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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Australia - Letter | Have your say on fluoride before it’s too late

PEOPLE of Oberon, four years ago a compelling number of you stood against the fluoridation of the town’s reticulated water supply.  
Today, it’s back on the agenda.  
At the meeting last week, council voted 5-4 in favour of reviewing its original 2014 decision not to fluoridate. 
Three of your new councillors stated their continuing belief in the official narrative and support fluoridation of your water supply. Four councillors elaborated clearly on why they stand against it. Two did not make their position known, but voted in favour of the review.  
All councillors have been made well aware of the dangers of ingesting industrial grade sodium fluoride and its accompanying contaminants into the human body.  
This debate is not about fluoride’s well-established topical effect of strengthening tooth enamel; but about its toxic, cumulative effect on the rest of the body when ingested, regardless of the amount.  
A reminder: lead, arsenic, mercury and aluminium is included with the industrial grade sodium fluoride intended for your water. It is a waste product from the aluminium phosphate industry.  
This is a fact – no university degree or qualification or ADA/AMA/WHO approval required to know it.  
For those of you who remember the public forum four years ago, the NSW Health representative confirmed this was the product during his presentation.  
There is no safe level to these products in the body, even in trace amounts, as they accumulate in various places and cause a litany of well-established, proven medical problems.  
Does anyone doubt the effects of lead, arsenic, mercury or aluminium on the body anymore? Anyone?
You have two months to appeal to council as to whether you want this in your water or not.   
The council requires your correspondence - be it in electronic, email or hard copy. They need to know how you feel and whether you support it or reject it.  
If you don’t want it, now is the time. If you want to question these facts with them, now is the time.  
If you prefer to take care of your own dental hygiene and that of your children, now is the time.  
Remember, it’s your individual right to choose and consent to such treatment.  
No governing body has the right to take that away from you and unilaterally treat everyone unless you give it away.  
We have two months until they decide. Get along to one of the council’s community engagement meetings scheduled in May and talk to them directly, make your concerns known.  
Send your letters, emails and brush daily.  
Truth will prevail.  

Chris Freeman


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