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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, June 30, 2006

Dorset & New Forest Safe Water Society AGM

Weds 26th July 2-5pm at New Milton Quaker Meeting House, Whitefield Road, New Milton

Professor Paul Connett's lecture in Southampton, May 24th is obtainable from Dr Fox as a power point presentation file by email from af@anthonyfox.co.uk

Too much fluoride?

Before having a look at thyroid deficiency and its link to depression, we should learn a bit about it, and how it is caused and why. People who are depressed are sad, unmotivated most of the day and are usually worse in the morning. They sleep poorly, and wake up tired; they feel worthless, they have a poor self-image. They may eat more or less and put on or lose weight. Sir Winston Churchill used to call it his Black Dog. In his case, as with many, it was self-limiting: probably an extra cigar and brandy banished itâ?¦

Thursday, June 29, 2006

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Binghamton, NY, is fluoridated:

" LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Lack of dental care painful
June 15, 2006

I have been working with children and families for a number of years. I have worked with children and adolescents who have never been to the dentist because they cannot afford the cost. The children I have worked with suffer unbelievable pain each day. They do not have parents or insurance companies who will pay for dental work nor orthodontics. There are so many people in our country suffering each day for the lack of dental treatment. Why is it so expensive? Why are so many people suffering"

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

USA - West communities continue to debate risks of fluoride

One Acreage resident, Alex Larsen, said she believes fluoride caused her father's cancer because he worked on fluoride systems.

"If it's a choice between cancer and a cavity, I'll take the cavity," she said. "I can have the cavity filled. I can't fix the cancer. Read the side of a tube of toothpaste. It says, 'If ingested, call poison control.''"

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

USA Mayor takes wise stand on fluoride

Mayor takes wise stand on fluoride
Recently, Mayor Scott Lang of New Bedford submitted a statement on the recent proposal for water fluoridation in his community. The citizens of New Bedford are fortunate they have a true leader who has proposed a much safer plan to address the dental health issue than community water fluoridation. Mr. Lang recognized that by targeting tooth decay in young children through a comprehensive dental health education and treatment program, the potential unintended health risk to the general population would be avoided. Bravo!

Australia - Motion to stop fluoride

Ballina fluoride rethink bid

EVERY day Councillor David Wright brushes his teeth with fluoride toothpaste — just like thousands of other Ballina Shire residents. But the prospect of adding fluoride to the water is enough to make him grit his teeth. The councillor, together with John Felsch and Margaret Howes, has launched a rescission motion asking that the council reconsider its support for adding fluoride to the shire’s water. If successful, the motion has the potential to keep fluoride out of the shire’s water. It would also put pressure on Rous Water to come up with a method of adding the fluoride at individual reservoirs, instead of adding it at the central treat- ment plant where it would go into all of the various local councils’ water supplies.

Ballina mayor and chair of Rous Water, Phil Silver, said he understood it was achievable, he just wasn’t sure at this stage how it would be achieved.
"The fact that the rescission motion has been launched means the community has been given a second chance to make their decisions about fluoridation known," he said. Councillor Wright said he wasn’t against fluoride itself, just putting it in the water. "People should have the right to make their own decision," he said. "And if it was so important that it was in our water, the State or Federal government would make the decision to add it. It wouldn’t be left to local governments." Cr Felsch says people who don’t need fluoride shouldn’t be forced to take it.
"It’s all very well for mayor Phil Silver and others to say ‘put it in the water’, but people like me who have rainwater tanks aren’t going to drink it," he said. "Why are we having all these chemicals put into our beautiful water? "When you look at the history of people who have had fluoridated water, some of them have terribly mottled teeth. I have never seen proven facts that support the benefits of adding fluoride to the water."
General manager John Christopherson said the council would meet to discuss the motion and then it would go to full council within the next month.
What do you think?
Phone 6624 3266, SMS 0428 264 948 or email opinions@northern- star.com.au

