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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Northern Echo - Fluoride in water comparison not credible

FLUORIDE DEBATE: Is adding fluoride to drinking water safe? Picture: Bigandt_Photography / Think Stock PhotosTONY KELLY (HAS, Aug 14) tries to justify adding fluoride (a known neurotoxin, similar to lead, mercury and arsenic) to our precious drinking water and most toothpastes etc, by referring to additives such as iodine and chlorine.
Firstly, iodine is an essential nutrient, which is not added to drinking water, but is easily bonded to common table salt (sea salt is naturally rich in this trace element). Any supermarket offers either iodized or non-iodized table salt; the consumer has choice, denied to him or her with fluoridated tap water.
Secondly, chlorine is a necessary disinfectant, used to eliminate and control harmful microbes etc. in swimming pools and drinking water. It is very different from fluoride, which is paraded as a medical/dental preventative.
How can Mr Kelly “categorically” assure readers that fluoride is safe? I rather suggest that concerned parents google on the toxicity of fluoride and form their own conclusions.
Ben Andriessen, Crook


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