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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thyroid news - Hull's Proposed Public Consultation on Adding Fluoride to Drinking Water

Hull's Proposed Public Consultation on Adding Fluoride to Drinking Water
During 2017, we believe that Hull City Council will go out to a 3-month public consultation regarding its proposal to add fluoride to your drinking water supply as a Public Health measure to prevent dental decay in tiny children.  It is vital that you, your friends, relatives and neighbours take part in, and oppose this proposal because the fluoride in your tap water would be anti-thyroid.  In particular,  the fluoridating acid (hexafluorosilicic acid) contains a compound (hydrofluoric acid) which, when absorbed whilst taking a hot bath, damages the thyroid and produces a low thyroid condition. 
There is very little research on this and we have to go back almost a Century to pre-war Austria where a young physician called Viktor Gorlitzer von Mundy experimented on himself and then on patients who had hyperthyroidism (thyrotoxicosis as it was called then).  The results of his treatment was that he had an almost 100% success rate in dampening down their thyroid glands.  Unfortunately, in the early days, he continued the treatment for a tad too long with the result that a few of his patients developed hypothyroidism.
What was the treatment?  Gorlitzer carefully measured the volume of hot water at a certain temperature to fill a bath and very carefully measured the amount of hydrofluoric acid to be used before adding it to the hot water.  The patient was then asked to stay in the bath for a carefully defined length of time.  The hydrofluoric acid (which doesn't dissociate in water) was absorbed through the skin and reduced the over-activity of the thyroid gland.
The treatment fell out of favour in the 1960s when more standardised drugs came on the market making it easier for the physician to tailor the dose and concentration for individual patients.
Whereas most compounds dissociate in water, hydrofluoric acid is one of the exceptions to the rule.  We know that this is so because hexafluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) is a fuming acid which contains 20% fluoride, 28 contaminants, silica, factory floor water and 2% hydrofluoric acid (HF).  Because the fluoridating acid is fuming, that implies that the HF gasses off to form Hydrogen Fluoride gas - also HF.  HF is a classified poison under UK Law but it would be difficult to accuse your local government of poisoning you because you would have to prove intent to poison.
Fluoridated tap water contains HF as a non-dissociated acid so taking habitual hot baths will damage the thyroid gland.  As time passes, more and more women would experience symptoms indicating that their thyroid glands have been compromised.   A recent piece of research from Kent University found that there was 30% more women over the age of 40 with hypothyroidism if they lived in a fluoridated area compared with a non-fluoridated area.  The statistics for the West Midlands were worse: almost double the number of cases of hypothyroidism in the West Midlands compared to non-fluoridated Greater Manchester.  The difference can be explained by the soft water drunk by people to the west of Birmingham. Their low calcium tap water implies that the fluoride in their tap water is more likely to bioaccumulate in their bodies.  Calcium (and magnesium) are antidotes to fluoride.
Prior to the consultation it would be important for you to become knowledgeable about the harm caused by fluoride and you will be expected to quote sources to back up your opposition.  It will not be enough tosimply state that you are against the proposal.
Once we know for certain the date on which the Consultation will be opened for comment, I will write again in order to give you the arguments against fluoridation and the relevant references.  I cannot write the letters for you since that would look stage-managed.  I will also upload this information to my website: www.wmaf.org.uk
In the meantime, can I suggest that learning about the issue before the consultation starts would be time wisely spent.  There is much that can be done now to prevent this issue getting as far as Public Consultation and I strongly advise that you contact or visit your City Councillors to tell them about your opposition. If enough letters are written this might (just might) give Cllr Colin Inglis and his Health and Well-Being Board pause for thought.  If any of you are Cllr Colin Inglis's Constituents, I advise sending him a letter by recorded delivery.  There are three Councillors in each ward. Even if they do not belong to a political party with which you sympathise, they are there to help you and must be approached now in order to let them know that there is no public support for this quirky ill-health Public Health measure.
In 1970, Hull was faced with a fluoridation proposal.  At the time, it went no further than initial exploration.  The proposal failed because it was perceived that there was no public support for the measure.  This could happen again.  In 2002-4, the East Riding County Council considered fluoridation but after investigation, decided to pursue other more targetted dental health programmes.  Because we have better ways in which to communicate, these days, it's easier to voice disapproval.  In fact, it's vital that you do so because pro-fluoridation individuals who are also medical and dental professionals will try to persuade your Councillors that there is public support.  These professionals ought not to be regarded as being members of the 'public' but it would be difficult to deny them having their say.
It's not just those individuals with low thyroid who are likely to be in peril but the unborn child whose intelligence will be reduced due to the fluoride crossing the placenta and entering the fetal brain.   Fluoride is an endcrine disrupter, it alters the composition of bones and teeth and causes very many different health conditions depending on an individual's susceptabilities.
We urge you not to take this lying down.  Resistance is do-able and win-able and already, there people in Hull and the East Riding gathering forces to prevent the adulteration of your water supply.  We hope that you will consider joining them.
Joy Warren, BSc. (Hons) Env. Sci; Cert. Nutrition & Health
Co-ordinator, West Midlands Against Fluoridation and For Pure Clean Water
Co-ordinator, UK Alliance Opposed to Water Fluoridation
Refs:  Gorlitzer von Mundy, V.  "Ein neuer Weg zur Behandlung der Thyreotoxikose mit Fluorwasserstoffsäure" Med Klin 21:&17-719 (1932).
Peckham, S., D. Lowery and S. Spencer (2015).  “Are fluoride levels in drinking water associated with hypothyroidism prevalence in England?  A large observational study of GP practice data and fluoride levels in drinking water.”  J. Epedemiol Community Health 2015; 0: 1-6


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