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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Do B17 kernels prevent cancer?

Well it hasn't for me, today I've had two mole like growths taken off from my scalp and in the new year a further basel cancer lesion from my forehead is to be operated on. I've been taking kernels for several years since attending a Credence.org meeting combined with a fluoridation meeting in Dorset where Philip Day gave a convincing explanation of what cancer was and the benefits of B17. Take eight a day and if you have no symptoms you wont develop cancer. I didn't have then but I still got cancer.
How many other people have developed cancer after taking kernels for years. I sent an e-mail to Phillip and Credence.org asking if they ever received negative reports but I had no response.
Hopefully the mole like growths may turn out to be benign and the basel cancer is the least aggressive cancer you can get so maybe I'll live a few more years yet. But for a believer of alternative medicine it is a bit of a disappointment.

Join Us: Sign Our Letter to Wal*Mart - Environmental Working Group

In a little-noticed but dramatic turnaround, the nation's leading fluoride advocate, The American Dental Association (ADA), issued an alert on November 9th urging parents to avoid fluoridated water when reconstituting infant formula.
The dentists are worried that fluoride exposure at this age will permanently damage teeth, not protect them. A growing body of research also links fluoride to weakened bones, reduced thyroid activity, and possibly bone cancer in boys.
The advice, however, has gone largely unheeded. Nursery Water, the nation's leading fluoridated water for babies still markets its product nationwide at Wal*Mart and other major retailers.

USA - LETTER: Towns should fight fluoride

Towns should fight fluoride
When the question to fluoridate our water was brought to the public's attention, I wrote to The Standard-Times to tell of our experience with fluoride. I told how my son, especially, was allergic to fluoride .
Children's Hospital ordered me to take him off vitamins containing fluoride. His symptoms cleared in a matter of days. To this day he cannot use tooth paste containing fluoride. When my two girls were born they too had the same symptoms as my son and were taken off vitamins containing fluoride. After an affirmative vote to fluoridate our waters, it was brought forth that only bottled water should be used for baby formula.
The dental community has really sunk so low as to get their views that are "unbiased and caring for children" pushed along while withholding this information.
I sincerely pray that Dartmouth and Freetown join Acushnet in asking for an injunction to stop New Bedford from poisoning our water.
And I further suggest the dental community give something back to the community by serving the indigent and not leave on vacation on school holidays for rest and relaxation. Did Mother Teresa ever take a vacation?
New Bedford

UK - Sinclair Pharma signs deal with King's College London to acquire novel anti - caries peptide p1025

Dental Caries

Prevention of dental caries is a key target for dental professionals and governments of developed and developing nations, particularly among children. The WHO considers that dental caries and periodontal disease have historically been the most important global oral health burdens. Dental caries are still a problem in most industrialized countries, affecting 60-90% of schoolchildren and the majority of adults. In 2004 it was reported that the rate of decayed, missing or filled teeth in 12 year olds was 3.0 in the US and 2.6 in European countries, with much lower rates in developing nations (1.7 in Africa). However the rate of dental caries is increasing in developing countries as the exposure to sugar increases without a parallel increase in exposure to fluoride[iv].

3.0 in fluoridated USA? Less in Europe and 1.7 in Africa!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Zealand - Smoke 'chokes crops'

Smoke 'chokes crops'
Ravensdown's application to continue discharging contaminants into the air from the fertiliser and sulphuric acid plant at Awatoto for the next 20 years should be declined, say opponents.
Emissions from the plant are damaging crops and affecting businesses, and they are not selective in inflicting damage, they say. The resource-consent hearing, which starts Monday, is expected to last four days.
In its submission to the Hawke's Bay Regional Council, Growers Group HB Incorporated supplied pictures taken between the 2003-06 seasons showing the effects of fluoride and acid deposits on properties within 3km of the plant.

I bet they still want to put it into it in their water

USA - Harmed Babies And Minorities: Acceptable Collateral Damage Of Water Fluoridation?

by Daniel G. Stockin, MPH
posted November 28, 2006
When a wise and dear friend of mine hears an idea that makes real sense, one of her favorite comments is, “Well, honey, that’s just plain ol’ turnip greens and cornbread common sense!” Unfortunately we’re finding out now that adding fluoride to drinking water to prevent cavities simply doesn’t make sense any longer – and in fact, stopping it entirely, in every water district in Tennessee, now seems the only sensible thing to do.
Consider the following astounding developments concerning fluoridation. Earlier this year, the National Research Council issued a report about fluoride in drinking water. Buried in the mammoth size document is a statement that is just now filtering out to the public: that infants and children in our country are receiving a dose of fluoride that is three to four times that being received by adults, on a body weight basis. This is a deeply troubling admission, because tissues in babies’ bodies are growing so rapidly that infants are dramatically more susceptible to harmful chemicals than adults.
The American Dental Association recently cited concerns for children’s fluoride exposure in a new and quietly issued statement that should give every mother, babysitter, and grandmother pause. ADA now recommends that infant milk formula not be mixed with fluoridated city water! This is a huge development. ADA says that it wants to help prevent a “cosmetic” marking of children’s teeth called dental fluorosis. But what does not make sense here, and in fact could be considered very disingenuous, is that the whole story about dental fluorosis is not being told by ADA.
First of all, most Americans have no idea what dental fluorosis is. They don’t know that it manifests as white, yellow, or brown streaks or stains, and in some cases, as pits, on teeth of children who are exposed to too much fluoride while their permanent teeth are being formed. They don’t know that this is an outer biomarker of an inner poisoning that has happened, akin to the bluish line appearing on the gums of lead-poisoned people. We’re not being told that fluorosis affects 32% of all school kids and is NOT merely a “cosmetic defect.” The moderate and severe forms of the condition now affect around two percent of whites and three to four percent of blacks and Mexican Americans, according to quietly-published statistics from the Centers for Disease Control. In fact, the National Research Council’s report called severe dental fluorosis an adverse health effect. If you’ve never seen the disturbing photos of fluorosis, visit http://www.fluoridealert.org/dental-fluorosis.htm . Brace yourself. Moderate and severe fluorosis is not pretty.
Water districts are now placed in a difficult position. If the districts continue fluoridation, as ADA recommends, what do they say to poorer families with babies who are drinking formula? Who will pay for single moms on minimum wage to buy bottled water or expensive home filtration systems (since carbon filters don’t remove fluoride)? Who will make sure that every single mom or childcare worker knows to not use fluoridated water? Does it make common sense to keep fluoridating, when dental industry journals admit teeth sealants are dramatically more effective than fluoride in preventing kids’ cavities, and when babies and minorities are disproportionately harmed -- most without even being told what is causing the stains and pits on their teeth?
I am definitely not against dentists. I’m grateful we live here in America and have dentists. But most dentists haven’t heard the whole story about fluoridation, and certainly neither has the general public. Since it’s now come out that more than 90% of the fluoride water districts use is a captured air pollution discharge taken from fertilizer industry smokestack “scrubbing” devices, it is only a matter of time until enough of the public hears this information and learns the facts about fluoride. Most of the public doesn’t know that eleven unions nationally in EPA, representing 7,000 scientists, lab workers, and others have contravened official EPA policy and called for an immediate halt to fluoridation.
Water districts must stop fluoridating. Our state health department must change its position supporting fluoridation. Call or email your water district to say, “Turn off the fluoride!” Is it common sense to believe that teeth are the only tissues in children’s bodies harmed by fluoridation? Is collateral damage to infants and minorities an acceptable price for fluoridation?
Daniel Stockin is an 18-year career public health professional with a background in hazardous materials management and toxics assessment. He was formerly manager of the EPA’s Western Regional Lead Training Center. He may be reached at: dan@thelilliecenter.com .

© 2006 Daniel G. Stockin

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Posted by: NYSCOF on Nov 27, 2006 - 03:37 PM
The American Dental Association (ADA) warned their members, but not the public, that fluoridated water must not be mixed into concentrated formula or foods intended for babies one year and younger, in a November 9th ADA e-mail alert.(1) The ADA joins the Food and Drug Administration in recommending only non-fluoridated water be used for reconstituting concentrated infant formulas.(1a)
Ready to feed U.S. milk-based formulas already contain from 0.04 to 0.55 milligrams of fluoride per liter (mg/L) of formula. Soy-based formulas show a range of 0.04 to 0.47 mg/L fluoride (1b). Breast milk contains a low 0.005-0.01 mg/L fluoride (1c) And breastfed babies are less likely to get tooth decay.
“Who will alert parents,” asks lawyer Paul Beeber, President, New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF).Two-thirds of U.S. public water suppliers add fluoride chemicals, based on a disproved theory that fluoride ingestion prevents cavities. And, bottled water with added fluoride is now sold with specific instructions to mix into infant formula.
The ADA reports, “…infants could receive a greater than optimal amount of fluoride through liquid concentrate or powdered baby formula that has been mixed with water containing fluoride during a time that their developing teeth may be susceptible to enamel fluorosis.”(3) The ADA recommends using fluoride-free water. Enamel or dental fluorosis is white spotting, yellow, brown and/or pitted permanent teeth. Pictures: http://www.fluoridation.com/teeth.htm Dental fluorosis is the outward sign of fluoride toxicity. Some studies indicate that bone damage is more common in children with dental fluorosis.NYSCOF news releases in 2000 and 2004 cited studies linking fluorosis to infant foods mixed with fluoridated water. Scientific evidence here: http://www.fluoridealert.org/health/infant/
Some scientists also tried in vain to get the word out sooner as described in “Suppression by Medical Journals of a Warning about Overdosing Formula-Fed Infants with Fluoride,” published in 1997 in the Journal Accountability in Research.
It took until 2006 for the ADA’s alert, following the Food and Drug Administration’s October disapproval of fluoridated bottled water marketed to babies, and after the recent National Research Council’s (NRC) fluoride report indicating babies are fluoride overdosed from “optimally” fluoridated water supplies.
“The ADA claims the NRC report didn’t question the safety of fluoridation(8) but it did, as the ADA now admits,” says Beeber.
“The NRC also revealed fluoridation’s adverse effects to the thyroid gland, diabetics, kidney patients, high water drinkers and others,” says Beeber.
Now, the Centers for Disease Control reports that modern science shows that fluoride absorbs into enamel topically.(9) However, adverse effects occur upon ingestion. Further, the CDC admits enamel fluoride concentration is not inversely related to cavities.
The Environmental Protection Agency is required to consider the most vulnerable populations when setting allowable water fluoride levels. To protect babies, allowable water fluoride levels must be near zero.
The Environmental Working Group analyzed government data in March 2006 and found that babies are over-exposed to fluoride in most major U.S. cities.
“This should end water fluoridation,” says Beeber. “Fluoridation is a failed concept that must be abandoned before more Americans are harmed,” says Beeber.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Granny Earth says weeds are good

This month, Earth stressed the importance of staying away from fluoride, which can be found in drinking water and over-the-counter products such as toothpaste claiming it can leave black spots on your teeth and cause osteoporosis or bone cancer in children because it contains aluminum.

