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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, February 28, 2011

UK - Daily Echo - letter

This what the Chief Medical Officer says about the stuff they put in. The BFS call it a co-product but they would call it that rather than a waste product.

Water Industry Act, allows hexafluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) and disodium hexafluorosilicate (Na2SiF6) to be used to increase the fluoride content of water. The published Code of Practice on Technical Aspects of Fluoridation of Water Supplies (Department of the Environment, 1987) gives specifications for these substances and states that 'the product. ..must not contain any mineral or organic substances capable of impairing the health of those drinking water correctly treated with the product'. For H2SiF6, limits are given for a number of possible impurities, including for iron, heavy metals, sulphate, phosphate, and chloride. The specification for Na2SiF6 powder requires a minimum of 98% m/m of the pure chemical, and gives maximum limits for impurities, including heavy metals (as lead) and iron. No other substances are allowed to be used in the fluoridation process, other than an anti-caking agent (the identity of which must be disclosed) in the case of Na2SiF6. Synthetic detergents are not permitted.

Thus there is no likelihood, in normal operation, for any fluoridation plants to introduce other compounds into the drinking water supply (other than approved anti-cakinq aqents and any impurities present in the fluoridation chemicals).

Folic acid’s triumphs and caveats

Folic acid’s triumphs and caveats
From Monday's Globe and Mail
Fortifying certain foods with folic acid seemed one of the great public-health successes of the past decade, in reducing the rate of neural-tube defects such as spina bifida in babies. But in light of research suggesting that excess folate levels promote cancer, governments should take a second look to ensure that its approach still makes sense.
Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate, a B vitamin that occurs naturally in dark, leafy greens and grains. Since 1998, both Canada and the United States have required food producers to add folic acid to certain foods, such as white flour and enriched pasta. The rate of neural-tube defects has dropped from 0.86 per 1,000 live births to 0.4, a drop of more than 50 per cent, according to a Canadian study published in 2007 in the New England Journal of Medicine. That means 170 fewer babies a year growing up with such deformities as spina bifida. The U.S. has had similar success.
The birth defects may occur before women know they’re pregnant, so women who could become pregnant need to ensure that their diet includes at least 400 micrograms (0.4 mg) a day of folic acid. Hence the requirement that the foods be fortified. It’s not quite as hard to avoid as fluoride in tap water, but it’s close. It’s in Kellogg’s Corn Flakes (79 micrograms, of which 60 are synthetic, in a 100-gram serving), frozen waffles (25 micrograms, 19 of them synthetic) and cheese tortellini (74 micrograms, 62 synthetic).........

Sunday, February 27, 2011

UK - Ignorance is bliss

Obviously Fred doesn't read the letter page and the In MY View column of the paper he contributes to: the Echo.

FLUORIDE: The Bizarre History - 1 / 20

USA - Arkansas State Senate passed legislation

NEW YORK, Feb. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Despite admission by the Federal Government that American children are being over-exposed to fluoride, and that fluoride's benefits are primarily topical, the Arkansas State Senate passed legislation on Thursday to force fluoridation on the entire state. This legislation will require cities to add unnecessary, untested fluoride chemicals into the water supply, clearly risking the health of many Arkansas residents.

Fluoridation chemicals-often purchased from Mexico, China, and Japan-are waste products of the phosphate fertilizer industry that are often contaminated with arsenic and lead. These industrial-grade chemicals have never been tested for safety in humans or animals, and have never received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

While the Arkansas House and Senate rush to cast votes that will affect most residents of the State, the public's voice has been excluded from the process. Oddly, the push for mandatory fluoridation in Arkansas comes in the wake of an historical shift in the U.S. fluoridation program.

On January 7, 2011, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), recommended lowering the level of fluoride added to drinking water. This was in response to national survey data showing that 41% of adolescents ages 12-15 have dental fluorosis, an outwardly visible sign of fluoride toxicity. However, the new level recommended by HHS (0.7 parts per million fluoride) is still too high to protect all citizens.

Infants drinking formula made up with water containing 0.7 ppm fluoride will receive approximately 175 times more fluoride than a breast-fed infant. African Americans and Mexican Americans have been shown to be at an increased risk of developing dental fluorosis, and are at a higher risk for suffering from the more severe forms of this condition (Table 23, http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/ss5403a1.htm). Low-income children have a greater risk for suffering from all forms of fluoride toxicity, as poor diet exacerbates the detrimental effects of fluoride. Thus, this is clearly an Environmental Justice issue...........

Saturday, February 26, 2011

FLUORIDE: The Air We Breathe - 3 / 20

Fluoride warning makes good sense

Fluoride warning makes good sense
Rick Horowitz, Portsmouth
For the Monitor
February 25, 2011
Feb. 12 was a sad day for New Hampshire parents and their babies. But most of them will not even realize it, and that was the point of what happened.

House Bill 312, which would have required a notice on water bills warning parents not to give fluoridated water to their infants, was recommended for defeat in subcommittee under heavy lobbying pressure by the New Hampshire Dental Association and the New Hampshire Water Works Association, with Portsmouth Rep. Rich DePentima, a member of the subcommittee, instrumental in the decision.

HB 312 was to ensure that parents are aware of warnings issued since 2006 by the Centers for Disease Control and the American Dental Association to avoid using fluoridated water in infant formula due to increased risk of dental fluorosis, which causes cosmetic and sometimes structural damage to teeth. The CDC's website indicates that dental fluorosis only occurs before teeth erupt from gums, and that fluoride only reduces tooth decay after teeth erupt from gums.

Given substantial evidence linking fluoridated water to IQ deficits and other neurological problems in children, one would think that putting a warning not to use fluoridated water in infant formula on water bills would be a no-brainer. But clearly, the lobbyists and DePentima thought otherwise. All is not lost, however. The full committee will be hearing testimony on this bill in the coming week and can override the subcommittee's vote.

USA - Five Decades Later, Fluoride Fight Continues

GRAND RAPIDS — It's an issue that has been the center of controversy for decades. Dentists credit adding fluoride to our drinking water supply for a decrease in tooth decay, but a growing number of critics say it's time to stop.

Brian Nylaan, DDS, runs a practice in Kent County. "It's got a 55 year proven track record," Dr. Nylaan says of fluoride.
Five Decades Later, Fluoride Fight Continues
Lisa LaPlante
FOX 17 News Reporter
Others say it's a chemical that can be dangerous to your health. "It's like putting a medicinal property in water and we don't do that, we don't put medicines in water," says Barb Meconis of Holistic Care Approach in Grand Rapids Township. She steers clear of city water; she uses a water purifier at her clinic. "People should drink purified water, and that means water that's gone through some type of filtration system so that both the fluoride and the chlorine has been filtered out of the water."

In the past several years, studies have found people who are exposed to higher amounts of fluoride have lower IQ's than their counterparts. Dr. Tammy Born says she sees patients suffering from flourosis - too much fluoride. She says her concerns are osteoporosis and worse. "There's possibly some evidence that it could affect cancer and some symptoms, and I think the downsides now outweigh the upsides," Dr. Tammy Born told FOX 17 News........

Friday, February 25, 2011

Australia - Port Macquarie Hastings Fluoridation begins in May

USA - Low-income children who consumed recommended fluoride doses have more fluoride-damaged teeth and high cavity rates

NEW YORK, Feb. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --
Low-income children who consumed recommended fluoride doses have more fluoride-damaged teeth and high cavity rates, according to research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, January 2011.
NEW YORK, Feb. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Low-income children who consumed recommended fluoride doses have more fluoride-damaged teeth and high cavity rates, according to research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, January 2011.
Fluoride (hydrofluosilicic acid) is added to U.S. water supplies in a failed effort to reduce tooth decay. However, in Mexico fluoride is added to salt because water fluoride levels are low.
Mexican preschoolers and school-aged children in a low-income area were measured for cavities, fluorosis (fluoride-discolored teeth) and urine fluoride levels.
Despite urinary excretion within an optimal fluoride intake range, 78% of 4- to 5-year-olds and 73% of 11- to 12-year-olds have cavities while 60% of the older children have dental fluorosis.

In this study, dental fluorosis was significantly associated with the amount of toothpaste used, age and frequency of brushing. Three-fourths of the parents used fluoridated salt for cooking.

Fluoride was measured in bottled water, juices, nectars and carbonated drinks (range 0.08 ppm to 1.70 ppm)

The researchers report that "the results of previous studies show that the consumption of fluoridated water in addition to fluoride-containing products may promote an increased development of dental fluorosis lesions, even in people living in regions considered to be non-endemic areas."

"Legislators cavalierly order fluoride into the bodies of American children without considering their individual total fluoride intake, clearly causing potential harm," says attorney Paul Beeber, President, New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. "Legislators who vote for fluoridation often base their decision on hearsay and fail to look at the science behind fluoridation."

