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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Why do we have such poor health?

Why do we Have Such Poor Health? We have advanced technology to diagnose and perform very expensive coronary bypass surgery. Many years ago the eminent Harvard cardiologist Eugene Braunwald, M.D., expressed grave concern that coronary bypass surgery was becoming an established procedure without any solid evidence that it was effective. This very costly and somewhat dangerous procedure (coronary bypass surgery) is no more effective than good medical care that attacks the causes of arteriosclerosis.
The "war" on cancer has been lost as chemotherapy and radiation are no more successful now than they were 25 years ago. Fortunately, a few people have heard about natural approaches to malignancies and are recovering without the terrible side effects of conventional cancer therapy. When the general public learns that most oncologists would refuse to undergo chemotherapy in the event they developed cancer, more persons will look for far safer natural treatments of malignancy that provide better results.
Pharmaceutical firms are spending large sums of money to develop new drugs that will correct the blood sugar in type 2 diabetes, when the way to eliminate this problem is by detoxification and dietary measures. At this time approximately 40% of population have taken the responsibility for their health care into their own hands and are taking vitamins and supplements that they feel will preserve their health and help them avoid illness. The significant fall in death rates from heart disease and strokes almost certainly reflects the benefits of these supplements. There are no pharmaceutical drugs that reverse the causes for this disease (arteriosclerosis) free radical damage, atrocious diets, and exposure to a multitude of very toxic substances: mercury, xenoestrogens, fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, aluminum, etc.).
Medical meetings and medical journals are heavily subsidized by the pharmaceutical industry so no information about the virtues of natural treatments will be brought forth in these arenas. Review articles about diseases will either omit information about natural therapies or the material about natural treatments will be presented in such a biased or negative way that no physician would want to use it. Industry is not very interested in the health status of the general populace.
Veterinarians have learned that treating animals prior to conception with vitamins, minerals and nutrients nearly completely eliminates congenital anomalies. This biologic concept would almost certainly work in humans but may never be introduced because it would eliminate too many profitable diseases.
WHAT PUBLIC HEALTH MEASURES NEED TO BE INSTITUTED? Serious efforts to improve public health must begin with stopping the sale of disease-causing margarine and trans fats, removing fluoride and chlorine from drinking water, ending the use of mercury for dental amalgams, encouraging grazing of cattle instead of feedlots, banning irradiated and genetically modified foods, ending hormone injections into cows and cattle, and massive education campaigns to warn the public about the danger of sugar excesses, aluminium, and processed foods.
Dr. Praveen Kumar Saxenaa ,

- Dr.Saxena Centre for Progressive Medicine

Makes a lot of sense.


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