Monday, June 26, 2006

Port Angeles: Fluoride foes ask for hearing


PORT ANGELES -- A public hearing will be held but has not yet been scheduled in the wake of a request from residents concerned about the interaction of the city's newly fluoridated water with chemicals to be used in water treatment plants.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

USA Makes a change a pro fluoride gets the push

New Bedford Mayor Scott W. Lang insists that he did not fire the city's commissioner of health and human services over the fluoride issue, but others close to the controversy have their doubts.
Board of Health Chairwoman Patricia Andrade said he informed her of his decision to fire Robert F. Davis during the same conversation in which he told her he is opposed to adding fluoride to city water to fight serious and widespread dental problems in New Bedford children. Mayor Lang denied covering the two subjects in the same conversation and said it wasn't fluoride, but a series of disagreements about Mr. Davis' leadership that prompted the dismissal.

USA Palm Beach County decides to keep fluoridating

Cavity-fighting water, and rational thinking, still flows, thanks to four astute county commissioners. But the EPA can help contain this emboldened debate by responding quickly to the report, especially by noting it has no implications for fluoridation.

Certainly that won't turn off the anti-fluoridation stalwarts, but it could go a long way in stemming the infection of confusion.

BOTTOM LINE: A smart decision, but this debate will rage on. The EPA must respond.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Australia - Dentists ache at decaying numbers

Lynton Grace
Friday, 23 June 2006
Dubbo's shortage of dentists is threatening local oral health, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) has warned. Dental decay rates have risen for the first time in 30 years according to the ADA, which yesterday told the Daily Liberal there simply were not enough dentists in regional areas. The warning comes the day after the 50th anniversary of water fluoridation,

Friday, June 23, 2006

Australia - I don't doubt this they do fib

Mr Habib, who was Rous chairman for 20 years and a member for 30, claimed that in 1975 the Health Department told Rous Water that the children of Yass had the best teeth in Australia as it was the first area to fluoridate its water. Mr Habib said he wrote to the headmaster of a school in Yass to verify the claims and was told they were untrue. The headmaster also claimed that over 85 per cent of children lived in the country and relied on tank water.

Just like the NFIC claiming the York findings backed fluoridation.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Fifty years of fluoride
By Tyron Butson
Thursday, 22 June 2006

Drinking tap water could have long-term benefits on your teeth because of the levels of fluoride in it, according to dentists as they celebrate 50 years of fluoride in public water. Wednesday marked the 50th anniversary of introducing fluoride into New South Wales public water supplies. Bowral-based dentist Lynette Wallace of Village Dental Care said fluoride was important to the strengthening and healthy development of teeth. "Fluoride is essential to strengthen teeth, all the way from conception it is very important to get into their teeth to fight decay," she said.

Full story: SHN, Friday, June 23, 2006.
Option available to post your comments.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

USA - Florida - Keeping fluoridation despite call to end it.

County keeping fluoride in water
Study suggests harmful effects; official wanted to end practice

By Patty Pensa
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Posted June 21 2006
In a second go-around over the hotly debated issue of fluoridating public water, the Palm Beach County Commission on Tuesday rejected arguments that the additive is harmful and clashed with a recommendation by the county's top administrator to stop the practice.
In a 4-3 vote, the commission decided to keep fluoridating water that reaches 480,000 residents in unincorporated Palm Beach County. The majority of commissioners didn't want to decide fluoridation's fate until the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency responds to a study that prompted officials to re-evaluate.

County Administrator Bob Weisman, who recommended halting fluoridation, said he wouldn't expect a federal response for five to 10 years.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Letter: A bitter pill

Nigel Smetham writes a deeply flawed analysis of Southern Water's role in potential water fluoridation (The Argus, June 13).
Since no one sane or senior can be forced to take medication, the propagation of fluoride through the public water supply is truly immoral and illegal, even, since the 2003 Water Act was rubberstamped by biased politicians. Along with other water companies, Southern Water has sought legal indemnity against criminal proceedings should customers (I guess we're all customers, not citizens, nowadays) sue over health or civil rights issues following fluoridation.