The researchers stress individual variables be considered before fluoride is administered such as nutritional status, total fluoride ingestion and excretion. Also, environment and geographical factors should be evaluated, including location, weather and altitude.

The CDC admits that fluoride's predominant mode of action is topical and that "(t)he prevalence of dental caries in a population is not inversely related to the concentration of fluoride in enamel, and a higher concentration of enamel fluoride is not necessarily more efficacious in preventing dental caries."

This study adds to a growing body of evidence indicating that fluoride ingestion is ineffective at reducing tooth decay, therefore making water fluoridation an outdated drug delivery system. See: http://www.fluoridealert.org/health/teeth/caries/topical-systemic.html

Reference: http://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/8/1/148/pdf

UK Lymington Times - Anti-fluoride campaign to challenge High Court loss

Anti-fluoride campaign to challenge High Court loss
AN appeal has been lodged against the High Court decision to allow fluoride to be added to the water supply of 8,000 Totton residents.
Earlier this month a judge ruled the South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) acted legally when it approved Southampton Primary Care Trust's proposals affecting a total of 190,000 people around the city overall, including those in Totton.
Now solicitors for Southampton mum-of-three Gerri Milner have lodged an application to appeal against part of the judicial review's finding.
The appeal will not focus on the original claim that the SHA should have listened to public opinion when considering plans to fluoridate water. Instead, it will target the way the SHA assessed evidence for and against fluoridation.
The SHA says fluoride will help
fight child tooth decay but opponents who gathered a 15,000-name petition protesting against "forced medication" took their fight to the High Court at a two-day hearing in January.
Lawyers for Mrs Milner argued the SHA had failed to properly take account of the views of residents, and statements by government ministers meant a local majority must be in favour for it to go ahead.
But although Mr Justice Edward Holman accepted widespread local opposition, he concluded the SHA had not actually breached regulations which for the first time allow the NHS to order water companies to add fluoride.
Campaign group Hampshire Against Fluoridation said: "Although disappointing, the judicial review has meant a two-year delay in implementing the scheme for which we should be grateful to Gerri Milner for pursuing this case.
"[It] has highlighted the absurdity of consultation guidelines that give absolute power to SHAs to do what they like when it comes to mass-medicating local drinking water.
"This gives the unelected board more power than local MPs, councils and the many thousands of local people who objected. Not only is this unfair it is clearly undemocratic too."
During consultation 72% of responses were against fluoridation, but a Mori poll for the SHA showed only 38% opposed, compared with 32% in support.
The SHA declined to comment on the appeal when approached by the 'A&T'.

UK - Daily Echo Letter

Consultation not genuine
IN the Daily Echo report (February 19) it is reported that the Strategic Health Authority 'was not bound by the results of the public consultation'. No one who remembers that the SHA distributed pre-paid postcards so that people would agree with their intention to fluoridate our water (no other option offered) would seriously contend that their 'consultation' was genuine. An inspection of the glossy booklet sent out by the authority, padded with irrelevant material, using misleading terminology, avoiding facts of key importance and trivialising health concerns, serves but to confirm that conviction.
It is a pity that the SHA did not bear in mind the words of Judge Webster several years ago when he observed: 'In any context the essence of consultation is "the communication of a genuine invitation to give advice and a genuine consideration of that advice."
G PAYNE, Southampton

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paul connett Miildura Part 1/7

Stirring talk.

USA - February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month
Keeping Your Child’s Teeth Healthy
SAN DIEGO -- February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and First 5 San Diego is reminding parents and caregivers about the importance of brushing and taking care of their children’s teeth.

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, nearly 50 percent of children have tooth decay before age five. A study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) found that over one-third (36.4%) of children ages one through five in San Diego County have never visited a dentist.

“A significant number of San Diego’s children enter Kindergarten with severe tooth decay,” said Barbara Jiménez, executive director, First 5 San Diego. “The pain affects their ability to focus and learn and is the number one reason children are missing school.”.............

After 66 years of water fluoridation:NYSCOF

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

USA - What's in their fluoride, Davis commissioners want to know

What's in their fluoride, Davis commissioners want to know
By Bryon Saxton
Standard-Examiner staff
FARMINGTON -- A lack of chemical labeling on the fluoride being added to Davis County's drinking water has the Davis County Commission exploring its options.
To prevent a worst-case scenario liability concern, which could arise in the event of a legal challenge, or having to respond to a chemical spill, the commission by consensus agreed to review the matter before coming back and incorporating some type of action.
"There is much to be explored and investigated," County Commissioner Louenda Downs said. "All of my questions have not been answered."
One option being entertained by the commission is to subpoena the fluoride suppliers and have them provide a full account of what chemicals are in the county's fluoride mix.
Those same suppliers failed to willingly provide that information to Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings upon request..........

UK - Fluoride anomaly

Fluoride anomaly
By Jenny Godschall
IN the judicial review on the fluoridation consultation process, Judge Holman was forced to find in favour of the South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA), though his heart was clearly with the people.
His decision reveals an extraordinary anomaly - a law that is contrary to the code of justice intrinsic in a democracy.
Labour's Water Bill legalises state enforced mass medication via the water supply, without individual consent and without choice. Ethical repercussions and public outcry were obvious threats to the policy. To overcome this, the Government egregiously used the fig leaf of consultation to pretend that there was no state oppression.
Fluoridation, we were assured, would not take place unless the people agreed. However, this was in itself unlawful, as the democratic process is not relevant in medical ethics. Human rights were also swept under the carpet.
In upholding the letter of the law, the judicial review uncovered something startling - the promises were fake, the people had no say whatsoever. The process was a deliberate political scam.
Communities could be fluoridated by force, without consent of individuals or their elected representatives, and as revealed in the hearing, without proper and unbiased assessment of evidence.
In fact the SHA board were never told to take the views of the people into consideration. The only purpose the consultation served was to falsely legitimise a corrupt law and provide a cloak of integrity to unelected SHAs who had been primed to make the "right decision". For this, they were given total legal immunity.
Water companies which had in the past refused to implement fluoridation schemes, were similarly bribed with immunity against all fluoridation claims by customers.
The intended purpose of this legislation is to achieve nationwide fluoridation whether people want it or not. The unintended consequence is that extraordinary powers were given to an unelected and unqualified quango.
Judges and MPs can do nothing but shrug and blame the law that has tied their hands. Thus protected, South Central SHA used their power to ignore the will of the people, the will of local councils, MPs and even ministers of state.
The Government must now decide. It can continue to use state force to commandeer the public's water supply for the indiscriminate delivery of medication - or it can repeal the law and ban fluoridation for good.
Forcing people to take a drug (fluoride) against their will, can never be a matter of majority vote. It is, and must always remain, a matter of individual choice.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dont Swallow Your Toothpaste

I know I've put it on before but well worthwhile to see again.


I don't think the CDC have said all that. They have called for a reduced level but I can't imagine them ever decrying fluoridation.

USA - Fluoride warnings need your support in Concord

Fluoride warnings need your support in Concord
February 22, 2011 2:00 AMFeb. 19 — To the Editor:
Wednesday, Feb. 12, was a sad day for New Hampshire parents and their babies. But most of them will not even realize it, and that was the point of what happened.

House Bill 312, legislation that would have required a notice on water bills warning parents not to give fluoridated water to their infants, was recommended for defeat in subcommittee under heavy lobbying pressure by the N.H. Dental Association and the N.H. Water Works Association. State Rep. Rich DiPentima, D-Portsmouth, a member of the subcommittee, who has written multiple letters to the editor supporting water fluoridation, is said to have been instrumental in the committee's decision to recommend the bill be killed........

Why would they do that?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Canada - Your Opinion Readers blow smoke at bylaw

The governments need to stop treating us like children. They want to ban smoking, yet they put fluoride in our water and force us to buy crappy light bulbs filled with mercury. They are trying to take the property of suspected criminals before they are even convicted, yet they are the ones who are thieves and con men. They praise democracy with their lips but despise it with their actions. Hypocrites.

-- dsaint

Uk - Southampton - Daily Echo Letters

Canada - Take Calgary's lead

Take Calgary's lead
By Sharon Edward, Edmonton Journal February 20, 2011 10:00 PM Re: "Calgary to scrap fluoridation in tap water," The Journal, Feb. 9.
Calgary achieved a victory. They voted against the addition of fluoride to their water supply.
Perhaps Edmonton will follow suit.
Fluoride is a toxic substance that does not belong in our water. You need a prescription to obtain fluoride at a pharmacy, so why are we being medicated via our water supply?

USA - Free clinic draws hundreds in need of medical care

Free clinic draws hundreds in need of medical care
The Tennessean
In Nashville where the water is fluoridated: "A dentistry wing, set up in the school gym, had more than 50 dental chairs. Thirty nine dentists roamed from chair to chair, doing patient consultations, cleanings, fillings, extractions and other work.

