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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, May 30, 2016

Is it an accident?

That there is a healthcare system in place that makes us sick and broke. That the legal and financial systems are as corrupt as humanly possible. Just look at the Panama Papers. This is a small percentage of the levels of financial and global economic corruption that truly exist.

Do you think it is an accident?

- To treat a weakened, toxic, and cancerous body with the poisons of radiation and chemotherapy.
- To vaccinate the young, innocent, and bright children with poisons and neurotoxic metals. Let’s lower the flu rate and instead cause autism, auto-immune issues and crippling mental systems.
- To murder 12 holistic doctors in a three-month span, many of whom, had connections to the newly discovered enzyme, “nagalase” that has been placed in vaccines that inhibit the body’s ability to fight cancer cells.
-To put the 2nd most toxic element on the planet inside of our mouths and six inches from our brains.
-To load soaps, toothpaste, pillows, carpeting, cleaning products, kitchenware, lawns and beds with poisonous man-made chemicals.
-To load our drinking water, the elixir of life, with fluoride; a chemical industrial waste byproduct of aluminum manufacturing and a destroyer of the pineal gland, and hundreds of other heavy metals and chemicals.
-To torture animals and feed them poisons for their entire lifetime and then feed the diseased and depressed result to the general public.
-To sell Homogenized and Pasteurized dairy and cheeses. Let’s remove all of the light and life-force energy, destroy all the nutrients from an incredibly powerful medicine, make it virtually indigestible and market it as a health food.
-To get the general population addicted to fast food, soda, processed foods, and alcohol with mass advertisement. All foods that act as poisons and feed disease and parasites and slowly kill us.
-To see time and time again, renewable energy geniuses mysteriously dying. It has been undeniably proven that we can power the world with free, clean energy, yet oil companies have gone the distance to prevent this from happening, and continue to drill into mother earth, and devastate the lungs of our planet.
-To spray the air with poisonous chemicals via chem-trails.
-To keep people on the hamster wheel working and slaving away with non-stop fear mongering and faulty mass-media coverage.

I don't know. You tell me...


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