is reasonable doubt on the safety of substance or practice, we should err on the side of caution,” Connett said.

Organized by the waste-and-pollution watchdog EcoWaste Coalition, Connett’s call bolstered the group’s campaign in the Philippines against toxic harm by urging the government to put in place mechanisms that will effectively prevent toxic pollution, starting with proper disposal of harmful chemical substances, Manny Calonzo, the group’s president, said.

Connett presented his seven-point criteria to assist citizens in justifying the citation of Precautionary Principle as a reason for rejecting a proposed activity.

Connett said these “trigger criteria” will help citizens employ the Precautionary Principle in a more disciplined way and thus avoid the criticisms leveled at the principle by supporters of  technological and industrial activities regardless of their costs to human health and the environment.

These criteria include an assessment whether (1) the evidence of harm plausible; (2) the evidence is supported by a number of peer-reviewed published studies; (3) the harm is real and/or serious; (4) the effects are reversible; (5) the evidence that the benefit being sought is real and significant; (6) how significant are the consequences if the practice is halted; and (7) the cost-effective alternatives to the practice.

He cited an examination of case studies on the incineration of domestic waste and the fluoridation of drinking water, and explored the responses to each of the trigger criteria. In the Philippines, clamor to ban waste incineration succeeded after calls to prevent its adverse effect to air quality, as well as its cost-effectiveness, were raised.

Fluoridation Increases Infant Death Rates

Fluoridation causes more premature births, one of the top causes of infant death in the USA. It poses the greatest risk to poor non-white mothers and babies. This is the finding State University of New York researchers from data spanning 1993 to 2002.
Research in Chile in the 1970s also showed fluoridation caused an increase in infant death rates. Chile stopped fluoridation as a result.
A baby born at least 3 weeks early is classified as premature - accounting for about 12 percent of US births.
To ensure fluoridation was the culprit, and not some other factor, the researchers recorded fluoridation residence status (under or over 1 ppm) and adjusted for age, race/ethnicity, neighborhood poverty level, hypertension and diabetes.
The data came from the NY Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System, which collects comprehensive information on patient characteristics and treatment history. The research was conducted within the university's Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health.
"For the Ministry of Health to continue promoting fluoridation when there is this kind of evidence that it is real health risk is inexcusable" says Mark Atkin, Fluoride Action Network (NZ)'s co-representative on the Fluoridation-free NZ Coalition, adding "Only a few months ago we had further confirmation that fluoridation increases teenage male bone cancer rates. As has been said before, those who continue to promote fluoridation do so at the risk of future legal action against them."

Monday, November 16, 2009

Canada - Fluoride debate comes to city council

Fluoride debate comes to city council
Updated 9 hours ago
The Observer
A city councillor wants a debate on the continued use of fluoride in drinking water.
Coun. Terry Burrell said he needs direction from the city before a vote on whether or not to remove fluoride from local drinking water occurs this January. Burrell, who represents council on the Lambton Area Water Supply System (LAWSS) board, has introduced a motion to council asking for a full debate, including expert speakers on both sides of the issue, and community input. If his motion is passed today the debate would take place at the Dec. 7 council meeting.
"When it comes up at LAWSS it is an important community-wide thing so I want to vote based on how council votes as opposed to just my own personal feelings," Burrell said.
The fluoride debate has been going on at the LAWSS board for over a year after Health Canada released updated data asking municipalities to lower their fluoride usage. Local fluoride rates were already well within acceptable standards. Burrell said his resolution would give the issue a full public airing.
"Some people in the community are very interested and this will give them a forum," he said.
Burrell said he knows the medical and dental communities want to weight in on the debate. The fluoride debate has been repeatedly delayed at the LAWSS board level as the group waited for a report from Health Canada. Now, the water system manager has left, pushing the issue back yet again.
"We can't wait forever," Burrell said.
Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley said he still favours the issue being decided by a plebiscite. It takes 10 per cent of the public to sign a petition to get a question on the ballot. He thinks the whole fluoride debate is being driven by politicians not the public.
"We should keep out of it and let the public have the debate," he said.


UK - Daily Echo letter - The science of spinning the Government's line

The science of spinning the Government's line
Whether or not one agrees with Dr David Mutt's personal, but informed professional, opinion as to the classification status of Cannabis, it would not be the first time that an accredited expert, seconded to Government, has run foul of the "authorised version" of political policy.
One of the best Labour environment ministers we ever had - Michael Meacher, who's views on nuclear energy and a handful of other issues, diverged from those held by Tony Blair - got the "bunch-of-fives" treatment from his leader. Blair phoned him at 3am saying "Sorry Michael, I'm letting you go."
The team of leading health scientists concluding their long deliberations at the NHS Centre for Reviews and Disseminations at York University in 1999/2000 gave a five point statement to Government which said:
1 Fluoride could not be said to be safe
2 Fluoridation would be unlikely to correct dental health inequalities.
3 Dental fluorosis could not be categorized
merely as a cosmetic condition
4 Lack of good quality studies made results inconclusive
5 More research of a higher standard, free from bias, should be conducted.

The Government's own media release said precisely the opposite on every point.
No prizes offered for guessing whose version was adopted as the "official" line
Who was the health minister in charge at that time? . . . none other than Alan Johnson.

Australia - Queensland Premier set to be ousted after 8 mths?

Queensland Premier set to be ousted after 8 mths?
November 15, 2009 06:22 PM EST (Updated: November 15, 2009 06:28 PM EST)
views: 115 | comments: 3
Below is a quick poll result by the Brisbane Courier Mail news paper Poll Results

Thanks for voting, here are the results so far:

Who would you vote for at the next state election?

