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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, March 24, 2017

USA - Industrial fluoride: a toxic cocktail

To the editor,

Many people don’t know the true source of the fluoride that Durango adds to our drinking water. Simply see the City of Durango’s Water Confidence page, www.durangogov.org/DocumentCenter/View/2585. It identifies the source of fluoride as residue from aluminum and fertilizer manufacturing!

Industrial sodium fluoride from China is used for water fluoridation in Durango. See cleanwaterdurango.org for photos and an independent laboratory analysis of sodium fluoride from China. Sodium fluoride from China, used because it is cheaper, is especially suspect, as the standards in China are minimal. Each bag of their industrial waste, which we traced to an aluminum factory in Zhuzhou, China, varies as to its toxic content. An independent laboratory in Colorado re- ported that sodium fluoride from China contains significant amounts of lead and trace amounts of aluminum, arsenic, strontium, uranium and tungsten. Chinese sodium fluoride also doubles as a pesticide, as stated by the manufacturer. This is very different from naturally occurring calcium fluoride............


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