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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Smart meters - reassuring or not?

Smart Energy GB
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Talk about water. 6 years ago I discovered the secrets to water and began practicing. Helped to stop aging and elikinate body fat and toxins. In this video I cover the best water to drink, why flouride is more toxic then lead and how to remove floride from the body. Alkaline Water and How to Fix Flouride Poisening


................Another primary means of dumbing down America is through mass media. If the public is busily preoccupied with the superficial garbage spoon-fed to the masses every single day via television, movies, music, internet, video games that all act just as effective as the most potent drug dulling the senses and the brain, again an enormous control over the population is achieved and maintained. Here again Donald Trump is the perfect icon: politics reduced to entertainment. When asked where he derived his knowledge of the facts from, Trump answered “the TV shows.”With so much entertainment as the modern day opiate to the masses to divert people's attention, these weapons of mass distraction easily render people oblivious to see what is really happening in the world. We are all being numbed and dumbed.
This too is another form of calculated brainwashing, mind control as well as behavior control that the media as vehicles of propaganda and disinformation constantly utilize. The constant 24/7 sensory bombardment that media puts on humans is one highly effective means of control over both culture and population.
Currently an incredible near 70% of all Americans are taking at least one prescription drug. Between the multibillion dollar alcohol and tobacco industries and the multibillion dollar Big Pharma industry, these corporate entities wield colossal amounts of power in America, buying off politicians, spending billions on advertising, often times killing people whose addiction overpowers them.
Rampant drug addiction in US society becomes yet another very effective means of control over millions of humans who struggle daily with their very real demons. The number of deaths related to drug overdose has jumped 540% since 1980. And whatever collateral damage results from those who die as well as those who engage in criminal activity to support their habit, with both a privatized prison industrial complex and privatized medical system, again the only profiteers feeding off the misfortunes of the afflicted are that same power elite.
The same damage and dumbing down-effects are only added on when considering the detrimental and often lethal effects that chemically processed foods, chemical and hormone injected meat products, genetically altered organisms (GMO's) and pesticide-ridden foods, not to speak of fluoride treated water, that virtually the entire American population consumes on a daily basis. The masses are poisoning themselves to death with built up toxins in their bodies...................

