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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

HEALTH“The Fluoride Mafia” Are Controlling You With Single Ingredient, And It’s “Legal”

......However, there are more serious scientific objections to fluoride, and many are far removed from the assertions of David Icke disciples. Numerous studies researched by Harvard and China Medical University in Shanghai have shown that fluoride may be linked to reduced IQ in children, and even suggest that it could be toxic to a developing brain. Fluoride at high levels has been shown to destroy the male reproductive system in rabbits. Fluoride lowers the thyroid function. One study linked it to bone cancer in boys. A 2007 Nuffield Council on Bioethics report reached a conclusion that the benefit-to-risk ratio on water fluoridation is unclear due to lack of good evidence, that alternatives to water fluoridation exist and that the role of consent gets priority when there are potential harms.
Professors doing this research have been met with numerous attempts to discredit them.

Stephen Peckham – director of the Centre for Health Services at the University of Kent, and professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at the University of Toronto – has had his research of water fluoridation rejected from dental health journals. He’s spoken out about being accused of “statistics-hacking” and for research that made the link between fluoride and hypothyroidism. Catherine Carstairs, a professor who wrote about the history of water fluoridation, was attacked and the Journal of Public Heath had to defend itself for publishing “strong… research even when [it does] not fit well with our preconceived ideas”.


In fact, there has been a sea change in attitudes towards water fluoridation. About 10 years ago, York University found that tooth decay in children across Europe had fallen, regardless of whether or not there was fluoride in the water. The countries showing the biggest decrease – Sweden, Netherlands, Finland and Denmark – don’t fluoridate their supplies.

Increasingly, water fluoridation is being rejected in local British areas. In 2014, Bolton refused to add fluoride to their water supply, with David Crausby, MP for Bolton North East, likening it to “mass medication”. That same year, Public Health England had to drop plans to fluoridate water in Southampton and parts of Hampshire because of fierce opposition from Southampton City Council. But still, Public Health England encourages fluoridation and the NHS website states that fluoride provides no significant health risk. Millions around the country still drink fluoridated water.

But what do the water companies think? I called United Utilities, who said that most water companies have to have a “neutral position” on fluoridation. “The water company is just obliged to fluoridate where asked,” a spokesperson said. “We’re just a contractor.” But have they heard the conspiracies? I asked a Severn Trent Water spokesperson, who laughed and said: “Oooh yes, don’t worry, we’ve heard all sides of the story very loudly, but to be honest we try and stay out of it. We don’t want to get involved because then it makes it much too complicated.” Complicated indeed.

In countries like Brazil, China and, unsurprisingly, the US, fluoridation still has a stronghold. Significantly, 194 million Americans are supplied with this water, including those who live in 43 of its 47 largest cities. It’s there that the “truth” is being spread with most fervor.

Despite various claims by “truth gurus” being torn down – it’s unlikely that Margaret Thatcher pumped fluoride into Northern Ireland to control the rebels or that pharmaceutical companies are pumping us full of fluoride via Prozac – the conspiracy rages ahead, while science slowly erodes fluoride’s reputation. Will this be the next formaldehyde? The next lead? Don’t forget that dentists and doctors once promoted cigarettes. Should we listen to YouTubers? What if this became the greatest public health conspiracy of our time – of all times?

We may never find out genuine answers to this “complicated” questions…


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