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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, May 11, 2018

Saddened that actress Barbara Windsor has suffered Alzheimer’s for some years.  Professor Christopher Exley of Keele University in UK, believes that exposure to aluminium is a main cause of the disease.  Writing in “Frontiers of Neurology” journal, he said “The presence of aluminium in the brain should be a red flag alerting us all to potential dangers.”   Tap water is treated with aluminium sulphate to improve clarity & make it sparkling, whereas in the past tap water was filtered through harmless
sand-beds to achieve this.  Aluminium is used in some medications, as a food additive & is in cosmetics, sunscreens & antiperspirants.  Many ready-meals & takeaways come in aluminium foil trays.  Prof Exley’s studies found aluminium in baby foods - even though no aluminium is added to them, & he concludes the aluminium may be leaching into the food from the foil packaging.  Prof Exley says aluminium builds up in the brain until it reaches a ‘toxic threshold’ beyond which neurons (message carriers) cannot cope. 
We remember the victims of Camelford, Cornwall, when aluminium was wrongly put in large amounts into their tap water.  I’ve sent the above to the press.



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