NZ - 'Major savings' in extending fluoridation

The government has been told there are major savings to be made in extending fluoridation but that controversy surrounding the issue will not go away.
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman announced last month that district health boards rather than local authorities will decide which community water supplies are fluoridated.
Information and research provided to Cabinet's social policy committee backgrounding the decision was released by the Ministry of Health yesterday.
A child's mouth showing rotten and decaying teeth.
Information provided to a Cabinet committee said New Zealand children had high rates of preventable tooth decay. Photo: 123RF
In the release, Dr Coleman and Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne say although New Zealand's oral health outcomes have improved dramatically over the past 30 to 40 years, the country still has high rates of preventable tooth decay.
"In 2013, for example, more than 40 percent of all five year olds and more than 60 percent of Māori and Pacific five-year-olds already had tooth decay.
"These same children, and children in high deprivation areas, are also likely to have significantly lower levels of newborn enrolment with primary care services, contact with Well Child services, enrolment with child oral health services and completion of the B4 School Check."
Fluoridation has benefits for all age groups, the information states.
"Reductions of tooth decay are reported to be around 20 percent among adults aged 18 to 44 years and 30 percent among adults aged 45 years and over. Among children and adolescents, there is a 40 percent lower lifetime incidence of tooth decay."
The World Health Organisation has endorsed fluoridation as the most effective public health measure for preventing tooth decay and the research provided to the Committee says some evidence suggests poor oral health is also linked to other health problems.
Currently 27 out of 67 territorial local authorities fluoridate their drinking-water supply, meaning 54 percent of New Zealanders receive fluoridated water.
"The level of coverage has not increased over the last 15 years. A number of local authorities have decided not to fluoridate or have introduced fluoridation and then reversed their decision."
The papers provided to Cabinet said fluoridation had become "an increasingly contentious issue" for local bodies, because of active lobbying and court action against councils by anti-fluoridation groups, and controversy at local body elections and referendums.
"The view of Local Government New Zealand is that fluoridation decisions should be made in the health sector, rather than by local government which is simply the owner and operator of water assets and does not have fluoridation expertise."
They said it was possible that fluoridated water supplies could be extended to cover an extra 1.45 million people. Net savings of more than $600 million over 20 years would result, with most savings to consumers and a small amount to Vote Health.
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman in a media standup following Budget 2016.
Jonathan Coleman announced last month that DHBs will decide which community water supplies are fluoridated. Photo: RNZ/Elliott Childs
A report by the Sapere Research Group, which was also released, estimates the total capital and operating costs of extending fluoridation, to areas not currently receiving it, to be $144 million over 20 years.
Sapere said dental decay accounts for approximately one percent of all health loss in New Zealand, due to early death, illness or disability.
The research said there had been a number of court challenges over fluoridation, notably involving South Taranaki District Council and Hamilton City Council.
"Because none of the High Court's decisions finally rule on the substantive merits of fluoridation, the issue remains open to challenge by opponents of fluoridation. Councils find that they cannot make a decision "once and for all" but face the prospect of having to undertake further public consultations and to revisit decisions to fluoridate."
The government decided DHB decision-making was the best of several future options considered - but added it came with risks.
These included that "the boards of DHBs would face the same scrutiny that territorial local authorities have experienced at election time over fluoridation. The election of anti-fluoride advocates could lead to a stalemate or a reversal of fluoridation, as has happened with some local authorities."
The research says that in order to help manage these risks, the ministry would develop a regulatory framework to support DHBs to take a structured and nationally consistent approach.
Local bodies will retain the direct operating and capital costs of fluoridation, but DHBs are likely to incure some additional costs, relating to consultation and accessing technical expertise, and to costs in the event of judicial review of their decisions.
These costs, expected to be in the range of $100,000 to $200,000 (per challenge and excluding GST), potentially could pose "a substantial burden on smaller DHBs. In this case the Ministry may need to provide additional financial support to DHBs."
A bill and other measures are expected to give effect to the changes later this year.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Is it an accident?

That there is a healthcare system in place that makes us sick and broke. That the legal and financial systems are as corrupt as humanly possible. Just look at the Panama Papers. This is a small percentage of the levels of financial and global economic corruption that truly exist.

Do you think it is an accident?

- To treat a weakened, toxic, and cancerous body with the poisons of radiation and chemotherapy.
- To vaccinate the young, innocent, and bright children with poisons and neurotoxic metals. Let’s lower the flu rate and instead cause autism, auto-immune issues and crippling mental systems.
- To murder 12 holistic doctors in a three-month span, many of whom, had connections to the newly discovered enzyme, “nagalase” that has been placed in vaccines that inhibit the body’s ability to fight cancer cells.
-To put the 2nd most toxic element on the planet inside of our mouths and six inches from our brains.
-To load soaps, toothpaste, pillows, carpeting, cleaning products, kitchenware, lawns and beds with poisonous man-made chemicals.
-To load our drinking water, the elixir of life, with fluoride; a chemical industrial waste byproduct of aluminum manufacturing and a destroyer of the pineal gland, and hundreds of other heavy metals and chemicals.
-To torture animals and feed them poisons for their entire lifetime and then feed the diseased and depressed result to the general public.
-To sell Homogenized and Pasteurized dairy and cheeses. Let’s remove all of the light and life-force energy, destroy all the nutrients from an incredibly powerful medicine, make it virtually indigestible and market it as a health food.
-To get the general population addicted to fast food, soda, processed foods, and alcohol with mass advertisement. All foods that act as poisons and feed disease and parasites and slowly kill us.
-To see time and time again, renewable energy geniuses mysteriously dying. It has been undeniably proven that we can power the world with free, clean energy, yet oil companies have gone the distance to prevent this from happening, and continue to drill into mother earth, and devastate the lungs of our planet.
-To spray the air with poisonous chemicals via chem-trails.
-To keep people on the hamster wheel working and slaving away with non-stop fear mongering and faulty mass-media coverage.

I don't know. You tell me...

