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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, March 24, 2017

Fluoride-thyroid disease connection - Durango Telegraph

Fluoride-thyroid disease connection
To the editor,

I have hypothyroidism and a partial parathyroid surgery. Luckily, it was negative for cancer. I also had two very large thyroid nodules and my calcium was above normal in my system. I think this was caused by fluoride in the water.

I would love it if this unnatural chemical is taken out of the water. I should be the poster child for fluoride. If there wasn’t any fluoride in the water, I would not have these medical problems. I believe in giving children toothpaste and a brush and educating them about brushing, omitting sugar and going to the dentist.

I know people are afraid to listen to people who are against this movement to take fluoride out of the water but we need to change our way of thinking that what goes into water goes into people. I know people are afraid of change but maybe this is the time to make a small one for Mother Nature’s water.

– Frances Dance, Durango


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