'About 700 of our patients today wanted to see the dentist,'"


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scientists admit dementia not a normal part of aging, refuse to acknowledge known causes

Scientists admit dementia not a normal part of aging, refuse to acknowledge known causes
Sunday, February 20, 2011 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/031417_dementia_aging.html#ixzz1EV7mlKgl
(NaturalNews) Contrary to popular belief, dementia is not a normal part of the aging process. The condition, which most often plays itself out in the form of Alzheimer's disease, is an abnormal neurological condition that is likely caused by a combination of factors, including but not limited to things like fluoride in the water, artificial chemicals in food, and mercury and aluminum in vaccines -- but the establishment medical and scientific community will never admit this.

"Dementia is not a normal part of aging -- it is caused by brain diseases that we can beat," said Prof. Kevin Morgan from the University of Nottingham recently, a Scientific Adviser for Alzheimer's Research U.K. But what is his solution? "More investment in research," he told reporters, which is the usual tactic used to address diseases of this nature........

Toxic Fluoride Poison

Don't follow his comment on amounts but worth watching.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

FIRE WATER: Australia's Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace (Part 6 of 9)‬

Dr Mercola

UK - Dail Echo - Letter

UK - Daily Echo - Legal Challenge to Fluoride Ruling

Legal Challenge to Fluoride Ruling
By Jon Reeve
THE High Court ruling upholding health chiefs' controversial decision to fluoridate Hampshire water supplies is to be legally challenged, the Daily Echo can reveal.
Solicitors for Southampton mum-of-three Gerri Milner yesterday lodged an application to appeal against part of the judicial review decision made in London last week.
They want to challenge Mr Justice Edward Holman's judgment that there were no grounds to consider the case that South Central Strategic Health Authority didn't fully assess the arguments against fluoridation.
As reported, he expressed sympathy with Ms Milner and other anti-fluoride campaigners, but ruled against her lawyers' arguments that the SHA should have paid attention to public opinion and that not all board members were fully aware of evidence against the scheme.
Ms Milner told the Daily Echo last night she feels it is essential she doesn't give up her fight, for which she is receiving legal aid.
She said: "I was absolutely devastated by the decision.
"We have to continue.
"If you look at the polls of public opinion, the taxpayers don't want it, so I'm sure they don't mind the tiny proportion more that it's costing to further the case, compared to what it's cost already.
"The figures the board was given were based on the best possible prognosis and a very flattering position.
"I believe they didn't have the right information to make the right decision. "This is such an important issue it's our fundamental right to say what we put in our own bodies and just because its meant to be good for us because someone else says it is doesn't mean we have to accept it."
The appeal will not focus on the original claim that the SHA should have listened to public opinion when considering plans to fluoridate water delivered to nearly 200,000 residents in Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams. Mr Justice Holman said the law clearly states the authority was not bound by the results of the public consultation, in which 72 per cent of the 10,200 respondents opposed the scheme.
Instead, the challenge will focus on the judge's refusal to allow a full judicial review of the way the SHA assessed evidence for and against fluoridation.
In court it was claimed that not all board members had been properly informed of detailed arguments put forward in opposition, including those of Hampshire Against Fluoridation and Hampshire County Council.
Ms Milner's solicitor, Sean Humber said it is not yet known how long it could take for a decision to be made on the latest application.
A spokeswoman for the SHA, which has set aside £400,000 to fight the legal case, confirmed the authority was aware the appeal application had been lodged.

Friday, February 18, 2011

And that is sodium fluoride what about Hexafluorosilicic acid?

UK - Anti fluoride campaign to fight on

Click to enlarge

UK - Parliament - some-hopefully-encouraging news .

Dr Julian Lewis (New Forest East) (Con): Because I cannot without massive inconvenience to others be present for the upcoming statement on forests, may I unreservedly welcome the Prime Minister's sensible and timely initiative on that matter? Given that the Government are responding so well to the views of the public on that issue, may we have a statement from the Minister for Housing and Local Government on the question of fluoridation in the Southampton area? A court has held that the soon-to-be-abolished strategic health authority has the legal right to proceed with fluoridation despite the opposition of three quarters of the population; nevertheless, if we are down for localism, surely the matter should be for elected local government to decide.

Sir George Young: My hon. Friend is right that the High Court rejected an application for judicial review of the decision by the South Central strategic health authority to apply fluoride to the water for his constituents, and indeed many others. It is now considering what next to do. I have some-hopefully-encouraging news for my hon. Friend. Under the reforms envisaged in the Health and Social Care Bill, the South Central strategic health authority will be abolished, and its public health responsibilities will be passed to local authorities, which will give my hon. Friend the control that he seeks. The Government are now, in the light of that court decision, working out how best to apply the regulations to take the fluoridation policy forward.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

FIRE WATER: Australia's Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace (Part 5 of 9)

Australia: There is Poison in Your Tap Water -- Sent With Love From China

Australia: There is Poison in Your Tap Water -- Sent With Love From China
Posted: 2011/02/16
From: Mathaba
.........South Australia's only political independent member of parliament, Ann Bressington said:
"What could be more important than finding out why South Australia's stillbirth rate could be so high, or why our incidence of cancer in this state is higher than anywhere else in Australia, or why so many people now suffer with numerous health disorders like thyroid problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, kidney problems or even a possible explanation for why so many children are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and other learning disorders.

"It seems that these particular health concerns are far outweighed by negotiations for our healthcare plan or perhaps even funding a new hospital. Naively I would have thought that the first concern for any Minister or Shadow Health Minister would be how to prevent people from becoming victims of these illnesses in the first place and what needed to be done to achieve that.

"Obviously preventative measures will only be considered when we have a "health emergency" status decided by a bureaucrat that will allow for forced vaccinations and forced detention. Of course all this will be done while "respecting people's rights and preserving their dignity" because our government cares about our rights and our dignity -- NOT", she said in a Facebook posting..........

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

UK - HAF February Newsletter

HAF February 2011 Newsletter

Canada - Formal Complaint Filed Against London Medical Officer of Health

Formal Complaint Filed Against London Medical Officer of Health
Miranda Chant
London's medical officer of health is being accused of misleading the public.
A formal complaint has been filed against Dr. Graham Pollett with the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, stemming from the debate over fluoride in London's drinking water.
The complaint, filed by Carole Clinch of Waterloo, is over a statement Dr. Pollet made that for every dollar invested after fluoridation --- 38 dollars in dental treatment costs are avoided.
Clinch calls the statement false and deceptive and says it violates what health care professionals stand for.
Clinch was the driving force in both Waterloo and Calgary to get rid of the fluoride in their drinking water.

FIRE WATER: Australia's Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace (Part 4 of 9)

UK - Face-Off between Southampton and SCSHA

Davell Wilkins on Wed, 02/16/2011 - 08:38 United Kingdom
A unique controversy pulled thousands of Southampton campaigners on the roads over the issue of fluoridation of water against the attempt made by South Central Strategic Health Authority (SCSHA).In the wake of rising health concern over adding fluoride to the drinking water, many local residents have registered their complaints in the High court.

Voicing the potential risk of thyroid and even bone cancer, campaigners alleged that inclusion of chemical like fluoride in drinking water can prove to be fatal for the human health and SHA is going against the consensus.

Contrary to the local opinion, dental experts claim that fluoride protects people from severe tooth decay, and is highly recommended for young children and poor families.

Defending the stand taken by SHA, Mr. Justice Holman from the health authority claimed that democratic parliament had already announced that fluorination of water can be done under special cases and henceforth, is legal under the eyes of law.

Expressing satisfaction over the court’s decision, Prof Damien Walmsley, scientific adviser of British Dental Association (BDA) claimed that this remarkable step will promote more countries to adopt fluorination of water to combat dental decay.
Further, he affirmed that many scientific evidences have confirmed the safety of fluoride on human health and subsequently this historic judgment can help in striking a balance between various countries on dental health inequalities.

UK - Daily Echo letter

Click picture to enlarge.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

High Court photos

Monday, February 14, 2011

FIRE WATER: Australia's Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace (Part 3 of 9)

USA - Fluoridation forces on the prowl again

Fluoridation forces on the prowl again
By: Les Minor - Texarkana Gazette - Published: 02/13/2011

There appears to be an effort under way in Arkansas at the legislative level to make water fluoridation mandatory in large public water systems.

This was tried six years ago, but it died in the Senate.

This new effort would require water systems serving 5,000 or more people to add fluoride to the public supply at levels deemed acceptable by the government and dental community..........


Airing Date Feb.13, 2011

Disclose.tv - Fox Doctor: "Fluoride Makes Teeth Enamel Weaker

Sunday, February 13, 2011

FIRE WATER: Australia's Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace (Part 2 of 9)

NZ - Not just fatty junk food that lowers IQ

Not just fatty junk food that lowers IQ
Sunday, 13 February 2011, 2:44 pm
Press Release: Fluoride Action Network
Not just fatty junk food that lowers IQ

To protect your child’s intelligence, keep them away from fluoride as well as fatty processed foods. British research just published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health shows lowering of IQ from exposure to processed foods at a young age. But over 20 separate studies in the last 10 years link fluoride exposure to lowered IQ also.