UK - SomersetDistrict’s dental health improves

The figures show childrenAccording to figures released by Public Health England, the amount of tooth decay in children aged five years old in the district dropped to 18.1 per cent during 2014 to 2015, meaning North Somerset now has the fourth best figure in the South West and is comfortably below the region’s 21.5 per cent average.
This is in contrast to the 23.5 per cent figure in 2013-2014 when North Somerset was found to have the third highest number of children suffering from tooth decay out of the 15 local authorities in the South West.
The pattern of improvement in tooth decay levels has been credited to parents and carers encouraging good dental hygiene habits in children from an early age.
A spokesman for NHS England said: “This is the first improvement in results since 2012 which is great news.
“This is due to greater awareness among parents of the importance of a healthy low sugar diet and fluoride toothpaste.
“It’s never too early to take children to the dentist for advice on caring for teeth, to encourage healthy dental habits and to spot problems early.
“With a few tips, such as making sure children are brushing properly and cutting down on sugar, parents can be reassured of their child’s dental health.”
Nationally, the number of children aged five suffering from tooth decay has dropped to its lowest level in almost a decade and stands at less than 25 per cent – a 20 per cent decrease since 2008 when it was as high as 30.6 per cent.

Open Parachute - Debating fluoridation and tyranny – Tom O’Connor responds

Firstly I am not opposed to the use of fluoride to combat tooth decay per se. Nor do I have any “anti-fluoride mates” as you put it. If the government wants to make fluoride freely available there are many ways of doing that without imposing it on everyone.
There are three main elements to the fluoride debate. The first is the efficacy or otherwise of fluoride as a preventative for tooth decay.
The second is the use of reticulated potable water as a means of delivering anything other than clean water to the community.
The third is the issue of mass medication, or mass treatment or mass therapy of people without individual consent and practical convenient and affordable alternatives. Legislating to declare a medical treatment is not a medical treatment simply on the ground that the dose rate is measured in parts per million is one of the most stupid and dishonest things I have ever seen any government do. Many medications are measured in such minute quantities.
The Grey Power Federation objection to the proposed addition of fluoride to potable reticulated water is based on the third element only. We do not have a policy in the first element simply because we do not have the expertise or scientific qualifications to develop such a policy. We have not considered the second element.
That policy has been, in my view, adequately explained in the Timaru Courier opinion piece you refer to. The following comments are therefore mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Grey Power members or anyone else.


As you rightly point out there is probably nothing to be gained in participating in the endless argument between proponents and opponents of fluoride as an oral health treatment. Both sides have accused the other of engaging in pseudo-science and scare mongering. Both are, to some extent, probably accurate and in agreement on that point alone. However, where doubts exist, it is probably better to err on the side of caution.

Reticulated water

Territorial local authorities have the responsibility to provide potable water to their communities where no other sources are available or suitable. The principle responsibility of local authorities, as outlined in the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand, administered by the Ministry of Health, is to ensure drinking water is as free from all other substances and organisms as possible. Using reticulated potable water to convey anything else, be it medical or not, is contrary to that principle.
The use of chlorine to remove micro-organisms and other pathogens is designed to remove unwanted and potentially unsafe matter from drinking. At the end of that process there is not supposed to be any detectable chlorine. That there often is demonstrates the difficulty of getting the addition of trace elements correct. That is a very different matter to the deliberate introduction of an additional substance which many people don’t want.

Mass treatment and individual consent

This is not the first time mass medication or treatment has been introduced in New Zealand. Iodine deficiency, as a cause for goitre, was discovered in the early 1900s and to address the problem table salt was iodised at up to 80mg of iodine per kilogram of salt in 1938. This was accompanied by an extensive public education programme and there was always un-iodised salt as a practical, convenient and affordable option on grocer shop shelves for those who did not want it.
Suggesting that those who object to fluoride in the water they pay their local authority to deliver can obtain alternative supplies from a community tap or buy it from the supermarket is unacceptable. These options are not possible, practical, convenient or affordable for many people.You may also recall a recent proposal to add folic acid to all bread products as a means of addressing a reproductive issue for women. The public outcry which saw that proposal dropped was not solely based on doubts about the efficacy of folic acid but the fact they many people simply did not want their bread medicated with anything for any reason.
You may also recall a recent proposal to add folic acid to all bread products as a means of addressing a reproductive issue for women. The public outcry which saw that proposal dropped was not solely based on doubts about the efficacy of folic acid but the fact they many people simply did not want their bread medicated with anything for any reason.
There are practical and cost effective methods of providing fluoride for those who want it. Forcing it on those who don’t want it is simply unacceptable in a free society.
Tom O’Connor

The Most Horrifying Fluoride Video on the Internet GONE INTELLECTUAL

Sunday, May 29, 2016

UK - Letter published on the 28th May under the Echo heading "Deal Would Undermine Equality."