Labor under Anna Bligh 6% (128 votes)
Labor under someone else5% (118 votes)
LNP under John Paul Langbroek 24% (479 votes)
LNP under Lawrence Springborg17% (352 votes)
LNP under someone else6% (135 votes)
Minor party21% (430 votes)
None of the above17% (344 votes)
Total votes: 1986 votes so far
The poll has just been going for 4 hours and already it appears Australia's First elected woman premier is about to be ousted from the Premiers position with just 6% of people saying they would vote for her at the next election. Anna Bligh, whose family were on the first ship to land in Australia from England in the 1770's, is the first women to stand for election as a premier and win an election as premier, She has seen the state go from surplus to debt.
She has resided over failed water supply crisis's, has seen the waste of over a billion dollars on trying to push through an unapproved dam and kicking thousands of people off their family farms, put unwanted fluoridation into the states water supply, at the whim of dentists, turned the state into a construction zone with more roadworks than any other time, taking the city of Brisbane from one of the worlds most livable cities to one of the most unlivable cities with mistake after mistake, overseen the Gold Coast Indy car debacle where the Indy Cars pulled out and then Bligh Declared she didn't need them and she will put on a better event with out them only to see the event nose dive, had her Treasurer resign, and then receive a $500,000 "Gift" payment for securing a government contract.
Things are not looking good for this Premier and it could be she will be ousted before Christmas.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Flouridation Issue: Head Of Preventive Dentistry, University Of Toronto Clarifies

Flouridation Issue: Head Of Preventive Dentistry, University Of Toronto Clarifies
Written by Dr. Hardy Limeback hardy.limeback@dentistry.utoronto.ca
Sunday, 15 November 2009 14:19
The American Dental Association article from which you (containing previous article about fluoridation) got your information actually has an error (compare Fig. 2 and Table 2). Those figures you quote ("Dentists' Nominal Net Income for 2000 was $533,000 up from $141,000 in 1982") are actually gross billings.

The net income (before income tax) in 1982 was $53,530 and in 2000 it was, on average, $183,050. Dentists are small business owners, employing anywhere from two to a dozen or more people. During this economic crisis many people are happy to have jobs, when one in every 10 Americans is out of work. In the US, depending on the size, small business owners have the potential to earn much more than dentists....see http://online.wsj.com/article/...&sjrss=wsj

Dentistry is much more cosmetically oriented these days (and more expensive), because patients now demand straight, white teeth, and want implants instead of partial dentures. Maybe dental fluorosis really is one of the reasons that dentists are earning more income from cosmetic work but dentists' salaries have really only kept up with the consumer price index and that was the point of that JADA article.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

UK - The governmental Orwellian answer to the human rights challenge

Moreover, we consider that fluoridation is compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights because new schemes could not be introduced before there has been a public consultation in the area that would be affected.

How could anybody write that after the debacle of Southampton's consultation where the people of Southampton demonstrated that they don't want fluoridation and the SHA completely ignore it - a politician?


174 Li 174
Junling Wang,a,b Yingmei Zhang,a Haojun Zhang,c Ke Zhang,b Zhewen Zhang,d Jin Lib
Lanzhou, China
SUMMARY: To investigate the effects of sodium fluoride (NaF) on sperm motility,
oxidative stress, and apoptosis in the testes, male Wistar rats were exposed to 1.0,
2.0, and 3.0 mg NaF/kg bw/day by intragastric gavage for 90 days. Sperm motility was
significantly inhibited, especially at the lower F intake level. Significant increases in
oxidative stress with elevated malondialdehyde occurred in the 1.0 mg NaF group
and increased hydrogen peroxide in the 2.0 mg NaF group. Compared with the
control group without NaF, the cell percentage in G0/G1 phase increased
significantly, whereas it decreased significantly in S phase. On the other hand, the
percentage of cells in G2/M phase was similar to that of the control. In the 2.0 and 3.0
mg NaF groups, a significant increase in testicular cell apoptosis was observed.
Thus, especially at a comparatively lower level of exposure, F exhibits toxic effects
on reproductive function in the form of decreased sperm motility, enhanced oxidative
stress, and increased apoptosis, although the latter does not appear to be directly
connected with the increased level of oxidative stress.
Keywords: Fluoride and reproduction; Male rat reproductivity; Oxidative stress; Rat testis; Sperm
motility; Testicular apoptosis.

