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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Indian village fighting fluoride poisoning with vitamins and clean water

Nur Jahan Begum has skeletal fluorosis. Her forearms are bent just above the wrists, meaning that she cannot feed herself.
For years the people of Tapatjuri, a remote village in northeast India, thought evil spirits were tormenting them. It was the only way they could explain why hundreds of people in their community were crippled, with bones bent so badly out of shape that many could not wash, eat, or leave their houses without help.......
Indian schoolgirl with dental fluorosis

‘No one tested the water’

While fluoride-contaminated water occurs naturally, human error is behind many cases worldwide today. During the 1980s the UN led a global campaign to dig wells in developing countries.The campaign helped to drastically reduce cases of diseases like dysentery, which is caused by bacteria in surface water. However, neither governments nor the UN agencies involved made sure that the water below ground was free from chemical contaminants, said Chris Neurath, research director at the American Environmental Health Studies Project , an awareness group that focuses on the effects of fluoride.


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