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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, November 12, 2016

India - Cutting down permissible levels for fluoride in water proposed

Experts from the International Society for Fluoride Research have proposed cutting down the permissible levels for fluoride in water to better combat fluorosis.
The current tolerance level is 1 ppm which the society suggested lowering to 0.5 ppm.
The suggestions were made during a panel discussion of the office-bearers of the society during the 33rd International Conference of International Society for Fluoride Research.
“The panel stressed on a multi-sectoral approach; involvement of public health dentists along with Public Health Department, chemists, municipal corporation and water department etc. It also proposes to establish water fluoride testing laboratories in rural areas in chemistry laboratories of local colleges in the area,” said Arjun L Khandare, president of the society’s international committee.
The three-day conference held at National Institute of Nutrition saw discussions on several aspects of fluorosis.


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