If there is no problem, why ask for an indemnity? If there is, why should customers take the risk? This is no matter for customer referendums since one citizen-customer cannot dictate the bodily ingestion of another. I cannot demand Nigel Smetham takes compulsory medication, yet that is what he asks of me. He also asks it of every reader of this paper, their friends, families and colleagues.

It is high time Southern Water revised its corporate policy. It should stand up to a Government hell-bent on this crazy policy.
-Peter Poole, Brighton

Monday, June 19, 2006

Disgusting if true - is it the same here?

USA - letter

Health risks outweigh benefits of fluoridation

Duluth residents would be doing themselves a favor by getting rid of water fluoridation. Since 1970, our lawmakers decided to artificially add hydrofluorosilicic acid to every water supply without our consent. Now, Minnesota leads the country, with more than 98 percent of the population drinking from fluoridated water supplies. Our rates of cavities and tooth decay are better than some states, but Minnesota seems to be the exception instead of the rule.

In 94 percent-fluoridated Illinois, dental disease has reached epidemic proportions. In 95 percent-fluoridated Kentucky, third- through sixth-grade students have twice the rate of tooth fillings than the national average. In 75 percent-fluoridated Oklahoma, cavities and decay are a silent epidemic, while in 89 percent-fluoridated Connecticut, there's an oral-health epidemic.

These numbers should show one of two things. First, we need to stop believing that fluoridated water is helping what it was first thought to help, reducing tooth decay. It is clearly not working. Secondly, we need to hold the organizations accountable to the recent scientific studies and reports showing the detrimental effects of fluoridation. If the American Dental Association, Centers for Disease Control, and U.S. Public Health Service claim that fluoride is a "proven cavity fighter," then we deserve to see the science behind the claim. The small doses we receive every day create a cumulative effect in our bodies. People now suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis may have done nothing wrong to deserve this condition, but a lifetime of ingested fluoride could explain their current plight.

America seems to be the only country still supporting the practice of fluoridation. Why must we trail behind the world in yet another important health issue?


The writer is a Minnesota representative for the Fluoride Action Network
in Sauk Rapids.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

USA - ER's Pushed to the Brink:

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Danbury, Connecticut, is fluoridated:

"There's not a day goes by that we don't see patients with dental problems,'' Koobatian said. "But we don't have a dentist in our ER."
posted by nyscof

Saturday, June 17, 2006

USA - Fluoride war to begin again

Fluoride war to begin again
Published Friday, June 16, 2006
by By John Johnston
Eighteen months ago, County Administrator Robert Weisman told the Boca Raton News it was “unlikely” that an upcoming National Research Council (NRC) study would resolve the issue of whether or not to put fluoride into public drinking water.
The NRC study is “just a study of all pre-existing studies,” he said.
What a difference 18 months makes.
Last week Weisman did an about face, saying that the since released NRC study suggests that the "perceived dental benefits" of fluoridation may not sufficiently exceed the possible negative effects of using it.
Long article

USA Boston

Letter: Fluoride discussion should be renewed
Friday, June 16, 2006

Several years ago, shortly after chlorine had been removed from Topsfield's water supply, I wrote a published letter that suggested fluoride should also be eliminated. As expected there was no response either from residents or from the Water Department.
I have recently read the book "Fluoride Deception" by Christopher Bryson, and strongly suggest that anyone concerned about their family's future health also read it, or other publications on the subject.
Fluoride is a waste byproduct from the aluminum smelting, nuclear weapons and fertilizer manufacturing processes. Its supposed benefits were foisted upon us by industries that desired to make extra profit from a derivative they would otherwise have to dispose of. The protection of teeth has been greatly exaggerated.

American scientists are now calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to lower the level of fluoride downwards from its current maximum of 4 milligrams per liter. In the United Kingdom, where only 1 milligram per liter is used, that level is considered a health threat and can be linked to cancer, thyroid disease, diabetes, arthritis and dementia.
I propose that now would be an opportune time for citizens everywhere to insist that this dangerous additive be removed from our drinking water. Maybe Topsfield could perhaps be a leader in this movement. I hope so.

