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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, September 30, 2011

Bombshell: Government Admits Fluoride Hurting Children

Bombshell: Government Admits Fluoride Hurting Children

NZ - Hot start for fluoridation hearing

Anti-fluoride campaigners made up the bulk of the audience at day one of the two-day tribunal into the future of water fluoridation in the New Plymouth district.
MATT RILKOFF Last updated 05:00 30/09/2011SharePrint Text Size 2 comments ANDY JACKSONAnti-fluoride campaigners made up the bulk of the audience at day one of the two-day tribunal into the future of water fluoridation in the New Plymouth district.Relevant offersTouted by one side as the great health leveller and the other as a dangerous poison, water fluoridation hit New Plymouth District councillors with both barrels yesterday.
However, their weight of numbers was matched by the gravitas of the smaller Taranaki District Health Board group, which was the other main submitter on the day.

For the first two hours of the tribunal, councillors heard and asked questions of Whangarei dentist Lawrence Brett and Hamilton doctor Peter Scanlon of anti-fluoride group Fluoride Action Network New Zealand.

During that time, the argument against putting fluoride into water supplies to reduce tooth decay seemed rock solid. Among many things, Mr Brett told councillors the best teeth in the country were found in the non-fluoridated towns in the South Island, and it was diet that determined dental health, not fluoride.

"These are things we have to accept as true. Tooth decay is caused by sugar. Decay is not a result of a shortage of fluoride in our diet, it's an excess of sugar."

Dr Scanlon also spoke at length, though concentrated on the health risks that could be associated with the addition of fluoride into drinking water.

"The sophistication and complexity of how a body is means the simplistic one-fits-all approach like the fluoridation of water is such an outrageous concept it is laughable. The Government has dismissed it in light of the expanding evidence that this is a paradigm shift, wake up. Houston, are you there?"

Both men received a standing ovation but was no such reaction to the next submitters, Taranaki District Health Board.....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

UK - How Lincoln's clean water has been supplied for 100 years

How Lincoln's clean water has been supplied for 100 years.
A LOOK inside a water treatment works reveals how the city is kept hydrated.
The Newton Treatment Works in Newton on Trent processes 35 million litres of water a day for the Lincoln area.....
"Following this, carbon filters are used in the water as part of the pesticide removal process.

"The water is then disinfected with chlorine and we add fluoride to it by the request of the health authority.

"Orthophosphoric acid is also used to coat the pipes and protect people from consuming lead.

Canada - New surface treatment plant ready for public’s inspection

Water world
New surface treatment plant ready for public’s inspection
By Cheryl Browne, Barrie Examiner
Posted 3 hours ago
I don't know about you, but my skin gets wrinkly after having a good soak. So the concept of having 12 baths a day means most of us would resemble shrivelled up prunes.

Yet that's how many baths each of the 42,000 homes in south-end Barrie would need to have each day to use up the water in the new Surface Water Treatment Plant on Royal Parkside Drive......
...Barrie councillors determined they wouldn't add fluoride to the water when they were planning the building of the new system, and Adams agrees.

"It's a very reactive dangerous chemical and there's constant controversy over how much is enough or too much," he said.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

UK - Plymouth Children to be Offered Fluoride Varnish Treatments

Plymouth Children to be Offered Fluoride Varnish Treatments
Children in poor areas of Plymouth will be given fluoride varnish treatments to try and reduce rates of decay.
The fluoride scheme will be aimed at seventeen schools in deprived areas of Plymouth. The programme has been launched as a result of research that shows significant inequalities in standards of oral health in different areas of the city.

Research showed that a third of five-year-old children in Plymouth suffer from tooth decay, however, rates differed according to the area, with figures ranging from just under 7% in Elburton and Dunstone to 56% in Barne Barton....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Civil Rights & Fluoridation

Civil Rights & Fluoridation #9 from Golda Starr on Vimeo.

Important video news from USA

HAF September 2011 Newsletter

HAF September 2011 Newsletter

Monday, September 26, 2011

Phyllis Mullenix,PhD discusses the toxicity of water fluoridation IAOMT 2009 Las Vegas

Very long scientific talk for the experts.

USA - Maryland [The dentist] has seen individuals suffering from infections, decay

Sunday, September 25, 2011
Maryland [The dentist] has seen individuals suffering from infections, decay, burning gums and ulcers who rely on aspirin to ease their pain.
Others have teeth that are blackened and crooked.
Many have not been to a dentist in decades.
It is the desperate need for dental attention that keeps her coming back each year to volunteer her time and services to thousands of people attending the Convoy of Hope at Fairgrounds Park in Hagerstown.
'We expect to see at least 2,000 people today," Bye said. "Many of them have been living with discomfort for a long time.'
Snyder estimated that about 5,000 people attended Saturday's Convoy of Hope.
'The first year, about 2,300 people showed up," he said. "Each year since, the numbers have increased.'"

Maryland is 94% fluoridated: NYSCOF

UK - Daily Echo - In my view

Liberal Democrats, Hampshire County Council
SHA should drop plans for fluoride
AS a long-standing regular reader of the Daily Echo, I can't recall any topic that has prompted so many contributions to the 'Your Views' pages than the issue of adding fluoride to tap water.
Although the plans relate to Southampton and surrounding areas, the matter is of national interest because it is widely believed that if the Strategic Health Authority (SHA) manage to impose it upon an unwilling population here, then it will be followed up in other parts of the country.
I pay tribute to the campaigning group Hampshire Against Fluoride because they have proved resilient and dogged in their determination to fight the plans, often at great personal cost to themselves.
They truly deserve respect for fighting a cause they believe in and so effectively.
I have been struck by the absolute certainty from the pro-fluoride supporters that the plans are in the public interest and carry little or no health risks.
This is only matched by the anti-fluoride supporters who believe equally strongly that the health risks are only too real and that to proceed would be effectively to poison the population on a massive scale.
Hearing all of the arguments, I struggle to form any firm conclusion other than to hold with the view that the precautionary principal should apply. If in doubt -leave it out!
My own particular hostility to the fluoride proposals centres around the issues of democracy, human rights and consent
Just about every elected councillor and MP in the area has expressed resistance to the plans.
The SHA carried out a consultation, whilst putting the case for fluoride, and despite this, the result was a firm thumbs-down, with more than 70 per cent of those responding indicating that they did not want it.
For me, the key point is that the plans really amount to mass medication.
I think the SHA has done very great harm. It has stubbornly forged ahead, using vast sums of our money in its efforts to impose this without any kind of electoral mandate.
This money could have been so much better utilised, targeting the young children who require much better oral healthcare.
Nobody is going to shed a tear that the SHA will soon be no more.
The very least that it could do, to salvage some remnant of public respect, would be to drop the plans - thus confirming what we always knew.
Nobody has the right to impose such a thing without consent.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Alex Jones - Big Pharma Giving Little Girls Cancer!

Could it be true?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Human rights - balancing the books.

Human rights - balancing the books.
The article in the Daily Mail of 17th September - “Paedophile's park ban lifted because of his human rights" exposes the continued ignorance of what human rights really are, even within the judiciary itself.

The key to this flawed decision lies in understanding the difference between absolute and relative human rights. This governs the code of civil liberties that forms a large section of the legal framework under which we run our society. Absolute rights are the property of the individual, and may not be violated, by another individual or even by the State itself. Relative, or conditional, rights are those that are subject to the rights of others and of the society in which we live. They may be exercised by an individual only when an acceptable compromise is agreed with those who also enjoy the same or competing rights.

For example, the right to refuse medication is absolute. But if you have a highly contagious and dangerous disease, this could infect and kill another person, in violation of their absolute right to life. In such circumstances your right to liberty is a conditional right - you may be detained by the State in quarantine to prevent the disease spreading to others. But even then, your absolute right to refuse medication that could save your life remains in effect; you cannot be forcibly treated and cured against your will.