Fluoride was classed as “an emerging neurotoxin” in the medical journal Lancet in 2007, the same year a scientific consensus statement was issued regarding fluoride’s toxicity to the developing brain....

USA - Cavity rate high in MN kids

Cavity rate high in MN kids
More than half of Minnesota third-graders have filled or untreated cavities, according to the first data released under the state's new oral health screening program.

The cavity rate (55 percent) among screened children was higher than the national rate of 52 percent and the national 2010 goal of 42 percent.

Minnesota is 90% fluoridated:NYSCOF

Saturday, February 12, 2011

UK - Recent Developments - Lee Day Solicitors

Fluoridation judicial review decision published
11 February 2011
Recent Developments
There have been a number of important developments since the SCSHA’s decision of 26th February 2009, the decision being challenged in these legal proceedings, to fluoridate the drinking water.

First of all, as set out in the Department of Health’s white paper entitled “Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS” dated July 2010 and subsequently in the Health and Social Care Bill currently being considered by Parliament, the Government is proposing to abolish SHAs in 2012 / 2013, with their functions being transferred to other organisations within the NHS or local authorities.

Secondly, in a consultation entitled “Healthy Lives, Health People – Consultation on the Funding and Commissioning Routes For Public Health” dated 21st December 2010, the Department of Health is now proposing for decisions on fluoridation to be taken by local authorities and that “consultations of proposals for new schemes will be conducted by local authorities using a majority rule where a scheme covers more than one local authority area” (Table A and para 3.22).

It therefore seems that the Government is now moving towards a system along the lines originally envisaged, that would require the local population to be in favour before a decision to fluoridate was made.

Responding to the judgment, Geraldine Milner stated:

“I am obviously disappointed. This is a grim day for justice for the people of Southampton. I am speaking with my legal team with regard to an appeal and sincerely hope to continue the fight.”

UK - Judicial Review Decision SCSHA Statement

Fluoridation Judicial Review decision
Posted on: 11 February 2011, 2:31 pm in GP Commissioning, News
Judicial Review Decision
South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) welcomes the decision by Mr Justice Holman to uphold the way in which the decision was made by the SHA to fluoridate the water in Southampton and parts of south west Hampshire.

The SHA Board remains satisfied that water fluoridation is a safe and effective way to improve dental health and will now be considering its next steps.

FIRE WATER: Australia's Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace (Part 1 of 9)

UK - Daily Echo

High Court challenge to fluoridation plans for Southampton rejected
2:30pm Friday 11th February 2011
Print Email Share Comments(53) By Jon Reeve »
THE legal challenge against the South Central Strategic Health Authority plan to add fluoride to Southampton's water has failed.
It has now been ruled that the decision to fluoridate the water supply was lawful and the strategic health authority was justified to take the action it has.
The judge decided against upholding the challenge by Southampton mum Gerri Milner.
Mr Justice Edward Holman, said: "I refuse this claim for judicial review. I appreciate that that will disappoint Ms Milner and the many objectors in the affected area, who whose position, I am sympathetic.
"However it is important to stress that our democratic parliament decided long ago that water can in certain circumstances be fluoridated.
"As I have endeavoured to show and contrary perhaps to the belief of Ms Milner and others it is not the law that fluoridation can only occur when a majority of the local population agree.
"Parliament has firmly entrusted area specific decision making to the relevant SHA.
"This SHA have not acted unlawfully and no court can interfere with their decision."
In a statement released after the judgement, the SHA welcomed the judge's decision. It said: "The SHA board remains satisfied that water fluoridation is a safe and effective way to improve dental health and will now be considering its next steps."
Speaking outside the Royal Courts of Justice, Gerri Milner's solicitor Sean Humber said she is now considering her next move.
He said: "She is disappointed by the decision and in her words it is a grim day for the justice of the people of Southampton.
"She is urgently considering an appeal with her legal team. It is really important to understand that the judgement is not a decision on the pros and cons of the merits of fluoridation.
"The judge went out of his way to express his sympathy for Geraldine's position and on any analysis it could not be said there was a majority public supports for fluoridation in Southampton and that was accepted by the SHA."
Justice Holman heard two days of arguments after the legal challenge was lodged by Southampton mum-of-three Gerri Milner.
Her lawyers believe South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) should not have ignored public opposition to the plans to fluoridate two-thirds of the city, as well as parts of Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams.
During a public consultation on the scheme, 72 per cent of respondents living in the affected areas said they were against fluoridation, but the SHA board unanimously gave it the green light, saying they were convinced by the health benefits.
A second string of Ms Milner’s case was that the SHA also failed to properly evaluate some of the arguments lodged against the plans.
Barristers for the SHA, which set aside £400,000 to fight the judicial review, and the Government told the Royal Courts of Justice the decision was legally correct.
Mr Justice Edward Holman has now agreed with the SHA, rejecting the arguments put forward by Ms Milner.

Milner Judgment 11022011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Local "Gadfly" John Bush Rails On Randi Shade and Austin City Council About the Status Quo

USA - Lack of dentists and dental insurance compound dental health problem

Lack of dentists and dental insurance compound dental health problem
Missourians have some of the nation's worst dental health, despite an 80% fluoridation rate. The state ranks 47th in percentage of adults who have visited the dentist in the last year (63 percent). The national average is 71 percent, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Illinois, where fluoridation is state-mandated, ranks 32nd, with 69 percent of adults visiting the dentist.

And it's not just adults. In 2004, a survey found that one quarter of Missouri's third- graders had untreated tooth decay.

A shortage of dentists has compounded the problem, especially in rural or underserved areas. There are 18 Missouri counties with one or no registered dentists.


HAMPSHIRE: After years of campaigning, decision to be made on fluoridation plans
• By Jon Reeve
FINALLY - today is the day.
After years of fighting, months of delays, two days of legal argument and a further three weeks of waiting, campaigners and health chiefs will discover who has been victorious in the battle over controversial plans to fluoridate Hampshire tap water.
A High Court judge who last month presided over a landmark judicial review on the scheme, affecting nearly 200,000 residents in and around Southampton, was due to deliver his verdict on the case in London.
Mr Justice Edward Holman heard two days of arguments after the legal challenge was lodged by Southampton mum-of-three Gerri Milner.
Her lawyers believe South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) should not have ignored public opposition to the plans to fluoridate two-thirds of the city, as well as parts of Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams.
During a public consultation on the scheme, 72 per cent of respondents living in the affected areas said they were against fluoridat but the SHA board unanimously gave it the green light, saying they were convinced by the health benefits. A second string of Ms Milner's case is that the SHA also failed to properly evaluate some of the arguments lodged against the plans.
Barristers for the SHA, which set aside £400,000 to fight the judicial review, and the Government told the Royal Courts of Justice the
decision was legally correct.
Today's judgement comes almost two years after the SHA board voted to approve fluoridation, becoming the first health body to do so since the law was changed to give them the power to order water companies to add the chemical to supplies.
If the ruling goes against the SHA, it would almost certainly mean the scheme will be scrapped.""
But even if the authority wins, there is the chance it may still never happen.
Ms Milner has already hinted she would be prepared to take the case further, and time is running out for the SHA to implement its plans.
The Government has announced all SHAs will be scrapped by spring next year, with powers over fluoride being handed to elected councils.
The leaders of both Southampton City and Hampshire County councils have told the Daily Echo they would ask the government to step in to stop health chiefs imposing fluoridation in the body's "dying days".
The project has been on hold since June 2009 because of the judicial review.
Health bosses initially said it would take more than 18 months to finalise the infrastructure needed to put fluoride in the water.
For full updates on
today's hearing, as well as
full background reports and
videos, log on to

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alex Jones 2011-02-09 Wednesday Part 1

UK - Judgement of the Judicial Review

We are advised judgment will be given tomorrow (Friday 11th February 2011) at 2.00pm in Court 49 of Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand.

