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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, March 31, 2011

UK - Totton Town Council Moves Against Fluoride Plans

Totton Town Council Moves Against Fluoride Plans
Thursday, March 31, 2011, 11:05a.m. - • News
Posted by Administrator
Totton & Eling Town Council has struck a double blow to defend the town against fluoridated tap water.

By a large majority, at a meeting of the full Town Council last night, members supported a proposal that the council no longer recognise the South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) and that they mount a legal challenge on the basis that fluoride, when added to tap water, should be classed as a medicine and therefore subject to regulation and rules of consent.

The proposals were put forward by Town, District and County Councillor David Harrison, a long-term campaigner against the plans. He said “ The first part of the proposal is a slap in the face of the SHA, a token gesture to make them realise that the council holds them in contempt for the manner in which they have behaved, tryng to impose this upon the population without consent. The legal challenge may involve other councils. We seek to demonstrate, with a legal ruling, that adding fluoride to tap water to treat a disease is indeed medicating. With the SHA set to be abolished within 12 months, we are hoping that this will be enough to see off the threat of water fluoridation”.

Canada - Couple could face jail time; pet with new family

Maple Ridge dog’s dental woes net animal cruelty charges
Couple could face jail time; pet with new family
Pudding, a black terrier, had to have 14 of its teeth pulled after dental problems went untreated.Photograph by: Submitted, SPCAA Maple Ridge couple is facing animal cruelty charges after their dog’s untreated dental problems got so bad its teeth were rotting and 14 teeth had to be pulled....

Yet parents never get fined or gaoled for allowing their children to suffer.

UK - Daily Echo - Letters

Your fluoride views
I WOULD like to comment on the front page of the Echo, dated March 23, headlined "Fluoride will go ahead". So the SHA seem determined to put this toxic waste into our water supply before they go in 2012.
I phoned the SHA and told them that you don't need to fluoridate our water now because, on the other page of the Echo, it said that 14,000 new NHS dentist places were now available around the Southampton area, so we will have enough dental care.
There was a very long pause on the phone and all the reply I got was "Oh, I haven't seen that report yet". Also, the question I would like to have answered is who will take responsibility for this fluoride if we get overdosed with it? If it does go in, that is.
Somebody has got to take full responsibility for this and the SHA won't be around to do that. How convenient. Also, I phoned the water company to ask questions, but they just said that I had to phone the health authorities. But I wanted to speak to someone at the water company; after all, I am their paying customer, but they would not talk to me. They have been given orders that all queries go to the health authorities.
Why? Are. they so governed by those people. I still don't see why the water companies can't say no as they are the ones who have the responsibility for keeping our water safe for us to drink, so they will not be doing their job. The water company is stall a private company so why not say no? Also, why are they keeping so quiet about all this. They have admitted only one response and that is that they don't want it really, so, again, why don't they stand with the people and refuse this stupid proposal.
We are their paying customers and many people don't want to pay for added fluoride. The water company should be listening to us as the SHA never has. We pay the company to keep our water pure. That is what we all request.
Address supplied.

In my view
Amanda Roussos
complementary therapist from Whitenap near Romsey
Chemistry isn't right
I FIND the whole fluoride issue very scary on a number of levels, but mainly because it seems to me it is a simple choice. If the individual wants to fluoridate their water, that is up to them. It doesn't have to be done on a mass level.
We have been asked our opinion and made it clear we are against it. For any authority to go against that opinion is the action of a police state and, unfortunately, we are seeing this attitude increasingly from government.
The idea of a mass experiment on a random sector of the general public smacks of a war crime in peace time, especially in view of the fact that fluoride is poisonous.
Who are these people and how did they get into positions of authority? It is a non-starter, so what is going on?
It is difficult to find toothpaste without fluoride as it is. This being the case, if our dental health hasn't improved with the used of fluoridated toothpaste, why would it do so if it was put in the water?
It is generally accepted that most people in hospital die as a result of the effects of their medication rather than their health problem itself; do we not have the right to choose any more?
The Government wants us to take more responsibility for ourselves but keeps taking away our freedom of choice. Surely it is the responsibility of each individual to look after their teeth in the manner they see fit and if the food industry started to put fresh wholesome food on the supermarket shelves, grown and nurtured and presented for consumption in the way nature intended, maybe our teeth wouldn't be in the state they are. The common factor coming from this is the word "chemical". What a surprise!
The bottom line is that the Government is giving permission for the water companies to poison us, in the full knowledge of what they are doing, and then saying we can't sue.
Does the Government represent the people or the chemical companies, and who has power over whom?
The whole situation is so farcical, and illogical, that someone somewhere has to be making vast amounts of money or have ulterior motives.
We are at the top of a very slippery downward slope and I would like to see government start taking full responsibility for their actions.
I also find it interesting that the latest CAP rulings and the way they are being followed through, are equally illogical and also allegedly being done for the protection of the public and similarly have a link back to Pharmaceuticals. It is just a thought or am I not allowed to think anymore?
Who is kidding whom? There is something very wrong here.

I would like to know what authority the SHA have in contaminating my water supply, I purchase my water from the water board, uncontaminated.
I pay for it, not the SHA. Is it legal for them to be allowed to interfere with something which I have purchased without my permission?
What would they do if they went out for a meal and when it was served they found that it had been covered with a sauce which they didn't want? Would they pay for it? Of course not. If the SHA want to contaminate my drinking water then they should pay my water bill. BOB GRANT, Address supplied.
• I READ with dismay the disturbing and thought provoking letters from A wills and Mrs Henderson (Soapbox - Fluoride March 24), about tooth veneers and fluoridated water in catering establishment respectively. I wonder if someone could tell me whether the White Swan in Mansbridge will be affected by fluoridation it it goes ahead? If so, I shall not be going there in the future. I feel very disappointed at the thought as my family have enjoyed many happy times there over many years. Through no fault of their own, they will have lost our custom. I do hope the MP reads this letter. NAME & ADDRESS SUPPLIED

• REFERENCE fluoridation - what does SHA expect children to do just because the water is fluoridated if they do not drink water now?
Are they going to stop drinking soft drinks and religiously clean their teeth just because you fluoridate our water. I don't think so, which defeats the object of fluoridation.
M LAST, Southampampton

This next letter from Mr "Maldents" was printed so to be fair here it is even if his arguments are not.
« I WOULD like to add my voice to those opposing the introduction of fluoride to our water.
Seventy-two per cent of the one per cent who responded to the SHA consultation were against this so this means everybody is against it. If fluoride is heavily diluted in water it becomes as toxic as lead, but I will continue to use concentrated fluoride in toothpaste as I always avoid swallowing any toothpaste as it is harmless. In fact, instead of adding fluoride to the water supply to poison our children, we should encourage them to use it in concentrated form by brushing their teeth more often. The British Dental Association is in favour of adding fluoride to our water supply, but I have decided not to listen to them as I saw an obscure website on the internet which said it was dangerous. The vocal public demonstrations led by non-dentists and uninformed scaremongering members of the public are what we should be listening to.
The USA has had fluoride for many decades and, as we all know, thousands there die every year from fluoride poisoning. Furthermore, fluoride contains long-name-scary-sounding-oxide, so it must be dangerous. Fluoride is a chemical by-product and as this also sounds a bit scary, it makes me want to oppose it. We must all join together to stop this as fluoride is a bigger menace than Nick Clegg, nuclear weapons and Simon Cowell combined. MR D MALDENTS, Southampton.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fluoride Calcifies Your Pineal Gland

UK - Daily Echo - The SHA have no mandate to push ahead

SHA has callously disregarded wishes of the people ...
The SHA have no mandate to push ahead THE STRATEGIC Health Authority (SHA) has callously disregarded the wishes of the people. Virtually every elected body and MP representing 200,000 people condemn having fluoride added to the tap water.
They know that the law has been badly framed, evidenced by MPs and even Prime Ministers who have stated publicly that it is an issue that local people should decide upon. They have done so... by a 72 per cent majority against. The SHA won't exist beyond 12 months. Are they really serious?
In its dying moments, do they want to spend yet more public money trying to force through something that is so clearly not wanted?
I shall be doing everything I can to stop them,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dr. Cathie Lippman, MD: Remove Home-Based Poisons For Better Health

Canada - Biting reply

Biting reply
By Jack Locke, Calgary Herald March 25, 2011 Re: "Unafraid," Letter, March 2.
Dentist Bob Ronaghan has a large cavity in his argument in support of water fluoridation.
It is nice to see that Ronaghan knows all of the impacts on all of the people who have drunk fluoridated water over the last 60 years. With that all-knowing power, council ought to make Ronaghan mayor. It is precisely that arrogance to know everything that scares me.
Also, Ronaghan's assertion that anti-fluoridation experts use scare tactics must be said in jest. Ronaghan himself uses the old fear tactic that dentists will have to fix the situation with "upsetting and needless dental procedures." Maybe dentists ought to stop charging for needless dental procedures.