The ban on the paedophile was introduced to prevent him molesting children in the park. The right of children not to be subject to such molestation is an absolute right - a paedophile cannot claim to have the right to molest children, because that would overturn the right of the child not to be molested.

The judge is in error because he has failed to recognise that the ban on him using the park merely limits his conditional right to take exercise. It does not prevent him from doing so elsewhere, but his exercising is subject to rules under the civil liberties code of this society that recognise the equal right of children to use the park without interference.

Our over-friendly neighbourhood paedophile might, of course, decide to take his exercise on the fast lane of the local motorway, even if at considerable personal risk. But he might then cause a pile-up and the death of innocent motorists, which would be a serious violation of their right not to be subject to activities by others that could result in their death. Reasonably enough, our rules on civil liberties dictate that such activity must be prohibited in law. Within our society as we mutually accept it, we permit people to take exercise, but not in a fashion that threatens other people's rights, especially if the rights that are threatened are absolute..

Earl Howe's outrageous statement in the house of Lords last week that "in our view, any infringement of human rights arising out of water fluoridation is justified by the benefits to oral health." illustrates just how far this ignorance - or perhaps arrogance - has infiltrated into our society. Fluoridation disfigures children, and on that account alone the forcible administration of fluoride in the public drinking water supplies is in gross violation of Article 3 of the Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits any treatment that is degrading.

Having to live with disfigured teeth is undoubtedly degrading - watch my video on 'Rachel's Story' (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trQSZHF8eI4) to hear one young woman's experience of growing up in England with moderate dental fluorosis. So even if fluoridation worked - which it does not - it violates the absolute prohibition on degrading treatment imposed under Article 3 of the Convention.

Of course children with bad teeth have the right to treatment - but that right is itself a conditional right. Treatment cannot be given in a fashion that violates the absolute right of other children not to be subjected to degrading treatment. Equally, our paedophile member of society is free to exercise elsewhere, provided he does not threaten other children.

Earl Howe's arrogant statement exposes his failure to understand the principles that underlie the human rights legislation. His claim that 'any infringement' is acceptable 'if' it protects a few children from tooth decay does not identify which right he supports the government violating in its irrational and illegal policy, irrespective of whether fluoridation actually works.

Quite simply, Earl Howe has put on record the government's position that it is entitled to violate the absolute prohibition on degrading treatment of children, that disfigures thousands of English children each year. It appears to be his view that any such violation of a child's rights is acceptable if it results in a few children having slightly less dental decay. On that ground alone, the government's policy of water fluoridation should be referred to the Courts for resolution.

Parliament has given our Courts authority to restrict the activities of paedophile, so that their attempts to violate our children can be curbed. Yet it continues to condone the Department of Health's activity that violates the absolute right of our children not to be subjected to degrading treatment. Fluoridation condemns thousands of children to a lifetime of rejection, social and financial disadvantage. Yet our 'Parliament of Fools' doggedly clings to the myth that this enforced and prohibited form of public medication is of such national urgency that its retention justifies the abolition of the human rights of the public.

It is time for the Courts to decide whether this form of child abuse is indeed, like paedophilia, in gross violation of the Human Rights of our children, and that those who advocate it are, again, like paedophiles, unfit to be let loose in modern society.
Doug Cross
Director, UKCAF

USA - Water bills should have fluoridation warning labels

Louisiana blindly passed a law in 2008 ordering every community of more than 5,000 to add fluoride to drinking water to reduce tooth decay in poor families.
The American Dental Association initially supported fluoridation but over the years scientists, doctors and dentists have warned (sodium) "fluoride" is actually a hazardous waste taken from the scrubbers in smoke stacks of phosphate fertilizer companies and other industries. The ADA issued a warning in 2006 telling parents not to prepare infant formula with water containing fluoride.
In 2007 the Centers For Disease Control also issued a warning about fluoride in water supplies.
Paul Connett, Ph.D., is a retired biochemist from St. Lawrence University in Canton, N.Y., who came to Lafayette in April 2009. Dr. Connett has been fighting (and defeating) mandatory fluoridation for 15 years
Crowley has been fluoridating the water since the '60s. Sept. 2, Dr. Connett journeyed to a Crowley restaurant on Sept. 3 to discuss fluoride with the mayor and City Council members of Crowley. None of the governing members appeared for the presentation by Dr. Connett. Nor did the media appear.
"This is the arrogance of power," responded Dr. Connett.
However, the following day a small church, Greater Love family Worship Center on 10th Street, welcomed Dr. Connett. Parents wanted to know how to get fluoride out of the water (extremely difficult) and what other options might be available. Bottled water is 700 times more costly than a glass of water from the faucet.

Would it not be possible to place a simple warning on water bills? "The American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control warn all: Do not prepare infant formula with water containing fluoride."

Someday Louisiana may be the first state to ban fluoridation. Children deserve better.

USA - Water Fluoridation Injury Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court

A 13-year-old's fluoride-discolored teeth was allegedly caused by drinking fluoridated bottled water since infancy. Her Mom is suing the bottlers for the cost to cover up the unsightly teeth.

New York – Sept 21, 2011 -- Attempting to reduce tooth decay in tap water drinkers, most US public water supplies include added fluoride chemicals. And some corporations sell fluoridated bottled water for the same reason. However, ingesting fluoride can lead to dental fluorosis – white spotted, yellow, brown and/or pitted teeth, now afflicting 41% of adolescents, reports the CDC. But according to a newly-filed lawsuit, suppliers of fluoridated water fail to effectively warn customers that ingesting fluoride can discolor teeth
Nidel Law, P.L.L.C., in conjunction with Paulson and Nace, P.L.L.C., filed a case against Nestle U.S.A., Nestle Waters North America, Inc., and the Gerber Products Company, for damage caused by fluoride contained in their products marketed and sold for consumption by children under the age of eight. The Plaintiff, a 13-year old girl, suffers from dental fluorosis. Her

mother wants compensation for the costs associated with covering up her daughter’s unsightly teeth, estimated to be over $100,000 over her lifetime..........

UK - Daily Echo - Do all you can to fight fluoride

Do all you can to fight fluoride
PLEASE, please, do all you can to stop this fluoride "poison" from polluting our water.
We don't want it. When will they get the message loud and clear?
Thank you for all the update and help the Echo has given us.
MR & MRS R TARRY, Bitteme, Southampton.

SURELY there is a law to protect us from this fluoridation, it can't be that important or the north would not have axed it!
What about our human rights or health and safety? This SHA is so feeble minded, whatever the cost it will not give in.
E RUSSELL, Freemantle, Southampton.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Uk - Lymington Times - City council joins anti-fluoride fight

City council joins anti-fluoride fight
CAMPAIGNERS against fluoride being added to Southampton's water supply, which would affect thousands of Totton residents, have gained the support of the city council.
Hampshire Against Fluoridation held a demonstration outside the council offices before a meeting on Wednesday in last week and handed in a 6,000-name petition against the scheme.
The South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) gave its approval in 2009 for the chemical to be added to Southampton's supply after the local primary care trust said it was needed to combat child tooth decay.
The plan affects 190,000 people around the city, including 8,000 Totton residents because of the layout of the pipes. A High Court challenge to the scheme earlier this year was rejected by a judge.
Members of the city council had originally supported the scheme, but have now voted against, Hampshire and New Forest councils have also objected.
However, city councilleader Coun. Royston Smith said it was powerless to reverse the decision to fluoridate water without further legislation.
Hampshire Against Fluoridation chairman Stephen Peckham told the ' A&T he planned to write to the SHA to request a halt to the scheme now that it was not supported by any local council or MP.

