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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, October 29, 2015

South Staffs Water


Fluoride occurs naturally in water. It's useful for babies and children who have growing teeth and helps reduce tooth decay and cavities.
All of our supplies contain either natural fluoride or an enhanced fluoride concentration at the regulatory value of 1.0mg/l.
The enhanced levels of fluoride are added to our water at the request of Public Health England in accordance with the Water (Fluoridation) Act 1985, and following extensive consultation with local health authorities and our customers.
The concentration of fluoride in the water is independently audited every month by Public Health England.
Further information can be found by contacting enquiries@phe.gov.uk

Public Health England - how reassuring! Useful for babies!


  • First line gets people thinking it's natural fluoride they add yes it's natural but it's not what they use to top the level up with...Typical of (PHE) to skirt around the truth...

    By Blogger rcannard, at 29 October, 2015  

  • NOT in accordance with the 1985 Fluoridation Act. South Staffs (and some parts of Severn Trent) are illegal schemes. ie - they were not "....existing ...." schemes where "...in pursuance of arrangements ...." " .... work had begun ...." " .... before 20th of December 1984..." {As required by sect 63 of the 1985 Act & as amended by the 1991 Water Industries Act).

    They (SSW, PHE & The County Council) all know it and are all complicit and culpable in their continuing to disobey the law.

    I have some evidence to prove this. They, to date, have failed/refused to show me any evidence to the contrary. I'm waiting for a PHE FOI request to fail too before I may take it further. Meanwhile my water bill remains unpaid to the amount that it costs me to clean my water - and this has been so for over two years now.

    By Anonymous Cllr. Chris, at 29 October, 2015  

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