Jack Locke, Montreal
Jack Locke challenged Calgary's fluoridation in court in 1993.

USA - Are we rotting our bodies and minds

Are we rotting our bodies and minds with oversized portions of junk food and poisoned drinks? It would appear so, since U.S. students rank 49th internationally in ability to perform advanced math (The Atlantic, 12/2010).

Does anybody read the FDA-mandated warning on their fluoridated toothpaste? (In case of ingestion, call poison control.) Apparently it is not OK to swallow fluoride in toothpaste, but it is OK to put it in the water, including bottled water. This insanity has persisted for over 60 years because a bunch of special interests have their egos and reputations invested in this criminal policy i.e., medicating without consent in violation of the Nuremberg Code, which the USA helped write. FYI: most countries in the world do not put rat poison in their water.

For the history buffs, lead in the wine was a factor in the fall of the Roman Empire. It seems to me that toxic garbage masquerading as food and poisons in the water are contributing to the deterioration in the health of U.S. residents.

Jane E. Bardon

Sackets Harbor

Saturday, March 26, 2011

USA - For Babies, Fluoride is Nothing to Smile About

Friday, March 25, 2011
Dentists Protect Fluoride Instead of Babies
For Babies, Fluoride is Nothing to Smile About

..........Dentists prefer to treat the water of low-income people rather than their teeth. 80% of dentists refuse Medicaid patients. 100 million Americans don’t have dental insurance. US children have died from the consequences of untreated tooth decay and the inability to find a dentist willing to treat them. Our emergency rooms are flood with people in dental pain costing the tax payers thousands of dollars which an $80 filling could have prevented.
Dentists need to be mandated to treat more low income people – either for free, on a sliding scale or accept government sponsored insurance. If not, they need to step aside and allow Dental Therapists to do the job. We know dentist love mandates because they are behind virtually every fluoridation mandate in this country.

USA - Funny Turnabout on Fluoridation

Funny Turnabout on Fluoridation
By Phyllis Schlafly
Our government first began urging cities to add fluoride to their municipal water systems in the 1950s. That was highly controversial. Groups of people, much like the Tea Parties of today, organized, wrote letters against this practice, claiming that fluoride is a poisonous substance, and in any event was government interference with what we put into our mouths. The people who objected were vilified, called nasty names such as extremists and conspiracy-fanatics. Nevertheless, federal health officials assured us that fluoridation was completely safe and would protect our teeth, especially of our children. Government power overrode all the protests; fluoridation went right ahead, and those who objected were silenced.

Now, it’s a half century later, and I was stunned to read in the press about a remarkable turnabout by federal health officials who have made a new review of the science. They say that many Americans are now getting too much fluoride not only in drinking water but also in toothpaste, and this is causing splotches on children’s teeth and even more serious problems. A government study now says that 2 out of 5 adolescents have streaking or spottiness on their teeth because they are getting too much fluoride and in extreme cases, teeth can be pitted. The Centers for Disease Control reports that the splotchy tooth condition, which is called fluorosis, is unexpectedly common in youngsters age 12 through 15. The Environment Protection Agency now says that prolonged and high intake of fluoride can increase the risk of brittle bones, fractures and crippling bone abnormalities. The Department of Health and Human Services just announced plans to lower the recommended level of fluoride in drinking water.

Fifty years ago, anybody who was against fluoridation was considered crazy. Yet today, dental and medical groups applauded the announcement. Anybody who fought the fluoridation battle in the 1950s can now feel vindicated by new research.

Daily Echo - letters

Not a penny until Southern Water writes
AS a customer of Southern Water I am surprised that they have not contacted their customers direct to inform them of a possible change to the product they supply. Unless I can be assured by
Southern Water that the fresh water they supply stays that way, I shall not be furnishing them with the upfront, annual payment that is due on April 1. KEN EVERETT, Southampton.

Fluorosis is more than just 'cosmetic'
FOLLOWING the discovery that the Strategic Health Authority (SHA) do indeed plan to implement fluoridation, this is clearly outrageous, against the will of those affected and therefore deeply
immoral and against all the principles of medical ethics.
• It is a waste of scarce money. The politicians must deliver on their promises to stop the SHA, firstly by denying them funding from the Department of Health(DH). The DH did promise to subsidise the implementation of water fluoridation back in 2008, but that budget was only available for three years and runs out on March 31. It must not be renewed.
• Fluoridation causes more damage to teeth
from dental fluorosis than even the more optimistic predictions of reduction in cavities. The health services must recognise dental fluorosis as much more than cosmetic damage and pay the thousands of pounds per person for treatment to deal with dental fluorosis. They must also recompense people for the health damage caused.
• It is outrageous for the letter from the SHA to talk about the "hundreds of children per year" needing "general anaesthetic for the extraction of diseased teeth" as if this has anything to do with fluoridation at all. It does not. The vast majority of extractions are due to "bottle caries" and gum disease, neither of which is improved by fluoridation at all.
Who is going to stop this illogial, unethical and deeply anti-democratic SHA?
JOHN SPOTTISWOODE, Southampton, South West Hampshire

Why do these people want to poison us?
I AM certainly against putting fluoride in drinking water. It is said to be a dangerous product.
Unless there is a money backhander what are these SHA people thinking about. They are trying to poison people.
Children have been around for years, I was born in the 40's.
I was made to clean my teeth twice a day by my parents. I know (due to bureaucracy) parents are not allowed to dictate to their children these days, but surely they can tell them to clean their teeth. Most toothpastes have extra tooth decaying products in them.
We frown on people who inject drugs into themselves but an organisation feeding a poison into people appears to be acceptable.
It will also save government money by not having to pay dentist wages.

Fluoride does more good than harm
IT'S a fact that fluoride protects teeth from decay. It has been known for many years children's teeth are much healthier in areas where the water is fluoridated.
Why these anti-fluoride campaigners persist in attempting to ban fluoridation beats me. They're like a dog with a bone. They have no case. There is not a shred of evidence that says it is harmful. These anti-fluoride campaigners are unable to produce any proven evidence of harm caused by fluoridation
In response to a letter I sent to the Echo back in 2009 received a letter and an American CD video from an anti-fluoridation campaigner which attempted to make a case against fluoridation using fear techniques, which is a well known method used especially in America and many other countries, when you don't have a case and want to win. The CD video based its fear argument by stating that practically every medical condition known to man is caused by fluoridation.
There was no statement or argument whatsoever in favour of fluoridation. It used dubious names of so-called experts who furthered the fear of fluoride to the masses, never mind the improvement of fluoride to the health of our teeth.
Dental charges are high enough without making things worse by banning fluoride.
It's been decided to fluoridate our water for our benefit, yes, for our benefit.
Let's close the case.

Why would we give a statement for fluoridation - the dumping of a concrete eating poisonous waste in our water? No doubt you received Professor Connett's DVD a toxicologist and yet you dismiss everything as rubbish. Oh well shame you don't have to drink it if they do succeed in putting it in.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sodium Fluoride is Toxic - Alex Jones

USA - Hazmat crews respond to chemical spill at Rock Island water treatment plant

ROCK ISLAND— It was just before one o'clock Thursday afternoon when hazmat crews were called to the Rock Island water treatment plant for a chemical spill coming from a tanker truck.
"It's a corrosive agent that the water treatment plant uses, overflow caused spillage out of the building onto driveway behind me" said Rock Island assistant fire chief Jeff Yerkey.
As plant employees evactuated, crews began suiting up, working quickly to stop the leak that had begun eating through concrete.
"They stopped the leak using some earthen berms, dirt, sand and commercial boom equipment. We had it pretty much contained to this facility within a short amount of time" said Yerkey.
The chemical, Hydrofluorosilicic acid is used to add fluoride to the plants water. Although it poses a burn risk to skin, those living nearby were in no immediate danger.
"There's no inhalation hazard at all so no need for us to evacuate the residences."
After several hours crews were able to clean up the leak, allowing operations to return to normal.
"Had to close off area but as far as treatment of water and amount being used by the public, no effect on it at all" said Yerkey.
No word on how much of the chemical actually spilled

Is America Headed Toward Revolution?

The Fluoridation of America
The country is being drugged against its will, with Fluoride being put into the water supply. Fluoride is the main active ingredient to many anti-psychotic drugs in its purest medicinal form.

Public drinking water doesn’t get medicinal Fluoride however; our public water supply gets the left over chemical waste from the nitrate and phosphorous industry. Even the most informed pushers of the Fluoride agenda claim that Fluoride only works on teeth topically. So why are Americans forced to drink it?

Personally I wouldn’t drink my sunscreen to avoid sunburn, so why are we drinking Fluoride?

