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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Five cuppas a day keep the dentist away

Jonathan Leake, Science Editor Published: 29 November 2015

BRITAIN’S love of tea could help save the nation’s youngsters from a less pleasant tradition: bad teeth.

Researchers have found that children as young as four would benefit from drinking regular cups of tea.

Carrie Ruxton, a public health nutritionist, and her colleagueTim Bond analysed 49 types of teabag bought in British shops and supermarkets to discover their levels of fluoride. The mineral strengthens the enamel coating of teeth, protecting them from bacteria that cause dental caries.......


  • Seeing how the human body does not need fluoride to function how can there be a deficiency...Never herd of being fluoride deficient...I didn't see what the accumulated effect of drinking tea made with fluoridated water added to all the other sources of fluoride we ingest throughout the day amounts to...Or would that be a complete guess?...

    By Blogger rcannard, at 29 November, 2015  

  • No water or fizzy drinks mum i'd love a nice cup of tea, said a child never...

    By Blogger rcannard, at 29 November, 2015  

  • I worked with two people who drank a lot of tea. One had a huge mug to drink from which he did throughout the day. He died far too early and the other who drank tea when it was black from brewing ended up in a wheelchair - not that proves anything.
    One thing it is calcium fluoride which is less likely to harm the body.

    By Blogger Bill, at 29 November, 2015  

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