Granny Earth knows - you may like to read it

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Australia - Soft-drinks' rotting baby teeth' 75% of Australia is fluoridated:NYSCOF

BABIES will undergo dental checks at 12 months after a disturbing rise in the number of infants being hospitalised with rotting teeth.Health officials say the problem is caused by parents feeding babies bottles of sugar-laced cordials and soft drinks.
Yet to be released data from the 2006 NSW chief health officer's report show 420 per 100,000 children aged 0-4 years old were hospitalised for dental treatment last financial year. This is up from 325 per 100,000 in 1997-98.
NSW chief dental officer Dr Clive Wright said babies are showing tooth decay at 12 months after being fed sugary soft-drinks, juice and cordial in their bottles.
"We would argue high density foods and high sugar drinks and cordial have been a feature in the growth of dental decay of young children,'' he said.
"Parents are giving bottles with cordial or sweetened material in them to children. They are used as pacifiers. "They often put Coca-Cola into a feeding bottle for kids.'' Dr Wright said babies would receive dental checks when they are immunised at 12 months as part of a new preventative approach to dental care.
"We will be embarking on an early childhood oral health program looking at children before they are going to school,'' he said.
"They will look into children's mouths as early as 12 months.
"Child family nurses when they do immunisation at 12 months will have a look in the mouth and if they observe anything that is different refer that child to early intervention.
"We are trying to break the cycle of letting dental decay accumulate in the early years.''
The dental checks for 12-month old babies is expected be in place by 2008 to 2009.
Under a separate program, 8000 children aged five to 12, at up to 90 schools, will also be surveyed for dental decay and teething problems.
They will have a letter sent home to their parents with a report on the condition of their teeth and whether they require any treatment.
The survey, which is being undertaken Australia-wide, will enable Governments to have an accurate picture of the condition of children's teeth.
It will also record whether a child has had exposure to fluoride drinking water.
"It is a random survey and will involve 8000 children. It will cover the eight area health services and will be weighted to five and six-year-olds and 12-year-olds,'' Dr Wright said.

USA - Reconsider fluoride additive

We don’t promote the drugging of the nation’s youth because a large percentage of them suffer the angst of teenagerism. Nor do we condone antihistamines to be introduced into everyone’s orange juice because allergens are everywhere.
The benefits of drugs like fluoride, Prozac and Benadryl are many, to be sure. Their availability for the treatment of many conditions is a testament to medical science.
Water companies don’t have and should not have license to administer medication. They will not be sending side-effect leaflets to all their customers along with the water bill and won’t ask about the accumulated daily amount of fluoride from juice boxes, yogurt, toothpaste, chewing gum, vitamins or baby food the consumer has ingested. Water companies will not be required to publish an 800 number for a fluoride overdose.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

USA - Fluoride And Babies Don't Mix

Fluoride And Babies Don't Mix, Says ADA
Nov 25, 2006 04:15 AM
Most cities in Tennessee add fluoride to their water systems. Experts have debated for and against the practice. A new recommendation has put fluoride back in the spotlight, with babies in the center of the debate. Julie Pusser prepares her 10-month-old's formula only with bottled water. "It's all ready, I don't have to boil it, sterilize it and it stays at the room temperature," she said.
According to the American Dental Association's website, Julie Pusser is doing the right thing for little Jacquline. The ADA now recommends parents not mix baby formula with fluoridated city water.That recommendation comes on the heels of the National Research Council's findings that, on a per body weight basis, infants and young children have approximately three to four times greater exposure to fluoride than adults.Dan Stockin thinks cities shouldn't add fluoride to their water supply, because he claims it causes big problems."When the teeth are forming, the fluoride affects the teeth," Stockin said.Overexposure to fluoride, or dental fluorosis, leaves permanent markings on the teeth.Stockin feels keeping fluoride out of formula is one way to help stop dental fluorosis, but worries some families who have no choice but to use tap water.
"Who's gonna pay for the expensive filtration system for a single mom who's living on minimum wage? Who's going to pay for the bottled water? Who's going to get the information to the people who needed it the most?" he said.
When using formula, the ADA recommends parents use fluoride-free bottled water or use ready-to-feed formula that comes in a can or bottle.Breast milk is the safest alternative.
The ADA's recommendations are just for infants. The group, as well as state leaders in Tennessee, said putting fluoride in the water supply is safe and effective.

Friday, November 24, 2006

USA -Why Baby Formula and Tap Water Don't Mix

Why Baby Formula and Tap Water Don't Mix"
It's a health warning all parents of babies should know about.
Fluoride is added to the tap water in most water districts in Tennessee.
The American Dental Association says this prevents tooth decay, but this month an advisory was added to their website. Do not mix fluoridated water with your baby's formula. Fluoride added to our water to help strengthen our teeth and prevent cavities but some are saying it may do more harm than good.
Fluoride is a poision that can be a harmful substance when it comes in the body in certain amounts.
Health researcher Dan Stockin worries that severe dental fluorosis like this is a warning to a deeper danger. "It's turning out now that thyroid disease, kidney damage, bone cancer in young boys, a number of these things are tied to drinking fluoridated water." Just this month the American Dental Association warned that powdered baby formula should not be mixed with fluoridated tap water due to a higher risk of fluorosis. That's a warning that mother, Brea Faeth wishes she had gotten a little sooner. "It's a little scary. You know to be specifically told to use tap water because of the little bit of fluoride that is added to it unlike bottled water and now to hearthat that could be causing damage is scary." Pediatric dentist Jeannie Taylor has seen a lot of young teeth. " I couldn't really believe it when I heard about it, but it makes a lot of sense. With little ones they don't need quite as much fluoride, they're more sensitive to the levels in the water and to tell you the truth I have seen especially on the front teeth, a good number of children with the white streaks, the fluorisis on their teeth and it could be as a result of this." Stockin says the fluoride in the water coming out of most of our taps comes from a surprising source. "It's collected in the formof a liquid in air pollution collection devices on smokestacks at phosphate fertilizer factories in Louisiana and central Florida, that's literally where we get the substance that we fluoridate with." Fluoride in our tap water does have many known benefits according to Jeannie Taylor. " I think it should definitely be in our water. there has been such a difference documented over the last 50 years in the number of cavities and the severity of cavities so, I think it's a good thing I just think it needs to be monitored, especially with babies." Brea Faeth is glad that her daughter Gentry will soon be saying bye bye to formula."She's almost one year old so she'll be on the whole milk now and she won't be using the formula so that is good we won't be doing that anymore but it is scary to know she went for six months on tap water formula."
In its mild form, dental fluorosis appears as permanent white lines on your kids teeth. To avoid the fluoride in tap water, you'll have to use bottled water or add special filters to your home. Common charcoal filters like the ones found in refrigerators, don't filter out fluoride. You can also call your water company and ask them to stop fluoridating the water in your district, it is voluntary forthe water districts in Tennessee. Researcher Dan Stockin says if you really believe in fluoride, use fluoride toothpaste and then spit

Video well worth looking at - the NHS fluoride proponents ought to see it.

USA Question and Answer

I heard growing up that there’s fluoride in the tap water, added because it has benefits for kids’ teeth. But that’s not the case in Napa, is it? Why don’t we have fluoride in our drinking water?
Well, we do have fluoride in our drinking water. Joy Eldredge, a senior civil engineer with the city of Napa water division told me we have naturally-occuring fluoride in our water. The state sets a “maximum contaminant level” for fluoride at 2 parts per million with a public health goal of 1 ppm. Napa’s tap water is below that at an average of .25 ppm. We don’t add fluoride to our water.
The American Dental Association endorses having fluoridated water and using fluoridated products. According to its Web site, 1 ppm equates to: 1 inch in 16 miles, 1 minute in 2 years, or 1 cent in $10,000. So it’s not a lot in our water, but that also shows that it’s powerful stuff.
There’s a lot of controversy over whether additional fluoride in the water is healthy. A Google search on “fluoride” and “water” comes up with a lot of hits, mostly warning of the dangers of fluoridated water.
One side, as represented by www.fluorideinfo.org, finds that fluoride in the water is too broad an application of something we get enough of in our toothpaste. This anti-fluoridation stance holds that excess fluoride can be detrimental to teeth, and comes with a host of medical side effects like a lower IQ, bone cancer, changes to bone structure that increase the likelihood of fractures, impaired immune system and speckled teeth. The anti- camp also questions the validity of studies cited by the pro- camp.
Eldredge said when she was in the Peace Corps in Africa she could tell the people who lived in areas where fluoride is naturally occurring in the water in high amounts. She could see it in their smiles, but not in the way you’d think. She said the people from high-fluoride areas had decayed and weak teeth.
The other side, as represented by Web sites like www.kidshealth.org, finds that fluoridated water is a cheaper and more consistent way to deliver fluoride to the population, as compared to fluoride tablets. The pro-fluoride camp finds no adverse health effects and questions the scientific soundness of the experiments in the anti-camp. The California Department of Health Services falls into the pro- camp. Its Web site states fluoridation is safe effective and economical, but limits the amount of fluoride that can go in the water. The site also states that adults and children benefit from drinking fluoridated water and that more than half of U.S. cities fluoridate their water supplies.
My dentist, Dr. Sam Gittings, said he used to be a proponent of fluoride in the water, but now he’s thinking twice. The studies he’s read recently have said that it’s more effective in preventing tooth decay to apply fluoride topically — meaning applying it directly to your teeth with your toothpaste or with the fluoride-treatment trays at the dentist.
“I’m fine that it’s not in the water system,” Gittings said. He acknowledged that some people may want to eliminate it altogether but he says that if you cut out all fluoride also cut out the sugars and sodas in your diet, which promote tooth decay, because without fluoride your defenses are down. Gittings still recommends fluoride toothpaste, but says if the science later shows that it’s not effective or harmful he’ll change his mind on that too.
Fluoride is naturally occurring, Gittings reiterated, so people with wells should be careful before taking a supplement. Some toothpastes don’t have fluoride, including a couple of Tom’s of Maine offerings, but you’re not likely to stumble across a non-fluoride toothpaste, it takes some looking to find them.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Echo Letter

This letter following my previous post appeared yesterday. Not a good argument as they can say in the long term it will save money etc but I doubt if they will reply as if they do a lot more can be said. The latest USA advice about baby feeds for one thing.