Daily Echo - Fluoride: By gum it's complicated

Fluoride: By gum it's complicated
NEWS that health bosses are determined to go ahead with plans to add fluoride to the Southampton city regional water supply should not surprise us one drop.
The fact the South West Strategic Health Authority (SHA) has already fought and won one highly expensive legal battle at tax-payers' expense to stay on course with their controversial scheme is a good indicator that they mean business.
Only an appeal against the rejected private judicial review brought by local
mum Gerri Milner stands between the health authority and its highly unpopular plans to add the controversial chemical to tap water.
This week the Daily Echo reported that in an answer to Hampshire County Council it confirmed it was still making plans in readiness for the switch-on despite the fact the SHA itself will he abolished within the next 12 months. The admission was greeted with dismay from protesters and local politicians in Southampton and the wider county. But no one will surely have been surprised by the fact
An authority that has gone this far with its scheme is unlikely to do an
about-turn now, even if its dogged stance in the face of howling opposition is seen more as stubbornness if not fanaticism than a principled stand. The final outcome of the saga is difficult to call. The legal appeal may yet delay the introduction of fluoride long enough for the SHA to ride into oblivion. The appeal may well be upheld, in which the project is dead in the still untainted waters.
But what if the chemical is added shortly before the SHA is abolished?
With power passing into the hands of local authorities for such matters, and with Southampton City Council's Tory leadership now openly against the
scheme without a full public referendum (which will be lost), can't they just simply switch off the fluoride once they get their hands on the taps?
The answer is not a simple 'yes or no'. The exact detail of any new powers given to local authorities has yet to be decided by Parliament. And in a throwaway line the council's deputy leader Councillor Jeremy Moulton yesterday admitted that it "would not be very sensible" if the chemical was introduced at great expense and then had to be switched off at further great expense. For a seasoned council-watcher like myself I read that as a 'definite maybe', and 'we certainly want a referendum vote from the public to spend the cash'.
If the SHA does win the immediate race then we can look forward to several months, maybe as much as a year's worth of fluoridated water being pumped through the region's taps. The time to invest in shares in bottle water companies is rapidly approaching.

UK - Lymington Times -NHS 'bound' to continue on fluoridation, says chief

NHS 'bound' to continue on fluoridation, says chief
THE NHS chief in charge of adding fluoride to the drinking water of 8,000 Totton residents has signalled the scheme will press ahead after a High Court bid failed to stop it.
The South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) gave approval last year to add the controversial chemical to 190,000 people's supply around Southampton, which was put on hold until the judicial review in February.
Officially, the SHA said its board believed fluoride was safe and it was "considering its next steps" — but a letter from its chief executive, Andrea Young, to county councillors showed detailed planning was starting.
She wrote to Hampshire's health overview and scrutiny committee: "Our view is that this scheme has been consulted on in accordance with the current legislation and that we are bound to follow through on the results."
She said the SHA would be working on a plan and costs with Southern Water, and added: "The dental health of children in the Southampton area remains poor as it had been previously.
"Hundreds of children a year still require a general anaesthetic for the extraction of diseased teeth and we believe that there is still a need for water fluoridation."
The scheme was proposed by Southampton Primary Care Trust in 2009 but opponents resent "forced medication" and have lodged an
appeal against their loss in the High Court.
Last year opponents gathered a 15,000-name petition against fluoride and during consultation 72% of responses objected; although a Mori poll for the SHA showed only 38% against.
The chairman of Hampshire Against Fluoridation, Stephen Peckham, said: "I think the letter restates what the SHA's position has been all along—that come what may they will go ahead with this.
"It's a public health initiative that
is of dubious benefit and the arguments are extremely weak and it causes harm. If water fluoridation goes, in, we will get fluorosis and some children's teeth will be damaged — we know this.
"I think big questions about both the economic costs and feasibility of the scheme remain unanswered."
The SHA's next meeting will be on March 31st where the board is expected to discuss the outcome of the High Court case and its next move.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

UK - Daily Echo - We'd throw out fluoridation with the SHA

HEALTH chiefs are wasting time and money pressing ahead with plans to fluoridate water supplies - because council bosses would be able to simply switch it off again once they are handed public health powers, it was claimed last night.
South Central Strategic Health Authority has insisted it wants to go ahead with the scheme to add the chemical to tap water, saying it is needed to improve poor dental health in Southampton.
There are just months left before strategic health authorities are axed and their powers over public health are handed over to elected councillors.
The law is not yet in place, as the Health and Social Care Bill 2010-11, which includes the proposal to axe SHAs, is currently at the committee stage in Parliament. A Department of Health spokeswoman said the details would only be thrashed out once the bill has passed. She added that no decision has been made on how that secondary legislation process will be completed and whether councils will be given the chance to have their say in how their powers are shaped. But if the law
remains the same, even if the SHA is successful in getting fluoride into the water supply before it is scrapped, campaigners claim council bosses would be able to simply stop buying the chemical once they are in charge.
Hampshire Against Fluoridation chairman Stephen Peckham said: "It could be done simply, subject to their will to do it.
"If they don't think it is cost effective, they could cease water fluoridation, based on the law as it stands."
"Even if they have to go to consultation, if the law stays the same that consultation
would surely mean they just have to stand outside the Civic Centre and ask someone what they think and that would be enough."
Southampton's deputy leader Jeremy Moulton said last night the council is "looking into" its legal position before any decision on how to proceed can be made.
He said: "If they put it in at considerable expense and then the council takes it out again at great expense that would not be very sensible.
"I would be making the case to the SHA that it would be crazy to make the decision and have it reversed.

UK - Daily Echo - letters

Click to enlarge.

Uk - Daily Echo - In my view

Fight against fluoride will not go away
David Harrison
I attended a packed meeting organised by the campaign group “Hampshire Against Fluoride” in Southampton today.

From the constant stream of letters on the subject to The Daily Echo and attendance at these public meetings it is clear that the campaign to stop mass medication of our drinking water is not going to go away. I was particularly impressed that there were more people present from my home town of Totton than attended our Annual Town Council meeting in the week. A lot of people are very strongly motivated to fight these plans.

The body trying to impose this upon an unwilling population, the Strategic Health Authority, is due to be abolished within a year. It remains to be seen whether they will cotinue to press ahead, especially as any future decision making powers are likely to rest with local authorities who are against the plans or, in the case of Southampton City Council, won't go ahead without consent via a referendum.

The meeting heard from a dentist who is very strongly opposed to adding fluoride to the the tap water. He raised some interesting points that deserve consideration by a wider audience. The British Dentist Association, who support the plans, are sponsored by Colgate, producers of toothpaste with fluoride added to the product.

Fluoride is certainly a poisonous substance. It sits between Arsenic and Lead in terms of how toxic it is. The fact that it occurs naturally in some water does not in any way reduce the hazard. For example, in Bangladesh, arsenic occurs naturally in water and needs to be removed for public health reasons. Worryingly, it appears about 50% of fluoride we ingest is absorbed into the body and the dentist believes it impacts on the ability of the body to fight cancer.

A great many people attending the meeting could not understand how MP's have managed to frame the law in such a way as to leave the decision about putting fluoride in tap water with an unelected quango. They also felt that fluoride should be treated as a medicine, not simply an additive. It's planned to add it to the water to treat a disease, why then isn't it classed as a medicine and subject to all the usual licensing regulation and rules of consent?

Between 10% and 15% of the population have no teeth and use dentures. There is no benefit to them whatsoever from adding fluoride to tap water, why then should they be forced to accept risks to their health?

Adding fluoride to tap water also means there is no way of regulating exactly how much dosage of this industrial waste product each individual will get. There was huge suspicion, both about the true motivations of the industrialists keen to sell this material and complete bypassing of the democratic and regulatory systems.

If Southampton is seen is seen as a test area for fluoride, it's clear to me that the public won't swallow it!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Feds say too much fluoride in drinking water

UK Daily Echo - It's pure arrogance.

