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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

NZ - Decay caused by baby bottles of fizzy drinks

Baby bottles of juice and fizzy drink have rotted this childs teeth. Infants drinking juice and fizzy drinks out of baby bottles is just one of the alarming causes of Northland's shocking child tooth decay, an expert says.

According to Northland DHB oral health adviser Neil Croucher, far too many children experience tooth decay in Northland, with most of it avoidable if parents took more responsibility for what their children drink.

There are about 27,000 children aged under 12 in Northland and Dr Croucher said the DHB had about a 95 per cent uptake from them on using the dental services. The region had one of the highest rates in the country of dental caries in children aged under 12.
DHB records show the number of Northland children under 12 using the services has increased each year for the past three years.

"Dental decay is a preventable disease and yet it is the most common disease experienced in both children and adults in the developed world," Dr Croucher said.

Infants who drank sugary drinks invariably ended up on hospital general anaesthetic lists for removal of multiple front and back baby teeth, Dr Croucher said.

"There is an affordable way to prevent the very destructive form of dental decay we call 'bottle carriers' ... that is to only use water in baby's bottles from day one," he said. "These children, as a result, don't develop a craving for sugary foods and drinks, and instead are just as happy to drink water or milk to quench their thirst."...................


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