USA - Ashland drinking water will remain fluoride-free by law.

The Ashland City Council approved an ordinance Tuesday night making it illegal to put fluoride, or anything else that would act as medication, or a health supplement in the city's water supply.The jury is still out on the positive and negative effects of fluoridation, but the Ashland Council decided to play it safe and keep fluoride out of Ashland's drinking water.

Alaska - Juneau assembly votes to remove fluoride from city water

By Jody Seitz, KTOO, read by host Duncan Moon, APRN
JUNEAU, AK (2006-11-22) The Juneau Assembly has voted to remove fluoride from the city's water supply. More than 30 dentists, doctors, nurses and state public health officials turned out to urge the city to keep the fluoride. They say it's the single most important factor in improving oral health over the last 60 years.

You can listen to Alaskan radio on article web page - worth listening to. The vote was 5 to 4. The woman speaker was good wish there were a few more like her.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Austin, Texas, is fluoridated: NYSCOF

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
keyetv.com - Overcrowded Emergency Rooms In Central Texas:
"Jenny Pearson knows her tooth abscess could be better treated at a dentist, the problem is she couldn't get a dentist to accept her Medicaid despite her pain.
“Sitting there crying in tears telling her I hurt, she said go to the hospital,” Pearson said. “I can't do nothing for you.”
So Pearson turned to the ER, the only place--by federal law--that can not turn her away . She first took the bus to Brackenridge. They were also busy.
“We sat there for five hours and called a friend to come get me,” Pearson said. “He brought me here.”
This is actually Pearson's second time to come to the emergency room for her tooth abscess, a problem that needs follow up at a dentists office.
“She has made every effort on her part to try and arrange for proper follow up care and she got rejected because of her Medicaid and so she's back now in the emergency department with her face all swollen up and again,” said Dr. Corey Jones St. David's Hospital’s chief of emergency medicine. “This is not the place to be because we're not oral surgeons.”
In Texas, dentists don't accept Medicaid from adults, but accessing dental care is not the only problem.
Clicking on to the link keyetv.com - Overcrowded Emergency Rooms In Central Texas: will take you to the story and it has a video that is well worth viewing but I had trouble with a persistant spam like invitation to download a file. Only using alt f4 closing each page got me out.

Parents Reminded to Monitor Infants' Fluoride Consumption

Recent studies(1) have raised the possibility that infants could receive higher than optimal amounts of fluoride through liquid concentrate or powdered baby formula that has been mixed with tap water, and thus become more susceptible to enamel fluorosis. While more research is needed before definitive recommendations can be made on fluoride intake by bottle-fed infants, the American Dental Association (ADA) has issued this interim guidance for parents and other caregivers who are understandably cautious about what is best for their children.
Infant Formula
-- Breast milk is widely acknowledged as the most complete form of nutrition for infants. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends human milk for all infants (except for the few for whom breastfeeding is determined to be harmful).
-- For infants who get most of their nutrition from formula during the first 12 months, ready-to-feed formula is preferred to help ensure that infants do not exceed the optimal amount of fluoride intake.
-- If liquid concentrate or powdered infant formula is the primary source of nutrition, it can be mixed with water that is fluoride free, or contains low levels of fluoride to reduce the risk of fluorosis. Examples are water that is labeled purified, demineralized, deionized, distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water. Many grocery stores sell these types of drinking water for less than $1 per gallon.
-- The occasional use of water containing optimal levels of fluoride should not appreciably increase a child's risk for fluorosis.

I wonder if our PCTs and SHAs in the UK are aware of this - do they know it in Birmingham and other places in the UK that are fluoridated?

Alaska - Fluoridation not renewed.

Juneau nixes flouridation
Associated Press
Article Last Updated:11/21/2006 12:52:13 PM AKST
The Juneau Assembly has voted against continued flouridation of the city's drinking water. The proposal failed narrowly in a 4-to-5 vote. Assembly member Sara Chambers was one of those against continued fluoridation. She said her main problem was that she does not trust the government to dose accurately.
The issue arose nearly two years ago when it was discovered that a public works employee had stopped adding fluoride to drinking water because it was suspected of eroding city pipes.
When area doctors and dentists learned the program had ceased, they successfully argued that it be resumed. A task force appointed by the Assembly to study fluoridation was split on the issue. Roughly 40 people signed up to speak at yesterday's hearing. Approximately three-quarters of the speakers spoke in favor of fluoridation.
But several residents, however, voiced strong opposition. Resident David Ham said he can't understand why the entire population should be exposed to flouride when individuals can take supplements.

Work of art to be displayed in Grand Rapids.

Cyril Lixenberg poses in Grand Rapids beside a scale model of a 33-foot sculpture he will create to honor the city's role as one of the first in the nation to put fluoride in its water supply.

I'm sure you were all waiting to see the picture of the 33 foot sculpture to honour fluoride. Previous picture was the old vandalised sculpture of a group of slabs looking like teeth

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

USA - Letter

Don't make formula with fluoridated water Elected health officials may want to contact citizens who receive fluoridated water and warn them not to use their tap water to make baby formula. In an announcement that should spell trouble for fluoridation, the American Dental Association has advised not to make up milk formula with fluoridated water. Their actual words (ADA e-gram - Nov 9, 2006) referring to baby formula were: "If using a product that needs to be reconstituted, parents and caregivers should consider using water that has no or low levels of fluoride." One of the reasons that Nobel Laureate Arvid Carlsson gave for opposing fluoridation in Sweden in the 1970s was his concern with what such excessive levels would do to the baby's developing brain. The baby's blood brain barrier is not fully developed at birth. Studies have shown (NRC 2006) that a baby bottle fed with formula made up with fluoridated tap water (at 1 part per million) will get 250 times more fluoride than a breast fed baby. Why did the ADA wait 30-plus years to warn parents against using fluoridated water to make formula? Will the ADA commit time, effort and resources to educate the public, the media and local officials to make sure that a large majority of parents (if not all) get this information? Giving this information only to dentists is not sufficient. My gut feeling is that the ADA won't reach out to the masses of people who need to hear and heed this warning; that it will simply limit its effort to statements like this. After all, the last thing any promoter of fluoridation wants to do is to warn parents about any dangers "small or large" accruing from their "perfectly safe" practice. Better to hide the warnings in very small print. This ADA warning is most likely an early liability defense against future class action lawsuits.

USA - Water fluoridation: A debate with teeth

Kevin Pottle, director of water
treatment for Bangor Water
Dis-trict, checks the controls
near a 3,000-gallon fiberglass
tank filled with hydrofluosilicic

Just this week in Bangor, a local pediatrician advised the city council that one of the largest water utilities in Maine should discontinue its fluoridation program, which started here in 1967. Dr. Leonardo Leonidas told the council Monday evening that fluoride is more accessible in the average American diet than ever before,
putting people at risk for ingesting too much. While he promotes dispensing fluoride as a supplement to children who don’t get enough, Leonidas feels it is more appropriate to prescribe it on a case by case basis, rather than dosing entire populations through the public water supply.

Leonidas’ proposal — drawn on studies from India and China, a recent report from a respected American research institute and his own observations — disappoints and angers area dentists and public health advocates, who fear his request will stir up unfounded controversy over a widely accepted practice with proven benefits. But concern about fluoride is nothing new, and despite its apparently benign presence in the tap water we drink and cook with, there are plenty of people who think we’d be better off without it.
Long article

Monday, November 20, 2006

USA - Opinion

Stick with the fluoride
Palm Beach Post Editorial
Monday, November 20, 2006
Martin County commissioners should resist a growing sentiment against the county's plans, in the works for several years, to fluoridate drinking water for 28,000 customers. The evidence of fluoride's potential good still outweighs worries about harm it could cause.

Martin organized an oral health task force in 2002, and the group recommended fluoridation, citing scientific studies that say fluoride can strengthen teeth and help prevent decay. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Dental Association endorse fluoridation. Commissioners voted 4-1 in 2003 to fluoridate drinking water provided by the county's plant, and spent more than $201,000 building a fluoridation system. The county is ready to implement the system early next year.
About six months ago, Jensen Beach engineer Pat Arena began raising questions about fluoride use, citing other studies suggesting that fluoride can harm infants and cause bone, tooth and thyroid problems in adults if amounts in the water aren't regulated properly. Commissioners decided to vote again Dec. 19.
The county probably would have to return $129,000 in state grant money it used to build the system if commissioners decide against fluoridation. But money is not the issue. Fluoride has a 50-year history of success, and is particularly helpful to the poor, who don't always have fluoridated toothpaste and often can't afford dentists. Problems with fluoride in water systems apparently could occur only if improper amounts are used, and with proper regulation, this won't happen. A recent National Research Council report suggests that the Environmental Protection Agency could lower the levels it considers safe.