It's pure arrogance.
By Jon Reeve and Matt Smith
HEALTH bosses were last night accused of arrogance after revealing they are ploughing ahead with controversial plans to add fluoride to water supplies.
South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) wants to bring in the scheme that will affect 200,000 people in Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams as soon as possible even though it is still subject to a legal appeal.
Campaigners and politicians last night said they were outraged at the unelected body's move, which comes just a year before it is due to be scrapped by the Government and powers over fluoridation are passed to local councils.
The decision to press ahead with fluoridation emerged in a letter from SHA chief executive Andrea Young to Hampshire County Council. She wrote that the authority "will put a project in place that will specify the stages required in the next few months," including work with Southern Water to discover how much the scheme will cost.
Ms Young said the SHA still believes fluoridation is needed because "the dental health of children in the Southampton area remains as poor. She went on: "Our view is that this scheme has been consulted on in accordance with the current legislation and that we are bound to follow through on the results."
Hampshire Against Fluoridation chairman Stephen Peckham said there was absolutely no justification for fluoridation to go ahead.
He said Southampton's dental health figures were no longer below national average, adding: "If they go ahead now it's absolutely appalling. Any justification they had has gone, all the councils, the MPs and the majority of local people are against it and they're acting in defiance."
Southampton mum Gerri Milner last month lost her judicial review case arguing the SHA should not have ignored public opinion in making its decision to go ahead with the plans. But she has appealed against the High Court judge's decision not to allow her legal challenge that the authority board members failed to properly consider all the evidence. That appeal has not yet been heard.
When the judicial review decision was made the SHA said it would consider its next steps, but consistently refused to answer any further questions.
Southampton City Council leader Royston Smith said: "It is perverse for a quango in its death throes to be carrying out anything as controversial and significant as adding fluoride to our water when it has caused so much controversy and opposition."
He slammed the secret planning which had prompted his deputy Jeremy Moulton to pen a letter this week demanding to know what was happening.
Cllr Moulton, who was last night waiting for a response, accused authority chiefs of being "extremely arrogant and undemocratic". "We are furious they did not tell us about this directly, that we had to hear about it second hand and it had to be dragged out of them," he said.
He vowed: "We will object in the strongest possible terms. We will do everything we can to get them to change their position."
Cllr Pat West, chairman of the county council's health scrutiny committee, said everyone at the authority would be "very disappointed" by the SHA's decision, adding: "I would really like clarification over how and when it is going to be done. They've made a stand and they've stuck to it, but they don't seem to have listened to the other aspects that people want to have the choice."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

USA - NC Teachers Taking a Bite Out of Dental Decay

NC Teachers Taking a Bite Out of Dental Decay
RALEIGH, N.C. - Tartar build-up on a child's teeth can break down his or her ability to find success in the classroom, according to educators. Thirty-seven-percent of children entering kindergarten in North Carolina have already experienced tooth decay, and half of them have continuing tooth decay problems.

It's a reality Tarheel teachers witness daily, and it's prompting them to put down their chalk and take action, according to Kristy Moore, president of the Durham Association of Educators............

In 88% fluoridated NC - NYSCOF

Water in Delhi found on toxic high on World Water Day 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011
Water in Delhi found on toxic high on World Water Day 2011
....The rest of the Capital was consuming water laced with fluoride, which is present mostly in chemical waste emitted by factories. The samples also contained other harmful contaminants such as lead, arsenic and cadmium. Besides, 38 samples showed the presence of faecal bacteria, 10 others had high amounts of pesticides....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hampshire Against Fluoridation Part 4

Hampshire Against Fluoridation Part 3

UK - Daily Echo Comment

Fluoride: Another fundamental twist
IT is a strange state of affairs. The weekend saw a public meeting called by those objecting to proposals to add fluoride to Southampton's water supply which launched a petition demanding the city council takes action.
If the petition manages to obtain the signatures of a one per cent of the city's population - some 2,367 people - then the council will be forced to hold a 15-minute debate on the subject.
At this debate objectors would be allowed to present their case in the hope of obtaining a firm commitment from the council to block the fluoride plan.
However, attending this weekend's meeting was the council's deputy leader Jeremy Moulton, who gave assurances that the council would indeed block the introduction of the chemical if the Strategic Health Authority (SHA) had ceased to exist before implementing the scheme.
With power over the proposals passing to the city council when the SHA is abolished, this would seem to be a fairly watertight pledge to shut the project down before it gets started.
The question, however, is what will anyone be able to do if the scheme has begun before the SHA fades into history?
Will the city council be able to pull the plug then, and at what cost?
Once started, can the fluoride taps be turned off? So far this remains unclear, but what is crystal is that this whole debate is set to take yet another fundamental twist.

UK - Daily Echo - 'Sign up for new fluoride debate'

'Sign up for new fluoride debate'
By Julian Robinson
CAMPAIGNERS have launched the latest weapon in their battle against plans to add fluoride to Southampton's tap water.
They have started a petition that would force city councillors to hold a fresh debate on the issue having previously voted in favour of the controversial proposal.
Anti-fluoride protesters now need one per cent of Southampton's population of 236,700 to sign up.
By law, the council would then have to debate fluoridation for at least 15 minutes and campaigners would have the right to give a five-minute presentation.
The petition was unveiled at a public meeting of Hampshire Against
Fluoridation ,(HAF) in Southampton. HAF has been at the forefront of the fight against plans approved by South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) to add fluoride to water delivered to nearly 200,000 residents in parts of Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams.
More than 100 people were at St Andrew's Church Hall in The Avenue for the public meeting on Saturday.
Local dentist Zac Cox - an opponent of the scheme -was a guest speaker at the free event.
HAF chairman Stephen Peckham said: "Our battle is now political. The law is so heavily weighted in favour of the people making the decision they don't have to pay attention to local views. We would like to see that changed, we don't think it is fair."
He described the turnout at the meeting as "brilliant" and said it showed people were still angry over the issue.
As reported, a legal challenge is still being fought against fluoridation, which health chiefs want to bring in to improve children's teeth across the area.
Southampton mum Gerri Milner last month lost a judicial review over whether the SHA should have been able to ignore widespread public opposition to the plans when its board approved it.
But she has lodged an appeal against the High Court judge's decision that the authority fully assessed all the evidence that was submitted during a public consultation.
The plans have been on hold for nearly two years while the legal challenge has gone through the courts.
The SHA, which is due to be scrapped by the Government as soon as next spring, has said it still believes fluoridation is beneficial, but is currently considering its next steps over the plans. When it is abolished the city council will become responsible for public health schemes such as fluoridation.
City councillors backed fluoridation in 2008 but more recently said they would hold a referendum before the scheme was implemented.
The petition can be signed online at southampton.gov.uk. Paper copies are available from Hampshire Against Fluoridation by ringing 023 8049 3776.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hampshire Against Fluoridation Part 2

Hampshire Against Fluoridation Part 1

USA - The scientific evidence is overwhelming.

Mercury News editorial:
Posted: 03/19/2011 10:00:00 PM PDT
Dr. Brindha Subramanian's job is a lot harder than it should be, thanks to the Santa Clara Valley Water District.
Subramanian is the chief managing dentist for the Health Trust's Children's Dental Center in San Jose's East Side at King and Story roads. Her office sees nearly 300 children every week, and because most of San Jose does not have fluoridated water, she sees a far higher than usual number with painful cavities when they walk through the door.
"It's sad. It's the first thing that stood out about Silicon Valley when I moved here from Texas," said Subramanian.
This is not what's supposed to jump out at newcomers.
It's a long-standing embarrassment that not all cities in the valley have fluoridated water. San Jose is the largest city in the country that does not, although it does fluoridate its own municipal water system, which serves a small part of the city. For the rest of San Jose and other parts of the county, it's up to the Water District, which serves 1.8 million customers as the water wholesaler.
On Tuesday, children's advocates and others will ask the district to finally provide fluoridated water, which is considered to be one of the 10 greatest public health achievements of the 20th century. The board should be unanimous in authorizing staff to develop a policy.
The scientific evidence is overwhelming.
A study of third-graders found that in Santa Clara County, 13.2 percent have an urgent
need for dental treatment, as opposed to 2.6 percent in the Bay Area who drink fluoridated water. Repeated studies over the years have shown that fluoridation reduces tooth decay 20 to 40 percent.
The American Dental Association supports fluoridation. So do the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Medical Association and the U.S. Surgeon General.
It isn't cheap -- the startup costs are about $18 million -- but the American Dental Association reports that every $1 spent on fluoridation saves $38 in dental procedures. The Health Trust plans to help raise money for the project, though public agencies typically finance the public benefit.
For children, especially those who struggle in school, tooth decay is serious. Kids who are in pain are distracted in class, if they show up at all.
This proposal will rile opponents of fluoridation, a highly vocal but small minority. Their latest rallying point is the federal recommendation to lower the standard for optimally fluoridated water to 0.7 parts per million from the previous range of 0.7 to 1.2 parts per million. The change was made because some children experienced spotting on their teeth at higher levels, not because fluoride was found to be unsafe.
Fortunately, the latest poll shows in Santa Clara County, only 13 percent of residents oppose fluoridation. It's no surprise. Silicon Valley prides itself on embracing beneficial technologies.
With the water district's decision Tuesday, it can emerge from the Dark Ages of dental care and embrace water fluoridation.

A highly vocal but small minority? If only 13% are against it then they have never researched it or been told the whole story but only fed this one sided propaganda.

