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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Australia - LETTER: Why we should say no to fluoride

I BELIEVE that in Gladstone 30 million litres of carefully monitored water are flouridated every day, on the grounds it reduces tooth decay.

The proponents of this scheme of mass-medication try to steer people's minds away from criticism with empty and unproven rhetoric, thereby ignoring the fact there has been enormous world-wide research conducted as to the pros and cons of fluoridation, with the result of a massive global rejection of this scheme.

The American Dental Association alone, after conducting a comprehensive study on 39,000 children, found no benefit was derived from flouridation at all
Flouridation was forced onto us, for God knows what reason, by a very unpopular Queensland premier, and was immediately disbanded on her demise from politics.

Floiuride, like lead, mercury and asbestos is an accumulative poison and if ingested, can have very serious ramifications on our long term health.

I would like to ask those people who favour mass-medication: "Would you drink a bottle of Dettol to cleanse a cut or abrasion, or a bottle of insect repellent to keep away the sandflies, rather than applying it to the skin? If not, why not?"

Buy a tube of flouride toothpaste and read :"Warning, do not swallow after brushing teeth. Spit and rinse throroughly." I wonder why!

Let those people who support fluoridation buy their own and drink it, and thereby save much anguish and misery for other folks.
With that I'll rest my case.
Hank van Meegan


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