Mr. Arena has added Stuart and Port St. Lucie to his anti-fluoride campaign and wants to meet with each council member to press his cause. Stuart plans to start adding fluoride next year, and Port St. Lucie has added fluoride to its water since 1993. But council members in both cities have said they will consider whether fluoridation should continue. Both Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties have no plans to end fluoridation, which Palm Beach approved again this year.

Others nationally are debating fluoride, arguing about whether to stop or never start adding it to public water supplies. With no strong evidence that it does harm and a long history of good, putting it in the water seems reasonable.

Mike Adams article

Sunday, November 19, 2006

USA - Martin County Commission faces brush with fluoride question

Martin County Commission faces brush with fluoride questionBy GEORGE ANDREASSI george.andreassi@scripps.com November 19, 2006STUART — Fearful the Martin County Commission may cave in to a group opposing the addition of fluoride to the county's drinking water, several local dental and health professionals said they plan to tell the commissioners about its importance in preventing tooth decay. "We feel very strongly it's of enormous benefit to the community," said Dr. Radamee Orlandi of Jensen Beach, president of the Treasure Coast Dental Society. "Its safety is well known." Children who rely on public dental care in Martin County have twice as much tooth decay as those in St. Lucie and Indian River counties, where the drinking water is supplemented with therapeutic amounts of flouride, several local dental and health professionals said. That's why the county's Oral Health Task Force pushed for the addition of fluoride to the county's water system in 2003 and the County Commission agreed, they said. It would be self-defeating to stop the $200,000 project before it is completed in early 2007. The County Commission is set to review the issue at its Dec. 19 meeting. "We're meeting with each of the commissioners," Orlandi said. "Coming up in the next week or so, we're going to meet with all of them one on one and explain that they have to listen to the sound, rational, scientific reasoning behind the whole thing." Therapeutic amounts of fluoride — less than one part per million — make teeth more resistant to decay, particularly for children and seniors, said Orlandi and other local dental and health professionals. The benefits of fluoridating water have been known for six decades and countless studies have proven the safety, they said. The American Dental Association and the American Medical Association are among the supporters of the practice. "I'm going to tell the commissioners: 'If you're taking this anti-fluoride group's word for it and you're not going to do it, you're basically taking their side over the side of every major medical and dental association in the country,'" said Dr. Erik Tallbacka, a Stuart dentist and member of the county's Oral Health Task Force. Pat Arena of Jensen Beach has led the opposition to fluoridating the county's drinking water, making emotional appeals to the County Commission several times to warn about potential health risks of exposure to high levels of fluoride, such as brittle bones in seniors and bad teeth in infants. "The ADA just made a recommendation not to use fluoridated water for infant formula," Arena said Tuesday. "Can you guarantee every person in the county will know that? We've been poisoning our infants for 50 years." "If you vote it in, the county could be held both legally morally accountable," Arena said. "Anyone that knows the risks or even possible risks of fluoridation and still supports it needs to have their motives examined." Arena added, "There are several alternatives for dental health, but all must remain a personal choice." As a result of the pleas, Commissioners Sarah Heard, Lee Weberman and Susan Valliere said they are considering scrapping the fluoridation of the county's water supply. "I'm leaning towards thinking that we don't need to add anything into our water that may have huge negative impacts," Heard said. "There are a lot of naysayers out there who are bringing us scientific proof that it's not beneficial and in fact that it's quite harmful. So, I think I'm an anti-fluoridation commissioner." Weberman is probably not going to support the fluoridation because "I don't understand what problem we're trying to solve." Valliere voted against the project in 2003 because of health concerns and said she hasn't changed her mind. But Orlandi, Tallbacka and other health professionals said they don't buy the arguments. They said children whose families can't afford regular dental care would suffer tooth decay unnecessarily unless the county goes forward with fluoridation of the county's drinking water. "It's a shame we haven't been doing it for a long time," Tallbacka said. "Dental disease is the No. 1 disease of childhood. We have a chance to take the No. 1 disease that kids in this community have and basically cut it in half."

Provision to leave a comment in newspaper.

Changing life as we know it? NO

German scientists have developed a good bacteria that clumps cavity-causing bacteria together. The germs in the white hats are Lactobacillus anticaries and the ones in the black hats are Streptococcus mutant ninja turtles. Not really. They're actually called Streptococcus mutans bacteria.
The Lactobacillus anticaries binds the Strep mutans so they can be rinsed away.

I wonder what else it will do?

‘Aluminium pans causing memory loss’

By Shahid HusainKARACHI:
The aluminium pans and foils, used widely in baking needs, should be avoided because they cause dementia (forgetfulness), according to Dr. Kaneez Fatima Shad, professor of molecular medicine and neuro-physiology at the Dr Panjwani Centre for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research, University of Karachi.“To avoid the early onset of dementia it is advisable to steer clear of aluminium pans and aluminium foil used in baking,” she told The News. She said that out of Karachi’s population of 15 million, 1.5 million are suffering from mental disorders, mainly dementia. Dementia is defined as the loss of mental processing ability, which includes communication, abstract thinking, judgment and physical abilities, to the extent that it interferes with daily living.Symptoms of dementia include short-term memory loss, long-term memory loss, lowered motivation, forgetting to turn off ovens, lock doors and other “automatic” responses, personality changes, mood changes, difficulties with money and math, disorientation and becoming lost or disorientated in familiar surroundings.“I would suggest that people avoid aluminium as much as they can and grill or bake their food in Pyrex or corning ware,” she said. “It is also beneficial to avoid serving citrus juices in crystal glasses which contain excessive lead and could be chelated by tomato and orange juices,” she went on to say.Prof Fatima made a presentation on “How Aluminium Fluoride causes Dementia” in October this year at a conference organised by the Society for Neuroscience in Atlanta, USA, the world’s largest and most influential yearly gathering of neuroscientists. “The most important environmental factor is aluminium fluoride. Aluminium is present in drinking water and fluoride is present in tea, toothpaste, etc. These chemicals are not so harmful by themselves but, when combined, they mimic g-phosphate at its transition state in Ga protein and is therefore able to inhibit its GTPase activity and results in dementia,” she said.

Janesville; Wisconsin is fluoridated: NYSCOF

Grant money provides care to dental patients in need(Published Saturday, November 18, 2006
By Shelly Birkelo/Gazette StaffJANESVILLE
Nancy Wells faithfully went for 6-month dental checkups until she lost her job with insurance. Three years ago, the 45-year-old Janesville woman was laid off from her job and lost her dental coverage. Now, she works two part-time jobs with no medical insurance. She didn't see a dentist until Wednesday, when HealthNet's new preventive dental care program provided a complete exam, cleaning and X-ray. "I'm so excited," she said as she waited in the lobby of TriMark Dental Clinic on Kennedy Road. After getting Wells' health history, Dr. Mark Karrels asked Wells if she had any concerns or pain. "I have a loose tooth that moves around, and I've been grinding my teeth," Wells told him. When her X-rays were displayed on a TV screen, Karrels explained that built-up tartar on Wells' teeth was causing gum disease, which was melting away bone. She also had the start of an infection. "What I'm finding doesn't look bad. But this may be a cavity on the lower left,'' he said, pointing to the white area on the screen. HealthNet's preventive dental care services are being paid through a $25,000 grant the nonprofit organization acquired in June from Delta Dental of Wisconsin. "They are the reason we are able to offer this program that started July 1," said Traci Rogers, executive director of HealthNet.HealthNet has to annually apply for the Delta Dental grant but also is looking into other dental funding sources, Rogers said. To date, 30 HealthNet patients have been able to participate in the program, which involves five Janesville dental clinics. More dental clinics are needed, Roger said.HealthNet can have an annual maximum of 156 patients in the preventive program that costs an average of $160 per patient. Although there is no waiting list for HealthNet's preventive dental care program, there is a waiting list for restorative dental care that limits patients to one filling and one extraction. "We have a great need for this service now and have 26 individuals on this waiting list," Rogers said. That's why the preventive care program is so important, she added. "According to Volunteers in Health Care, nearly one-third of adults who are low-income and older than 30 have lost at least one tooth because of infection," Rogers explained. Restorative care, provided by 11 local dental clinics, costs $170 compared to $160 for the preventive care. "It (preventive care) is cheaper and will decrease the cost for HealthNet, but most of all will save our patients' teeth, which would decrease the need for emergency care to treat swelling, infection and pain," Rogers said. Karrels, a partner at TriMark Dental Clinic and a HealthNet board member, agreed: "Access to dental care is a major initiative this year with the American Dental Association.Helping HealthNet provide this new service is the right thing to do."There's too many people who don't have dental care, plus it's cheaper on the preventive end than later to restore,'' he said.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

USA - Lower income again.