The Government’s true feelings for the NHS were shockingly revealed when leaked plans showed it was to have no protection from TTIP – the infamous Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership, and CETA - Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement.  The Government was forced into a shaming U Turn to provide NHS safeguards against the world’s ultimate corporate power grab. 
TTIP contains secret plans to introduce a special justice system for business investors across Europe, giving corporations legal privileges to undermine domestic courts and create a parallel corporate legal system. This investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) gives global corporations the power to challenge any new laws or regulations that could adversely affect their profits.  War on Want (and others) claim governments are plotting through TTIP/CETA, to undermine the basic principle of equality before the law. Big Business will get a private justice system more powerful than national legislation, enabling them to sue governments for policies that threaten corporate interests.  These could include workers rights, health and safety and environmental protections.
Our Government is ardently committed to TTIP.  The question for all of us is what other vital institutions, human rights (already under threat) and civil liberties will be secretly weakened or signed away in this toxic deal that millions oppose?  

Once ratified this and all future governments will be shackled to TTIP/CETA.  But could leaving the EU mean an even more dangerous bi-lateral deal?  The EU, influenced by millions of campaigning citizens, has the power to kill the most egregious parts and negotiate vital protections.  However, unfettered by EU safeguards, Cameron could privately sign deals that would put us at the mercy of global corporations - Monsanto, Big Pharma, Agro-petrochemical industries and many more.  The Government could then use TTIP to impose measures previously denied them by public pressure. The NHS, whose existing exclusion would be invalid, would be one of the first victims due to rampant privatisation and cost hikes in pharmaceuticals.  Supermarkets could be forced to sell unlabelled GM products, since labelling would threaten profits.  Former Tory Environment Minister Owen Paterson (strongly Brexit) is a fan of GM and Monsanto.  Present Environment Minister Liz Truss is working hard to overturn the European ban on neonicotinoids, Monsanto’s bee killing pesticide.  There could be weakened health and safety protections on fracking, and the possibility of US-led compulsory mass medication of our public water supplies (fluoridation).   

Isolated from Europe this Government would have weaker negotiating powers, but paradoxically, be freer to hand over our sovereignty in a massive corporate takeover of the UK. TTIP will be hugely more beneficial and profitable to Corporate America than to us.  So, is it safer to remain and have powerful influence in Europe, or leave and hand over our democratic sovereignty to greedy multinationals?  

Jennifer Godschall Johnson


Published on 28 May 2016
"Safe Water Halifax" facebook have been working very hard grassroots to raise awareness about this issue.... like and share their page and information .. thank you... water fluoridation affects a quarter of a million people in the Halifax Regional Municipality.. it needs to be stopped. Moncton and Saint John are two cities in the Maritimes who have stopped fluoridating their water supply.. https://www.facebook.com/Safe-Water-H...

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Very important presentation by Professor Paul Connett in Auckland on Saturday 2 July. Please support Fluoride Free NZ's events.
We need support to bring Professor Connett to New Zealand and fund a public advertising campaign. See our give a little page.

Friday, May 27, 2016

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What jabs and when

One of the key vaccinations is for whooping cough.

