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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, November 27, 2015

Daily Mail

Drinking four cups of tea a day was found to give people optimal levels of fluoride to protect their teethBy KATE PICKLES FOR MAILONLINE
Why budget tea bags are BETTER for your teeth: Tests reveal cheaper brands contain the most tooth-strengthening fluoride
Tests were carried out on 49 tea bags ranging from own brands to decaf
Fluoride levels varied with the lowest levels in specialty teas at 0.72mg
This compares to 2.3mg in a Tesco original tea bag and decaf was higher

Drinking tea and bad teeth have long been unflattering stereotypes associated with the English.
But a new study has revealed how a traditional brew can in fact help to strengthen our gnashers - with budget brands coming out on top.
Tests on 49 tea bags found drinking about four cups a day gave people the daily recommended intake of fluoride - known to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent decay.
Cheaper blends and decaffeinated versions were found to contain the most fluoride, which comes from the soil where the tea is grown.

The poor who buy the cheap tea get dumber if fluoride does lower IQs


  • Four cups but does that include making tea with fluoridated water...How many cups should we drink then...Typical Daily Fail gutter press print any old BS without any facts or even science...

    By Blogger rcannard, at 27 November, 2015  

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