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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, November 25, 2016

Fluorosis according to the BFS and a dentist who asks patient does those white spots bother you.

In perspective
One of many enamel defects 
Dental fluorosis appears as markings on the enamel surface of teeth.  It is one of 90 or so 'enamel defects' that may affect teeth, and is caused when children ingest excessive amounts of fluoride from all available source while their teeth - primary and permanent - are developing in the gums. 

Mostly pearly white flecks visible only to experts under good lighting
In most cases, dental fluorosis appears as barely visible pearly white flecks on the surface of the tooth and is undetectable except by an expert.  In other words, most people whose teeth are affected by fluorosis are unlikely to notice it.  Nor are they likely to notice the majority of cases of fluorosis in other people.

Above is how the British Fluoridation Society describe fluorosis as white flecks. The video below shows a dentist drawing a young woman's attention to the same white spots as something negative. This video was on the British Dental web page.

I find it incredible that there is a society for fluoride. Is there one for lead or arsenic I doubt it?
I could understand if the sugar industry funded it.

Treating white spots on front teeth quickly, gently and esthetically? Caries infiltration with Icon makes that possible. This video shows how the English dentist Dr. Richard Field helped his patient Sahar to get her brilliant, confident smile back.


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