New Report Finds Serious Oral Disease Problem in OregonSalem-News.com
Tobacco use and excessive alcohol use accounts for approximately 75 percent of all oral cancer in Oregon.
This patient presents with what looks like severe periodontitis and marked hyperplasia and inflammation of the gingiva. Unfortunately, squamous carcinoma often mimics common inflammatory gingival disease; one must be on guard to detect such an occurrence. Photo: USC.edu
(SALEM) - Oral disease is a serious, often overlooked public health problem that affects the majority of Oregonians during their lifetime, according to a new report from the Oregon Department of Human Services Public Health Division.
"The Burden of Oral Disease in Oregon" describes the extent of the problem and its consequences, and offers strategies for improvement.
"Mounting evidence shows that a healthy mouth is a reflection of a person's health and is vitally important to their overall well-being," said Gordon Empey, D.M.D, M.P.H., state dental director in DHS. "Yet far too many people suffer from oral disease, which is mostly preventable and always controllable."
Empey noted that untreated oral disease leads to poor nutrition, disabling pain and lowered productivity, and is associated with increased risk of chronic health conditions such as heart disease and pneumonia.
The report presents a sobering perspective of oral disease in Oregon.
Some highlights:
• Recent pilot projects targeting lower income Oregon preschoolers found that between 6 percent and 25 percent of children seen had tooth decay.
• Fifty-six percent of Oregon children ages 6 to 8 have had tooth decay; 24 percent have untreated tooth decay.
• Seventy-three percent of Oregon 11th graders report having had at least one cavity.
• One in five Oregonians between ages 65 and 74 have lost all their natural teeth.
• Oral disease takes a heavier toll among minority racial and ethnic groups and low-income residents.
• Tobacco use and excessive alcohol use accounts for approximately 75 percent of all oral cancer in Oregon.
"Oregon is falling short when it comes to oral disease prevention," said Empey. He pointed to four findings:
• Fewer than half of pregnant women visited a dentist during pregnancy. Evidence shows that poor oral health during pregnancy may lead to poor birth outcomes.
• Only 20 percent of Oregon community water systems are adjusted to provide fluoride, which is shown to be an effective and inexpensive way to prevent tooth decay.
• Fewer than half of children age 8 have received dental sealants, a plastic coating that is applied to permanent molar teeth to seal out decay.
• Twenty-two of Oregon's 36 counties have a shortage of dental professionals.
Empey said the report is intended as a call to action, although it points to proven strategies such as dental exams for pregnant women, fluoride treatments, dental sealants and regular dental visits for everyone.
Future goals include obtaining more data to better understand the problem, securing stable funding and expanding oral health services across the state.
"This is a sobering assessment and the price of doing nothing is high – treating oral disease can cost up to 73 times more than preventive programs," said Empey. "Oregon is beginning to make some strides in this area, but the solution calls for collaboration among government, private industry, non-profits, consumer groups, health professionals, educators and others."
The DHS Public Health Division operates a fluoride supplement program in 250 elementary schools across the state and more than 30 schools participate in dental sealant programs.
Federal funds received in 2002 enabled the division to begin building a program to confront oral disease. A state plan was presented at the first-ever statewide oral health forum last May; a statewide oral health coalition has been convened with representation from public and private organizations interested in reducing the burden of oral disease in Oregon.
The oral health program is one of many in the DHS Public Health Division that helps prevent disease and improve the health of all Oregonians. Partial funding for the report came from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

UK - Ms Standen has campaigned against the addition of fluoride to water supplies

Green Party launches branchPublished on 17/11/2006 THE GREEN Party has established a branch in Allerdale and hopes to field several candidates in next May’s borough council elections. Members will hold a meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday in the Battersby Hall in Church Street, Keswick. They will discuss Green policy on the National Health Service, including the future of cottage hospitals such as those in Keswick, Cockermouth and Maryport, which have been under review.The branch’s officers include environmental activists Dianne Standen, of Maryport and Jill Perry, of Bullgill, who are chairman and secretary respectively. Ms Standen has campaigned against the addition of fluoride to water supplies and Mrs Perry, a spokesman for Friends of the Earth, is an advocate of wind farms. Christopher Clay has been elected secretary and Geoff Smith is agent. In June, Green candidate Lynn Bates, from Armathwaite, contested the Workington St John’s ward seat in a county council by-election. Said Mrs Perry: “She didn’t win but she got quite a few votes. There was no group behind her and it galvanised people into thinking that we should form one. “The Green Party has never had a high profile in the area and we are hoping that more people will join.” There would be a membership drive. she said. Ms Standen said that the group will campaign on broad green issues concerning peace, the environment and social justice, and on local issues from a green perspective.The party said it hoped to provide a voice for many people in Allerdale who shared its environmental concerns.For more details call Geoff Smith on 01900 812172.

He believes everything they say.

Flouride is safe, effective
In response to opinion presented at Bangor City Council’s most recent meeting, "Fluoride in tap water a health risk, doctor warns" (BDN, Nov. 14), water fluoridation is good science that makes good sense. Sixty years of research and organizations such as the American Dental Association, the American Medical Association, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention all back the claim that fluoride is a safe and effective way to prevent tooth decay. We supplement many things (milk with vitamin D, orange juice with calcium, cereal with folic acid, salt with iodine) for various health reasons. Studies of water supplemented with fluoride have shown reduction in childhood cavities of up to 60 percent. In the past, misinformation regarding side-effects from fluoride and fluoridated water has been advanced by anti-fluoride fringe groups and individuals. Removal of fluoride from our water because of their anecdotal evidences is neither sound science nor prudent policy.
Fluoride is a safe and effective way to prevent the single most common chronic childhood disease: tooth decay.
C. Bradford Rand, D.D.S.Brewer

Friday, November 17, 2006

American Dental Association advice for parents.

Fluoride & Fluoridation
Infants, Formula and Fluoride
The ADA offers these recommendations so parents, caregivers and health care professionals have some simple and effective ways to reduce fluoride intake from reconstituted infant formula:
For infants who get most of their nutrition from formula during their first 12 months, ready-to-feed formula is preferred to help ensure that they do not exceed the optimal amount of fluoride intake.
If liquid concentrate or powdered infant formula is the primary source of nutrition, it can be mixed with water that is fluoride free or contains low levels of fluoride to reduce the risk of fluorosis. Examples are water that is labeled purified, demineralized, deionized, distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water. Many grocery stores sell these types of drinking water for less than $1 per gallon.
Breast milk is widely acknowledged as the most complete form of nutrition for infants. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends human milk for all infants (except for the few for whom breastfeeding is determined to be harmful).
Parents and caregivers should consult with their pediatrician, family physician or dentist on the most appropriate water to use in their area to reconstitute infant formula. Ask your pediatrician or physician whether or not water used in infant formula should first be sterilized.
Other sources of Fluoride for Young Children
Fluoride Toothpaste
Unless advised to do so by a dentist or other health professional, parents should not use fluoride toothpaste for children ages two and younger. Children should use an appropriate size toothbrush with a small brushing surface and only a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste at each brushing. Children should always be supervised while brushing and taught to spit out, rather than swallow, toothpaste. Many children younger than age six have not fully developed their swallowing reflex and may be more likely to inadvertently swallow fluoride toothpaste.
Fluoride Mouthrinse
Fluoride mouthrinses have been shown to help prevent tooth decay for both children and adults. However, the ADA does not recommend use of fluoride mouthrinses for children under age six, unless recommended by a dentist or other health professional. Children under age six may be more likely to inadvertently swallow fluoride mouthrinse.
Dietary Fluoride Supplements
Supplements are not recommended for children under six months of age. Children should only receive dietary supplemental fluoride tablets or drops as prescribed by their physician or dentist based on the dietary fluoride supplement schedule approved by the ADA, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.
Naturally Occurring Fluoride in Water

Australia - Rally against fluoridation

I URGE all citizens of Wodonga who care about the health of their grandchildren, their children, their unborn children and of course themselves, to enthusiastically roll up to the next anti-fluoride rally tomorrow at Woodland Grove at 10am. I attended the last rally and am pleased I did. The knowledge I gained about this poison called fluoride was mind blowing. There is a mountain of evidence proving this inorganic chemical compound is dangerous and injurious to health, to the point where several European counties that have had it for decades, have discontinued. Proclaim your objection to the powers that be by coming to the rally in large numbers.- STEPHEN FRANZINI,West Wodonga

Montreal blocks nearby fluoridation

MONTREAL - Officials in Montreal are refusing to allow the nearby city of Dorval, in southwestern Quebec, to fluoridate its water supply unless the provincial government steps in. Darren Becker, a spokesperson for Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay's administration, said in the story that Montreal disapproves of the fluoridation plan because there is not a consensus on the health benefits of fluoride. Montreal "doesn't plan to act until Quebec forces the issue and for now, they haven't," Becker was quoted as saying in the article. The Agglomeration Council, which is headed by Tremblay and consists of 31 elected officials representing all municipalities in the Montreal region, recently blocked Dorval, located in the western part of the region, from upgrading its water treatment system to allow for fluoridation, the report noted. Dorval Mayor Edgar Rouleau said in the story that the Agglomeration Council abused its power, adding that he is meeting with provincial officials to try to work out a compromise.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Alternative Medicine: Improve digestion with lively foods

In addition, healthy bacteria make up about 75 percent of our immune cells. This good bacteria is depleted by prescription antibiotics and consuming meat or dairy from animals fed antibiotics, consuming fluoride and chlorine in our water, as well as coffee and alcohol. It is important to replenish this good bacteria on a daily basis.

It will replace an 11-year-old white marble monument whose tooth-like elements were cracked by vandals and stained by weather

Sculpture to commemorate fluoride
Associated Press
GRAND RAPIDS — A new 33-foot-high sculpture will commemorate the city’s role as one of the first in the nation to put fluoride in its water supply.
The blue metal sculpture — created by Dutch artist Cyril Lixenberg — will sit along the bank of the Grand River in a plaza near the entrance to the new J.W. Marriott Hotel.Lixenberg said the work of art evokes cascading water — a reference to the river and the Grand Rapids water supply. The sculpture, which will be lit by the hotel as part of its riverfront plaza, will be built and installed by local steel fabricators. It will be unveiled when the hotel opens next year.
It will replace an 11-year-old white marble monument whose tooth-like elements were cracked by vandals and stained by weather, James Wieland, head of the West Michigan Dental Foundation, told The Grand Rapids Press for a story published Wednesday.
Even though the 5-ton sculpture will sit on city park land, it will be maintained by a $50,000 endowment set up by the dental foundation.

Grand Rapids began fluoridating its water supply in 1945 and was one of the first in the U.S. to do so. Fluoridation has resulted in a 65 percent decline in tooth decay, Wieland said.Lixenberg, whose work also is featured at Holland Hospital, was chosen from three finalists, Wieland said.
“We specifically asked that it be fine art and that it not be a tooth in the river,” said Wieland, referring to an earlier campaign to commemorate the fluoridation program.

