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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

UK - Tooth brushing clubs to be set up in 40 schools and nurseries in Sheffield

A child from Meynell Nursey, in Southey Green, brushes his teeth

A successful project which has led to more children brushing their teeth in Sheffield is set to be rolled out to more nurseries and schools in the city.

Tooth brushing clubs will be set up in 40 more schools and nurseries across the city to encourage more children to brush their teeth after figures from Public Health England show that in Sheffield the average five-year-old child has one decayed, missing or filled tooth - slightly above the national average. 

A child from Meynell Nursey, in Southey Green, brushes his teeth 

The tooth brushing scheme has been running in 26 primary schools and nurseries since 2014.

Children are provided with the free toothbrushes and toothpaste as well training, information and the skills they need to ensure that children learn about the importance of regularly brushing their teeth from an early age. Now, tooth brushing clubs are to be set up at 40 additional schools and nurseries, as a partnership between Sheffield Council and Sheffield Teaching Hospital Trust’s oral health promotion team.. Annie Farrell, nursery manager at Meynell Nursey in Southey Green, has been running a tooth brushing club since 2014.

She said: “We encourage all the children at nursery to clean their teeth every day before they eat. We talk to the children about the importance of tooth brushing and parents have told us that children have been eager to clean their teeth at home. “Last year we worked with a family whose little boy refused to clean his teeth at home. After working on this in stages at toothbrush club, he started to do this at home too.”
Each year the nursery also runs a session for parents, to explain what is done in tooth brushing club and to support parents in their understanding of good practice.
Annie added: “The children really enjoy this activity. Some of their recent comments include ‘it's fun and makes me happy’ and 'it makes my teeth shine.”

Greg Fell, director of public health at Sheffield Council, said: “There is no doubt that getting all children into a good tooth brushing routine can prevent decay and ultimately save teeth.
“I’m so pleased that brushing clubs are being extended to 40 more schools and nurseries across the city – it’s great that more children will be helped to get into the habit of brushing their teeth.
“This project is partnership working at its best; the council, health services and schools working together to encourage children and families to brush! brush! brush!”
Jim Rutherford, a dentist at Pitsmoor Dental Health Centre said: “I often see the worst problems with children who constantly consume food and drinks with a high sugar content."
“Tooth brushing clubs help to reinforce the importance of good brushing and a low sugar diet to children and their parents.
"We always advise brushing two times a day for two minutes with a fluoride toothpaste and to avoid sugary snacks and drinks. As well as this it is essential for children to regularly visit their own dentist for routine checkups."


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