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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sugary diets and children's TOOTHPASTE are blamed

Sugary diets and children's TOOTHPASTE are blamed as doctors reveal babies are having rotten teeth removed before their FIRST birthday
Growing numbers of under-fives are having rotten teeth removed
Hospital extractions for pre-school children surged 24 per cent in just ten years
Kids consume two to three times recommended limit of sugary food and drink
Dentists some children’s toothpaste brands had too little fluoride
But dentists said toothpaste also played a role because some children’s brands had too little fluoride.
The Royal College of Surgeons report says extractions among under-fives in England rose from 7,444 in 2006/7 to 9,206 in 2015/16. Forty-seven infants under the age of one had had teeth removed.
‘When you see the numbers tallied up like this it becomes abundantly clear that the sweet habits of our children are having a devastating effect,’ said Professor Nigel Hunt of the RCS Faculty of Dental Surgery.
‘That children as young as one or two need to have teeth extracted is shocking. It’s almost certain that the majority of these extractions will be down to tooth decay caused by too much sugar...............


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