UK - Daily Echo - We all want our water without fluoride

We all want our water without fluoride
I WAS at the council meeting on September 14 when good common sense took place for once and our council voted against fluoridating our water supply.
But of course we still have the SHA, who seem to want to add this chemical (fluoride).
When will they understand the word NO?
Other countries are taking it out. Doesn't that tell them anything? This fluoride builds up in our body system over the years and can affect some people more than others and can cause a number of health problems.
As I said many times before, our water is for drinking and not for treating anything, and since the SHA are using the word treat,
which is what they would be doing by treating teeth, then fluoride becomes a medicine, and it is against the law to mass medicate. So I think we have all made it very clear to the SHA to leave our water alone.
I, and I know many, many other people, are very angry how such a scheme could even be thought of in the first place.
We pay for our water and when it enters our taps it becomes ours and we all want it without your chemical fluoride, thank you.
Don't you think, SHA, if you are reading this, that we have all made it very clear that we don't want it? It is as clear as clear as we want our water.

USA - County commission candidate stakes out anti-fluoridation position

County commission candidate stakes out anti-fluoridation position
By David DeWitt
An Athens County commissioner candidate visited Athens City Council this week along with several others to oppose fluoride in municipal drinking water.
Ibriham Alassaf, an Ohio University student who ran for an at-large council seat on the Democratic ticket in May's primary, lost that race and recently announced his intention to challenge current Athens County Commissioner Mark Sullivan in next year's Democratic primary.
Sullivan has said he will seek re-election, and, in addition to Alassaf, Democrats Mike O'Brien, Bob Baughman and Paul "Smoke" Barrett all have said they also will run in that primary.
On Monday, Alassaf chose to speak at the end of the City Council meeting when citizens are given the opportunity to voice their opinions on subjects not covered in the meeting. Fluoridation of water was not addressed by City Council on Monday.
Noting City Council's recent preliminary talks about a possible "fracking" ordinance, Alassaf said that the city faces an "environmental problem that's been going on way longer than fracking" — water fluoridation.

"It's a problem," he said. "We need to stop referring to it as fluoride. It's fluorosilicic acid."
Alassaf said that it's an economic handicap to the city, which spends $19,000 annually on municipal water fluoridation. He charged that fluoride is corroding the city's water infrastructure and that he has health and safety concerns as well.

He pointed to recommendations from the federal Centers for Disease Control that municipalities lower the level of fluoride in their water supplies. He was joined by fellow OU student Dan Waller and local resident Dane McCarthy in speaking out against water fluoridation at the meeting................

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Prof Newton won't back down fluoridation for Southampton goes ahead.

See this on Meridian TV web page

Australia - Carnarvon Fluoridation Delayed

Carnarvon Fluoridation Delayed
22/09/2011 , 4:48 PM by Gemma Snowdon
People in Carnarvon who are against the Health Department adding fluoride to their water supply have hit a wall this week.
A committee which is looking into whether the town's water should be fluoridated has delayed making its recommendations to the Health Minister until it has more feedback from the community.
Late last year, the Department of Health announced its plans to fluoridate the water in Carnarvon which already contains some natural fluoride.
Residents were given the opportunity to provide submissions on the plan.

If you're in Carnarvon do you care if your drinking water is fluoridated?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Good for your heart?

UK - Flouridation axe pleases Greens

Flouridation axe pleases Greens
8:54am Tuesday 20th September 2011
BOLTON’S Green Party has welcomed plans to cancel a public consultation on fluoridation of Bolton’s water supply.
NHS North West drew up plans for a £200 million fluoridation scheme in 2008.
But, as reported in The Bolton News yesterday, the regional health body is due to be abolished and the fluoridation consultation plans will go with it.
Bolton Greens have long campaigned against fluoridation and leader Alan Johnson said he was pleased the public consultation had been scrapped.
He said: “We have been actively campaigning against this for some time now so we are glad it is back on the shelf.
“We are opposed to it in terms of civil liberties and mass medication.
“People can use fluoride toothpaste if they want. The real problem is a lack of NHS dentists.” The aim of fluoridation is to strengthen people’s teeth and its implementation in the North West would have cost £200 million over six years.
Health chiefs said the annual running costs of the scheme would have been a further £5.78 million.

UK - Daily Echo - letter

Let parents have the right to decide
I AM writing about the article (Daily Echo, September 15) about the fight against fluoride.
I feel very strongly about Labour councillor John Noon's comment "I believe fluoridation is beneficial to children's health. I actually feel we have a moral duty to do this -1 want to support children who don't have a voice".
As a parent of three children, my youngest two-year-old boy cannot speak for himself in the matters of this sort, so I feel it is mine and my wife's responsibility to decide if he should be administered a chemical such as fluoride. In the above comment by the councillor, he thinks he has been granted the right to make decisions for our children and it's not the right of the parents.
1 find this comment very offensive.
As he has taken the moral responsibility for all the children of Southampton and has made his mind up that industrial waste fluoride should be given to all, I guess he will take all the legal responsibility of administering this toxin into the water supply to our children, and for when children start to suffer from the side effects of fluoride that all the countries currently administering fluoride in the water are having, like fluorosis of the teeth in 41 per cent of children, and other health problems that I can list.
A councillor should stand up for their constituents, and under a democracy should support the majority.
Seventy-two per cent of the people in Southampton are against fluoride being administered in the water.
As this councillor ignores this fact, is he truly a councillor doing his duty as a representative of the people, or a councillor who considers power to be greater than his moral responsibility?
Address supplied.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

USA - Industry Reacts to EPA’s Proposed Withdrawl of Sulfuryl Fluoride

[Regulatory Update] Industry Reacts to EPA’s Proposed Withdrawl of Sulfuryl Fluoride
The proposed withdrawal would leave PMPs and their food industry customers without a treatment alternative for eliminating insects and rodents in food-processing and -storage facilities.
.........."Ninety-seven percent of a person's exposure to fluoride comes naturally or from dental products and treated water," said NPMA Senior Vice President Bob Rosenberg. "Fumigation residues constitute only three percent of a person's total exposure."

Rosenberg added the industry would like to know why EPA chose to address the issue of excessive fluoride exposure through the use of sulfuryl fluoride, which makes up a small percentage of a consumers exposure, and not the other areas such as toothpaste and drinking water.

"EPA acted with a degree of reluctance in this matter and did what they thought they were required to do by law," said Rosenberg. "Hopefully with the comments provided by this large coalition, we have given them some options to come up with a solution without compromising public health."

Uk - Daily Echo letters

Change of law needed to stop fluoride
ALTHOUGH it is heartening to read of fluoridation schemes being scrapped in other parts of Britain (Daily Echo, September 13), and indeed in other places around the world, I fear it is over-optimistic to think that exorbitant costs will play any significant part in dissuading those bodies bent on pushing through their plans from doing so.
Nothing has stopped the enormous wastage so far and that by a health service supposedly in financial difficulties!
Remember it is not just the expense of materials, but also arranging for storage, security, staffing and so on.
Meanwhile, Southern Water refuses to stand up for the right of its customers not to receive random medication through their water supply, even though acknowledging that this is what fluoridation is.
Revision of the current law may well transfer power to authorise fluoridation, but what is needed is a law which will actually protect our water from this kind of interference. And the sooner the better.
G PAYNE, Southampton.

Keep fluoride out of our water!
THE water we drink is our lifeline, Without it we cannot survive It has to be always pure and safe, In order to keep us alive. Our bodies wont tolerate fluoride, It causes great harm, there's no doubt,It's dangerous to add it to water supplies, So, we must fight to keep fluoride out.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dr. Hardy Limeback discusses the drawbacks of water fluoridation IAOMT 2008 Charlotte

Dreadful Fate (2010)

Dreadful Fate (2010) from DULAM SATYANARAYANA on Vimeo.

Terrible film to watch, an Indian village suffering from vast more fluoride than they want to put in our water but a warning that fluoride is a dangerous substance.