Roger J. Hale
Caitlin Lane

Friday, June 16, 2006

Harmful not just to pets.

"Research shows that many tap water sources contain levels of chlorine and fluoride that can be harmful to your pets," says Tomas Malave, CEO and Founder of Mollibrands(TM). "That's why we created Molli's Choice. It's a fun, healthful product line that even the most finicky pets will enjoy and benefit from."

Can we believe them?

New Crest Toothpaste Combines Cosmetics and Science in One Tube
By Julia Suppa

Digital Journal (NEW YORK) — It’s been touted as the greatest innovation in toothpaste since fluoride was introduced in 1955; the future of oral health care; and the best toothpaste to ever be put to market. After ten years of research and development, Crest is about to launch the toothpaste to end all toothpastes: Crest Pro-Health
In fact, the science behind this toothpaste is actually what makes it work so well, as it includes two very important ingredients — Stannous Fluoride and Sodium Hexametaphosphate. Stannous Fluoride is the only active ingredient to treat cavities, gingivitis and tooth sensitivities, while Sodium Hexametaphosphate is purported to be the best cosmetic cleaning ingredient.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wonder if there are more hip fractures in Fluoridated areas here?

Outdated ideas about fluoridation

Maureen Jones
Archivist, Citizens for Safe Drinking Water San Jose, CAlif.
Posted June 15 2006
Aside from the obvious wisdom of not using public drinking water as a vehicle to deliver highly cumulative people-treatment substances, consider the following:

1. Ninety percent of tooth decay occurs where fluoridation was never claimed to be effective: the pits and fissures of teeth, i.e., the chewing surfaces of the molars. Thus, for decades, dentists have been applying plastic sealants to these surfaces.

2. In 1993, the Journal of Public Health Dentistry reported, "Fifty percent of U.S. Head Start children have had baby bottle tooth decay." Fluoridation does not work here either. And nowadays the sippy cup is extending this decay to epidemic levels. The Denver Post illustrates this point in an April 13, 2004, article. Denver has been fluoridated since 1954 and one dentist reports 300 cases a year of this rampant decay. See www.Keepers-of-the-Well.org

3. Fluoride's effect is now claimed to be topical (such as toothpaste) rather than by ingestion (Journal of the American Dental Association, July 2000). The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concurs.

4. In establishing the lethal dose for test animals, it took 20 times more naturally occurring calcium fluoride to kill 50 percent of the adult guinea pigs than it took for any of the three water fluoridation chemicals.

5. In the Aug. 12, 1992, Journal of the American Medical Association, a Utah hip fracture study shows that hip fractures were double for women at age 75 if they drank fluoridated tap water for a 20-year span prior to their menopause when bone turnover is still rapidly depositing the embrittling fluoride into new bone. The men's increase in hip fracture was 41 percent. These figures only reflect the 50 percent accumulation into adult bone. Imagine what this figure would have been had these women been raised on fluoridated water since infancy, wherein fluoride accumulation is 87 percent.

A 2004 book based on 1995 declassified documents, The Fluoride Deception, reveals the details of this 1950s public health blunder. www.FluorideAlert.org posts over a dozen reviews of this long-overdue investigative report.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Australia - Indication of brainwashing

Lismore water to get fluoride
Wednesday, 14 June 2006. 08:09 (AEDT)Wednesday, 14 June 2006. 07:09 (ACST)Wednesday, 14 June 2006. 07:09 (AEST)Wednesday, 14 June 2006. 08:09 (ACDT)Wednesday, 14 June 2006. 05:09 (AWST)
Fluoride is to be added to the Lismore water supply.Lismore City Council voted 8-4 at last night's meeting to go ahead with the plan. Mayor Merv King says it was a controversial issue, but as yet no recision motion has been lodged against the decision. He says the move brings the community in line with most of the state.
"I think there's something like 90 per cent of the water supply in NSW has had fluoride added to it in a whole range of cities and towns throughout the country, or throughout the state," he said. "So that's an indication I think, not for our particular area, but it's an indication that it's something that's accepted pretty widely throughout New South Wales."