Fluoride Action Network

2011 is turning out to be a momentous year for those who wish to see an end to water fluoridation worldwide. The practice seems to be crumbling before our eyes. Each day seems to bring news of another victory or another initiative being taken to end fluoridation in cities, states and provinces in North America.
It's up to all of us to grasp this historic moment and let the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) know that its proposal of 0.7ppm fluoride in water is still too high and that fluoridation should end now. To sign-on in support of FAN's comments, go to http://fluoridealert.org/fan-comments.html. HHS is accepting public comments on its proposal up to February 14, so please send your comments before then. Over 3,000 sign-on messages have already been sent. But we need many more (maybe a 100 times more).
2011 at a glance:Feb 8. CANADA: Calgary City Council voted 10-3 to end 20 years of fluoridation. The combined efforts of informed council members and citizens coupled with good reporting from the Calgary Herald produced this stunning victory in a city of over one million. Jim Beck, MD, PhD, and co-author of the book, "The Case Against Fluoride," lives in Calgary, and was at the forefront in this battle. (See today's Calgary Herald editorial )
Feb 8. UTAH. Waterwatch of Utah challenged the Davis County Board of Health to require fluoridated public water systems to advise their users that infant formula made with with tap water could cause dental fluorosis in children.
Feb 7. OHIO. Yellow Springs City Council voted 3-1 to stop 50 years of fluoridation
Feb 7. TENNESSEE. House Speaker and 4 Legislators ask the state's Department of Health to end its promotion of fluoridation. See press release from Dan Stockin and letter sent to the Commissioner of the Tennessee DOH.
Feb 1. NEW HAMPSHIRE. Two lawmakers have sponsored House Bill 312 that would require "public water systems which provide fluoridation to place a warning on all billing statements against fluoride-treated water for infants under the age of 12 months."
Feb 1. ARKANSAS. Water additive bill filed in legislature subtitled the Arkansas Water Additive Accountability Act. Water operators would not be able purchase additives unless toxicological studies are available. The bill also requires disclosure of the source, i.e., country of origin of such additives.
Jan 30: U.S. Black Pastors speak out against adding fluoride to drinking water
Jan 18. NEW YORK CITY. Bill to end fluoridation in NYC by City Council member Peter Vallone.
Jan 14. U.S. National Public Radio (NPR). For the first time in memory a balanced program on fluoridation was aired on NPR - with equal time given to Dr. Howard Koh, Assistant Secretary for Health, and Chris Neurath, Director of Research at Fluoride Action Network
Jan 11. U.S. GOVERNMENT. The Environmental Protection Agency proposes to end the use of the food fumigant sulfuryl fluoride on the grounds that Americans are over-exposed to fluoride. This was the result of an historic decision by EPA in granting "all of the objections" submitted over six years by the Fluoride Action Network, Beyond Pesticides, and the Environmental Working Group. The three groups were aided by their terrific pro-bono counsel Perry Wallace, a law professor at American University. We expect strong opposition from Dow AgroSciences, politicians, and the agro industry
Jan 11. U.S. GOVERNMENT. The Oral Health Division of the Centers for Disease Control is being downgraded from a "division" to a "branch" of another department. The American Dental Association strongly objects as it will be losing its major PR mouthpiece - read their letter to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of HHS
Jan 7. U.S. GOVERNMENT. The Department of Health and Human Services proposal to lower the level of fluoride added in fluoridation schemes to 0.7 ppm because children are being overexposed to fluoride is sending shock waves around the fluoridating world.
Keep educating and organizing your community and friends and together we can win this battle!
Paul Connett
Fluoride Action Network

UK - Daily Echo Letter

Society demands better
I AGREE with Jenny Johnson's letter "Threat to Democracy" (January 28) saying that laws which empower the state to enforce medication without consent through drinking water, is against everything that a decent society stands for.
A competent ethical doctor would not prescribe for a person he's never met, with no control over dosage received and without knowing a person's general health or of any allergies they may have.
A previous leader of The National Pure Water Association wrote that there are over 40,000 published studies in scientific literature on the effects of fluorides on health. Many indicate very serious adverse effects on bone, thyroid, and stomach problems, lowered male fertility and lowered IQ in children.
She wrote that the fluorosilicate wastes from the phosphate fertilizer industry, which are used in water fluoridation schemes, are hazardous pollutants contaminated with arsenic, lead, beryllium, cadmium, vanadium, mercury and radionuclides. Arsenic and beryllium are known cancer-causers and lead and mercury are nerve toxins. A WILLS, address supplied.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Shame they never listened then - they claim now that it benefits everybody. I wonder when that came about?

Healthwatch: Fluoridation

Canada - Council makes right decision on the ethics of mass fluoridation

The moral imperative
Council makes right decision on the ethics of mass fluoridation
Calgary Herald February 8, 2011 10:00 PM
Calgary city council deserves praise for voting overwhelmingly Tuesday to remove fluoride from Calgary's drinking water. The 10-3 vote, with Mayor Naheed Nenshi absent for meetings in Toronto, is a courageous step on a contentious issue.
Despite pressure from the scientific establishment to keep fluoridation, council made the right decision.
Imposing mass fluoridation on an entire population is ethically questionable.
With the many widespread topical applications of fluoride that are available today, we have argued that fluoridation is a vestige from another era and that fluoride should be removed from Calgary's water -- as it has in other cities and in nations that include Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia and Finland.
In 2004, British forensic ecologist Douglas W. Cross and Robert J. Carton, a risk assessment manager for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, forcefully argued that fluoridation is a violation of medical ethics and human rights.
Because it administers fluoride to large populations "without informed consent or supervision by a qualified medical practitioner, fluoridation fails the test of reliability and specificity," they wrote. "The ethical validity of fluoridation policy does not stand up to scrutiny relative to the Nuremberg Code and other codes of medical ethics."
Calgary city council wisely decided not to refer the issue to University of Calgary medical experts who offered to educate them on the benefits of fluoridation.
Judging from the public comments by some of those experts, the U of C review likely would have been a predictable reaffirmation of the benefits of fluoridation from the scientific establishment. Calgary aldermen showed they are quite capable, thank you very much, of reviewing the literature already widely available.
Last year, for instance, the European Union's scientific panel did an exhaustive review of the evidence and concluded that there are no risks to most of the population when acceptable fluoride levels of less than 0.8 parts per million are ingested in drinking water. Calgary has 0.7 parts per million.
However, the EU science panel also concluded that "topical application is the more efficient measure."
And, in the critical risk group of children, it said that "a very narrow margin exists between achieving the maximal beneficial effects of fluoride in caries prevention and the adverse effects of dental fluorosis."
The report also said there may be risks to children up to age 12 who consume large amounts of water and use more than the recommended doses of fluoridated toothpaste.
The scientific establishment invokes the precautionary principle to justify fluoridation, saying that it benefits the poor and disadvantaged who cannot afford fluoride treatments.
Yet, if there are risks to an age-specific demographic that may ingest potentially harmful amounts of fluoride when not supervised, there must be a moral imperative to respect the autonomy of individuals to choose not to consume it.
Calgary council wisely realized that forcing everyone to swallow fluoride, rather than applying it to their teeth, is wrong.
Council deserves praise for making this decision

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

UK - House of Lords

House of Lords
Written answers and statements, 7 February 2011
Earl Baldwin of Bewdley (Crossbench)To ask Her Majesty's Government what effect the lowering in 2007 of the concentration of fluoride in the water supply in the Republic of Ireland from 1.0 to 0.7 parts per million, the recent similar lowering in Canada, the current proposals for a lowering to 0.7 in the United States, and the setting of an upper limit of 0.8 ppm under the European Communities (Drinking Water) Regulations 2007, has had on their stance on the suggestion by the York report on water fluoridation in 2000 that the concentration in the United Kingdom might be lowered to around 0.8 ppm.

To ask Her Majesty's Government whether, in considering the concentration of fluoride in water supplies in the United Kingdom, they have assessed which other countries in the same geographical latitude as England continue to fluoridate their water supplies at a concentration of 1 part per million.

Hansard source (Citation: HL Deb, 7 February 2011, c18W)Earl Howe (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Quality), Health; Conservative)

The European Council Directive 98/83/EC on the quality of water intended for human consumption sets a maximum limit of 1.5 milligrams of fluoride per litre of water. In 2007, following a review of water fluoridation in Eire, the Government of the Republic of Ireland amended Irish regulations, entitled the European Communities (Drinking Water) Regulations 2007, to state:

"The amount of fluoride which may be added to public water supplies shall be such that the water, after the addition of the fluoride, shall contain not more than 0.8 milligrams of fluoride per litre of water, and not less than 0.6 milligrams of fluoride per litre (mg/l) of water".

We understand that in Canada, which like Ireland is on a similar latitude to the United Kingdom, the Government have adopted a maximum concentration of 0.7 milligrams per litre.

The Systematic Review of Water Fluoridation undertaken by the University of York recommended:

"Future studies should address the impact of using lower levels of water fluoride content, such as 0.8ppm in a formal way in conjunction with an efficacy study".

In this connection, we will be carefully considering the Department of Health and Human Services' proposals for the USA and the outcome of its consultation, to decide whether any changes should be made to the target concentration used in England.

Earl Baldwin of Bewdley (Crossbench)
To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the Written Answer by Earl Howe on 7 December 2010 (WA 34-5), in which subsection of Section 12 of the York report A Systematic Review of Water Fluoridation can be found the statement appearing on the website of the National Fluoride Information Centre that areas of past concern about fluoridation no longer require further investigation.
Earl Howe (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Quality), Health; Conservative)

We accept that there is no reference in the York report to support this statement. We have written directly to the National Fluoride Information Centre to amend its website.