Halting the inertia of indifference: fluoride and fertility revisited

Fluoride 42(3)159–161
July-September 2009
Halting the inertia of indifference: fluoride and fertility revisited
Spittle 159 159
SUMMARY: Two new studies have demonstrated that fluoride can impair male fertility. The first, in mice, found fluoride decreases sperm hyperactivation and Catsper1 gene expression. The second, in rats, reports that fluoride decreases sperm motility, enhances oxidative stress in testis, and increases testis apoptosis. These findings are consistent with many earlier reports of adverse fluoride effects, including some of reduced fertility in animals drinking water containing 1 ppm of fluoride. The current recommendation by some authorities for adding fluoride to community water supplies is likely to impair male fertility.
Keywords: Fertility; Fluoridation; Indifference to fluoride effects on fertility; Infertility; Mice; Rats;
Spermatozoal hypermotility; Spermatozoal motility; Testis apoptosis; Testis oxidative stress.
Two further articles on the adverse effects of fluoride on male reproductive function are included in the present issue. Wang et al. found that fluoride in mice
decreases sperm hyperactivation and Catsper1 gene expression.1 Zhang et al.
report that fluoride in rats decreases sperm motility, enhances oxidative stress in testis, and increases testis apoptosis.2 These studies follow many previous reports published in Fluoride and other peer-reviewed publications of the detrimental effects of fluoride on male reproductive function.3-34
The need for additional studies of a possible association between fluoride and reproductive parameters was noted in a chapter on "Reproductive and developmental effects of fluoride" in the 2006 National Research Council publication Fluoride in drinking water: a scientific review of EPA's standards notes.35 The two new studies now reported provide examples of such information as suggested. These findings are consistent with many earlier reports of fluoride adverse effects, including some of reduced fertility in animals drinking water containing 1 ppm of fluoride.36-40
Currently the authorities who recommend adding fluoride at 0.7–1.2 ppm to community water supplies give little attention to the effect of fluoride on male fertility. For example, the 2007 Australian Government publication A systematic review of the efficacy and safety of fluoridation found that the existing body of evidence strongly suggested that water fluoridation is beneficial at reducing dental caries but did not discuss the concerns about the effects of fluoride on fertility.41 Adding fluoride to community water supplies is likely to impair male fertility. The two studies reported in this issue provide further friction to help halt this inertia of indifference to the adverse effects of fluoride on male reproductive function.
Bruce Spittle MB ChB DPM FRANZCP, Managing Editor, Fluoride
727 Brighton Road, Ocean View
Dunedin 9035, New Zealand

NPWA Newsletter

Watershed Autumn 2009 Final

UK - Here to defend Dennis over fluoride

Here to defend Dennis over fluoride
Dulverton Road
Politicial leader David Cameron is calling for less "Big Government" and more emphasis on the individual.

One place to start would be to stop the prime example of Nanny State interference where the authorities add fluoride to tap water.

This chemical is not added to make the water safe to drink, but to bring about changes in the human body – a dangerous precedent. One size does not fit all, as some people may react badly to this chemical.

No sensible doctor would prescribe medication for a patient he's never met, whose medical history he doesn't know, in a dosage over which there is no control. The countries with the biggest drop in child tooth decay are Sweden, Netherlands, Finland & Denmark – who do not fluoridate!

May I defend local resident Dennis Edmondson. Some may not always agree with him, but he is an old soldier who fought for Britain and a few months ago won an award for bravely putting himself at risk to help a lady who was being attacked at night by a man.

His heart is definitely in the right place!

A Wills

UK - God gave us skill to move forward

God gave us skill to move forward
Date: 14 November 2009
Savile Park Road
GRAHAM RIGBY, Your say November 7, I'm with him, says "If God had wanted fluoride in our water it would be there."

Down the centuries religion has opposed medical advances, saying as Graham Rigby does, that it's against God's will.
The most recent example was religious opposition to organ transplant surgery but I don't see any Graham Rigbys refusing organ transplant surgery when it's their own lives in danger.
So let's turn Graham Rigby's statement round.
If God hadn't wanted us to make these medical advances, including fluoride, he wouldn't have given us the intelligence to do so.
But he did, so that's God's will.
John Crabtree

RFH,14/11/2009 08:18:29
You’ve shot your own argument down in flames, Mr Crabtree, with your words, “when it's their own lives in danger.”
Few people would refuse heart surgery if their condition required it, but I suspect every sane person WOULD refuse it if they were told they had to have it without their consent because a minority of people in the area were possibly in danger of developing heart problems if they didn’t make slight changes to their lifestyle.
Furthermore, fluoride is NOT a medical advance. It is an industrial waste product.

USA - Early Childhood Caries are a serious problem in Virginia

NYSCOF: Virginia is 95% fluoridated. Yet, "Early Childhood Caries are a serious problem in Virginia"

Friday, November 13, 2009

UK - Lymington Times letter

SIR, — Regarding fluoridation and the 'A&T' story revealing improved dental statistics relating to Southampton flve-year-olds:
The most recent survey suggested that the teeth of the city's children now have average levels of decay, and not much worse than average — h.s previously claimed by the NHS.
The .strategic health authority (SHA) said comparing this year's statistics with previous data would give the false impression of an improvement in dental health because the new research was done • differently.
There are two problems with this response. First, an analysis of the statistics shows that the teeth of those who were omitted from the survey would have had to be really bad to have increased the Southampton decay rate to the level of earlier surveys.
Secondly, the same revised means of research indicated that the dental health of (unfluoridated) Southampton five-year-olds was now considerably better than those who live in (fluoridated) central Birmingham. How does the SHA explain that?
Jason Merrit
Glenwood Avenue,

Andy Burnham, fluoride and the fabians.

Do we believe any of this? Are the Freemason's so evil when they all have to believe in a God to join?

Andy did resign of course from the BFS when he was made a minister and it is not sodium fluoride, it is worse, hexafluorosilicic acid.