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Southern Water washes their hands

In response to a number of letters in your columns recently regarding fluoridation of drinking water, contrary to what some readers have suggested, fluoride is not added to water supplies within the Southern Water area.Under The Water Act, 2003, the decision on whether or not to add fluoride to the supply rests with the Strategic Health Authority, not Southern Water.Our role is to provide technical information on supply and distribution arrangements associated with any scheme promoted.In terms of customers' views on this matter, regulations were introduced last year which require a health authority to consult fully with customers before implementing any fluoridation scheme.
This is to ensure customers in the affected areas are in favour. In this respect, customers should be sure to take part fully in the consultation process on any scheme proposed. In terms of the taste reported by some of your correspondents, drinking water may occasionally have a slightly chlorinous taste and odour.
We use a very small dose of chlorine in the treatment process to ensure water is free of any harmful bacteria and is safe to drink.

However, if customers notice unusual tastes or odours in their drinking water, they should contact our call centre on 0845 278 0845 and we will be pleased to investigate. Southern Water is committed to provide customers with a cost-effective service and drinking water of the highest standard. We will soon be publishing the results of our monitoring during 2005, which confirms drinking water quality is being maintained at a high quality. More detailed information on water quality can be found at www.southernwater.co.uk .

-Nigel Smetham, head of water quality, Southern Water

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Wisconsin is 89% fluoridated

Almost half of Wisconsin children enrolled in Head Start are experiencing tooth decay, while one in four have untreated tooth decay with some needed urgent oral health care."

posted by nyscof

Saturday, June 10, 2006

USA - County administrator pushes for halt to fluoride in water

By Anthony Man
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Posted June 10 2006

County Administrator Bob Weisman recommended Friday that Palm Beach County end fluoridation of the water supply for 480,000 residents.

Friday, June 09, 2006

NFIC "Isn't fluoride wonderful."

Click on picture to enlarge

NFIC leaflet

Australia - From The Hastings Safe Water Association

Please accept the following scientific study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 83, No. 6, 1429-1437, June 2006 with our compliments.

The Hastings Safe Water would like to draw your attention to yet another scientific study warning about Fluoride Exposure and the dangers for those with chronic intestinal failure. Add this to the recent study concerning the connection between Fluoridation and Osteosarcoma in young boys and we can do no less than consider Fluoridation a crime. There is a growing mountain of scientific evidence of the danger of Fluorides to all living things and one wonders at what is driving those who continue to turn a blind eye to studieslike the recent Harvard study and now this one.
Therese Mackay
President Hastings Safe Water Association

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 83, No. 6, 1429-1437, June 2006
© 2006 American Society for Nutrition

Wales. Never mentioned fluoridation - amazing.

Tooth decay warning is nothing to smile about

PARENTS are being urged to lead by example after figures revealed a massive increase in tooth decay among children. A recent survey shows that nearly half the children in the county suffer from tooth decay by the age of five. Health chiefs are worried by the increase in the number of children not looking after their teeth properly, and are calling on parents to make changes.
Anne Williams, oral health promotion officer for the North Wales Community Dental Service, said: “We would like to see a better level of dental health among children in Flintshire. “Decay levels among children are increasing and therefore we need to make changes – people need to take on this behaviour themselves.” The dental service is encouraging parents to follow a few simple steps to protect their children’s oral health. Ms Williams said: “Sugar causes tooth decay, and while excluding it from a diet completely is very difficult, the damage it causes can be restricted.

