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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Toothpaste Warning

Toothpaste Warning
Date: 21 December 2009
Hollin Drive
I reply to John Crabtree's letter ("Water, not toothpaste!" December 11, 2009) questioning my accuracy in stating "do not swallow fluoride" whether it is in toothpaste or in our public drinking water.

Permeable teeth or not, John, fluoride applied topically (direct) onto the tooth is the only scientifically evidenced prophylactic use of the fluorine compound in dental caries prevention. This is a dental fact, and the reason dentists offer to coat children's teeth in the stuff.

That is, it needs to be applied directly onto the teeth, tooth by tooth. Recently there is growing dental doubt in the effectiveness of this treatment, as apparently witnessed by Colin Shaw in his previous letter.

Fluoride in toothpaste brushed onto the teeth may help harden them against decay, but fluoride in drinking water can only work on the teeth as it is swished around ones mouth as one cleans ones teeth prior to spitting out the toothpaste! Fluoride in drinking water is thus ineffective.

However, it has its dangers. As I explained in my previous letter, 'all experts on fluorides (including those who support the pro-fluoride lobby) know perfectly well that, if fluoride doses are on the high side, teeth and bones will be damaged by dental and skeletal fluorosis (fluoride poisoning)'.

Ingesting (swallowing) fluoride compounds has a proven detrimental effect on one's bones, the thyroid, the enzyme system and, as recently reported, children's IQ. As dose increases it can cause a variety of medical reactions including, muscle weakness, lethargy, obesity and the weakening, deformation and progressively calcium poor and brittle bones. At high dosage, such as swallowed toothpaste, it can kill. So fluoride is unsafe.

Additionally, the body can only at best get rid of 50 per cent of the fluorine we ingest, and so overtime it continues to build up in our bodies. As we age this leads to increasingly harmful health effects, as listed above.

Fluorosis (progressive mottling of teeth as is seen more frequently in fluoridated areas, especially in children) is a symptom within the population and a warning of this kind of slow but steady poisoning of the general population from ingesting too much fluoride.

So, with fluoride in the public drinking water supplies (fluoridation), there is no control of the dose individual people receive. There is no reference to an individual's body size, potential pregnancy, age or any underlying health condition. No doctor would prescribe an unproven drug at an unknown dosage to a patient they had not met!

Don't get sucked into, or swallow, the pro-fluoridation propaganda, which is based on outdated and weak corporate science of the 1940s and 50s. It is the same old fashioned and biased science that said asbestos, coal-dust, DDT, smoking and lead in paint and petrol were all safe. As I am sure you are aware, they have all been shown to be deadly dangerous and harmful.

Trust you have now "got it" John, and I hope all readers of this paper too – don't ever swallow the stuff!
Jonathan Eyre


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