Daily Echo - letter

Welcome fluoride move
I AND many others would like to thank the Daily Echo for its coverage of the Anti Fluoride Campaign. We have got the council to over turn their decision and vote against putting this substance in our water.
About two thirds were against it for various reasons.
While the war is not yet won as the Health and Social Care Bill is still going through parliament, I hope at least that more people are aware of this registered poison and all the long term damage that it can do to your body. And 30-40 per cent more children would suffer with fluorosis on their teeth.
I hope that now the thousands of readers you have will email/write to their MPs and have their say about the consultation and the fact that there is no long-term study that proves this fluoride does any good at all.
There are no scientists that really want to take on any five to ten-year study just to prove a point either way, as they know already what the outcome would be and what all the long-term side affects are.
There are more countries that are now stopping fluoride schemes this year, as there is no effective proof, versus the money spent on these schemes -which is footed by the taxpayer. NAME & ADDRESS SUPPLIED.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

UK - Islington children get free fluoride treatment for their teeth

Islington children get free fluoride treatment for their teeth
Sunday, September 18, 2011
8:38 AM
Children under 10 can now get access to a new free dental treatment thanks to an initiative by NHS Islington.
The new scheme, which started this month , involves specialist dental teams heading to 34 schools, nurseries and children’s centres around the borough to provide free fluoride varnish to kids aged between three and 10.
The varnish is a coating painted on teeth to reduce tooth decay and while children are under 10 they can receive two treatments a year free of charge.
Islington has one of the highest levels of tooth decay among young children in the country.
Despite this, a third of the borough’s kids don’t visit the dentist for regular check-ups, even though they are free for children, and NHS Islington is encouraging the mantra: “first tooth = first visit”...

Why can't they do that in Southampton instead of putting in that contaminated industrial "by-product" (waste) into all our water?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

USA - Kids in fluoridated Alalmeda County, California are suffering

Kids in fluoridated Alalmeda County, California are suffering in dental pain
Bay Area Dental Health Crisis Part 3 - Video - KTVU San Francisco

Dental Health Crisis Part 3

Miami Dentist Supports Fluoride Awareness Movement

Miami Dentist Supports Fluoride Awareness Movement
Miami dentist Theodore Herrmann has joined more than 3,600 professionals who have made their voices known: We are opposed to water fluoridation. As of July 2011, 3,744 professionals signed an official statement calling for an end to water fluoridation, according to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN). Water fluoridation has been common practice since the 1940s, based on the premise that Fluoride may strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay. Now, the non-profit organization FAN, seeks to "broaden public awareness about the toxicity of fluoride," and has garnered the attention and support of dentists, Miami doctors, and health care professionals nationwide....

UK - Daily Echo - Fluoride 'shows democracy is dead'

• Daily Echo, September 13.
Fluoride 'shows democracy is dead'
YOUR headline "Fluoride plans axed (but not for us)" (Daily Echo, September 13) says it all really. The North West Health Authority has realised that the escalating cost of fluoridating its water supply is not a viable proposition, but the local Strategic Health Authority has been given another year of tenure to implement its ill-founded proposal to go ahead with fluoridating our supply regardless of cost or local opinion.
The Coalition Government has reneged on its promise to let the people decide, and simply rolled over to let the SHA do as it wishes. Democracy is dead. It beggars belief.
M CLEMENTS, Southampton.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fluoride Action Network

Fluoride Can Cause Cancer, Studies Show
By Fluoride Action Network
Last modified: 2011-09-15T19:44:21Z
Published: Thursday, Sep. 15, 2011 - 12:44 pm

NEW YORK, Sept. 15, 2011
Many published human and animal studies have reported an association between fluoride and various cancers, including valid and unrefuted scientific evidence that fluoride can increase the risk of osteosarcoma (a type of bone cancer) in boys and young men, reports the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) in its recent submission to the California Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). (1)

Fluoride is commonly added to municipal water supplies and dental products with the intention of reducing tooth decay. However, current scientific evidence shows that swallowing fluoride does much more harm than good. ......

Thursday, September 15, 2011

UK Parliament House of Lords

Asked by Earl Baldwin of Bewdley

To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the Written Answers by Earl Howe on 30 June (WA 464) and 14 July (WA 203), whether the methods used by public health observatories to detect potential adverse effects of water fluoridation provide adequate assurance about more modest associations involving large population effects, given the difficulty in detecting the effects of water fluoridation suggested in the paper 'Adding fluoride to water supplies' by KK Cheng et al in the British Medical Journal on 6 October 2007.[HL11651]

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health (Earl Howe): Professor Cheng suggests that small relative risks are difficult to estimate reliably by epidemiological studies. This is one of the reasons why we are consulting on more specific measures for comparing the health of populations in fluoridated areas with those in areas where no fluoride is added to the water.

Asked by Earl Baldwin of Bewdley

To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the Written Answer by Earl Howe on 19 July (WA 266), whether (a) they also recognise the benefit of a multidisciplinary approach in updating the findings of the York (2000) and Australian (2007) systematic reviews and making them available to the public; and (b) the Cochrane Oral Health Group would be a suitable body to undertake this.[HL11653]

Earl Howe: Yes, we will be looking to involve a range of relevant disciplines in any new research projects that we commission and value highly the rigour that the Cochrane units bring to health services research.

NZ - The policy of putting fluoride in Waikato water is being reviewed.

DHB members seek fluoride policy review
5:30 AM Thursday Sep 15, 2011 Share30
The policy of putting fluoride in Waikato water is being reviewed.
A pro-fluoride policy of the Waikato District Health Board is to be reconsidered by some members who did not want to publicly endorse the DHB's stance.

A report into the policy was called for by board member Andrew Buckley who said there were no unequivocal statements of safety in favour of fluoridated water.

Together with board member Ewan Wilson, he has urged for a review of the policy which was agreed several years ago by a previous board.

The matter came up at the board's monthly meeting when chief executive Craig Climo said he intended to write to councils in the region because he believed at least three of them were reconsidering current fluoridation practices. That included Hamilton City Council, which has fluoridated its water supply since 1966....

Quotes Prof Connett's book.

Southampton City Council votes against fluoride

5:59pm Wednesday 14th September 2011

Southampton councillors have voted to oppose controversial plans to fluoridate to the city's water supplies.
By a majority of around 2-1, city councillors backed a motion opposing the addition of fluoride to tap water to fight tooth decay.
councillors agreed to use any future powers the authority may be given to prevent the implementation of a proposed fluoridation scheme by health chiefs.
Under the Government's proposed NHS reforms, councils are due to be handed powers over fluoridation schemes when strategic health authorities (SHA) are scrapped in 2013...............

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hampshire Against Fluoridation

Anti Fluoride Protest Guildhall Southampton

Protest was successful council rejects fluoridation.

UK - City Council pass vote to reject fluoridation.

Rachel's story.wmv

UK - Daily Echo letters and news item

LettersFluoride debate
TODAY councillors will be debating water fluoridation. Many now oppose the measure, but some remain in favour, and they undoubtedly represent many anti-fluoride constituents.
Fluoride through the tap is like poisoning the air, you cannot escape and you cannot help but breath it. Thus, under corporate protection, a pro fluoride councillor sanctions an act that would be illegal as an individual. Those who vote for fluoridation are signing up to the ideology of enforced mass medication through drinking water, and the profoundly unethical precedent it sets for potential delivery of other drugs besides fluoride.
Are councillors in favour of tap water as the compulsory delivery system for medicine? Fluoride enforcement is not benign. It is an assault on YOU as an individual and it deprives you of your absolute right to refuse medication.
Councillors have been fully informed of the risks and harms involved in compulsory fluoridation using Hexafluorosilicic Acid - a toxic industrial waste product that has no medicinal licence. It would not be unreasonable for voters to take legal action against them.