Getting vaccinated while you're pregnant may help to protect your baby from developing the potentially fatal condition in their first few weeks of life.
The immunity you get from the vaccine will pass to your baby through the placenta and provide passive protection for them until they are old enough to be routinely vaccinated against whooping cough at two months old.
Young babies with whooping cough are often very unwell and most will be admitted to hospital because of their illness.
Pregnant women can safely help protect their babies by getting vaccinated against whooping cough (pertussis) when they are 28-38 weeks pregnant.
It's recommended that all pregnant women have the flu vaccine, whatever stage of pregnancy they're at.
Once your little bundle of joy arrives and has been registered with your GP, your doctor will keep you informed of the inoculations they need to receive.
Here is a quick guide: Two months: Your baby will have a 5-in-1 injection of DTaP/IPV/Hib vaccine – this single jab contains vaccines to protect against five separate diseases: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), polio and Haemophilus influenzae type b. Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine. Rotavirus vaccine – although this is given orally.
Three months: The second dose of the 5-in-1 (DTaP/IPV/ Hib) vaccine. Meningitis C. Second dose of Rotavirus vaccine. Four months: Third dose of 5-in-1 (DTaP/IPV/Hib) vaccine. Second dose of Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine.
Once your child starts school, it is important to keep up to date with the childhood immunisation schedule, this is coordinated by the school nursing team.
Here is a quick guide according to school year: Year 1, 2 and 3: your child will be offered the flu vaccine – this is given as a nasal spray on a yearly basis during October/December.
Year 8 girls will be offered the human papillomavirus vaccine, which protects against cervical cancer – this is given as two injections at least 6 months apart.
Year 9 pupils will be offered the 3-1 teenage booster which protects against diphtheria, tetanus and polio, they will also be offered the MenACWY vaccine which protects against meningitis (caused by meningococcal types A, C, W and Y bacteria).
For more information, visit www.nhs.uk/Conditions/vaccinations. Alternatively, contact your GP, health visitor or school nurse.

Sounds insane to me. My mother had 10 siblings only one died and that was through a faulty heart. They had good food, good air from living in a rural area and in 1900 they didn't have all these vaccinations to safeguard them but they thrived. 

UK - How children in Salford are brushing away bad dental care with teeth hygiene lessons

Some children wait up to a year for dental treatment, so now they're being taught the best ways to keep their teeth clean and healthy

In a region where hundreds of children face waiting up to a YEAR to have teeth removed, a Salford school have been brushing up on lessons in tooth care.
Pupils at Peel Hall Community Primary in Little Hulton are among 3,000 schools, in areas worst affected by child tooth decay, to be given dental education packs.
In Manchester, 25.6 per cent of three year olds have experienced tooth decay - one of the highest rates in the country.
Tooth decay is now the main reason that five to nine-year-olds are admitted to hospital for general anaesthetics in the UK.
Dental disease also costs the NHS £3.4billion each year, yet is preventable with these simple actions:
  • Brushing for two minutes twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Cutting down on sugary foods and drinks.
  • Visiting the dentist regularly.
The Wrigley Company has teamed up with the Co-op Food and the Oral Health Foundation to bring oral health awareness into primary schools.
This week the MEN revealed 300 children face waiting up to a YEAR to have teeth removed in hospital because of a severe nursing shortage.
Pennine Acute, which runs hospitals in North Manchester , Rochdale , Bury and Oldham , currently has a waiting list of around 300 youngsters needing procedures.
It covers one of the worst areas in the country for child tooth decay, but due to a shortage across the board, there is currently nowhere else to send patients.
Peel Hall has received material to help teach pupils about oral health, including a ready-made assembly that head teachers can use to address the whole school on the subject.
Lesson plans for Key Stages 1 and 2, and a copy of The Lost Smile, a new children’s book about oral health published by Wrigley are also included.

Some health authorities are proactive not like Southampton who think fluoridation is the only way.