USA - Study Links Fluoride to Premature Births (press release)

Study Links Fluoride to Premature Births (press release)
News Release
Study Links Fluoride to Premature Births
New York -- November 12, 2009 -- State University of New York (SUNY) researchers found more premature births in fluoridated than non-fluoridated upstate New York communities, according to a presentation made at the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting on November 9, 2009 in Philadelphia. (1)
Fluoridation is the addition of fluoride chemicals into public water supplies ostensibly to prevent tooth decay. Many groups oppose fluoridation because of its scientifically-documented health risks. (2)
Human pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks or just more than 9 months. A baby born before 37 weeks of pregnancy is considered a preterm (or premature) birth. About 12 percent of US pregnancies are preterm and this is one of the top causes of infant death in the US, according to the US National Institutes of Health. (3)
The SUNY researchers used 1993-2002 data from the NY Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System (SPARCS), which collects patient characteristics, diagnoses, treatments, services and charges for every hospital discharge, ambulatory surgery patient and emergency department admission in New York State. They recorded fluoridation residence status (under or over 1 milligram fluoride per Liter of water) and adjusted for age, race/ethnicity, neighborhood poverty level, hypertension and diabetes.
“Domestic water fluoridation was associated with an increased risk of PTB [preterm birth]. This relationship was most pronounced among women in the lowest SES [socio-economic-status] groups (>10% poverty) and those of non-white racial origin,” write Rachel Hart, et al. Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, SUNY School of Public Health.
Previous published research by others has shown that fluoride can interfere with the reproductive system. (4)
“It would be wise to follow the lead of the 7,000 Environmental Protection Agency scientists and public health professionals (5) who asked Congress to place a moratorium on fluoridation until definitive studies are conducted to prove fluoridation is safe for every human consuming it,” says attorney Paul Beeber, President, New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. “Clearly fluoridation is not safe for everyone," says Beeber.
At the request of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a National Research Council (NRC) panel of experts reviewed current fluoride toxicology. In 2006 they concluded that the maximum amount of fluoride allowed in drinking water is too high to be protective of health. At least three NRC panel members believe water fluoride levels should be as close to zero as possible. The EPA has yet to perform a fluoride risk assessment based on the NRC's findings leaving millions of Americans at risk of fluoride's adverse health effects.
According to Dr. Bill Hirzy, Chair of American University’s Chemistry Department and former EPA scientist from 1981 to 2008, the EPA fears “setting a maximum contaminant level goal of zero because that would mean the EPA is going to be responsible for the end of the water fluoridation program. EPA knows that there will be enormous political flak for doing that.” (6)
Contact: Paul Beeber, JD


NYS Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. 516-433-8882


USA - Wisner voters reject flouride

Wisner voters reject flouride
WISNER, Neb. -- Voters in this community, which approved adding fluoride to the water system in 2008, voted Tuesday not to add it.
Results of Wisner's first all-mail election indicated 98 were in favor and 285 were against adding fluoride.
Tuesday was the final day in which voters could mail or return in person their ballots to the Cuming County Courthouse in West Point.
The result was the opposite of last year when 265 voted for it and 242 voted against it.
Part of the reason the issue was considered again was the wording of the original ballot language, which some called confusing.
Wisner is at least the second community in Northeast Nebraska that has voted on fluoride a second time.
Voters in Wakefield in September rejected adding fluoride to their town's water supply. During that special election, 135 votes were cast in favor of prohibiting fluoride while only eight votes supported it.
The previous November, 255 Wakefield residents voted in favor of adding fluoride while 216 voted against it. In Wakefield as well, many voters said they found the ballot language confusing.

FAN Bulletin 1098: More important news

FAN Bulletin 1098: More important news
November 12, 2009
We have a number of important news items to report today.

1) Three more victories in Nebraska.
2) Researchers find an association between fluoridation and premature births in NY
3) Health Canada's extraordinary translation mistake.
4) My response to Health Canada's new report: Fluoride in Drinking Water
5) A link to the Dr. Peter Cooney presentation in Dryden, Ontario, re-found.

1) Three more victories in Nebraska.

In 2008 the communities of Yutan and Wisner voted for fluoridation. Residents complained that the wording of the 2008 referendum was confusing and they got the right for a second vote. Both communities reversed their vote this week and voted NO to fluoridation. Go to Fluoride Alert

Thursday, November 12, 2009

UK - Daily Echo Letter

Change Player Size Watch this video in a new windowFluoride Fury. Can Port Macquarie stop the inevitable? Part 5 of 5.

Brunei - Do Not Put Fluoride In Your Water System!

Do Not Put Fluoride In Your Water System!
Written by Jwillie6
Wednesday, 11 November 2009 16:47
This article contains some good suggestions, but please do not put fluoride in your water system. When the fertilitzer companies, and others, clean their smokestacks, they bag the waste fluoride chemical, (Hydrofluorosilicic Acid), which contains lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. and sell it to communities to add to our water systems.

The Government tries to convince us that it does not harm us if it is diluted enough. It is a hoax on the public. Follow the money! Those promoting fluoridation simply refuse to read the current research showing it is ineffective and dangerous to health. Go to (www.fluoridealert.org) and read several scientific articles.

Read the letter from Dr. Hardy Limeback (DDS, PhD Biochemistry) --- Head, Preventive Dentistry, University of Toronto entitled "Why I am now officially opposed to adding fluoride to drinking water" He was the principal research advisor to the Canadian Dental Asociation for over 10 years in promoting fluoridation. His letter is an apology to other dentists and the public. Over 140 Research studies listed, including: Increased risk of bone cancer -- 13 studies Lead, arsenic, radium contaminants causing toxic water -- 10 studies Link with fluoride and other cancer -- 12 Fluoride causes birth defects -- 5 Fluoride affects the immune systems -- 12 Fluoride is neurotoxic (brain, nerves, lowering IQ) -- 11 Etc.

Also see the petition signed by over 2600 professionals opposing fluoridation.