“Limiting sugar to meal times is very important, because it gives teeth time to recover. If children are going to have a sugary fizzy drink, they should have it with a main meal and drink water or milk in between meals.“Children like sweets, but we’re trying to encourage parents to give them only as a treat – maybe just once a week.” The message comes as part of National Smile Month, in which teams of experts are touring pre-school groups across Flintshire to promote key tips for that all-important smile. “The message is how children’s teeth can gain the maximum benefit from using fluoride toothpaste twice a day. “It’s crucial to get into the habit on thorough brushing from an early age, and that’s what this campaign is about.”

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

City offers rain barrels at reduced cost to help water conservation efforts

It's ideal for plants. Rain water naturally does not contain minerals, chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals, therefore it is healthier for your plants than tap water.

Better for humans too?


June 2, 2006



Industry and Government Collusion Turn Consumers Into Toxic Waste Dumps

CRUSADOR investigative reporter Pam Killeen interviews Paul Connett, PhD., a specialist in Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology, and Professor of Chemistry at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York.

Long report worth reading Also chance to add comment

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I wonder how their health compares with unfluoridated areas?

50 years of fluoridation
By Jenny Joynt
Tuesday, 6 June 2006

This year we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the fluoridation of public water supplies. Fluoridation was first introduced into mainland Australia in 1955 in Yass. The earliest fluoridation Australia wide was in Beaconsfield in Tasmania in 1953. The official "turning on" of the fluoridated water supply in Yass was on June 22 1956.
Two figures were instrumental in persuading Yass Council to introduce fluoride into the Yass water supply. They were Dr Sydenham Dobbin AM and Dr David Graham MBE. Fluoridation had been well tested overseas.

Media Link, a video news release company from Sydney, was in Yass on Wednesday May 31 to film Dr Sidney Dobbin recounting the process which those in favour of fluoridation had to go through to convince councillors that fluoridation was best for Yass. He acknowledges the contribution of Dr David Graham, and of those who kept the movement alive when Dr Graham became ill.

Monday, June 05, 2006

USA - 29% less now!

Theresa Arnett, registered dental hygienist at the clinic, also would like to see the city reverse itself on fluoridation. Children from communities with fluoridated water have 29 percent less tooth decay, she said.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

My letter to Lady Gardner I won't hold my breath for a reply

The Rt Hon.Baroness Trixie Gardner
House of Lords

2nd July 06

Dear Lady Trixie Gardner

I came across the article http://www.theadvertiser.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5936,19342811%255E912,00.html in an Australian newspaper about your position in the House of Lords and learnt that you are instrumental in the push to fluoridate the UK. Have you ever considered that you may be wrong about fluoride considering that the York Report the government funded enquiry did not find evidence that fluoride was either effective or safe. I know Professor Trevor Sheldon, MSc, MSc, DSc, FMedSci. who led the team is against fluoridation. You can read a letter he wrote to the National Pure Water Association protesting as to how the British Fluoride Society and the British Dental Association twisted their findings. Did you know this?
Despite what the BFS and the BDA say there has been no worthy investigation since. The Newcastle investigation was rubbish just on a few young fit students and even then one result was discarded because its finding did not fit the norm.
Did you know about the Harvard Professor paid by Colgate who hid the fact that an accredited PHD student found a connection between osteosarcoma and boys? Did you know about the New Zealand dentist who was instrumental in getting fluoridation started in NZ who turned against it? I've just heard Professor Paul Connett a toxicologist and his argument is devastating against fluoridation but will anybody from the BFS or the NHS debate with him - no chance.
I could go on but I'm sure you would not read it and a search on the internet will find more facts that I can relate.
I'm sure you are aware of Lord Edward Baldwin's opposition to fluoridation and he too served on the York panel. Does none of this persuade you to wonder if you are right?

Yours sincerely,
Bill Edmunds

New Zealand - phone poll decides!

Challenge to council's introduction of fluoridation
Posted at 9:29am on 4 Jun 2006

A Kerikeri man is challenging the right of the Far North District Council to introduce fluoridation on the basis of a phone survey.The council may fluoridate water in Kaikohe and Kaitaia, if a Colmar Brunton poll of 300 people shows a majority in favour.
But a former district councillor, Derek Ellis, says councils must now set out all their intentions in their long-term community plans and consult the public fully.
Mr Ellis says in the case of fluoridation, the Far North public has been denied the right to make submissions.He says it removes individual choice at a time when reputable scientists are raising doubts about the safety of fluoride.

