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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Should We Use Fluoride In Our Toothpaste? With Dr Ron Ehrlich


  • Fluoride may impregnate itself into a tooth (especially a developing tooth. But I can't see that is the mechanism by which "fluoride works topically". The more I learn and understand of this the more it seems to me that topical fluoride application does exactly what you might expect a serious toxin to do - it kills the bacteria. Apply two or three times a day and the bacteria (whose acid attacks the teeth) are considerably reduced. That makes sense to me (but clearly - spit out and wash out the toothpaste - it's poisonous - duh!!!). All this other science trying to prove a protective fluoride cover for teeth seems to me to be poor science being used in trying to back up a fallacious theory. Pushed by that nemesis of true science - people who don't want to lose face.

    By Anonymous Cllr. Chris, at 31 October, 2015  

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