UK - Daily Echo - Reverse decision to prove integrity

Reverse decision to prove integrity
OFFICIAL statistics now prove that the Strategic Health Authority's (SHA's) justification for fluoridation in Southampton is baseless.
So not only is the policy unethical, undemocratic and unsafe, but we now learn it was never needed in the first place.
This was just what Hampshire Against Fluoride (HAF) experts told the SHA long before they made their decision - and they were given the data proving it.
Yet despite everything, they stubbornly determined to force
fluoridation through.
There is no logical explanation for their behaviour, and it is this that prompts accusations of submitting to pressure for personal advancement, of extreme dereliction of duty, and of public betrayal.
They only have themselves to blame - and all they have to do to prove their integrity is reverse their decision.
Public opinion and virtually every local elected authority, opposes fluoridation, but they have all been overpowered by
this unelected quango.
This is dictatorship - a word not used lightly or rhetorically, but as absolute, irrefutable fact.
If they continue to ignore the voice of the people, the demand that board members face a jury, will become overwhelming.
The Judicial Review will make a judgement on the process.
The people who abused the process should also be examined, lest this abuse be repeated nationwide.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



FAN Bulletin 1097: Health Canada's embarrassing report

November 11, 2009

Fluoride Fury. Can Port Macquarie stop the inevitable? Part 4 of 5.

UK - Daily Echo - Don't sacrifice our democratic freedom

Don't sacrifice our democratic freedom
HOW right was the correspondent who wrote regarding fluoride in our water.
We have said, absolutely, positively and definitely, we do not wish to be guinea pigs for this experiment. What doesn't the SHA understand? Plain English?
Armistice Day will (I hope) cause them to remember with all due, the millions of lives sacrificed in two wars and the cream of today's young men who gave their lives in the precious name of
democracy and give thanks they enjoy this freedom.
I very much object (having done my bit) to being told at my age what I need for my health, having a good doctor, and dentist who has been doing this quite happily for years.
How dare a handful of people who were not even there, throw up the sacrifices of so many heroes J away on a whim! Step down now with grace.
J BAILEY, Southampton.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Newsletter

HAF November Newsletter

Australia - Fluoride Fury. Can Port Macquarie stop the inevitable? Part 3 of 5.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Australia - Fluoride Fury. Can Port Macquarie stop the inevitable? Part 2 of 5.


What the 'York Review' on the fluoridation of drinking water really found
28 October 2003
For immediate release
A statement from the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD)
In 1999, the Department of Health commissioned CRD to conduct a systematic review into the efficacy and safety of the fluoridation of drinking water. The review specifically looked at the effects on dental caries/decay, social inequalities and any harmful effects. The review was published on the web and in the BMJ in October 2000.

We are concerned about the continuing misinterpretations of the evidence and think it is important that decision makers are aware of what the review really found. As such, we urge interested parties to read the review conclusions in full at http://www.york.ac.uk/inst/crd/summary.pdf.

We were unable to discover any reliable good-quality evidence in the fluoridation literature world-wide.

What evidence we found suggested that water fluoridation was likely to have a beneficial effect, but that the range could be anywhere from a substantial benefit to a slight disbenefit to children's teeth.

This beneficial effect comes at the expense of an increase in the prevalence of fluorosis (mottled teeth). The quality of this evidence was poor.

An association with water fluoride and other adverse effects such as cancer, bone fracture and Down's syndrome was not found. However, we felt that not enough was known because the quality of the evidence was poor.

The evidence about reducing inequalities in dental health was of poor quality, contradictory and unreliable.

Since the report was published in October 2000 there has been no other scientifically defensible review that would alter the findings of the York review. As emphasised in the report, only high-quality studies can fill in the gaps in knowledge about these and other aspects of fluoridation. Recourse to other evidence of a similar or lower level than that included in the York review, no matter how copious, cannot do this.

The full report is available via the CRD Fluoridation Review web site (http://www.york.ac.uk/inst/crd/fluorid.htm). For more
information, please contact Paul Wilson (01904 434571).

USA - Consider the Cause of Alzheimer's Disease (Opinion)

Consider the Cause of Alzheimer's Disease (Opinion)
Monday, November 09, 2009 by: Hesh Goldstein, citizen journalist
(NaturalNews) We, Americans, are losing our minds to Alzheimer`s disease. It is an epidemic and it is not typical of what`s going on in the rest of the world. The World Health Organization estimates that there are 18 million people with Alzheimer`s. Over 4 and1/2 million Americans have the disease. We account for 25% of all Alzheimer`s cases, even though we represent only 4.6% of the world`s population. Europe is experiencing half our rate of disease. For Americans over 85 years of age, 50% are thought to have Alzheimer`s. The question is: Why?

Alzheimer`s was first discovered in 1906, about 20 years after aluminum cookware was introduced. It is not a part of normal aging says the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH contends that the cause of Alzheimer`s is not known. They say, "Prior theories regarding the accumulation of aluminum, lead, mercury, and other substances in the brain have been disproved".

Do not believe that?! Federal agencies have a talent for not finding environmental causes for many diseases. They live by the motto, "Do not seek and thou shall not find". Kind of like their outlook about mad cow disease. Genetic triggers and lifestyle choices get the research dollars for pretty obvious reasons: Their findings don`t hurt polluters` profits.

Initially, it was thought that aluminum might be the sole cause of Alzheimer`s. Persons with Alzheimer`s have been found to experience increased absorption of aluminum in the brain, as well as to exhibit densities of senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles. However, there are no reports that suggest plaques and tangles do not always signify Alzheimer`s, and vice versa.

Further clouding the issue are patients on kidney dialysis machines. They are unable to excrete aluminum, plus they may also be treated with medicines that include aluminum. However, reports say that dialysis patients don`t develop Alzheimer`s, although they can develop dialysis dementia if the equipment doesn`t filter out aluminum. And therein lies the problem. The process of kidney dialysis requires very purified, non-fluoridated water. Do you get the feeling that fluoride is aluminum`s partner-in-crime?