New York Post

4 June, 2006 -- Even your mattress can kill you.
The most mundane, everyday products contain a toxic brew that floods the human body with some 700 synthetic chemicals - and could wreak havoc, a new book warns.
The growing number of chemicals in foods, medicines and consumer products are weakening our immune systems, triggering disease and even threatening our reproductive future, writes investigative journalist Randall Fitzgerald, author of "The Hundred-Year Lie: How Food and Medicine Are Destroying Your Health."
"There's a chemical bomb in your body - and it's about to explode," he told The Post.

Fitzgerald argues the cumulative effect of the chemicals can trigger genetic susceptibility to cancer, autism, attention deficit disorder and neurological disorders like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. He also cites alarming trends, among them the drop in human sperm counts in the last few decades and the onset of puberty in girls 8 and younger.
Fitzgerald also found startling new types of pollution.
For instance, recent water testing in California showed 60 percent of the state's rivers and streams had high levels of Prozac, Ritalin and antibiotics. People either dumped excess prescription drugs or excreted them into the sewer system. Waste-water treatment and purification plants failed to remove the toxins. "We are constantly recycling these toxins through our bodies," Fitzgerald said.
The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has tested the blood of more than 10,000 adults and kids over the past five years - and found hundreds of synthetic chemicals. What's scarier, Fitzgerald reports, is the "synergy" that makes the chemicals much more toxic when mixed.
"We are all guinea pigs in a vast chemical experiment where there is no instruction manual," Fitzgerald said. The pharmaceuticals prescribed for illness and diseases caused by synthetic chemicals introduce more toxins into the body, making us even more vulnerable to viruses - such as the looming threat of avian flu, he said. He offers health tips on his Web site, www.hundredyearlie.com. susan.edelman@nypost.com
Tap water: Chlorine transforms other chemicals into compounds linked to breast cancer, while accumulated fluoride may cause retardation.
Plastic water bottles: Molecules of bisphenol-A, used in manufacturing to make plastic flexible, leach into the water, especially when warmed by sunlight. The chemical can disrupt fetal development, memory and intelligence.
French fries: A 2005 study found that frying starches creates carcinogens. Breast milk: Recent tests of nursing women in 18 states found traces of rocket fuel that had polluted water used to irrigate crops. Dry cleaning: Fumes or residues from caustic solvents can cause cancer, nerve damage, memory loss, depression and cardiac abnormalities. Air sanitizers: Fragrance sprays release benzene fumes, which can cause leukemia.
Diet drinks: The artificial sweetener aspartame, once listed by the Pentagon as a possible biochemical weapon, breaks down, when stored at 85 degrees for a week, into formaldehyde and other chemicals linked to brain tumors. Mattresses: Flame retardants and vinyl combine with room warmth and common fungi to create toxic gases that may cause headaches and dizziness - and asphyxiate babies as in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Deodorants: Contain suspected cancer-causing chemicals; perfumes and hairspray use industrial substances known to damage the liver, kidney, hormonal process and sperm count. Non-stick cookware: Nearly 100 percent of umbilical cords from newborns contain the chemical PFOA - used to make Teflon - which may alter hormone levels and cause birth defects. Plastic food containers: Zapping meals in the microwave heats and releases plastic chemicals, which seep into the food. The chemicals can harm fetal development.
* Flame retardants in kids' pajamas, furniture and carpeting are sold as safe, but emit formaldehyde and other toxic gases that we inhale.
* "All-natural" does not always mean chemical-free, but the use of chemicals that mimic a natural source.
* "Unscented" or "fragrance-free" products do not necessarily mean fewer chemicals, but simply the use of chemicals without an odor.
* "New-car smell" and other vinyl aromas may delight, but are volatile organic compounds with cancer-causing styrene and formaldehyde.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

One to thank for it!

