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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

USA - Daleville Water Department receives fluoridation award

Water Department awardedBy Jan Murray jmurray@southeastsun.com

Some 160 million gallons of drinking water are treated with fluoride every year in Daleville and apparently the city gets it right because its water department won four awards recently for the calendar year 2014 for keeping fluoridation levels at the correct levels.

Ashley Vice, state water fluoridation coordinator with the Alabama Department of Public Health, was in the city Dec. 7 to present the award to Mayor Claudia Wigglesworth and Water Department Supervisor Orson Bullard. Vice said the city was presented an award for each of its four wells. Other area water systems receiving awards include Enterprise for nine of its 17 wells and Fort Rucker/American Water Enterprise for three of its seven wells on post.

Vice said the city must check the fluoride levels daily at each of its water wells to ensure that the most favorable concentration for fluoride in drinking water stays between .6 and 1.3 parts-per-million. She said it is not an easy thing to do, but the city has worked hard to keep its water properly fluoridated, thus why the award is being given.....

Can't understand this reward for doing something right it must mean there are a lot of water companies failing to inject fluoride at the correct rate.


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