Aluminum, along with fluoride, is in our drinking water, foods, beverages, processed foods, and consumer products. Europe, which is largely unfluoridated (the U.S. is over 60% fluoridated), has half our Alzheimer`s rate. It doesn`t take rocket science to see a definite correlation.

There are other intriguing issues as well. Why do people with thyroid disease have an increased risk for Alzheimer`s? In the U.S., thyroid disease has reached even greater epidemic levels than Alzheimer`s, with as many as 20 million American victims. Besides problems with iodine intake, a common cause of thyroid disease is radiation.

There are also unbelievable similarities between Alzheimer`s and Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease (CJD) aka mad cow disease. Mad cow disease is linked to feeding animal parts back to vegetarian animals through livestock feed and fertilizer. So what do radiation, livestock feed, fluoride, and fertilizer have in common which may have led to the emergence of the Alzheimer`s epidemic? The phosphate fertilizer industry!

Fertilizer use was not a common practice in the U.S. until after 1870, when phosphate and lime were applied to crops like cotton and tobacco. By the end of World War II, an era of intensive agriculture began. Of the phosphate produced in Florida, about 95% is used in agriculture (90% goes into fertilizer and 5% into livestock feed supplements). The remaining 5% is used in a variety of foods and beverages, plus personal care, consumer and industrial products - so says the Cargill Fertilizer Company, the largest producer of phosphate fertilizer in the country and the largest source for the fluoride products, which are added to the water supplies in the country.

George Glasser writes in the Earth Island Journal, "Radium wastes from filtration systems at phosphate fertilizer facilities are among the most radioactive types of naturally occurring radioactive material wastes. Uranium and all of its decay-rate products are found in phosphate rock, fluorosilicic acid (fluoride) and phosphate fertilizers".

The Florida Institute of Phosphate research says, "Removal of uranium as a product is no longer profitable and all of the extraction facilities have been dismantled. The uranium that remains in the phosphoric acid and fertilizer products is at a low enough level that it is safe for use". Hello! This is not very reassuring as chronic exposure to low levels of contamination can be as dangerous, or more so, than chronic high levels of exposure or acute occurrences.

Of particular interest is calcium silicate, another by-product of the phosphate fertilizer industry used as an anti-caking agent in iodized table salt. Is calcium silicate also radioactive? Would that have a significant impact on the thyroid? Given the relationship between Alzheimer`s and thyroid disease, Alzheimer`s may be destined to increase exponentially.

The phosphate fertilizer industry seems to be the common thread in Alzheimer`s and maybe also in thyroid and mad cow type diseases. Aluminum by itself may not cause Alzheimer`s, but in combination with the radioactive products of the phosphate fertilizer industry, it could be wreaking havoc on our health. Ponder this: flu vaccines contain enormous amounts of mercury and aluminum - two substances that do wonders for the brain. Guess who the "powers" scare into taking flu vaccines? The elderly. Guess which section of the population is succumbing to Alzheimer`s type symptoms? The elderly. Draw your own conclusions.

Whatever the cause, we deserve real answers to the Alzheimer`s epidemic, not the red herrings of research on genetics and lifestyle. The number of American victims is totally out of proportion to the incidence of Alzheimer`s worldwide. Yet, organic sulfur crystals have been proven to reverse Alzheimer`s. Why doesn`t anyone tell us that?

Something truly has gone terribly wrong when the Almighty Sign ($$) takes precedence over health!


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fluoride Fury. Can Port Macquarie stop the inevitable? Part 1 of 5.

USA - Barrow dentist wins national award

Barrow dentist wins national award
..........."I have traveled all 50 states, and I can't recall a place that had greater dental needs."Although it varies family to family, like in many rural Alaska communities, not enough brushing was going on. And too many kids were growing up on soda, with the equivalent of 10 sugar cubes in each 12-ounce can. Oral health care was even more scarce in the villages, which were lucky if a dentist dropped in once or twice a year...............

Governments can force fluoridation on citizens yet they can't legislate to stop manufacturers from damaging the young.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


UK - Letter

Date: 07 November 2009
Jubilee Road
I'm with him
Further to the letter from Dennis Edmondson "I know I'm right about fluoride" (Your say, October 27), and the other letters on this subject, regardless of any scientific evidence, I believe it is wrong to mass medicate our water.
If God had wanted fluoride in our water, it would be there. Therefore in this area its addition is not necessary.
If people want healthy teeth, then the avoidance of all those substances which cause tooth decay is to be highly recommended. If people want to clean their teeth in fluoride, many toothpastes containing fluoride are available, the difference being we all have, to date, free choice in the matter.
So-called experts have been proved wrong so often in the past that their advice is probably best taken with a large pinch of salt, although too much of this is considered unhealthy!
With very little knowledge on this subject, my gut feeling is with Dennis Edmondson.
Graham Rigby

Nine out of ten children have cavities

Nine out of ten children have cavities who were examined in a Green Bay Wisconsin school which is fluoridated.NYSCOF

UK - Daily Echo letter - Fluoride findings on the Internet

Fluoride findings on the Internet
Whilst speaking on the phone to a friend on the possible numbers of people injured by fluoride poisoning I put up "Fluoride Poisoning Cases" on an Internet search.
I was able to tell him I got about 171,000 Internet entries for this in seconds.
I clicked on the 4th of these 171,000 listed sites and found under Search Medica, a professional medical site, references to 60 medical papers on fluoride poisoning cases. The first of these 60 came up with a report from The New England Medical Journal on January 13 1994 on a case of excess fluoride in public water supplies in Alaska in 1992 causing fluoride poisoning in 47 people who drank the water May 21, 22 and 23,1992. One of these died. What this shows is that there are countless thousands of documented cases of fluoride poisoning in medical journals and media reports from Government labs and similar organisations worldwide available on the Internet.
The French proved the dangers of fluoride poisoning when they used sheep, injecting them with different amounts of fluoride. France does not fluoridate its public water supplies and has no particular problem with tooth decay
This begs the question have those promoting water fluoridation bothered looking for themselves at the available scientific evidence?
Edward Priestley, Les Granges, France.