UK - People Say No to Fluoride in Water Study

People Say No to Fluoride in Water Study
March 19th, 2011, posted by Dental Health Magazine staff
The Hampshire Health Department decided to conduct a health study, which made citizens get raged.
The test supposes to add fluoride to tap water, in order to see its effects on people’s health.
Fluoridated water is known to have very negative effects on health, especially on the teeth.
The general feeling of the Hampshire residents is that they do not want to become the guinea pigs of the DoH.
They also believe that consuming water with high fluoride content will result in devastating health problems in the long run.
Furthermore, people do not want their children exposed to health risks for the sake of a study.
The teeth of smaller children are extremely sensitive as it is, and fluoride water would only make it worse for them.
Further medical studies show that the ingestion of fluoride has very harmful effects on the internal organs of both children and adults.
Currently, the action of the DoH is put on hold, since the news has generated a tough judicial battle between residents and the state.
The tests would have been run in the following regions: Totton, Natley, Southampton and Easleigh.
Health authorities should never disregard the public opinion, especially when it comes to “testing” their health.
Fluoride has harmful effects on the human system and oral health especially.
Pitting and mottling are only two such effects of fluoride on teeth.
Some people may show hypersensitivity to this kind of compounds, thing which may bring about untold harm to their general health.

Canada - Bring it on

Bring it on
By Robert C. Dickson, Calgary Herald March 19, 2011
Re: "Only independent inquiry will solve health crisis," David Swann, Opinion, March 14.
Dr. David Swann has nailed this one. Though Alberta Health has made an effort over the past few years to support family physicians like myself through economically challenging times, the overall management of the system has been sadly incompetent. The saga of my friend and colleague, Dr. Anne Fanning, is a classic example of the system inculcating an insidious atmosphere of fear and intimidation, and has driven professional morale to all-time lows. Family physicians are leaving for the private sector or abandoning the profession entirely.
The dental system in our province provides a fine example of a path not to walk. Many dentists are intimidated and fearful to speak out on issues such as mercury in our mouths and the toxic waste fluoridation products in our water. We do not want to follow similar patterns in our public health-care system.
A full and independent inquiry is the first and most important of many steps, as Swann outlined, required to get our ailing system healthy once again.
Robert C. Dickson, MD, Calgary

Saturday, March 19, 2011

UK - Glasgow given "all-clear" over tap water

19 March 2011
Glasgow given "all-clear" over tap water
Scottish Water vans are touring affected areas broadcasting warnings Householders to the north of Glasgow who had problems with their water supplies on Friday have now been told its safe to drink.
About 12,000 householders were told not to drink tap water after high aluminium levels were detected.
Scottish Water said aluminium compounds were not removed because of an "operational issue".....

Wales - Dentist says 'fluoridation' will help deprived kids

New research released this week indicates children's dental health in Wales suffers as a result of their deprived background.
The study revealed only half of the Welsh population has access to an NHS dentist.
It also showed more than three quarters of children under the age of 15 in the least deprived areas of Wales paid a visit to their NHS dentist compared to only 62% in the most deprived areas, pointing to a clear trend in attendance related to income deprivation.
While the results did not show any trends in adults, the overall level of dental health in Wales has raised concerns within the profession.
Dentists in Wales have already called on the Welsh Assembly to address the growing inequalities that exist, particularly at a time of increased financial constraint.
The calls come after the Adult Dental Health Survey, released in December last year, showed a significant gap between standards of oral health in Wales, Northern Ireland and England; England and Northern Ireland had lower rates of decay and the number of people without any natural teeth was much higher in Wales.
In Wales, 10% of the survey participants had no natural teeth; this was considerably higher than in England, where the figure was 6%.
Chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter, believes the study shows more urgent action is required.
Dr Carter said: 'Although Wales has frozen its dental prices for the forthcoming year, the notion that people aren't visiting their dentist due to the fees incurred is having a detrimental impact on the overall oral health of the nation. It is particularly alarming to see children under the age of 15 suffering with poor oral health.'
With the Welsh Assembly yet to discuss plans to fluoridate their water supply, Dr Carter thinks this could significantly improve the oral health across the country.
'Fluoridation is the most important single measure that the UK Government and Welsh Assembly can take to bring a substantial change in the nation's dental health.
'The Foundation is calling for the Assembly to facilitate the rapid introduction of fluoride into the nation's water supplies, particularly in areas of social and economic deprivation.'

Dr Nigel Carter knows best - Fluoridation is like the many headed Greek serpent as fast as you cut off one head there is another to replace it.

This an annual statement of the British Dental Health

Calming Chaos

Calming Chaos
I’ve been watching the chaos following the nuclear site issues in Japan over the past days.
As we will have a full moon tomorrow night, following with the Spring equinox, exceedingly high tides and more concern about radioactive plumes and earthquakes along the west coast, am concerned.
I know there is mass frenzy over potassium iodide (KI). I also know there are other important concerns that are being overlooked because of the focus on iodine.
If you are reading this and you live in any area, like Seattle, that adds chemical products to you water containing fluoride, your risk is greater. You may be iodine deficient, and it is always good to be sure, just like vitamin D, that your iodine stores are good. You can test this with a simple test we will send out should you request it.
Fluoride does suppress thyroid function. Living in Washington or any other state in the west that borders Canada is a second risk because of low selenium levels in food crops. Your thyroid requires selenium to help iodine work which feeds your thyroid. Your needs are greater when chemical fluoride is ingested............

UK - Daily Echo - The facts about fluoride

The facts about fluoride
I am a retired community pharmacist and will give my opinion based on fact. After fluoride toothpaste was first introduced, not every make contained sodium fluoride, but eventually they all did, bar one.
It was discovered, after a certain time lapse, that the amount of dental care was showing a reduction, which I am sure any dentist would confirm. American soldiers at war in Vietnam were given
a fluoride compound to paint on their teeth to protect them.
By applying fluoride, typically, very little is absorbed into the system and, consequently, it does not enter the growth cycle, affecting composition of teeth and bones, especially in young developing infants. However, parents do have a choice. They can walk into a pharmacy, and ask for fluoride tablets. My Portchester pharmacy used to stock them. The packs are small tubs of 200 very low-strength tablets for infants, with directions on dosage for different ages, for use in areas where the water is known not to be fluoridated. It is then the decision of the parents: they have control.
If fluoride is taken in drinking water, it may be calcium fluoride, or a compound which will link with calcium. It is not only deposited in teeth, but in bones, which will lessen the strength of bone material.
For healthy teeth and bones, children should be given milk every day, a rich source of calcium. Schoolchildren used to be given milk at school every day, but that was stopped in the 1980s.
My grandchildren, now aged three, five and seven, were started using a soft toothbrush and children's fluoride toothpaste, twice a day, as soon as they had teeth. The problem is educating the parents who don't do this. Instead of spending money on a risky experiment, it could be used to send information leaflets, through schools, to the parents.
Retired community pharmacist.

Friday, March 18, 2011

UK - Lymington Times Anti-fluoride group campaign meeting

Anti-fluoride group campaign meeting
CAMPAIGNERS against adding fluoride to the water supply of 190,000 residents, including 8,000 in Totton, are holding a meeting today (Saturday). Hampshire Against Fluoridation (HAP) has arranged the event at St Andrew's church hall on The Avenue in Southampton between 2pm and 4pm.
The meeting will include a talk by local dentist Zac Cox who has spoken out against fluoridation, and HAF chairman Stephen Peckham.
Mr Peckham said: "While local people have no say over water fluoridation, Hampshire Against Fluoridation has vowed to continue its campaign.
"The current legislation effectively gives the strategic health authority carte blanche to ignore local people, councils, MPs and the latest scientific evidence and this is entirely unacceptable in a democratic society."

US Admits Fluoride is Damaging Society and Has Been A Big Experiment

Reception for the Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company in Beverly Hills

Reception for the Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company in Beverly Hills

...The Delray Beach, Fla.-based company's signature system is to take tap water; filter it through a 14-stage process; re-mineralize it to the exact taste and smell of Brooklyn water sans lead, fluoride and pharmaceutical traces (they call the resulting liquid "Brooklynized"); then use it to make bagels...

They should do well

UK - Daily Echo letters

Where is the research?
THE West Midlands, Newcastle-on-Tyne and West Cumbria have been fluoridated since the 1960s. Why has no research has been carried out in these areas and why treat the children of Southampton as 'guinea pigs'?
No records have been kept of children in fluoridated areas with dental fluorosis. In fact, the BASCD who carry out dental surveys for their league tables instruct the dentists examining teeth "to count fluorosed teeth as sound".
Alan Johnson, when he was Secretary of State for Health, said he wanted to reduce social inequalities in dental health and give poor kids rich kids' teeth.
Fluoridation actually increases inequalities, the York Review said one in eight children in fluoridated areas will develop fluorosis of "aesthetic concern". In other words, they will need expensive cosmetic dentistry to hide the damage to their teeth.
Poor people will not be able to afford to pay for this treatment, the current costs for veneers is £600 to £1,000 per tooth and will last for about seven years. Our dental adviser says he would not veneer teeth until the child reaches 20 and their teeth are fully formed and they, not the NHS, will have to pay full costs of expensive treatment for the rest of their lives.
It is ironic that many of the 'fluoride pushers' who cause the unsightly dental fluorosis are actually dentists. They are also the only people licensed to hide the damage by veneering the teeth - a 'nice little earner'.
LIZ VAUGHAN, director, UK Councils Against Fluoridation.