Fluoride Action Network

On Friday, the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) submitted its comments to the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) on its proposal to lower the level of fluoride in drinking water to .7 parts per million. Science clearly shows that even at this level fluoride remains harmful to many Americans. FAN advises HHS to stop fluoridation completely because it is unnecessary, unethical, the benefits wildly exaggerated, and the risks minimized. See FAN's submission to HHS at http://fluoridealert.org/fan-comments.html - (pdf)
It's important that HHS receive as many comments as possible. Please sign the online message to HHS stating support for FAN's submission - just go to http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/2477/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=5734 or write your own comments.
If you receive a bounce-back to this sign-on, please email your comments directly to HSS at CWFcomments@cdc.gov
Please pass this message on to everyone you know through your email, using the "Forward Email" link at the bottom of this email page. Also, spread the word on your social media lists, using the links at the top of this email.
The relevant documents to the HHS proposal are:
· Proposal in Federal Register (Jan 13)
The proposal relied on these two supporting documents from the EPA:
· Fluoride: Exposure and Relative Source Contribution Analysis, at http://fluoridealert.org/epa.exposure.source.jan.2011.pdf
· Fluoride: Dose-Response Analysis for Non-cancer Effects, at http://www.fluoridealert.org/epa.dose.response.jan.2011.pdf

Paul Connett
Fluoride Action Network

USA - Group Wants Water Fluoridation Promotion Stopped

Group Wants Water Fluoridation Promotion Stopped
People Split On Health Risks Of Fluoride
UPDATED: 8:07 pm CST February 7, 2011
A group of state lawmakers is worried about fluoride in the water, and they're calling for the state Health Department to take a stand.
A bipartisan group of legislators, including House Speaker Beth Harwell, sent a letter to the state health commissioner Monday. They're asking for the department to stop promoting water fluoridation.
Many dentists argue that fluoridated water helps prevent tooth decay.
But fluoride can also cause discoloring of teeth, and opponents are worried about other possible health risks.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Diet, Injections and Injunctions - Sunday Update 2/06/11

NZ - Fluoridation - hanging on by the skin of its teeth

Fluoridation - hanging on by the skin of its teeth
Monday, 7 February 2011, 10:20 am
Press Release: Mark Atkin
Fluoridation - hanging on by the skin of its teeth
Only a nano-layer of your tooth absorbs fluoride, from surface contact, new research shows. Not only does fluoride not reduce tooth decay by being swallowed, it may not even help by brushing it on the surface, it now appears.

The research shows the layer is up to 100 times thinner than previously estimated - only 6 nanometres. That is 1/10,000th the width of a human hair. Such a thin layer is quickly worn off by normal chewing. The question has to be asked "how can this have any effect on tooth decay?," the researchers query.[1]
"This lack of benefit is consistent with 60 years of Ministry of Health dental statistics," says Mark Atkin, spokesperson for health activist group Fluoride Action Network NZ. "Neither the introduction of water fluoridation in the 1960s, nor the introduction of fluoride toothpaste in the 1970s, made any difference to the steady reduction in tooth decay."[2] Every western country has achieved the same low level of tooth decay since World War 2, with or without fluoridation, according to WHO's web site.

Fluoridation began in NZ in the 1960s, in the belief that it benefited teeth by being built into tooth enamel during tooth formation, hence had to be swallowed. But this theory was proved wrong by fluoride researchers[3] and, following announcement by the US Public Health Service in 1999,[4] it was internationally accepted that fluoride was predominantly built into the tooth surface only after teeth emerged from the gums, and only with exposure to concentrations double that of fluoridated water.

"In spite of the mountain of research showing fluoridation is not only ineffective, but poses significant health risks, the Ministry of Health is funding a consortium, and a national co-ordinator, to lobby local councils to add fluoride in the form of toxic industrial waste to public water supplies," says Mr Atkin. Currently only 25 of 69 councils fluoridate their water. "This lobby group is not just an outrageous waste of taxpayer money, it is a flagrant breach of the Ministry's statutory duty to protect (total) health. The Ministry has backed itself into a corner with its dogmatic, anti-scientific attitude, and doesn't know how to get out," he adds.

The US government has just reduced the maximum allowable level of fluoride in drinking water to 0.7 ppm, and moved to ban the pesticide sulphuryl fluoride - out of concern that Americans are overexposed to fluoride.

The Ministry of Health still recommends a level is 0.7 to 1ppm. Wellington Medical Officer of Health, Dr Stephen Palmer, vigorously opposed the Kapiti Coast District Council's reduction from 1 ppm to 0.7 ppm late last year.

Canada - Aldermen ready to pull plug on fluoride

Aldermen ready to pull plug on fluoride
Last Updated: February 6, 2011 4:55pm
Half of Calgary’s aldermen say support for a fluoride-treated water supply has dried up and its fate shouldn’t be decided in a public vote.
Ald. John Mar, along with several other council members polled by the Sun ahead of Monday’s meeting where fluoride will be debated, are ready to pull the plug on Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s suggestion the matter might be better left in the hands of Calgarians through a plebiscite.
"I think water fluoridation has seen its day,” said Ald. John Mar, one of several staunch supporters of a city committee’s recommendation to flush fluoride once and for all.
Ald. Jim Stevenson, another staunch opponent of water fluoridation, said a plebiscite leaves the fate of all in the hands of a few.
“I don’t think 53% of the 30% who vote should be able to force a medication on a 100% of the people of the city,” he said.
“It’s not the right way to decide mass medication.”
His words were echoed by aldermen Brian Pincott, Shane Keating and Gian-Carlo Carra, Druh Farrell and Andre Chabot.
Chabot said he fails to see the value a pricey plebiscite would bring to the discussion, which was recently addressed during a day-long public forum.
“It comes down to me, for fluoride, a moral issue — something that touches everyone,” he said.
“If everyone is not in agreement, it should not be forced on the population.”
The debate over water fluoridation has raged for years with staunch supporters on both sides.
Nenshi, who suggested a plebiscite may be the way to go when he met with the Sun’s editorial board, said he would prefer to engage the public on an issue over which many people have raised serious ethical concerns despite being backed by health officials and Alberta Health Services as a way to curb tooth decay.
Ald. Gord Lowe was one of the few aldermen contacted Sunday who agreed with the mayor.
“It came in with a plebiscite, it should go out with a plebiscite,” he said.
Aldermen Dale Hodges and Ray Jones also said they would vote in favour of such a motion if raised.
At least two aldermen, Gael MacLeod and Peter Demong, were undecided on how they would vote if presented with a plebiscite option.
Calgarians have been drinking fluoridated water since it was first brought in by plebiscite in 1989, a decision upheld by a second public vote in 1998.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sodium Fluoride - Hidden in plain site.wmv

Not sure if this is a fair comparison but he has a point about medicine under the tongue has a direct entrance through the mucous membrane to the blood stream.

USA - "I meet children who have no idea how to use a toothbrush," Johnson said.

........Last month at Boone Trail Elementary School in Harnett County, she coaxed shy children closer and shined a flashlight in their mouths to see whether they'd visited a dentist since she sent a note home to their parents. Last fall, she flagged major dental problems in 76 children, about 14 percent of the student body.

"I meet children who have no idea how to use a toothbrush," Johnson said.

In the last two years, she has noticed more cavities, more infections, all signs of poor oral hygiene and lack of dental care.

She knows the economy is the root. As families lost their jobs, they lost their insurance. When families struggle, Johnson said, dental care always falls to the bottom of the priority list.

The water is fluoridated in Lillington, NC where this school is located.NYSCOF

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Daily Mail - Bone drug 'could give you another five years of life'

Bone drug 'could give you another five years of life'
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 2:14 AM on 5th February 2011

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bone. A drug used to treat the condition could lengthen life by five years, scientists say

............Lead gradually accumulates in the body from petrol and paint on walls and is stored in the bones for decades.
But when the bones break down (in old age)and it is released into the bloodstream it can be harmful and has been linked to high blood pressure, kidney disease and memory loss.

Fluoride as well?