• WITH the SCSHA signalling their intent to continue their plans for forced medication of the population of Southampton, a very dangerous precedent is being set. If SCSHA get their way, we will lose the most basic human right of controlling what goes into our body.
Where could this dangerous path lead if unelected people who care nothing for people's choice are allowed to destroy our most fundamental human rights? I have had the opportunity to debate with the SCSHA on Radio the dangers of fluoridation and when I raised Dr Jennifer Luke's work which showed increased concentrations of fluoride in the Pineal gland in areas with water fluoridation. They had no answer other than saying it was safe, they have made no attempt to repeat or explore her research.
There is a huge body of evidence which shows fluoridation is dangerous which is why almost every other week I read of another city which has stopped fluoridation or is in the process of stopping it, eg. Calgary in Canada, Alaska in USA the list is too numerous to quote here.
What of the rights of religious groups or people with philosophical objections who believe it is against their belief system to be force medicated. Well the answer according to SCSHA is shut up and take your medicine.
Chairman Muslim Council of Southampton.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

UK - Oral Health Team Targets Children in fluoridated Barnsley

An oral health action team has been launched to try and reduce rates of decay amongst children in Barnsley.

The new team met for the first time to discuss measures to try and improve standards of oral health amongst children in the area and prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay is the most common preventable childhood illness and by simply spending a few minutes each day cleaning the teeth the risk of tooth decay is significantly reduced. This is the main message the oral health team is keen to spread.

Figures show that 58 percent of children under the age of 5 living in Barnsley have tooth decay, a proportion that is much higher than the national average, which currently stands at around 40 percent.

The oral health action team has been established to target children from deprived areas of Barnsley, with the aim to encourage parents and children to get involved in oral health and urge them to visit their dentist on a regular basis. The team will also be able to provide information for those who are not currently registered with a dentist and they will also take time to talk to children and parents about oral hygiene, oral health diseases and healthy eating.

Barnsley is fluoridated!

UK - Report - nearly half borough's five-year-olds have rotten teeth

Report - nearly half borough's five-year-olds have rotten teeth
By Adam CourtneySep 13 2011
Tooth decay among young children in the borough is at an 'unacceptable' level, according to a wide-ranging report on oral health.
Almost half (45 per cent) of the borough's five-year-olds were found to have rotting or decaying teeth, way higher than the London average of (33 per cent). Only two other London boroughs have a worse record.
Dental health issues are the main cause of admissions among children at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, costing the NHS more than £350,000 in 2010/11.
The figures came in a report by the newly-formed Children's Oral Health Task Group which has been set-up to tackle the issue.
According to the taskforce, poor dental hygiene is linked to deprivation and a lack of quality health provision and warns having bad teeth can affect a child for the rest of its life.
Nadeev Pooni, dental expert for the central London NHS Trust, said it's vital parents hammer home the importance of good hygiene early.
"When it comes to children's teeth, it's important to set good habits early, as studies have proved that tooth decay is relatively easy to prevent," she said. "Our aim is to raise awareness of the importance of dental care and the importance of starting good habits early."
The report makes a number of recommendations, including to the council to lobby for a public consultation on water fluoridisation. Studies have shown there is up to a 40 per cent reduction in cavities and decay in areas, such as Birmingham, where fluoride is added to the water system.There should also be targeted borough-wide awareness campaigns, distribution of dental health packs and the incorporation of mouth screening as part of mandatory overall health check, while shops should be discouraged from displaying sweets and other sugary products near check-outs.
The recommendations are expected to discussed by the council next month and will also be presented to the Primary Care Trust.

What studies?

USA - Hohenwald To Stop Adding Fluoride To City Water

Hohenwald To Stop Adding Fluoride To City Water
Posted on September 12, 2011
Another Middle Tennessee city is about to remove fluoride from the drinking water.
City leaders in Hohenwald made the decision Tuesday night, but they will have to notify customers in writing before making the change.
Beginning Nov. 10, the city will stop adding fluoride to the water.
Officials said they began looking into the matter after a resident brought up the issue.
Adding fluoride to tap water has become a hot-button topic in Middle Tennessee.
Even though the American Dental Association said it cuts down on cavities, many people aren't sold on the health benefits.
Last month, Spring Hill, TN, city leaders voted to stop adding fluoride to the town's water supply. Waynesboro and Lewisburg have also removed fluoride from their water supplies.............

NZ - Fluoridation debate attracts submissions

Fluoridation debate attracts submissions
MATT RILKOFF Last updated 05:00 13/09/2011
A near record of more than 400 submissions has been lodged with the New Plymouth District Council as it prepares to debate its water fluoridation scheme.

About 50 of the submitters will present further oral submissions at a two-day council tribunal this month.

Following the tribunal councillors will decide whether to continue the fluoridation of water supplies in New Plymouth, Waitara, Urenui and Onaero, begin fluoridating the Okato, Inglewood and Oakura supplies as well or drop the practice altogether....

Link between obesity and water fluoridation

This a comment of mine (my emboldening) in the Daily Mail Online (link to article below)

It really does seem to me that a link between obesity and water fluoridation is proven by these figures and needs to be exposed.

"Notice fluoridated Tamworth and Gateshead take the two top places and with fluoridated Nuneaton & Bedworth also in the top five. It's been known for a hundred years now that fluoride has this effect on the thyroid gland causing underactivity (hypothyrodism) which leads directly to weight gain. I don't doubt other factors contribute too - for instance our food is also laced with many vaccines, pesticides, chemicals and "increased shelf life" processes that make it barely processable in the body, although that's a different matter. But 60% of the top five towns heading the fat league are all fluoridated towns - whilst only 10% of the country is fluoridated. We also already know that the West Midlands - 70% fluoridated - is the most obese region in the country. Well - I just can't help but think it points fairly strongly to something they would rather we did not notice.

- Cllr Chris Cooke, Tamworth, UK, 11/9/2011 21:16"

Link to Daily Mail

UK - Daily Echo - If it costs too much to ad fluoride up north, why is it still being considered in Hampshire?

If it costs too much to add fluoride up north, why is it still being considered in Hampshire?
By Jon Reeve
ANTI-fluoride campaigners have demanded that health chiefs scrap plans to add the chemical to Hampshire tap water, after a similar scheme elsewhere in the country was abandoned.
Health bosses in the north west have admitted the costs of introducing fluoridation there have mushroomed.
Opponents of South Central Strategic Health Authority's moves to put fluoride in water delivered to nearly 200,000 people in parts of Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams have welcomed NHS North West's decision.
And with Southern Water admitting it still doesn't know exactly how the scheme will be implemented, campaigners argue the problems elsewhere show the Hampshire plans should also be axed.
Last week, health minister Anne Milton told ew Forest East MP Julian Lewis the Government has no idea what the Southampton scheme will cost beyond the original £471,000 estimate.
He said: "South Central SHA believes that it can convert a
Write to: Newsdesfc, Daily Echo, Newspaper House, Test Lane, Redbridge, Southampton 5016 9JX,
• E-mail newsdesk@dailyecho.co.uk. B Comment online at dailyecho.co.uk

Shortened version due to the Echo's copyright.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Southampton Meeting, Prof Connett

Yesterday's talk by Paul was a great success. There were well over 100 people in the audience with many new to the campaign. Paul was entertaining and informative (as always). he spent much of the time talking about sucesses where fluoridation has been stopped in North America and New Zealand. he also spoke about recent research findings and the need for public campaigns.

The more she eats, the more she wants

The more she eats, the more she wants
Published on 09/09/2011
Sugar is not an essential nutrient in the body — it is a harmful product. JOHN MUTURI shows you how to wean a baby off sugar
Sugar is so sweet and like most of us, babies find it
Weight gain
If the child’s calorie intake is higher than her energy needs, she will gain weight.
Obesity has serious long-term health effects such as diabetes and premature death.
Thankfully, your child can be weaned off sugar.
Studies show that if you give a child low amounts of sugar between the ages of two and four, when she grows up and is exposed to more sugar she tends not liking it.

