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Monday, August 24, 2015

Australia - The Weekly's year long investigation: The truth behind Pete Evans' Paleo

Controversy is swirling around the MKR host again following his diet-spruiking interview with Mike Willesee on Sunday Night. Here The Weekly explains why the celebrity chef has caused so much upset.
When Pete Evans talks about the Paleo diet, his piercing blue eyes widen, his speech quickens and his body language becomes aroused. His hands dance around emphatically as he extols the virtues of living without processed foods, grains, dairy, legumes or sugar.

Tanned, ultra-lean and handsome, with extraordinarily white teeth, the celebrity chef certainly appears a good physical advertisement for the popular “caveman” diet. Like an evangelical preacher, he is intense, animated and emotional.

In the past six months alone, he has urged us to swap our morning coffee for bone broth, filter the fluoride out of our water and put our babies and toddlers on his diet, too (he blames the Australian Dietary Guidelines for the rising incidence of autism in children). Paleo is not simply a fad or a diet, he says, but a profound way of life that has bought him peace, health and happiness.

“I think 2015 will be a dawning for a new generation, a new consciousness, a new way of thinking,” he enthused in a recent video chat with a personal trainer that was posted online. “What was considered extreme, I think, within 12 months will be considered quite mainstream and people who haven’t adopted [Paleo] will be feeling a little bit left out maybe.” He snaps his fingers and shoots a steely glance at the camera.

“It’s going to happen very, very quickly.”

In short, the 41-year-old appears to have found his purpose and he wants to spread the word.........


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