Friday, November 06, 2009


UK - Sensible to wait for report on fluoridePremium Article !Your account has been

Sensible to wait for report on fluoride
Date: 04 November 2009
Garden Road
I HAVE been following the debate in Your say regarding fluoride, both back in 2007 and now.
I clearly remember in 2007 both Dennis Edmondson and Edward Priestley claiming that fluoride is a weedkiller and another correspondent to Your say expressing concern at this with the headline to the letter "Fluoride: It's a Weedkiller."
Barbara Sutcliffe (Your say, October 12) is correct when she says that botanically there is no such thing as a weed. For example dandelions can be a crop grown for making tea, soups, salad or dandelion and burdock fizzy drink, but when dandelions grow in our vegetable patch or flowerbeds we call them weeds. As she says plants are plants.

So Dennis Edmondson's claims that fluoride is a weedkiller while making crops such as cabbages grow exceedingly well and is contained in the fruit and vegetables we buy without killing them, but deadly to consume, is a contradiction of mammoth proportions exposed by Barbara Sutcliffe.

Dennis Edmo-ndson keeps accusing others, including Barbara Sutcliffe, of being ill-informed. It is now obvious he is the one who is ill-informed and has lost all credibility.

It makes you wonder, if the truth were known, how much more misinformation is being put out by the lobby groups.

It also makes you realise how sensible George Simpson's suggestion was ("Fluoride: let's wait for the unemotive facts") that any petition against fluoride should be made after the Calderdale NHS report next spring, not now.

Stuart Jones

UK - Lymington Times letter

SIR,—It is good to see cross-party support in the New Forest East over the need to get the Strategic Health Authority (SHA) to change its approach over fluoridation. An education based approach, delivered in nurseries and schools, is the most effective way of achieving this and Coun. David Harrison, supports this way forward. (Letters, October 31st).
I am sorry to remind David Harrison that when he writes "the answer lies in the hands of the Labour Government", and perhaps I could "press upon the likes of John Denham MP to step in", that he is asking me to ask an MP to ride roughshod over the body of public servants, who have the right, in law, to make decisions regarding local strategic health issues.
Much as I would like to see the SHA be persuaded to change their approach on this issue, they cannot actually be stepped on, or replaced for pressing ahead with what they think is needed, despite it looking like they have totally misjudged the situation and have over egged the local statistics on dental decay in children.
Representation and persuasion is ' expected of an MP, stepping in and trampling on is not. For the record, John Denham MP has expressed the view that the SHA have "clearly not won the debate" and wants them to rethink.
David Harrison asks if "a cabinet member can't do it — who can?" The answer lies with all the people who do not wish to have fluoride added to their water; they need to organise and work together even harder to get the SHA to take more notice. As for asking MP's from any party to "step in", they cannot, as the law is the law, but poor decisions can and must be challenged.
Peter Sopowsk

Lymington Times - Fluoride opponents 'misreading' tooth decay research, warns NHS

Fluoride opponents 'misreading' tooth decay research, warns NHS
ANTI-FLUORIDE campaigners claiming the state of children's teeth is improving without the controversial chemical are misinterpreting the figures, according to NHS chiefs.
Higher than average child, tooth decay was key to the South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) approving Southampton Primary Care Trust's proposals in February to fluoridate the city — including 8,000 people living in Totton.
However, latest research shows 31% of the city's five-year-olds had obviously decayed, .missing and filled teeth: almost equal to the 30.9% England average. The SHA has now been urged to reconsider its decision affecting up to 190,000 people in total.
Totton county councillor David Harrison said: "Good public health policy should always be guided by evidence. It is frankly inconceivable that the original decision to proceed with adding fluoride to tap water should not now be revisited. "If the main reason for undertaking this costly and unpopular step has now gone, logic demands that those responsible for deciding the issue should reconsider."
But the SHA said comparing this year's statistics with previous data would give the false impression of improving health because the new research was done differently.
For the first time parents had to expressly allow the children to be examined instead of, as before, having their consent presumed unless they objected — which the SHA said would lead to more children with better dental health being recorded.
Although pleased with the results, it said in a statement, the regional data hid "significant pockets of poor dental health in some of the big towns and cities in our region".
It added: "In this survey, for the first time, parents were required to give their consent in advance; this will have impacted on the results and therefore, as the authors state, these figures should not be compared with previous surveys.
"Tooth decay is entirely preventable and the local NHS is committed to giving children the best chance of good oral health by implementing a range of preventative programmes to combat the disease."
As reported in the 'A&T', a Moripoll carried out by the SHA showed 38% opposed fluoride against 32% in support. A 15,000-name petition was gathered by opponents who fear it has implications ranging from cancer to mottling of teeth — which is the only side-effect accepted by the NHS.
The SHA is also facing a High Court challenge to its fluoridation decision as well as a complaint to the health ombudsman about the way it consulted people.

