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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fluoride makes drugs stronger

Fluoride makes drugs stronger
Published Date:
21 December 2009
By Dulverton Road
Carole Coles's letter posed a very intelligent question "How will fluoride mix with my medication?" on December 14.

It is probable that no reliable studies have been done on this. Scientists have usually tested chemicals singly to find out their effects, but it is known that chemicals are much more powerful when mixed with other chemicals.
This is known as the synergistic (working together) effect.
For this reason fluoride is added to many medical drugs to make the active ingredients work more powerfully.
Drugs such as tranquillisers often contain fluoride, as do many anaesthetics. The difficulty is in preventing people receiving too much fluoride today, as fluoride is also in industrial pollution and some pesticides and in perfluorochemicals in stain retardants in carpets & upholstery.
These can have cancer-causing properties and may cause reproductive damage. The "cocktail effect" of chemicals is often not taken into account and more attention needs to be paid to this.

Ann Wills


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