USA - Public Fluoridation Hearings Complete, No Decision By Council

Dr. John Naugle, DDS
Dr. John Naugle, DDS
Thursday afternoon the City of Buffalo had their final public hearing on the possibility of adding fluoride to the city's drinking water, and again, the overwhelming sentiment of those attending was for the city not to do it.
The few that spoke at the hearing were opposed to adding the fluoride to the city's water, but had no issue with finding alternatives to help the county's population improve their dental health, including using public funds to educate, purchase materials and promote better prevention methods.
Ideas ranged from helping to pay for fluoride varnishes and fluoride pills to educating parents on instructing their kids in better prevention methods to improving county resident's diets to lessen the intake of sugary foods and refined carbs, which are shown to contribute to tooth decay.
Dr. Mark Schueler, County Health Officer for Johnson County, has been behind this latest push to fluoridate the city's water, saying he wants to see improvement in the oral health of the county's children, which would be the main beneficiaries of fluoride in the water.
Dr. Schueler has said as the county's health officer he feels it is his duty to try for fluoridation.
Dr. John Naugle, a dentist from Sheridan, spoke against fluoride in the water, saying “fluoride doesn't work. However, there must be some middle ground.”
He explained that fluoride is only useful when taken internally by children from 3 and 12 years of age.
Dr. Naugle said he wasn't there to tell the council what to do, but did say in his 36 years, he has not seen any positive benefit from fluoride in the water. He said when fluoridation began, no one was supposed to have tooth decay. Now, according to him, it's worse than its ever been.
The next step in the process, according to Mayor Mike Johnson, is for the city council to add this to their meeting agenda for June 21st, where they will make the decision on whether or not they will fluoridate the city's water....................

NZ - Candidate puts hand up for a council seat

Siggy Henry. Photo / supplied
Siggy Henry.  Photo / suppliedAnother contender in the upcoming local body elections is Siggy Henry, who will run as an environmental advocate.
Mrs Henry said a main focus of her campaign will be championing an ecotourism approach for the city.
She has a degree in tourism and worked in the hospitality trade around Europe. She now works as a health and wellness coach in the city.
"Coming from Europe you're seeing different things. I see we can do a lot more in ecotourism. It's a big thing today ... finding a niche for Hamilton and the Waikato besides Hobbiton to attract people to come and check out our city."
Mrs Henry said the the pulling power of ecotourism is highlighted in her home, which is a strawbale house. She hosts a room on Airbnb and said the environmental building method was an attraction for lodgers.
"It's a big thing and people just haven't touched it. That's my focus - how we can bring people into the city.
"Have you ever been on the ninth floor of the Council building? Hamilton is green. I've always had that vision of making Hamilton into the clean green place that we are calling New Zealand," she said.
Mrs Henry is a firm supporter of incumbent Mayor Julie Hardaker, and praised the departing mayor for her work on children's playgrounds and cycleways around the city.
"Because I'm a trustee at Parent's Place I love the playgrounds they're building. Because I work in health and wellness I love the walkways and the cycleways. They have started some really good stuff and I want to see that carried on. Maybe even have more added on," she said.
Her previous actions in regards to Council have been to protest widespread pesticide use and she supports removal of fluoride from Hamilton's mains water...........

Fluoride is a common chemical that has been sold to us as being "good for our teeth and bones". Even those in the medical community have been deceived by misinformation and outright lies about it.
Learn some TRUTH about this known poison (literal poison!) and how to avoid it to improve your health.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

USA - Alma Notifies Residents Of Fluoride Addition To Drinking Water

ALMA (KFSM) -- The Alma Public Works Department sent out a notice to residents who are connected to its water supply.

It notified those in Alma, Redhill, Dyer and Kibler that they will begin fluoridating the water, starting on June 15.

Alma Public Works Director Mark Yardley said the population in those areas combined is around 9,000.

"The purpose is to improve the oral health of the people in the city of Alma," Yardley said.

He said the state mandated act has been met with some resistance.

"There are those in the community who have voiced their opposition to have fluoride in the drinking water but, because it's state-mandated, we really don't have a choice," Yardley said. "We have to fluoridate the water."

The Arkansas Department of Health and The American Dental Association backs the addition of fluoride to drinking water, noting it to be safe and effective in preventing tooth decay. Those on the other side of the issue have called it unethical and unhealthy.

In 2011, Arkansas Legislators passed Act 197 requiring water supplies serving more than 5,000 to use fluoride in those systems.

The amount of fluoride is regulated by the state.

"Regulation calls for a fluoride level between 0.7 and 1.2 parts per million, and the city of Alma is planning to feed the 0.7 million," Yardley said.
Unfortunately, in spite of the mounting evidence that fluoride does more damage to human health than it helps, public water systems across the country are still regulated to include fluoride in drinking water. Dental products are still touting the benefits of fluoride and consumers are continually exposed to massive amounts.

Dr. Paul Connett of Fluoride Alert asserts that, “Fluoride is the only chemical added to water for the purpose of medical treatment. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies fluoride as a drug when used to prevent or mitigate disease (FDA 2000).”