UK - Daily Echo - HAMPSHIRE: Protesters hold meeting to discuss latest moves in campaign against water fluoridation

HAMPSHIRE: Protesters hold meeting to discuss latest moves in campaign against water fluoridation
Where next in the fluoride fight?
By Jon Reeve
OPPONENTS of the controversial plans to fluoridate Hampshire tap water are holding a public meeting this weekend to discuss the next moves in their campaign.
Members of Hampshire Against Fluoridation (HAF) are urging anyone angered by the scheme to join them at St Andrew's Church Hall, The Avenue, Southampton, from 2pm to 4pm tomorrow.
The group has been at the forefront of the fight against plans approved by South Central Strategic Health
Authority (SHA) to add fluoride to water delivered to nearly 200,000 residents in parts of Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams.
The free meeting will feature campaign news and information about how residents can help, and a talk from Zac Cox, a local dentist opposed to fluoridation. HAF chairman Stephen Peckham said: "While local people have no say over water fluoridation, Hampshire Against Fluoridation has vowed to continue its campaign. "The current legislation effectively gives the SHA carte blanche to ignore local people, councils, MPs and the latest scientific evidence, and this is entirely unacceptable in a democratic society."
As reported, a legal challenge is still being fought against the scheme, which health chiefs want to bring in to improve dental health in children.
Southampton mum Gerri Milner last month lost a judicial review over whether the SHA should have been able to ignore widespread public opposition to the plans when its board approved it.But she has lodged an appeal against the High Court judge's decision that the authority fully assessed all the evidence for and against it that was submitted during a public consultation. The plans have been on hold for nearly two years while the legal bid has gone through the courts. The SHA, which is due to be scrapped by the Government as soon as next spring, has said it still believes fluoridation is beneficial, but is currently considering its next steps over the plans.
Last week the Daily Echo revealed that the Department of Health is hoping the scheme could provide an opportunity to carry out research into dental fluorosis.
Campaigners say children will be affected by the problem, which is caused by ingesting too much fluoride and can range from white specks appearing on teeth to them being stained, mottled and pitted. • For information on Hampshire Against Fluoridation and the meeting, call 023 8049 3776.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

UK - House of Lords 16 March

Asked by Earl Baldwin of Bewdley
To ask Her Majesty's Government whether, in proposing that local authorities should in future be the lead commissioners for water fluoridation schemes in line with section 3.9 of the public consultation on the White Paper Healthy Lives, Healthy People, they will also provide that no new scheme should be introduced unless it can be shown that the local population is in favour.[HL7428]
16 Mar 2011 : Column WA67
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health (Earl Howe): We will publish our proposals in due course. We have already indicated that we will be considering how account can be taken of the views of the people that would be affected by any proposed new fluoridation scheme.

Absorbing chlorinated water 'a cancer risk'

Absorbing chlorinated water 'a cancer risk'
Swimming too much - or even taking too many baths or showers - could increase the risk of developing bladder cancer, warn environmental health experts.
By Stephen Adams 6:30AM GMT 16 Mar 2011
Carcinogenic chemicals called trihalomethanes (THMs), created as a byproduct of chlorinating water, can be absorbed through the skin, they say.
People who regularly swim in chlorinated pools or take lots of showers or baths could therefore be putting themselves at risk.
Dr Gemma Castaño-Vinyals, of the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology [CREAL] in Castilla La Mancha, Spain, said the effects negated the 'purity' benefits of drinking unchlorinated, TCM-free bottled mineral water.
She said: "People with more money and more education may think that they're reducing their risk of exposure to water contaminants by drinking bottled water.
"However, despite being apparently cleaner and taking more exercise, as a result of taking more frequent and longer baths, and using swimming pools more often, they are actually increasing their risk of THM exposure."
However, she said the additional risk of developing bladder cancer from absorbing THMs was "small".
She and colleagues were looking at exposure to THMs in 1,270 people in Spain. The results are released today (WED) by the online science publisher BioMed Central.

At least you can filter it out easily not like fluoride. And I assume a tank in the loft for the water system gets rid of the chlorine through evaporation.

THE City of Winnipeg has lowered fluoride levels

City lowers fluoride levels
THE City of Winnipeg has lowered fluoride levels in its drinking water to meet new provincial guidelines.
Fluoride levels have been lowered to 0.7 parts per million from 0.85 parts per million, the city announced Wednesday.
Health Canada sets the national limit at 1.5 parts per million.
Roughly half of Canada's municipalities add fluoride to drinking water to combat tooth decay.
The practice is supported by dental-health associations and pediatricians, who have lauded it as a public service.

USA - Information about fluoride in water.

Information about fluoride in water.
The McDonough County Voice
Posted Mar 16, 2011 @ 02:40 PM
Macomb, Ill. — What would you say if I told you that your government officials had decided to put low levels of a hazardous drug in our drinking water? Would you be upset? You should be.

Unfortunately, this has been going on in Illinois for the past 44 years.

Fluoride was first mandated in all Illinois drinking water in 1967. The real history of why this took place is too long, confusing and political to explain here. You’ll need to research that yourself. It will suffice to say that fluoride in our water is supposed to prevent cavities in our teeth.

I am going to give you some information from respected world sources that may surprise you:

1) The World Health Organization data states that non-fluoridated countries in Europe have, without exception, had the same general decline in tooth decay over the past 50 years as seen in the US. This is thought to be due to better nutrition and improved dental care. Dr. Hardy Limeback, professor of preventative dentistry at University of Toronto, states that Toronto, after 36 years of fluoridation, has a higher rate of cavities than Vancouver, which has never used fluoride in its water.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

USA - Fluoride in city’s drinking water on the chopping block

Fluoride in city’s drinking water on the chopping block
Curtis Wackerle
The days of adding fluoride to Aspen’s drinking water could be coming to an end.
City Council members on Tuesday, convened as the city’s Board of Health, agreed that the government should stop adding the controversial chemical to the water supply in light of new federal guidelines that have lowered the recommended amount of fluoride in drinking water.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Jan. 7 lowered their recommendations to 0.7 milligrams of fluoride per liter of water from 1.2 milligrams.
The city of Aspen includes 1.1 milligrams of fluoride for each liter of water.
In the winter, Aspen’s water, which comes from Castle and Maroon creeks, naturally contains 0.5 milligrams of fluoride, so water plant workers add 0.6 milligrams of fluoride per liter. In the summer, 0.2 milligrams of fluoride naturally occur in the city’s water, so officials add 0.9 milligrams.
“I don’t know why we are continuing to add fluoride if we are that close,” Mayor Mick Ireland said. “There is an expense and a hazard involved in adding ... a chemical that some people don’t want.”
Aspen, along with many other cities and towns, began adding fluoride to the water supply in the 1960s, as some believe it is beneficial to the development of children’s teeth.
Fluoride opponents say the chemical has numerous harmful effects, such as increasing the risk of bone cancer and hip fractures in women.

UK - Fluoride forced on us.

Fluoride forced on us
I DO not live in the area where they are planning to contaminate the water supply, a commodity you have got to use, but some of my family, including my little great grandson, are and are with the majority strongly opposed to it.
But now they are going ahead with it with the help of a judge.
How in God's name does an unelected bunch of people (SHA) have the right to force a medication down thousands of people when they don't need it or want it? Haven't they got any rights, including their human rights?
As I am well into my 80s I clearly remember the last war. I understood we were fighting for our freedom and democracy but after seeing the farce of this case and the direction our MPs are taking this once great country, I can honestly say I don't know why we even bothered.
MRS J SMITH, Fair Oak.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

USA - HHS warns that all infant formulas are contaminated with toxic fluoride

HHS warns that all infant formulas are contaminated with toxic fluoride
Tuesday, March 15, 2011 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/031705_infant_formula_fluoride.html#ixzz1GeiMw5jF(NaturalNews) Piggybacking on the recent government announcement concerning overexposure to fluoride, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has now announced that all infant formulas are contaminated with fluoride, and that when mixed with the fluoridated water provided in most US cities, the combination is a toxic threat to babies and infants.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly half of all US children are overexposed to fluoride. Many of these children are now afflicted with dental fluorosis as a result, which is a tooth disease involving the mottling and staining of enamel. In January, the CDC adjusted the recommended recommended water fluoridation levels from 1.2 milligrams per liter (mg/L) to 0.7 mg/L..................