• Offer only healthy snacks between meals — a biscuit with cream cheese and chopped fresh raw fruit.

Nova Scotia- Fluoride in the water supply

Saturday, September 10, 2011

UK - North West PCTs and NHSNW Water Fluoridation Update

6. Water Fluoridation Update
6.1 North West PCTs and NHSNW undertook a detailed assessment of the feasibility
and affordability of a water fluoridation scheme in the North West during 2008-2009.
The capital costs of a region-wide fluoridation scheme were estimated to be about
£200 million spent over a period of five or six years, with annual operating costs of
£5.78 million.
6.2 A briefing as part of the Chief Executive’s Report was given to the board in
September 2009. This was prompted by a judicial review of the decision by NHS
South Central to implement a new fluoridation scheme in Southampton and parts of
Hampshire. A decision was made not to undertake any further work on water
fluoridation schemes in the North West until the outcome of the judicial review were
known. In February 2011, the judicial review upheld the decision made by NHS
South Central, and the end of the legal process was confirmed in July 2011, hence
the need for NHS North West to clarify its position on this issue.
6.3 The Health and Social Care Bill sets out the intention that the responsibility for
initiating new schemes will move to local authorities. There are additional issues
which would act as significant barriers to NHS North West undertaking a consultation
exercise for a new scheme.
· It is unlikely that the current timescales for NHS service reorganization will permit
NHSNW to complete a consultation exercise.
· The costs of a consultation would be considerable and would fall to NHSNW.
· In transition it is unlikely that NHSNW would have the workforce capacity and
capability to support a high quality, authoritative consultation exercise.
· The capital costs of a large scheme in the North West are considerable and
would need to be agreed with the Department of Health.
· NHSNW has commissioned some work to identify costs of necessary
renewal\refurbishing the fluoride dosing plant of the current Cumbria schemes.
6.4 Recommendations
· NHS North West does not actively pursue a consultation on a new fluoridation
scheme in the North West prior to its abolition.
· All documentation on the feasibility assessment of a new scheme is handed over
formally to successor body\bodies.
· NHS North West should aim to negotiate an agreement with United Utilities for
renewal\refurbishing of the Cumbria plant which offers best value for money.

UK - Councillor's comment - Professor Sheldon work in this area is not held in high regard

Councillor Noon's reply to Anna's letter (below)

Thank you for your further email with regard to Fluoridation, but I do feel I have a moral duty to support Fluoridation on the grounds that: Fact: Over 97% of scientist and health professional say that the small amounts of fluoride that the Health service are proposing to use ARE NOT HARMFUL and pose no risk only massive dental health benefits to children and also dental health benefits to other sections of the community. Professor Sheldon work in this area is not held in high regard (like others that use bad science) by most of his peers. At least in your reply you do hint that that it will benefit children.

I enter politics some 40 years ago to improve the lives of others and society in general, therefore, believe I have a moral duty to support fluoridation and will be doing so.

With regards,
John Noon
Councillor for Bargate.

Dear Cllr Noon

Thank you for your reply. I wish to politely inform you that there is, in fact, no evidence to support your claim of a "massive improvement" in older people's dental health. Such claims prompted the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) to request that the PCT withdraw this claim from their advertising material and website. Professor Sheldon (the Chair of the York Review ) also cautions about such claims about children's dental health and water fluoridation. However, there is evidence (a Cochrane Review - the gold standard in terms of evidence) to support the use of fluoride varnishes on children's teeth which is a targeted and evidence-based intervention.

Anna Peckham

The Case Against Fluoride (7/7)

Friday, September 09, 2011

USA - Bolivar Unfiltered?


Lymington Times - Anti-fluoride campaign to mount petition protest as fight goes on

Anti-fluoride campaign to mount petition protest as fight goes on
A 6,000-name petition against fluoride being: added to Southampton's water supply, which will affect thousands of Totton residents, is to be handed to the city council next week. . The South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) gave its approval in 2010 for the chemical to be added to the city's supply after the city's primary care trust said it was needed to combat child tooth decay.
The plan affects 190,000 people around the city, including 8,000 Totton residents because of the layout of the pipes,.
A two-day legal challenge to the scheme was heard in the High Court earlier this year but a final appeal for a judicial review was rejected by the judge.
Campaign group Hampshire Against Fluoridation is still hoping to overturn the plans and has collected more than 6,000 signatures
asking the city council to reverse its initial vote in favour of the scheme.
Chairman Stephen Peckham said: "We will be presenting this to the'City council at its meeting on September, 14th.
"Before the meeting we will hold a demonstration in Guildhall Square [and] we want as many people as possible there at 1pm — please try and come and let your friends and neighbours know too.
"We need to show councillors that people are concerned about fluoridation and that they must listen to the public."
Supporters are also welcome at a public talk by Professor Paul Connett today (Saturday). Prof. Connett is director of the leading international anti-water fluoridation organisation, the Fluoride Action Network.
The talk and question session will take place at Solent University conference centre in Above Bar Street, Southampton, from 2.30pm.

UK - Councillors urged to make fluoride pledge

Councillors urged to make fluoride pledge
by Jon Reeve
COUNCILLORS in Southampton are being urged to vow to oppose controversial
plans to put fluoride in Hampshire tap water.
The city council will next week vote on calls to promise not to allow
fluoridation to go ahead when it takes over responsibility for such schemes
from unelected Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) when those bodies are
scrapped in 2013.
..... Hampshire Against Fluoridation's free meeting is open to all. It starts at
2.30pm in the Solent Conference Centre in the Sir James Matthews Building,
Above Bar, Southampton.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Councillor's reply to HAF's invitation to attend Prof Connett's meeting

Thank you for your email with regard to the campaign opposing Fluoridation and the invite to the meeting with Prof Paul Connett, unfortunately I do have a prior commitment on the 10th. I will be talking to residents in Bargate about many things including the massive benefits to children's and older peoples dental health Fluoridation will bring. Once again thank for the invite and sorry I am not able to attend.
With regards,

John Noon
Councillor for Bargate.

CancerTruth - Fluoride

USA - $1.6 Billion Dental Hygiene Market

$1.6 Billion Dental Hygiene Market Fueled by Teeth Whitening and Digital Cavity Detection Sales from Discus Dental, Ultradent, Kavo
Published: Wednesday, Sep. 7, 2011 - 4:59 am
VANCOUVER, Sept. 7, 2011 -- Professional Teeth Whitening Becoming Most-Popular Dental Treatment World-Wide
According to a new report series by iData Research (www.idataresearch.net), the leading global authority in dental market research, the U.S. Dental Hygiene and Oral Care market, which includes instruments and consumables used in the office setting, recovered from the economic recession in 2010 to reach over $1.6 billion. By 2017, the market will reach over $2 billion driven by the rapidly-growing digital caries/cavity detection, professional teeth whitening and fluoride varnish segments. In the U.S., dental caries/cavities affect more than 95% of the adult population...

Fluoridated USA

Daily Echo - The people will have their say...

The people will have their say...
IN reply to Name & Address Supplied 'Not a voting subject' (Letters, August 26), in calling for a referendum I was asking other people to decide whether I took the medicine or not.
Yes, you are right, a democratic decision and freedom of choice is preferred to having my hands tied and forced to have fluoride in my cup of tea.
The citizens of Southampton have been denied that right.
I am, however, more concerned with the damage fluoride poisoning may have on the lives and health of our children and people in years to come.
Thanks to our Echo Soapbox we have been given a chance. We have shouted from the rooftops, questioned democracy, denounced the SHA, subjected them to a judicial review and questioned their intelligence.
Finally, thanks to Dr Williamson (Letters, August 20), we learn they are unable to answer his simple questions.
MPs and David Cameron, although sympathetic when contacted by Dr Williams, said they were powerless to stop the SHA. Our Prime Minister then used his powerless-powers to move the goalposts, granting the SHA another year to complete their mission.
They then, no doubt, will be retiring with a large golden handshake.
'Let the people decide', said Mr Brown, 'Yes', said Mr Cameron.
A referendum is a cry for help. Rioting on the streets is not an option for our anti-fluoride brigade and those who wish to protect their children, yet a small peanut, thrown at a window of No 10 would have been far more effective than the 10,000 signature petition handed in at the door.
So much for the Big Society. Polling day? Yes, the people WILL decide.
A WILLOTT, Lordswood, Southampton.