USA - Black Pastors Association Leader Calls for Fluoridegate Investigations

Black Pastors Association Leader Calls for Fluoridegate Investigations
Cites Disproportionate Fluoride Risks for African Americans
Rev. William Owens, president of the Coalition of African American Pastors, who resides in Memphis, TN, is joining a growing chorus of leaders calling for federal and state hearings and investigations into new revelations about risks from drinking fluoridated water.
Owens wants to know why important fluoride information wasn't shared with African American leaders and citizens, and is especially concerned about fluoride impacts on poor and inner city families.
"There are so many issues that need to be addressed in Fluoridegate investigations," he states. "This is very disturbing."
"Why wasn't the black community told that blacks are disproportionately impacted by harm from fluorides and fluoridated water? Nobody told me until I learned about this a year ago. African Americans have more kidney disease and more diabetes, but nobody elected to tell us that kidney patients and diabetics are more susceptible to harm from ingested fluorides."
In 2006 the National Research Council (NRC) published a report that listed diabetics, kidney patients, babies and children, seniors, and outdoor workers as "susceptible sub-populations" that are especially vulnerable to harm from fluorides.
Owens also wants to know why the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) didn't issue a press release when it changed its stance about mixing baby formula with fluoridated water after the NRC report was issued.
Shortly after the NRC report was published the CDC posted deep inside its website a statement about children potentially developing permanent staining of teeth called "dental fluorosis" if fluoridated water is used to mix baby formula.
"Do you know how many millions of moms and dads are going to their kitchen sink every day to get water for baby formula? This affects a lot of people. Why no press release?" he asks.
"What are poor families to do if they can't afford unfluoridated water? How are they to learn the information about fluorosis? How are they to pay to repair the stains on their teeth?"
"What about the kidney risks and concerns about IQ impacts?" he continues. "Does the Center for Disease Control really think that fluorides miraculously only affect teeth in the mouth and don't impact the rest of the body?"
Owens is an outspoken advocate for assisting children in their education and is concerned about reports of IQ impacts from children ingesting fluorides.
In 2009 a study in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry noted that black children ingest significantly more fluorides than white children.
The 2006 NRC report included a statement that, "More research is needed to clarify fluoride's biochemical effects on the brain."
CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report published data in 2005 showing that blacks have significantly more of the worst forms of dental fluorosis than whites.
Owens wants to know why African Americans leaders weren't openly given this and other important information.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed somewhat reducing the level of fluoride in water in a statement on January 7, 2011.
The HHS actions don't go far enough, according to Rev. Owens, citing the issue that some people drink dramatically more water than others, have medical susceptibilities to fluorides, and have numerous other uncontrolled sources of fluoride in their diet.
"We need to investigate this Fluoridegate mess. This is a civil rights and environmental justice issue. We don't need just a little less fluoride in water. Fluoridation needs to end," he says firmly.


USA - Want Smarter Kids? Then Make Sure They Avoid This Widely Regarded Preventive

Want Smarter Kids? Then Make Sure They Avoid This Widely Regarded Preventive... Posted By Dr. Mercola
In a nearly unprecedented about face, U.S. federal health officials admit Americans are getting too much fluoride. It's causing spots on children's teeth (dental fluorosis) and could be resulting in other, more serious problems.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has announced plans to lower the recommended level of fluoride in drinking water for the first time in nearly 50 years. The change in policy is based on a fresh review of the science.

Yahoo News reports:

"The announcement is likely to renew the battle over fluoridation ... The Environmental Protection Agency released two new reviews of research on fluoride Friday. One of the studies found that prolonged, high intake of fluoride can increase the risk of brittle bones, fractures and crippling bone abnormalities."

For further information about the dangers of fluoride, you can watch the video above about a farmer who sued an industrial company that injured and killed his cows with fluoride emissions. You can see how the animals' teeth were destroyed in the most painful of ways. (Click Title to access Dr Mercola page)

In related news, the U.S. EPA has proposed to grant the petition of three environmental groups, and end the use of the insecticide sulfuryl fluoride.

The decision cited concerns about children's health and noted their current overexposure to fluoride through tap water.

UK - Daily Echo - letter

Do we really matter?
TRYING to get away from the health benefits, or lack of them arid also the lack of acceptance of the local opinion, I wonder how much say the SHA has in their personal choices as they are a quango and will remain loyal to their paymasters. They had their dictats.
As the fluoride they intend to use is a poisonous by-product of industry which would be horrendously expensive to get rid of in any other way, did the previous Government decide to let us be contaminated by this poison as a profit making way of disposition?
They would NEVER be allowed to dump it into the sea, where the bulk of it will eventually end up so they would charge us for the privilege of helping them to dispose of it. I have read a lot of public opinion in this paper, but the politicians and water companies seem to prefer to keep their own council. Is that because we don't really matter?
Bitterne, Southampton.

Friday, February 04, 2011

No Community Vote - Fluoride for Port Macquarie looks certain.

Listen to this - politicians for you.

UK - Cheshire fluoride controversy

Cheshire fluoride controversy

..........Water fluoridation is currently a hot topic after a denizen of Southampton began legal action in January challenging a 2009 move by the South Central Strategic Health Authority (SCSHA) to add fluoride to the water supply in Southampton.

A denizen - surely a citizen?

USA - Vallone: Fluoride – If In Doubt, Keep It Out

Vallone: Fluoride – If In Doubt, Keep It Out
By Peter Vallone Jr.
Did you know that the government is putting toxic chemicals in our water which come from the scrubbing systems of the fertilizer industry and are classified as “hazardous wastes” (sodium fluorosilicate and fluorosilicic acid). Are you concerned? You should be. Unfortunately, when these chemicals are called “fluoride,” safety concerns go down the drain.

There is a growing body of evidence that fluoride does more harm than good. One need only do a modicum of research to find the many anti-fluoride websites and studies. One of the most useful is “50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation,” by Dr. Paul Connett (www.slwebb.org), where the sources for much of the medical information I used can be found. Most recently, a study published by the National Institute of Environmental Health (Dec. 17) linked fluoride in water, at lower levels than what the EPA considers “safe,” to lower IQ in children. While four out of five dentists may be enough to pick a gum, ALL should agree before we force-medicate the public (a practice which many, including myself, would oppose under almost any circumstance).....

Peter Vallone Jr. is a New York City Councilmember representing the 22nd District.

The key to youthful skin, energy and vibrant health

The key to youthful skin, energy and vibrant health
................Dr. Weston A. Price also traveled the globe conducting a similar study, which lasted 10 years. Dr. Price not only found clear skin among populations who had no contact with unhealthy processed North American food choices but he also found that all whole organic food eating populations had straight teeth, almost no cavities (without the use of any fluoride) smooth/quick child birth, infants who didn’t cry during the day and slept through the nights, few degenerative diseases (most populations not having a word for cancer), low levels of infant deformities and insignificant levels of depression/emotional disorders. Immunity was never an issue as well, with no vaccinations...........

Canada - U of C medical faculty offers advice on city's fluoride decision

U of C medical faculty offers advice on city's fluoride decision
Brent Constantin
News Editor
The University of Calgary's faculty of medicine has offered to strike an expert panel before the city vote on removing fluoride from Calgary's water supply Feb. 7.

"The medical school is still happy to make staff available to work with the city and to provide whatever scientific help the city might need on figuring out this issue," said U of C faculty of medicine undergraduate education director Dr. David Keegan, who explained the most important thing is the city not be hasty in its decision.

"I can only hope that with a couple of days' recess the aldermen might think, 'You know, it might be incredibly handy to have a panel of experts weigh in on this.'"

Keegan, a physician, said his research suggests the city should of maintain the current level of fluoride.

"Using fluoride in the water decreases your chance of cavities in the overall population by approximately 15 per cent," said Keegan, who has corroborated the figure with his colleagues in the field...............

CommentPosted: 2011-02-03 22:27:34
#1 - Can this group be trusted about fluoride? In 2008 Health Canada gave the following advice:

“The consumption of powdered infant formula reconstituted with fluoridated water could lead to excessive intake of fluoride in infants...”

Yet, this group failed to publicize this warning.

The Health Canada Committee also recommended that "Monitoring of fluoride levels in food items for the Canadian population known to contain high levels of fluoride should be done on an on-going basis."

Can U of C faculty share with Canadians the amount of fluoride that's in foods but not revealed on their labels.

There's no dispute that too much fluoride causes bone damage. Please tell Canadians how much fluoride they consume from brewed and powdered tea, ocean fish and foods and beverages made with fluoridated water. How much fluoride is inhaled from ocean mist and cold mist humidifiers (using fluoridated water)?

If U of C faculty presents itself as experts than they need to have answers to the above points. Please put the answers in a news release for circulation to all Canadians who need this information.

Popular infant juices loaded with toxic fluoride

Popular infant juices loaded with toxic fluoride
Friday, February 04, 2011 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/031209_fluoride_juices.html#ixzz1CyvxId52NaturalNews) A study to be presented at the March 17, 2011, annual meeting of the International Association for Dental Research in San Diego reveals that infant fruit juices of all types contain toxic fluoride, and many contain levels that far exceed federal guidelines. Infants and children that drink such juices are also exposed to high levels of fluoride in drinking water, food products, toothpaste, and various other sources, which is triggering dental fluorosis, hormone disruption, thyroid problems, brain degradation, and other illnesses. Consequently, many experts are urging an immediate end to artificial fluoridation...............

