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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Australia - Council candidate on a mission to save our shire

Stanthorpe’s Sue Johnson is standing as a candidate at the 2016 council election.IN MAY she took the floor at the Southern Downs Regional Council meeting, slamming councillors over their "wasteful spending".
Now, Save our Shire Action Group member Sue Johnson has thrown her hat into the ring for next year's council election.
The Stanthorpe resident of 19 years is putting her hand up for one of the eight councillor positions at the March 19 poll.
Mrs Johnson said she decided to take action instead of complaining about the council.
"I believe that no one has the right to complain if they are not prepared to do something about it," she said.
"I am committed to stopping council's wasteful spending.
"I have a desire to see Southern Downs communities flourish."
Mrs Johnson has been active in the community in recent years, bringing the fluoride debate to council and setting up a women's health clinic in Mingoola.
She was also the founding secretary of the Save our Shire Action Group and set up a listening post in Stanthorpe for people with problems with the council.
Mrs Johnson said she believed councillors should properly represent and consult with the people, as well as acting responsibly with ratepayers' money.
"Council should be accountable, transparent and very careful with spending people's money, knowing that they will be subject to scrutiny," she said.
"Councillors must respect the rights and interests of the communities they serve.".............


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