Labour, Tory it makes no difference they are all for it or at least some malign force is.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

'The Great Culling' - Trailer for Documentary Film About Fluoride

Science is lacking for fluoridation argument; Letters

Science is lacking for fluoridation argument; Letters
Western Daily Press
September 6, 2011
Since the Director of Public Prosecutions appears to have put a spoke in the Prime Minister's wheel by insisting that all criminal acts are treated on the proverbial level playing field, he won't be able to avoid using his big stick on the British Dental Association. Described as a trade union for dentists, the BDA, using assumed power very much out of scale with its political status, is about to engage in ramming through a measure of compulsory medication in the forthcoming debate on the Health and Social Care Bill.

This Bill has been on the Government's books for some time and now, having achieved a documentary blockbuster of 450 pages, it is being given all of two days of debate. How things have changed since the Fox Hunting Bill.

The BDA wants to dominate the debate with its nanny state insistence that fluoridation - the practice of poisoning everyone's drinking water - is a safe, proven and effective way of treating juvenile dental decay.

Global evidence accumulated over the last half century utterly refutes this proposition. Fluoridation has been widely discredited on ethical, physical and mental platforms. It is a scam devised by people in high places in health administration interested only in cashing in on its financial incentives.

However, more recently it has come under scrutiny by the European Court of Justice. The ECJ has been instrumental in the rigorous interpretation of the new definitions of water: tap water, medicinal water and functional water, the latter being related with our range of soft drinks. Medicinal water can be any water product for which a medicinal benefit has been claimed, whether true or false. Medicinal value takes precedence over functional and on that basis alone, statefluoridated water must be subject to the same pharmacological testing as applies to all medicines whether retailed or prescribed. Since the fluoridating agent in current use is an unrefined, untested waste product of the fertiliser industry, it could not, short of outright fraud, pass such a test and in those parts of the country, notably the West Midlands, which have been fluoridated for the last 40 years, a legitimacy test of that intervention is long overdue. Notwithstanding the current legislative position, the British Dental Association expects to plough on unobstructed with manipulating this Bill to its own self-centred advantage. That particular advantage lies in the vast sums to be made from treating - but never curing - the socially repulsive condition known as dental fluorosis, which will affect a substantial proportion of the fluoridated population, especially the young. At £300 plus per tooth, repeatable every five years, the treatment can only be privately funded since the NHS, having promoted fluoridation, has defined fluorosis as "merely cosmetic" and declines to include it within its agenda of low cost or free-of-charge treatments. The slogan in the US which introduced fluoridation as a legalised chemical fly-tipping cop-out for the defence industry was "Fluoride gives poor kids rich kids' teeth." Nothing could be further from the truth. The poorest children in the most fluoridated cities of America have the worst teeth of all. Fluorosis cosmetic dentistry is utterly beyond their means.

Fluoridation is illegal and cannot sustain any insurance claim. Bernard J Seward Henleaze, Bristol

Hansard - Parliament Written Answers

Fluoride: Drinking Water
Dr Julian Lewis: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what (a) estimate his Department has made and (b) data it has on the probable cost of adding fluoride to the water supply in Southampton and Totton; and what account he will take of opposition by (i) the public and (ii) relevant local authorities when deciding whether to make Government funds available for this purpose. [68310]

Anne Milton: Under Section 87 of the Water Industry Act 1991 strategic health authorities (SHAs) are responsible for fluoridation. The only estimate of the cost of the Southampton scheme held by the Department is the figure of £471,000 included in the consultation document published by South Central SHA in September 2008. We understand that the SHA intends to fund implementation of the scheme from its capital allocation, which it may use at its discretion.

Dr Julian Lewis: To ask the Secretary of State for Health on what date he expects local authorities to take over responsibility for deciding if water supplies should be fluoridated; and whether this (a) could and (b) will be earlier than the delayed date for the abolition of strategic health authorities. [68311]

Anne Milton: Following the Government's acceptance of the recommendations of the NHS Future Forum, strategic health authorities will now continue in place up until April 2013. Subject to the passage of the Health and Social Care Bill 2011, which contains the necessary legislative changes, local authorities will become responsible for consultations on fluoridation schemes from April 2013.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The 'Vitamin Water' Deception

Malaysia - Rethink fluoride plan, Minister told

Rethink fluoride plan, Minister told
Published on: Tuesday, September 06, 2011
Kota Kinabalu: The Young Malaysians Movement (YMM) Sabah urged the Health Ministry to reconsider its plan to add fluoride to the water supply to address dental health problems in Sabah in view of the chemical's negative effect on health in the long-run.

Its Chairman, Deric Chiew, said the move does not resolve the problem and that the Ministry should consider tackling the issue through education and creating awareness among parents and children.

The YMM was not against the government's move to find a solution to the dental health problem among the children in Sabah, which had been listed top in the country.................

USA - Fluoride suppliers not co-operating

Fluoride suppliers not co-operating
Tuesday, September 6, 2011

By Kathryn Lucariello Carroll County News
EUREKA SPRINGS -- Carroll-Boone Water District's attempt to comply safely with the state's new mandate to fluoridate drinking water systems that serve 5,000 or more people could be affected by the lack of cooperation from fluoride suppliers........

Monday, September 05, 2011

UK - Daily Echo letter - Just how can they do this?

Just how can they do this?
HOW have we become so apathetic as to allow a group of private individuals to put what many believe to be a poison into our water supply?
It is my understanding that the public don't want it, the councils don't want it, therefore it must be a Government decision? If so do the Government not have a duty of care to its people? And if not then what about my human rights? The right to not have a toxic substance added to my water supply.
I have heard remarks that it is progress! Well I beg to differ it is certainly not progress rather an idealism of a world without child dental problems. As most of the children affected by dental problems do not drink water and have no dental hygiene habits anyway, it rather negates that statement. It is a well documented fact that this toxin builds up in the system slowly over a period of time. ,
If this is allowed to go ahead I foresee a future when people will not even make their retirement age, this toxin will kill them before they are able to enjoy the fruits of their labours.
I am extremely angry that this is being done despite the majority of people being strongly opposed to it. What happened to 'working for you'. The next MP who knocks my door and tells me they will do whatever it takes to stop this will get my vote. MOLLIE BENNETT, Bursledon

USA - Fluoridation Mandated Kentucky has staggering tooth decay rates

Al Smith: 'Smiling Schools' improving health
A new pilot program called Smiling Schools will provide preventive oral health services for 25,000 children in Appalachian Kentucky. The children will receive protective tooth varnish in a program funded through a $1 million grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission and $250,000 from the state General Fund. A child with a toothache, and there are thousands of them, is too distracted to learn, says Jane Beshear. The failure to master class lessons in early years is the beginning of failure to keep up in the work force in later life, she added.

Fluoridation Mandated Kentucky has staggering tooth decay rates. It’s clear they need dental care and not fluoride. But what’s solution – more fluoride – making more money for companies selling the fluoride varnish and more money to the dental professionals applying the stuff, having no evidence that children are fluoride-deficient.