Monday, March 14, 2011

One in three Kiwis have untreated gum disease - survey

One in three Kiwis have untreated gum disease - survey
Published: 10:33AM Monday March 14, 2011 Source: ONE News
Alex McIntosh on the state of our teeth (04:19) A new study has found that adults in New Zealand are more likely to suffer tooth decay and gum disease than people who live in Australia.
The dentist behind the survey said one of the reasons for the difference was that New Zealanders had less disposable income than Australians.
Dr Alex McIntosh said another key reason was that the Australian government provided means-tested support for dental care.
He told TV ONE's Breakfast that fear and cost were the two main barriers to visiting the dentist.
Going to the dentist became very expensive when people left their care for too long and "crisis care dentistry" was required, he said.
"Cost is something that is really a perception because the reality is that New Zealanders spend more on their hair care than they do on their dentistry," he said.
McIntosh said most people had annual dental appointments but for those with "high needs" six months was advised.
Gum disease, McIntosh said, is entirely preventable and the main indicator is bleeding gums when teeth are brushed.
The survey, which examined the dental habits of 5000 New Zealanders, found that 35% had untreated dental decay, 33% had untreated gum disease, and 25% had experienced pain in their mouth, jaw or face in the previous four weeks.

All this agony in mainly Fluoridated New Zealand.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Infant formulas with fluoridated water increase risk of discolored teeth

Infant formulas with fluoridated water increase risk of discolored teeth
Written By: Nadia on March 13, 2011 0
All infant formulas, either concentrated or ready-to-feed, already contain some fluoride and, when routinely mixed with fluoridated water, increase the risk of dental fluorosis (discolored teeth), according to Dr. Howard Koh, Assistant Secretary for Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in a video commentary published on Medscape.com, March 8, 2011.

Fluoride, added to water supplies ostensibly to reduce tooth decay, is also in food, beverages, dental products, medicines, and anesthesia and inhaled from ocean mist and air pollution. As a result, more than 41% of adolescents are fluoride-overdosed and afflicted with dental fluorosis – over 3% of it is moderate to severe (brown stains and pitting), according to the Centers for Disease Control.

The Environmental Protection Agency says, “Exposure to excessive consumption of fluoride over a lifetime may lead to increased likelihood of bone fractures in adults, and may result in effects on bone leading to pain and tenderness.”

“However, no one is studying U.S. children with dental fluorosis to learn whether they also have fluoride-damaged bones or any other fluoride-induced health problems,” says attorney Paul Beeber, President, New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. “Absence of evidence shouldn’t be misinterpreted as absence of harm.”

According to a Journal of the American Dental Association study, “Most infants from birth to age 12 months who consume predominantly powdered and liquid concentrate formula are likely to exceed the upper tolerable limit [of fluoride] if the formula is reconstituted with optimally fluoridated water (0.7 – 1.2 ppm).” (October 2009)......

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Perfect Storm of GMOs, Chemicals and Cancer

A Perfect Storm of GMOs, Chemicals and Cancer
March 10th, 2011

By Rady Ananda
Food Freedom

Several books, including Seeds of Destruction and Corrupt to the Core, along with the film, The Idiot Cycle, lay out the framework for and evidence of a concerted effort to sicken and then treat humanity, while earning obscene profits. When we factor in other recent actions taken by transnational corporations and lawmakers, the conspiracy adopts a more ominous tone.........
Recommended Sources:
The Idiot Cycle
Written and Directed by Emmanuelle Schick Garcia
JPS Films (2009, 96 mins)
Website: stoptheidiotcycle.com
Screenings: Showtimes
The film can be rented for 4.99 euros ($7 USD) at JPS.

Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation
F. William Engdahl
Global Research: 2007 (341 pp.)

Corrupt to the Core: Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower
Shiv Chopra
KOS Publishing: 2009 (340 pp.)

The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Battle over Food Rights
David E. Gumpert
Chelsea Green Publishing: 2009 (254 pp.)

The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There
Paul Connett, James Beck, Spedding Micklem
Chelsea Green Publishing: 2010 (384 pp.)

UK - Southampton residents angry over fluoride decision

Southampton residents angry over fluoride decision
Local residents in Southampton are angry after a judge gave a water fluoridation scheme the green light.

Residents campaigned against the decision to add fluoride to local water supplies and took their case to court; however, a judge turned down their appeal, stating that the local authority had the power to decide whether or not fluoride should be added to municipal water supplies.

Now, residents feel like they are being treated as guinea pigs by the Department of Health, as heath chiefs are keen to conduct studies on dental fluorosis, a condition which can cause the teeth to appear mottled as a result of overexposure to fluoride. Local people say that it is not fair that children’s dental health will be risked in the name of research.

The plans will mean that 200,000 households in the Southampton area will receive fluoridated water. The Department of Health has confirmed that a major research project into fluorosis is currently underway and the new scheme in Southampton will provide valuable research opportunities. Doug Cross, from the UK Councils Against Fluoridation, said that it was illogical and potentially harmful for research to be carried out after the plan to fluoridate water supplies had already been given the green light; he believes that research should have been carried out before the plans were given the green light.

Should you mix fluoridated water with infant formula?

Should you mix fluoridated water with infant formula?
March 11th, 2011 by Jessica Carlson
A recent press release issued by the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation is warning parents and caregivers about mixing fluoridated water with infant formula. The organization, which systematically rejects and opposes fluoride water supplementation, says that the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has recently lowered the recommended amount of fluoride supplementation in municipal water systems. While the organization’s press release uses this new recommendation to further their own organization’s agenda, citing potential long term health ramifications for fluoride excess, this may only be a small step towards their likely goal.

While it’s true that the HHS is making the recommendation to lower the amount of fluoride supplementation in water and suggests that mixing fluoridated water with infant formula has been associated with an increased risk of fluorisis, they fail to provide enough adequate proof to completely discount or eliminate fluoridation supplementation in public water sources.

From the HHS website, it appears that they still actively support the addition of fluoride into municipal water sources............................

CommentWillam Turner
March 11, 2011 @ 5:20 pm
I find your article really poorly researched. I’m not a fluoride activist, but I am a parent and because of that I have recently done a great deal of research on this issue. All you have to do is Google “infants” and “Fluoride” and it would have been evident that infants under 12 months of age should NOT CONSUME fluoridated water.

You fail to mention that ACTUAL REASON why our Government lowered the fluoride level = because 41% of our children have dental fluorosis, a sign of overexposure to fluoride. This is up from 32% in 2000, and 24% in the 80′s, according to the CDC. What is happening to their teeth is also happening to their bones, and tissue.

If you had taken 5 minutes to actually research the issue you would find that babies consuming reconstituted baby formula with fluoridated water are consuming 175 times more fluoride than a breastfed baby. Also you would have found these statements from leading medical organizations:

“… Infants less than one year old may be getting more than the optimal amount of fluoride (which may increase their risk of enamel fluorosis) if their primary source of nutrition is powdered or liquid concentrate infant formula mixed with water containing fluoride… If using a product that needs to be reconstituted, parents and caregivers should consider using water that has no or low levels of fluoride.”

• American Dental Association. ADA.eGram, Interim Guidance on Reconstituted Infant Formula, November 9, 2006.

“…Recent evidence suggests that mixing powdered or liquid infant formula concentrate with fluoridated water on a regular basis may increase the chance of a child developing the faint white markings of very mild or mild dental fluorosis. This occurs on baby and permanent teeth while they are forming under the gums… It now appears that the amount of the fluoride contained in the water used for mixing infant formula may influence a child’s risk for developing dental fluorosis, particularly if the child’s sole source of nutrition is from reconstituted infant formula…”

• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Background: Infant Formula and the Risk for dental fluorosis. Date last modified: Nov. 17, 2010.

“…the committee concluded unanimously that the present [allowable level] for fluoride should be lowered. Exposure at the [allowable level] clearly puts children at risk of developing severe enamel fluorosis, a condition that is associated with enamel loss and pitting. In addition, the majority of the committee concluded that the [allowable level] is not likely to be protective against bone fractures…”

• National Research Council of the National Academies, Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA’s Standards, (bottom of page 2 to page 3), 2006.

“Babies should not receive fluoride supplementation during the first six months of life, whether they are breastfed or formula-fed.”

• Source: American Academy of Pediatrics, Caring for your Baby and Young Child, 2009 (as cited by HealthyChildren.org).

“If you add fluoridated water to your infant’s baby formula, you may be putting your child at risk of developing dental fluorosis…When formula concentrations need to be diluted, it is recommended parents use bottled water that is fluoride-free or low in fluoride water or tap water from a reverse osmosis home water filtration system, which removes most of the fluoride…”

• Academy of General Dentistry, Monitor Infant’s Fluoride Intake, 2007

Daily Echo - letter

Fluoride fight goes on
DESPITE the largest public outcry in Southampton's history, the bullies of the unelected SHA board seem determined to poison our water supply.
From beginning to end they have wasted vast sums of public money in their determination to implement what they set put to do.
The fact finding meetings in the first instance were merely a meaningless public exercise. I believe the water suppliers are well on the way to introducing fluoride into our drinking water. Have you noticed? Water hike charges, bills to rise by 6.4 per cent. Yes, somebody has to pay it and it will not be the shareholders.
We elect councillors and MPs to act on our behalf. I call on J Denham, Dr Whitehouse and all the local councillors who will be standing for reelection in May to stand up and be counted.
We want a public vote before the people take to the streets or refuse to pay their water rates, which will surely come. I, for one, will stand and be counted.
A WILLOTT, Lordswood, Southampton.

