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Monday, August 24, 2015

CDC Vaccine Whistleblower: The Silence That Kills

It’s now been a year since William Thompson, long-time CDC researcher, publicly admitted he concealed evidence that indicted the MMR vaccine for its connection to autism.
cdc whistleblowerIt’s been a year since Thompson publicly accused his colleagues at the CDC of doing the same thing. Two of those colleagues, Frank DeStefano and Collen Boyle, are high-ranking CDC executives in the area of vaccine safety.
During this past year, mainstream reporters and defenders of the realm have taken two approaches: silence; and vague claims that Thompson’s statements are false.
Both of these approaches are slimy and disingenuous, because the man we want to hear from is Thompson himself. And we have not.
We want to hear from him in a public setting, in front of a hearing where he can speak at length, where he can fill in details, where he can air all his claims without censorship.
At the moment, the possibility of such a hearing is remote, because the US Congress is bought and sold.
Short of a hearing, we want Thompson to sit down with a reporter and speak on camera, extensively, and submit himself to questions.
He has said he will not do this. He and his lawyer, Rick Morgan, know there are a number of reporters who will do a proper interview, without edits. I could easily name a dozen reporters who would conduct an in-depth interview, live, online, for the whole world to see.
Thompson’s reluctance? It appears he believes his public testimony, under oath, in front of a Congressional committee, will protect him from harm. I’m talking about harm from people who will do anything to maintain the reputation of vaccines.
But what if there never is a full-blooded open Congressional hearing? What then? Will Thompson maintain silence for the rest of his life?
More is at stake here than the danger of the MMR vaccine. The CDC has done hundreds of key studies on vaccine safety. They are all thrown into doubt by Thompson’s assertion— recently quoted by Congressman Bill Posey on the floor of the Congress—that Thompson and his colleagues brought a garbage can into a CDC office and threw out documents that would have shown the MMR connection to autism.
This speaks of a massive indifference to human life and safety..................

And this is the same CDC that Stephen Slott DDS says is the organization we should put our trust.


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