Mystery solved

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is this the proposed statute or is it there already?

On January 25, 1945, Grand Rapids became the first community in the world to add fluoride to its public water. The result was one of the most important and successful public health projects in history. Dental decay affects 99% of the population. The simple act of fluoridating the water prevents up to 65% of the dental decay.
As a result of Grand Rapids success, water fluoridation has spread throughout the nation and the world to significantly improve the health of hundreds of millions of people. Billions of dollars are saved every year.
To commemorate this historic event, the City of Grand Rapids was given a monument that tells the story. The white marble monument sits on the east bank of the Grand River at the end of Louis Campau Promenade, which is directly across the river from the Van Andel Museum.

Saves billions every year - how can we argue, let us bow down to worship this new god.

I think Dennis Stevenson comments on previous post are very good.

USA - Sculpture to honor fluoride!

Grand Rapids sculpture to honor fluoride
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. A 33-foot high sculpture set to rise near the Grand River aims to tell the tale of Grand Rapids' role in fighting tooth decay.
A sculpture dubbed "The Fluoridation" will rise at the site of the still-under-construction J-W Marriott Hotel downtown.
The West Michigan District Dental Society will pay for and maintain the sculpture. The group and other dental organizations say the west Michigan city was the first in the nation to begin adding fluoride to its drinking water in 1945.

USA - Flouride in tap water a health risk, doctor warns

By Bangor Daily News Staff
Tuesday, November 14, 2006 - Bangor Daily News
By Meg Haskell
Bangor Daily News
BANGOR — A Bangor pediatrician told members of the City Council on Monday evening that it’s time to revisit the longtime practice of adding fluoride to the city’s public water supply.
Fluoride, which occurs naturally in some water sources and is monitored as an environmental contaminant, also is added in small quantities to many public water supplies across the country to help prevent tooth decay. Like many American communities, Bangor has been fluoridating its water since the 1960s.

Long article

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

UK - Southampton Echo letter

Took 3 weeks but the Echo finally published my letter.

USA - It was nearly a year later before most residents became aware of the issue.

Fluoridation ready to flow, awaits only public notice By AARON NICODEMUS, Standard-Times staff writer NEW BEDFORD — The Board of Health has authorized the Department of Public Infrastructure to add fluoride to the city's water supply, as soon as it is feasible. Mayor Scott W. Lang, who publicly opposed fluoride, said that he would be sure to hold a public meeting about adding fluoride to the water, and give water customers ample notice before the fluoride flows. Robert F. Davis, the city's director of public health, said the soonest it could happen would be 30 days. Mr. Davis told the board that DPI superintendent Ronald Labelle ordered the fluoride immediately following the vote. The equipment is in place, and fluoridation could flow into the water at any time. "I was thrilled with the vote. I couldn't be happier," said Board of Health member Dr. Patricia Andrade. "I certainly was biting my nails on election day." In addition to notices in all water bills, notices regarding fluoridation will be sent out to all the city's dentists, pediatricians and pharmacists. The decision to add fluoride to the city's water began two years ago, when the Board of Health voted to add fluoride to the water in order to improve the dental health of the city's children. Although the board held a public meeting and posted its decision in a legal notice, it was nearly a year later before most residents became aware of the issue. The issue became contentious, with opponents equating fluoridating the water with mass medication, or expressing concern about possible side effects.

Australia - 5,000 signature petition has been ignored by the Government.

Anti-fluoride group vows to boycott bills for fluoridated waterTuesday, 14 November 2006. )
An anti-fluoride group in Wodonga say members will not pay their water bills if fluoride is added to the city's water supplies. The Victorian Government plans to add fluoride to Wodonga and Wangaratta water supplies early next year.
Marilyn Edgar from the Wodonga Anti-Fluoride group says a 5,000 signature petition has been ignored by the Government. She says if the fluoride is added they will have no choice but to suspend payment of their water bills.
"If enough people join this movement they would have no option but to take the fluoride out, if they want to be paid for the water they're supplying then that water needs to be as clean and pure as possible," she said.
The chief executive of North-East Water says if people do not pay their bills, their water supplies will be restricted. Jim Martin says the restrictions come at a cost. "If people don't pay their bills we send them a reminder notice after 28 days, then we send a couple more advice notices and if there's still no payment we would then actually send a restriction notice, then we look at a restriction fee of about $47 I think it is," he said.

USA - Cranberries

Cranberries are high in antioxidants and have recently been discovered to be beneficial for the health of your gums. Natural compounds in cranberries turn out to be an anti-inflammatory agent and may help ward off gum disease. The compounds slow plaque development, which is the first step in developing gum disease, also known as periodonitis. Also, compounds in the berries may prevent some oral bacteria from directly destroying gum tissue, another part of this dismal disease, according to a study at the University of Laval in Canada.

"these water-filters are safe because they don't filter out fluoride''

Blank Stare
Sir, This year, when I entered a supermarket, my attention was grabbed by the words, "these water-filters are safe because they don't filter out fluoride''. I asked which fluoride, only to be met by a blank stare. The demonstrator wrote down the names of the two sorts to ask her boss.
I have no objection to the use of the naturally occurring product, calcium fluoride, if it were made into tablets, but the use of the carcinogenic sodium fluoride, byproduct of the American aluminium smelters, is to be condemned. Many countries in the world will not allow it. Forcing people to ingest it through the water system is mass medication and from my husband's view was morally wrong. Choices can be made with chlorinated water and iodised salt. My cats choose not to drink chlorinated water. I certainly could not drink it in hospital recently (the taste!). Many know the dangers of the chemical added to iodised salt to aid its flow. Sensible folk use natural sea salt and kelp.
Mrs Moncrieff was correct about Coca-Cola. In science classes, experiments with a tooth in some and being eaten away were common during the 1960s even at Waimea College. The recipe has changed.

I don't quite get the meaning of this story but agree with the sentiment.


By Byron J. Richards, CCN
November 12, 2006
Last week Americans sent a warning shot into the oversized belly of the Republican Party. Unfortunately for President Bush, Americans turned out not to be the zombies he was counting on. This week Bush is trying to figure out why his public health goons forgot to double the fluoride content in the drinking water prior to the elections. Even Hitler knew this was the best way to make a population docile.
One of Bush’s best friends, Big Pharma, did everything it could to help him out. It poured in over 8 million dollars to the campaign coffers of those in close races and those it needs help from in the coming months. Big Pharma was particularly concerned about the election outcome, as its Bush-granted Medicare gravy train was at stake. Under the Part D arrangement no negotiation for drug prices to Medicare participants is allowed. This gives Big Pharma billions of dollars of inflated profits at American taxpayer expense. It has been well documented that Big Pharma bought this legislation in the first place, showing that politics in America is not a process for the people but a process for the elite. Many Democrats have threatened to reverse the Big Pharma windfall, while many Republicans like Orinn Hatch (R-UT) have sought to protect it.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Irish reduce fluoride in water

Environmental doctors welcome fluoride move
The Irish Environmental Doctors Association has welcomed the decision by Health Minister Mary Harney to reduce the levels of fluoride in our drinking water.
The recent decision comes four years after the publication of the report of the Fluoridation Forum, which recommended such a reduction. “Nevertheless, we remain steadfast in our opposition to the addition of this chemical to our drinking water,” said Dr Liz Cullen of IDEA.
“We note recent research which found that Irish children brush their teeth much less frequently than children in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Norway.” She said it wanted a non-chemical approach to dental decay.

USA - No Fluoride for Infants

No Fluoride for Infants, Say DentistsMonday November 13, 9:01 am ET NEW YORK, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- To prevent tooth damage, the American Dental Association (ADA) warned its members that fluoridated water should not be mixed into concentrated formula or foods intended for babies one year and younger, in a November 9th ADA e-mail alert. "But who will alert parents," asks lawyer Paul Beeber, President, New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF). Two-thirds of U.S. public water suppliers add fluoride chemicals, based on a disproved theory that fluoride ingestion prevents cavities. Bottled water with added fluoride is now sold with specific instructions to mix into formula. The ADA reports, " ... infants could receive a greater than optimal amount of fluoride through liquid concentrate or powdered baby formula that has been mixed with water containing fluoride during a time that their developing teeth may be susceptible to enamel fluorosis." The ADA recommends using fluoride-free water. Enamel or dental fluorosis is white spotting, yellow, brown and/or pitted permanent teeth. Pictures: http://www.fluoridation.com/teeth.htm NYSCOF news releases in 2000 and 2004 cited studies linking fluorosis to infant foods mixed with fluoridated water. Scientific evidence here: http://www.fluoridealert.org/health/infant/ It took until 2006 for the ADA's alert, following the Food and Drug Administration's October disapproval of fluoridated bottled water marketed to babies, and after the recent National Research Council's (NRC) fluoride report indicated babies are fluoride overdosed from "optimally" fluoridated water supplies"The ADA claims the NRC report didn't question the safety of fluoridation but it did, as the ADA now admits," says Beeber. "The NRC also revealed fluoridation's adverse effects to the thyroid gland, diabetics, kidney patients, high water drinkers and others," says Beeber. Now, the Centers for Disease Control reports that modern science shows that fluoride absorbs into enamel topically. However, adverse effects occur upon ingestion. Further, the CDC admits enamel fluoride concentration isn't inversely related to cavities. The Environmental Protection Agency is required to consider the most vulnerable populations when setting allowable water fluoride levels. To protect babies, allowable fluoride levels should be near zero. "This should end water fluoridation," says Beeber. "Fluoridation is a failed concept that must be abandoned before more Americans are harmed," says Beeber. Contact: Paul Beeber nyscof@aol.com 516-433-8882 http://www.orgsites.com/ny/nyscof

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Not news but worth a look,

But Elizabeth MacKay, one of the early supporters of the ballot initiative says the medical community is not taking her group's worries seriously.
"Anyone who questions water fluoridation is considered a quack," she said, "when quite honestly, anyone who would not question adding possible contaminants and substandard medications into the water system, to me ... I question them."