Friday, March 11, 2011

UK - Daily Echo

Daily Echo
This fluoride saga goes on and on
AS the debate over the plans to add fluoride to Southampton's water supply gushes on, a new and perhaps more disturbing question has arisen. Are the people of the city and the surrounding region about to be used as guinea pigs in a study Into the side effects of adding the chemical to a new population?
The Department of Health has admitted to this paper that it plans to use the addition of fluoride to survey incidence of dental fluorosis, side effects of adding the chemical to water supplies that can in extreme cases cause mottling and pitting of teeth.
The news will not bring comfort to a population that is already extremely sceptical over the benefits and indeed even the need for the measures being taken in their name. So far this whole saga has done little to progress the cause of dental care, nor the relationship that medical authorities and In some cases politicians have with the public at large.
Promises to block the addition of fluoride and consultation campaigns that have badly misfired have brought to an all-time low the public's faith in those who are making decisions over what amounts to mass medication.
It is time these proposals were hatted and a full and transparent debate allowed to take place.

Fluorisilicic acid for water fluoridation. What is it really?

UK - Daily Echo

Fluoridation By Jon Reeves
HEALTH bosses have been accused of wanting to use Hampshire residents as "guinea pigs" to test if putting fluoride in tap water causes damage to teeth, the Daily Echo can reveal.
The Department of Health hopes the controversial scheme in Southampton and the surrounding areas will help with studies into a condition called dental fluorosis. Angry opponents have described it as an "obscene experiment" that means young children could suffer problems with their teeth for the sake of research.
The plans to put fluoride into tap water delivered to nearly 200,000 homes are currently on hold because of a legal challenge.
CAMPAIGNERS have accused health bosses of wanting to use Hampshire residents as "guinea pigs" to test if fluoridating water causes damage to teeth, the Daily Echo can reveal.
The Department of Health (DoH) hopes the controversial scheme to add the chemical to tap water in and around Southampton will help with studies into dental fluorosis -which in extreme cases can cause mottling and pitting of teeth.
Angry opponents say it means children will be subjected to problems with their teeth for the sake of research.
As reported, the plans to put fluoride in tap water delivered to nearly 200,000 homes in parts of Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams are currently on hold because of a legal challenge.
Southampton mum Gerri Milner last month lost a judicial review against South Central Strategic Health Authority's (SHA) decision to approve the scheme despite widespread public opposition.
But she has since lodged an appeal against the High Court judge's ruling the authority's board members properly assessed all the evidence for and against fluoridation.
The SHA approved the scheme after "m
Southampton City Primary Care Trust asked it to consider introducing ' it in a bid to improve children's dental health. But opponents argue too much fluoride can lead to side effects, including fluorosis, which can range from slight discoloration of teeth to the cracking of enamel.
In a freedom of information request, the DoH was asked about the research that has been carried out into fluorosis since the Medical Research Council recommended in a 2002 study on fluoridation that more work be done looking at the problem.
The response said a "major current research project into the extent and severity of dental fluorosis" is currently being supported, which it is thought will cost £700,000.
It added: "As the Systematic Review of Water Fluoridation indicated, a new fluoridation scheme would provide an excellent opportunity to undertake prospective research and we are keeping closely in touch with developments on the proposed scheme for Southampton." Doug Cross, from UK Councils Against Fluoridation said research should have been done before a new scheme, not once it is in place.
He said: "Clearly the intent is to monitor the effects of this proposed new fluoridation project on the population of Southampton. "In real terms, this means it will concentrate principally on children, since older people already either have or do not have fluorosis -it's contracted either in the womb or during the first five or so years of childhood.
"So the children will be the guinea pigs in this obscene experiment."
New Forest East MP Julian Lewis, who has campaigned against the fluoridation scheme, said he could now raise the issue with ministers. He said: "Are they suggesting this scheme should go ahead to help them carry out research? If that's the case, it's outrageously arrogant.
"I'll be examining the response in detail, with a view to raising questions about it in Parliament."
Hampshire Against Fluoridation chairman Stephen Peckham said research already shows that increased fluoride in water leads to more cases of fluorosis. He said: "We know that water fluoridation substantially increases levels of dental fluorosis. Existing studies in other countries and the UK demonstrate that unequivocally.
"Some children are going to get fluorosis that will damage their teeth, and the whole scheme, from that point of view, is wrong. "We shouldn't be pursuing a scheme on the basis of doing research."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chemist / Author speaks at Colgate on risks of fluoride in water

Chemist / Author speaks at Colgate on risks of fluoride in water
HAMILTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Doctor and chemist discussed the science behind fluoride in water at the Colgate Bookstore at Colgate University Wednesday afternoon.

Dr. Paul Connett, co-author of the book, "The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There," says that excessive amounts of fluoride can be dangerous to your health.

"Fluoridation is not a good medical practice," Dr. Connett said. "Once you put medicine in the water, you can't control the dose. You can't control who gets it."

According to Dr. Connett, fluoride is harmful to the brain, bones, and endocrine system. In addition, he says that people need to be notified on just how much fluoride is in their water.
"You expose people without their consent, you're violating their informed consent," he said. "There is no individual supervision and there is no federal agency tracking health effects."
However, according to the American Dental Hygienists' Association site, "Good scientific evidence supports the use of community water fluoridation and the use of fluoride dental products for preventing tooth decay for both children and adults."

UK - Chief dental officer goes digital

Chief dental officer goes digital
9th Mar 2011
Chief dental officer for England, Barry Cockcroft, has gone digital.
An e-version of his CDO update is now available online – to make it easier to reach dentists up and down the country.
The February issue is currently live and topics include the latest on contract reform, the outcome of the fluoridation JR and the forthcoming NHS Dental Services online portal launch for providers and performers.
Plus, there are all the usual regular updates from the Department of Health dental policy team – including a look at the adult dental health survey, decontamination and blood borne viruses and the latest on CQC registration.

Comment on page.
I'll bet it's a truly rivetting read. 'How we all believed in local commissioning. but suddenly decided it was a heap of c7@p soon after ZaNuLieBore (our previous bestest friends in the whole world) were kicked out by our newest bestest friends....'
Pathetic tosh.
Thank the Lord this buffoon doesn't have any relevance to my professional life any more.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Canada - City Council-Fluoride Debate

England 'healthier than the US'By Michelle Roberts

England 'healthier than the US'By Michelle Roberts
Health reporter, BBC News
People living in England enjoy better health than Americans, despite less investment in healthcare, research published in the US has revealed.
Across all ages, US residents tend to fare worse in terms of diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease markers, data on over 100,000 people show.
The reason remains a mystery, says the US team, and challenges the idea that resources necessarily improve health...........

I wonder?

Julian Assange: Possible Nobel Peace Prize, and prison

Julian Assange: Possible Nobel Peace Prize, and prison
Jessi Gilligan
Issue date: 3/8/11...........WikiLeaks was created to impose more scrutiny on the government, in the hopes that this might lead to stronger democracies, less corruption and general awareness of the public. The Web site is reminiscent of Wikipedia, but it is uncensored and is comprised of actual government documents. There are hundreds of "leaks" for every country, providing documents exposing crucial information on subjects such as overexposure to fluoride, to the agenda of the Bildeberg Group. The volunteer team for WikiLeaks protects the documents and sources, but the infamous Julian Assange was on the run for months before turning himself in to police in December 2010.......

Holistic Dental Care

......Today’s mainstream dentists make use of mercury and fluoride to treat frequent dental diseases including tooth decay. Studies have shown that these supplies cause many complications inside the body which consists of multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and fluorosis of the teeth and the bones. These harmful effects have lead lots of people to discover other means of treating their dental issues. Fortunately for them, biological dentistry exists...........

UK - Daily Echo letter

href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/--obeRe7cwb4/TXdCspRIzGI/AAAAAAAAE0g/dBGkIXB-4AQ/s1600/fdv.jpg">Fluoride Deception video
I FEEL that the residents of Southampton have a right to know the following information, before Southampton City Council make the big mistake of allowing the hazardous toxic chemical fluoride into our drinking water. The fluoride they want to add to our water is actually a combination of hexafluorosilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride. They're chemicals which are classified as hazardous waste and when packaged for transportation, they must be labelled as poison and handled by workers wearing industrial safety gear! The Fluoride Deception is the latest mini documentary from Mike Adams, executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center. Through the use of animation and motion graphics, it exposes the truth about where fluoride really comes from: the toxic byproducts of the phosphate mining industry! The video itself can be found at: naturalnews. tv/v.asp?v. SALLY PHILLIPS, Southampton.