How to Avoid the Dangers of Fluoride

What should you do? Since 70% of the U.S. water supply is fluoridated, you may want to consider adding a water purification system to your home if you’re using municipal water. Avoid dental products and treatments that contain fluoride. Also, avoid tap water as much as possible when in public places. The hidden dangers of fluoride not only cause those unappealing white spots on the pearly whites, but also can be the cause of other more serious health conditions.

Australia - LETTER: Why we should say no to fluoride

I BELIEVE that in Gladstone 30 million litres of carefully monitored water are flouridated every day, on the grounds it reduces tooth decay.

The proponents of this scheme of mass-medication try to steer people's minds away from criticism with empty and unproven rhetoric, thereby ignoring the fact there has been enormous world-wide research conducted as to the pros and cons of fluoridation, with the result of a massive global rejection of this scheme.

The American Dental Association alone, after conducting a comprehensive study on 39,000 children, found no benefit was derived from flouridation at all
Flouridation was forced onto us, for God knows what reason, by a very unpopular Queensland premier, and was immediately disbanded on her demise from politics.

Floiuride, like lead, mercury and asbestos is an accumulative poison and if ingested, can have very serious ramifications on our long term health.

I would like to ask those people who favour mass-medication: "Would you drink a bottle of Dettol to cleanse a cut or abrasion, or a bottle of insect repellent to keep away the sandflies, rather than applying it to the skin? If not, why not?"

Buy a tube of flouride toothpaste and read :"Warning, do not swallow after brushing teeth. Spit and rinse throroughly." I wonder why!

Let those people who support fluoridation buy their own and drink it, and thereby save much anguish and misery for other folks.
With that I'll rest my case.
Hank van Meegan

Albuquerque, New Mexico Will NOT Be Adding Fluoride To Water Supply

By Derrick Broze

Albuquerque, New Mexico will continue to maintain a fluoride-free water supply after the local water authority voted to remove funding for water fluoridation for the fiscal year 2017.
On Wednesday May 18, the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority voted to remove proposed funding for water fluoridation from the utility’s 2017 budget. The Water Utility Authority had originally recommended spending $250,000 to add extra fluoride into the water supply to help the county reach federally recommended levels of fluoride. Bernalillo County’s supply is at 0.3 parts per million while the federal government recommends .7 parts per million.
Only weeks ago Hart Stebbins, a Bernalillo County commissioner, introduced a measure that would have required the water authority to add fluoride to the water supply to a level of 0.7 parts per million. However, on May 18, the board opted not to vote on the measure, effectively ending the bid for water fluoridation.
“Adding supplemental fluoride to the drinking supply is one way to help insure that community oral health is improved,” said David Morris, with the water authority, said days before the board ultimately decided not to take up the resolution.
Albuquerque became the largest city not to add fluoride to the water supply in 2011 when the water authority said they would wait until federal guidelines were updated in 2015. The decision ended a 39-year practice of water fluoridation for the Bernalillo County.
Although water fluoridation will not return to the county, the Albuquerque Journal reports that the board did approve a measure which “asks the New Mexico Congressional delegation to request expedited action on the final recommendations.” Supporters of water fluoridation were dismayed by the non vote and called for the board to vote on the issue once new guidelines are issued.
“The disappointing thing is that they have the science in front of them,” said Dr. Ron Romero, an Albuquerque dentist. “It’s not totally over yet. It allows more time for the education of policy makers.”

So what does the science say about water fluoridation and what the heck IS fluoride?

