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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, April 30, 2018

UK - Shock figures reveal a child's rotten tooth is removed every TEN MINUTES

A Swadlincote dentist is appealing to parents to avoid 'distressing' extractions - after national figures show a child’s rotten tooth is removed every ten minutes.

The shocking figure has been revealed by Public Health England, and has been blamed on 'preventable' tooth decay.

One of the main causes of tooth decay in children is the consumption of too much sugar, according to a dentist from Swadlincote's Delph Dental Practice.

Figures from the health body similarly show that tooth extraction is one of the most common reasons for hospital admissions in children between the ages of five and nine, with roughly 60,000 school days missed a year.

With an average 500ml can of energy drink containing around 13 cubes of sugar, a soft drinks industry levy, or sugar tax, has now been brought into effect by the Government.
Aiming to tackle obesity, producers have to pay 18p a litre if soft drinks have 5g or more of sugar per 100ml, rising up to 24p for 8g of sugar or above.
John Hume-Spry, principal dentist at Delph Dental Practice, in Market Street, Swadlincote believes parents must concentrate on their children's diet, instead of pointing their finger at manufacturers of sugary products.
Mr Hume-Spry said: "Tooth extraction is a very distressing experience for families. I'm not surprised at the figures but it is still shocking.
"I'm afraid it will be down to the children's diet and the amount of sugar they are consuming, but it's not as simple as blaming manufacturers of sugary drinks and sweets."..........................


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