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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Poisoning Our Minds: A call to action in the global fight against water fluoridation

Published on 26 Apr 2017
Members of the UK Freedom From Fluoride Alliance met in April 2017 in Bedford, the heart of the UK's battleground against water fluoridation. Fluoridated since 1970, Bedford has campaigned successfully to keep fluoride out of its water for the last seven years, but the chemical could be put back in at any time - unless the contract is terminated.
Members of UK FFFA travelled from north and south of the UK as well as the US to exchange ideas and devise a plan to educate the public of the dangers of fluoridated water, in particular the impact on the brain: the neurotoxicity of minute levels of fluoride, and help build a movement to halt damaging pro-fluoridation government policies.
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