Friday, November 10, 2006


Codex alimentarius is in final stages. Sounds Latin? It is. When the Austro-Hungarians in 1893 had nothing better to do, they coined this term, which in simple English mean, FOOD LAWS. Fortunately Codex died a sudden death with the demise of their empire in 1918 only to be resurrected by a surviving Nuremberg war criminal in 1962. When Codex comes into force in 2009, barely three years from now, you will not be allowed food supplements that provide much needed nutrition because “nutrition” under Codex is equated with toxins and over 400 highly toxic substances are permissible [aka nutritious], acceptable food for all. Few individuals have taken up this issue by way of social intelligence. Please hear them out because it is your body that is getting closer to the corporatist hangman’s noose. Just to give you an idea what Codex planners tried to do but were stopped because of effective social intelligence: they framed law that would permit fluoride in baby food! South African delegation objected because one conscientious, radical, socially intelligent, doctor from the US, Dr Rima Liebow had briefed them on the dangers. Others have yet to listen to social intelligence. Like Oprah Winfrey show, if you refuse to enjoy Codex approved food, you may not get any.
After food, like it or not, your fundamental right is access to water. Unfortunately that was taken away years ago. What water you are drinking? Bottled? You may already know that much drinking water is treated with fluoride. Try this simple experiment as my friend in Tasmania did. Drink fluoridated water for about six months and, as he says, you will be close to heavenly day dreaming, just short of being high on marijuana. That’s how prisoners in Gulags were kept under control. That’s how all of us soon will be kept under control. Drink that water, or die of thirst! Unless you drink that water, Oprah Winfrey shall refuse to entertain you. And they already have the technology to know who drinks that water and who doesn’t.
Next comes air. Well you must be wondering if it is your fundamental right to clean air? Sorry sire. There is no clean air left. The corporatist-state has already taken that away. Over 2000 atmospheric testing of atomic bombs since 1945, and the use of depleted uranium tipped bombs and bullets in illegal wars of the US and UK, equivalent to the atomicity of 440,000 Nagasaki sized bombs, since 1991 has turned world’s air highly radioactive. Kosovo, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. And depleted uranium was traced at Aldermaston by none other than Britain’s Dr Chris Busby, whose responsibility was to warn the Government of health hazards. Well, Dr Chris Busby did warn, but that was not proper entertainment for the MSM. Where was social intelligence? It was consigned to the living rooms, websites, personal appearances, small talks, radio shows and personal emails to hundreds of thousands all around the world by individuals like Leuren Moret, Doug Rokke, Dr. Marion Fulk, Dr Rosalie Bertell, and others.

Australia - Fluoride rally

Fluoride rally called
THE organisers of an anti-fluoridation protest rally and street walk in Wodonga tomorrow have urged the city’s residents to act in defence of their rights “before they are completely taken away”. Fluoride Education Awareness Team president Marilyn Edgar said the imminent fluoridation of the Wodonga water supply in February would force the public to take more drastic steps to ensure they were heard. Miss Edgar said the team would show residents how civil non-compliance could work and how to confirm their right to protect their health.
“We as individuals are entitled to a referendum,” she said.
“Any claims by politicians to the contrary are purely used as a smoke-screen to deter people from acting against the unconstitutional policies and acts.
“Water fluoridation is civil conscription, which is compulsory medication of the population. “Compulsory medication is illegal.”
Miss Edgar said the rally would provide materials to the public to prove their rights did exist and that government departments were bound by the Federal Constitution.
“We would like to see large numbers of people turn out for this rally to fast track this essential information to as many people as possible,” she said.
The rally starts at 10am tomorrow from Woodland Grove in Wodonga.
It will be followed by a street walk.

Canada - Difference

Let's get informedIt should be pointed out that fluoride was banned in Europe, more than 20 years ago in most cities. Their children's teeth haven't suffered from this. U.S. cities have started banning fluoride, as well. The information is out there, let's get informed. Do not confuse pharmaceutical-grade fluoride, used by dentists, with the contaminated fluoride waste generated as a by-product of the phosphate fertilizer industry and the aluminum industry. Fluoride's main use is rat poison - they die with healthy teeth. True, fluoride occurs naturally in our spring water in different parts of the country, but this is not the industrial contaminated fluoride being dumped in our water supply.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

USA - Battle Creek, MI, is fluoridated - NYSCOF

A reason to smile
Elizabeth Huff
The Enquirer

All she needs is an electrical outlet and a place to wash her hands. Dollie Black is a licensed registered dental hygienist with a portable clinic. She sets up in churches, schools or just about anywhere to provide preventive dental services to people on a sliding scale. When she started working as a dental hygienist for Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services, she said it was just a job. But during the 10 years she worked there, she realized that she has a heart for serving people who may not have the opportunity to get regular dental care. "Everybody deserves to have a healthy mouth and not be in pain," she said.She described a case where she learned not to judge a person until she'd had a closer look — inside the mouth."You have a person who comes in and they are the meanest person," she said. "You find out it's because their tooth hurts and they haven't slept in days." At the Presbyterian Health Clinic of Branch County, patient Geraldine Peterson knew the pain an untreated toothache could bring."She's right — you don't sleep," said Peterson, of Coldwater.
Peterson was the first of Black's patients at the free clinic she held last week. She spoke with her lips barely parting."My mouth is a wreck," said Peterson, 35, who recently paid mostly out-of-pocket for a tooth to be pulled by a dentist in Union City. With two other broken teeth and one that was about to crack, she would consider getting dentures if they didn't cost $5,000.
"I don't have dental insurance," she said. "Even as a child my parents didn't have insurance. ... I didn't get dental care."
It was Peterson's first visit to Black's dental clinic. Even though she said she didn't like anyone looking into her mouth, she was willing to let Black do what she could. "There are many people that are much younger than her that do need their teeth pulled and do need dentures," Black said.Instead of focusing on the bad teeth, she tried to accentuate the positive by pointing out Peterson's healthy teeth and encouraging her to continue doing preventive care for her teeth.
Black often says to her patients, "Boy, the first step to getting better is being here, so you should be proud of that," she said. "I'm very proud of them for making that step."
"She makes everyone feel comfortable," said Black's dental assistant, Patty Kucera.
Kucera followed Black into the portable dentistry service.
"I felt like I made more of a difference working in public health," she said.

Black said when she sees a mouth full of decay, she goes in with an open mind and is not judgmental.

Pollution 'putting millions of children at brain damage risk'

Millions of children throughout the world may have suffered brain damage as a result of industrial pollution, researchers say.
Common pollutants may be causing a “silent pandemic” of neurodevelopmental disorders by impairing the brain development of foetuses and infants, scientists writing today in The Lancet medical journal say. Potential effects of exposure to even tiny amounts of toxic chemicals include lower IQ scores and conditions such as autism, attention deficit disorder, and cerebral palsy. One in six children is thought to have some kind of developmental disability, but the exact causes are largely unknown.
The American and Danish researchers say that lead, methylmercury, arsenic and solvents such as ethanol and toluene are among 202 industrial and agricultural chemicals with potential to damage the brain. But these are likely to be the “tip of a very large iceberg” of potentially noxious chemicals, they write.
More than 1,000 chemicals are known to be neurotoxic in animals, and are also likely to be harmful to humans, especially during the vulnerable phases of development that begin during pregnancy and can extend as late as the onset of adolesence.

Other substances that could prove to be toxic in excessive amounts include fluoride, a common additive in drinking water and toothpaste, the researchers say.

They actually admit you can have too much fluoride!

Writing in the online version of The Lancet, the scientists conclude: “The combined evidence suggests that neurodevelopmental disorders caused by industrial chemicals has created a silent pandemic in modern society.”

New Zealand - J.S. Believes it is completely safe

Fluoride `Absolutely Safe' and Recommended
Sir, I was not going to answer Mrs Pallesen's letter (Mailbox, October 10), there were just so many misstatements in it, but because of several comments made to me, I've decided I should. Fluoridation is no more "medication'' than iodising salt or chlorinating water.
No more research is needed on it; it's absolutely safe and extremely effective. I did a vast amount of reading on it and the more I read of worldwide research, the more convinced I became of its complete safety.
Mrs Moncrieff thought the bad teeth in New Zealand were due to Coca Cola, and in spite of spending a whole evening with her, I was unable to convince her otherwise.
I strongly recommend mothers of young children to give them fluoride tablets. They're extremely effective, I've recommended them to many and usually they get to the age of 20 with either no fillings, or at most one or two. Dental caries - with a good diet, fluoridation (or fluoride tablets) and regular toothbrushing - is almost totally preventable.


Nelson, November 1


Dr Wong, who has previously attended a CCNFSDU meeting as part of the Malaysian delegation, added, "Fluoride and sugar in foods were two glaring issues at this year"s meeting. It seems without doubt that industrial interests are taking precedence over consumer interests. Current science, and even common sense, would say it is nonsense to include fluoride and extra sugar in foods, especially those destined for children. It seems that the European Commission, the USA, Germany and some other European delegates know no shame, and as a result we now know better than ever before that the CCNFSDU"s purported remit of "consumer protection" is hollow."

Long article.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

USA - Ballot question passes by slim margin

City OKs fluoridation
Ballot question passes by slim margin
By STEVE URBON, Standard-Times senior correspondent

NEW BEDFORD — Voters approved fluoridation of the municipal water supply in yesterday's election, giving proponents a victory they never expected after abject defeats of similar measures in Worcester and Springfield.
The hotly debated ballot question passed 10,893 to 9,638.
At the headquarters of the anti-poverty agency PACE Inc., about a dozen supporters who were gathered around a radio cheered when they learned that Precinct 4B had gone their way. When told they had won the whole city, they erupted in celebration and popped champagne over a decision they felt could easily have gone to the opposition.
PACE director Bruce Morrell toasted the gathering, saying, "People today won't realize what we've done today to save their teeth." He repeatedly expressed his astonishment at the outcome, given that Worcester voters recently rejected fluoridation by a 2-1 margin after a half-million dollars was spent by opponents.
Mayor Scott W. Lang, whose opposition to fluoridation prompted the City Council to send the measure to a popular vote, told The Standard-Times, "I'm an opponent to adding fluoride but a very strong supporter of the idea that people should make this decision.
"It shouldn't be left to the Board of Health with a very few people in attendance. Twenty thousand people participated in this vote, and I'm certainly going to support that."

