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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dec 28th is Winnipeg Water Fluoridation Day, please write the mayor and city councillors and urge them to stop water fluoridation.

Email addresses for City council: mayor@winnipeg.ca, cgilroy@winnipeg.ca, jgerbasi@winnipeg.ca, jorlikow@winnipeg.ca, readie@winnipeg.ca, dsharma@winnipeg.ca, mpagtakhan@winnipeg.ca, jschreyer@winnipeg.ca, jbrowaty@winnipeg.ca, rwyatt@winnipeg.ca, mallard@winnipeg.ca, jlukes@winnipeg.ca, bmayes@winnipeg.ca, mmorantz@winnipeg.ca, sdobson@winnipeg.ca, sgillingham@winnipeg.ca

Please visit our Event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/57772...

Sample email you can use:

Dear City Council,
I would like you to end the fluoridation program here in Winnipeg. Fluoride is not safe, effective, or ethical.
The practice of water fluoridation is designed to achieve a decline in dental caries. This policy is not effective though or safe. In fluoridated and unfluoridated communities the difference in tooth decay rates is the same, and sometimes in unfluoridated areas they are better. In Europe 97% of the country is not fluoridated and they have the same rate of tooth decay as the USA and Canada which is heavily fluoridated. As you can see in the picture below 94.3% of the World’s population is fluoridation free and these other countries have the same tooth decay rates as Canada and the USA and even better in some areas. Of the top seven countries with the best oral health (World Health Organization report, 2012), six do not fluoridate their water, one fluoridates at 11 percent of its population. The U.S. fluoridates for 70 percent and ranks 12th in oral health.

In communities such as British Columbia, Cuba, Finland, and former East Germany when fluoridation was halted tooth decay rates did not go up as anticipated and continued to go down. Some other studies have even found that tooth decay rates increase as the fluoride concentration in the water increases.
Fluoridation has NEVER been tested for safety or efficacy. Early endorsements for fluoridation were based on unproven theories about different kinds of fluorides than what are being added in to our water supplies. Naturally-occurring calcium fluoride and synthetic fluoride compounds are different. Naturally-occurring fluoride usually exists in a compound with calcium. All fluoride is toxic. Evidence suggests that calcium acts as a mitigating force in fluoride toxicity. Synthetic fluoride chemicals are industrial byproducts, and they contain lead, arsenic and other toxic contaminants.
Remember this citation: "Fluoride is more poisonous than lead, and just less poisonous than arsenic.“ Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products - 1984 The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health rates fluoride alongside lead and arsenic for its toxicity to humans.
Manitoba law recognizes that mentally capable individuals have the right to consent or refuse to consent to medical treatment and I do not consent to this practice so please end it as soon as possible.
Thank you!


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