The substances added to municipal water supplies known by the name fluoride are actually a combination of unpurified by-products of phosphate mining, namely hydrofluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride. In the United States, thousands of tons of fluorosilicic acid is recovered from phosphoric acid plants and then used for water fluoridation. During this process the fluoride ion is created.
This process of taking waste from the phosphate industry and putting it into drinking water has long been criticized for its effects on human health, and that of the environment. It is well known that water fluoridation has led to dental fluorosis for millions of children. This discoloring of the teeth was called “cosmetically objectionable” by the Centers for Disease Control. Beyond the cosmetic effect, there have been a number of studies indicating health issues ranging from arthritisbrain problemsreduced thyroid or overactive  thyroidkidney problems and bone cancers.
While proponents of water fluoridation have long pointed to an apparent drop in tooth decay in fluoridated nations as proof of its validity, those claims have been proven wrong by the World Health Organization. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has stated the fluoride in the water is directly related to better teeth quality; however, the WHO released its own study showing that tooth decay rates have dropped in all Western nations, whether fluoridated or not.
In 2015, Truth In Media reported that the Cochrane Collaboration, a global independent network of researchers, professionals, and patients, reviewed the most comprehensive, well-designed and reliable papers on fluoride, before analyzing and publishing their conclusion.
According to Newsweek:
The review identified only three studies since 1975—of sufficient quality to be included—that addressed the effectiveness of fluoridation in the population at large. These papers determined that fluoridation does not reduce cavities to a statistically significant degree, says study co-authorAnne-Marie Glenny, a health science researcher at Manchester University in the United Kingdom.
The scientists also found “insufficient evidence” that fluoridation reduces tooth decay in adults (children excluded). “From the review, we’re unable to determine whether water fluoridation has an impact on caries levels in adults,” Glenny says.
Trevor Sheldon, dean of the Hull York Medical School in the United Kingdom, conducted a review of water fluoridation in 2000. Sheldon concluded that the process is not effective. “I had assumed because of everything I’d heard that water fluoridation reduces cavities but I was completely amazed by the lack of evidence,” he told Newsweek. “My prior view was completely reversed.”
Sheldon points out that some studies have actually shown that when water fluoridation was ceased, cavities went down a small percentage among schoolchildren.  This includes a 2001 study of two British Columbia communities that was included in the Cochrane review......................

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why Cannibalism Really IS Bad For You... Idiots.

I watched this to the end as I found it strangely entertaining. The make up ritual and the outlandish views.

Still think fluoride is beneficial to your health? Here's why you should think again and filter it out! www.chansonwater.com

Southampton children paying for anti-fluoride decision

Southampton children paying for anti-fluoride decision
Southampton children paying for anti-fluoride decisionMore than a third of children are starting school in Southampton with rotting teeth, it has been revealed. The figures are also on the rise and confirm Southampton has the worst oral health rates in the South East. Eighteen months ago plans to add fluoride to the city’s water supply were scrapped after public outcry over the move.

Public Health England (PHE) confirmed they would not go ahead with the fluoridation scheme in the face of overwhelming public opposition and against the wishes of both Hampshire County and Southampton City councils. But they insisted adding fluoride to the supplies of 160,000 Southampton residents and a further 35,000 people in neighbouring parts of south west Hampshire, was safe and effective way to help address the area’s poor dental health record.

The latest figures show a deterioration in the levels of tooth decay since that decision was made. When asked whether the plan could be tabled again a spokesman for Public Health England said it would be down to the local authority to begin that discussion. In a statement they said: “Water fluoridation is one of a range of actions, including supervised tooth brushing, that councils can consider to improve oral health in their area.”

The new statistics were published by PHE in its latest Oral Health Survey from 2014/15. They showed that 33.7 per cent of 1,155 five-year-olds in Southampton surveyed displayed obvious signs of tooth decay. City health chiefs say more needs to be done to tackle the problem, although new projects are being rolled out to help improve children’s teeth.

PHE want to waste another £1,000,000 when it could have been spent on educating mother's to look after their children's teeth?
No mention as to why Portsmouth's dental decay rates have gone down. Those responsible for children's dental care in Southampton ought to be sacked if they can't do the job.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

USA - Fluoride Free Austin

ACTIVISTS UPDATE: Posted Monday, May 23, 2016, 11:00 A.M.

In a stunning development, the FDA earlier this year issued a warning to Kirkman Industries, Inc. ordering the company to immediately discontinue marketing of its fluoride supplements (sodium fluoride-containing drops, tablets and lozenges) because FDA has never approved them as safe and effective for preventing tooth decay. Kirkman, however, is not the only - or largest - firm currently making the same fluoride products, which are sold nationwide. The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) and International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) have filed a citizens' 'petition with the FDA calling on the Agency to take action against all companies selling these drugs.
Find Links to Read and Sign the Petition Here