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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, May 09, 2018


Dairy, Iodine, Fluoride & Acne: An Interview with Melissa GallicoIn this blog post, I’ve teamed up with Melissa Gallico – superwoman and fellow acne warrior – to talk all about her journey to clear skin and her revolutionary new book ‘The Hidden Cause of Acne‘. If you’ve not caught up on the theory as to why fluoride toxicity could be the reason you’re unable to clear your acne, then I recommend catching up on my previous blog posts here:
You may have realised that this whole fluoride thang is a topic I’m pretty pumped on so I can’t recommend Melissa’s book enough. I read it cover to cover in a matter of days and it totally changed the way I thought about food and drink. I’ve been fluoride-free with my dental care for almost a year now so I’d already bought into the fluoride-free concept but Melissa’s book exposes all the gross, horrible ways the food industry sneaks toxins into food we eat. It blew me away and I urge you to grab a copy of The Hidden Cause of Acne, do your research and begin healing yourself from this major acne trigger.

fluoride, perioral dermatitis & acne: an interview with melissa gallico

A: In your book, you talk about all the times you went abroad to non-fluoridated countries and your skin always improved, yet when you returned to the USA you quickly started breaking out again – how quickly did you start breaking out and how quickly did it clear when you moved to non-fluoridated areas?
M: When I returned to the United States, the reaction was very fast, within a day or two. It was a more gradual process for my acne to clear up when I left, approximately 3-4 weeks.
A: You also mentioned in your book that even when you were living in non-fluoridated Scotland, you still suffered cystic acne simply from using your fluoridated travel toothpaste when you went out of town for the night? It’s crazy that just a couple of uses of fluoridated toothpaste could trigger such bad breakouts. A lot of my readers overlook the fluoride/acne connection as they don’t live in an area where their water is fluoridated but toothpaste alone can be a huge trigger right? 
M: I don’t recall if the outbreaks from toothpaste were cystic or not, I just remember thinking that my skin broke out while I was traveling because my diet was different than what I normally ate at home. I did not suspect my toothpaste until much later, after I figured out the fluoride connection........................................


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