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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, May 04, 2018

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Fluoridation of water in Spain (in Sevilla, Cordoba, Murcia, Bilbao and maybe a few other smaller towns) has been done in a clandestine way. Somehow the fluoride chemical used in water fluoridation, fluosilicic acid, one of the most toxic chemicals known to science, was classified in Spain as a food additive! This presumably was because of the clout of the huge fluoride company Derivados del Fluor, part of the Minersa Group, of huge national strategic importance for Spain.

In turn, the Irish authorities used the Spanish skullduggery as a further excuse for the continued dosing of the Irish population with unmeasured amounts of fluosilicic acid. In recent years the HSE has apparently been buying the fluo acid from the Spanish company and claiming that it is a "manufactured product", to give us the impression that they're careful about our health. You see, for most of the 54 years of Irish fluoridation the fluo acid used was untreated toxic waste from fertilizer factories. (Remember NET Nitrate and Albatros?) When the Irish fertilizer factories closed, the source was foreign fertilizer factories, Dutch and Finnish as far as we know. Then when those sources were drying up the "health" authorities would find another source, sometimes a "manufactured product", sometimes the untreated toxic waste product. We ordinary consumers would never be told about the switch, about what we were forced to consume. We were just told that it was perfectly safe. In fact there is no evidence whatsoever that the "manufactured product" (if indeed that is what we are drinking) is any safer than the toxic waste product.

Anyway, anyone who asks questions about these things is only a troublemaker, and probably an anti-vaxxer and child-killer too. Because everybody knows that fluoridation and vaccination are two of the greatest public health measures of all time, blah blah blah.

BTW, it's true that fluoridated salt is widely available in many parts of Europe. Of course, in contrast to water fluoridation, there is consumer choice -- you can always find unfluoridated salt if you look for it. However, in practice, the immigrant communities of many continental European cities go for fluoridated salt because the cheap supermarkets there often stock only one type of salt. I know this from years of living in Germany. The public health status of those immigrant communities is disastrous.

As for the UK, it is only a few (mainly working-class) areas that are fluoridated -- Birmingham and Newcastle. London apparently has too many thinking people for the "health" authorities to get away with it.

The Irish of course will take anything lying down. And will take any amount of lying.


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