Sunday, September 04, 2011

Hampshire Against Fluoridation

Thank you to everyone who has collected signatures. We now have over 6000. We will be presenting these to the City Council at their meeting on the 14th September. Before the meeting we will hold a demonstration in Guildhall Square. We want as many people as possible there at 1pm - please try and come and let your friends and neighbours know too. We need to show councillors that people are concerned about fluoridation and that they must listen to the public.
We are also delighted that Professor Paul Connett is visiting Southampton again to support our campaign. Professor Connett is director of the Fluoride Action Network the leading international anti-water fluoridation organisation. He is giving a public talk on Saturday 10th September at 2.30pm in the Solent University Conference Centre, Above Bar Street, Southampton (by Blackwells Bookshop). Please print and distribute the attached flyers. He will be telling us about campaign successes - recounting how many cities across North America have now stopped fluoridating their water supplies.

Please continue to support the local campaign. If you have not already done so, write to your City Councillor and find out how they intend to vote on water fluoridation at the Council meeting.

Stephen Peckham
Chairman, Hampshire Against Fluoridation

Focus on Seniors: Let's not forget the importance of iodine

....Some of the problems associated with iodine deficiency include chronic fatigue, weight gain, low metabolism, bone loss, increased cholesterol levels, fat retention, depression, hair loss, intolerance to cold, enlarged thyroid, exhaustion, poor sex drive and poor circulation.

Other things have changed since the '20s.

We've increased the amount of fluoride and chlorine in our water supplies. Both fluoride and chlorine are chemical antagonists to iodine. So we may need even more iodine now than we did then.

And if you have some concerns about increased levels of radiation in our environment because of the recent Japanese nuclear disaster, one of the products of nuclear fission is radioactive iodine. Your thyroid doesn't recognize the difference between a supplement of inorganic iodine and radioactive iodine.

So if you're iodine deficient, which many of us are, the thyroid will absorb what it can get. And radioactive iodine is not a healthy form of iodine........

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Dr. William Hirzy and EPA Union on Fluoridation

USA - Heroes for Health

Heroes for Health
An Interview with Patricia Bragg
by Shannon Nies
............VM: What do you look forward to in the future?
PB: The future is a challenge today in this world we live in. Politically, financially, we need to clean up people that shouldn’t be in government, people that are putting out products that are not healthy, shouldn’t be in business, like cigarettes and alcohol. I admire people that put out healthy products. I admire all the organic farmers in the world.
I look forward to the future where the world is healthy—physically, financially. That our water, our soil, our air is pure and clean. We should ban fluoride, pesticides, cigarettes, alcohol, and all the dangerous products that they’re putting in American foods today. I call them “embalming agents” because that’s what they do when they put a lot of these stabilizers in the foods. Just like the breads.
I’d like us to get back to Mother Nature. That miracle earthworm—she’s tilling the soil night and day, but when they put all those chemicals in the soil, they kill her. My roses are all organically grown. No chemicals, sprays, or fertilizers [are used] on the Bragg Organic Farm in Santa Barbara.................

Thursday, September 01, 2011

UK - URGENT from Cllr Liz Vaughan UKCAF.


The issue of water fluoridation included in the 'Health and Social Care Bill due to be debated in the House of Commons on Sept 6th and 7th as soon as Parliament returns hence the urgent nature of this email.We have studied this Bill very carefully and its implications for councils. Please circulate to your councillors and officials as soon as possible.

1 We are advising councils to seek a Judical Review about the incompatibility of fluoridation provisions in the Bill with European and English law on medicines, food and protection of human rights

2. The Bill will force councils to employ the NHS Directors of public health, who are all known advocates of fluoridation. These will be required to force councils to implement Government public health policies regardless of public opposition.

3. Fluoridation always causes substantial damage to children. Councils will be required to repay the cost of fluoridation projects to the Secretary of State from their own income, meaning that the public will be paying for the privilage of poisoning their children

4. We have checked with the head of local government insurance at Zurich and this cannot come under normal council insurance and would be seen as an uninsursable 'foreseeable risk'.
. .
We have contacted the LGA to ensure that councils are protected from excessive or unlawful government policies they need to consider urgently the implications of this Bill both for member councils and the wider public for whom they are responsible.

We have had a long and successful experience of working with councils on fluoridation issues What we think people should do besides protest to their local councillor and make sure their MP is very aware of their opinions and feelings before Tuesday Sept 6th.is to also ensure their local media are aware that this is happening next week. Doug has worked very hard reading the 460 pages of the Bill before working on his professional assessment which is attached to this email.

If you have a website please put all of this on your site so everyone is aware that the fluoride pushers and their trade union the BDA have managed to convince Government of the need to fluoridate.

Yours sincerely,
Cllr Liz Vaughan UKCAF.
Councils Re Health and Social Care SC Bill 2011

USA - Nashville suburb officially ends water fluoridation

Nashville suburb officially ends water fluoridation
Thursday, September 01, 2011 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
(NaturalNews) A few weeks ago NaturalNews reported that officials from Spring Hill, Tenn., a fast-growing suburb of Nashville, were considering ending the city's water fluoridation program. We are excited to report that, according to a recent report in The Tennessean, these same city leaders have officially and unanimously decided to stop fluoridating the city's public water supply beginning on November 1, a move that will save taxpayers more than $21,000 a year.

It all began when various individuals, including Spring Hill's water superintendent Caryl Giles, began questioning the city's Board of Mayor and Aldermen about the need to fluoridate water. This sparked Alderman Amy Wurth, along with several others, to help lead the charge in removing fluoride from Spring Hill's water supply, contending that because not everybody reacts the same way to its ingestion, forcing it on the entire population is wrong.

"I think we have to be responsible as parents and look at other options for fluoridation, but not put it in the water where it's not needed," said Alderman Keith Hudson, who supports Wurth and the others contentions that water fluoridation is outdated, expensive, and not even necessarily backed by sound science.

Reports indicate that fluoridation of Spring Hill's water will officially end on September 30, 2011, which is several months shy of officials' earlier estimates for its potential removal. Spring Hill's water department will also send out a public notice within 30 days of this date to its nearly 30,000 residents, notifying them of the change.

This historic move by a large metropolitan suburb to end water fluoridation is a significant one that could snowball into many other communities following its lead, particularly those in states like Tennessee that do not have statewide mandated fluoridation laws.

Fluoride: Safe And Effective?

Canadian video with some new information on the history of fluoridation.

USA - Prenatal periodontal care urged for babies' health

Prenatal periodontal care urged for babies' health
By Amy Karon of the Journal Sentinel
Aug. 30, 2011
When Michelle Hamberlin learned she was pregnant in April, it gave her one more reason to seek treatment for a broken, abscessed tooth and swollen gum.
Dental infections during pregnancy can pose a risk to both mother and baby, experts say.But for Hamberlin, 21, deciding to see a dentist was one thing.
Finding one was another.
"I called everyone listed in the book," said Hamberlin, one of more than 4,700 pregnant women in Milwaukee County in July eligible for dental coverage through BadgerCare Plus, the state's Medicaid program for pregnant women and families.
"They had a three-month waiting list, or their numbers were disconnected, or they said they weren't taking my insurance."............

In Milwaukee where the water is fluoridated:NYSCOF

USA - Ending Water Fluoridation: One We Can Win

Posted by Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall at 12:01 pm
August 31, 2011 At present the residents of New Plymouth (population 55,000) are embroiled in a battle to end water fluoridation. A group of about 90 of us have been organizing since April. You can visit our Facebook page Fluoride-free Taranaki at http://www.facebook.com/groups/207748655919333/ - you can even join to follow our progress. The site is updated every time a local citizens group pressures their city or town to end fluoridation. Ninety-eight percent of Europe and 60 US cities have banned water fluoridation.

It’s an ideal cause to promote community involvement, as well as providing positive experience in movement building – the chances of success are so high. If you’re still drinking fluoridated tap water, I can guarantee there’s a group in your area fighting it. To reach them contact the Fluoride Action Network at http://www.fluoridealert.org/

I have spent most of August working on my (40 page) submission to New Plymouth District Council. The following is the introduction to my submission:..........