UK - Southampton - Daily Echo - We don't want fluoride

We don't want fluoride
IN reply to the Daily Echo's front page 'Fluoride case for in tatters'.
The Echo went on to explain that a new survey revealed dramatic improvements in Southampton children's dental health, even better than parts of the country with fluoridation. So how do the SHA explain this new survey and now that they have this evidence that it is not needed to put fluoride in our water we have to ask the question, why? They are still adamant that it is a good thing to go ahead. How much more proof do they need to stop such a crazy idea.
SHA I would like to say to you admit defeat and leave our water alone, we would all respect you more. You must have a clear message by now from the people who have written to this paper and the 15,000 signatures that were taken to 10 Downing Street for Mr Brown's attention. It is all very simple really: do you remember what we are saying or has it all slipped your minds? Well here it is again. 'We the public do not want toxic fluoride in our water supply'. It is such a simple message why don't you listen? (Name and address supplied).

Thursday, November 05, 2009

UK - Dental study to change face of NHS dentistry

A dental school has scooped funding for its innovative research into preventive methods that may change the face of NHS dentistry.
The Oral Health Unit (OHU) based at the University of Manchester won significant funding to run a study which focuses on prevention rather than treatment.
The £1.7 million study will see if a prevention package, delivered by dentists in practice, can prevent tooth decay in children.
The trial outcomes could inform the development of NHS dental services and interventions in the UK.
The three-year multi-collaborative trial will take place in Northern Ireland, but will involve a team of dental experts led by Professor Martin Tickle of the OHU at Manchester.
The OHU has ‘an impressive track record of delivering high profile, policy-relevant dental research' and the unit was selected to run this three-year trial following their application to this open call.
Professor Tickle says: ‘This is hugely significant for dentistry as we were competing with all other areas of dental, health and health care research. It demonstrates our research reputation in being selected to deliver a study with such important potential outcomes.'
Recent studies have shown that prevention of decay in the primary teeth in NHS general dental practice is not very effective, and that over a three-year period, 35%of two to three year olds registered with a dentist develop tooth decay.
Northern Ireland has a particular problem as approximately 45% of five year olds have tooth decay.
In England, all NHS GDPs have been sent Delivering Better Oral Health An evidence-based toolkit for prevention which identifies best evidence for preventive care.
But research has yet to show whether these interventions are cost effective when used in everyday NHS practice.

Dental study to change face of NHS dentistry
4th Nov 2009
The trial will therefore test the cost effectiveness of fluoride varnish and family-strength fluoride toothpaste provided in general practice twice a year to help prevent decay.

Professor Tickle adds: ‘The aim of the trial is to see if we can keep a larger proportion of children free of decay by using a fluoride varnish and toothpaste. Hopefully, the findings will help to inform future policy on children's dental health and focus on proactively preventing tooth decay rather than treating the disease once it has started.'

The trial will be planned and managed by a partnership of General Dental Practitioners, Community Dental Service dentists, academics from the University of Manchester and Queen's University. It has the full and active backing of the CDO and the DH.

Australia - Dentists add bite in pro-fluoride debate

Dentists add bite in pro-fluoride debate
Zane Jackson | 5th November 2009
IPSWICH residents’ teeth are already showing the positive benefits of having fluoride in the drinking water according to local dentists.
With the one year anniversary of the fluoridation just weeks away on December 1, Australian Dental Association Queensland Ipswich president Dr Louise McLoughlin said fluoride had already improved teeth in the region.
Fluoridated water will strengthen teeth from the day it starts,” Dr McLoughlin said. The largest benefit will be for children who have grown up with fluoridated water, but adults also benefit from fluoridated water, even if their teeth have already fully erupted.

“Fluoridated water will begin to work immediately, but it will take a few years for a significant effect to be seen. But fluoridation is not a magic bullet.

“People should still brush and floss their teeth, maintain a healthy diet and see your dentist regularly.”

She said the full benefit of fluoridation would be more apparent when the first group of children in the fluoride generation were examined by the School Dental Service in around five years time.

Local dentist Dr Lesley Maclean said the introduction of fluoride brought Queensland and Ipswich back on track with other states, where some areas have had fluoridated water for up to 40 years.

“When someone comes into the practice with really good teeth, they are nearly always from interstate and have been drinking fluoridated water,” Dr Maclean said.

“As time goes on people here in Ipswich will have healthier teeth, and the introduction of fluoride will be seen as a great idea.”

The Mount Crosby water treatment plant was one of the first in the state to add fluoride to drinking water under a $35 million State Government plan to provide fluoridated water to the majority of Queenslanders by 2012.

However, the government was left red-faced when higher than usual levels of fluoride passed through the North Pine Water Treatment Plant for three hours on the morning of Friday, May 1.

Despite the mishap, Queensland Health’s Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said the introduction of fluoride had been successful.

“This initiative is a vital element in Queensland’s oral health system, alongside oral hygiene and good nutrition. The benefits of fluoride will become evident quickly, and the real winners will be future generations,” Dr Young said.

“Fluoridation will address what has been an epidemic of tooth decay in Queensland, one of the most expensive challenges in our public health system. It will help to shift the focus from cure to prevention.”

Ipswich mother Angela Stevens said she was hopeful her two kids Olivia, 4, and Ben, 3, would benefit from the chemical additive.

“I’m not 100 per cent sure how it works, but if it helps their teeth it’s a good idea,” she said.

Amazing when the York review after examining thousands of studies could not find any convincing proof that fluoridation works.