USA - EPA to regulate rocket fuel chemical in drinking water for causing the same problems as fluoride

(NaturalNews) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified the need to set a limit on the amount of perchlorate, a toxic chemical found in rocket fuel, that is permissible in water supplies. The agency says perchlorates negatively affects the body's ability to uptake iodine, which in turn alters proper thyroid function and causes disease. Interestingly, this is exactly what toxic fluoride, which is added to most U.S. drinking water supplies, does, yet the EPA has remained silent on this issue............

USA - Fluoride proponent overlooks dental fluorosis

Fluoride proponent overlooks dental fluorosis
Feb. 2 — To the Editor:
I am responding to a letter published Tuesday, "Public water fluoridation is safe and effective," by Gail Brown from the New Hampshire Oral Health Coalition. Ms. Brown failed to mention the words "dental fluorosis" in her letter.

Dental fluorosis is caused when a child has been overdosed with fluoride and results in permanent staining and pitting of teeth. The federal government announced last month that they are proposing to lower the fluoride levels in public drinking water since at least 41 percent of U.S. adolescents have dental fluorosis. Our children have been steadily showing an increase in fluorosis since the 1980s. Even children from non-fluoridated water systems are showing an increase in fluorosis.

Ms. Brown said, "The American Dental Association reports that the cost of lifetime water fluoridation for an individual is less than the cost of a single dental filling." According to Dr. Bill Osmunson, a cosmetic dentist, who recently testified in the N.H. House on a fluoride bill, said the cost to repair a tooth with dental fluorosis is between "$1,500 and $3,000." The repair is temporary and lasts about 10 years. He said a person could incur $100,000 in lifetime cosmetic repair for fluorosis.

Dr. Jonathan Shenkin, a pediatric dentist and spokesman for the Maine Dental Association, recently was quoted in the press saying, "Toothpaste alone has enough fluoride in it that if you use too much of it at each time you brush your child's teeth then you're putting them at risk for fluorosis." Think about that statement. If our children can get an overdose of fluoride simply by using too much toothpaste when they brush their teeth, why would you want more fluoride added to drinking water?

Several peer-reviewed studies shown correlations between the presence of dental fluorosis and a higher risk of adverse health effects, including effects on thyroid function, decreased IQ, and increased risk of bone fracture.

Basic medical ethics said to "do no harm." The truth about water fluoridation is that it is unnecessary, unsafe and unethical.

John Meinhold, OD


Thursday, February 03, 2011

How I became the Fluoride Detective

I didn't realize that fluoride and kidneys can't be friends - until I discovered I was in 3rd stage kidney failure. Why did my water company and my doctor keep it a secret that fluoride is well known to cause kidney problems?! What is this - FluorideGate?

How I became the Fluoride Detective from GoldaStarr on Vimeo.

UK - Should fluoride be added to the Cheshire water supply?

Should fluoride be added to the Cheshire water supply?
Feb 2 2011
by Allison Dickinson, Chester Chronicle
CREWE is the only place in Cheshire to have fluoride added to drinking water.....

USA - AWWA to hold technical session on community water fluoridation

AWWA to hold technical session on community water fluoridation
Wednesday, February 02, 2011
DENVER, COLO. — The American Water Works Association (AWWA) will hold a new technical session — “Fluoride and Public Health” — at the 2011 Utility Management Conference on Feb. 9 in Denver, according to a press release.
During the session, panel members will discuss the recent changes related to community water fluoridation and provide considerations about effectively communicating difficult public health issues to consumers, the release stated.
Session speakers will include individuals from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Lisa Ragain of Aqua Vitae, who will speak on environmental risk communication and strategies.

Bit one sided.

Fluoride leads to thyroid problems

Fluoride leads to thyroid problems
Letter to the Editor
Updated: 02/02/2011 03:12:36 PM EST
Regarding the editorial in the York Daily Record, Jan. 13, "Fluoride still a benefit."
I want to commend the York Water Co. board members for not adding fluoride to their water system.
You mention the board is made up of some of this community's most enlightened and forward-thinking leaders.
Did you ever think maybe they know something you don't and maybe they have very valid reasons for not putting fluoride in the water supply?
One good reason I can think of is fluoride, along with chlorine, are both known thyroid depressors, along with some other chemicals which are in our food supply in the form of additives and residue from pesticides. Adding fluoride to our water would only increase the exposure to more thyroid depressors.
Trust me when I tell you, you don't want your thyroid to be depressed or otherwise known as underactive and labeled hypothyroidism.

USA - Port Angeles cuts fluoride in water; Forks next?

Port Angeles cuts fluoride in water; Forks next?
By Tom Callis
PORT ANGELES -- The chemistry of Port Angeles' drinking water has changed a bit within the last week.
The city began reducing the level of fluoride in the municipal water supply from 1 part per million to 0.8 about a week ago and reached the new level Monday.
The move is meant to put the city in line with the new recommended fluoride level of 0.8 as set recently by the state Department of Health, said City Manager Kent Myers and Public Works and Utilities Director Glenn Cutler.
Health spokesman Gordon MacCracken said the state agency had recommended a dose of 1 part per million.
He said utilities were notified of the change last month.
MacCracken said the state department decided to reduce the recommended dose after reviewing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' proposal to reduce its recommended range from between 0.7 to 1.2 parts per million to just 0.7.
"We think that 0.8 is a level that ensures safety and that also ensures the beneficial effects," he said.
Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.
The federal government is considering the change because of new data that suggests Americans are consuming a greater amount of fluoride from nonmunicipal sources, such as toothpaste.
Too much fluoride, considered to be 4 parts per million, can cause long-term health effects, including brittle bones.
The city of Forks is the only other utility on the North Olympic Peninsula that fluoridates its water.
Forks Public Works Director Dave Zellar said the city hadn't been notified of the change but added it will comply with the state agency's recommendation.
"Whatever rule and recommendation comes out of the Department of Health is what we have to follow," he said.
Forks currently fluoridates its water at 1 part per million.
Zellar said Forks has 0.2 parts per million of naturally occurring fluoride in its drinking water.
Port Angeles has none, Cutler said.
Keith Wollen, a member of the anti-fluoride group Clallam County Citizens for Safe Drinking Water, called the lower dose "a step in the right direction."
"I think that's marvelous news that they are finally recognizing the dangers of this," he said.
Wollen of Port Angeles said the group and other anti-fluoride organizations in Clallam County are still considering filing a lawsuit against Port Angeles to stop fluoridation there. He said he didn't know if Forks would be included in any legal action.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Infant fruit juices may have unsafe fluoride levels

Infant fruit juices may have unsafe fluoride levels
Updated: 1/31/2011 10:59:49 PM
As the debate over fluoridation levels in community water continues across the U.S., a new study has found that some infant fruit juices contain high levels of fluoride. The results will be presented in March at a meeting of the International Association for Dental Research.
In the study, researchers tested 90 samples of three flavors of fruit juice. Each solution was found to have fluoride concentrations of 0.11 to 1.81 parts per million (ppm). Fluoride levels over 0.7 ppm are considered damaging to teeth.

Two Oregon State University researchers have noted that safe fluoride intake can "be exceeded on a recurring basis when combined with other sources of fluoride intake such as fluoridated water, foods made with fluoridated water, and swallowing of fluoridated toothpaste."
More than 40 percent of American adolescents suffer fluorosis, a mild discoloration of the teeth.
Recently, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, acting on the recommendation of the American Dental Association (ADA), suggested that neighborhoods reduce their water fluoride levels below 0.7 ppm.
Fluoridation was first implemented in the U.S. nearly five decades ago. According to the ADA, it was, at the time, a critical public health measure, helping prevent widespread tooth decay and cavities.

USA - New York City Legislator Introduces Bill to Stop Fluoridation

New York City Legislator Introduces Bill to Stop Fluoridation
by Robert Wenzel
Economic Policy Journal
Recently by Robert Wenzel: Global Insiders Warned: U.S. Debt Crisis Could Explode at Anytime
More than 15 years ago, Murray Rothbard pointed out the problems with fluoridation. He pointed out the immorality of adding fluoride to the water, that the science was bad, and that the entire fluoridation movement was engineered by the corporate elite.
Now a few NYC politcos are trying to end the fluoridation of water, largely because the science behind fluoridation is, as Rothbard argued, terrible.
On January 18, 2011, NYC Council Member Peter Vallone, Jr. introduced legislation (Int 0463-2011) “prohibiting the addition of fluoride to the water supply.” Five additional NYC Council Members have co-sponsored the bill (Council Members Cabrera, Crowley, Foster, Williams and Halloran).
Vallone writes on his website, “There is a growing body of evidence that fluoride does more harm than good.”
Recently, two federal government agencies admitted that US children are fluoride-overdosed and it's ruining their teeth and may be damaging their bones.(1) The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that over 41% of adolescents suffer with dental fluorosis – white spotted, yellow, brown and/or pitted teeth – 4% of it severe. (2) The Mayo Clinic, CDC and the American Dental Association advise that infant formula NOT be mixed with fluoridated water, but do little to educate the public about this dire warning.