True Blue in House of Lords
BARONESS Trixie Gardner does not know the names of all 722 fellow peers in the House of Lords but they know hers.

The lone Australian woman in Westminster's Upper House clocks up 25 years on the red leather benches this month and has stood out since the day she arrived.

Ranked the 13th most active speaker this year, the forthright blonde rarely misses a sitting day.

While fusty Brits doze on the benches around her, the 78-year-old listens alertly and throws in her two cents worth in an accent that is charmingly posh with only the faintest tinge of Ocker.

Despite living in Britain for more than 50 years, the Conservative has not relinquished her Australian citizenship and injects her homeland into the House at every opportunity.

Almost as soon as the Sydney University dentistry graduate entered parliament she used the platform to encourage the Brits to add fluoride to their water.

Through the years, she has advised them to import echidnas to fight a termite outbreak and drawn on experiences Down Under on topics ranging from P-plate drivers to pension reform. No subject is out of bounds. She was first on her feet to raise the issue of screening tests for prostate cancer.

"One of the Lords came up to me later to thank me and said no man would have dared bring that subject up in the House," she says.

Most peers adopt UK place-names as their titles. The only two antipodean males in the House are Lord May of Oxford and Lord Broers of Cambridge. Baroness Gardner was having none of it. She fought for, and won, special permission to use her birthplace, Parkes, NSW.

"My roots are so deeply Australian I don't want to let them go," she says.

The eighth-born child believes her older siblings helped shape her style. "I'm used to getting in quickly, you've got to speak up," she says.

Amazingly, she did not have to utter a peep to break into the House of Lords. The first she knew of her appointment was a white envelope with the Number 10 Downing Street insignia in her letterbox in 1981. Her friend Peter Thorneycroft, chairman of the Conservatives and himself a Lord, mentioned her name to then prime minister Maggie Thatcher, who was on the hunt for good women. "I suppose its because I'm very interested in whatever is happening. I'm interested in people," she says. "And I want to help them."

A quarter of a century later, she has settled into her life peerage.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Australia "The health service are very good at dismissing anyone who opposes fluoride as a loony,"

Fluoridation referendum ‘is unviable02.06.2006
By JANE GARDNER LISMORE councillor Ros Irwin makes no apology for opposing fluoride in public water supplies. However, she believes the final say needs to be given to the public through a referendum, and not left with the State Government or local councils. "If we are going to compulsorily medicate everyone, then we need to be absolutely sure that is what they want to happen," she said. Cr Irwin said those opposed to fluoride were often pigeon-holed as disillusioned. "The health service are very good at dismissing anyone who opposes fluoride as a loony," she said. "But there’s a wide range of evidence and research that has led me to believe there are question marks over its impacts.
Lismore mayor Merv King said the issue would be debated in council in the coming months, however, a referendum would be unviable. "That’s just the personal opinion of one councillor," he said. "I suppose it could be held, but there would be a big cost involved. "My stance (on fluoride) will be made known when we have to vote, but right now I don’t have a long-held view either way." Ballina Shire Council opted to support fluoridation of its water at last week’s ordinary meeting. Richmond Valley Council voted unanimously in May to delegate the decision to the health service. The Byron Shire Council reject- ed fluoride earlier this year.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pete Chalos: Fluoridation removal should be on local agenda

Special to the Tribune-Star

Last year, 11 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) employee unions, representing over 7,000 environmental and public health professionals, called for a moratorium on drinking water fluoridation programs across the country. I wrote a two-part commentary exploring the evidence that inspired the letter these professionals sent to the U.S. Congress.

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Anyone for tea?

Tea is a natural source of fluoride and delivers 45 percent of the recommended daily requirement if you drink three to four cups daily.

I know a few people who drink 5 times as much so they will be well and truly over dosed with fluoride if the SHA's go ahead with their crazy fluoridation plans.