USA - Letter

LETTER: Fluoride is mass medication

Fluoride is mass medication
The Standard Times's position in favor of fluoridation is very disturbing in that it doesn't consider all the underlying effects of sodium fluoride being used as mass medication.
Fluoroide occurring freely in nature is calcium fluoride, not sodium fluoride (a by-product of processing aluminum). Highly toxic sodium fluoride has recently been linked to a bone cancer found in teenagers - especially males, and also possibly the increase in Alzheimer's disease.
Many European nations banned the fluoridation of their water systems and recently, also here in the U.S., some cities have removed it from their system.
Since 90-95 percent of water use is for washing machines or dishwashers, both, or flushed down toilets, the effluent of the cities sewage discharge cannot be properly treated to limit or minimize harm to the ecosystem, preventing change to the delicate chemical balance.
Mass medication, except in a pandemic situation, is unacceptable and all the children would be better served by a pro-active dental doctors program, educating parents in proper dental care from infancy through childhood. New Bedford voters, by accepting fluoridation, would disenfranchise residents of neighboring towns unable to vote on fluoridation who have made their thoughts known and rely on New Bedford for some, or all, of their water.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

USA - Corning’s City Council approved a resolution to fluoridate the City's water supply Monday night, but it comes with some stipulations.

" I don’t like the idea of asking people to do something they don’t want to do. The people who are against fluoridation, if we fluoridate the city's water supply they're forced to take it. Whereas if we don't fluoridate it, they people who want fluoride can buy it in bottles so it's a win-win situation," Richard Negri, 4th ward alderman.

Monday, November 06, 2006

USA - New Bedford voters, who rejected fluoridation of the water supply in past decades, are being asked the question one more time.

Finally, New Bedford voters, who rejected fluoridation of the water supply in past decades, are being asked the question one more time.
Question 4 is to settle a dispute between Mayor Scott W. Lang and the Board of Health, which started the ball rolling toward fluoridation in early 2005 by getting state approval under the administration of former Mayor Frederick M. Kalisz Jr. After studying the matter and concluding that the potential risks outweigh the benefits, Mayor Lang stopped the fluoridation plans, trying to remove the pro-fluoride health director in the process.
Most American municipal water supplies are fluoridated, and those in Europe are not. The history of the practice dates to around the time of World War II, when fluoride was identified as the naturally occurring substance that hardened (and darkened) the teeth of children living in certain parts of the country, mainly the Rocky Mountains.
The American Dental Association continues to stand strongly behind fluoridation as an effective way of preventing tooth decay, especially among children lacking dental care, which tend to be those in poorer neighborhoods.
Opponents, however, contend that evidence is mounting that fluoride's side effects can be far-reaching and long-term, leading to immune deficiencies and other maladies later in life.
They also say that fluoridation of water supplies amounts to nothing more than forced mass medication, which has no place in the United States. And since other sources of fluoride exist — toothpastes, mouthwash, etc. — they say that the benefits of fluoridated water have diminished since the early days of the practice.
Contact Steve Urbon at

USA - Fluoride study supports water supply concerns

Fluoride study supports water supply concerns
First published: Monday, November 6, 2006

The Oct. 17 article by Marc Parry, "Restarting the fluoride debate," was brought to our attention by concerned residents in and near Albany. Our New York state capital at Albany has remained unfluoridated, thanks to concerned legislators and citizens, stemming back to then-Mayor Corning, well known for his opposition to fluoridation.

A local dentist, Dr. Hart, has made numerous unsuccessful attempts over the years to persuade local legislators to mandate fluoridation. We are pleased to note that in spite of Dr. Hart's strong belief in fluoridation, he is taking seriously the latest study out of Harvard (corroborating previous studies) showing a strong link between drinking fluoridated tap water to osteosarcoma (a frequently fatal bone cancer, particularly in young boys).

We are also pleased that Dr. Hart, in spite of his defense of fluoridation, is giving consideration to lowering the recommended level of fluoride to public water supplies. The latest government-sponsored study by the highly regarded National Research Council (NRC), part of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), is now reporting to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that the maximum contaminant level of fluoride in public drinking water is too high and does not protect the population. Scientists well versed on the subject are recommending a fluoride level down to zero.


President and General Counsel

New York State Coalition

Opposed to Fluoridation Inc. (NYSCOF)

Old Bethpage

Sunday, November 05, 2006

USA - Smoke ruling has the reek of censorship

Actor Bill Hahn wishes the state were less concerned with stage smoking and more with chemical food additives, carcinogens blown into the air from vehicles and the poisonous levels of chlorine and fluoride in our water pipes - "all of which the state and federal government turn a blind eye to," he said. "But we the people need to be protected from a few collective minutes of secondhand smoke in a theater!"

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Britain's path to the future is "lit by the brilliant light of science", Tony Blair

Think of how, over the last century, some of the following discoveries have transformed our lives. MRI scanning, developed in this very building; the contraceptive pill; modern infertility treatment; ultrasound scan for unborn babies; unlocking the double helix structure of DNA; keyhole surgery; placing fluoride in the water supply; the portable defibrillator; the Hepatitis B vaccine; strained quantum-well lasers which contain the information used in CDs, DVDs and the internet; DNA fingerprinting. A whole speech could be given that amounted to nothing more than a list of examples.

Fluoridation transformed our lives - is he serious or just reading a script?

Friday, November 03, 2006

UK - Fluoride could be introduced into Stockton's water supply

Water Moves
Evening Gazette - Middlesbrough Nov 02, 12:30 PM EST
Fluoride could be introduced into Stockton's water supply in a bid to address a lack of dental provision in the borough. There are currently no dentists offering NHS treatment for new adult patients in the Stockton area.
Many Teesside surgeries switched to private care after the introduction of a new NHS dental contract earlier this year, which they claim is unworkable. Stockton Council's Health Select Committee has now carried out a review of dental provision in the borough, hearing from dentists, Tees Dental Advisors, North Tees Primary Care Trust (PCT) and other interested organisations.
In a report due before Stockton Council's Cabinet today, the committee urges the North East Strategic Health Authority to undertake consultation in Stockton Borough to "determine the level of support for the introduction of fluoridation". Kamini Shah, a consultant in public health for 10 PCTs in County Durham and the Tees Valley, said other boroughs like Hartlepool benefit from the natural fluoridation of water.
A league table published by the British Fluoridation Society in April into the state of oral health of five-year-olds illustrates the divide. The table puts Hartlepool 141 places higher than North Tees, with its five-year-olds having almost half the amount of decayed, missing or filled teeth than the same age group in Stockton.

The select committee said it is "aware the issue of artificial fluoridation being added to a water supply can engender opposition and has met with resistance from Northumbria Water in the past". But it added that "if formal consultation demonstrates local support, the strategic health authority may request the relevant water supplier to make the necessary technical arrangements".
The committee also heard how North Tees PCT is aiming to keep as many practices as possible in the NHS and to develop new services to meet local needs.


Americans with money get their teeth whitened, straightened, bonded, veneered, and/or capped. Americans without money get their teeth pulled and fluoride in their waterAnnapolis, Maryland is fluoridated:"Within four hours last week, oral surgeons Dr. Clifford S. Walzer, Dr. Neil J. Sullivan and Dr. Borek L. Hlousek saw 34 patients and pulled 189 teeth in their Annapolis office...“It’s fun. It’s our way of giving back,” Dr. Walzer said.""A survey done by the county Health Department in 2004 reported that nearly 77 percent of respondents had been to the dentist in the previous year. But of those who hadn’t seen a dentist, 53 percent said it was because they didn’t have insurance."

USA - Another Letter Against

LETTER: Fluoride hurts human health Fluoride hurts human health Fluoridation of our city water supply is not safe or an effective means of fighting tooth decay. Fluoride (Hydrofluorosilicic acid) is a byproduct from the production of commercial fertilizer and is considered to be a hazardous waste. If a tanker truck loaded with fluoride were in an accident, a spill of this stuff would require a full hazmat response team. There have been a number of studies done on this matter and the one that gets my attention is one done at Harvard University by Dr. Elise Bassin, which found a strong link between fluoridated drinking water and osteosarcoma, a rare and often fatal bone cancer in boys. This study confirms studies by the National Institutes of Health and the New Jersey health department that also found increased rates of bone cancer in boys who drank fluoridated tap water. Boys who drank water with levels of fluoride considered safe by the federal guidelines are five times more likely to have this rare bone cancer, according to the study. There are many more health concerns from other studies for example another study cited concerns about the potential of fluoride to lower IQ. IQ deficits, the committee noted, have been strongly associated with dental fluorosis. For more information go on line to Fluoride Action Network or your local bookstore and read the book. "The Fluoride Deception." Online at (FAN) read why almost all of Western Europe has rejected water fluoridation. With just these two examples don't you wonder why some of our leaders want to add this poison to our water supply? I've seen the ads in this paper for fluoride and I've also received mail from a dental office in support of fluoride and I ask myself one question why are some people and organizations putting so much money into this issue? I understand that there is a problem with some children having high amounts of tooth decay but I don't believe that it has to do with fluoride. It it did don't you think all the surrounding towns that have well water would also have this problem? I know my wife and I always watch what our children eat and we limit their sugar intake and everyday we make sure that they brush their teeth. That's how you prevent tooth decay not by adding poison to the water because others don't do the same for their children! ROB PEPIN New Bedford